Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dubai Daze

RHOBH Dubai Atlantis group
Last week’s episode of RHOBH was probably my all time favorite with all of the ladies except the one with Chronic Lymenopause hanging out in luxury suites at the Atlantis Hotel on The Palm in Dubai.  When else would we ever get to see the inside of a 40,000 dollar a night 10,000 plus square foot hotel suite with views of the Persian Gulf?  I can’t wait to see more. I’d be happy never leaving the hotel, frankly but tonight the ladies go racing across the sand dunes in a giant jeep,  roam a local market and have dinner in the desert while enjoying an after dinner smoke from a shisha pipe.

We start this episode at a sea lion center. What, what? Why? Oh! It is part of the hotel. The ladies will be reviewing three activities at the hotel. It must suck to have to partake of five star services on TV in exchange for your five plus star suites.

Kyle and Pinky are swimming with the sea lions. Pinky adored the sea lions.

Kathryn and Rinna are going to the spa. The start at a gorgeous tub filled with bubbles and roses. I am not sharing a tub with a cast mate, and perhaps not even a long term boyfriend. Not enough rose petals in the world. But it would be great by myself!  These two decide not to talk like they are supposed to during their pampering. I don’t blame them.

Eileen and Erika are going to the aquarium. Erika likes Rinna and these two talk about her strong reaction to the photos of Yolanda and the two former housewives. What I have since found out is that everyone agreed not to film with Brandi or Kim and that was the real reason that Rinna was pissed. But the viewers don’t know this and it can’t be mentioned on the show.  Erika is so stunning.

Later Rinna and Eileen meet up in very similar caftans. Eileen tells Rinna that the word “enraged” is still bothering Rinna.  Eileen says that she needs to let Rinna know she doesn’t agree with all of the things Rinna said at the beach. Really? Can we not just find a good schwarma and falafel place?  Eileen seems to be trying to get Rinna to bring up all of her feelings to the entire group. Rinna says that she told Eileen how she really felt because she trusts her, and now Eileen seems to be wanting her to share with the entire group.  She doesn’t get why. I do. Eileen needs to stir the pot and have some memorable scenes before the season ends. She needs to give production a few strong moments to ensure her return. If that means dragging her good friend Rinna with her? Oh well. Et tu, Eileen?


All the ladies get in a hotel van (Mercedes)  and drive through the city. They pass Burj Kalifa which is the largest skyscraper in the world. It took five years to build.  I believe Chateau Sheree is on year six.  Because according to Sheree, these things take time. She has to get it just right, you know.

They arrive in the desert and an Erika has been groomed and spackled by her glam squad with her hair in a “Mohawk braid” and a ton of dark eye shadow.  Everyone gets a black scarfed tied up turban style and off the go across the dunes in the jeep. The girls throw their hands up like they are on a rollercoaster at first. And then they hang on for deal life and start wondering about seatbelts.

They get to their spot and have a glass of champagne and watch a falcon show.  All the ladies take a photo in their caftans and the pictures are stunning. Every last one looks like the cover of Vogue. They ladies continue their journey and night begins to fall as they arrive at the huge elaborate tent for their Arabian Nights Dinner.

The ladies start bitching about it being a “dry night” tonight and tomorrow.  However will they do two nights in a row?  Besides, unless they are sleeping in the desert tonight, which I hope we, I mean they, are, they can drink at their hotel when they get home. Can they really not manage to be sober for 48 hours in Dubai? So the host brings them a drink and hey all love it. Then they ask what it is. They shouldn’t have asked. It is tea with camel’s milk.  Now they are all skeeved out. Sigh. This is why I prefer to travel alone. I’d really hate someone who reacted that way.

The main course of dinner is lamb based. Probably over cous cous, I haven’t seen it yet. Then they have a guy where they can try camel.  Vanderpump is fine with the poor cuddly widdle lamb, but not willing to try the camel. Sigh. Every wants to skip that part. Kathryn says she will try it and LVP and Kyle exchange looks that seem disparaging toward Kathryn, the only one who is willing to immerse herself in another culture.  Eileen and one other decided to taste the camel with Kathryn.

