Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Goodbye Dubai

The gang on Burj Khalifa!

The gang on Burj Khalifa!

The ladies are picked up by the white Rolls Royces that The Dubai Mall sends to the fancy hotels to pick up rich American tourists. Oh how I love these Dubai episodes. If only these women would stop bitching. Erika in her car feels the same way. Pinky is already bitching about Eileen in the other car.

The mall is fantastic. They are not dressed for snow skiing but they have an indoor ski resort INSIDE THE MALL.  These idiots are going to Chanel. This is worse than going to Nobu. Rinna and Eileen are ignoring Pinky. That’s not nice. On the other hand Rinna thinks Pinky is ignoring her. Meanwhile, Erika drops enough money for a car on a hot pink Chanel bag.  I should point out that the ladies are being driven around inside the mall in sleek black electric carts.

Time to head to Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world and Kyle is already freaking out. I would not be afraid of the observation decks as much as I would the elevator. Just thinking about the elevator freaks me out. Remind me to tell you about the time I got stuck in an elevator with my parents as child in some random third world country.  I don’t know why they are back in the Rolls again to go to Burj Khalifa. It’s right next door to the mall.  Have I mentioned that the Burj Khalifa was built in less time than Chateau Sheree? Why do the only fit three people in an elevator at a time. This must be some sort of VIP elevator. Off they go to the 152nd floor. Eileen’s feet sweat when she gets nervous!

Okay the are over 2,700 feet up. That’s over half a mile in the air!

Lisa Vanderpump has been coached by Kyle on have to give a proper apology. She is going to attempt it on top of Burj Khalifa. If she sticks to the script, this will end the issue between Pinky and Eileen. Let us pray.  Pinky says, ” I totally never intended to hurt you, and I really and I’m really sorry for that.”  HALLELUJAH! CAN I GET AN AMEN!

Meanwhile, back at the tick infested, ranch…

Now we see the lunch with Kim, Brandi and Yolanda. Because who cares about chronology. Yolanda brought a picnic of all sorts of healthy foods. Brandi doesn’t like most of it and can’t drink grapefruit juice. Because, Xanax. Brandy wore her “It’s not fun to be sober” t-shirt and gave  Kim one that said “medicated” and forgot Yolanda’s that says, “sick.” After the third use of the word  ‘journey’, I just fast forwarded.



RHOBH Dubai Atlantis group

Erika gives Kathrine a makeover from her glam squad for her birthday. I could not remember how she spells her first name, so I checked my tags and categories and just now realized I never added her.

The ladies all go on a night yacht cruise for Kathrine’s birthday. Rinna has never been on a yacht. Erika says she sold her boat to get her plane. On the yacht we have two groups of three. Erika, Rinna and Eileen are rehashing the Yolanda stuff and how Pinky is behind it all.   Pinky, Kyle and Kathrine. are discussing Lisa’s apology that she admits she didn’t mean and only gave to keep the peace. Well Pinky, that is the sort of thing you don’t say. You just give the apology and drop it.

Rinna wants Pinky to admit that she pitted everyone against Yolanda. Oh Rinna, I love you but you are still very naïve about Pinky. She has no remorse and will never admit what she did. Neither will Yolanda. Now that you understand the game, just play it and shut up!

Katherine’s mother called to wish her a happy birthday and everyone cries. Eileen, Rinna and Katherine all have mothers who have lost a lot of their memory. Suddenly my laptop screen is blurry. #DeepBreath  Then the ladies just start discussing cuss words for some reason.

It’s time for the last dinner.  You know what that means.  So Rinna starts in with Pinky about her anger toward Yolanda. Rinna thinks it is about the time two years ago when Yolanda lost her mind and accused Ken of grabbing her at a gala.

Once again, for those playing along at home please remove your Pinky blinders and read slowly while subvocalizing. Kyle in her talking head says, ” Yolanda and Pinky do not like each other. IS THAT WHY LISA WANTED THE WORD MUNCHAUSEN TO GET OUT BUT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO SAY IT?”

Pinky gets teary when discussing what Yolanda did to Ken.  Eileen says that Rinna feels like Pinky set her up to take the fall for the Munchausen thing. Eileen brings up that Kyle confirmed it already.  Eileen puts Kyle on the hotseat.  Production has seated Kyle in between Rinna and Pinky with Eileen directly across from Kyle. Kyle is quite literally surrounded and really just wants this subject to drop. But that is not going to happen. Katherine walks away to enjoy the view. Erika follows. Everyone including Pinky knows that Kyle knows Pinky was trying to throw her under the bus. But Kyle doesn’t want trouble from Pinky. As Erika says the situatiation with Pinky in Kyle is a leveraged relationship  and not a friendship. Everyone walks away and Pinky goes hard on Kyle to get her back under her thumb. Kyle is freaking out because Pinky told her to her face she was trying to get Rinna  throw Kyle under the bus.  She thinks Pinky is now trying to get Kyle to lie about Pinky abusing the friendship. Kyle says she would look like an abused idiot if she lied about Pinky trying to throw her under the bus.

I can’t recap this. I’m assuming you watched it.  It ends with everyone pissed and Kyle angry that Pinky won’t apologize.

No one wants birthday cake, but the Chanel coin purse that Kyle gave Katherine will soothe a lot of hard feelings.  The ladies have a luncheon before their flight at…wait for it… Nobu.  But to be fair, there is a Nobu in the Atlantis building, so that is where they had permission to shoot.

Next week: It’s the season finale. Praise the Lyme Lord! It ends with the requisite all in party with Kim Richards there. And Yolanda shares that she is filing for divorce.


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135 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Goodbye Dubai

  1. I still don’t understand the story lines this season.
    LVP said: I thought you were going to bring Kyle into it. (the meaning of this comment could go either with a “whew” or with an accusatory tone – as in why didn’t you do what we discussed).
    Lisa R heard: Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?
    Kyle stated she doesn’t see any difference in meaning between the two. Therein lies the problem.

