Jacqueline Laurita Bails on Season Finale Filming

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Last night, the RHONJ finale was filmed a Macauso’s  catering hall in Hawthorne, NJ.  The pretense of the gathering, where the women are supposed to attempt to resolve all of the storylines was …… wait for it! …… a fashion show.  But it was not a Posche fashion show a the Brownstone.  This year, there is a new boutique owner in town.  Remember when Teresa almost violated probation trying to make it home by curfew after filming the opening of Melissa Gorga’s new shop, Envy? Well,  Envy Fashion Show is the new Posche Fashion Show.

Teresa was of course there as required to support her sister-in-law, Melissa.  Those two have formed a surprisingly tight alliance in season seven.  All the newbies were there including Robyn Levy and her wife Christina Flores, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania.

According to Vicki Hyman of NJ.Com, “The event was open to the public, but tickets were $85.39 for standing-room only to $370.24 for the VIP experience, which included a front row seat, a photo with “Real Housewives” stars, an open bar, dinner and gift bag.”

And in true RHONJ um…. fashion, no storylines were resolved and one returning housewife committed a major production no no and refused to film.  In case you had not heard the bad news, Jaqueline Laurita is back on RHONJ, according my sources she is a full housewife. Or she was. She may now be bumped down to a friend since her tantrum last night.


Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Gif Credit: RealityTVgifs

Here’s what we know. Despite Teresa Giudice’s new shtick as a zen yogi who is slow to anger and quick to forgive, when she was sitting in prison “writing her book” she made it clear to her ghost writer that  she had a lot of resentments toward Jacqueline.  She has held those resentments since all the way back in season one when she claims that Jacqueline twisted her arm to sign her contract right away with the rest of the group and thereby kept her from negotiating for more money. Don’t get it twisted. There is one thing and one thing only that Teresa Giudice values.  That one thing is money. So since season one, Teresa has had issues with good ole, mother of the year, Jac.

For some reason, Jacqueline and Melissa have been at odds all season.  I really don’t think either Teresa or Melissa wanted Jac or Kathy on RHONJ for season seven. I know Kathy did a bit of filming early on, but I’m not sure if she is still filming with the show. She recently sold her house and her son was in a car accident on New Years Eve (he’s fine).  But Jac has been filming the entire season.

Right up until the season trip to Vermont.

RHONJ Vermont4
What happened in Vermont exactly is unclear. There are several tabloid versions going around.  All have a key fact or two in common. There was a big blowout that involved Laurita and she left the trip early.  Newcomers Robyn and Christina also left early.  What we seem to know for certain is that  the altercation began between Melissa and Jac.  At some point things changed and the brunt of the blowout was between Jac and Robyn. This altercation is rumored to have become physical. From here on out details are fuzzy but based on my analysis of the sources and their credibility, it appears that Jac was the one that got physical with Robyn and she was sent home.  After that, Robyn and Christina left as well. I think they left on their own because they had enough.

What we do know for sure is that since the trip, everyone hates Jac.  So Jac has barely been filming. She was supposed to reconcile with Melissa and Robyn at a party filmed for the last episode before the finale.  Everyone was there but the Melissa and Jac refused to acknowledge each other. This was problematic because the finale is supposed to tie up all the loose ends and send everyone out into the real world without homicidal thoughts. At least until the reunion.  But with Jac not attending the finale, they will need to either do a post production makeup scene. Or hire extra security for the finale.

If Jac shows up for the finale. Remember when she called in sick for season three?  Or that other year?   This could be the third reunion that Jacqueline has bailed on…

This morning Jac tweeted “One thing that I have learned is how to cut inauthentic, unsupportive, insensitive, self-serving people from my life,& it feels really great!”

Stay tuned.

P.S. Normally I ask that you restrict your comments to only things discussed in the post to avoid rumors. In this particular case, since I haven’t spent much time working on RHONJ yet, feel free to discuss all the rumors. I have already said some are false and some appear accurate. Just don’t tell us where you read it. It might make us thing poorly of you.  A simple “I heard that…” will suffice.


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44 responses to “Jacqueline Laurita Bails on Season Finale Filming

  1. Lisaj

    I cannot wait! I’m so weak.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Me, too! And I am not happy with myself, ha.
      Didn’t Jac have some physical altercation with Caroline, or someone in the Laurita family prior to S1? I remember that being brought up at the infamous table flip scene. She looks like a dirty fighter. She’s going to be a grandma and she is still acting like a bratty adolescent. So ready for something other than fake disease.

