Kenya Moore Discusses This Season of RHOA, The Miami Trip, Her Mother, And Dealing With the Drama


Kenya has been out in LA (with her dogs ) doing some press. Here is an episode of Afterbuzz she did. It’s a really good look for her. She’s very articulate and she looked amazing.

About the Miami Trip: Glenn was much worse than we saw.  He had made Kandi uncomfortable in the kitchen when he touched her leg.  Sherri had a male visitor in Miami with expensive running shoes on. He demanded that the guy give them to him in some thuglike fashion. He was arguing with Shamea in the hot tub.  Everyone saw him acting crazy all over the house, so for the other side to pretend like they weren’t intimidated was ridiculous. That is why Kandi called them out on it.

About Going to Her Mother’s Door:  Kenya says that the reason she choose to do that when she was there for the family reunion was she felt at that time she finally had support.  Her father was being supportive (and others were also there like Brandon) who would have he back no matter how it turned out.  It was a time she felt comfortable confronting her as an adult. Kenya said she always had hope that she would have a relationship with her mother. She is ready to have a baby. She wanted her child to know her grandmother. Kenya said it was symbolic that she locked the door in her face. She needed that to know that door will never open.  She is in a good place with Aunt Lori. She has decided she is never going to win that fight with Lori. They just don’t need to go there anymore.


RHOA Kenya birthday King and Twirl

On How She Deals With All of the Negativity: Kenya says this is an issue that Matt asks her about a lot.  Kenya says she has a resilient spirit. When her dog died, and people were so ugly, she just had to shake it off.  She says that her businesses are flourishing from being on the show and it is helping her accomplish other things. She only works five months a year, it pays well, and it leaves her a lot of time to do other things. It will give her time to focus on her family. She is very happy with her relationship with Matt and enjoys having all the time to spend with him when filming is over.

About the “Mercial” and her Relationship with Kim Fields :   She agrees with the two hosts that the commercial was terrible and completely off brand for Cynthia’s line which is supposed to be a luxury brand.  It was not well done. They want to know how things got so bad between Kim and Kenya when it seemed like Kenya was very complimentary toward Kim in the beginning. Kenya shares what we all know and saw, and this is that Phaedra pulled her in to her side and was constantly in her ear. This is especially evident at the reunion. We all saw in Miami how Nervous Nelly Kim Fields said that things could really go left with Glenn. But after chatting with Phaedra, that perennial litigious gadfly,  suddenly at the reunion, Kim wasn’t threatened by Glenn at all! Didn’t she leave to go stay in a hotel? Am I remembering that right? Kim didn’t go after Phaedra and Porsha for all of their gay comments at all.

Kenya says Phaedra is no angel. She went on Arsenio Hall and said that she offered Apollo fellatio.  What? How did I forget that?  If you forgot as well, then here you go!  This is from 2013 and it looks like 1985.  Note that Cynthia is still doing the whole hand clasping and trying to pretend she is somewhere else thing, even then. She has been doing a lot of that on the reunion this season.


I love how Porsha and Peter give sanctimonious advice on marriage. Everyone, believed Apollo. Arsensio reads a very articulate blog from Kenya talking about Apollo’s character and his lies that landed him in jail in the first place.  Kenya said “leopards don’t change their spots” and Phaedra interrupts to say that Kenya needs to look at her own skin.  Yet here are a bit over two years later, and the leopard is back in prison, and Peter and Porsha no longer have a marriage to lie about the sanctity of and Phaedra is traveling all over the place spewing her ridiculous thoughts as if none of that ever happened. Very interesting to rewatch this now know what we now know. Yes?

About Nene Coming Back Fulltime:  Kenya says she thinks Nene brings a lot to the show. She’s funny. She’s capable of breaking down. She’s capable of showing true emotion. So , she thinks she is a great addition to the cast.  She is the last OG so you can’t take away that Nene has helped to build the show into what it has become.

