Let’s All Go To Our Happy Place

Kroy and KJ DBT


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18 responses to “Let’s All Go To Our Happy Place

  1. Toddy

    That could be my happy place, upon The Kroy. Just kidding, Kim, love y’all together?

  2. Barbara R

    Thank you!

  3. Chae

    I wonder if Kroy gets re-signed by the Falcons? He’s a free agent now and met with the Buffalo Bills this week…

  4. Anastasia_Beave

    He sure loves his daddy. So sweet.

  5. Crazy in NC

    I just adore pics of dads snuggling their kids! So cute!

  6. Lisaj

    Of all the housewives Kim is by far the most blessed.

  7. Kim is indeed the most fortunate and must have a lot more going on than what we’ve seen on ‘reality’ TV. She marries a hot, sweet, rich football player and then gets to promptly pop out as many more babies as she wants and do what she wants and he loves her completely. Talk about a Cinderella life!

  8. I love KZ’s Instagram. Kept is hot and I don’t usually do ginger.

  9. Calipatti

    I agree with the other comments plus Kim seems to actually try to see Troy’s side and desires in life, example, camping.
    Kim appears to appreciate her blessings.

    My happy place tonight was when my sons fiancé handed me a bowl of rock cod & salmon over gluten free pasta and very cold cucumber avocado baby tomato salad.
    Thank you to the Spirits for the gift of this young woman. Probably Karma after all the crap the boys put me through.

  10. microop

    Generally speaking Katherine’s husband is more my type, but Kroy is also seriously hot.

  11. Jelley

    Thanks for posting T!

  12. jen

    Sweet picture. I love when I get a pic of my hubby curled up with my boys also. Kim has such beautiful children. They seem so happy also. Great to see in a sea of disfunction among other housewives. ♡

  13. belladonna

    That is such a sweet picture.

  14. I miss Kim sooooo much, my favorite rich White Woman. The babies are sooooooo cute.

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