Project Runway All Stars Recap: There Once Were Some Judges From Nantucket…


It’s time to recap Project Runway again and when they do the reminder of who one last week, I am still irritated that Dom won with that fugly striped crap. And I LOVED the damn jumpsuit that was sent home. Why does All Stars always suck so hard?  What is wrong with these judges?

This week’s challenge is a fairytale challenge.  Okay I just had to stop and Google. Alyssa Milano is wearing a tent. I went to see if she was pregnant. She  had her last baby in December of 2014. When the hell was this filmed? And if she is pregnant who thought that putting her in white tent gathered from the neck down would be a good look?  Was it the same person who did her hair and makeup? Are there two people who hate her that much? I love her and even I have to admit she looks terrible. And if I am going to be all the way honest, she is not a fit for this show.  Anyway, everyone gets assigned a fairy princess to base their design on.  Which Alexander thinks is great because he fancies himself to be a fairy princess.

Sam has The Little Mermaid, which immediately makes him think, “crop top” because Project Runway judges love them a crop top.  Everyone hates Sam, as well they should. Kini points out that there were two weeks where no one went home ant the only one left is Sam. So they are all hoping he is next. Sam says to Kini that he has won two challenges and asks how many he has won. Well, Sam, allegedly, you are blowing the judges and you know damn well Kini made one of the looks that you won for. Dom, has Tinkerbell so she wants to do stripes AGAIN. WTF is wrong with these people?

What is uglier? Zanna's outfit or Sam's look?

What is uglier? Zanna’s outfit or Sam’s look?

The Workroom

Dear GAWD! What is Zanna wearing. I so hope there is a picture of this. I never pull photos until the end of this recap because I don’t want to be spoiled by the judges stupid choices. It would just infuriate me earlier than necessary.  I already know I am going to be ENRAGED like my spirit animal Lisa Rinna. We both get more worked up by the stupidity and wrong doing in the world than most people.

Okay. I feel like I am being punked. Is this show even for real this week?  Dom has Tinkerbell. You may have heard of Tinkerbell, she flits around in a light and airy short dress, typically light blue to blend in with the sky.  So, why is Dom making the most HIDEOUS thing I have ever seen out of stripes and I don’t even know what to call that fugly red and black patterned crap is called that she is using. Geometric print maybe?  It’s a disgusting monstrosity using three of the ugliest prints in the world. I can’t even believe they were available for sale at Mood.  Zanna says that she loves “the vibe” (which I think is nausea) but it is a far cry from Tinkerbell (which is the challenge) so she needs to make sure she sells this with her made up story about an edgier Tink.

Asha has Rapunzel. She hasn’t gotten far, but it looks like a good plan. Zanna says her only concern is getting it finished.

Alexander has Cinderella. He also has lots of costume experience. This is his challenge to lose. He’s off to a good start. Zanna is worried he is too literal and suggest modernizing it with the length.

Layana has Belle. She also has a stupid story about Belle’s husband flying her to Argentina. Her dress is god awful. Zanna says this looks like all the other fugly shit she has ever done.

Ken has Snow White. He’s making a red power suit. Please make it stop.

Emily has The Snow Queen. We barely see five seconds of it. Zanna calls the scarf neckline “old lady.”

Sam has The Little Mermaid. Zanna can’t stop smiling at him. Does he blow both ways?  Sam’s fugly dress with the netting base and random scraps of cloth sewn on makes ever other vile look seem lovely. Kini is laughing his ass off as he listens to these two morons attempt to communicate.  Kini tells us that Sam is making a crop top and a pencil skirt. Frankly, I could not even tell that is way that heap of material was supposed to be. He does say it looks like he is just pinning swatches on net. Which sums it up better than I ever could.

Kini has Alice. I don’t know why he chose denim, but I love the front. Then he has a cloud of pink and white drama on the back. It’s all very well made and almost complete as usual. Will the judges like it? I dunno. The almost look like wings. I think it would be an easier sell if he had Tinkerbell.