    They ruined a perfectly good season with the Yolanda deceit. They ruined a perfectly good trip to Dubai with arguments that don’t make sense. They ruined a perfectly good episode with the Yolanda picnic and the two former housewives. What was the point in even including that scene?

    And now we know the root of all the disagreements and drama on RHOBH – the dislike between Yolanda and LVP.

    I’m glad the season is over as of next week. Now if I could only conquer my addiction to this show!

    • Matzah60

      I have to agree with you, tootsie. I am rather confused about the storyline as is was based on conversation that took place off camera. It makes it confusing for the viewer unless, of course if they show the never before viewed footage of said conversation.
      Either way, it all seems so petty to me. Even if Lisa wanted Rinna to put the story out without tarnishing her own persona, Lisa Rinna is responsible for putting the word Munchausen out there. Rinna is the one who engaged in a discussion of Munchausen with her hairdresser,also done privately. Instead of shutting down the discussion with her hairdresser, she brought it to the show.

      The only reason I can think of why that picnic scene with Yo was shown was to introduce the trouble coming in Yo’s marriage. Yo’s comment about how people don’t want to be around sick people seems to indicate that David walked away from this marriage.

      • Oh right. I forgot that we’re supposed to believe that David and Yolanda were still together during filming.

      • Dee

        I would have loved to have seen more of Dubai, it looked so beautiful. All the arguing took away from what could have been an enjoyable trip. I’m guessing Lisa R is getting some backlash and she wants to share it. She and Eileen were ridiculous, they could have let it go. We didn’t need Yolanda having a picnic with Kim and Brandi.. Who cares? They really haven’t been part of the show this season.

      • Matzah60

        Agree, Dee. What a shame they didn’t do a lot of traveling around Dubai in all its glamour and glory!! I went to look at Lisa Rinna’s twitter. I am blocked which I found funny as I don’t tweet at all. I have an account but I think I have used it twice. I only use Facebook and very infrequently. My guess is she is being inundated with negative comments and has just blocked her account, or at least she did so right after the episode appeared.

        Next week she tells Yolanda she is “even more manipulative than LVP.” As you said, Eileen and Rinna were ridiculous and ruined a wonderful chance for us to see Dubai in all its glory!! ?

    • I’m totally lost as well. Thank god for Southern Charm where the controversies are easily understood (unlike the sexual orientation of Whitney Sudler-Smith).

    • Count me in as equally puzzled. Whoever is editing this season is doing a suck ass job.

    • The only person who said Munchhausen’s was Lisa Rinna. Enough.

      • Gah – posted before I could complete my comment… in case anyone is still on this thread…. I’m in Australia and watching through iTunes so tres late!!!!!!

        No one really let LVP speak, even Kyle spoke over her when she was trying to explain things. Yes, I heard what Kyle said but I find her behaviour odd… it’s all really…. odd. Makes me wonder what Yo was insinuating with the dirt on Kyle/LVP… what is Kyle doing?

        Guess I’m going what they’re all doing – trying to read between the lines.
        I’m not anti LVP or pro LVP but she hasn’t be able to talk without any of them telling her she has to say X then when she tries to say something but because it doesn’t start with X they don’t listen.

        I’m with LVP – the soap stars have created a very dramatic scene which may or may not have happened based on semantics. Lisa Rinna is all types of nutz & Eileen is feeding it.

        Sorry TT, please don’t window licker me but I can’t see how she’s caught when the mob won’t let her talk.

  2. Dee

    Is it possible that LVP has a memory problem? She didn’t appear to understand what Kyle was saying or maybe she had too much to drink. It makes no sense for her to say she only apologized to Eileen in order to keep the peace, on camera anyway.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if LVP suffers from Lyme brain too.

      • I think LVP knows exactly what she says when the cameras are rolling.

      • You may be right, tootsie. If you are though, it’s pretty shitty to tell someone what they want to hear, and not mean it, just to shut them up, KNOWING they will see it for themselves. Eileen believed LVP was being sincere, and was sincerely appreciative, and now her feelings are going to get hurt all over again.

      • Hahaha please Eileen still did not think that was a sincere apology! Oh please are you buying that? Did you read her blog which was up 5 minutes after the show? Told you her apology wasn’t sincere! She never believed it even before seeing this footage of Lisa saying she told her what she wanted to hear! Fact is Eileen thought Lisa had malicious intent by mentioning the ‘a’ word and wanted to make her pay for that! Lmao!

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. Eileen sure will see it. Perfect timing for the reunion. No?

      • From Eileen’s Bravo blog:

        “P. S. I told you Lisa Vanderpump was never really sorry.”

        Hindsight is 20/20.

        As a viewer, it was my perception that Eileen at least WANTED to believe LVP’s phony apology…all she has ever wanted was a sincere apology for feeling humiliated over LVP’s rude and blunt questioning over her affair. It was quite obvious she was very uncomfortable with the subject matter, and I think she felt prodded, and not because LVP really gave a damn, but because she wanted the dirt. During their ‘affair’ conversation, LVP kept saying ‘affair’ but in her Bravo blog she called it ‘LOVE affair.” Nice spin Pinky, nice spin. Finally, after seeing that LVP is incapable of sincerely apologizing for anything, and had to be SCHOOLED by Kyle as to even know how to go about it (how sad is that) I’m pretty sure by now, she gets the big picture. It ain’t happening. Period. I agree she needs to move on and just accept LVP is missing a sensitivity chip, and quit beating this dead horse.

      • sandra

        G-snap(I like TT’s name for you), Your comment is perfect. Janshell seems to think we should be upset with Eileen for having good instincts. I don’t get it.

      • sandra ~ nice of you to say, and thank you!

  3. JustJenn

    Everyone unfamiliar with a Eileen knows that she an affair since her first season when Brandi Glanville brought it up and proceeded to throw a drink in Eileen’s face. This is not new tea and she needs to take her pearl clutching elsewhere

    • Matzah60

      Speak the truth, JustJenn!! Totally agree with you!!

