Meet New Orange County Housewife, Kelly Meza-Dodd, Well At Least She WAS A Housewife

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,

It seems the Real Housewives of Orange County has been really TRYING to cast the worst women in the world lately on RHOOC.  Just as I had almost erased all traces of Meghan King Edmonds from my  memory, along comes Kelly Meza-Dodd to replace her.  I have only seen the video below of her and already….Lord knows I never believed I would say this, I’d take Meghan back over this idiot.

I have a feeling based on her racist comments she is about to lose her orange. Thankfully, the season has just recently started shooting and she should be easy to edit out.

I had been hearing rumors that the new girl was someone with a troubled marriage and it is not difficult to see the problem.  And if the falling down drunk part was not obvious enough, she begins screaming that she is married and but has an MBA…. Married But Available. How cute is that? #JesusTakeTheWheel

So check out this video and Heather Dubrow’s response before we go any further.




Heather Dubrow has a real problem here.  It seems that Heather was tagged to be the “friend” of Kelly who introduces the new girl to the group.  While we all know this is just bullshit production to make it seem like the new girl is actually related to the group in some way, the average viewer is going to believe that Heather is friends with this nutjob. and if they leave her on the show, it could be damaging to Heather’s brand. And unlike many people who claim to have a brand, Heather actually does. She sells lotions and potions for skincare and other things on QVC and has done fairly well with it.  Being labeled as the housewife that brought the racist, drunken, slut on the show (allegedly, allegedly, allegedly) would surely have an impact.


That's Kelly in the hat.

That’s Kelly in the hat.

Also Vicki Gunvalson, who hates EVERYBODY when they first comes on, seems to have sidled up to this piece of work because she is in desperate need of an ally for the season.  Lord, what else can go wrong for Vicki?

There is also a rumor that someone called Bronwyn Jones will be on RHOOC. All I have seen of her is a twitter account  from someone of that name who is stunningly beautiful, very intellectual, and civilized.  I seriously doubt we will get to see her. Or that she would be willing to jump into the cesspool.

Meanwhile, all social media for Kelly has disappeared.  And the Internet is starting to hear the story and lose their ever loving minds.

I think this idiot is toast.  But you never know, Bravo  seems to be really encouraging ratchet behavior  lately. And this bitch could give Porsha some lessons on ratchetness.


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81 responses to “Meet New Orange County Housewife, Kelly Meza-Dodd, Well At Least She WAS A Housewife

  1. BeepMcDeep

    Wait, Meghan is gone? I’m so behind!

    • tamaratattles

      I believe so, but I haven’t been mentioning it because it’s not 100% confirmed.

      • JoJoFLL

        Meghan was so unwatchable and unlikeable, I don’t see how they could bring her back.

      • Jae-Bird

        I heard she wasn’t coming back but who knows if that was true. Her storyline was calling out Brooks and his BS cancer story. So now she has no storyline.
        Unless she is brought back to continue to call out Vicky…..???!!

    • Jae-Bird

      You and me both LOL but clearly Megan’s time on the OC is over because she was just there to call out Brooks and his BS cancer, at least she was right! But now what story will she have? Exclamation

      • Oh I can’t believe that Meghan wouldn’t want to come back and gloat about how “right” she was. I can see her making that into her storyline for a whole season!

  2. No Meghan? Well, yahoo to that. Vicky, ugh. Hope this one gets canned fast. Thanks TT.

  3. Rain

    Is meghan gone ?? I never heard that

  4. JoJoFLL

    Please don’t shoot the messanger here.

    I live in South Florida. The majority of the residents here are Hispanic. They do not consider themselves white.

    Prejudice against black people by Latinos here is very common and what I’ve personally witnessed, they do not care they are racist.

    • tamaratattles

      So your contribution to the conversation was to basically say “Hispanics are racist?” This should go over well…

      • JoJoFLL

        That did sound very assholey didn’t it?

        No, of course I do not think all hispanics are racist. That in itself would be racist as hell.

        I’m wondering if it just a different mindset.

      • Minky

        I totally get where you’re coming from JoJoFLL. For a long time I mistakenly believed all hispanic folks voted mostly Republican. I had a Political Science professor who said that years ago. And then I actually asked some of my Mexican friends about it. They were appalled. They said “Oh hell no! That’s just Cuban people. And they’re all kinds of crazy.” Hahahahahaha! ?

    • Jaana

      I agree. A lot of them hate blacks and will not hesitate to say it. Want to see them live? Check out a talent competition or beauty pageant on the internet. That’s where the nasty really gets out.

