RHONY First Look & Taglines: “Well, Here We Go Again!”

RHONY Ramona
Ramona’s Tagline:  “Like a fine wine, I just get better with time.”
(Um , it’s gets better with age.)
Ramona is desperately seeking her next husband. And just like Bethenny, her marriage is not officially over.
We begin with Luann reading to Sonja about Ramona getting thrown out of a function in NYC on December 9, 2015. That means we will have Christmas in NYC! I love when that happens!
Here is the Page Six version of events:

A night on the town went haywire for some “Real Housewives” when Ramona Singer defended a drunken creep at a fancy party — and was then ejected with the guy.  Singer began the evening at Sushi Roxx with cast mates LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan before hitting a party hosted by Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian at his haute dry cleaner, Madame Paulette.

That’s when an overserved guest — described by a source as “an uninvited drunk who once dated LuAnn”  (well, that narrows it down!) — started “harassing” Morgan and Singer. Mahdessian jumped to the ladies’ defense at the packed party, but “Singer oddly asked the drunk to stay, with an ensuing screaming match,” sources said.

That’s when the dry cleaning magnate “had them both removed” in front of guests including Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Daniel Joory.  “People applauded, and Mahdessian declared, ‘I took out the grime!’” But Singer was then seen on the street, laughing.

Sonja’s response? “Well, here we go again!” Exactly, Sonja. And I’m actually looking forward to it.
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Sonja’s tagline:  If being Sonja is so wrong, why does it feel so right?”
Ramona is afraid Sonja is going to drink herself to death. If Ramona is worried about that, Sonja’s in trouble.
Carole’s tagline: “I plan for the future,  but live in the moment”
Carole got a dog and is still dating the puppy. Other than licking Bethenny’s butthole, she has no storyline.
Luann’s tagline:   “If you can’t be cool,  you can’t be with the Countess”
Luann gets engaged. How convenient.
Luann feels like everyone is “Trying to take her down this season.”  So business as usual here.
RHOBH Bethenny
Bethenny’s tagline: “If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me.”
Bethenny has to have surgery. This comes toward the end of he season because I just read an article about how she had to hire people to take care of her because she doesn’t make close ties. Um, can you blame her? Plus, she can afford someone who is a professional. Sounds like the way to go if you can afford it.
Bethenny also shares some news with Luann. Bethenny says, “I don’t want to be the one to tell you this but…” Then Luann is whisper crying saying, “Don’t do this to me.”  Bethenny responds with a complete meltdown saying, “I’m so sorry.”  What does Bethenny tell Luann? Is it that her fiancé has a history with one or more other RHONY? Because he does.  But they don’t usually keep that secret from each other. Bethenny is also laying down in her bed for this confession.
Bethenny fights with Dorinda and John in one scene she screams “Don’t talk about my business!”
Bethenny has her new apartment all furnished.  She just said on camera, “When I was married and living in that other apartment, I didn’t feel like it was my home.”  And just like that she lost the apartment. What the hell was she thinking?  I think she really is all settled in the new place. And it’s stunning.
Bethenny is dating. Actually they are ALL DATING.  I don’t think there is a married one left. Oh, Jules is. For now.
Notice how everything is about Bethenny? Looks like she will be earning that check this year.
RHONY Dorinda
Dorinda’s tagline:  “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend,  martinis are!”
Dorinda tells the new girl, Jules ” She’s a dog that bites. I’ll pat her on the ass, but I’m not touching her on the face.”  That could be any of them, but Jules seems to be a bit awkward with Bethenny at the beginning of the season.  What do you think?
Dorinda and John both drink a whole lot this season. There should be a tag team drinking game with these two against Ramonja. First to die of alcohol poisoning wins. It would be a close race.
Everyone seems to take pot shots at Dorinda’s boyfriend John this season. Prompting Dorinda to say, “Where’s Mario? Oh that’s right he cheated on you and left.”
Jules’ tagline:  “A Jew and an Asian walked into a bar.  Then they had me!”
Jules doesn’t understand that 87% of her viewing audience consists of menopausal women. We have no sense of humor about it A TALL.  She also chastises Bethenny for talking about her behind her back. Not sure what to think of the new girl, here is what we know.
It took me a bit to figure out who is missing. I didn’t even miss Heather or  Kristen.  I like this group.


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52 responses to “RHONY First Look & Taglines: “Well, Here We Go Again!”

  1. LaLa

    All hail Queen Ramona!!

  2. Lisaj

    Since I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night listening to Sirius Classic Rewind how appropriate that the old ladies are back ?

  3. Minky

    I can’t believe how dumb these tag lines are. Gotta say this franchise is my least favorite. But I’ll certainly be reading the recaps.

    • Really? RHONY is my favorite! I can’t stand any of these bitches but they sure entertain me.

    • Miss sunshine

      I am with you they are just all to desperate and I actually feel bad for them.

    • tamaratattles

      IF half the taglines are going to be conditional statements, THEN it bugs the hell out of me that they left the word, THEN out of the tagline.