L - R Alexander, Ken,  Asha

L – R Alexander, Ken, Asha


The Runway

Aylssa looks slightly better but still not great on the runway. And much less pregnant. Was this post baby? I dunno.

Dom (Tinkerbell)  This look is much better than it started out. It’s pants. and a long top.  I don’t hate it, the judges will probably compliment her use of prints. I’m not sure yet how I feel about it because it is so different from what I saw before that I felt so violently about.   That said, if the challenge is TINKERBELL, I think it’s a fail. Wow, I just saw the back. It is pretty amazing despite the horrible red and black fabric choice.

Alexander (Cinderella) He did a full length evening gown in a gorgeous fabric. I say give him the win. So far at least. The mermaid tail is a bit “little mermaid” though.

Emily (The Snow Queen)  This is one of those looks I am not sure how to feel about. There is a distinct futurist look. It’s almost avant garde but not quite.  It’s either fantastic or on the bottom. I honestly can’t process it. Ke$ha was smiling about it. I forgot she was there. She would totally wear this. So that sort of lowers my opinion of it.

Ken (Snow White)  The last time I saw this look it was a pair of red pants. Now it is pants with a matching top. It is very well tailored. And the collar! The collar makes the look. It somehow manages to say, Snow White.  That is an element of the challenge that so many others missed. Nice work Ken.

Sam (The Little Mermaid) It looks like seaweed on fishnet.

Asha (Rapunzel)  She went with red as well. I think coming out so close to Ken’s look which seems to be much more expertly tailored, that will hurt her. It’s pants with a top that has a peplum (don’t get me started) in the front and a train in the back. I hate mullet looks. This will be on my bottom, even though I love Asha.

Kini (Alice)  I love it. In the front it is a LBD with a white collar. I think  Alice in wonderland had sort of a rounded collar, though. And the back looks kind of heavy. Given the competition, Kini could be on the bottom. Especially since the judges only seem to be feeling Kini when Sam is taking credit for the look. I have a girl crush on Kini’s model though.

Layana (Belle)  This dress came out way better than it was. I think the pleats placed where they are make the model look fat. I hate the fabric. It looks like a dress I might find at TJ Maxx. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love TJ Maxx. It just doesn’t say “Belle.”

My bottom three: Layana, Asha, and Sam. I’d send Sam home. But I think for drama they may have Kini and Sam both in the bottom.

My top three:  Ken,  Alexander and I guess I will put Dom in my top leaving Kini and Emily as safe. Though it would not surprise me to see Emily in either the top or the bottom.

I would give the win to Ken. (But Alexander could just as easily take it) And send the blow job boy home.

Project runway all stars

The Judges

Fittingly, Ke$ha is a guest judge. So damn ghetto. Brad Goreski is also a guest judge. He is way too good for this hot mess of a show.

The Judges say KEN!!!!! and Emily are safe. KEN? REALLY? They are going to give this to Dom aren’t they?

Judges’ Top Three:  Kini (Will they send Sam home and let Kini win??!!!) Asha is in the top, but not everyone seems to agree. Dom is in the top and gets lots of asskissing. Even from Brad. Dom is going to win.

Judges Bottom Three:  Sam,  Layana,  HOLY SHIT! ALEXANDER IS IN THE BOTTOM! The all hate it.

I really need Kini to win and Sam to go home. Brad doesn’t really like Kini’s much. Why do they love Asha’s look so much? Oh Brad doesn’t like Asha’s that much either.  OTOH Isaac is not much into Dom’s look either.

They all hate Alexander’s look. He better not go home over this. They hate Layana and talk about every other thing they hated that she has ever made. Keisha is sticking up for Sam’s look. Dear God.

Asha won??? She was firmly in my bottom three. The fuck? Her pants fit like crap!  Ken was robbed.

