Wendy Williams Having Surgical Procedure Today & Where Was Melissa Gorga Today?

Wendy Williams



As y’all know, when I sit down to do a recap, I am typing with one eye and watching with the other. This makes for some janky typos and doesn’t give me much time to think of something witty to say, but I learned long ago, speed is better than accuracy when it comes to blogging.

So this morning Wendy Williams came back from vacation. I like to listen to Wendy with my morning coffee (whenever the morning comes for me, I DVR it) because her first 20 minutes is usually a rundown of what is happening on TMZ and a few even less accurate places. If someone died, went to jail or filed for divorce before 10 a.m.  I get the complete rundown while moderating and reading comments.

Today, the plan was to recap an interview with Melissa Gorga. Here is how that blog started out.

Both Kelly Ripa and Wendy Williams are back from vacation today and both are super tan. I’m jealous. Wendy shows a photo of herself on the beach in a bikini and she looks amazing. I’m also envious of that! Wendy Williams has been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding host and the show is up for outstanding talk show.  Say what you want about Wendy, and I have pointed out that her tea is not always accurate many times, but she has succeeded in an industry where few make it past their first season. Don’t believe me? Ask Bethenny Frankel. You have to show some respect for her hustle. And I record and watch every day.  On the other hand, I just checked to see the other nominees, and they nominated The Real which for me is basically saying that there are not that many talk shows on the air anymore, so everyone got a nomination.

RHONJ Melissa Envy


But today, I am doing a recap because Melissa Gorga is on the show. This is a bit odd because Wendy had a huge falling out with Andy Cohen (and Bethenny) and stopped promoting  Housewives for a long time.  I’d be surprised if she ever mentions RHONY again. But since she is from Jersey, perhaps that is why she is allowing Melissa on the show.

I began to notice something was off when Hot Topics went for 23 minutes.  As a daily watcher of the show, I know that Hot Topics ends at exactly the 20 minute mark for the first commercial break. Three minutes is big difference. Next there was the other segment that was in the show description, someone from some tabloid talking about more hot topics. There was an interesting story there about Betty White being sued by her former “caretaker” of TWENTY YEARS who now feels like she was mistreated and not paid enough. Really? Bitch, sit down. This seemed to go on a bit longer than usual.

So then we go to commercial and come back to the first of many audience games. On today’s show she did virtually every audience game in her bag and then at the end quickly added in another one that you could tell she was winging. Clearly, she had lots of time to fill. And she seemed a bit rattled.

This was partly because Melissa did not show up. Wendy never said one word about the fact Melissa was supposed to be on. I hung on every second at the end waiting for her to say, “Unfortunately Melissa Gorga was  caught in traffic/had a family emergency/ran our of spoons”  SOMETHING. But not a mention.

So I looked at Melissa’s timelines. There is nothing on there suggesting we tune in. In fact she hasn’t been on Twitter all day.  I reached out to her asking why she wasn’t on but have not heard back. There is nothing on Wendy’s social media time lines either  It’s just odd.

And then I checked out Wendy on her after show.  Maybe she would tell us there. Nope. It was super short today and Wendy is very clearly worried about a surgical procedure she was having as soon as she left the studio.


Wendy’s mother and husband are going with her, so it is clearly something she needs support for. She says she will update us on hot topics tomorrow. I’ll update y’all as soon as I know something.

What do you make of the Melissa Gorga thing?  Since no one promoted it, maybe Melissa had to reschedule some time ago?  Filming for RHONJ just ended Saturday.  What do y’all think?

UPDATE:  Melissa Gorga was never scheduled to be on Wendy yesterday. I either misread the listing that Charter provided, (several times)  which is possible, it was the first post of the morning, or the person who typed in the listing was a RHONJ fan who mistyped. So that mystery is solved.