RHOBH Dubai 2
So over a dish of “Humpy” as LVP referred to the camels, the ladies have a serious talk.  Mostly between Erika and Rinna. Erika asks Rinna very calmly if she likes Yolanda.  Rinna thinks for a bit and says that is an interesting question. It genuinely seems like something she hasn’t considered before. Then she says she thinks that may take some time between her and Yolanda.  She asks Erika what she really things of her. Erika says she likes her more now than she did when they first met.  When Rinna asks why she says because it is hard for her to trust.  Rinna asks if she judges them. Erika says, “No who am I to judge? Do you judge me?” And Rinna laughs and says, “Probably.”  Erika asks why and Rinna says she judges everyone in her own brain.  In her talking head Kyle says Rinna should have kept her mouth shut. Why? Rinna is just being honest.  I think we all make judgments about everyone and everything every day.  I like this person better than that person, I prefer pistachio ice cream over strawberry.  It’s what humans do. But apparently, when I hit play this will be the wrong thing to have said.  Rinna tries to explain when she first saw Erika’s video she felt she was a certain way.  I don’t think Rinna has any ill intentions here. But now Erika is pissed. I think perhaps I am just like Rinna. We don’t get why what we say is upsetting to people. I have this problem a lot. /shrugs

Moving on, the go to smoke some shisha. The girls are acting high. So either they are having a bit of a nicotine high or they are smoking hash.  Meanwhile, LVP and Rinna are not partaking and are having a conversation. Rinna wants to know why LVP told her to bring up Kyle. LVP says she didn’t say that and in fact she said to leave everyone out of it. Rinna says she doesn’t know why no one else is owning up to their part in the Munchausen debacle. LVP says she never said “Munchausen” and gets up to joint the others. Rinna says to the camera she has never had anyone lie directly to her face like that. I just rewound and listened again because I know this will come up on the reunion. LVP said ” I never WOULD HAVE said Munchausen.” By that she could have meant TO YOLANDA. Because she has to know she said Munchausen on the show.

The next day the ladies go to the souk. Oh this should be interesting. It’s not a particularly pristine place to go and they are wearing sandals. Erika is an expert (in her sandals and expensive outfits drawing attention to her wealth, blond hair blowing in the wind)  because she as been to a “Supermarket in Bahrain” before. She keeps calling the souk the supermarket and doesn’t understand what would be happening right now if they didn’t have half a doze male security guards with them. Rinna and Eileen are the closest to appropriately dressed yet the other ladies or something has them feeling in the wrong. Eillen has on boots; which is perfect.

Wow, the Dubai souk is way more like the Sex in the City scenes. I forget that Dubai is a brand new city and not ancient like Tripoli or Marrakesh.  They are horribly bad at bargaining for prices. LVP was the worst, the guy’s first price was 55 and she said I’ll give you 85! Sigh.

Kathryn is trying on a kaftan and there is a cockroach on it. She freaks the fuck out and flees the store.  I can’t blame her but the storekeeper was  looking at her like WTF?

Okay, I am irritated again. There is a Nobu in Dubai and that is where the ladies choose to eat. They eat at Nobu in Malibu twice a week. You are in Dubai. Get out of the fancy hotel (but sure eat there at least once) and  go find REAL FOOD that REAL PEOPLE EAT!   This is why my husband, Anthony Bourdain, hates the housewives with the passion of ten thousand suns.  They don’t even have to look at the menu. They know exactly what they want. It’s just Rinna, Kyle and Kathryn at Nobu so this is a filming simply for Rinna and Kyle to compare notes on LVP.

But first, please let us all take a moment to appreciate Kyle gorgeous turquoise earrings and ring. It looks fabulous with her deep blue dress with turquoise and other stones sewn on.

Kyle tells Rinna that she knew that LVP was trying to put her up to the whole Munchausen thing. Kyle told LVP that is she thinks she is going to take her (Kyle) down, then Kyle will take her down in flames with her.  Kyle says that she let it  go with LVP because they have been getting along so well lately and she doesn’t want to start things up with LVP again.   I had no idea Rinna had know LVP for 26 years. WOW.

So Rinna goes to Eileen and catches her up on everything.  Basically, LVP lied to Rinna. Eileen is glad to hear this. Eileen has been wanting for LVP to take accountability for what she does.

