13 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Supermodel Snatch Game

  1. Cheychey

    Ok I must say I’m a little on the fence this week after the lip sync. I know the lip sync is the deciding factor on who goes home and Naomi definitely won the battle. I have to say though that she has been so lackluster performance wise in the last few shows that I wish that could have been considered. I kinda knew acid would be lip syncing when she got so much air time talking about her life before the runway. It was her farewell. I lived for Bob so good!!! All the jokes hit the mark. I love Eartha and ChiChi did not disappoint. Kim who I think is so cute but usually kind of shy had me worried but pulled off a little humor surprisingly. I’m a lover of the 80’s and therefore Madonna so I was very underwhelmed by the runway. Bob was my favorite and I liked Robbie’s League Of Their Own cause it was unexpected. Madonna has had so many looks over the years I just can’t with all the kimono’s.

  2. With the exception of 1 or 2, the Queens were total FLOPS in this episode.

    My nerves & feelings are still hurt from that TRAGIC Madonna theme runway. Don’t those bitches get dressed in the same room? Did no one notice all the other Kimonos????

  3. SaraK

    Why was I not excited after Snatch game? They ALL know it is coming, they know what is expected and you still had fails? And then NO like a virgin Madge? WTF.

  4. Sweet T

    How can acid Betty who does bitch so well not be a bitch for Nancy grace? I was so disappointed. Don’t they try out their imitations in front of others.

    I love Naomi’s legs but she doesn’t really have much to back it up. I think that Betty should have stayed but it’s all up to Ru.

    Robbie turner is so hit or miss. She did great punk last week but her comedy and acting never measure up to what I would expect.

    Bob is a great comedian and I wish thorgy would win something already. Maybe there will be a more musical challenge.

    Also I just found out one of my coworkers roomed with Bianca del rio. I almost fainted. He said Bianca is 1,000 more funny in person.

  5. Sweet T

    How come they didn’t show chi chi talking about nayshas gifts?

    • I was looking forward to seeing Chi Chi find her gift from Naysha too! But there was a fleeting moment of Chi Chi checking out the jumpsuit in the background of one of the shots. I guess that’s all we get…

  6. This episode was such a letdown from start to finish; Betty leaving being the cherry on top of the shit sundae. With a combo of snatch game and a Madonna runway, this should not have been possible. I think the queens are overthinking things too much; like they’re trying so hard to avoid the obvious and are choosing such obscure and intellectual subjects and it’s hurting their game. This had to have been one of the most disappointing snatch games ever and four kimonos is just ridiculous.

    Betty going home made no sense at all. I didn’t think Naomi out lipsynced her. She looked sexy writhing around the floor a bit but other than that, I thought both performances were equally mediocre. Betty had easily one of the best looks on the runway and really shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. Derrick or Robbie really should have been there instead. I wasn’t all that impressed with Derrick’s Brittany. Being that she does this for a living, I was expecting a bit more. Betty’s runway and her prior performance should have saved her. Ru even made a point of saying this episode that she makes the final decision, which was off-script from her usual dialogue. So that was wierd too. I wonder if there’s more to the story that we didn’t get to see. There had to be!!

    Anyways, I guess I’m glad Ru made the point that the final decision is hers alone since one of the guest judges didn’t even know there was padding involved! How can you judge something when you don’t know what you’re looking at? I found that really disrespectful. You’d think she’d study up on the subject a little bit before arriving to judge. Did that bug anyone else? Maybe I’m just extra salty after this episode. Sorry I have nothing positive to say. Even Untucked was blah! :(

  7. Xanadude

    Did I just not say last week in these here forms that “Causin a Commotion” is an underappreciated song? Lord, I’m Psychic.
    This season has been better than last, but that’s not saying much. Four Kimonos? Ugh. Such a range to choose from and half the cast picks the same look? and then didnt even do them well?

  8. hannahkingrose

    I agree with everyone. I was really looking forward to Snatch Game. I always enjoy seeing who and how they portray the people they pick. Thorgy (always the bridesmaid) was good as Michael Jackson. Kim Chi was pretty good as Kimmy Jong Un. Chi Chi Devayne as Eartha was entertaining. Finally Bob as Crazy Eyes and Carol Channing was my favorite. I thought the whole idea of Snatch Game was too bring it and make people laugh. Bob did that for me but got the comment when he changed into Carol and made more than one comment that he was basically trying to take over the show. And…? Isn’t that the point?

    Since the show no longer has a lounge for Untucked, did Drag Race spring for separate work and dressing rooms for each of the contestants? How else did 4 of them end up with the very same outfits? That or each of them thought theirs was the best and wouldn’t or couldn’t change.

    I’m sorry I think Naomi Smalls should have gone home. She was one of the kimono pack and her snatch game sucked. At least Acid Betty had a different runway outfit although it limited her in lip sync. Derrick as Britney is so old at this point even though it probably saved her butt this week. If she can’t show us something other than Britney, she needs to go next. Derrick is the least self aware of the whole group. It’s like she should have a permanent bald streak right down the middle of her head where ideas and concepts fly just slightly over the top of her head burning a path through her hair..

    Great recap Lady C as usual. You have me looking forward to them every week. Can’t wait to see what funny, snarky comments you have for one of my favorite shows.

    • Louie

      Yeah, I didn’t understand that comment from Michelle about Bob’s showboating. They’re drag queens ffs, isn’t that what they do?!?! It only makes me worry that Bob doesn’t go as far as he deserves… which is the finale

  9. Cheychey

    I didn’t even think Naomi’s looked like a kimono. More like something you’d get at Victoria secret.

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