    • Minky

      Eileen’s affair with her current husband is totally old news by now. I’m still not gonna judge her. Shit happens.

      However, having fucking Brandi making any comment about any sexual impropriety is laughable. Oh, I forgot! Her himbo ex cheated on her with one insipid wish-bone in stilettos and then divorced her for another. So that totally makes it okay for her to don the armor of a crusader for sexual fidelity among married people. Puhleeeze! Is Brandi just an idiot or is she overcompensating for something?

      • JustJenn

        My point in bringing that up is that it was a mild storyline last season and Eileen did not rally around the world demanding 79 apologies from Brandi for the entire season.

        Brandi thinks she’s a spokeswhore for scorned women and seems to play to that audience. She’s also a horrible person with no moral compass, but I guess people will see only what they want to see.

      • Good point! Why didn’t she beat Brandi over her head with her apology monitor? I hope this is asked at the reunion!

      • Shae

        I don’t believe Eileen believed she and Brandi were friends, so a negative comment coming from a stranger vs. someone you believed to be a good friend (lvp) will be received differently.
        threw wine on her after that comment and later called her a homewrecker, which Eileen did in fact, bring up several times and get upset about. So I don’t see how Brandi got off easily and LVP got the tough end.

      • JustJenn

        Shae I thought the exact same thing, except I’m not sure they were ever friends. Eileen was acting like she was too good for LVP’s event. I mean it’s not like they were in the ghetto or a tent in the middle of the woods..they were at a motel in the Hamptons! If someone that I considered a friend was being honored for ANYTHING and invited me, I sure as hell wouldn’t bitch and complain about my accommodations, but maybe there was an underlying issue before filming started..I dunno.

      • Shae ~ totally agree.

    • Tulsateacher

      I thought Brandi threw the drink in Eileen’s face during the DOOL reenactment that she insisted Eileen attempt at the restaurant. I don’t remember Brandi saying anything about Eileen having an affair.

  4. BKSweetheart

    I dunno – I can still see how the whole situation between Lisa V, Rinna and Kyle could have been misconstrued. First of all, we all know Kyle isn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed. If she can’t see the difference between “I thought she was going to bring you into it” and “Why didn’t she bring you into it” – those are two different things. I couldn’t tell if she was willingly being obtuse or just trying to please both sides. Secondly, I just don’t see Lisa doing that to Kyle because it could have easily backfired. Rinna could have went back to Kyle at any time and told her Lisa said that. OR when the conversation inevitably got repeated to Yolanda (or anyone else for that matter). I just think Lisa would have been smarter than that if she was going to set someone up.

    Now I DO believe that Kyle and Lisa had been gossiping and laughing about Yolanda and might have “insinuated” that they thought she was faking but never said the actual Munchausen word. But soon as Rinna brought it up their eyes lit up and they started backing away from the whole thing to let Rinna take the fall. But I don’t find that so much malicious as just them trying to cover their ass. I don’t blame them. But I think EVERYONE underestimated the wrath that Yolanda would unleash on anyone who dared question her illness.

    That’s just my .02 cents.

    • Deborah Hankins

      I agree that Lisa and Kyle were discussing Yolanda’s illness and laughing about it in the pictures. Rena brought it up on camera that is where the problem lies. They were discussing it off camera and sending pictures back and forth in text. They both knew it would be a problem once it was brought up on camera and wanted nothing to do with it on camera.

  5. QueenB

    You don’t have to be an avid RHOBH fan to realize that Yolanda and LVP don’t like each other. They have always had passive aggressive interactions. Not a big revelation.

    I don’t have on LVP blinders I just don’t give a crap about whether she said “Why didnt you bring Kyle into this” or “I thought you were going to bring Kyle into this”. I’m pissed that Rinna and Eileen spent a whole season talking about off-camera convos that most people don’t care about.

    Next season the cast should spend every dinner discussing Rinna and Eileen’s problems. Maybe LVP can manipulate Kyle into reading the definitions of anorexia and mistress on camera.

    • Dee

      Good one QueenB! Much ado about nothing!

    • Matzah60

      LOL….awesome comment, Queen B!!

    • Josie

      Lol! Great comment QueenB!

    • Minky

      “Maybe LVP can manipulate Kyle into reading the definitions of anorexia and mistress on camera.”

      Oh snap QueenB! I kinda still wanna know what Kim was talking about re: Harry. And, yeah, Lisa “Own Your Shit” Rinna, and Eileen “Shut the Fuck Up You Fucking Beast” Davidson are not as cute as they were during their first season. It’s always so disappointing when we get to know these Wives better during their second go around.

      • koko

        Kim was just pulling crap out of the air, it’s what she does. Classic tactic to shut Lisa up and loss didn’t bite in the way that Kim wanted. Lisa called her on it and she had nothing.

      • Sabrina

        Actually, there is more to it than that. It has been mentioned that Lisa R’s contract purportedly contains a clause which states that neither Harry H nor her marriage may be discussed on the show by anyone. I believe I remember TT mentioning it–hope my memory is correct, TT-? And I know there has been active discussion during the Amsterdam fight about Harry’s historical sexual escapades, both recent and in the past. It purportedly was the only way he allowed her to do the show. ( At one point he was rumored to be having affairs and fathering children with coworkers/others)

        And I know TT has mentioned that serious problems with Eileen’s marriage appeared to be a likely conversation topic for this season, during the first episodes of it, hence her oversensitivity to all things about her marriage. She appears to have been able to stop the discussion from continuing, but needed something to discuss. I have clear memories of him complaining a lot and friction between them during the first few episodes, so that makes sense to me.

    • TBD

      QueenB Perfect! Lol.

    • Queen of the Nile

      “Maybe LVP can manipulate Kyle into reading the definitions of anorexia and mistress on camera.”

      Brilliant comment — still LOL!

