Two Peas In A THOT Pod

RHOA Porsha Phaedra


This makes me happy. Let’s hope this is the end of the road for both of them. With their new found free time, perhaps Phaedra (or Ayden for that matter) can teach Porsha how to conjugate verbs.


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24 responses to “Two Peas In A THOT Pod

  1. Please Phaedra has a new best friend every season! Your theory on how they are trying to get those two and Kim off the show was interesting!

  2. tamaratattles

    My favorite part of tonight was when Andy referred to these two as “the Greek Chorus.” In ancient Greek theater, the Greek Chorus, were a group of people who were not in the actual play but stood on the sides commenting in unison.

    Assuming Andy knows that… we could take that as foreshadowing??????

    I’m really trying not to get my hopes up. Andy is SOFA KING wish-washy when it comes to RHOA casting.

    • Miele

      TT, do you really think Andy would sever his Apollo connection by getting rid of Phaedra???

    • SaraSally

      Would the singing ladies in the cartoon movie ‘Hercules’ be an example of a Greek chorus? I am unfamiliar with the term.

    • Katie

      Andy uses the Greek Chorus descriptor tons. He used to refer to Bethenney as the Greek Chorus of the RHONY and that’s why everyone loved her. He also referred to Cameran from Southern Charm and various others from different shows over the years.

    • Pat

      Wow! That’s deep. Good food for thought. I caught Andy’s “fric and frac” reference and kinda took that to mean that Andy saw Porsha and Phaedra as sideline players with a lot of mouth. However, I missed the Greek chorus reference. I hope we are both on to something. :-)

  3. Miele

    TT, do you really think Andy would sever his Apollo tie by getting rid of Phaedra???

  4. Minky

    Good luck Ayden! That kid is gonna have to bust out all of his Dr. Seuss, Bearenstain Bears, See Spot Run, Madeline, Amelia Bedilia, AND his coloring books to teach Porsha how to use language properly. I say coloring books because that’s a lot easier than drawing a picture from scratch.

  5. Cheychey

    I really don’t mind Phaedra so much. Her crazy southern ideas and sayings are amusing sometimes. But her longstanding feud with Kenya enough is enough. Apollo has admitted it was him making the advances. Time to drop the attitude and move on. As for Porsha I was almost willing to say ok you came out of character you were emotionally distraught when the first incident with Kenya happened. Kenya can be a bit polarizing, not that it’s an excuse for Porsha’s attack, but due to the circumstances I can sorta see a one time incident happening. But when you do it again and again then you’re just a violent person that needs help. You have no place on this show putting other people in danger. It also makes me look back and say ok the situation with Kenya was likely not the first time this girl couldn’t control herself. I really at this point think that it’s beyond anger management and she should be held accountable for her actions in a higher manner or she’s never gonna learn.

  6. AprilTea

    Kordell called her a knucklehead and said that she would leave him because she was mad about something. He said she stayed with her mom for extended periods of time.

    Kenya has admitted that she brought the bullhorn and props to argue with Phaedra because they were at it all season. Porsha kept chiming in and she didn’t know why because she and Porsha didn’t have a problem during their second season together. Porsha pushed her issues with Kenya and wanted to fight Kenya and she did. I just read a comment on another blog: Porsha needs to go to the Bad Girl’s Club or run up on Joseline from Love and Hip Hop.

    • Pat

      LOL! I have said the exact same thing each time Porsha gets violent. If she went at Joseline one time, she wouldn’t need anger management. Joseline would teach her how to manage her anger with their first encounter.

  7. Rach

    Tamara, I can’t stop laughing. I was just having a look at the RHOA comments on their Facebook page and so many comments from the delusional Phaedra and Porsha fans are upset with Andy for taking Kenyas side all the time. I nearly choked on the piece of Apple I was chewing. They’re so crazy.

  8. Phaedra teaching Porsha is like the blind leading the blind. Phaedra’s command of the English Language is particularly sad given the fact she has a Law Degree.

  9. Linda

    LMAO at people thinking that Andy is going to let Phaedra go. Both Phaedra and Porsha along with Kandi, Kenya and Nene will return as fulltime housewife. Cynthia and Peter are up to their tricks again to secure her a peach and Phaedra never have to stoop that low. Andy loves her.

  10. Truthseekrt

    Kenya may not be asked back. Andy is a moron.

  11. ShyGuy

    When I grow up I’m gonna attend my friends Christmas party and when she walks in with my ex I’m gonna beat her @$$ smh.

    • ClassyLady80

      Is that really why Porsha attacked that girl? Because she was dating Porsha’s ex and brought him to the party? Oh my goodness. We are very close in age but I don’t know any woman in my peer group who behaves this way.

      Obviously, the girl’s plan was to provoke Porsha or cause a scene by bringing the ex-boyfriend. The smart/classy thing for Porsha to have done would be to kindly approach the couple, tell them you’re happy they found each other, smile, and even bring them a drink or an appetizer. That way you show her and everyone else who’s waiting to see you lose your cool, I’m NOT bothered so if you were trying to ruffle my feathers… didn’t work fool. Then, they look stupid because they didn’t get the reaction they planned. That’s how you best someone. But it requires the ability to think a step or two ahead and Porsha… well she just can’t. At 34 she has to use her hands instead of her brain. So sad.

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