They fucking let Sam slide and it’s down to Alexander or Layana. If they send Alexander home there is no God.

Fuck. And just like that I go from Agnostic to Atheist.

Gif Credit: T.Kyle


I am all Lisa Rinna ENRAGED NOW.  How the hell did Layana’s fugly dress keep her on this show? Even Layana seems shocked. This is a travesty! Ken can’t hide his glee that Alexander is leaving.

Next Week: We have an Athleisure challenge. And we finally get Ken’s meltdown.


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45 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: There Once Were Some Judges From Nantucket…

  1. loriflack

    Lol about Alyssa not looking super cute in that white dress…
    There is a darling new “boho style handkerchief dress”” trending now, too.
    I loooove the dress and description . . but am pretty sure I’d just look sloppy in it ?

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t see the full length of the dress as in the photo. I was probably typing. I just saw the top which seemed like a maternity shirt to me.

  2. realityjunkie

    Sorry TT I’m not a fan of Kini and his dick remarks. I get it, he’s pissed that Sam got praise and won on an item he contributed on, I would be pissed to. However, get over that shit. Every damn second he’s focused on acting like a twat. And no, Kini’s dress was ugly as frig.

    • tamaratattles

      I know someone who knows someone who was there for filming the entire season was about how everyone was pissed that Sam was getting special treatment and went through for shitty designs and more importantly he can’t sew. Kini is just he most vocal because Sam stood right there on the stage and never said that Kini did most of the work for his look.

      So who DO you like?

      Now that I think about it, I am mostly for “NotSam.” This season is kind of like the presidential election when you are trying to find the designer than is the least consistently appalling. I’m not sure who that is yet. Maybe Ken. But he is going to go batshit next week and probably wreck his chances.

      BTW, I told my source the very first time we discussed the show DO NOT TELL ME WHO WINS! So I don’t have a clue. I’ve told y’all all I know.

      • realityjunkie

        I like Ken’s designs but every episode I’m just waiting for him to pop his neck, wag his finger and sashay his ass straight out the front door. Apparently I will get that next week. I adored Kini his season, but am over him on this one…his attitude is annoying me. I like Dom’s ability to mix patterns, but i’m still blah. Sam…doesn’t even matter and I could barely remember the others.
        This season has not been great but I like to fall asleep to mindless tv so it will have to do.

      • Mark

        If I were a judge I would put Sam through so I could do bad things to his purty face. I mean, I’m not saying that’s what’s happened, but…

  3. Cheychey

    I really liked Dom’s look in the end but wasn’t sure about it at first either. I didn’t get tinker bell from it at all though. I totally don’t get the connection. In all honesty I didn’t have much of a connection to any of the outfits to their fairytale not even with the modern twist. I think Kini would have been closest to hit the mark on the challenge. I may be a little partial though cause I adore him. I don’t think Alexander should have gone home. I agree that his look was not Cinderella more evil step sister. But was still a pretty dress. But that crap Sam made I could have made with a glue gun and construction paper and a couple of fishnet stockings.

  4. Lime Brain

    I think it’s bullshit! that Sam didn’t go home. It looked like something that a novice scrap booker would make. He wasn’t even one of the bottom two. And what was with the slicked back hair and nerd glasses. Was he trying to hit on Brad?

    I’m telling you, he is going to win this thing. Ugh!

    I liked Kini’s dress, but he is still making the same things from his season. His final collection was all denim, if I’m not mistaken.

    I loved Dom’s outfit. I thought she should have won. I got the vibe of Tinkerbell hanging out with the bad boys in the streets of London.

    Alexander should not have been sent home, but he took it well. I wonder if he was a calming voice among the men and Sam, and with him gone, this is what causes Ken to lose his temper. I just hope he’s not gone for good. I’m rooting for him to win.

    I think what did Alexander in was the ass area in the back of the dress. Even so, it was nothing compared to Sam’s crap of a dress.