    • kaftan lover

      Oh my goodness. Too funny and spot on. Best comment I’ve read in a long time.

  6. Minky

    Surprise, surprise!!! More fuckery! I really don’t get a lot of these women. Always offended about something. Always trying to character assassinate someone. Always obfuscating. If Pinky the Magnificent thinks that Yolanda is faking, then why not just say it out loud? She doesn’t have to in so many words, but she could say something like: “Yolanda looks too good to be sick.”

    I think that this is what Rinna means when she keeps saying “own your shit.” Rinna also sounds like she’s been on a hand washing campaign for at least this past episode. Eileen just keeps getting messier and messier.

    This must be the most passive aggressive cast in all of the franchises put together. Maybe it’s just because they’re Californians and, again, we’re kind of known for that sort of thing. Don’t wanna be a buzz kill and whatever. ?

    • JustJenn

      I think LVP knows more about Yolanda than any of us can piece together from Yo’s past seasons, lies, and contradictions but she has loyalties with Mohamed and the children.

      And Rinna blows around like a leaf in the wind following everyone’s, including the producers, instructions. She makes me dizzy.

      • Sabrina

        But RInna is so busy backing away from these comments and her Munchausen discussion that she had such a need to say originally, in her desire for honesty, that this is absurd- one day she wants to confront and the next she wants to blame Pinky for her own words. She had the discussion with her hairdresser, no one else. Decide, RInna.

    • Yolanda heard all ofhte blogesphere putting two and two together and concl.uding without a doubt that she has Munchhausen and Munchhausen by Proxy, and since she couldn’t tell off her “fans” she blamed it all on Lisa Vanderpump because she is such good friends with Mohammad and it drives her crazy. The end.

    • Suzanne D

      I’m sure there are tons of things that LVP wants to say, but she holds back because of her friendship with Mohamed. And she loves his children…who happen to be genetically connected to his crazy ex wife who loves to play sick. Just like she’s not holding back with Rinna or Eileen, or even her Town Drunk comments, LVP would have raked Yo over the coals a long time ago if there was no Mohamed factor.

  7. SaraSally

    Perhaps Mohammad is the greatest puppet master of them all.

    • ITA – i would love to be a fly on Mohammed’s wall right now. Perhaps the genesis of the Munchausen came from him to Lisa’s ear – and it was in fact, ‘by proxy’.

      • Minky

        Lawd!!! Wouldn’t that be interesting? It’s hard to overlook the fact that this season’s developments on RHOBH coupled with Yolanda’s own actions make her look like a cunning lunatic. Maybe Mohammed couldn’t give a flying shit about Yolanda anymore, but he can’t be happy that she’s doing this to his kids.

      • VioletBlue

        I know these episodes are all pieced together, but I was surprised to see Mohammed at Lisa’s house bringing her the pony house. We all thought he was super pissed off at Lisa!
        Hmmmm . . . SaraSally might have just solved the mystery!!!!

      • It was perfectly timed if you asked me! Either it was done to prove they were fine or to stir the pot!

      • Suzanne D

        The Hausen-Mausen by Proxy is fitting for what Yo is doing to his kids.

  8. Would You like Some Tea??

    This episode was exhausting. Almost every scene was “Let’s confront Vanderpump. She’s manipulative and can’t apologize.” I’m a fan of Vanderpump but all of the above is true. Move on. Quit having the same argument.

    Eileen has no purpose on this show but to rally people to confront Vanderpump.

    Why does Lisa R. feel the need to confront everyone?

    For Yolonda to not be a regular this season, she sure has “manipulated” the cast to make her the center of attention from an off-camera lunch.

    • Maybe RHOBH has jumped the shark? They sure did seem to be scraping the bottom of the Lymebarrel for story lines.

      • Jim

        Jumped the shark? Yes, I think so! But I don’t want to believe it.

        These one topic seasons (Brook’s “cancer”, Yolanda’s “Lyme”) are depressing and exhausting. There isn’t enough going on in these people’s lives to keep an entire season interesting anymore. And the novelty of getting a glimpse into their opulent lives isn’t enough.

        Bravo better fix their formula quick before they kill the whole franchise.

    • Lime Brain

      I pretty much agree with what you wrote. I’m so over this season. Is the reunion going to be basically 3 hours of this fight? What else happened this season?

      Eileen thinks Kyle is up Lisa V’s butt? I think Lisa Rinna is further up Eileens and Eileen is up Yolandas and Erikas butt.

      As to why Rinna needs to confront everybody? Well, she posted a tweet back in March that said, “winking all the way to the bank.” That pretty much summed it up for me about the whys.

      Lisa V was exposed for her manipulation, let’s hope Lisa Rinna can finish the job and expose Yolanda next week, also. Wishful thinking.

      • Sabrina

        With all the private matters in their personal lives that each of these women refuse to allow be discussed on the show, it is a wonder they have anything much to discuss- from Rinna to Eileen to Yo to each of them. Honestly.

      • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

        Can someone do up a flow chart of who is up who’s butt?

  9. Gosh Eileen is insufferable!! Kyle is really stupid! Rinna is a sociopath!

    • Shae

      Sociopaths are antisocial and have no conscience, don’t think Rinna qualifies in the least. She’s a people pleaser which is the opposite, she’s trying to placate everyone and then when she can’t, she bursts with over emotion lol

  10. Lynn

    This is my question……….if LVP wanted to throw Kyle under the bus why didn’t she when Yo was bitching at her about talking about her children. Kyle was going in hard for an answer from LVP. She could have honestly said that Kyle brought it up and kept digging.
    Just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Minky

      She still needed Kyle as an ally, so she couldn’t have Kyle find out that she was being used that early on. Pinky’s quite patient and crafty.

  11. Miguel

    Is it just me; or does Yo continue to film with Brandi & Kim, so “The Queens of Denial” can reinforce each other’s bullshit propganda? Heaven knows no one is buying whatever brand of head-up-your-assness any of these three are trying to peddle!

