Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3: It’s Not About That Phaedra, It’s About Your Ways!

RHOA Reunion left couch
It’s time for the final episode of the reunion, and all I really care about is the footage of Porsha beating down a girl in a dark alley and Andy Cohen’s response to it.  I’m late to the party because I had a late breaking story about Vicki and Tamra rolling a dune buggy and going to the hospital. I’m glad they are both okay and even happier they are back to being besties.

So I am going to not give you a she said, she said of this whole mess in as much as I can stop myself. I am really just ready for this season to be over. Even though it was a bit shorter than usual it did NOT feel that way to me.

I hope someone has a gif of Nene dancing backstage up on the net already.

Porsha already looks nervous about her thug segment.

I LOVE Nene’s jumpsuit. It is very Cher and she rocks it well.  But the left side of her hair looks like it has been eaten by a lawn mower. It is very distracting to me. If I could just trim the left side of her head she would look fantastic.

Kandi excuses herself to pump. Why could she not do that off camera?

RHOA Nene and CynthiaAndy calls Phaedra and Porsha “Frick and Frack” and even better “the Greek Chorus.”  I think Phaedra might have caught a bit of the shade regarding the Greek Chorus part. Porsha of course did not. She still thinks being called Princess of THOTlandia is a compliment.

Blah Blah Blah who is BFFs with whom? Who cares.

Andy brings up that Porsha and Phaedra were not happy to see her in Jamaica. Frankly nobody was. Nene and Kenya admit that they have made up. And plotted together about Porsha and Kim  with everyone else on Kenya’s couch but they didn’t admit that part. The plan is to run Kim Fields off, which was successful. And to get Andy to get rid of Porsha before one of them has enough and just beats the brakes off of her. It remains to be seen if that will happen.

Nene agrees with everyone else INCLUDING KIM’S BFF PHAEDRA that she needs to go.  How is that friendship with Phaedra working for you now, Tootie?  Kenya would have fought for you if you had been a true friend to her. She really needs a solid dependable ally on this show. You kinda fucked that up for yourself, Kim.

Chateau Sheree v Moore Manor

Kenya is set to move into Moore Manor in a couple weeks. She has business in LA all last week, but it is almost all ready for move in day!  Chateau Sheree remains incomplete.

Andy Cohen has no room to talk. It took him forever to expand is NYC apartment by purchasing the apartment next door. Hell, I still don’t know if that is finished yet. Sheree thinks she is weeks away as well. She is probably a good year away. She has been working on landscaping the outside. No word on if she solved her mold problem.  I’m gonna guess if you had water cascading down the inside of your empty Chateau to the point where the much beleaguered neighbors had to call someone about it. You’re going to have to gut the inside and start over.

Matt and Kenya are living together. It’s quite obvious from her Instagram and other social media that they are inseparable and he will be moving in to the Manor when the time comes. Kenya is grinning from ear to ear.

We’re treated to a THOT montage. Kim Fields suddenly says that she enjoyed the THOTs acting like whores. Kandi and Nene both call Kim out for her flip flopping on the whore issue. Kenya jumps in too. I am loving this Kenya, Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, Sheree alliance.

Andy brings up that Porsha has gone from housewife to whore. Most people go the other way. I’m just saying. Nene starts the upcoming gang up on Porsha. Porsha says, “Just because I like to have a good time and shake my ass doesn’t mean I don’t have class.” Um, that is exactly what it means, dear.

RHOA 7 REunion Kandi Todd

The Current/Future/Soon to be Ex Husbands Arrive

When Andy says the words, “husbands and potential husbands” Matt grins from ear to ear. Matt brought a long stemmed rose for ALL the ladies and those who should aspire to be ladies.  Andy keeps one, and Phaedra does not pass a rose down to Kim.  Interesting. How you like Phaedra now, Kim?

Matt confesses that he is in fact “in love” with Kenya. My screen is stopped on Phaedra and Porsha’s reaction. Phaedra’s face is by far the stankest. Kenya admits that she is in love with Matt. Nene is very happy for Kenya.

Sheree continues to imply something could be going on with her and Bob. But the streets say he is not her type. Being a man and all. Allegedly.

The Gay Shaming

This is the part I have been dreading. Unfortunately they show the montage. Where every single person except Cynthia is involved. Chris is comforting Kim from behind the couch. She seems to be crying a little bit.

Kenya has always said there is way more to this story. When Andy asks about it she defers to Nene who says that Chris was being a dick on the bus screaming “turn the goddamn air down.” Then he jumped up from his seat and  started yelling at all the ladies.  Nene says when he was done she asked, “Was that a read” and he screamed “Yes! That’s a read!”  Phaedra says that Chris turned around and was snapping his fingers saying, “You have been read!” And Phaedra said, ” Okay, that’s sassy!”  Kim jumps in to defend and says he was mocking them by doing it back to them. Nene says, “No he was not! NO HE WAS NOT!”  Kenya says, “Tell the truth!”

Then Chris wants to come for Kenya by asking her who do they know who calls him “Chrissy.”  He goes on an on so Matt steps in and says “She answered your question.”  Then Andy tried to shut Matt up by explaining to him that Chris was talking to Kenya and she has to answer for herself. WHICH SHE DID. Andy has this interaction with Matt more than twice. WTF Andy? Why did you bring the men out if you don’t want them to talk. Matt is NOT going to sit there and let you be a shithead to her like you always do. You better just stay in your chair before you have two wonky eyes.

RHOA 7 reunion kim chris fields


No one else was called out for the gay stuff. Just Kenya. Oh wait, Andy actually read a card from a viewer who points out that it was not just Kenya and that Porsha should have been the last person to join in considering all the gay rumors about her husband.  Porsha’s response was “IT WAS ALL KENYA!” Because she is a moron.  Kenya says that to Porsha something about “dying to throw her under the bus, Just Go Kill Yourself!”  Peter keeps trying to get his peach by joining in with the anti-Porsha housewife alliance. Andy doesn’t shut him down.

Phaedra says, “But true tea, every man on this show has been called gay besides Gregg!” (that is true.) Todd then says, ” Shit I ain’t never been called gay!” (that is not true)  Much hilarity ensues.

FINALLY! ANDY COHEN HAS ENOUGH!  Phaedra says, “They make everybody on this show gay!” (This is true, and it is usually an Atlanta thing because almost all the men in this town are either straight up gay or on the downlow.)  But Andy strikes back. Saying ” No you ladies do. And it seem like you’re all kind of gay bashing. (because they are) And it came off as  doing this thing where you accuse him of being this way, making a big joke about it, and I mean it was taunting and it was derogatory. EVERYBODY. So it just was not a pretty look.”