  5. Lime Brain

    Btw, how many challenges from this and past seasons have been based on the play Finding Neverland? 5? 10?

    What’s up with that?

    • tamaratattles

      Limey, can I call you Limey? Limey, when they announced it was related to Neverland, I thought that I must have already watched the episode. I thought when they were announcing it would have been Cinderella, since Neverland has been done AT LEAST once before.

      • Lime Brain

        Limey is fine by me.

        Just lost my post about Finding Neverland, so I’ll just give the basics.

        Season 14, episode 8, Heidi had just seen the play with her kids and loved it. The episode was titled Finding Fashionland.

        Project Runway Juniors, they recycled the challenge in December.

        Now, they’ve done it again this season at least once. I can’t look because I will lose my post again.

        I wonder if Heidi invested in this play.

  6. I am perplexed by Alyssa Milano’s body and fashion as well. She seems to subscribe to the Kim Kardashian school of thought – pick clothes suited to a 6 foot tall model and have it made short and big. I hated Dom’s look when Zanna came in but once I saw it on the runway I wanted her to win.

  7. cece

    Asha’s look was very costume and stuck to the character the most. I guess that is what they were looking for since she won . Dom’s was very fashion forward and something I would wear. Loved Ken’s look although it was a very safe design. Not a fan of Kini’s or Sam’s design this week. I have not liked any of Kini’ s looks on All Stars. I like Alexander but agree with Kesha the dress reminded me of a bridesmaid. Sam’s arts and crafts net design should have sent him home this week. Kini needs to move on from Sam and focus on himself.

    • tamaratattles

      I wish any of the times that I was a bridesmaid (but never a bride) I would have had THAT dress to wear. Not like any bridesmaid dress I’ve ever seen.

      An you should never type the words “I agree with Ke$ha.” Like, EVER.

  8. Xanadude

    I still can’t get over the fact that it’s supposedly a blind runway, but everyone claps for and cheers for their own designs. And they’re miked, so, no way do the judges NOT know who did what.
    Thank being said, I also am on Team Notsam.

    • @immelza

      That’s so true I wish during the runway the designers would be quiet also! I would also love if the final fashion show was judged blind!

      • alp

        My understanding is there are two runways, the first is the blind runway with judges and models and is not filmed, the second is with the designers and that is the runway that is filmed.

  9. Micheal

    I feel like Dom Asha and Sam may make it really far. All three are young designers who the judges love AND are front and centre of the promo materials. Sam isn’t the worst but this season should be a Dom win. I love how she handles prints when everyone else struggles just to get solid colours to match. She really does have a talent.

  10. Confused

    For the last 3 weeks Kini’s attitude is that of a little bitch.

    I cant stand him this season. He is consumed with Sam, and not in a good way. All he does is critique his work, and his material, and make nasty comments. (Like a little bitch).

    They were in a team challenge and he decided to make a neck piece for Sam’s outfit. Didnt he do this without permission. I keep thinking that in my head. I might be wrong tho. Whatever. It was a team challenge, they won, and Sam got the win. Big deal. Get over it. He was your partner. Be glad you were in the top, and didnt go home.

    Like i said, I cant stand him this season.

    • alp

      Asha and Alexander won the team challenge, they had the beautiful black and white dresses and the presence of mind to style their models hair, makeup, etc to look like the singers for whom they were designing. This was a very much deserved win for Asha and Alexander (in my opinion)

      With regards to the team challenge, Sam chose to work with Kini because he knew Kini was the strongest contestant and would be the best partner and if memory serves, at the start of the challenge Sam and Kini worked very well together.