    Also, what was up with Lisa R.’s toast to Kyle & the Erikas for planning a wonderful trip, with nary a mention of Katherine’s birthday? 😉

    • Lime Brain

      It’s not just you. :)

      • Minky

        Ha! Wouldn’t it be something if Yolanda also turned out to be a lush? I mean, just look at the company she chooses to keep. And that would so explain the bottle of Patron she keeps on her night stand. Yolanda’s turning out to be 50 Shades of Shannon Beador…

    • I don’t care what anybody said, giving Kim a shirt that said medicated, when she was and is still dealing with addiction is disgusting, just to promote your t shirt line. Brandi tweeted that her sales went through the roof last night. What a lovely lady.

      • Minky

        Agreed! Bradi is a demon. Which makes me wonder how/why Andy got rid of her so easily. He loves Wives like her. She fights, she talks shit, she has no problem instigating conflict, and she’s messier than a pig on a white sofa. The mystery of faith!

      • Pip

        Mink- she threw that drink at Jeff on WWHL. I thought that was the beginning of her demise as far as Andy was concerned. (At least I THINK? I remember that? Who the hell knows).

      • Minky

        I totally forgot about that, Pip. That was a totally Twilight Zone moment. I remember there being some speculation as to whether or not it was staged, but I can’t remember what the consensus was.

      • I followed up on that, and I believe the consensus was that it was NOT staged and Andrew and Jeff were really pissed off.

  12. Thanks for the recap, TT. I happily fast forwarded all of Yolanda and her minions–happiness.
    I don’t think arguing about conversations that were not filmed ought to be allowed. It gets way to confusing.
    I pretty much ignored the fighting and just paid attention to the little black cars, the sky line, the clothes. It’s all a bunch of yapping, and next season whoever is still on the show will have a change of heart and alignment.
    Trading in a boat for a plane?? Tom needs to make more money!!

    • Minky

      “Trading in a boat for a plane?? Tom needs to make more money!!” I know, right?! Seriously, he’s a total slacker. Hahahahahahaha!

  13. Skeeter

    Someone above said that Rinna and Eileen ruined the trip. I agree 100%! Here is a group of women on a trip, to somewhere I know I’ll never go, and these two can’t stop bitching. On the other hand, one of the other women in the group could’ve said shut the fuck up! Seriously, the whip called – it wants the dead horse back so it can be beat some more.

    I try not to judge these fake ass women (I think I just did LOL) but I can’t stomach Rinna anymore. Eileen is a close second.

    Yolanda, I just can’t with her.

  14. Kay

    I have been to this mall. Deployment with the Navy, we ported at Jebel Ali several times, it is everything and more. The restaurants don’t serve alcohol but right near the indoor ski resort there’s a really cool bar with every drink you can think friend & I spent a lot of time in there while our boyfriend skied. There is also an enormous fish tank in the middle of the mall, which I doubt the showed. One of the times I went, there was a live Barney show. I spent a lot of time exploring that mall, came across a lot of stores with handcrafted odds & ends. Best believe my apartment and my parents homes are filled with treasures I found throughout Dubai. It kills me that they went to Chanel with all the unique, privately owned shop. This makes me miss it so much all over again.

    • Kay

      Spelling errors all over the place. Of course boyfriends*** and several other words lacking the plural.

      I got excited. It’s Dubai.

    • Shae

      I’m pretty sure they showed the fish tank because Eileen said it reminded her of her room lol

    • Suzanne D

      Thank you for your service Kay! And sharing interesting facts about that mall. At that point, that trip to the mall seemed forced because it was already scheduled. They didn’t really want to be around each other.

    • @Kay, yes! Thank you for your service and thank you for sharing your info about Dubai! Just for once, I really wanted to enjoy this virtual trip. This is why I tune in to Bev Hills! I want to live vicariously through their ridiculous wealth and fabulous trips and put up with the drama to do so. Then proceed to get sucked into the drama & hate myself for it! If I ever am standing on the burj khalifa and start an inkling of bitching I hope someone will shoot me right then and there!

      Does anyone remember that show “Lifestyles of the the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach? ‘Champagne tastes and caviar dreams’? Someone needs to bring back that show so I can cut the cord with Bravo and Andy once and for all!

      If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry christmas. Le sigh :/

  15. CoBe

    Eileen is just awful. In every sense of the word.

    I have a soft spot for Rinna. She is earning her paycheck, just didn’t realize all the dirt she’d be dragged through to get it. Honestly, had she just stuck to her guns, taken credit for the Munchausen’s comment, and owned it, she’d be this year’s hero. Instead, she concentrated on blaming LVP. Of course LVP brought it up OFF CAMERA. It was pretty obvious what Yolanda was doing and LVP has years of information about all the times Yolanda played the fake illness game throughout her marriage to Mohamed.

    But there is a difference between discussing this off camera and exposing Yolanda on camera. A big one.

    That’s on Rinna. Again, she would have been the FAN FAVORITE, but decided to apologize for “engaging in a conversation”, which rings of something Eileen pushed her to do.

    I sort of love Erika more and more. She just walks out when things get screechy.

  16. Tara

    LVP knows exactly what Yo did to Mohammed post separation – broken back and all. Mo is LVP’s friend so of course she is pissed and she is watching history repeat itself. Yo blames Mo and the affairs but she broke her back via c section having their son. Did she find out about the affairs before the broken back, I mean birth of their son, or after? Either way- she knew about the affairs but continued to have a marriage or she was planning on leaving after the birth then found out? (I apologize if this does not make sense, I can not put words together today)

    Rinna heard about the M word from her hair dresser but blames LVP for directing her to share it? We saw her tell LVP and Kyle- yes everyone was questioning Yo, especially Mo’s good friend LVP -history. Rinna picked the wrong way, conversation etc to use to call out LVP. It does not make sense and continues to make LVP look like a victim. LVP is far from a victim, she is obviously a damn smart lady bc her hands are never dirty. For some reason we see the backstory except the conversation with the Lisa’s. Who is to say that one of them did not misunderstand?