It was really great to see Kenya treated so kindly in an interview. I don’t think we have ever seen that. She was so much more relaxed and open than she is with Andy Cohen.  If you have 40 minutes to spare this weekend, give it a listen!


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46 responses to “Kenya Moore Discusses This Season of RHOA, The Miami Trip, Her Mother, And Dealing With the Drama

  1. FrostyTheOG

    Thanks for this, I will check it out!

  2. BeetsWhy

    Still not a fan, she screams manipulation. But hey, nice use of perennial litigious gadfly regarding Phaedra!

    • Mimi

      @Beetswhy, exactly who is she trying to manipulate? Is she saying something that we did not see on the show? Have you watched the same show that we all watched?

      People find Kenya manipulative, pretentious, full of her self and a host of negative adjectives because she is articulate and assertive. But find Porsha, Phaedra and Nene “down to earth” and “keeping it real”. Says a lot about the viewers and explains why the Housewives franchise is so popular, Andy Cohen et al. knows their audience.

      • I don’t find Kenya manipulative, although she would probably be pretty good at it. But, nobody on that crew likes her enough to allow themselves to be manipulated BY her, not even Cynthia.

      • No, I don’t find Kenya to be those things because she’s assertive and articulate. I find her to be those things because of her manipulative, pretentious and full of herself because of her antics. Quick to play the victim, yet easily forgets her former of venom.

      • Minky

        Good gravy! Look, if Kenya has tried to manipulate people by playing the victim then she obviously hasn’t succeeded. The venom and vitriol of her cast mates has been ample evidence of that. More than one person on this show has openly said that Kenya should have been on the receiving end of a beat down by a drug crazed maniac.

        And she’s also been physically assaulted, on camera, by one particular pretentious, full of herself, loud mouth, shop vac, who then turned around and said that the reason she absolutely had no choice but to assault Kenya was because she was the one who was actually Kenya’s victim. In addition, she’s been supported in perpetuating this fiction by every member of the cast, including it’s deeply misogynistic host.

      • Ashlee

        Preach Mimi Preach

    • spunky2015

      Reason why Kenya and Vanderpump are called manipulative because they are intelligent. It’s a tired reasoning to mask jealousy.

      • Mimi

        This is ghetto reasoning. “manipulative, pretentious, full of herself” is the round about of an insecure, low self esteem way of telling an intelligent black person they’re “acting white”. A lot of black people hate Oprah too because she doesn’t do the “black” thing.

        Viewers are reading too much into these shows, they are so emotionally invested. This is a scripted show like other scripted television shows, half of the things shown is make believe. Does anyone truly believe that Phaedra is a wordsmith, uber-ivy league educated, successful lawyer, successful writer, successful dead people salivator (she is not a mortician, apparently she did not pass the exam and she is not practicing) and a woman of God? If you do, I have an island to sell, its only $20

      • Sunshine

        Are you for real Mimi??? Kenya is unliked on that show because of her bad behavior. I haven’t heard that acting white mess in years. Why do you consider her so intelligent because she can string a sentence together? Lots of black folks are capable of that. It becomes insulting to hear how articulate and smart she is like it’s a scarcity. Just for the record, I know a lot of people and they seem to like Oprah……especially the black ones.

      • Ashlee

        Yes my thoughts exactly Spunky2015

  3. Minky

    Just watched it. I was already a Kenya fan before. And I’m an even bigger fan now. She seems like she’s being real in this interview. You’re right TT, she was much, much less guarded than when she’s talking with Andy.

  4. Jaana

    I love Kenya. I think Kim is more upset with production than Kenya but she can’t break the fourth wall so she directs her anger at Kenya, and yes, Phaedra did get in her ear. I wish Kenya could skip the show for a season or two and let’s see them fight amongst themselves. Although they would still find a way to blame her for everything.

