WWHL With Kathryn Dennis and Carson Kressley

WWHL Kathryn and Carson


Oh Dear God. Andy has a beard.  Today was a huge NBCu event in NYC and Andy went in that beard? From his Instagram it looks like Bruce Bozzi rented a huge boat for his 50th birthday and piled a lot of hot gay guys on it and sailed around the Caribbean with stops at Dominica and St Lucia to name a couple.  He really does have the life.

Let’s see how shady Andy is toward Kathryn.  Kathryn’s outfit is a shimmery copper jumpsuit.  Perfect color for her. Perfect everything. Andy and Carson both love it.

First up, Andy shows LVP telling him that she doesn’t lick Ken’s ass. That’s all. Because, Andy. Andy says he was so pissed at James. It was the end of a very long day of shooting and James is pouting about his album as he calls it or the “Pump CD” as Andrew refers to it.

Next up is Thomas’ black eye.  Everyone agrees that is just another day of the T-Rav.


Southern charm Kathryn Bravo


Kathryn claims that her fling with Whitney (puke) lasted a couple of weeks and she was staying with him and eating breakfast with Patricia.  I love you Kathryn but unless you are a hermaphrodite  (NTTAWWT) this is just an instance taking the beard thing to far. And if you want to know what a bad look “taking the beard thing too far” is, just take a look to the right. I do not know why she is colluding this Whitney is a heterosexual nonsense when he is all out an proud in LA away from his mama. Allegedly. So I hear. #Grndr.  But this was a made up story back in season one and I guess they are going to resurrect it in season three because Whitney is a producer on the show and his mama needs a storyline and a check. Why Kathryn agrees to play along, I have no idea. She did not exactly say they slept together. And now I have to stop typing about this because it’s ookey.

Even though Carson is a yankee, he is pretty adorable southern gentleman poseur.

Everyone wants to know why the lovely southern treasure, Kathryn keeps going back to T-Rav. She says he is a very good politician. Um no he isn’t dear.  Despite running for everything except dog catcher in South Carolina and he might have run for that too and I missed it, he only won the election for State Treasurer and was removed from office by the governor because of a cocaine habit. Nearly every campaign he was involved with had some sort of scandal and at least one was his. He is not a good politician, he is not a good liar, he is a not a good man. Close your legs to that man, girl!

Someone asks Carson which housewife he was more impressed with Kyle or Porsha? Carson refuses to answer saying he really enjoyed them both. But NO ONE has ever been impressed by Porsha.  I think Carson did some things with Kyle. Yes later he is asked which RH franchise is more fashionable NYC or BH and he chooses Beverly Hills. He says he is friends with Luann and recently became very close with Kyle from working on Celebrity Apprentice with her.



Someone asks Kathryn why everyone is supporting the douchebag over her. She says she assumes they are “social climbing” and he is the better ladder.

Kathryn asks if she regrets airing out their dirty laundry on social media. She says he does it more than she does. It’s hard not to reply when he says terrible things about her. Andy is actually being respectful of Kathryn. They are screening calls so that she gets nice ones and he didn’t read all the bad things that Thomas spews about her after reading over them first.  He does like a ginger.

Someone asks Carson what song he would Lip Sync for His Life to? He says Vogue because he knows all the dance moves. What would his Drag Name be? He says you are supposed to do it by your first pet and your mother’s maiden name. Oh wow, mine would be good but I’m not telling. His would be Cricket Smith. There is a drag queen at the bar but I’m not sure who it was, I didn’t get a good look.

OMG this Amy Phillips video of a duet with James and Kristen called “Bonin'” is ERRYTHANG!

Oh it’s KIM CHI! Behind the bar! I love her.

The Gadfly (isn’t it past her bedtime) is up watching Kathryn because she is obsessed with her and says that the help brings her breakfast in bed every morning and she doesn’t lie. Kathryn says she doesn’t lie either.  Um they both lie.

Katherine says the nursery is indeed a blinding neon periwinkle but the kids don’t even stay in it. He keeps them in the guest house when they stay there.

The Poll Question was which gang is the most dysfunctional  VPR or SC? Pump wins at 55%


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27 responses to “WWHL With Kathryn Dennis and Carson Kressley

  1. ml75

    She told Andy on WWHL she didn’t know she was pregnant in May at the reunion but did anyone else notice the dates she wrote on her pregnancy tests they showed when she pulled out the desk drawer? 3-30-15 I believe it said. Unless production planted those she was lying. The baby was born beginning of November… she would have known in May that she was preggo,

    • tamaratattles

      Good catch! And oh HEY!!!!!! GIRL HEY!!!!! xo

    • bellabee

      yes! I noticed that too. I was thinking, “she is lying through her teeth to Andy right now..”