      • What are you talking about? Latinas hate blacks and aren’t afraid to say it? Where do you live? Hey Minky your Mexican friends are right, have you seen how excited Republicans get when Trump mentions a wall? Pretty fucken sad.

  5. Girl, put that nasty green tongue back in your mouth and STFU.

  6. Ugh, these people are beginning to make me very tired. I hope she is gone. I agree with T.T. I would take Meghan 100 x over this person. I am so tired of ridiculous people. LOL

  7. I can’t believe I watched this ratchet blue tongued mess. I must have really needed a mental break from work….

    Also I noticed ex RHOC Lynn Curtin with her around 3:35 mark.

  8. Pip

    How charming. She must feel like an idiot. She was hammered and obnoxious.
    You’re right… Meghan the truth seeker seems way more tolerable than her.

    • Hey Pip! I’ve missed ya!!! I agree, Meghan is more tolerable…omg, what is the OC coming to when Meghan King is more tolerable than this…this…person?

      • Pip

        Hey G-Snap!
        Honestly I am kind of phasing out of the housewives. It always seems like it’s the same shit, just a different city. All the shit with Brooks, then Yolanda. I haven’t watched Patomac, and I won’t be watching Dallas.
        The RH franchise use to be the first thing I went to on my DVR, but I have three episodes in my que that I still haven’t bothered to watch.
        Too much drama and not enough fun and fabulousness, ya know?
        But I will probably continue to watch this crapfest, because what else am I going to do? Something productive?

      • Productive? What’s that? :)

        I know…it is becoming a bit redundant, actually, a whole lot redundant. BUT, I’m hoping TT will recap Southern Charm (fingers crossed) and we can have some fun with those folks!!!

      • Minky

        There’s so much cuteness at this site today! I swear.

        Productive is a relative term. I’ve never been into the Southern Charm bunch. But I saw a commercial for the upcoming season the other day and it does look interesting. They remind me of Bill Dautrive’s Cajun family on King of the Hill.

        And while I’m thinking about the South, are they gonna bring back Jersey Belle? I liked that show.

      • Minky ~ Southern Charm is good…well, was good, but this season looks like another fun clusterfuck to me! I especially enjoyed TT’s recaps and I had so many laughs over the comments. I think there are more guys on SC than gals, and that brings in a whole nuther dynamic. I was bored the other night and went back and re-read TT’s recaps and the comments and time just melted away…it was like it was brand new to me all over again.

        Sorry, I never watched Jersey Belle.

        I also hope I’m not gonna get my ass handed to me for talking off topic stuff, but sometimes it just seems like one thing just naturally leads to another. I’m through though, and I will get back to hating on this new girl that may have already lost her orange before it even had time to ripen.

  9. Mimi

    TT, do you have any idea why on Twitter Shannon isn’t following any of the OC housewives except for Vicki? Has she had a falling out with Tamra and Heather?

  10. addie2u

    Not defending this nutjob in anyway but she clearly says “I don’t like Black guys, I don’t even know any Black guys”. Then in the 2nd clip with Heather Dubrow, it sounds like the TMZ reporter is saying “. . . Kelly Meza-Dodd says she doesn’t like Black people, she doesn’t even know any Black people”.

    Just listened to that specific segment for the 3rd time & though the reporter lowers his voice – I definitely hear him say what I thought he said. Not the 1st time TMZ effs up a story. 😉

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Addie I heard the same. Could easily have been an innocuous response to the question “are you into black guys?” Which is bad enough on its own. I couldn’t watch more than the first 20 seconds, does it get worse?

  11. addie2u

    ETA: Though the beginning of the recording is missing, it sounds like they were discussing dating. IMO, there’s a huge difference in saying “I don’t like Black guys” (i.e. dating them) vs “I don’t like Black people”.

    • tamaratattles

      REALLY? What would be that huge difference?

      Don’t answer that just keep your racist foot in your stupid mouth. Thanks.

      • addie2u

        Unless she’s a complete loon (which is certainly possibly after watching the entire clip) a question preceded her response – which we’re not privy to. Many people (too many IMO) have a problem dating outside their race. I don’t, I’m married to a Black man.

        For the hell of it I just had my sister-in-law watch the clips & her response “big deal, I don’t like White guys” (but she does know some). 😉

      • tamaratattles

        I expected the whole ” I have a lot of black friends” excuse. Husband is taking it a bit too far. And then polling the sister in law. RIDICULOUSLY too far.