Phaedra looks shocked that she was the person that he responded to about this. Phaedra says she has apologized to both Kim and Chris. She says she was just talking, “talking about the read, hunni.”  Phaedra is remarkably good at denying and apologizing at the same time.  Chris basically says everyone has apologized except for Kenya. Andy asks he why she has not apologized. We are back to stank face Kenya.

Kenya says, “If somehow that was offensive to you…” I’m cringing and Andy says, “If somehow that is offensive to you??? That is a crappy apology. Then we get silly, smiley Kenya. This is sad.  Kenya is laughing. Andy says, “So you’re not going to apologize?” She says she is but he (Andy) keeps interrupting her. Kenya says, “I’m sorry Christopher.”  Andy asks what she is sorry for. She says, “If he was offended… THAT he was offended.” This pisses Kim right the fuck off. And I don’t blame her. Kenya had an opportunity to show some remorse for her behavior. I am quite sure that Brandon had a little chat with her about this. She knows she was wrong.  She is supposedly friends with Miss Lawrence who quit over shit like this,   I am feeling that rage that I had during that Jamaican episode start to creep in again.

Chris says the I have a lot of gay friends speech (which is never well received) and in this instance it seems true and genuine. He says he was sorry for how that episode effected them. And it did. It affected a lot of people. Kenya still has a look on her face that needs to be slapped off, and Cynthia is looking at Kenya with disappointment. After Chris said his piece, Andy said, “Well said.” And it was. And Kenya either doesn’t know how horrible she looks and the extent of how what she said effected people, or she should be ashamed of herself.  She had an opportunity. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!  And you really let us down on this segment, Kenya.  Even Nene gave a heartfelt apology. SOFA KING disappointed in Kenya.


RHOA reunion marked Phaedra Kim

Phaedra v Kandi

Cynthia lets Andy know that the Secret Service watches Watch What Happens Live and that is where they heard about the car, which they referred to as “stolen property.” Interesting. Is it stolen because it was purchased with stolen money? Or is it stolen because he is back to his old game. Oh who am I kidding, he most likely was “a thief of that essence” once again.

Phaedra starts fast talking about how she would never call the FEDs on anyone, even Kenya. Chile Please. Everybody knows Phaedra called the FEDs on Cynthia and Phaedra.  Kandi says they never mention to her anything about seeing it on TV. Kandi says Phaedra was mad because she and Todd were in a Twitter war and then like the next day the FEDs were on her doorstep. Kandi totally thinks it was Phaedra.  Kandi says that Kandi has done some weird shit to her in the past, she can be very secretive (mmmmhmmmm) and she works on her “get back.”



Phaedra tries to have a feeling. And that feeling is most likely that feeling Jodi Arias had above when she was found guilty of murder.  That look on Phaedra face reminded me of this photo immediately. She’s trying to well up a tear. But then Todd says he thinks Phaedra called them too and now Phaedra is getting all stabby looking. Phaedra says she was a friend to Todd. Todd says it’s not about that. It’s about “your ways” he gives examples of how when Phaedra is caught in a lie she always says she just must have made a mistake.  Phaedra stupidly brings up Todd hanging out with Apollo, something Todd is glad to do.

It is VERY interesting that Phaedra was keeping Apollo off the emails about the production budget with Todd and made a point to tell Todd it was just between them, she was doing it herself and it was nothing to do with Apollo. That’s interesting. I mean if you want to launder some money, this seems like a good enough way, and if the video is a success the FEDs can’t seize all the profits because it is Phaedra’s sole business endeavor. ALLEGEDLY.

Then Todd says it. ” You know so much about what I was doing, but Apollo lived in your house and you didn’t know what he was doing? C’mon now, you’re smarter than that!”  See now, I hope those Secret Service agents with a Housewife habit are tuned in tonight!  This is getting GOOOOOD.

Phaedra’s response is odd. “But when your mom died and you asked me for a favor, I did a favor for you!”  Now this is where a smart person hosting the show would bust in and ask what favor she did for Todd. And why she would bring up favors in response for being basically accused of being complicit with Apollo’s crimes. That is what a smart host would do. But we have Andy so don’t hold your breath.

OH MY! Phaedra starts talking about emails and pulls some up on her phone making her look like Todd was sweating her for the money in three emails over a six month period. Kandi finally starts a screaming match because she is talking about emails from back when it all started.

This is crazy! Kandi is going off about Phaedra always trying to tie up loose ends and trying not to lose face. That is why Phaedra paid Todd a week before the reunion. Kandi says this is typical Phaedra.

While all of this is winding down. Peter says, “They better hurry up!” Then he asks Andy, “You got any questions for Peter? Because Peter’s gotta go to the bathroom.”  Andy asks Peter how drunk he is and Peter says not drunk at all. Andy says “This is you sober?”  So Andy dismisses all the husbands so Peter can pee.


I was attacked by the props I am trying to rip from Kenya’s hands!

Porsha’s Violent Attack (Part 3)

Andy talks about how the story made the blogs. That explains why they are showing it because they tried REALLY hard to cover it up.

We see Porsha running down a dark alley after Jami who has left the party. She is screaming madly. Other are trying to tell Porsha to stop. Someone says, “You have too much to lose!”  I think that was Shamea. It looks like Bob was out there breaking up the fight. Then Dwight is seen telling Kandi, Cynthia and Sheree what happened Porsha pulled Jami’s hair out weave and all. (not a wig, Dwight) Dwight says Porsha was “beating her like a pulp” and they were “like Holyfield fighting!”  Then they show Porsha lying to Phaedra “We get in the alleyway here” Um no, She was leaving after just being there for a very short time because you were being a cunt to her. Then when she leaves through the back door, you chased her ass all the dam way down the alley “hands all up in my face.” Bitch please. WE ALL SAW YOU CHASE HER ASS DOWN THE ALLEY. She had left. YOU RAN AFTER HER.

Andy points out this was her third time getting violent with someone while filming. He asks if she handled conflict like this prior to the show. She says, ” Well normally I would not be in a situation where I would have a bullhorn or scepter put in my face.” Ah so once again, it’s all Kenya’s fault.  “Secondly, I would not be on a boat with someone who is not my friend and doesn’t understand me. They were both isolated situations.”  Kenya says, “That is what you said the first time.”  Porsha tells Andy that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore if Kenya is going to chime in with little comments. Really bitch? Are you going to attack her AGAIN?

