Teen Mom 2 Recap : Breaking Apart


Teen Mom Chelsea


How Chelsea manages to care for an entire menagerie of animals, and her daughter, and her job and filming and deal with Adam and the court situation is nothing short of miraculous. This week it seems her giant dog has had puppies!  Adam posted an inappropriate photo of Aubree the day before they head to court for a child support hearing.

Things are perfect except of a minor incident when Cole appeared to try to play good cop when Aubree was refusing to mind Chelsea.


Javi is trying to spend as much time with his family before his deployment as possible so he went to Isaac’s school to have lunch with him. He took of photo of their lunch date and shared it with Kailyn.  It looks like he went straight from bed to school in his pajamas with no hair brushing or anything. Also I am concerned about Javi’s report that he was taking a lot of food at school. That’s usually a bad sign with young school kids.

It’s almost like Jo has postpartum depression. He’s gained weight, he is dressing sloppy. Isaac is not being cared for as well as he was. He is missing Isaac’s events at school. This is not the Jo we used to know. I get he has a new baby and that is stressful  But is he even working? It seems like all of these people have gotten a big chunk of MTV money and are too irresponsible to handle it. The girls seem to by boobs and drugs. Joe is either just opting to do nothing, or drinking or something. One of his scenes ended with a cartoon of a rain cloud over his head. I guess it is just depression. Jo and Kailyn (and Javi) have a big blow up over the hygiene issues with Isaac. It’s odd because they had been getting along well. Something is wrong with Jo.


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle


Jenelle is still mad at bun’s daddy for cutting his hair on the rare occasion she remembers bun. Mostly it seems she’s been down to da jail to pick up an new baby daddy. She found one named David and he comes with an 8 year old girl. So how old is he? And how old are these mothers now anyway? Janelle says David is a man and he’s also “so innocent.”   Janelle is such a good judge of character, I’m sure he is a lovely felon.

Jenelle and David take Jace, Bun and David’s girl to buy a Christmas tree. They make out while driving down the road with the kids in the car. They are both so excited that their kids get along. They met five minutes ago and seem to be planning for their twilight years. They are in love.

Jenelle takes the new guy to meet Barb. She is very polite and invites everyone including David and his daughter to Ashville for Christmas at Jenelle’s brother’s house.  After a bit of whining Jenelle’s agrees to go. But I don’t believe Barb will get off that easily.  I was right.  As soon as these two get in the car the both start bitching about having to go to Asheville.  David, who has been on the scene for six minutes, is now an expert saying that Jenelle needs to get custody of Jace.  Didn’t take long for him to show is true colors.


I love that the girls have journals and writing utensils every time I see them. That is super good therapy for them and something I used in my elementary classroom. Whenever they were not feeling like participating in the lesson they could journal (within reason, the rarely if ever abused it) and they always grabbed it when they were finished with an assignment. It amazing the things they would write and draw in there.  It was used more than once in support of a DFCS referral. I’m sure Grace would be writing I don’t trust my mother and drawing Leah passed out on the couch. Just coloring can be a coping mechanism for them. Even though her attorney hasn’t told Leah that she lost custody yet, she could tell at the drop off something was wrong. She knows she has lost the girls.

Sure enough the next day she meets with lawyer to get the news.  She didn’t have the big reaction I expected.  I would feel better if she were never allowed to drive with the girls in the car. But I suppose the judge would have to have more proof of drug use to do that.


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18 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap : Breaking Apart

  1. Amy

    I think the dog’s belong to Chelsea’s friend?

    Regarding Jo,I wish they’d interview his family and their views on what the show has done for him. Personally, I believe it has enabled so many of them to continue making ad decisions and is ruining their lives. Some have done well: Kailyn is in school, Chelsea works, Javi, Corey and Jeremy all have real jobs. Wtf do the rest of them do all day long??

    • jen

      Jo is a rapper. Not joking.

      I think that’s why Javi has no respect for him. Javi is in the military, his own wife in school and Jo does nothing.

  2. Allison

    Loved Leah with no seatbelt looking high as a kite driving with the girls in the car. Again. She didn’t seem too devastated about losing custody. Maybe she can get some sleep ya’ll, now that those pesky twins won’t be around demanding food all the time. And attention. And rides to school.

    Jenelle’s new boyfriend has already been arrested. Last week I believe? Violating a restraining order. He sounds swell.

    • Wampascat

      Yeah, he’s a real gem. He’s got a rap sheet that nearly rivals Jenelle’s. The restraining order is in effect because he tried to strangle one of his children’s mothers while she was pregnant. Jenelle sure can pick ’em. It’ll be just like The Notebook.