    Maybe I am just confused, I don’t have lymeapause (I was convinced I did just to find out that I have the hormone levels of a female in her mid to late 20s- I am 42! WtF??) Meaning, it is just me I have no excuse.

    I hope everyone is having a great week! Thank you TT for always keeping our TEA sweet. XoXo

  17. Thanks for the recap TT, I was able to FF through lots of it too. This non-SL is making watching the fab Dubai scenes almost unwatcheable. At this point the vets are all so camera savvy, scrambling how to best spin and appear. Rinna and Eileen trying mightily to keep up is boring. I’m with the other posters who said out of all the hours of footage, this is the best arc they could come up with? I do kinda like knowing how much Yo and Pinky hate each other, but only as a sub text and in small doses. This whole Season is Rinna flailing around trying to expose this and Eileen trying to stay relevant.

  18. Allison

    These are some of THE best comments thus far. All of them, great. I’m now lost over the whole LVP/Rinna/Kyle thing…at one point I thought I got it, now I’m bored and confused. Eileen has really become annoying with the holier-than-thou attitude this season especially towards LVP, and whoever pointed out that she didn’t demand 79 apologies from Brandi-golf clap. Thank you. So true. I’d love to know the reason for that. Rinna needs a hobby, she’s spent way too much time this season analyzing and picking apart her co-stars and their hidden psychological reasons for being. Why do LVP and Yolanda hate each other? The Ken thing didn’t seem that major at the time-but what’s the REAL reason? Was this pre RHOBH or did working on the show bring it about?

    • Katherine 2.0

      Who knows the long-term history of the LVP/Mohammad/Yolanda saga? Definitely bad blood. Maybe it is as simple as LVP choosing Mo instead of Yo after the divorce? And what Yo did to Ken was indeed a big deal. Accusing a man of assaulting you, when there is video evidence to the contrary? Maligning his name on national tv? They must’ve been particularly prickly because wasn’t that the time the Todds were being sued?

      It must be tough for LVP to navigate a negative relationship with Yolanda and maintain a positive one with the kids, whom she has known since they were babies. I posited months ago, or should I say wildly speculated??, that Mohammad put LVP up to outing Yo’s illness this season as a way to untangle his children from Yolanda’s toxic and deceitful web.

      I agree with previous posters who call for ending the storylines based on so much off camera shenanigans that we are not privy to. Now it is just a popularity contest between the Lisas without any real evidence to support either claim.

      • Allison

        @Katherine 2.0 I stand totes corrected on the Ken Yo thing not being a bideal-indeed it was, just meant that LVP didn’t beat the horse til it died about it. The more comments I read and the more in think about the LVP/Yo/Mo relationship, it probably has to do with whatever happened in their divorce or past. She probably knows more about Yolanda and her methods than she can ever reveal.

      • Lime Brain

        I think it’s as simple as that they both want to be head bitch in charge and neither one will back down.

    • The ken thing didn’t seem that major?? Yolanda accused the man of putting his hands on her like he was a monster!! Would you want that for your man? To top it off she never even apologized even after seeing the footage proving her a liar! She gave excuse for brain deficit or something! Nope it’s major!

      • Lime Brain

        And I bet at the reunion Yolanda will keep repeating that Lisa Rinna said she had Munchausens when none of them ever said she had it. They all said she was sick, but maybe it wasn’t Lymes. And she will ignore the fact that she put bipolar out there into the universe about Lisa Rinna.

      • Allison

        @Janshell oh no-youre right! I didn’t mean to imply I thought the incident was no big deal-i think Yolanda caused a scene and made a spectacle to embarrass ken and it worked. What I meant is that LVP didn’t really make it as big of a federal case on screen as some of the women do about far less. Like, how many episodes now have we listened to Eileen whine about the affair question? Too many. Maybe LVP dealt with it more off screen.

      • Oh yeah I got ya!! I was kinda shocked to see her tearing up like that about the situation though! Maybe she dealt with it by avoiding yolanda! Maybe she did concoct this entire scheme ? she could get back at Yo for her lies by outing her a liar and throw Kyle in the mix to get back at her for believing Brandi about the magazines…..ok I’m backing away from this now, I joke I joke lol!! Wonder what she has planned for Eileen?

      • Allison

        @Janshell I can’t imagine-la diabla! ? I like LVP, I dont know why. I think she’s smart as hell-i think a lot of her is lost on the Beverly Hills women, maybe its a cultural thing. And maybe I’m grasping because I like her, dammit! ?

  19. VioletBlue

    “Meanwhile, back at the tick infested, ranch…”


  20. Allison

    I also noticed that while at first Brandi showed her shirt, after that she seemed to strategically place the bunch of flowers in front of it for a lot of those scenes. Thought possibly she realized that may have made a tacky choice, but I seriously doubt she has that much insight. Plus tacky is her middle name.

    • Sabrina

      Nah, I think Brandi saw that Yo’s reaction was to discard the shirt and its logo immediately(since it acknowledged she was using far too many pills) and she lost her nerve. Brandi and Kim are playing a very careful game, hoping to be included on at least a brief minute of RH at all- so they are not going to aggrieve their air-time ticket, Yo- who needed them for same.

      Yo uses her aggressive eyes and scowl to achieve a great deal without words- and that was just another instance, IMO.

  21. Auntie Velvet

    Lisa Rinna is not dumb, but there are things she can be a little dim about. Understanding language nuances is one of them. I tend to think that LVP is being pretty candid.

    If it were meant like Rinna thinks, then an “I WANT you to do X” directive from LVP to Rinna would have to happen prior to the tea party, in order for “Why DIDN’T you do X?” to be logical.

    • tamaratattles

      “I tend to think that LVP is being pretty candid.” Y’all are cracking me up this morning.