But this is Nene’s turn to handle Porsday (per the prereunion meeting).  Nene says she has been here the longest and no one has been criticized more than she has. She has been ripped apart by everybody. And I’ve not touched anybody. (well that’s not true, there was that time on the bus with Kim Zolciak, but anyway, tell it Nene!)   Porsha says, “When was that? Did you see any footage of it?”  Kenya says, “Did you run up in a dark alley and choke somebody?”   Everyone laughs as Nene reads Porsha about her violent behavior.

Phaedra says that Porsha called her after the party and told her she realizes she has anger issues and she started going to anger management classes. THAT IS BULLSHIT. Porsha has never admitted anything of the kind. BRAVO SENT PORSHA TO ANGER MANAGEMENT. SO THEY COULD FILM IT. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR HOW THE THOTS RUINED CHRISTMAS!   Yet this lie rolls off Phaedra’s tongue like butter.

Porsha Williams Mugshot

Y’all have no idea how hard it was to wrestle this very heavy weapon of mass destruction from Kenya!

Kenya points out others on the cast feel that Porsha having to be restrained on multiple occasions proves that she is out of control. Kandi does her part and says the problem is that it happened more than one time. Kandi says now EVERYBODY is like if Porsha even looks like she is going to start… they’re automatically on the defense. (Sound familiar?)

Andy asks if anyone feels uncomfortable confronting Porsha. Kenya says she does. Cynthia says she does.  Nene says, “As for me… I’m READY.”  Kandi says exactly.  Nene says if Porsha were even to buck, she would end up poppin’.  Andy is stupid. So Kandi tries to explain and Sheree jumps on the Ready Train with Nene.  Kandi is trying to let Andy know that Kenya and Cynthia are more passive and will be avoiding Porsha as much as possible, But Kandi, Nene and Sheree will be like “Do it if you want to…” (and see what happens next).

Porsha says that she had immediate remorse after every situation. Kenya and Cynthia say almost in unison “That’s not true.” AND WE JUST SAW A TAPE OF PORSHA BLAMING THE THIRD VICTIM TO PHAEDRA! Porsha is full of dogshit.

Porsha says, “What I will say, and what I will not take part in (Sounds like a promise not to be violent is coming, right? Oh no, That is the opposite of what is coming) is sitting here and being vulnerable and then be  dissected by a person or people who don’t care about my progress and where I’m trying to personally go. So what I will do, is… if you would like to ask me questions I will respond to you.” Because Carlos King can’t come on stage and do it, Phaedra has the task of physically coddling Porsha like a wounded bird during all of this.

Andy asks, “So what have you learned from (YOUR ONE DAY WE MADE YOU GO) anger management?”  Porsha says, “Um, Nothing should trigger me in that way, um and you know this is a completely different environment for me coming from just being a normal person who’s not on a reality show. You get judged, this and that, it’s a lot of pressure…”  Andy says, “But that’s true for everyone here.” Andy says, “Yeah, it is but I’m talking about for me! What I learned from anger management is how to deal with people who may not respect you. Who may even go so far as to the point to even spread lies about you. (This is comical) Andy has his perplexed face on)”

Andy says  “It sounds like you are talking about other people but it doesn’t sound like you are talking about yourself…”

Kenya says, “You blame everybody else for you losing control. For everything is they did this, Cynthia did that, Kenya had something pointed at me, Jamie was disrespectful. Even sitting here now, Even sitting her now, for you not to take responsibility for your behavior shows that you are not ‘cured’ from being this angry, violent person. I didn’t call you out of your name you called me out of my name first. TWICE you called me a bitch.”

On the boat, she called Cynthia a bitch. I’m sure she called Jami a bitch too.

Porsha says, “On this stage, it’s the reunion. Some of the most heated things are being talked about. And yes, you were called a bitch to me on that day you happened to have deserved it. But you also said to me that I had a penis in my mouth and I kept it…” Kenya says Porsha started the name calling. Kenya says that she starts it but she freaks out if anyone responds in kind. Porsha throws out some therapyspeak so maybe she did pay attention that day.  She says, “Your power doesn’t work here anymore and I’m here to let you know that.”

Andy asks Nene what he should do. YES!  If Andy listens to Nene Porsha will be GONE. But he tells her to talk to Porsha. UGH. Then Kim jumps in, WHY? Lame duck housewives need to shut up at reunions. She is not going to be there for Porsha to attack next season. She says while she agrees with all the sane people who Porsha is to be congratulated for all the work she has done so far.  Kenya says, “for show.” And Andy finally let’s the conversation end.  In the final scene Porsha tells Andy she looks forward to going to church with Phaedra. Oh how those two love to lie about church. Porsha should know where her church is, I’m sure it hasn’t moved. I’m guess she would be way to embarrassed to show up back where she used to preach.

Andy sends Nene packing but keeps Sheree for the final scene. I think we will be seeing Sheree again next season. I’d much rather see her back than Porsha or Phaedra. Mocking her is way more fun. Lord knows she needs the check to try to finish that house and pay off all those liens. Allegedly.

Well THAT was the most exciting episode of the three by far. And so ends another season…

Thank you Jesus.


RHOA Nene Reunion

Nene posted this tonight after the reunion.

Some people thinks it means she is not coming back. Those people are wrong. Nene is coming back. Nene , Kenya, Cynthia, Kandi, and Sheree  want that entire left couch gone.  Kim (done), Porsha (looking likely) and Phaedra (that might be tough, but here’s hoping!

Nene also posted that after filming Fashion Police she will be supporting Kim at #DWTS. Now that she’s gone. :)


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116 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3: It’s Not About That Phaedra, It’s About Your Ways!

  1. Edward

    Tamara.. Think highly of you .yet evertime Kenya on the spot for being wrong you do not even pretend to cover. You just gone so who cares..she got what she needed and now the ‘star’ of the show (which it is now )..

    And also. Kandi and Todd in some problems so him attacking Phaedra is a must not have a man because someone who attacks a mom and you think OK..take some more pills.your blog.I normally agree..this time you wrong.

    • tamaratattles

      Edward dear. I think it is your lack of ability to speak or read English is the problem. I bashed Kenya for several paragraphs tonight. She was dead wrong about the comments about Chris.

      I must not have a man because Kandi and Todd attacked Phaedra but if I took some pills I would get one? Lucky I don’t have any pills, I am not looking for a man. In fact, I’m looking to get rid of a couple.

      Is there a community college near you? You need to go and sign up for a class in English. Pick the one with the lowest number under 100. English097 would be a good start. You can take it several times.