  5. Laura

    I’m not a Kenya fan, but she was 100% in the right in Miami.. And it’s so hypocritical that shady Phadrea and Thot Princess tried to say she over reacted. Okay rant done lol

  6. Spilledperfume

    Kenya was 100% correct in asking Glenn to leave and Kim looks like an idiot saying she didn’t feel threatened by his presence. She packed her bag that night and left and repeatedly said she didn’t feel safe. There was even a scene of her at a park with her Chris and their two boys where discussed why she left the trip early.

  7. Phaedra and Kim Fields were sickening to me especially during the Reunion. Porsha continues to be a Thot Thug n a porno dress. How anyone can defednd or promote these 3 is beyond me. Villian or no, Kenya continues to win the HW game. (But not if she keeps really letting it get to her – as we saw by her face @ Reunion.)

  8. madame

    really appreciate the vid’ & your commentary …
    KM is my fave’ housewife from all the franchises …
    am astounded that people hate her so much ….lmao….
    i find phaedra a real nasty slimeball
    with porsha & kim (underhanded , sneaky ) not far behind …
    phaedra with her tongue always hangin’ out ..
    like a nympho-dawg ..ugh!
    so this is high-larious …
    thanks for sharing …

    • tamaratattles

      Welcome home, madame. :) We are your people. Well most of us. We do keep some around who are on a different page to keep things interesting. And well, because they are probably pretty.

  9. caily

    I’ve admired Kenya through thick and thin. I love the way she can throw back her head and laugh when the world jumps on her. I’m happy that she is finally happy with Matt and a child on the way.

    • jen

      Is she pregnant? Good for her. That’s great.

      I never understand the people that read about someone specific named in the article then talks shit! As above ^^^

    • tamaratattles

      She would like us to believe she is pregnant. I believe she has been waiting for the off season to do her invitro stuff and or implant a surrogate. I doubt she will confirm anything until at least the second trimester.

      Because it was incredibly hard for Fredrik Elkund when his pregnancy sadly terminated.

      I think she has things in the works and is super excited, but doesn’t want to make a formal announcement this early in the process.

      I DO NOT KNOW THIS FOR SURE. This is just my take on what is going on.

      She was in LA yesterday with the dogs in a baby stroller saying “Practicing” or something.

      At first I didn’t really think she wanted a baby when she first mentioned it. But now I see she is really passionate about it.

  10. The Shady Grove

    I agree TT this was a great look for Kenya. She was articulate, informative and engaging. If those hosts felt some type of way about her before, I’m sure after meeting her they’re in reality tv love. Kenya maybe a lot of things but their all a part of her magic as she has so eloquently stated. TheKenyaMoore stays winning and those other hoes will deal or die trying. She came to slay and get her paper. I love that she kills them with her looks, wit and intelligence. You can’t fuck with a psychology major, on their worst day and on your best, you could NEVER !

  11. Jaded

    Haha gladfly! I’ve been waiting to use that word.

  12. Cheychey

    I do like seeing the softer side of Kenya. She is smart enough to know that on the show if she does not throw shade and bring the drama she will not have a job. It does cause confrontation for her sometimes that is not a good look for her. But that is reality TV. People time and time again didn’t like Kim on the show cause she was to vanilla. No one will ever say that about Kenya.

  13. Pkati

    I enjoyed Kenya’s interview. Kim allowed Shady Phaedra to cloud her view of Kenya. Now it appears that she blew a chance at decent paycheck & platform to revive her career. Ah well, at least she got a gig on DWTS. Buh bye Tootie.. I mean Felicia!

    • Minky

      As the saying goes: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. And drink Kim certainly did. She was quite thirsty, indeed.

      If all it took was Phaedra being in Kim’s ear for her to form such a strong opinion of Kenya so early on, well then fuck it. She’s obviously easily led and has no mind of her own.

  14. Somebody tweet that video to all of them so they can see how they all looked like asses! One flirtatious indiscretion and Kenya was made into a pariah yet Apollo lied his ass off and they still friends with that fool and Phaedra who was lying about that phone call too!

