Lisa Rinna Shaves Head, Admits She Wears Wigs and Gets High On Wig Glue!

lisarinnaOmg this just happened!!!! I feel so free!!!! Thank God I've got great wigs and extra wig glue for my QVC appearance tomorrow! #BaldIsBeautiful

lisarinna Omg this just happened!!!! I feel so free!!!! Thank God I’ve got great wigs and extra wig glue for my QVC appearance tomorrow! #BaldIsBeautiful


I hate April Fool’s day. We spend enough time celebrating foolish behavior all year long. I’d like to have a day where we all try  to make smart productive  decisions instead.  Could we all pull off 24hrs of wisdom? My cynicism says no.  That said, I think this joke by Lisa Rinna poking fun at Brandi’s stupid wig remarks on the last episode of RHOBH is pretty fucking funny.  I love Rinna, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is passionate about a lot of things. Her mouth sometimes gets her in trouble. She is often misunderstood. I think we could have been separated at birth, actually.  I noticed a quote on her Instagram today that said, ” Relax. We are all crazy. It’s not a competition.” I think I need to add that to my TT T-shirt list.

In the spirit of my anti April Fools theme, I’m declaring today Wisdom Day.  It’s the first day of the second quarter of 2016. If you are like me, you ate a full pint of pineapple coconut ice cream last night because it was half price at Publix.  Then you realize that the calories remain at their full price for effects on your body.  Those “not resolutions ” at the beginning of the year are all but forgotten.  I literally bought the shoes but they never made it to the treadmill.

On Wisdom Day, it’s time to resolve to do a little bit better.  Make wise decisions today. Eat things that honor your body. Get ready to plant your obligatory tomato plant. Get a haircut, or a manipedi, or a massage, or just give your face a nice homemade mask. There are nine months left in 2016.  That’s enough time to make a baby. Surely then it is enough time to pull yourself out of the depression, boredom, general malaise hole you may find yourself in and just GET UP.

Now go do something wise.



P.S. This is an open forum.

P.P.S.  Don’t believe everything you read today folks. Lisa Rinna is not bald. Trader Joes is not closing in 2017. Etc.  But you can share your “favorite”  prank here if you are into that sort of thing.


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82 responses to “Lisa Rinna Shaves Head, Admits She Wears Wigs and Gets High On Wig Glue!

  1. Happy April Fools! I dislike too but do like Wisdom “baby steps” day. My best move has been 15-20 min old school exercises w/ and w/o weights while the coffee is brewing and I watch House Hunters. 10lbs down and I feel like a human who can function normally so that’s a plus. Heard some fun rehashes of old April Fools jokes from the Middle School set today. Including the tried and true “”hey, did you know they took the word ‘gullible’ out of the dictionary?” Practiced till it had just the right incredulous tone. :)

  2. I am a huge…LisaR fan..she does enjoy making fun of herself..and I think LisaR’s reaction to Brandi’s Nation wide crap..about a awesome!

    ..btw..why is it a “shaming” situation..who cares if people wear wigs..holy crap!

  3. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    My husband pranked me that he lost his job today. I am pregnant and was not amused. But then after it seemed kinda funny…but also kinda not.

    I hate April Fool’s Day.

  4. Suse

    Shocked at how many people she has managed to fool. If we are to judge LR by her actions on RH, she is a miserable failure. Assuming that Yolanda has any interest in her at all shows that her head IS awfully tight under that wig. WHY does she have such a fixation on Yolanda?? Why is she (what was the word?) terrified(?) of her? What part of LR’s life would Yolanda be interested in “manipulating?” She went after Kim for no reason, now she is pissed about Yolanda having lunch with Brandi and Kim. Why does she think that these people have any interest in her?? Get a life, Lisa! Nobody gives a rat’s ass about you!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t think it was for “no reason” that she went after Kim. Rinna has had many addicts in her life and your bullshit-o-meter becomes REALLY sensitive. To the point that addict BS and behavior ENRAGES you. She doesn’t like liars and manipulators and is good at spotting them, because she’s dealt with several addicts lying and manipulating. I’m the same way, though I don’t take it as far as her nor am I as sensitive – lucky enough to only have one addict in my life.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        Completely agree with this.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. (nodding my head) Totally agree Yoya.

        @Suse Why might Rinna be “terrified” of Yolanda? I would be terrified of someone capable of the kind of lying Yolanda has done too. Scared shitless!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m terrified of Yolanda!

    • tamaratattles

      Suse is a fucking moron.

      We can call her a fucking moron here all the live long day, and she will never know. Wanna know why? She is one of those idiots that just reads the titles. If she can’t bother to read the post, she’ll never read the comments.

      And clearly she doesn’t even get the dynamics of the show that she is watching. What a fuck nut? Why does she think we would have any interest in her comments? Nobody gives a rat’s ass about her.