      • Matzah60

        She did hit Caroline. It was brought up often, I think most often by Teresa when they were very much at odds on the last two seasons that Jacq was full time. Caroline Manzo made a comment at one of the reunions saying that Jacqueline struck her because she was going through postpartum depression. Caroline wanted to shut down the discussion and wanted to present a united front between the Manzo-Laurita families.

      • She also was involved in the bruhaha with The Greek…. not sure what the resolution was there.

      • tamaratattles

        AH yes, the great STILLETOGATE of 2013 Good Times http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2013/04/13/5859/

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Matzah60 and I can’t blame Caroline for wanting to shut it down. It always seemed like they’d moved on from the incident as it was brought up at times in a joking manner. Who is Teresa, who wasn’t even involved, to bring it up? Gawd she’s obnoxious!

    • I used to be obsessed with this show. The last season with those twins from New York made no sense to me. Dina Manzo was a bore. I stopped watching it, and I really don’t think I could go back. Jacqueline Laurita is a problem for me. I don’t know why she is on t.v. I don’t like Melissa, Joey is quit possibly the worst brother in the world. I’m out. They can try all they want, but they cannot resurrect this show. Season 1 was great. Season 2, not bad. The rest was garbage.

  2. Kim

    As long as they’re not debating the validity someone’s illness (ala RHOBH/Yo, RHOC/Brooks). Not that I’m comparing the 2 but I’m over those storylines! If that’s the best the storylines get, they need new HWs…
    Disappointed Jac back but besides that, looking forward to RHONJ. THRILLED the twins aren’t back! So there’s that =D

    • Aha!!! I too, and overjoyed that that TWINS are not returning. I really have lost all interest in this show because I couldn’t stand Caroline Manzo. I have no idea how she managed to get her own show. Proud to say, I didn’t watch ONE MINUTE of it. Then we have the all the family fighting, it got nasty, mean, and was not entertaining to watch. Can they recover? People want to see Teresa again, why? So they can bitch about her? I couldn’t care less.

      • bravocueen

        Couldn’t agree with this more!!!! Except I do want to see how the Guidice family is fairing.

      • Kim

        Agree! Not a fan of the Manzo fam either. How disgusting was the ham game?! (Remember that little gem? The uh, “kids”(lack of a better word) all toss cold cut ham on furniture. Gross & wasteful. Lovely.)

    • I won’t be missing the Marchese clan either.

  3. Dukie

    I was going to go but literally bailed last minute ! I was not in mood for taping but do love the store Envy! I have shopped it a lot but can def tell you that MG name is on it only! I work in fashion industry & know the real owner who is really sweet! The fact that MG is pretending to do the buy etc is hysterical ! Um….. Not ! I am curious to see how they spin this on new season… Will we see MG standing @ her store all day ?! Selling clothes? Seeing as she doesn’t approach people cuz they come to her can’t see how that will be successful for her !
    TT, we only believe this site anyways ! Facts always! Much respect for you ! (Yes I know there are run on sentences & grammar not correct etc but I don’t care )
    My mind is elsewhere but wanted to chime in!

    • Matzah60

      @ Dukie, I read also that Melissa’s store has a real owner too. I believe the owner is a Floridian. They aren’t partners and Melissa is simply using the name Envy without acknowledging the true owner. It’s kind of similar to Kyle’s store, but Kyle acknowledges the owner

      • That’s actually not a bad arrangement for the owner. Tons of free advertising/publicity for the business without having to humiliate themselves on reality TV. Win/win for them.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I live in Montclair Dukie- about a mile from Envy but I still haven’t made it there! I’m curious if it will succeed – it’s not a great location – terrible parking situation. A lot of the women at my hair salon, have shopped there and have told me there’s a nice range of clothing. I’m going to try to pop in there today- we’re going on vacation in a week and I need clothes!!

      Re the finale-We used to go to Macaluso’s when I was a kid! I haven’t heard that name in years…didn’t realize it had turned into a catering hall- it was a restaurant when I was growing up.

  4. Minky

    Without Caroline around to muzzle her Jac will definitely make a huge fool of herself. And I so wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the Jersey cast comes down with a case of the dropsy, or canine madness, or the winds, or some such other weird old-timey disease. Andy’s on a roll with these illness story lines and I don’t see him putting the breaks on anytime soon.