      When you say you think highly of me, are you saying you are high when you think of me?

      • Ashlee

        Get him Tamara Yasssss!!!!

      • Jim

        Oh dear, that was painful to read! My brain hurts.

      • Tleighb

        Child, please follow her advice. Basic reading for comprehension and grammar. Do they still teach grammar?

      • Miguel

        Heh, heh & tee, hee, TT! WTF are you saying, Edward? Definitely try the ENGL 097, or lower, then get back to TT. Though, I’d advise you to try your hand at it for more than one day, unlike Porsha.

      • My impression was that she came down hard on Kenya. Even though she is one of favorites, she did not spare the rod. I wish Andy would get as riled up about how all people are treated, not just gays. It shows a sense of maturity to care about stereotyping all people, he loves it when the stereotyping of black women is on full display. He’s just not a very good interviewer. I think I actually like Nene now, she seems to have left a few chips off of her shoulder and realized she is in a group ensemble I would welcome her back with her new witty and carefree attitude. I’m glad somebody brought up how Porsha went from gay-bashing preacher who’s husband wouldn’t let her go out at night, to full blown thot. Will the real Porsha stand up. On second thought have several seats. But my favorite part of the night was when Todd READ Phaedra. “How come you know so much about my business when you don’t even know what is going on in your own home? Get outta here, dude.” Oh! Snap! Truer words were never spoken. Go Todd. And Kandi knows the score, too. Phaedra “Fix it Jesus” exposed for the fraud that she is. I, too, am very happy that Kenya seems to have found love. And he’s not some deadbeat like Peter with five kids out there he doesn’t support. He has a job. He is sweet. And he seems to adore her. How nice.

      • NYDudette

        Yassss!! Edward, child,

      • Toddy

        Nice read, TT? Bless it!

      • Someone clearly did not graduate “the high school”.

      • O.O

        Everyone said nice read TT . In my opinion she went extremely easy on him, maybe she has mercy on the slow because of her former work with children .

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Gessie I wish Andy would have compassion for all humans as well, not just the ones that are like him. I was particularly disgusted when I think it was Phaedra who said Bravo had speculated about every man’s sexuality and Andy backed away saying no, that was you ladies. Don’t lie Andy! Bravo LOVES that angle. See: what’s been going on in Potomac right now. Bravo LOVES it.

    • Ashlee

      Wtf Edward?

    • More Tea Please!

      Edward, step away from the bottle…

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Did you even read the article?

    • BigDaddyMike

      Tamara just read you into Erectile-Dysfunction….
      Ain’t No getting Up from THAT Knockdown!

  2. Minky

    Oh boy! That does sound like an interesting episode. Now I want to watch it. Why am I so weak?!

  3. ShyGuy

    This has been the worst season by far in all housewives history, Andy I cannot believe you as someone who has worked for bravo for years let your personal feelings about people and a situation cloud your judgment. I watched tonight as you shut matt up for defending Kenya and pouted like a 2yo when everyone said something to porsha and Phaedra. Why out of all the women on the show are you protecting those 2 but hate Kenya with a passion? Tammy did an interview saying she wasn’t pushed but slipped, so why was she really fired? Andy and Carlos are both messy and nothing good will come to this show until bravo hires a new and reliable production team and get rid of Carlos. My message to Kenya is, no matter how many fans or bloggers Stan for you I feel you deserve so much better in life than to act a fool for a damn peace of fruit just to be seen on TV. No amount of money could ever make me work for Andy and the way he treats people, but I’ll end it and say Cynthia stay classy, Kenya keep twirling on them haters, Sheree just keep checking them boo, kandi fly above them Hater’s and Tammy just dance your way into success.

    • Jim

      Tammy was probably fired because she was an absolute drunken mess. Bravo was smart to let her go before she was promoted to housewife.

      • She fell and was treated for alcohol poisoning. She was still drunk the next morning. strange lady

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She was a bit odd but as Cynthia said (I’m paraphrasing ;)), I’d rather take odd, sweet Tammy than some of these other ratchet THOTs.

    • margroc

      I think Andy was telling Matt to cool it, because he looked like he wanted to kick some ass. This guy gets mad too quickly.

    • @ShyGuy I saw that as well Gregory Leakes can defend Nene and talk shit as much as he wants but Matt is not allowed to defend Kenya? FOH without that mess. Lol the stank look on his face when he saw that someone was genuinely in Kenya’s corner was priceless though lol ?

    • WonkyTonk

      Hi ShyGuy, TT posted a link to a video interview on the online show Afterbuzz. In it Kenya made it really clear that she stays because the money is good for having to work only 4 months a year (hells yeah, you know that’s right) which frees up her time to follow other pursuits and businesses. Additionally she stated she liked the fact the show gives the ladies product placement opportunities during the show. Think Kandi’s marital aids line of products, and her retail store, and coming restaurant, Cynthia’s glasses line, Kenya’s hair care line, She by Sheree, Bethany’s Skinny Girl products, Pinky’s restaurants, and sangria line, Phaedra’s law practice, funeral business, fix it Jesus Body by Phaedra’s exercise DVD etc. NeNe may be one of the oldest cast members on that show, but she hasn’t really taken advantage of the show for that. In that sense I think Kenya has her shit together and she’s gonna use the shit out of that show to promote herself, her products, and various businesses. Unfortunately for her with Porsha and Phaedra constantly trying to knock her endeavors down like with the water in the hair care product line bottles.

  4. Rolly

    Cynthia, Sheree & Nene pretty much let Porsha know that she better not try fighting them. They also put Bravo on notice that they consider her making their work environment hostile. As much as people try to point out all the shade Kenya throws the same ones like to downplay Porsha’s violent tendencies. It’s sickening that a woman her age has to be coddle to do the mature thing. I’m glad Andy shut down the gay bashing. The innuendos are played.

    • I believe it was Kandi, Sheree, and Nene, not Cynthia. Interesting though, Cynthia is the one who actually hurt (kicking) Porsha, when she said she never had a altercation in her life. Now Kandi, I recall almost went ballistic at the pajama party, had to be held back…I think Kandi would fight in a minute if provoked. Nene…would kick some ass, (but not on camera), hehe.
      Kenya, likes to provoke, so if she can give it, can she back it up? The way she picked up Kims chair and moved it, makes me think that she was looking for a fight. She didn’t get the reaction she wanted, so she chased Kim calling her names. Recall? Kenya is not mature, she acts more childish than Porsha.

      I’m glad Andy called Kenya out on the gay-bashing too. I watched Andy’s face when they were all talking about it, and he was furious. When Matt interrupted, he wasn’t trying to shut him down, I think Andy wanted to hear the answer.