    • CoBe

      I’d guess Rinna has spent time around people with personality disorders before. If one is not cautious and a bit “terrified” of them, people around them tend to get hurt.


      I guess David Foster could tell you more about that though.

    • Cat

      I don’t have a rat’s ass to give, but I do have a mouse I can’t catch. Will a mouse’s ass be sufficient?

      I like Lisa R. Always have. That is all.

  5. Josie

    Happy April’s Fools Day! Happy Wisdom Day! I would share some but aint got none!

    I am a “get to the point ” type of person so my sister left me a looooong boring ass voicemail that basically was all over the place and full of nonsense acting like this is really important to hear. I was like WTF is she talking about? She droned on and on for what seemed like forever until she finally said April Fools! Drove. Me. Nuts. ?

  6. Judilu

    I have been pranked 3 times already .. I no longer know what is true.. My co- workers are insane and creative….one of them sent an email saying a person needed to be called immediately, the number was to the local zoo.. I am torn on the join them or be normal…I am taking the day off next year..Happy Wisdom Day!

    • Dee

      Ohh…I got a msg to call a Dr Bear. The woman said Mam someone is playing trick on you, this is the DC Zoo. I was so embarrassed!

      • Minky

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Too cute! Pranks like that are okay. The ones that are not okay are where you lose money or somebody truly gets hurt.

  7. FarFromPerfekt

    Today is my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Not too funny on its own but …they actually spent their honeymoon at Wall Drug (Dad was born in Sturgis) and they spent their first night of wedded bliss plunging the backed up toilet and then cleaning the flood that came afterwards. True love right there, y’all! Cracks me up every April Fools Day! ?

    • FarFromPerfekt

      P.S. If Dad ever has any ‘non-believers’, he just brings out the bajillion years old portable viewer, pop-up-1-slide-at-time thingamagiggy. It still f**king lights up too. Now that’she unbelievable! ?

  8. Cat

    Yay! Happy Wisdom Day!

    I fell off the good diet wagon a few times. Oh well.

    But yesterday, I joined a nutrition study at the hospital. Basically, all I had to do was answer a survey to see what I know (and don’t know) about nutrition for health. I have to do another survey online, confessing to my diet sins (ouch!) Then, I am given advice and education from the dietitian. After 4 weeks, I take the original survey again.

    The point of the study is to see how well people listen to and accept nutritional data.

    And…I get $40 for participating.

    I already know from the first survey that I had probably half of the answers wrong. As an old fogie, I am used to the old food pyramid, where vegetables were vegetables, and cheese and eggs were dairy. In the new pyramid, these things are proteins. (Green, leafy veggies.) And orange juice is no longer fruit. It’s sugar, like soda.

    Anyway, knowing this, I just bought a ton of veggies. And a little meat, in case I can’t quit “cold turkey”.

    I plan on following a guide I saw on PBS. GBOMBS. Here’s how that works:

    G: Leafy greens
    B: Beans, legumes (like peanuts, and grean peas. Lentils, too, but I HATE lentils.)
    O: Onions
    M: Mushrooms
    B: Berries
    S: Seeds and nuts (This is basic healthy fat, so also includes avocado)

    According to the program I saw, and my own research, as well as tips from the dietitian at the hospital, if you stick with this every day, you will not only lose weight, but be healthy, too.

    Of course, you can supplement with a little meat and dairy. But GBOMBS is a daily necessity.

    I am also adopting 2 senior cats, who should arrive by Monday. Since I will now have to feed them, too, this (hopefully) will keep me in line on my own food spending. No more running out just to satisfy a craving.

    We will see how that goes. :)

    • Dee

      Cat! You are so nice to adopt the cats. I really admire you so much!

      • Cat

        Oh, thanks! I had to. My friend’s mother died, leaving the two cats, 10 and 8, with relatives who did not want them. They are in Florida, where senior cats pretty much get a death sentence. My friend is in Oregon, and was desperately trying to save the cats before time ran out.

        I have been without a cat for 4 years. I felt that these cats had been through enough. Either they would die, or be split up. I decided to keep them together. They have been traumatized enough.

        Shippers should pick them up tomorrow morning. I should have them here by Monday.

        The way I look at it, I am rescuing them. But, they are also rescuing me. :)

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Rooting for you all the way, Cat! And, your love for the felines really warms my heart. Bonus = always enjoy your commentary. Cheers!

      • Minky

        That is such a nice thing to do. You’re a beautiful soul. I do not have a cat. It’s not an option right now. Maybe in my old age I’ll start a kitty and puppy and abandoned animal sanctuary.

        I do however love watching cat videos. My latest favorite, the cat food company that does the “Dear Kitten” videos. Love them! And there’s a cute puppy video called “Puppyhood” by the dog chow company with a VERY handsome actor playing the part of a guy who’s become the owner of an adorable new puppy.

