Tamra Judge Speaks About ATV Accident As She Struggles With Guilt

Ryan and Ava at Glamis

Ryan and Ava at Glamis

More details are rolling in about the dune buggy accident that sent Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge to the hospital over the weekend.  TMZ is reporting a lot of things that both Tamra and Vicki are saying are false.  Here’s what we know now.

The purpose of the trip was to celebrate Eddie’s 43rd birthday. It was a family even so everyone brought their kids.  I can only imagine whatever they saw of the ordeal was frightening.

As much as we all pictured a drunken Tamra at the wheel with Vicki WOOHOOING in sheer terror, Tamra was not drinking. She will be in competing in her first fitness competition at Muscle Mania  on April 30th  for which she has been vigorously training and dieting. There is no alcohol allowed on the diet.  She says they drew her blood at the hospital as part of her treatment and if she had been drinking she would have been arrested.  I wonder if she broke her diet for a strong shot of something after she got home from the hospital?  Can she still train with her injuries?


RHOOC vicki and tamra driving


Tamra is not new to Glamis or driving on the dunes. She grew up in the area and has been there many times. No one was training her. No one told her to slow down as TMZ implied.  Tamra says, ” TMZ get your story straight! whoever is giving pictures and statements you are an insensitive POS. No alcohol was involved I am currently NOT drinking due to my upcoming fitness competition and it was 11:00 in the morning. No one was training me or telling me to slow down. I have been riding since I was young. It was an unfortunate accident coming off a top of a dune and landing wrong. What is wrong with people? are they that miserable that they want someone else to look bad?”

Reportedly, the bill for an airlift via REACH is $60,000. I presume Bravo will have to pick up that bill.

It appears Shannon and David left Sunday evening from wherever they were this weekend . They seemed really happy on the ride back home. No comment on her Facebook about any concern for Vicki or Tamra. Were they leaving Glamis or somewhere else?

Shannon posted this photo of the family returning from a "quick trip" on Sunday night. Was it Glamis?

Shannon posted this photo of the family returning from a “quick trip” on Sunday night. Was it Glamis?

In even better news, Meghan Edmonds was playing golf with her husband in Fort Myers Florida. Far, far away from any housewives filming.

There were two other people in the dune buggy when it rolled.  Presumably, they were camera operators/production. They are fine as well. Based on photos at TMZ it appears that Vicki was in the back right seat. That would be because a camera person was in the right passenger seat.   Some tabloids claim that Heather Dubrow was also in the ATV when it rolled but was unhurt. That has not been confirmed. I believe the female in the back left seat was a member of production.

Tamra is struggling to deal with the accident, “Thank you for your prayers and concerns. We are both beat up but very lucky to be alive. I’ve never been so scared in my life. As the driver I have an overwhelming amount of guilt and just happy that the 4 of us are alive.”

Vicki has been commenting on Tamra’s Facebook and their relationship appears fine. But you just know Vicki will be mentioning “the time Tamra almost killed her” at dinners for years to come.

So glad that everyone is healing both physically and mentally.


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10 responses to “Tamra Judge Speaks About ATV Accident As She Struggles With Guilt

  1. Thanks, TT. Relieved no one seriously injured.

  2. Soooo, Meghan is not back at all this year? Forgive me but I must have misplaced that bit of information. If she’s free I should give her a call, I’ve been searching for my birth parents for 50 years, maybe she could find them.

  3. Lime Brain

    Glad she’s ok and wasn’t drinking. We already have enough Felons by Bravo.

  4. Sabrina

    I am glad to hear they are ok but quite disappointed to gather that Andy took not one word of viewers’ or housewives’ concerns that Vicki no longer participate in the show, seriously.

    I suspected as much but really hoped, after years of Brook’s self-evident lies and slime, followed by Vicki’s apparent collusion in the cancer storyline, and her embarrassing need to overdramatize her life, that she would choose to move on. Since she could not, I hoped that Andy would.

    It’s apparent that, while Bravo did a good job moving into reality TV with interesting storylines, it is neither helping it evolve intelligently, nor shutting it down before it self-destructs. Guess we have to watch each show lose its momentum one day at a time. Thought you were smarter than that, Andy.

    TT, I’d love to hear your view of this, especially after both watching Atlanta’s reunions, and anticipating NJ’s return. Where do you see the industry going, where should it go, and how could it evolve more effectively?

  5. Mzjulesaz

    I’m so glad to hear they are ok. Very scary!

  6. ingrid

    so glad they are okay and probably sobs, but have seen them driving golf carts before and they were a little chancy then. Waahoo can turn into whaohhh very quickly!

  7. Wonder which, if any, pharmaceuticals were in her system?

  8. Carl

    I can’t take it anymore TT! Is Detective King returning or has the ax finally dropped???

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