    • BGStyles Laughing

      This made me chuckle and TT response was so on spot.

  12. Cheychey

    This girl is right up there with loonies like Kelly from NY and Brandi. It’s disappointing to hear that Vicki is so alone that she would stoop to being friends with this trash mouth.

    • O.O

      @tt oh I thought you knew about the black husband and yada yada. She says it each and every time this type of discussion arises . shes a race problem expert don’t you know .

      • tamaratattles

        Hey O! Good to see you in comments. I don’t normally engage in the racial stuff. But the woman stood there falling down drunk and said she was married but available, and them seemed to recoil at the question about black men. Black guys! I don’t like black guys! I live in Orange county! I don’t even see black guys!

        And the commenter has no issues with her behavior and defends her. Then in comes someone else to say that it’s a Hispanic thing about not liking black guys. And now I have to moderate dozens of racist comments about which race is the most racist against what race.

        Can’t we all get along long enough to hate this bitch? I mean are we seriously going to defend her by saying, “everyone has a preference about what color man they want to cheat on their husband with while humiliating him on TMZ? SMH.

      • I hate that stupid racist blue tongued bitch, TT. If she does (barfing in my mouth) get on the show, I am going to love to watch the set up on how Heather can possibly know her. The only sensible set up would be Heather trips on her as she lies passed out in her blue vomit and Heather decides she would be perfect for the cast of OC.

      • tamaratattles

        As someone who still loves Vicki (shutup! I KNOW! I KNOW! I can’t help myself. It’s a sickness) I hate to admit it but, I agree with whoever said that maybe they just needed to find someone more unlikeable than Vicki. :)

      • Vicky? ICK! Maybe they will both pee on Tamra’s bed.

      • addie2u

        I’ll assume it was your passion for the subject matter along with being inundated with new subscribers that led you to not recognize my screen name. Over the years it’s not uncommon for me to share funny or interesting blog posts or clips with family members to get their opinion.). There’s no need for me to lie about anything. That’s not who I am.

        Though it was not my intention to defend her, I inadvertently defended her. Again not my intention.

      • addie2u

        It’s rather odd that I stood out to you for the “black husband”. Over years I’ve been coming here reading / engaging in discussions – I’ve probably mentioned it 3x. (I’ve actually discussed my serial cheating ex-husband at least 2-3x as much as my current husband). And it certainly wasn’t to come off as “a race problem expert”. Not, unlike others who’ve occasionally shared snippets of their lives, it was to share the occasional frustrations of my reality.

        I can only imagine those who’ve repeatedly mentioned their health issues / dealings with substance abuse / children / pets / growing tomatoes (you know – “yada, yada’) has driven you over the edge. Personally I enjoy reading about their lives (which is why I’ve continued to come here – often 2-3x a day). You know – Hot tea / Share a laugh / Familiarity / Bonding.

        I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it certainly says something that a possibly 3 mentions of a “black husband” over nearly 5yrs bothers you so much. Though I read the majority of TT’s blogs, I don’t read or engage in the majority of discussions so I’ll assume you’ve mistaken me for someone else. BTW: Unless it’s a rule I’m not privy to, you’re not forced to read the comments.

  13. Jae-Bird

    NO Meghan?!? I can’t say I’m surprised because she was there to call Brooks out on his BS cancer, and that story is over. She was given a hard time for doing that but she was right in the end! Gotta least give her that
    As for this new girl…..Kelly! If she is / was Heather’s friend or at the very least acquaintance she clearly is no longer going to be this friend. Heather is a smart girl and hopefully she has the right to refuse to film with her or at the very least refuse to pretend this is one of her good friends.
    As for Kelly herself, racism is not acceptable drunk or sober! No excuse! It’s too bad though because aside from her racism, she could have been a very entertaining mess as a new Real Housewives. There would be a lot of entertaining drama with her, and Tamra!? LOL but racism trumps everything so hopefully this girl has had her 15 minutes and can go back to her pitiful life I’ve clearly not being attracted to her husband and being a MBA! I hope she doesn’t have children!

    • jen

      Yes Heather gets very braggy but she does have class, intelligence and morals. I don’t see them remaining friends.

  14. Victor Rhodes

    Meghan is still filming if you look up on Instagram there is many pictures from two weeks ago at an event in DC #Conc (Cancer awareness) with Heather Dubrow.Camera were there at the event.