  3. Kim

    When Leah is high, she blinks in slow motion. Knowing her penchant for sedatives for her uh “anxiety”, I think she took a big ole handful of them when she found out about losing custody. I think that’s why she didn’t react badly. She was numb. Whenever she talks about how anxious she is, I’m thinking that’s her rationalizing her drug abuse. She has to take them because she NEEDS to, not because she WANTS to. MmmHmm. So when it takes her like a minute to blink, I think she’s high as a kite.

  4. Xanadude

    I realize that Kailyn has had a really hard life, but she’s one of those people who just are at there happiest when they are miserable. She’s Eeyore, basically. If JO had shown up early to take custody, shed have thrown a snuffleupigian (its a word. Of or the characteristics of Snuffleupagus) passive aggressive whine fest. Jo actually moved his family to be closer to his son. He gets big points. And you can bet if MTV wasn’t filming she wouldn’t have cared what the kind words to school.

    And my Babs is vaping! You go!

    • Kim

      I like your observation of Kailyn, I totally agree! By the way, what the hell does she care what Jo where’s when he’s sitting home?! Cameras weren’t there to document that day (that we see anyway). He has a newborn & God knows how his girlfriend is handling being a new mom. Cut him some slack! He’s not her man anymore, not her business how he dresses, especially in the privacy of his own home!

    • Wampascat

      Kail is a control freak, but it’s my feeling that it’s a coping mechanism due to growing up in an alcoholic home. She had no structure growing up, so now she needs to be hyper structured. She never had a family, so now she must have a perfect family and picture perfect children. She comes off as a bitch, but it’s fear.

  5. Betty

    Do you think Cole is gay?
    I really hope he is not because I like Chelsea, but over the years he has piqued my gay-dar more than once.

  6. Nila

    Jail is one of those people that can’t be happy unless she’s unhappy about something.. She was angry last season that Jo moved to Delaware to be closer to Isaac, I never understood why she cared, it was saving everyone on time/gas/stress of travel and it gave Isaac both his parents. She then decided she wanted to move to a different development immediately after Jo moved nearby. I missed the part of what Isaac looked like at school but I don’t know why she cared what Jo was wearing at home on a Subday or if Isaac was dressed on a timely manner on a Sunday, which was being spent at home. She just had to cause an issue, last week it was Javi not wanting to be bestows with Jo. Sadly, I don’t think she will ever be happy with anything/anyone.

    Oh Leah, what a sad situation to whiteness..I don’t understand why she would move 45 minutes away from a school the kids were attending? I don’t u sweat and why she has moved as many times as she has but clearly she knew where the girls were attending to school so why she moved so far away is a mystery unless she enrolled them after she purchased her house? But then why enroll them 45 minutes away? She needs some serious help and it’s scary.

  7. Miguel

    As always, I absolutely adore TT’s assessment of Jenelle’s cyclical lifestyle!!! Why does Barb endure??? Leah… what can I say… you may need to look at Kim Richards… before you know it, time will be go by and your girls will bear your burden, as has Kimberly!

    I get the impression that Javi may be compelling some of the angst between Kail & Jo. Last season, Javi’s insecurities/control issues may have precipitated the move away from Jo. This season his reporting on Jo turning Isaac into a latch key kid has turned another quasi-harmonious situation into a fracas.

    What was with Chelsea instructing Cole not to speak when she was on the phone with her dad? Moreover, why did he sit there like a submissive lapdog – or am I overreacting?

    • Wampascat

      I thought that was weird as well, Miguel. In fact, she shushed Cole twice. She did it again when he was going to correct Aubrey during her meltdown.

    • Amanda

      I read something about how great Cole is to Chelsea and he is the best but I read something about how there are times that chelsea feels stupid and airheaded in their relationship. Ya know like shes the airheaded one. Lol so they’re trying to let chelsea (on her own without any prompting from her amazing man make and come up with some intelligent conversations and decisions of her own. Lol) I just absolutely love love love these 2!!! Poor chelsea and aubree have been put threw hell! Thank God chelsea is a great mother who really does the very best she can protecting sweet Lil aubree from the devestation and heart breaking disappointmentioned that is Adam lind! And one of the reasons in my opinion that chelsea is such a great parent is because she has 2 amazing parents!!!! Papa randilicious is the best daddy and papa ever and it’s easy to see where chelsea gets her cutesie innocence from, her mom. Thank God for aubree that her maternal family is made up of loving, devoted and really genuinely just good people. My I didn’t mean to write a book and ramble on so! My apologies!

  8. jen

    TT the girls are 22 or 23 now.

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