    • Kay

      They filmed in March

    • jen

      Not telling everyone you are pregnant in early stages doesn’t really count as a lie. Often people do it just to be sure the baby is healthy before announcement. Just my opinion.

      • bellabee

        I totally agree with you, but she was lying after the fact. Last night she said that back in May at the reunion she wasn’t yet pregnant, but her baby was born in Nov. It’s just weird that she would say that since her pregnancy tests were shown on the season premiere.

  2. Skeeter

    My drag name would be Butch Walker! OMG LOL!

  3. Cheychey

    Katherine is as pretty as ever. That little boy of hers is a chunky ball of cuteness. My drag name by the way Princess Jamison. More porno than drag I’m afraid.

  4. Diane

    Katerine’s comment about social climbers made me laugh. Isn’t that exactly what she was doing. Come on what young beautiful girl would pick old man T-Rav over young and handsome Shep who she was also sleeping with at the time. She picked him because of the Ravenel name. I’m from Charleston and your name means everything even more so than how much money you have.

    • tamaratattles

      In that case you must be familiar with the names Calhoun and Dennis.

      • Diane

        Oh yes we all know the Calhoun and Dennis names but the Revenel name is more out there. When they tore down the old Cooper River bridge they named the new one the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Don’t get me wrong though I think Katherine makes the whole show. Us southern people love our drama for sure.

    • JoJoFLL

      You are from Charleston and don’t know the Calhoun name? Kathryn doesn’t need to social climb up anyone’s back which is why Patricia Aschul is obsessed/hates her. Patricia has no pedigree, Kathryn does.

      BTW, my mother is a Charlestonian.

    • Erica

      I’ve always felt that Turd-Rav was feeling the pressure to procreate, and make sure his children had good pedigrees – but didn’t want to get married, so he used Kathryn as a broodmare basically. No intention to marry, or really have his life change much at all even with kids.

  5. 25

    Hey TT-how is you stating that Whitney is gay (allegedly) different from Kenya stating that Chris is gay (allegedly)? No shade–want an honest opinion. I think I’ve said here before that I feel some of the RHOA women started going off on being gay in a derogatory way, but Kenya stated it matter of factly and without homophobic intent. Similar to what you are saying about Whitney in this blog. So why do you remain so furious with her?

    • Erica

      There is a world of difference between someone on a blog alleging that a single guy is gay, versus telling a woman (or her friends) that everyone in their industry thinks her husband of 10 years is gay (and mocks him for it by calling him a girl’s name. Kenya was NOT stating it as a matter of fact.

  6. Sam

    OMG, my drag name is Ruben Wyszysnski. LOL.

  7. Miranda Aldridge

    Mine would be Blackie Woodard. Mom had a thing for John Stamos on General Hospital.

  8. steve d.

    Whitney gay honestly can’t tell…?…If he is there has been a whole lotta effort in this show to have us believe otherwise….which is sad.

    • tamaratattles

      He doesn’t actually live in Charleston. He lives on West Hollywood. I’ve got friends in Weho who tell me things. Allegedly.

  9. I don’t know, maybe it was me but I felt very uncomfortable watching that show last night. I thought Katherine kept giving Carson the side eye and then would try and cover it up with a phony laugh. She really didn’t like him getting attention but she didn’t seem to want to be bothered either. It was a very weird feeling. Maybe it was my mood but I don’t think so……

  10. I was very uncomfortable watching that show. Katherine, to me, was not present. She did seem to be giving Carson the side eye a lot and then covering it up with a phony laugh. I don’t know what it was but she just seemed to not even want to be there. I don’t think Andy was enjoying that show either. Weird night, that VP rules reunion and then that show. Mama Mia!!!!! Those were some spicy meatballs (TEA)

  11. Josie

    Are any of the plotlines real on SC? Did she really accidentally get pregnant twice by him? Or, was it on purpose?

    Are T-Rav and Kathryn really on the outs? Or, is this just a plotline and they are really together? I feel like 90% of this show is scripted.

    • tamaratattles

      All these shows are scripted, but SC is less so than most. The Kathryn/Thomas stuff is totally real. They are not together. If you do a search you will see how the whole thing played out in real time. At some point you will see a polo match with Thomas playing. They were hooking up then and she was already knocked up. It is the classic toxic relationship where they hate each other and can’t leave each other alone. Back in October they were taking the girl child the pumpkin patch…

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