Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan on WWHL

WWHL with Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan


Andy insists on filming his live show whenever the fuck he feels like it even when it interferes with the season finale of The People versus OJ Simpson.  And nothing on this earth takes longer to recap that an episode of WWHL with two interesting housewives on it.  Fun fact I heard recently, Sonja has been DESPERATELY hoping to land a spot on Celebrity Apprentice (I think she would be a great fit for the show. So much better than Porsha) and she will be green with envy when Andy asks Kyle how it went.

Kyle looks drop dead GORGEOUS.  The above picture doesn’t do her any justice.  The drinking word is Sonja shrieking “We always have the greatest time!” and each time we hear it we should, “Swallow like your drink has a black card.”  Oh Andy. I thought you liked, Sonja.

Andy totally bashes Dubai.  Then he asks Sonja if she has ever been and reminds him that she begged him to take RHONY there a couple seasons ago. Andy pretends like he doesn’t remember this. He must be really pissed at Sonja. Perhaps over her annual contract negotiation drama?  Maybe she did something stupid at the NBC Summer Press Event?   Or maybe he has just always mocked her because she doesn’t get it.

WWHL SOnja Kyle

We get a sneak peek of tomorrow nights episode where Ramona and Bethenny talk about what a drunken whore Sonja is, and to a lesser degree Luann. Sonja says Ramona has an IV for her Pinot from morning to night. Sonja looks to be drinking tonight. I thought a read a headline for the Today show interview this morning that said Sonja says she has stopped drinking. Maybe that was a left over April Fools joke or else they meant she stopped drinking long enough to do the 7 am interview?

Wow Kyle got eight inches of hair cut off and I didn’t even notice. I think I’ll do about four inches this week or next for summer.

Some Pinky idiot fan who sounded like she was huffing helium while kicking back Jack on the rocks wants to know if she thinks  Rinna and Eileen are bullying poor Pinky.  Kyle says bullying is a word that should not be used. She says Rinna and Eileen just had an issue with Pinky and they were expressing it and that is what they do on the show. She tried to stay out of it.

Speaking of weirdass callers  some drunk calls in and starts to slur, “Andy my delicious boy…something  about how he looks good and ends with I agree with your mommy.”  This should be a fabulously incoherent question. I’m going to guess this one is a Sonja fan. Yep! She asked about Luann’s fiancée that Sonja slept with. Sonja says she loves him. She loves his A LOT. Andy asks, “Have you loved him a lot?” She says, “A LOT!”  Andy says that the fact that the dude screwed two RHONY comes up on the season. Frankly, I’d be fine with screwing someone my friend had, but it would not be a relationship and I certainly wouldn’t MARRY him. Hell, I don’t see the point in getting married at this point anyway. Just live in sin. Unless he’s rich. Then marry him I guess.

Andy asks where Sonja’s intern, Pickles is. She says she went back to Belgium with a good resume. Sonja is so delusional. Being her fetch and step girl is not a bright spot on a resume. And they all leave traumatized. I bet she doesn’t even spruce up their radiators.

Sonja got a vaginal rejuvenation? Please tell me she is kidding.

Some shithead on Twitter wants to know if Kyle’s jacket is real fur. It is not. It is real feather. Kyle swears they all fell out naturally. Then she says it’s really made from housewives eyelashes.

On a sneak peek of RHOBH season finale, Kim and Rinna talk.  Kim is still very defensive. Kyle says it is hard to be friends with Rinna because of Kim.  Kyle and Pinky are still BFFs.  Kyle thought Brandi’s stupid “It’s Not Fun to Be Sober” shirt was very insensitive.

Luann and Carole start out at each other’s throats on this season of RHONY.  Andy says the season starts with Luann moving in with Sonja in her townhouse. Andy says it is a little “Grey Gardens.”  I wonder if Luann knows how to call a plumber to keep Sonja’s bedroom from flooding when it rains and to fix the toilet? Sonja says it was 59 degree in her house this morning. She says she ran the heat for Luann and it was $1600 a month! Poor Sonja!  No I mean Poor—-Sonja.  Andy says but there is a scene where they both wake up in the morning and they were sleeping in fur coats. Oh my, Sonja is busted.  It really was very Grey Gardens.