      • Lime Brain

        Lisa V got caught about manipulating the Munchausen thing. Kyle confirmed it.

        The thing that gets me is that they never said she actually had it. Yolanda keeps bring it up, refusing to accept Rinnas apology and let it drop. Rinna allowed the bipolar thing drop.

        I wish all the women did the same to to Yolanda that they did to Lisa V. Confront her and tell her to STFU about Munchausens. Lisa never accused you of having it. They could have refused to discuss it anymore on camera.

        And everyone keeps saying that Lisa V is close to Yolandas kids. I seriously doubt that and and it probably burns Yolandas asks every time she hears that. Why would they be close to Lisa when their mother dislikes her so much?

        I wish we got to see things like Lisa Rinna getting ready and going to the Emmys with Harry, and what is really going on with Eileens marriage, and anything else they might have done that was fun but didn’t make the show.

      • Auntie Velvet

        OK, to fine-tune it, Rinna tends to be the kind of person who sees a some crackpot Youtube video and then runs around telling everyone about the men in black.

        I agree LVP is pretty opaque in general, but there just isn’t a smoking gun here.

      • Brenda

        LVP is pretty candid. Didn’t she just admit on camera that she only apologized to Eileen to shut her up? She knew that Eileen would hear that.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Lime Brain, because LVP IS close to Mohammad’s kids. Do you see the inherent conflict there? Explains a lot of the motivation behind appearing more neutral than others when it comes to accusing Yolanda of lying about her illness.

      • Lime Brain

        Just because Lisa V says she’s close to those kids, doesn’t make it true.

        I believe she just says that as a cover so people believe she would never do or say anything about Yolanda with bad intent.

        Why would she be close to them? The kids lived with Yolanda, not Mohammud. Lisa V is a busy woman, she doesn’t have time to babysit for them. Her kids aren’t the same age, so they wouldn’t have had play dates. And I’m sure the kids probably heard Yolanda bad mouth her. For heaven’s sake, Lisa didn’t even know the kids “have” lymes. Lol!

      • Rubbishhousewife

        I have no way of knowing what LVP’s relationship with the Hadids is, but I do know it’s perfectly possible for them to be on more than good terms with her without their mother’s approval. One of the reasons Yolanda pushes my buttons is because I see a lot of my own mother in her. It’s very damaging to grow up with a mother like that. There are a few women I can think of who seemed to see there was something missing when I was younger, and gave me the kind of maternal concern I didn’t get at home……obviously my mother despised these women who filled in for her and therefore flagged up her own shortcomings and would character assassinate constantly. It didn’t mean I turned against them too, it just made life very awkward.
        Those kids make me sad and angry.

      • CoBe


        I got the same feeling. Yolanda ticks a button for me that dings the type of mother who uses her children as an excuse for everything–more money from Mohamed, the reason she is tired, the reason she can’t find a man (until she did), etc. Meanwhile, the children are raised by nannies.

        What you said about the helpers also rings so true. Mothers like that really resent people who fill the void in their children’s lives.

        When I look at those kids, I feel overwhelming sadness for them. I don’t see any joy. I see a sweetness in all of them, but also a despair.

        I have a feeling there is some of this going on as well.

  22. Rach

    Why on earth did they get taxi from the Dubai Mall to the Burj Khalifa? Lol these shows. You can practically touch the Burj K from Cafe Madeleine which is in Dubai Mall. Oh how to be rich, don’t even have to walk a few feet haha

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think they really did. They could have walked faster than getting in and out of the car. On the ride between the two places they are like, “Oh look over there, it’s Burj Khalifa! I think they just edited in some of the car ride from the hotel for inexplicable reasons. Most people would not know how weird it is. Especially Pinky fans. /wink

  23. Shae

    LVP was so obviously caught, her whole demeanor was nonsensical, adamant denial. I 100% believe LVP and Kyle were discussing yo’s sickness at length between each other and with others behind the scenes, they both knew about the muchausen’s bit before Rinna mentioned it, and I totally think LVP encouraged Rinna to say something. I think LVP was hoping Rinna would include Kyle in her mea culpa about discussing it, and when she didn’t, that’s why she said “i thought you were gong to bring kyle into it”, as in, “why didn’t you?”, basically.

    Then Lisa going up and telling Kyle she thought Rinna was going to drag her into it, clearly shows her motive- to depict Rinna as going to haul the rest of them into it (which is ok by her, so long as it looks like it originated from Rinna, not her.)

    The likelihood Kyle recalls LVP discussing this directly with her, incorrectly, is not high. Kyle was very upset by Lisa’s denial to her face, she wasn’t ambivalent. Especially when this is totally something LVP would do and has motive for…and will NEVER own up to.

    I love LVP, but this crafty situation backfired.

    • Sweet T

      Thank god for you. I feel like I am watching a completely different show than everyone else. I find these past three Dubai shows to be the best since camille’s dinner from hell. (I do love that they keep saying true dat.)

      Rinna said it clearly. These is a battle between two narcissists over who will be the queen bee and they are just collateral damage caught in the middle.

      Both lvp and Yolanda believe that their image is super important. Yolanda had her image tied up in her looks and youth and created this whole munchuesen thing as a way to cope. (There is a great article on cracked about a woman personal journey with munchuesen and how she used it to deal with being bi-polar.) they both spend a huge amount of time bringing people over to their side with subtle manipulations.

      I have been watching the old shows since Yolanda came on to see her physical demise. After watching her run around in Paris, I see her struggle. Sigh. But what I was also surprised to see was how manipulative lvp is. In The scene on the bus after the sleeping pill suggestion to Kim, lvp was doing some serious damage control. I don’t think she realized that the sleeping pill would mean that Kim relapsed before she said it, but once she did she went around making sure everyone thought she was in the right instead of just apologizing and saying she did t know.

      I think everyone is mad at rinna for saying she was being manipulated because they don’t see how lvp is manipulating viewers. Now that many seasons have gone by I completely understand the Bobbi fisher comment.