    • Pat

      Kandi, Sheree, and Nene. Cynthia has already shown us what she will do. I have never condoned violence, but if someone knocks Porsha out in self-defense I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  5. More Tea Please!

    The highlight of the show for me was when Kim said something about being organic and Nene got all huffy and replied “I am very organ-tic” at which point Porsha, of all people, corrects her. Imagine that, Porsha correcting someone’s use of the English language! The correction just rolled over Nene’s ignorant mop-head. Over all, Nene was remarkably calm and collected. Does she have a new shrink, or is she off drugs that made her so totally eratic in past seasons?

    • Jim

      Nene’s response to that… “I’ve appeared on Braway twice!”

      Makes me cringe every time I hear her say it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I believe it was Sheree not Porsha who corrected her.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh and Nene was so FAKE. Nene loves everybody now, oh sure. I’m totally buying that.

      • Minky

        That’s what I’m saying… Did you see how Kandi very quickly dipped out to go “pump”. That was very telling. She kept it cute, though. But you also gotta hand it to Kandi: She refuses to put on a fake ass happy face. She doesn’t like Nene, and she probably doesn’t care who knows.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I loved Kandi’s stank faces every time Nene said something that was totally fake. Like her and Sheree are greeeeeaaaat friends! Lol!

  6. bellabee

    Love your blog! First time posting. I’m glad Andy addressed the gay shaming, although he was wasting his breath. Those women STILL don’t get it. That, or they just don’t care…

    • Jim

      I’m glad someone else noticed their reaction. No one on stage even seemed to acknowledge that Andy was even talking about something significant. They just seemed to be sitting quietly and waiting for their turn to talk about something else.

      • Unfortunately, there are many in my community who are perfectly comfortable with gay-bashing, with the innuendoes, and will accuse you of being gay (as if it were a crime) if you defend the gay community. They really see nothing wrong with it because they are convinced that being gay is an aberration and an abomination…no matter how many ‘gays’ they ‘collect’. Marlo and others only apologize, imo, in order to stay on the show.

    • Maybe h should knock of his incessant questioning of hi female guests if they have ever swam in the lady pond. Or his comments that the guys o Vanderpump Rules are gayer than any of his friends.

  7. Lord that lawnmower comment gave me pause ???? SO NAUGHTY! Perhaps may want to step down from hosting another reunion his disdain for Kenya is obvious now more than ever. This may be due to that whole Chrissy situation and I know Kenya acknowledges her flaws and that she says stupid stuff so she should really make amends there! Andy was shushing Matt and he seemed annoyed by him but I think that entire topic was personally uncomfortable to him!

    • Minky

      I think the topic is personally uncomfortable to him because he’s maybe getting flack for having let it go on for so long. Like Phaedra said, and I hate to admit that she’s right about anything, just about every man that’s been on this show has had his sexuality scrutinized. It’s a thing with the RHOA to do that. Why, I don’t know.

  8. Funny, how Kandi and Todd can go for Phaedra, but she could not open her mouth to get her money (which was a lot more than what Phaedra owed) from her ex BFF Kim Z, when she wrote “Tardy for the party”. It was shameful for Todd to bring up the issue of money and talk behind Phaedra’s back in public and on camera; and for Kandi to join in attacking their friend’s wife broke my heart. Regardless of what he thought of her as a woman, she is a mother with children and her husband is incarcerated. Talk about kicking someone when they are down.

    A real man would have asked if she needed any help with her boys the way Kim and her husband had done. Todd could have handle the money matter privately but he went so far as to discuss it with his cronies on CAMERA!

    Kandi and Todd are not hurting for money and the idea that they spoke on camera about the items Apollo left in their care, and then pretend they thought Phaedra called the FBI, they were ones broadcasting it and might as well pick up the phone called the FBI directly. That was treacherous and they did it because Todd wanted “his” money. Why did Todd take Apollo’s property in the first place? Shame on Kandi and Todd, I would feed them with a long handled spoon.

    • tamaratattles

      What on earth makes you think you know how much money Kim owed Kandi? Kandi opened her mouth and took Kim to court and lost. You don’t know what you are talking about. You don’t know what you are talking about.

      How does Phaedra’s previous poor decision to get pregnant by a convicted felon preclude Todd from recovering a debt? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      What do Kandi and Todd’s finances have to do with attempting to be paid for the work that Phaedra contractually owes them for? You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      The next time you don’t get whatever check you are expecting to pay your bills, please don’t be treacherous and inquire about why it was not received. I don’t think that ‘treacherous’ means what you think it means. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Of course Phaedra didn’t call the FBI you idiot. She called the Secret Service. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • I know you were awaiting my response. You just love cutting people down and calling them names. Makes you feel superior, with your nothing ass life. Who has the time to watch every reality show on TV, and then write about every reality show they watch? Someone who probably doesnt even comb their hair, or wash their ass. Fuck you, like your anyone important. You can kiss my ass, bitch. You don’t know what YOUR talking about.

      • tamaratattles

        Who has the time to watch every reality show on TV, and then write about every reality show they watch?

        Someone who is working for a living. And because this is my job, I tend to correct people who come running in her making shit up and presenting it as fact.

        Now pull your drawers up over that ugly wrinkled ass of your and find a seat in WLS.

      • TT please forgive her, she must be a Porsha fan I’m familiar with them due to past dealings and I can assure you that they are dumber than Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants so there’s no use trying to reason with them or talk sense

  9. Josie

    Kandi and Todd seem very, very sympathetic to Apollo. I wonder if they think Phaedra turned him into the feds because the marriage was no longer working. Or, do they think she was in on it and left Apollo holding the bag? I just feel that there is something more that they arent telling us…

    • Jujue

      I agree Josie. I remember one time Kandi explained that she wasn’t being super sympathetic after her husband was carted off to prison because she knew Phaedra wanted him gone. I think it irritated her to know that Phaedra couldn’t wait for him to go, but was playing the “poor me, I’m a lonely single mom” card to everyone else. Two faces.

  10. BeetsWhy

    Kenya does it to herself every time. I don’t understand why she thinks that is the best approach other than a story line next season.