      They chose to do a west coast/east coast design and Sam was making pants and a top, with the pants he had difficulty matching the pattern and also with the waist (I think the waist) so Kini stepped in and helped Sam drape the pants, match the pattern and fix other issues with the pants. Kini did this because they were a team and his choice was to help his teammate or risk being in the bottom. During the critique, Zanna said that Sam’s top needed work, that it did not match the rest of the design, so Sam and Kini together came up with a new design, that unfortunately Sam could not properly execute, so Kini made the top. During the critique, the judges were very complimentary to Sam, Alyssa went so far as to call his top her “most favorite in the history of All Stars”. Sam fell to the floor with appreciation and never once said anything about Kini’s assistance. While the judges liked Kini’s dress, they were far more critical of his work than Sam’s — something I am sure bothered Kini because he was responsible for the best aspects of Sam’s design.

      I do believe that if Sam had simply said something to the effect of “I could not have done this without Kini, I struggled and he really stepped up and helped me, he is a great teammate…” something, anything, I think Kini would have no issue with Sam. I do not think it was Kini’s place to say anything during the critiques because he would have looked like a poor sport.

      Clearly the producers are stirring the pot of the Kini/Sam drama, they ask questions during the “talking head” scenes that “push the buttons” of these designers who are all sensitive and worried they will be sent home at any moment and exhausted from the very long work days. Let’s not forget, we see one episode a week, but they are working every day, this was filmed immediately after PR and PR Juniors ended, it began the day Juniors ended, and their week is Day 1 Challenge, Day 2 Runway, Day 3 Challenge, Day 4 Runway, Day 5 Challenge, Day 6 Runway, etc. I do not know if there is a day between runway and the next challenge, but they are essentiality completing two to three challenges a week, so any argument or slight that happens in episode two or three is still very fresh in our week five or six because for them it just happened three or four days ago…I have to admit, I was surprised that more designers did not know how much Kini helped Sam with the team challenge, during lunch Layana said something about Kini designing the top and Sam said ‘yes, he did the flounce” but really he did more than the “flounce”. Ken was surprised by this and went to ask Kini directly, and this is when it appears Ken finds out that yes, Kini designed the look that put Sam in the top…We are at the whim of editors but Ken did appear truly surprised, so I am now wondering if Kini has actually been behaving more professionally in the workroom than it appears in the edits.

      Regarding this challenge. I absolutely loved Dom’s look. I totally see that as a modern take on Tinker Bell, hanging with the “bad boys”. I thought Dom deserved the win.

      I liked Kini and Asha’s looks, although I would have asked Asha’s model to remove the skirt to get a look at it without the skirt. I was surprised the judges did not ask…I find sometimes the “underneath” is more interesting than what is on top — this was the case with Sam’s unconventional challenge, the bandage dress was beautiful and may be what propelled him to the win over Ken. And while I loved his design, I think it would have been difficult for Alice to sit at her tea party without crushing the back of her dress…

      I was very disappointed to see Alexander sent home, this was the week Sam truly deserved to go home, his outfit was simply terrible…

      I did recently have the pleasure of meeting one of the PR Junior contestants. He is a lovely young man, so positive. He loved his experience on the show and the support he has received since the show. He explained that All Stars started right as they completed, and the Juniors all really did bond together, they truly appreciated the time and experience. It was refreshing to meet such a creative and positive young man.

      • tamaratattles


        Speaking of refreshing, I sigh each time I see a very long comment as a first time poster. I must say in your case this is one of the best comments I have ever read on TT. It’s articulate, insightful and you used PARAGRAPHS (I’m exceedingly grateful for that alone). I hung on every word and gained new perspective about the pace of the show as you reminded us that like all these sorts of shows, a week for us is just a couple of days for the designers.

        THANK YOU for this comment. I hope you will join in the rest of the season for many more! ~tt

  11. Ken’s breakdowns scare me. I hope he survives next week’s.

  12. Xanadude

    LC- Yes, Ken goes from interesting weird to scary weird very quickly.

    I know he’s fucking Isaac Mizrahi and can therefore get away with a lot, but just once I’d like one of the ladies, preferably Alyssa, to call him out on his condescending use of the word “Girls”

    • Wait what? Ken & Isaac are fucking?