      I was hoping that you Minky, and any other who would care to join in would write a selection of new topics. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I am probably going to go to a garden center and spend more money I don’t have instead. BECAUSE I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO PLANTING STUFF I WILL NEVER MAINTAIN this week.

      I think everyone should write all the taglines. I’ll try and think up good ones whilst playing in the dirt some more.

      • Oh I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it. Now it’s bugging the hell out of me!

      • Minky

        Oh I’m very happy to help TT.

        If I were to write the ladies’ tag lines they wold take a philosophical tack. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

        Sonja says: Alcohol is the cause of some problems and the solution to all of mine. Cheers!

      • At least you buy the plants. I buy seed packages and NEVER plant them. I like the package art more than gardening.

  4. BeetsWhy

    I’m ready for RHONY! I love how they time these shows, just when I can’t take one more minute of Atlanta they give me New York to calm myself.

    • I can’t watch RHOA with or without NENE, didn’t watch one episode. As a matter of fact I never even read any blogs about the season. I also didn’t watch RHOC either but did read some of the blogs regarding slimy Brooks cancer, no cancer. RHOP is the worse, watched 4 episodes-ratchet. So I’m excited about RHONY, will give the Texans a shot but I don’t expect much. Still watching RHOBH though! Honorable mention to RHOChesire and RHOMelbourne!

  5. T

    Is it me or is that Lisa Lampanelli behind Ramona? I love me some Lisa!

  6. Xanadude

    You know I luvs me some RHONY. The preview was up, showing the first segment – literally second sentence uttered mentions Skinnygirl. Hustle, Bethenney! Good for her.

    It’ll be nice to have someone finally call out The People’s Countess on her…man habit. They’ve danced around it for a while, but, yeah, she can’t hold the high ground while doing her pirates and such.

    I had to rewind to make sure I heard Jules’s tagline correctly.

    What grifty project will Sonja immerse herself in this year? What statement necklaces/weapons will Lu wear each week? Anyone want to place bets on the episode where we all collectively run out of patience and sympathy for Ramona?

    • Oh, we already know that Sonja’s grifty project is that “TipsyGirl” line of alcohol…you know, the one that is absolutely not an attempt to piggy-back on the success of another brand and whose similarity in name to that brand is completely coincidental!

      It’ll be very interesting (i.e. entertaining) to watch how that all plays out.

    • pdt090

      Didn’t Ramona used to call Luann out on that constantly?

      • Xanadude

        Yeah, but it was Ramona. No one actually listens to her prattling. It’s like background noise.

  7. Spilledperfume

    Last season RHONY was my introduction to the Housewife series. I used to watch it here and there to see how many places I recognized (only a few) and get ideas for places to go (maybe two.)

  8. Tamara how did you get so empathetic ? I am genuinely curious. You have a very high emotional intelligence. Did you use to hang out with adults as a child?

    • tamaratattles

      LOL I have very selective empathy. The idiots I run off the site everyday will tell you I am a hateful, bigoted, racist, illiterate, unenlightened, crude, blasphemous piece of shit.

      You must have caught me on a good day. :)

      • Haha good point!

        I meant more in terms of reading emotions. You have an extremely high emotional intelligence: you look at people’s faces and you get the emotion behind it. I read other recaps of rhony and rhobh on other sites and it’s just a straightforward recap. I’m curious where did you learn to read emotions – it’s not an entirely natural thing to have and it’s a great skill.

        For the record I began to think about that after I read your recap of Yolanda on WWHL and you said “her face briefly flashed with resentment” and I’m amazed that you captured that.

      • tamaratattles

        Well, without getting to deep, I’ve always been an observer even as a child. I had reasons to feel unprotected and was always paying close attention to the behavior of others. Then, like most people who are crazy and trying to figure people out, I majored in psychology. Then I worked with crazy adolescents for a bit. Then The Real World premiere and I was completely enthralled. As someone who took jobs in rather remote places after grad school, I was thrilled to have a window into how people interacted without actually having to interact with them. Thus began my fascination with reality TV. And then producers decided actually observing people in their native environment was not good enough and began manipulating everything. Any way. Enough about me.

        And TBH even when I see and know the emotions behind what people are saying, I don’t always avoid toxic people. A lot of times I play a game where I am walking on the edge of danger. Because, crazy.

      • Ah, I see. You would do great as a couple’s therapist just on your empathy alone.

        And don’t confuse empathy with kindness. One can be an empathetic asshole (one who reads emotions but does give a fuck). For the record I don’t think you are one: you are an empathetic person with little patience for bullshit.

        Thank you for answering!

      • Dee

        Wow! I don’t see that in you at all!! Crazy how we all have different perceptions! I think you’re the Bees Knees, lol

    • Xanadude

      Kiss ass.

  9. Will

    So pumped! RHONY is, in my mind, the best Housewives franchise by far. It helps that these women always strike me as FAR more educated than most reality stars, especially other Housewives cities. You get this bizarre mix of high-brow and low-brow culture where you’ll see a drunken menopausal woman shout, “Don’t tell me I’m coquettish!” on RHONY, which is just hilarious. Also, I get the vibe that they’re actually friends, not just co-workers.