  11. Normalg

    Love the recap. Andy finally decided to address the gay bashing, but only because it was Kenya, who he hates, involved in it this time. Season after season Nene has gaybashed and Andy sat there smiling, not a peep.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • WonkyTonk

      NeNe’s go to insult for men is to feminize them which clearly indicates a predilection for thinking effeminate men are unworthy, perhaps even socially anathema beyond the desire to curry favor among that trend setting subset of fandom. Andy has called her out on it before remember the Pillow Talk Party where NeNe called Brandon a queen, and Andy challenged her on it telling her that a lot of people in the LGBT community were upset by the dismissive/derogatory way she was using the term. She got really nasty after Kenya asked Andy if he was upset with the way NeNe used the word against a gay man, and Andy replied that he was, and he just told Nene. Her reply was: “That’s the end of that. Do I need to go any further? What do you need me to do, do you need me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass?” It was a pretty nasty piece of work towards Andy. She should have been fired then. Who speaks to their boss, or higher ups like that.

  12. Normalg

    Love the recap. Not sure if my other comment went thru. Kenya should have apologized to Chris maturely and properly for attempting to embarrass him on tv however I don’t see Kenya as having gay bashed, although she was responsible for repeating and spreading a rumor. Andy finally decides to address gay bashing only after an incident with Kenya, whom he hates, is involved. Season after season nene and the rest gay bashed and Andy said nothing and smiled

    • Jim

      No one is accusing Kenya of “gay bashing”. Gay bashing is a violent physical or verbal attack on someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual of transgender. What Kenya did was “gay shaming” or “outing”… wrongfully (or otherwise) accusing someone to be gay who presents themselves as straight.

      In my opinion, “outing” a closeted person isn’t always wrong. Especially if the accused is a public person who vehemently opposes homosexuality like Ted Haggarty, Larry Craig, etc. because their hypocrisy is damaging to the gay community. As far as I know, Chris has never done that. His “gay and lesbian friends” comment seemed very sincere to me. All of the others, minus Andy, seemed totally oblivious.

    • WonkyTonk

      Not true. Andy has challenged it in the past. Read one incident of it in my previous comment.

  13. I thought NeNe was horrifying in that bodysuit. While yes, it’s rather ersatz-Cher, Mrs. Leakes doesn’t have Cher’s body. She forgot that just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.

    It fairly answers the question (that nobody asked): What if Bob Mackie decided to dress a moose?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’ve always loved Nene’s body and I do think she’s beautiful. You don’t have to be thin to look fabulous.

      • Minky

        Yep. It seems that there’s a general trend in our culture towards discouraging people from liking themselves. And it’s a damn shame too.

      • Matzah60

        Amen Yoya! Nene must stand around six feet tall. Gessiewtf wrote a very articulate comment about stereotyping in general of all people. It is just as unfair to stereotype a curvy women as a moose, a thin woman as bulimic, as it is to make hateful comments about the LGBT community. As Gessie said, it takes a sense of maturity to be accepting of all people that differ from ourselves. Let’s not forget how Andy created a reality show in Atlanta displaying black women in a stereotypical manner. Everybody’s life matters, period!

    • Body shaming. Shame on you. I liked Nene’s outfit.

    • AYa

      Nene’s jumpsuit was pretty but kind of silly, that kind of over the top outfit belongs on a performer and that someone who’s just going to waste those beautiful crystals sitting on the couch. However, I think NeNe has a beautiful figure everything seems to be proportionate, Beauty comes in different sizes!!

  14. Great recap! Kenya should have apologized I was disappointed. Love this blog! Lawnmower comment hilarious!

  15. ingrid

    Great recap TT, was thinking the same thing about Nene, she absolutely was physical with Kim and she was physically threatening a number of times. It seems she has grown since then, and I dont know how she could get the work she has had unless she is agreeable at least sometimes. Phaedra needs to leave, I think the only reason Andy keeps her on now is that her son is the cutest darn kid ever. I like Sheree better on the show, she is delusional and scrappy and not a dummy and that makes for better TV. They need to do a major re-do next year, there have been at least two “bad” seasons, it is time for a big change in that cast!

  16. sarcasatire

    Kandi told on herself, on national television! She implicated Cynthia and Peter in the same conversation! Cynthia even said the secret service were acting off of Kandi’s admission. And you’re still trying to pin it on Phaedra?? The reach is miles long, dear.

    • BFish

      Agreed! Kandi herself even said that they went to Cynthia’s house first and then her house a couple of days later after the WWHL episode aired.

  17. Cheychey

    I still was not pleased with Cynthia avoiding the topic of her friendship with Kenya. Exactly how long does it take her to build a friendship? They were buddies all last season. Was that not enough time to be considered friends. If her and Nene wouldn’t have patched things up I believe she would have called Kenya her best friend had someone asked her. I just don’t get how you can jump ship so quickly on someone who was there for you then act like they are second rate when the very person who hurt you in the first place comes sniffing back around. I don’t think it’s Nene’s fault for this either. It was Cynthia’s responsibility to prioritize her friendships. She should have been rebuilding one with Nene and not diminishing the one she had created with Kenya.

    • Skye

      I love your comments!
      Maybe Cynthia doesn’t think a friendship is valid until she completes a “friendship contract”.

    • JustJenn

      Cynthia loves Nene and almost idolizes’s strange. It does look as if Kenya and Nene have warmed up to each other so hopefully they can all be friends.

  18. Undine

    I agree Porsha should be put off the show but everyone else was pretty hypocritical about the violence thing. They’ve all sinned in that area and been aggressive. Everyone on this franchise should go to anger management regularly plus go to
    a LGBT center for a thorough education. I appreciate Chris’ talking about how it affected his gay friends. Kim and Chris are a class act.

    I can’t stand Kenya. She’s always throwing rocks and then cries foul when the others react and come for her. It would be great if she got her walking papers too but because of her new semi truce with Nene it is likely we will have Kenya for another wretched season. Blergh.

  19. mccoyt2

    Hey Tamara, do you believe the rumors of Kim Z coming back!?

    • tamaratattles

      I haven’t heard them. And No. She is quite happy with her own show which is filming it’s fourth season. Plus, Kroy is a free agent and they may be moving.

  20. Marie

    Tamara you were spot on about everyone!!!! The only thing you missed was Todd cursing at Phaedra. I believe Todd was biting from Peter’s peach, because how he spoke to her was disgusting and I’m so mad that Andy didn’t call him on it. I truly doubt Todd would talk to Phaedra like that if Apollo were there. Apollo would have gave him “wonky eyes” for being so disrespectful. But everything else spot on!! Loved it??

    • tamaratattles

      Todd went after Phaedra much more gently that she deserved. WTF is wrong with you Phaedra idiots? What is it about Phaedra that you find believable even when her lies are completely spelled out for you? Of all the people on that stage you think Andy should should have protect the perinneal litigious gadfly?