    • Sunshine

      Kenya probably wouldn’t have had so many issues with the ladies if she had acted like a sane adult her first season. She flirted her ass off with that foine Apollo and yes he flirted back so they were both wrong. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back for Phaedra was Kenya asking who she would want to join her and Apollo in a threesome. Who does that?? Kenya Moore does. She was jealous of Porsha their first season and was mean to her. No one really liked her for a moment and she had to spend most of her time filming with Brandon, her Aunt and Velvet. That’s when we all had to bear witness to the fact that she could twerk all over her house. Take note that no one really gave her a chance until they broke up with their main squeezes. Lanethia and Cynthia…….Kandi and Phaedra. Very convenient I must say.

      • tamaratattles

        Sunshine, lovely the ironic name by the way it’s certainly not lost on me, We here at TT have mentally blocked out that first horrible, horrible season of Kenya. Muchlike with Camille Grammar our collective opinions have (for the most part) changed.

        We love her now. Except for on tonight’s reunion when I anticipate admonishing her gay shaming of Chris. Because she’s not perfect, but she is miles above the others.

      • sarcasatire



      • Yeah that’s true but that whole Apollo fellatio thing always rubbed me the wrong way because it was OBVIOUS Apollo was lying and their reactions were very telling! Phaedra lies like she breathes and Apollo to me is dangerous because I don’t know if he knows what the truth is!

      • Minky

        I believe that Kenya knew exactly what she was doing her first season. She’s no dumb bunny. Her apparent rudeness to Porsha, for example. Can you blame her now that we know more about Porsha?

        I also don’t think that Phaedra’s hatred of Kenya is solely based on Apollo having wolf eyes for her. Kenya probably found out early on what “Bonnie and Clyde” were up to and backed out of the exercise video for that reason. Because they knew that Kenya knew about their dubious “business ventures”, and that she probably found them repugnant, they began the smear campaign to make Kenya look like a crazy.

        These are the reasons why I take Kenya’s dislike for Kim seriously. Her instincts about people haven’t been wrong yet.

  15. BKSweetheart

    Loved the video. Very nice to see Kenya so relaxed and in good spirits. I wish we could see more of this side of her on the show.

    • Minky

      Kenya, unfortunately, is always forced to play defense on the show. would like to see the charming, genteel Kenya on the show too. But her way of dealing with her haters is also brilliant. She’s all they ever talk about. That means she’s definitely doing something right.

  16. Josie

    Phaedra and Apollo did quite a number on Kenya with their lies.

    I will never forget when Kenya was going up the stairs in Jamaica and Apollo stopped dead in his tracks and stared. That must have been humiliating for Phaedra however, his attraction to Kenya is not her fault.

    I think most women are average or pretty. They sympathized more with Phaedra than Kenya who, I consider, stunning.

    Despite Apollo admitting he lied, many Phae fans wont accept it. They have gotten used to just hating Kenya and need a reason to continue to do so. Not fair at all.

  17. microop

    Porsha has aged a lot in three years.

  18. Cheychey

    Phaedra has a lot of jealousy towards Kenya. It’s very hard when your husband is attracted to another woman of Kenya’s caliber. Who could compete with that. Then Kenya did do a bit of flirting back. She really should have never been having private conversations with a married man who she had been accused of indiscretions with. Even though she had done nothing wrong it just would obviously make the wife uncomfortable. As usual the wife is putting all the blame on the woman that the husband is trying to cheat with instead of the real culprit the cheating scumbag.

  19. Miguel

    I adore Kenya, always!!!

  20. If I get a minute I might watch the video but why if it is just repeating old stuff that should be water under the dam. Good for Kenya if she was allowed to articulate intelligently and be taken seriously. I will decide on how much I really want to watch this show next season, waiting to see who the cast will be.

  21. bria

    Great video, I am laughing really hard.. thanks for sharing. Kenya just reinforced my hope in team twirl. Team twirl all day every day.

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