      • Xanadude

        No, no no no.. Fucking was used as an adjective and not a verb in this case.
        The second paragraph was a different thought from the first. That is what I get for posting after Ambien.

    • tamaratattles

      What UF said. KEN is fucking Isaac? I thought it was SAM!?

      I love Ken he is not crazier than Van Gogh or any other artistic with a smattering of the crazy! Though Van Gogh’s was allegedly caused by syphilis… hmmm maybe Ken needs a checkup. Kidding. Mostly.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh and, ‘Dude, I expected you to have a reaction to Isaac greeting the designers with “Hello Fairies!” this week. Although they seemed to take it in the humorous manner I assume was intended.

  13. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    No comment on the show yet because I need to catch up. But sidebar: was in Walmart yesterday and saw that Alyssa Milano has a line of freaking Viva paper towels?! Why? Seriously are people buying paper towels because Alyssa designed the pattern (supposedly)?!!? BTW, they look like every other paper towel out there. Anywho, I only use Brawny and Scott in good ole plain white to ensure no dye gets on anything I’m trying to wipe or clean.

  14. Great recap – especially spot on the Alyssa tragedy. LOL are there TWO people that hater her this much? *snort*

    I don’t get the “print” thing, but also am aware that I’m not a fashionista. I thought most Christian things were bizarre instead of FIERCE, lol. *BUT*, I loved London Tinkerbell by Dom and thought the satin peplum thing that won was in the bottom. I get the feeling, like any good contestant would/should, that some designs are just gonna be made regardless of the theme. Like on signature dishes on Top Chef? Then they tell a convoluted story trying to personalize the dish to Granny or polo matches in Argentina. Def got that vibe on London Tink…but still loved it.

    Ken was hilarious telling the PR All Star fairy tale complete with maniacal laugh. It’s a shame it seems he’s going back to ruining all the good will and image revamp he was achieving this season.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree with the PR/Top Chef “sell the story” similarities. Zanna basically encouraged that this week tell Dom she loved her look but it did not fit the challenge so she really needed to sell the judges a bunch of crap explaining why it does.

  15. Demeter

    I was wondering why Neverland was featured 3 times on Project Runway and I found that Harvey Weinstein, the executive producer of Project Runway, is the producer of the musical,Finding Neverland, and also that he is married to Georgina Chapman.
    So I guess the show, Finding Neverland, needs publicity.

    • Lime Brain

      Thanks for the info on Georgina being married to Harvey. Now I’m going to pay more attention to who she likes the most because I figure it’s her say on who wins.

      Now we need to figure out Alyssa’s connection to Harvey to find out why she is the host. Lol!

      P.S. I had googled the reviews of Neverland and they weren’t great. They weren’t horrible either, but for the price of the tickets, you want to see something great.

    • bella

      And, Asha used to work for Georgina Chapman. She had two internships at Marchesa and supposedly worked one on one with Chapman. If anyone is getting preferential treatment i’d say she was.

      • tamaratattles

        Wow! So much tea spilling out about this show! Thanks bella!

      • Lime Brain

        Bella, thanks for the scoop. I’ve had the PR marathon on all afternoon in the background. I was waiting for the judging to see if Asha got any preferential treatment. As luck would have it, she was safe on all the episodes I watched. Lol!

        The last one with the fairy tales is on now. So at least (as long as the phone doesn’t ring) I’ll get to see her being judged.

        Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see what happens to Ken.

  16. alp

    Thank you for your kind words, I just sort of stumbled upon your blog today and am so happy to have found you. I did try to be respectful to you, your readers and the designers. I enjoyed reading your recaps this morning, I love your humor.