      This is what is wrong in the world.

      • Marie

        Hmmm, I’m not a Phaedra fan but I’m pro-women. No man has a right to speak to any woman in that tone. Perhaps that’s why you curbed what Todd said in your blog, his words were actually offensive. And everyone knows scared Todd wouldn’t have said what he said to Phaedra if Apollo were around.

      • tamaratattles

        You may be pro-woman, but Phaedra certainly is not. Don’t believe me? Ask Angela Stanton. Me? I’m anti-sociopath.

      • tamaratattles

        I actually went back and watched the interaction between Todd and Phaedra again. Perhaps I missed something while recapping as it was 75 minutes where I felt I had to quote a lot of things.

        Todd was actually quite calm when calling out Phaedra’s lies. He was much gentler with her than Kandi. The only time a curse word came out of his mouth was when he mentioned how someone as “smart” as Phaedra could live in the house with the man and not know “What the fuck he was doing.”

        Nothing Todd said was offensive. What Todd said was TRUE.

      • Johnny

        Agreed, I didn’t hear any misogynistic language or detect a threatening tone from anything Todd said. These women are perfectly capable of handling an argument with a man, they’re not going to wilt like delicate flowers because someone with different genitals confronts them. Someone who is “pro-women” shouldn’t do them a disservice by suggesting they can’t stand their own with a midget like Todd.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Wat? Apollo hates Phaedra, hadn’t you noticed?

      • FarFromPerfekt

        Boggles the mind.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        So glad to see you use the perennial …! ?

      • Cat

        So much for equal rights.

        Why is it women want to be equal to men, except for this, and that?

        If you want equality, you have to accept the bad, as well as the good. Otherwise, we are not equal.

      • Sharon

        Excellent use of this very cool quote “perinneal litigious gadfly”. Love it!

      • Reading Beads

        Love the ‘perineal litigious gadfly’ reference. At least Phaedra was good for something this season.

      • Laura

        I’ve lost all respect and like for Shady Phadrea. She lies too damn much.

      • Matzah60

        Loving the “perineal litigious gadfly” comment!!

    • Sharon

      I really saw Todd’s interaction with Phaedra very differently. I thought he was calm, direct and truthful. She has denigrated him many times in her “talking heads” and outright lied as proved by Todd’s receipts and records. Why is it OK for Phaedra to trash him and lie about him while you expect Todd to stay silent? I also don’t think Todd presents himself as being afraid of Apollo and at this point I don’t think Apollo would defend Phaedra.

    • O.O

      @ TT …When I see comments in defense of someone as vile as Phedra I understand how Jim Jones was able to first have so many people leave the country and 2- direct them to kill themselves . It’s scary how blind and simple minded people are .
      The Phedra / Porsha fans remind me of wildebeests

  21. Cat

    Dear Porsha:

    Isolated incidents? Um…no. 3 times? That’s a PATTERN.

  22. AprilTea

    I loved the way the ladies came together admit that Kim was not right for the show and Porsha makes them uncomfortable. It’s funny that people rally to get rid of Kenya because she can hold her own, but Porsha is defended and loved by the public. She beats up people. That is the one that people should be trolling. I just don’t get it. If you lie, you’ll steal. If you fight, you’ll kill. If she blanks out and gets triggered like that she’ll seriously hurt someone one day.

  23. Jim

    I wonder if Porsha could see that peach rotting and slipping through her fingers. Girl, bye!

  24. cavex2

    Is it possible that Andy/Bravo keeps Phaedra because they think there is more “legal” ramifications for Phaedra in the future? I have always believed Phaedra knew what Apollo was doing. So perhaps if they keep Phaedra, it will be a ratings boost when another “felon by Bravo” is born.
    All of the ladies looked beautiful, except Sheree. Her makeup and hair were horrible. Her dress was also not on par with the other dresses. I intensely dislike Andy, such a little shit.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I loved Sheree’s hair!

      • Minky

        Me too! It suits her.

        @cavex2 I have a sinking feeling that Andy is just waiting patiently for the other shoe to drop for Phaedra. He wants the Bravo crew to be around if/when Phaedra goes away to boarding school just like they were there for Teresa.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky I’ve been wondering what Phaedra’s hold is on Andy…can’t believe this never occurred to me. Of course, of course!

  25. Hmmm, lost my whole post but oh well, lol.

    Basically just posted how surprised I am to enjoy the Reunion and CURSES: Both Sheree and Nene for making me like them and want them back! Loved the rocking jumpsuit and that both brought exactly what needed to get back on the show. Wisely.

    I took Kenya’s advice during the (non) apology and googled away. I’m very disappointed that she didn’t prepare better and ruined her chance to mitigate the damage. Kenya really needs to get back to USING BRAVO, and not the other way around. Yes, it’s unfair to pile it all on you, but that’s the way this BS works. Not a good look at all – go back to beating them at their own game!

    I did think it was revealing – not sure if anyone else noticed or took it the same way – but at the beginning of Kim Fields scripted and rehearsed response about the gay bashing she began with something along the lines of her husbands CHARACTER either being questioned or attacked? Later, Chris talks about his character as well.

    It just stuck out to me that even in a downright gay bashing, I don’t think anyone is attacking “character” – very odd. I have read that a lot of the Cure Homosexuality churches look at it as a flaw, or sin. smfh!

    • Undine

      I was giving side eye too until Chris brought it home talking about how his gay friends were affected by the gay shaming by the other “peaches”. I understood him to mean that being gay isn’t wrong but being accused of wifing and having children with a beard is morally wrong. Anyone who does that, does have questionable character. The fact that other ladies think being gay is an insult, or shade or a read–is what is truly disgusting.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Undine I saw a difference between Kenya’s shade of Chris and the rest. The rest acted like BEING GAY was the big scandal and insult and something shameful. That being said it’s STILL wrong that Kenya didn’t apologize.

      • Minky

        I feel the same way as you Yoya, and Undine and Tess. I think that Kenya probably sees Chris (and Kim by extension) as a dangerous hypocrite. If Kenya truly believes that Chris was a once openly gay man who for whatever reason allegedly prayed his sexuality away just so he could marry Kim (the legend), then that’s where her contempt for the two of them comes from.

        I have no clue about this man’s personal life. But if he’s anything like those damn deceitful, bible-beater politicians who argue against gay marriage and fight against gay rights in public, but are all kinds of gay in private, then fuck him. If Kenya for a fact knows this sort of thing about Chris, then I don’t blame her for not giving a “real” apology.