  5. BeetsWhy

    I never understood why Jac was on other than her relation to Caroline. She has always been a simpering almost whiny pain in the ass with no story line other than her daughter moving and her autistic son. I have no idea why she is on this season in any capacity. Of course I will still watch, I need to hear Tre tell us how juicy will be home by Labor Day!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      With Ambuh and the twins, I was longing for Jaq and Kathy back. Now that the memory of those other three has faded sufficiently, I’m NOT at all excited for their return.

  6. ShyGuy

    Filming has been extended to Monday because of Jacqueline refusing to film with the ladies, bravo lawyers said she must film the finale before the reunion later this year.

  7. @immelza

    Did you see Teresa was on the carpet with the lawyer and they looked cozy! I wonder whats going on there? Who takes their lawyer to work with them Has he been infected with famewhoreitis as well?

    • tamaratattles

      Oh Leonard “has done been” a famewhore as we say in the south. http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2015/01/05/teresa-giudices-new-attorney-is-interesting/

      • Minky

        Totally weird. I had nothing better to do this afternoon so I looked at Teresa’s wikipedia page. One of her tags is “America socialites” as well as “American woman writers”, but the coup de grease: “American people convicted of fraud”.

        There’s also a link on there to this Leonard person’s wiki page. It says that he “has become known for representing clients who perform as reality television talent.” I wonder who put that there? And what other “talent” does her represent?

      • tamaratattles

        You realize that you or I can edit Wikipedia, right? Some people do that all day instead of reading here, like normal people. Most are deadly serious. Some love typing in random funny shit. :)

      • Theresa

        My best friend is divorced from an Atlanta NBA legend. I altered his wiki page once when some article came out about what a great father he was. I mentioned he didn’t know where his girls lived or went to school and is full of shit. Lasted almost a month before someone changed it. I was quite proud of myself. Lol. Doesn’t take much

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky “coup de grease” I don’t know if that was autocorrect or intentional but I LOVE IT.

    • He is also Melissa’s lawyer. And it was reported elsewhere that his wife was at the fashion show too.

  8. @immelza

    Thanks TT! I guess I somehow missed that post. Hope you are well!

  9. More Tea Please!

    More Laurita dirt, former enfant terrible Lauren is knocked up…and engaged. In that order.

  10. Cheychey

    I cant believe that someone would pay almost $400 to sit near these idiots. As for the picture they live in your town you could probably get one at the local whole foods. Unless the money is going to charity it’s worth it. Maybe I missed that.

    • Cat

      Maybe I’m weird, but I never consider “reality stars” to be celebrities, not to mention “stars”. They are just people who are on tv. Like the crowd outside of Good Morning America. Or people who wave and throw hand signs behind a news reporter. No big deal. Certainly not worth $400. Or $4.

      • Kim

        Agree with your issue with the word celebrity. It’s one of the most overused words used today. Right up there with “genius” & “bully”. =D

  11. microop

    I haven’t heard anything other than Jacs daughter Ashley is engaged and pregnant. Jac should not be on reality TV and I guess Chris keeps letting her go on BC they aren’t in a great position financially.

  12. What a complete and utter nincompoop!

    • Meri

      Why is this woman on television in the first place? She should be locked up somewhere to ensure the safety of others. Jacqueline is a nutcase on the verge of going totally postal and shooting up her co-workers. I cannot stand this person. I am not entertained by watching the mentally ill on television. One more Real Housewife franchise that has gone to the dark side. Put her in a room with Andy Cohen, Brandi and Kim Richards and let them have at it. Throw in Brooks Ayers and Yolanda and THAT is entertainment.

  13. jen

    I saw that the Lauritas came out with a new “product” then they did a big announcement of Ashlee’s pregnancy at the same time. She is still not above pimping out her kids for press. Good for Ashlee I wish her the best. Why are they alwats launching useless products? Does anyone else think this is weird? ehy Can’t Chris just get a job??

  14. jen

    What ever happened about all of the Laurita’s legal troubles? Bankruptcy and a fraud case against them??

    Also I remember hearing Jac was a stripper when she met Chris but claims she was “modeling.” I can’t see her as a model. Didn’t she say she was a hair stylist.

    The Lauritas are so fake and disgusting liars. I wish Bravo would just fire her already. Why is she allowed to skip so many reunions and events? Does she have lyme too?

  15. Teresa Beard

    Why do we care??? It is a illiness, maybe it’s the kids, I can,’t wait to hear their stories!

  16. captivagrl

    Is there a charity involved? Those ticket prices are ridiculous. I may watch again, now that the three weirdos from last season are gone.

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