Kyle says that Rinna tends to talk to much and talks about other people’s lives and not her own. Andy says more about that on the reunion.

Kyle was asked the root of the problem between Pinky and Yo. She says she thinks it has to do with Mohammed and their relationships.

Poll Question: Whose side are you on? Pinky or EVERYONE ELSE?

And the drooling random fools that what this show with no clue as to what is really going on even though it was explicitly stated by everyone INCLUDING KYLE tonight said…. Pinky 79%.

Goddamn there are a lot of morons that watch this shit.  Kyle just shakes her head as if to say, that’s why I don’t call her out anymore.


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58 responses to “Kyle Richards and Sonja Morgan on WWHL

  1. BKSweetheart

    Damn TT why can’t you just let LVP be great ?

  2. Maybe the poll results would have been different if the question was “who do you believe”? All in all, the show came across pretty flat. Maybe Sonja wasn’t drinking enough?

  3. Hate if you will Tamara but Lisa is a fan favorite! There seems to be a lot of lying and misinterpretations going on with all these different lines they produced! I would rather hear what happened after those infamous linear were stated to get more context!

    • Jo

      I don’t think it’s matter of TT hating on LVP, it’s just glaringly obvious that LVP was wrong here….

      • Wrong of what exactly? I’ve heard all of their truths and how they each interpret all that has transpired! I see all of their perspectives; the only thing I want to see now is raw footage but we should only be so lucky!

  4. Tp

    I just can’t stand Rinna at this point. She is unrelenting. She opened her big mouth like always and now she’s back peddling , like always and she’s determined to take the heat off of herself. At this point, who even cares? She just won’t let anything go. It’s exhausting.

    • Tp

      And now Eileen I equally as annoying. I feel like they’re not sleeping or eating and they’re just up all day and night pacing and chanting ” Lisa VP set me (you) up ! Lisa VP set it up !! Omg who cares?! Enough!!

      • Deb in SF

        I’m with you completely, Tp. I’d like to muzzle both Rinna and Eileen. Truly much ado about nothing. I don’t think LVP was trying to throw Kyle under any bus; I think she wanted Rinna to get Kyle’s opinion on the Munchhausen discussion and whether or not Rinna should spill it to the group. LVP’s right about Eileen being like a dog with a chew toy. I’m so sick of the two of them.

        Also, TT, the poll question was LVP and Kyle, as Kyle said she was with LVP, vs everyone else. So it was the LVP/Kyle combo that won.

    • Psylocke

      I think Eileen and Rinna are banging their heads against the wall trying to drive this point because it’s the one thing they can finally prove, and can talk about on camera no less.

      Could you imagine how much LVP has done behind the scenes that they’ve been privy to, but can’t speak about on camera?

      Of course, they overestimated the audiences’ collective intelligence and underestimated the level of sheer vicarious celebrity obsession.

  5. Kim

    I’m curious about Luann, I thought I read somewhere that Luann will lose her Countess title if she remarries…could that be? I’m also wondering if she loses alimony. He sounds like of a Housewife groupie (sad there is such a thing) this being his 3rd RHONY at bat and all. Not to mention engaged after only a couple months. Yeah, he sounds like a keeper!

    • I read somewhere that she is losing the title but she said she’s had it long enough and that her Countess product lines will still be out there. Then she said; “Maybe I’ll change my first name to Countess.”

  6. LaLa

    I’m Team Pinky too. They need to find a new strategy, the “Lisa is manipulative” – whether true or not – is played out and ineffective. Especially when pretty much all of them have shown to have manipulative ways about them IMO.

  7. Stefie

    At the end of the day, the real question is: who would you rather watch? The soap sisters in their denim jumpers, leopard print and bad hair or LVP with her swans and closet? Always LVP. Always.

  8. pfffttt

    The one thing Brandi was right about is that if Lisa BBQ’ed a baby on RHOBH people would still defend her.

    At least the women on RHOA are upfront in their scheming and trash talking. Lisa is sneaky with it.