        It’s just too cute. I’m turning into a puddle of mush!

      • Cat

        Thanks, everyone. I hope they get here OK.

        The latest update is disturbing. My friend in Oregon posted that the transport company only accepts cash payment, either at the pick up site, or the destination. No word on if they were paid at pick up.

        I am on disability, and on a fixed income. If they expect me to hand over $300 for these kitties, I will have no choice but to turn them away. My friend knows this.

        Now, I’m worried. He cannot wire the money to me. If he does, that will be taken from my disability, and I won’t be able to pay my bills. My friend knows this, too.

        Now, I don’t know what to do. I am trying to get in contact with him.

        I will keep you posted.

      • Can he send it to a friend and they pay for it?

      • Cat

        Harold, the relative in Florida, paid transport. My friend in Oregon is paying him back.

        All 3 of us are on fixed incomes, so this was a real struggle. Luckily, my friend opened a gofundme page, and we both shared it on Facebook. Because of the generosity of friends online, we have already raised $160 of the $300 needed.

        Lots of caring people out there. Good to see.

      • Would love to contribute.

      • Cat

        You can find me on Facebook. Cat Parlova. Thanks! :)

      • Cat

        Thank YOU, lisamia!

    • Toddy

      So sweet of you to keep those kitties together!

    • Charlie

      I’m so happy you are adopting two senior kitties. :) I remember reading you lost your cat a while back and weren’t sure about getting another. This is wonderful and such a loving generous decision on your part. Thank you for making my day with this news.

    • Lime Brain

      Cat, I don’t know if this will help, but when my mother got one of those scam calls of someone calling up and saying, “Help, Grandma, I’m in jail and don’t tell mom, but I need money….”

      The guy instructed my mother to go to a CVS and buy a debit card for $500 and he would call back to get the pin number so he could cash it on his end and pay for the lawyer or something like that.

      Maybe your friend can get you the cash that way?

      • Cat

        I just got confirmation that transport has been paid in full at the pick up site.

        What worries me now is, they demanded cash. I hope the guy at pick up was smart enough to get a receipt.

        We will know in a day or two. If they demand payment a 2nd time, this will ruin their business. There are over 150 animal livers following this project.

        I have the phone number now of my friend in Oregon, who is in charge of this whole thing. If they demand a 2nd payment, I will simply call him. Hopefully, I am worrying for nothing. I do that, sometimes. :)

        They will NOT get money from me. I simply do not have it to give. It will be hard enough to pay the increase in rent. $30 a month increase for pet rent.

      • Crossing fingers and toes, Cat. #Cat’sKittyRescue! Thought you could use a hash tag. :)

      • Lime Brain

        Cat, is the transport company one that brings the rescue animals from the south to the north?

        I adopted my dogs a few years ago from a rescue group in Arkansas and they shipped them up on on a truck that does this for all the rescue groups once a week. It was the same thing of cash only. I can understand the company’s point of view.

        By the time the truck came in the back of a busy parking lot, there were about 20 other couples waiting for their pets also. I lucked out being 3rd in line. It all worked out fine. They were professional and had all the individual paperwork for the animals and a list of who prepaid and who didn’t. They want to get in and out fast (they have a lot more stops) and not be stuck with any animals.

        I think you have good karma and everything will be fine.

      • Cat

        Lime Brain, from what I was told, these people travel by car, and are only transporting these two cats on this trip.

  9. JoJoFLL

    I once pranked my roomate that I was engaged to this really wealthy lawyer. In the end, even my boyfriend’s mother (the rich lawyer was my boyfriend) was in on it. The ring was a fake 10 carat rock. The deceit went on for about two weeks and was a lot of fun.

    My roomate had spread some untrue gossip about me and I wanted to pay him back.

  10. Wampascat

    Brandi can and does suck it.

    • Minky

      Haha! Or as Bart Simpsons would say: “I can’t believe that something can both suck AND blow at the same time.” Oh, that crazy, mixed up, sucking AND blowing Brandi.

  11. I’m much too busy to reply to this post as I am vacationing with the “oh so sick” Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid in Bora Bora. I’m the one taking all of the pictures she’s posting on instagram.

    • Tell Yo Gingersnap said “HEY”, and I’m glad she’s feeling better since she had all that pesky silicone removed from her body!

      • Minky

        I thought Tootsie was kidding about Bora Bora. Well, you weren’t. I just saw the IG. Tootsie, if you did her vacation photos you really do have a great future in fashion photography. Whatever you’re doing, quit your day job and get your resume in to Vogue magazine pronto.

        @Gingersnap Yeah, it would be hard not to “feel better” in Tahiti. The only other thing I would need to make my vacation/journey complete is some weed and a hot guy with a lot of stamina. In the meantime, Benadryl will have to suffice. ?