    One other note about the way this show is edited, I DVR this show and watch with my children (well my daughter mostly) and we were three weeks behind, so yesterday watched the Going for Baroque, Bait and Stitch and the Fairy Tale episodes back to back (a lost day for sure!). I did see in another recap blog a lot of attention paid to Dom’s “helping” Sam during the Going for Baroque episode (and Dom got criticized by other designers as well). My sister is also a fan of the show and prior to my seeing the episode, she told me that (she thought) without Dom’s advice Sam could have very well been in the bottom that week. I was so happy to see Ken got the win. For all of his faults, I really like Ken.

    Anyway…my daughter and I noticed some weird editing during the Baroque challenge. During his critique, Sam was telling Zanna that rather than use the muslin as a lining, he had decided to hand sew lace appliqués were appropriate to cover his models “lady parts” the camera then scans the workroom and we see Dom standing with her head tilted and her eyes narrowed, giving the impression that she is annoyed by what Sam is saying. This made us both laugh and shake our head, so we played back the scene several times, and based on what is going on behind Dom (you can see Valerie’s dress on her mannequin) we think the shot of Dom actually took place BEFORE Zanna arrived in the workroom. It is clear that Dom is standing back, looking at something with a critical eye, but what she is looking at we do not know. Dom could be looking at her dress, Sam’s dress or another designer’s dress, but based on what is on Valerie’s mannequin in the background and where Valerie was with her design at the time of her critique it appears that this clip with Dom was BEFORE the critiques, but added during/after Sam’s for dramatic effect. At least that is what we think…pretty nifty way to manipulate the audience, or maybe I am just a cynical old lady, who knows.

    Again, thank you for your kind words and your fun blog. I look forward to reading more of your recaps. Have a great day.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, editing is always a bit of a manipulation. But on this season of PRS I think the editors are trying to expose Sam. My sources indicate that production was just as irked by Sam’s um, special favors both to and from the judges as the other contestants were.

  17. Jane

    When I think fashionista, I think kesha. What??? And that goes for her hair, too.

    Loved Dom’s outfit. Don’t care if Tinkerbell would wear it or not. If I was young and fierce, I’d cut a bitch for it. I can’t believe Sam didn’t get cut. That sack was ugly, poorly’sewn’ and looked like a craft project gone wrong. Even the little mermaid wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

  18. Boy is it a relief to see your recap and be validated that I have not lost my mind watching this damn show. What IS IT with these judges??? This show frustrates me to no end with the god awful judging.

    Let’s talk about Alyssa and her wardrobe before I go any further. For me, the biggest suspense for this show isn’t about who gets eliminated, or who wins, but what getup the host is going to show up in. Is her stylist playing a cruel joke on her? In what universe is that outfit supposed to be flattering? I find it very hard to take her fashion critiques seriously when NeNe makes better fashion choices than she does. Maybe NeNe should hit up Lifetime for her next gig.

    Anyways, each week I get out my pen and paper and judge the looks myself and then compare them to the official judging.. It’s really funny how off target I am every. single. time. But at least TT and I agree about most things so I feel validated. My top 3 was the same as yours, TT except I had kini in the top rather than Ken, and Ken in the bottom instead of Asha. I did put Ken in the bottom specifically for the collar however, which you loved. I honestly thought it was a mistake. It looked to me like it was only attached on one side and about to fall off! Maybe it’s some kind of avante-garde thing that I’m just not capable of getting.

    I loved Alexander’s gown and picked him as my winner. I thought it was beautiful, elegant, and the only look that in any way referenced fairy tales. So of course, he ended up being eliminated. Just another episode of Project Runway All Stars!

  19. Hjjang

    I strongly felt that every challenge Mizrahi depends Sam Donovan too much, weird…

  20. Aloysia

    Sam has talent, and nasty little Kini doesn’t and that lace cruise line dress should have seen him in the bottom not safe. He’s a seamstress, not a designer. And what the hell is Emily still there for? Is she a special needs case or something? Every week it is the same fugly, tortured looking stuff that one can find in Target on the rack. And stands on the runway making excuses and “poor me” and not one comment from the judges…many people have been sent home for such. When in doubt, make a pair of shorts!

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