      Erika is right. Lvp is a side sniper and can really only have leveraged relationships. It’s sad and scary.

  24. Mean Girls….The Menopausal Years.

  25. I think if LVP put on her big girl Knickers, fessed up and actually apologized she could have come out the winner in all of this. Why is she incapable of doing so?

    • Shae

      If she could’ve just kept her mouth shut after her apology to Eileen, and not told everyone she didn’t mean it and just said it to placate her, it would’ve been fine.

    • Sweet T

      Why didn’t she just apologize? Because she is a narcissist and they do. It apologize. Why did she confess in front of the cameras that she didn’t mean it? Because she is a narcissist. She can stick to Eileen again for damaging her image in other people’s eyes. Narcissists hate that most of all.

  26. Rose

    152 floors and I’d be sweating too! Agree with Erica that Kyle and LVP have a leveraged friendship. Who apologizes then turns around and says they didn’t mean it or want to on camera. …oh LVP. Loved that b pink Channel bag. Please muzzle Rinna’s big lips. I broke down and cried when Katharine’s Mom called. ..I so miss my mom and would give anything to see our hear her again. It’s bad not having her here anymore and I can’t imagine your mom still living but not knowing who you are. ..damn dementia.

  27. theartistformerlyknownasyoya

    Housewives of Melbourne will be going to Dubai too! They seem to also have a petty “take down the queen” storyline going too.

  28. My question is why is Yolonda so special. I don’t believe any of the ladies doubted that she was ill and coupled with the fact that as this was being filmed RHOC was actually airing, why is it so hard to believe that all of them didn’t at one point or another make a comment?? I believe the story line of Brooks having cancer or not, airing at the same time this was happening made all the ladies a little concerned about anything they might have said. Yolonda’s “journey” has been commented on by just about everyone who watches these programs. It is an extraordinary “journey”. She has repeated several times the numerous doctors, countries and states she has traveled and still not found the answer. Does it really matter if the “M” word was used?

  29. cassidy

    Brandy got the t-shirts wrong:
    Yolanda – “Medicated”
    Kim – ” It’s no fun being sober”
    Brandi – “Sick”

  30. jen

    Eileen and her demin jumpsuits! Lol. Yolanda is nuts and they are all nuts arguing over the same bullshit while Yo sits at home collecting paychecks without having to argue in another country!

  31. Pip

    There are so many comments here, and I want to read them all, but I got no time. I have eight shows on my DVR that I have to get through. Last year I was hanging out here all day long. This year it takes me four hours to get through one show and about the same to read a recap. It sucks being so busy with real life stuff.
    Anyway, I just read your recap and your right, Tamara. The best part of these last three episodes was seeing Dubai. It’s fabulous! The worst part was watching these women fighting. Can’t they all just relax and get along? My God… They’re in DUBAI for Gods sake! Shut your pieholes and enjoy the city!

  32. tamaratattles

    I just tweeted that Shae is the voice of reason in these comments.

    She is my onlyest friend. :)

    I had a BF once that said onliest. He was kind of slow but had other attributes. I adopted the word. Don’t judge.

  33. Josie

    Either LVP said it or it was misunderstood. My God, I cant believe Rinna is acting like LVP committed a mortal sin.

    The line is “thought you were going to bring Kyle into it” and to Kyle “whew, I thought she was going to bring you into it”.

    Lisa easily could have said (and Rinna not heard) “whew, thought you were going to bring Kyle…” or if they were walking to the door (not facing each other) there could have been an inflection or a rolling of the eyes like “glad you didnt” and then verbally “thought you were going to bring Kyle into it”. They both could be telling the thruth.

    Whatever LVP’s faults, she does not deserve to get bullied like this. Over Yolanda no less. Punishment does not fit the crime.

  34. Karen

    So wait. Now we already know that when Erika shared the story she included Kyle and Vanderpump, then when Rinna comes clean to Yo, she also mentions Kyle and Vanderpump when asked, but never mentions the supposed call from Vanderpump. We’ve also heard Rinna say mulitiple derogatory things about Yo whether Vanderpump is present or not, but somehow Vanderpump orchestrated everything?

    Oh, please. Eileen has been playing Rinna throughout this BS, so I’m just not buying that Vanderpump is responsible for Rinna’s odd need to attack Yo, nor do I believe she set out to have the bus run over Kyle. The cameras were present. I would be shocked if theh miraculously were off when Vanderpump saud her goodbyes to Rinna. I’m holding out for the reunion. No I do not believe Vanderpump is perfect, and do believe she’d further a storyline, but it’s a cop out on Rinna’s part to blame Vanderpump for own obvious need to run off at the mouth.

  35. Karen

    I think we forget that Kyle and LVP have had a tit for tat friendship throughout this series. They go from friend, to “friend” to frenemy from season to season so it would appear that ED, Rinna, and Erika are either oblivious to this fact, or think they are close enough to Kyle to play off that dynamic, and clearly none of the three are. I gotta admit though, it was slightly amusing to see ED play the Brandi role trying with all her might to split them up, but what was more amusing was seeing her fail then flail about wondering why she wasn’t successful.

    Personally, I’ll take the potential frenemy I know over the one I just met!

  36. Frosty

    I’d love to know what the real deal is between Yolanda and LVP, clearly they share a long and storied history. Neither is an angel of perfection — thank you, Teevee Gods!

  37. Lime Brain

    It’s raining today, and right now I’m watching the rhobh marathon with a friend who has only seen small bits and pieces of this season.

    I was explaining to her that Yolanda really was sick but it was probably from the implant rupture.

    My friend said, “of course that’s what made her sick. And that’s why she has Munchausens. She knew she needed to replace them and wouldn’t. Her husband had to demand she get them checked out. She wanted to be sick!”

    I was like, “Whoa! Never considered that.”

    It makes sense to me, but my limes brain is acting up. Just wondering what you guys think of this theory.

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