Please Gather Around For a Bit of Spoken Word by Miss Kim Fields

RHOA Kim Fields be like...


There is a bit more to Kim Fields than the doting mother and wife we saw on RHOA this season.  On last night’s reunion we heard Kim snipe at production to “Play the fucking tape!”    She let us know on the season she was quite capable of  “cutting someone with her mouth.” Andy Cohen seemed quite surprised when Kim flippity flip flopped on the THOT issue at the reunion.

As it turns out, there was a very different side of Kim Fields after living single and before becoming the “stepford wife” of Christopher Morgan.  In that period Kim explored her musical side and did some things in an R&B group.  She also did some writing, poetry mostly. And in 2003 she recorded a spoken word album called Smooth is Spoken Here.

I believe the video below, was from around the same time as the album was released. She performed one of her spoken word pieces, How Come on Def Jam Poetry.

I should warn you this is probably NSFW as there is all manner of discussion about suckin’ and fuckin’ and rollin’ trees.



Well now, how you like her now?


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32 responses to “Please Gather Around For a Bit of Spoken Word by Miss Kim Fields

  1. TD

    In Kim Fields’ own words, “I miss class”.

  2. I see an actress performing a monologue in character. And doing it quite well, I might add.

    I like her better now. She’s just demonstrated some range as an actress that I had heretofore not seen.

    • tamaratattles

      In my experience, people write poetry from a very personal place which is based on their life experiences. She wrote this. She is not acting. She is PERFORMING a spoken word piece that she wrote.

      Not that that should change your thoughts on her performance. Just to make it clear for all those who read here.

      • microop

        Is this hypocritical? Yes. But I respectfully disagree that poetry tends to be confessional. There was the confessional poetry movement (Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, etc.) But many poets deal with subject matter outside of their personal experience, philosophy, absurdism and imagined circumstances. Its hard to say if this is about Kim or not. But as the creator and performer, she made a choice to embody this character, if even temporally, and that choice, to me, is what makes her hypocritical.

      • tamaratattles

        We’ll just have to disagree on that. Poets who are also AUTHORS and who are also WOMEN tend to tell their stories in their fiction writing and even those are based on their experiences. But when writing poetry, ESPECIALLY poetry for spoken word, it is generally very personal.

        While men have had the luxury to write about whimsical things, women tend to use poetry to voice things they cannot say in polite company. At least back in the day when there was such a thing as polite company.

        Black female poetry is perhaps the most personal of all. Kim was likely going through her Maya Angelou period. Something many young women experience in their twenties. I still have all of my first addition Maya Angelou books both fiction and poetry in my library.

        The other day was Flannery O’Conner’s birthday and I thought about pulling out something of hers. Probably Wise Blood. Today I’m thinking about Maya. I really don’t have time to read novels anymore, as I am here, all day, every day typing away about brawling women and such. But perhaps I should yank out a poetry book. I could probably fit in a couple of those a day.

      • Yeah I know I’m supposed to be clutching my pearls and thinking, “Gasp! Tootie said fuck! Her whole RHoA persona was a lie!” but sorry, no.

        “Performing a spoken word piece” and acting a monologue are the same thing. I’m not even going to get into your thesis that all poetry is autobiographical. For the sake of argument, let’s assume this one is. She would have taken her experiences and thoughts about them and shaped them into being the words of a persona. (i.e. “the piece”.) If there was a target audience in mind, perhaps a vernacular was used in order to reach that audience. That is the same thing as creating a character. When the piece is performed, she’s acting the character. See how that works?
        Whether the end result of the finished piece after revisions, edits, etc., is exactly the voice of Kim Fields is something only she could say.

        I think you are tripping on the stylistic difference between the person you saw in this piece and the person you saw on RHoA. Again I say, “So what?” So she is a multi-faceted person. Most intelligent people are. Still makes me like her better; it means there is a depth of personality there that is absent in many of her castmates.

      • tamaratattles

        You seem very argumentative with me on this issue, Eric, when I have never given any sort of opinion on Kim’s performance. That was a deliberate choice I made not to influence commenters. You seem to think you are “supposed” to feel a certain way about it.

        As for spoken word and monologues being the same thing, that is not true. While spoken word can be a monologue when it is performed by one person; spoken word can also be performed by multiple performers. The two terms are not interchangeable. A monologue just means one person talking. It can an except from a play where one side of a conversation is highlighted, it can be a soliloquy…or a spoken word piece. Spoke word is different from other monologues in that it is writtenwith the intent of being performe orally. Spoken word began during the Harlem Renaissance during a historic time where black American cultural arts blossomed on every artistic level. Spoken word was born as a lyrical performance that concentrated on the sounds and tones of words, voice intonations and voice inflections an rhythm. It was some believe the first seed or rap and hip hop. It’s not “playing a character” it’s not “just a monologue” and it is deeply personal to the performer.

        I don’t see any place that I said that all poetry is autobiographical. I said it is personal. That it comes from one’s experiences. That is particularly true in spoken word. Spoken word is all about sharing feelings. As is most art, music, etc. It’s not about shaping words to fit an audience. It’s about shaping sounds to reach the audience with your message.