        And if Chris did allegedly pray away his gay but continues to have gay friends (All wonderful people, Chris makes a point of emphasizing, by the way. Of course Chris! Why? Should they be anything other than wonderful just because they’re gay?) who are more offended by Kenya than him, then I just don’t know what to say.

        Kenya should have apologized to all of the people watching the show for appearing so callous. She could have explained to Andy and the audience that they don’t know what she knows and then left it at that. So, yes she handled the thing badly.

    • Just ask Porsha that question. She belonged to one. And she preached that homosexuality was a sin. But Andy doesn’t dwell on that.

  26. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Well I for one can’t wait to see Moore Manor next season!

    And curse Kim Fields for actually making me miss Nene.

  27. Johnny

    I enjoyed Nene and Sheree more than any of these broads with a peach during the reunion! I thought the jumpsuit was one of the best looks ever from Nene, far better than the awful Peptobismol pink dress she wore on the beat-down reunion a couple years back.

    There was clearly a very concerted strategy to take Porsha’s peach, wasn’t there? It was smart of Kandi, Sheree, and Nene to put Bravo on notice that they’re going to respond in kind if she comes for them, because now they’re forewarned and will be considered accountable by most logical people if anything happens. Do I want Porsha to leave? Not necessarily. I enjoy a good wig-snatch….

    I’m starting to lose patience with the Kandi/Phaedra saga. I find them both so dull. Phaedra is actually one of those people for whom being sneaky comes so naturally that she doesn’t even believe she’s doing it – that would usually be entertaining on a reality show, because either she’d get her comeuppance or we’d see some kind of redemption. We’ll never get either of those things from Phaedra, there’s no end for this story, we’ll just see more deceit and sly digs from her – I’m kind of over that.

  28. Cheychey

    I really seen a side of Todd that I didn’t like last night. The way he went from 0 to 100 so quickly was disturbing. They really weren’t even in that heated of a disagreement. His eyes where all bugged out and he’s screaming at a woman like that. Makes me wonder how he treats Kandi when they get in arguments. Im not taking up for not paying him that was wrong cause clearly if she has all these businesses she claims to she should be able to settle her debts. Especially to her best friend. Phaedra acting like it was no big deal that she hadn’t paid him I’m sure infuriated the situation. I just wish Todd would have kept his cool about it as he had in the past. Especially since the major problem was eliminated cause he was paid.

    • tamaratattles

      I have watched that interaction twice now. There was no screaming from Todd of Phaedra. Now Kandi was screaming. But these people that think Todd was in any way out of line confuse the fuck out of me. Perhaps they are projecting some experience they have had with men on to Todd???

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. If you ask me Todd held back a bit too much. Phaedra deserved all of what Todd said and then some. I’m not advocating for screaming matches between anyone, but it seems that on this show if you are the one telling any semblance of truth you’ve got to pick and choose your words very carefully and be worried about offending convicts, litigious gadflies, and short-tempered, Mike Tyson wannabes. Sheesh!

      • bria

        So true TT, preach it…I am confused as to how some people can describe Todd’s behavior as out of line. Wow, they need to meet my ex-husband in a similar instance, cease fire is an understatement. Let’s keep away our perception and focus on the conversation, Todd interaction with Phaedra was better than I thought. What Phaedra said in her “talking head” about Todd was insulting to his manhood .

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m confused as well. Todd was perfectly calm. He seemed exasperated, annoyed, frustrated, but angry? No.

    • Miguel

      I love (dripping with sarcasm) the many expressions of indignation at and dislike for Todd’s “behaviour” toward Phaedra. Yet, I didn’t feel any of this regarding Glen’s “behaviour” toward Kenya. Where were all of these posts when they were truly valid?

  29. I was so angry with Andy.. how dare he stop Matt from defending Kenya when all the husbands have done as much at all the reunions !!Matt is a catch and a gentleman – good for Kenya!!

  30. ClassyLady80

    Phaedra is such a snake. I don’t understand how people can’t see right through her! Did you see the way she was coddling Porsha? Every time Porsha was in the hot seat, you saw Phaedra put her arms around her or pat her to show “support.” She did the same thing with Kim Fields when she was having her weak moments on camera. She did the same thing with Mike Brown’s family, on camera. There, there, pat, pat, look at me being there for you. These actions are great IF THEY ARE GENUINE.

    Phaedra realizes she has no allies on the show, as she can’t help but alienate people because of her deceptive ways. So who are the easiest to manipulate into being on your team… the bobble head doll and the newbie. How do you do it? By mirroring. Phaedra knows Porsha is a thot, so she acts like a thot around her like “Yeah girl, we are just alike! Let’s wear thongs!” With Kim it was “Yeah girl, I’m a mom and I miss my babies too! *sniff sniff.” With the Browns’ “Yeah, I have a black son too, so I care. Now, let’s take this publicity photo.” It’s all an act. Like Kenya said on that video TT posted this weekend, “thinking people” can see exactly what Phaedra is about. The rest of y’all… God Bless you because you’re all probably being manipulated by a Phaedra type person in your life right now.

  31. marc

    Andy s comments are a day late & a dollar short Brandon was actually gay bashed at pillow talk & that years reunion but now Andy is outraged! Not to mention both Mss Lawrence & Derek J being disparaged constantly that they both left the show! Sorry Andy but that’s all kinds of wrong…

  32. Jessica White

    I feel Todd’s comments to Phaedra were a result of a lot of pent up anger and long overdue. Phaedra is a lawyer, she can definitely handle how he spoke to her.

  33. Rose

    Kenya should have apologized. I didn’t take Andy shushing Matt as keeping him from defending Kenya but wanting to hear her rationale. Glad he finally said something about the gay bashing but those ladies looked like they ignored him. Chris’s comments were on point about people who were hurt by the gay comments. NeNe’s faces drive me nuts and the word is organic NOT organ tic! Todd’s read of Phaedra gave me life and I think if Kandi had 2 or 3 minutes more something might have spoiled.

  34. NiKki_T

    I missed most of the RHOA season this year due to my job but I did catch up with the reunion. In hopes that some of this is scripted, surely Porsha does not think her behavior is okay. Porsha was wrong to think Ne-Ne was attacking her, if nobody else had good intentions, from the looks of it, Ne-Ne was coming from a good place telling Porsha about her behavior.

    Kim Fields: I enjoyed her on the reunion show, I didn’t see the episodes, only the highlights (reviews). She is different from the other ladies, I think she should come back. It will help with balance.

    It was good to see Sheree back! Kenya dating the guy young enough to be her son. Oh my!!

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