  15. Kelly is reprehensible but I’d still take her over Meghan. #sorrynotsorry. I know I’m going to regret saying that in three, two, one…

  16. Sara

    How ridiculous that Bravo cast this woman and Greg Bennett doesn’t have his own show!

  17. Matzah60

    Lots of class, mostly lower. She gives a new definition to the word stupid!

  18. jen

    Omg . She is awful. I cannot see fancy pants Heather friends with her! I just don’t see it. Heather and Vicky won’t tolerate that shit! She is humilating.

  19. Lisaj

    She would rather spend her money at Taco Bell? Eh.

  20. As wholly grating and obnoxious as this woman is, I was struck by how similar to Tamra Barney Judge she seemed. I’d expect them to get along swimmingly. I can see Tamra making all the same comments in an “unfiltered” moment…

  21. What a trashy fucking pig. If Tammy lost her rhoa peach for being assaulted this chick is a no brainer.

  22. Bravo had to find someone so bad that she would take the heat off of Vicki. Vicki is really hated out there but it looks like this new girl just might do the trick. Yes, Vicki lied about Brooks and cancer and juice, but at least she’s not a racist!

  23. Nicole

    Whole cast is back including the new Kelly chica! Well, let’s hope she is edited out! Idiot!

  24. RealChicagoHousewife

    Notice how none of her friends did much to try to stop her? I find that fascinating.

  25. Spilledperfume

    I’m speechless. Such trash.

  26. Spilledperfume

    Just a quick note, Heather and Terry sell their skin care line on Evine Live which is another home shopping network.

    • tamaratattles

      Well thank GOD you made that correction. We could have gone our whole lives being grossly misinformed without your knowledge. And you know, the fact that the episode of the Evine taping we watched was clearly something we should have made serious note of rather than the fact that the idiots all prank called the Dubrows, which we mistakenly thought was the funny, significant part.

      • kimbo

        Holy shit you’re still a bitch! All this time and you haven’t learned huh?

      • Spilledperfume

        I hesitated leaving that note for just this reason. I was concerned I would get a rude response. I only went ahead with my note because I thought some of your readers might be interested in their skin care line and go looking for it on QVC.

        I watch all 3 home shopping channels and I’ve bought clothes from Lisa Rinna’s line and if I could afford Heather’s Yummy Tummy I would happily buy her jeans and her tank top shapers.

        I do not buy Nene’s clothes but I do look at them. Wendy Williams has a woman’s line of clothing as well.

        I am a home shopping addict. I admit it. I have a problem. I need a 12 step program but I don’t think my note deserved a rude response.

      • tamaratattles

        DId you go somewhere and come back and thinks I was going to be someone you might like better Kim?

        And SP, when you think to yourself, “maybe I shouldn’t do this” You are almost always right. Following up your petty correction, your lack of understanding that now one cares whether it is QVC or HSN is not the point.

        The point is I don’t spend all day everyday writing posts for this blog for you to swoop in and make edits.

        Simmer down.

      • Spilledperfume

        I was not swooping in to edit your post. My second thoughts were based on the simple fact that I didn’t want to receive a rude reply which is exactly what happened.

      • tamaratattles

        So to recap, You were going to post something. Something told you not to because you might get a rude reply, BECAUSE YOU KNEW YOU SHOULD NOT POST IT, but then you said, fuck it, I am posting it anyway. You got a response from me that sarcastically let you know it wasn’t appreciated, and then you whined about and posted a dissertation on home shopping networks, and now you are still whining.

        Is that about right?

  27. TBD

    TT is right. This thing is the next oozing narcissistic wound to replace Vicki. After ten years she eased herself out of the (sweaty) position as head f-up. So congrats to the new girl on that. “STHHOP IT!” Andy will adore her.

  28. Rose

    Oh brother! 30-50 seconds into the Kelly video and I was out. All these RH shows are going to the dogs.

  29. Rebecca

    I read that the new Kelly is the COO of a company called “Kiss Me Mirrors”. It’s a non existent company she pretends to be the COO of LOL Where do they find these people?

  30. tamaratattles

    I am so not looking forward to this trainwreck. She’s like a backup for Tamra in case she dies in an ATV accident or something.

    Too soon?

  31. Incadove

    Can’t stand Kelly. She’s foul mouthed and lacks all self-control. Obviously, money can’t buy class because she has none. Can’t stand Vicki either. She refuses to take ownership for her lies in defense of Brooks last year. Totally disingenuous and arrogant.

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