        I am not tripping on anything. Again I gave absolutely zero hints on what I thought of the performance and simply presented it for review. You seem to think judgment is involved in Kim being in a much different place 15 years ago. One would think everyone matures and changes over the year. Living things grow and change. That’s basic biology. I’m not sure why you are so defensive about it.

        I think because you are not female, you don’t have the life experiences to understand some fundamental differences between male and female poets.

        I’d really rather not be having these arguments with you but you keep attempting to assign thoughts, feelings and opinions to me that I do not hold and make statements that are not factual. I think it odd that rather than saying I liked this, or it’s not my bag like others did, your reaction was more like “DAMMIT I LIKE THIS AND I KNOW YOU THINK I SHOULDN’T” That’s a weird reaction.

      • microop

        (TT) Word. No pun intended.

  3. Deb in SF

    She so turned me off at the reunion that I cannot listen to her voice anymore. All that backtracking and flip flopping made me lose all respect for her. Bye, Felicia!

  4. Cheychey

    I had already seen this. I think it just makes her more real. She was a different woman before kids and marriage, so was I. You change and evolve as you get older. I still like her a lot. I didn’t think she stood up for the things she said she believed in in the part 3 show. She really flip flopped a lot.

    • Crazy in NC

      This. Most of us change a lot when we settle down. I am almost nothing like I was before I had a family of my own.
      After watching Porsha go from saint to THOT, I simply don’t believe any personality on this show. They are all fake.

  5. bria

    Wow Kim…you were sure playing a script in RHOA and all that fake speech on class.

    • Pat

      I think it’s the other way around. What we saw on RHOA was primarily her real personality. To give us what we saw on Living Single and in this recital requires her to do what actors do: go deep inside of themselves, find somebody else while there, and bring that person to the surface. That is incredibly hard work for even the most talented actor. Kim is a master. RHOA hired her to be “real”, so that’s what we got. Unfortunately, Kim’s “real” is being a nice, classy, woman whose life looks as boring as watching paint dry.

  6. susan

    Not fond of angry, men bashing monologues

  7. Gapeachinsc

    Wow. I’m impressed. I had no idea. I always liked her TV characters and knew she must have a little fire in her after her Living Single character.

  8. newjerzeyboy

    Good for Kim, she is speaking her truth. I think she is quite good.

  9. BKSweetheart

    Blech. Not a big fan of this type of spoken word performance or poetry slams or whatever they are called. Just seems so….pretentious? Maybe that’s not the right word. I don’t know. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

    Still don’t like her.

  10. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Kim Fields used to have depth and personality! I’m delighted. I wish we could have gotten this woman on RHOA.

  11. Sunshine

    That was good. Kim pulled it off well.

  12. BeetsWhy

    I normally don’t like this type of thing but I liked this. She is a talented woman, and the girl crush continues!

  13. Rose

    I liked it! Quite impressed.

  14. Gapeachinsc

    I love Wise Blood! I saw the movie before I read the book…and then I had to read the book, of course. And I have to watch the movie whenever it comes on…if nothing more than to see the shots of the rooming house. That was Macon in the 70’s. By the time that shot comes around, I’m completely mesmerized by the movie itself. Of course the book is much better.

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve never seen them movie and it’s ben 30 years since I read the book. Wow. I’m old. I’ll look out for the movie, peach.

  15. Pat

    I knew Kim was talented. She can go from being Regine to being an entirely different type of character flawlessly. She can cue herself to cry and make it happen at the drop of a hat (like she did on RHOA). But, I had no idea she was THIS good. She’s killin it! I was drawn in within the first nanosecond. RHOA was a step way down for her. I’m glad she’s quitting. I hope bigger and better things come her way.

  16. Wanda

    Kim’s pretending to be innocent and offended by the other women’s behavior was an act to demonstrate how different she was. She clearly thought she was superior and could afford to be judgemental. But it backfired, because the character she created just seemed too sanctimonious and too naive to be real. If you want to create a certain image, you need to stay in character. But clearly from the first filming to the reunion, her personality was all over the place; from pious to dropping f-bombs gangsta-style. I think the spoken word video just showed that she is not so naive as she pretended to be on the show.

  17. TippC

    I remember when Kim was a lesbian. It’s funny how people change.

  18. Don’t ever sleep and criticise someone you don’t really know about!!‼️

  19. How about a comment on Kenya Moore’s book? I’m interested in what you have to say about it.

    Kim – I don’t like her. I don’t dislike her. Which means she’s not a good fit for the show…

  20. Sandra

    The woman who wrote and performed this poetry is not a woman who does not know what shade is.
    If people think this makes Kim more interesting and adds some texture to her personality, that’s all good but, this just confirms to me she is not the doe eyed, innocent, demure woman she pretended to be on RHOA.
    I agree with TT that spoken is very personal. I have never seen anyone “act” or recite spoken word that was not their own. The whole premise of it is self expression. Expression of the speakers feelings, passions, thoughts and ideas. I too think these are Kims words.

    What’s more striking to me is, even if Kim is simply performing, it proves to me she still had her ear to the street. You could never be believable in spoken word unless you understand this vernacular. It shows she is not alien to urban/street slang.
    I knew she was a fake when she invited us into her closet and revealed her nickname was “hot pants” and showed us 3 pairs of thigh high boots to match each pair she showed us.
    Yeah, give me fake for 200, Alex.

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