    • Jane Grey

      pfffttt- I forgot Brandi said that. It is so true. I am no Brandi fan, but I am a fan of people who can call it…

    • Agree. I love how Kenya is so obvious with her scheming and drama and happy to play the villain. LVP is frustrating because it’s a reality yet she does so much of her scheming off camera so she can maintain this perfect image. She should quit the show if she’s not willing to be authentic, all she does is play a character that she’s created for herself.

  9. Andy’s Grey Gardens comment was my high point of the half hour. Kyle looked so gorgeous! The voting cracked me up. Being on Pinky’s side does not necessarily imply that one believes her. She’s just the most fun to watch.

  10. DJFL

    Why the hell would LuAnn move in with Sonja?

    • Deb in SF

      LOLOL! I’ve been wondering that myself! And why has no one mentioned or questioned the reason. Not Andy, not TT. No one seems to think it odd. :)

  11. About RHONY, were you just giving us tea that Sonja and Ramona are no longer BFFs? Or was that a joke??

  12. JustJenn

    Why would Kyle shake her head at the results when she firmly placed herself on LVP’s side when the poll question was asked?

  13. Kay

    I’m lost on the topic of who’s side to be on… the last I watched was about Yolanda & the kids mess so I have no idea what is currently going on. What a conglomerate of vapid stupidity. Yolanda is so low on the likability ladder, even her runner up is light years ahead of her. Plus, LVP gave us Vanderpump Rules & Kristen Doute, so that’s probably why we find it in our hearts to forgive her minor transgressions.

    Side note: I have daydreams of Yolanda being outed for all her ridiculous behavior. It is hard for me to see that people still bellieve her after all the time and evidence – not to mention absurdities that continue to be put out there.. BY HER. Off topic from this post, my apologies. It’s the reason I don’t watch RHOBH at all anymore. Aside from Brandi & Kim. Geez, LVP is the only reason I do watch. And now we get her in Pump Rules anyways. Kyle is a basic bitch. Always going with the flow, keeping her nose clean in favor of being popular.

  14. Cheychey

    If Sonja did get some vag work done it was probably well worth the money. Hers has taken quite the beating over the years I’m sure. She should have asked for a Bravo discount for sending referrals though cause there are a couple of housewives that might be in need of some work and not just the ones that had babies.

  15. Trish

    How does pinky have so much power over these weaklings seriously .Lisa Rinna has verbal dihorea and then suffers buyer remorse honestly just keep your mouth closed and you would not keep getting into trouble . Eileen has her own agenda with Pinky because she dared to use the A word yes Pinky went there after 4 apologies it just ridiculous Eileen had the “Affair ” with a married father she was married too they got caught it was not a secret what’s her problem “IMAGE ” the one she portrays . Kyle could have put this to rest but choose not to Pinky was right words do have different meanings depending how they are used Kyle is only out for Kyle after she tried to take Pinky down before she realised she couldn’t afford another backlash so she played both sides and is now back peddling

  16. susan

    Kyles hair looks much better shorter


    LVP is like the wicked old queen in Sleeping Beauty or one of those Disney movies.

  18. SG

    I would like to see the raw footage, too, as someone above said. You know they were mic’d the whole time. Maybe on the reunion?

  19. SG

    I would like to see the raw footage, too, as someone stated above. Maybe at the reunion? I can only hope!

  20. Auntie Velvet

    We keep talking about if people are doing the Munchausen bidding at LVP’s bidding, but I sometimes get the sense that she herself is trying to get these questions asked at Mohamed’s bidding. I know he publicly lambasted her for that one episode, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he and LVP have, at a minimum, talked very frankly about the effect on the three children.