The other mystery was why was Wendy so worried yesterday?  It turns out that when Wendy turned 50 she was told to get a colonoscopy. She has a family history of colon cancer so she was afraid to find out the results. So she put it off for a year and finally went in. She got a clean bill of health and was acting like she has a new lease on life today. Glad to hear it all worked out for her.


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19 responses to “Wendy Williams Having Surgical Procedure Today & Where Was Melissa Gorga Today?

  1. FarFromPerfekt

    Must be pretty serious. Looks to me like she’s fighting back a huge wall of tears. ? Whatever her plight, sending out positive thoughts & energy for her.

  2. Laura

    I saw that the guest was to be Melissa Garcia not Gorga. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t mentioned.

  3. Cat

    Wow. Hope it went well, whatever it was.

  4. Miguel

    Hmmm, makes one curious, no? I’ll be waiting for you to spill this tea, TT!

  5. Melissa Garcia was the guest for the “Trendy@Wendy” segment.

  6. T

    Monday there is usually not a “celebrity” as it is Hot Topic Monday. There was a Melissa Garcia on for a Trendy @ Wendy segment

  7. Jessica White

    Love me some Wendy williams! i tune in just for hot topics, then tune out after

  8. tamaratattles

    Hmmm. I checked it like four times. Either I can’t read, or there was a typo. I do remember seeing someone listed for Trendy Wendy.

    Anyway. That explains why Melissa Gorga wasn’t on. It does seem odd though because the first thing I thought was “That can’t be right” because Wendy hasn’t had a housewife on since Kim Fields and I think that was only as a courtesy to Kim. After every segment I kept checking my cable listing on the TV.

    And I know that on Mondays it is usually all hot topics. But it wasn’t even that today. She was really distracted today. I’ve never seen her like that. At the time it just reinforced my opinion that she had to shuffle things because Melissa was a no show. Now that I realize Melissa was never booked, that means all of her behaviors were because of nerves about her surgery.

    I hope she is okay.

  9. Cheychey

    I love Wendy. She is so messy and just an everyday person. She shops for herself and takes her son to basketball practice just like a regular mom. She hasn’t let stardom go to her head. Hot topics is my favorite also. I have it on my dvr every day. Sometimes I only watch hot topics other days I’ll watch the guest if I know them.

  10. Wendy is not on in Australia (as far as i know) but as far as US shows go she is really generous with YouTube clips, so i am a fan of her gossip.

  11. Lawstangel

    I liked the fact that she did an about face ans stood up for Kesha, whom I believe is telling the truth!

  12. Amy V

    I’ve been following Wendy since her radio days and she has always been blunt up close and personal. But sometimes I simply have to change the channel. On television sometimes she would spew a story w/o giving credit of the original author. I mean she does that incessantly. What I notice she always give Radar Not Right online credit for her info. I believe that she is staring her show into the National Enquire type of mode. Why? Because she was always fascinated by their daring w/o evidence stories that she actually believe from teen to present. I am here to say that eventually it will destroy her. There is a difference between print and video. Bravo and Wendy were a true fit. Truth be told Wendy saw the deterioration of family and marriage on camera and became very vocal about it. Randy Andy and his cohorts weren’t happy so they cut off limbs with her show. Truth be told.

  13. loriflack

    I haven’t watched her for awhile…she really appears different in many ways.

  14. DennyLuvsDashies

    First thing that came to mind was a colonoscopy.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s AMAZING how that happens after you see the show. You’re like Carnac the Magnificent!

      • DennyLuvsDashies

        Actually I don’t watch the show but I can see how you would think that based on my response being a day after your post.

        It was a honest guess on my part just because the after show video included a comment “that it had to be done” by the lady recording.

        My response now is due to just reading your update along with catching up to all your recent postings.

        Boy when you attack us you really go hard! Glad I don’t comment very often and I’m sure you’ll respond with your glad too!

    • DJFL

      Yeah, that was my thought too.

  15. ingrid

    I was actually worried about her all day, thanks for the update, I totally understand medical anxiety! Good news about Wendy!

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