    Bethenny reinvigorated last season, and even if she was a camera hog, her quips could not be denied, and she actually calls bulls#it out to the other ladies’ faces, which moved storylines along SO much faster than shows like RHOBH. Also, call me crazy, but I love Ramona. Her complete lack of self-awareness makes her a perfect reality star. I love how the other ladies can just bash her and she doesn’t even get it. LOL.

    • tamaratattles

      Where the hell have all of these new commenters with such great comments been hiding?

      I agree about Bethenny Will, except I don’t think she is a camera hog as much as she is just the most interesting person on the show. I mean sure she loves the camera, but she is really THE REASON to watch and I could not imagine the show without her. Because you know, I’ve erased those seasons without her from my mind.

    • cammierari

      I agree!! I’ve sworn off all reality shows except for RHONY. The women (especially Bethenny!) know how to play the game because they’re used to it. Even if they’re not besties, you believe they do travel in the same circles and know all the same people, which creates FUN drama, not “I’ve got an incurable disease” drama.
      I’m a Ramona lover too…can’t really put my finger on why. She’s like the petulant child you can’t help but forgive.

  10. jen

    I am SO excited! I don’t watch any of the other seasons anymore although I do catch once in a while BH. Yay!

  11. Sammie

    Please help us out Bravo…no more sick housewife storylines. It’s ridiculous and a I am begging for mercy! Although at least on RHONY it’s not cancer (allegedly) or chronic Lyme (allegedly).

    An other news, Ramona is drunk, Sonja is a mess and water is wet!

    New York has been my favorite if the HW I really am hoping this season is a good one.

  12. FarFromPerfekt

    LuAnn has always been a wanton hussy and has been on more weiners than heinz ketchup. I really get a kick out of her and like how there’s no ‘shame in her game’. You go girl! ?

  13. Cheychey

    Never cared much for LuAnn. She always acted like she was superior to all the other women when she was married. Now that she is single her sleeping around with everyone is no better than Posha in my opinion. She just does it I better outfits. I love me some Bethany. Stopped watching NY till last season when she came back and she didn’t disappoint. Her wit amused as much as I remembered. She’s never afraid to call anyone out on their bullshit.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I say get it while you can. She is a sexual woman. Why the slut shaming?

      • microop


      • I don’t begrudge her getting all of the hot sexxy sex she wants. No problem. But it’s the fact that she gets very judgy about others doing the same thing that irritates.

      • Xanadude

        What eric said – have fun (be safe), but don’t get sanctimonious or lie about it, especially when you’re caught on camera doing it. or talking about it, ce n’est pas?

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Yes! Bethenny’s quick wit is to be admired. Even if she does have enough issues to rival Vogue which actually makes her my spirit sister. Now, if only I had some of that wittiness. ?

  14. Though there have been some lulls over the seasons of RHONY, I think the NYC franchise may be my favorite of all the HW.

    I like Dorinda, and I think she is a strikingly unusual beauty too. I’m looking forward to the new season.

  15. Voyer II the sequel

    I hope there are some fun episodes this season. I really like the RHNY but am afraid that it will just be an instant replay of Ramona again this season. She is so one dimensional and totally unreasonable to the point of irrational. And that’s even before she starts swigging the pinot!

    (I so wanted to read the article link about which other housewives have dated LuAnn’s fiance. But each time I try to read the article it flies to the end of the page. After 5 times of scrolling back to the top I gave up. I guess I’ll have to wait.

  16. microop

    I like Bethenny enough, and I recognize that she is immensely successful. I still don’t think she has the right to constantly be doling out business advice, given that she named her company Skinnygirl and did not have the intuit to foresee that in a matter of years the way we talk about health, food, fitness and weight would no longer be couched in language like “skinny”.

  17. Rach

    Unpopular opinion but I genuinely think NY would be so much fresher if they got rid of Ramona and Sonja. I just don’t find them funny or entertaining anymore. Bringing Bethenney back really gave the show a burst of life. I really liked Dorinda as well. Also probably a really unpopular opinion, bring back Aviva. Okay I’ll hide now lol.

    • tamaratattles

      Don’t hide, a lot of us agree with you!

      • Xanadude

        I half agree; ditch Ramona, keep Sonja. I find Sonja just endlessly fascinating.

      • Rach

        Thanks. To me Ramona peaked season 3, season 4 she was bearable but I think she should’ve left when Jill went. I completely forgot about Carole. She’s sweet and all but I find her a bit cringeworthy. Especially when she uses sex and the city references. You can tell she thinks she’s a real life Carrie Bradshaw

    • Sonja has always been one of my favorites but I don’t think I can watch another season of her circling the drain. If she is as far gone as she was last year I’m going to have to stick to the recaps and pass on the show. I think Sonja actually believes that Madonna was at her fashion show. Bravo loves a nut job.

  18. FarFromPerfekt

    Some people want more cowbell. I want more purple. Please. ☺

  19. Miguel

    Not that I mind; however, out of curiosity, where did Heather & Kristen go, TT? BTW, if you’ve already addressed this, please point me in the right direction?

  20. Jim

    If 87% of the viewing audience are menopausal women, then the other 13% must be gay men. 😉

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