Janet Jackson Cancels Remainder of Unbreakable Tour

Janet Jackson


I don’t know what to say about this.  First of all,  Janet’s husband, Wissam Al Mana,  is a billionaire from Qatar.  So I hope somebody is paying off all those people who put their lives on the back burner to work on then tour. Surely she will throw some money at them for their troubles.

And WTF with her pronunciation of Insh’Allah??? Look, I got kicked out of Arab class while being yanked by my ear so many times as a kid I can’t count. I don’t speak Arabic, I am not an expert on Arabic but what I do know is that the word for the deity of the Muslim religion is Allah. And that does not rhyme with the Spanish word for hello. I find this pronunciation so disturbing that the entire whackadoodle  pregnant at 49 and holding thing hasn’t really even hit my radar.

I don’t know if her husband is Muslim or not. But I’m quite sure he is fluent in Arabic and Janet has been there long enough for him to explain that Allah does not rhyme with co-cola. Perhaps there is another phrase that I am not aware of that sounds like this, but I doubt it.  I did not make this video, so I assume that the folks over at LIVE STREAMING NEWS  thought it odd two as they have her repeat it.  Click through to watch

So while I marinate on the whole  Mexican Arabic linguistic issue,  I’m going to let y’all explain this video to me.



I’m very excited about this. My excitement has nothing to do with a baby.  I’m just really happy that we have bat shit crazy Janet Jackson back and she is out of the burka and back on social media doing shit like this.


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18 responses to “Janet Jackson Cancels Remainder of Unbreakable Tour

  1. I think menopause and pregnancy are as compatible as they are probable…I hope she’s using donated eggs or a surrogate.

  2. Just for clarification…..nsha’Allah means, “God Willing”. It is used as an expression in general with ANYTHING that is spoke in the future tense.

    • koko

      I don’t think TT was confused as to the meaning but rather her not pronouncing it properly. If they spend any time in the Middle East, they hear it often as its something said all the time. It comes across as kind of backwards to hear it frequently but continue to mispronounce it.

  3. Matzah60

    I sent a text to my youngest son’s girlfriend who was born in Saudi Arabia, Muslim, and has lived in the US since age 7. She said that in Arabic, this expression is made up of three words; in, sha, and allah which literally translates to ‘if allah wills’, though it is often written as Insha’allah which means
    G-d Willing.

    As for Janet, she has cancelled/postponed this tour several times. I hope those who possess tickets will get a full refund, though I have my doubts. The sales for this tour have tanked and Janet’s explanation sounds out of the blue.

    For the most part, I don’t believe much of what Janet says or for that matter, much of what anyone in the Jackson family states. None of them are very forthcoming about the truth. It’s quite a shame as I do believe Janet and Michael are the only two who ever possessed any real talent. Hell, Michael Jackson was a musical genius in my opinion.

    • Sold out here in Miami! Didn’t know it was doing bad elsewhere!

    • Billie_bee

      Hi Matzah! I posted something similar. The pronounciation has a lot to do with which arab speaking country the person is from, and even within each country dialect and accent can vary greatly.

      I personally think she is already pregnant. It looked like she filmed that clip lying down in bed, so my money is she’s pregnant and on bedrest.

      • Matzah60

        @Billie_bee, Good call. The whole video was filmed from her neck up. She probably is already pregnant. Not to mention the fact she said, “Dr.’s orders” indicates that there is a good probability she is already pregnant!!

      • Betty

        Lol. She is probably not pregnant because she is old, old old. How they pronounce it in different Arab nations I could care less

  4. This is all about ticket sales. I wish these older artist would understand their audience is older and want the memory lane performance not the “attempt to revive the career ” performance! When word got out that’s what we could expect, Burka lip sync Janet , people stop buying tickets! My friends and I were going to fly to Vegas but decided to wait for a few reviews. Glad we did! Vegas sold out so those folks are not happy I’m sure with this nonsense explanation. Hopefully folks won’t have to haggle for their money back. She’s done so she might as well start her “family” 😉

    • Matzah60

      You make a very salient point about older artists and what their audiences want and expect, memory lane of old, tried and trusted songs that made them famous. I am part of that older demographic and would probably only attend if I knew I would hear a good many of Janet’s old songs that remain a part of my past memories.

  5. Billie_bee

    Hi TT, I’m going to timidly put up my hand and just say that she pronounced Inshallah correctly based on her being in the Gulf. They typically split up the word and put the accent on Allah. Other regions blur it all together.

    I’m lebanese and we say Inshallah (one word). My husband is Egyptian and he says it Insha- Allah. It also sounds very different because as I’m sure you know, Egyptians have a very distinctive dialect. I’m sure the dialect has a lot to do with it.

  6. Lindsay

    Happy for her but bummed because I had tickets

  7. T D

    Her dog ate the lyrics.

  8. FGF

    I flew to New Orleans to see the show and it was awesome. No, there wasn’t any bumping and grinding not bringing random men onstage but it was a great show. I bought tickets to see it again in Dallas and although I’m disappointed, I am getting a refund.

    And TT, her husband is Muslim.

  9. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    As a woman of a certain age, (same as Janet) it’s very hard to get pregnant bc we lose eggs as we get older. My money is on her being preggers already and under strict doctors orders due to her age. As I understand her husband is the only male heir, his father is deceased. I’m assuming he probably wants a son. So Godspeed and good luck to Damita Jo. Sidebar: my god brother thinks they will call the baby “comforter”??!

  10. tamaratattles

    Allah is pronounced the same in every county on the planet. There is not place on Earth where Allah is pronounced like the Spanish word Hola!

    Egyptian Arabic is considered the “standard” Arabic pronunciation and is the one that most people learning Arabic study.

    Insh’ALLAH generally sounds like one word in every pronunciation whether in Egypt or Lebanon. Two countries where I have spent an extensive portion of my childhood. ALLAH does not rhyme with cola. Anywhere on earth.

  11. bravocueen

    “Comforter” HAHAHA!!!

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