  21. Brenda

    I just read Eileen’s blog and she seems to think there is only one truth. There’s only everyone’s interpretation of the truth. Rinna says that LVP said ‘why didn’t you bring Kyle into it’. Both LVP and Kyle said ‘I thought you were going to bring Kyle into it’. The difference between Kyle and LVP is their interpretation of that statement. In LVP’s previous blog she said she asked the ‘I thought’ question because Rinna and Kyle had many text conversations about Yolanda (not Munchausen, just sick selfies) and she was concerned that Rinna would bring Kyle into the mess. I believe LVP because why would she then go back and tell Kyle what she said if it was derogatory? I think Kyle misinterpreted ‘I thought’ to mean ‘I want you to’ vice ‘I’m glad you didn’t’. And when Kyle feels wronged she gets really animated and she talks really fast and doesn’t let you get a word in. That’s probably what happened that day when she says she told LVP that she would ‘take her down with her’. LVP, on the other hand, usually retreats when barraged by words and accusations. I really wish that she would have made her intentions clear to Kyle that day so that Kyle would not have repeated the story to the other ladies the way that she did.

    • tamaratattles

      You mean Kyle would not have repeated the truth?

      Your entire wall of words is based on believing the spin LVP is putting on it after the fact.

      • Susie

        Isn’t yours based on Kyle’s interpretation that “I thought she was going to is the same as why didn’t you bring Kyle into it”? It’s all based on who is more believable after so many years of watching them all.

  22. Ugh at the poll results. People are so blind and lol @ Kyle shakes her head like “this is why I don’t call her out anymore”. LVP’s fandom is scarily loyal and delusional. It’s weird that they can’t just go “Oh she’s a manipulative image obsessed Dynasty villain but she’s fabulous and I love her!” Instead they insist she’s perfect, much like the image she’s obsessively created for herself.

    As for Sonya on Celebrity Apprentice, hell yeah she’d be perfect. Car crash TV at its finest because she’d screw everything up despite bragging about being a businesswoman and in PR her whole life. Both Porscha and Kyle were terrible choices. Kyle is beyond boring and Porscha is just there for drama. New York Housewives like Sonya, Ramona, and Luanne are who they need. Lisa Vanderpump would be good too but I imagine she’d be too concerned with editing or that she might mess up a challenge and not look like the brainy successful businesswoman that she says she is.

    • Dee

      As violent as Porsha has been, I’m surprised they asked her to join Celebrity Apprentice. I hope she can hold it together. All I hear her say is how someone made her beat them. She is abusive.

  23. I truly believe that the Yolanda & LVP thing has a lot to do with Mohammed and the fact that LVP is very, very friendly with Mohammed’s beautiful fiancee, Shiva. Which I dont think Eileen nor Lisa Rinna have dealings with them.

    LVP just has to much going on, and if you watch the way she interacts with the Vanderpmp Rule’s cast she does not need the immature crap, not to say she does not dislike Eileen, but I just think the way she speaks & interacts has alot to do with culture differences.

  24. We’ve had a few seasons where LVP was exposed as a manipulator and a shark. Oh wait, every season except for season 1! Yet people still drink her kool-aid.

    I now completely understand why Kyle is still aligned with her through this season and for ever beyond. She’s playing a good game that Kyle. :)

  25. KAF

    I am an LVP fan but I realize she’s not perfect. I don’t know if I would say manipulative but she’s definitely strategic. She’s smarter than all of these women so she never gets caught on camera and they spend the season looking dumb and then get fired. Kyle has learned the game and that’s why she’s not rocking the boat.

    LisaR is right that Yo and LVP hate other and try to get the other women on their side. There is no way in any other circumstance yo would give Brandi and Kim the time of day except she needs allies. Basically LisaR & Eileen chose the wrong team and now will likely suffer the consequences.

    Basically it will always come down to fans would rather watch swans, champagne and her closet than watching soap actresses run lines or drunks curse and talk about their vaginas or pill regimen and doctors visits. LVP is what people know and want to believe about life in Beverly Hills so she will always always win in the end.

    • tamaratattles

      I think we should all consider adopting this comment as our point of agreement. I can accept the use of the word “strategic” or as Bush would say strateegry in reference to LVP. In exchange I will require the words “chose the wrong team” be stricken and replaced with “dared to acknowledge the obvious strateegry in place”

      • KAF

        I can agree to that. LisaR & Eileen are ruining the show with their observations they confuse reality tv with the real world. In the land of reality tv, no one cares if LVP is strategic and Kyle has chosen to continue their friendship. We want the Beverly Hills fantasy and Kyle, LVP and Erika Jane are giving it to us week after week.

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