Thomas Girardi Responds To Ridiculous Lawsuit

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Thomas Girardi is speaking out against the lawyer who continues to bring poorly written cases against him.  Girardi says that his firm had nothing to do with the distributions of funds from the case.  This is not the first case that Peter Dion-Kindem on the issue. Girardi contends that the constant lawsuits should be grounds for Peter Dion-Kindem to be disbarred.

Here is the thing, Girardi has won some HUGE cases.  He’s a big shot lawyer, considered one of the best in the country.  I have a feeling he will be the first to let you know that.  He does whatever he wants and has absolutely no fucks to give.  Back in 2011? 2012?  He cause a lot of controversy by showing  the racey video that Erika Jayne has completed that day at a function thrown by the Italian American Lawyers Association. At the time he was the president of the IALA for the year and put on a much less stodgy (I’ll say! lol) event than the usual humdrum event (with the state supreme court justices! /giggles) replete with open bar and fancy dinners.  He even picked up the tab. A great time was had by most. But a few folks were offended by the video.  Mostly they were offended that Girardi’s year as president was a helluva good time. And they whined. And Girardi didn’t care.

Basically, Girardi has fifty some years as a brilliant attorney. He’s rich as shit. He’s egotisical.  He doesn’t suffer fools well. For those reasons, he has some haters.  One of them is apparently Peter Dion-Kindem.


The Girardi | Keese firm released the following statement from Thomas Girardi:

“Peter Dion-Kindem is a perennial litigious gadfly and a fraud. He has, for nearly a decade, made bogus claims and filed sham lawsuits against our firm. His allegations are false, baseless and defamatory.”
“Further, Mr. Dion-Kindem has attempted this fishing expedition numerous times before. For example, in 2008 he filed a nearly identical complaint. He failed then and he will fail now. The 2008 case was dismissed by an order of the Court as having no merit. His latest complaint is a carbon copy – and comes more than a decade past the statute of limitations.”
“We have filed a motion to have this bogus complaint dismissed and we feel confident Dion-Kindem’s latest attempt to besmirch Girardi | Keese will fail just as spectacularly as his last one did. We stand by and are proud of the work we do on behalf our clients.”
OMG I am so using the phrase, ” perennial litigious gadfly” at every opportunity. I wish I had used it when in court with Sheree Whitfield. It will be PERFECT if that yankee woman ever gets around to suing me. I can’t express my glee over this phrase strongly enough. I’m practically wetting myself with glee.
FYI: It appears that Dion-Kindem has lost at least one malicious prosecution case previously.  Allegedly. So it seems.
Also, is this a good time to say, I told you so?  This was one of the worst written motions I’ve ever seen and I only saw the first two pages.  Just like I told you all HERE.
Perennial litigious gadfly.  /gigglesnort   I love me some Tom Girardi.


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15 responses to “Thomas Girardi Responds To Ridiculous Lawsuit

  1. Cat

    Gigglesnort. I like that.

  2. JoJoFLL

    I love both of the Girardis.

    • Toddy

      I love them, too, JoJo. We may be in the minority… I watch these shows to glimpse opulent lifestyles, and the G’s deliver.

  3. A Little Birdie

    I literally lol @ gigglesnort

  4. Stephanie

    Last year I told my husband I was pregnant,which is pretty generic, but I also took apart a &1 Walmart pregnancy test, colored the positive perfectly and presented it with my announcement (Sidenote: they should really make those things more difficult to tamper) I got him pretty good and he told me he’d get me back. He’s a patient man so I am on heightened alert today.

  5. Vickie Davies

    Fabulous! I like Tom and his old school ways. Although, Tamara, I’m beginning to love you more!! Every single post of yours is on the money ?

  6. Minky

    Jesus! Whoever wrote that statement is a wiz with language. “Fishing expedition”? “He failed then and he will fail now.” Love it!

  7. Um, speaking of that “yankee woman” will you being recapping that show? I really hope so, I like the show a lot, but it wouldn’t be the same without your recaps. I mean, who would I have to laugh with when it comes to all those jokers?

  8. Deb in SF

    I love that words/phrases excite you. Anything well-written is a delight, but when certain words take my breath away for a second, that’s a prize!! You’ve landed several, TT; I love your blogs.

  9. I also love the use of the word “spectacular”, when used not in conjunction with things like the view atop the Grand Canyon, but like this: “…we feel confident Dion-Kindem’s latest attempt to besmirch Girardi | Keese will fail just as spectacularly as his last one did.”

    Perfection! *gigglesnorting too!*

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