  12. Toni Lee Gildea

    My best April Fool prank was on myself. My youngest daughter turns 40 today. I had to take a cab to hospital, because the 3 friends I called, thought I was kidding. Both of us came home in a cab later the same day, because my friends still thought I was joking. True story. :-)

  13. I fucking HATE April Fool’s Day. To me, it’s just an excuse for assholes to take license to do asshole things. I wish I could have just stayed in bed today!

    May Day, however, is the BEST day…

  14. April Fool’s Day was my mother’s favorite holiday. I am a very gullible person, so she would fool me every time. She is 92 now, and doesn’t feel like pranking anymore. Thank goodness for old age!
    Got my hair done. Eating at a lovely restaurant then work. That’s enough wisdom for me.
    Oh, and I just read Giggy was abducted and eaten by a religious cult.

  15. I dreamed about fish the other night so someone’s making a baby for sure. I baked my first loaves of homemade bread today and realized my very old oven isn’t holding proper temperatures. While my dough was rising I whipped up a batch of homemade brownies with walnuts. Any no resolutions I made about dieting flew right out of the window today.

  16. Stephanie

    Last year I told my husband I was pregnant,which is pretty generic, but I also took apart a &1 Walmart pregnancy test, colored the positive perfectly and presented it with my announcement (Sidenote: they should really make those things more difficult to tamper) I got him pretty good and he told me he’d get me back. He’s a patient man so I am on heightened alert today.

  17. blaine

    The best thing I’ve seen is the learn a language pillow website. Too believable.

    I’m watching the new season of RHOMelbourne and am loving it. Episode 3 and the “get fucked”s are flying.

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Is our shine, shine, shine back too? I get a kick out of her!

      • blaine

        Yes! And it’s been fan-fucking-tastic! The old new girls are back along with a new newbie with a vendetta who has known Lydia for 30+ years.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh it is delicious this season isn’t it! I heard something about Bravo not airing this season in the US? That would be a damn shame!

      • blaine

        It would be … these have been some of my fave episodes yet, so much faster paced and nice to see women deal with drama before begetting new arguments!

  18. Spilledperfume

    I was watching Rinna this morning on QVC. She has a pair of pants as the Today Special Value and as of this morning she had sold over 58,000 pairs of pants. That’s A LOT of pants for one day and the day isn’t over so who knows how well she’ll do.

    • I was flipping channels last night (or was it early this morning?) and she was on selling these cargo pants, that were SO cute! Perhaps these cargo pants are the ones you’re talking about? If so, I can imagine her selling a boatload, because they suited everyone…plus size, regular size, and even teeny tiny Rinna. They fit and hung so well on every single model that I was amazed myself.

  19. When my nephew was little he thought it was People’s Fools day. Now the whole family does lame (obvious) pranks just so we can yell, “People’s Fools!”

  20. Rose

    Not a Rinna fan but this was funny and it blasted Brandi!!!

  21. margroc

    Do you know if you say GULLIBLE very slowly, it sounds like ORANGES

  22. Pip

    Rinna looks gorgeous even without hair. She is a very beautiful woman.
    I have something to share! There is this new show on A&E called “60 Days In”. I am hooked on this show. It’s about non-criminal people who sign up to do sixty days in County Jail. They are there as prisoners and the staff and real prisoners don’t know that they are plants. There are like six people in total and they are there for various reasons. (One is a cop… Wants to see what’s going on in the jails. One is a kid whose brother is in Prison and wants to see what it’s like, etc).
    It’s really good. And kinda scary! I think it’s on Thursdays, but you can catch them on demand.

  23. TT’s gonna be recapping Southern Charm! It starts next Monday (April 4th) so be there or be square!

  24. I’m pulling myself out of my mild depression, thanks TT

    • tamaratattles

      Good for you, Ricardo. I’ve learned that when it creeps in, the answer is to do something. I was busy with the blog today and felt like I was not taking my own advice and managed to get in a walk with Banjo in between rain storms.

      And don’t laugh, but when a hard rain is forecast, I sometimes run out and run a soapy rag over my car when it first starts. It saves water and you don’t have to spend half an hour washing. LOL. It’s lazy but now it is clean enough that I could take it to a car wash without being embarrassed. :)

      I also had my best and most expensive yard guy stop by today and am going to get some help with my front yard and get my gutters cleaned out tomorrow, if they show up. That will help too. My hood was taken over by these sticky fast growing weeds. I bought weed killer and seed and they are going to handle that too. So that will help.

      I’m glad I could help. I know exactly how hard it is to just DO SOMETHING. xo ~tt

  25. Cat

    My best prank was taking cat food to a party, and passing it off as liver pâté.

    Oh, wait…that wasn’t an April Fool’s prank. I just didn’t like the people at the party.

    They WERE fools, though. Ate every bite, and loved it! :)

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