OMG! AND NOW WE HAVE SAID IT! THANK YOU LISA RINNA.  Rinna just said that LVP and Yolanda have never liked each other. This is something that the storylines have tried not to show too much of, and it is the whole reason for all of the other ladies being pissed off. LVP wanted everyone else to expose Yolanda and her Munchausen or whatever is really wrong with her, and not get any blood on her own hands because she is besties with Mohammed.  LVP wanted Kyle to ask her about the kid’s Lyme. Kyle went along with it. This is going to be a fabulous reunion.

The ladies go to dinner (which can only mean trouble) on the beach at Atlantis which appears to be shut down just for their filming. It’s breathtaking looking back at the hotel or out over the water. Kathryn and Rinna order double Grey Gooses on the rocks. Rinna tells Erika that LVP lied to her face the previous night. Erika gets the “I told you so face” and asks her how that made her feel. Rinna said she was horrified. Erika offers support and tells her to be smart about how she handles the impending confrontation.  Erika and Rinna make a tentative pre-friends pact. Or in real terms a reunion show alliance. Erika smartly tries to bring Kathryn in to the alliance as well.

Kyle leads LVP to the slaughter. When they sit down everyone stops talking. Kyle fills the time with giving them the rules for the shopping mall tomorrow. Basically, the rules are, act like a lady. Be civilized. Respect the local culture. You know. Common sense stuff. The women find this all to be a huge burden.

LVP continues to deny that she tried to bring Kyle into this. Kyle says that LVP said the same thing to her. LVP is now saying they are both lying. Kyle seems to be on Rinna’s side. Right up until Rinna says she is not taking the rap by herself for the Munchausen’s conversation. Now Kyle is like, oh no, don’t bring me in on that!

Eileen has some strange reaction to Kyle not holding LVP accountable.  This makes Kyle say that she knows LVP loves her and if she did do that (which Kyle admitted to Rinna and Kathryn at Nobu that she did) she forgives LVP.  She turns to LVP and says, “I forgive you.” Now, LVP who cannot give a decent apology to save her life is now irked to the moon and back over Kyle’s grand forgiveness over a transgression she continues to deny occurred. Meanwhile the two new girls are sipping their drinks looking bored and hungry.

Oh look, here comes the food with Kyle sobbing saying basically that her entire family and her sisters are all a mess and she just didn’t want to mess up the relationship she has with LVP on top of all the other shit going on in her life. This gets Rinna to back off Kyle.

Then Eileen tries to speak and once again LVP shuts her down saying that Eileen is “always trying to have a go at her” before Eileen utters a word. So now Eileen IS going to have a go at her and we go through the whole invasive conversation LVP had with Eileen on camera. The back story there is that Eileen and Vince are going through some things. Maybe he is cheating. Maybe LVP knew. Maybe it was going to be storyline. But it was very hurtful to Eileen whatever it was and that is why she can’t get past it without an apology. And EVERY SINGLE TIME this comes up LVP literally says, “What’s the big deal?” instead of, “I’m so very sorry I hurt you, it was not my intention and I feel terribly. Please forgive me.”  That would have ended it in the Hamptons. But now LVP is still saying, word for word, “What’s the big deal?”

This is not the first season where LVP has refused to issue a sincere apology to multiple people. Kyle has just decided to accept that LVP can’t apologize. This is new for Eileen and why she keeps TRYING. Because what Eileen doesn’t get is that LVP is not sorry. Eileen things if she explains it to LVP that she will realize that she hurt her and apologize. The truth is LVP is well aware she hurt Eileen, and she doesn’t give a shit. She’s not sorry and she’s enjoying shutting down Eileen for some reason.  Kathryn says it is a cultural difference. It’s not. LVP knows how to give a proper apology. LVP knows how to tell the truth. Those are universal behaviors across cultures.

LVP is cornered and she knows it, so she cries. LVP tries to run. That is her standard operating procedure. They show flashbacks of her doing this in other seasons. Kyle won’t let her.

Rinna, LVP is NEVER, EVER, EVER going to admit she lied.

Next week: The go to Burj Kalifa to shop. The Burj Kalifa has an entire fleet of white Rolls Royces that they send to pick up wealthy tourists from their fancy hotels in. I can’t wait to see it all.   Also next week more from the Flying Dutchgirl and the two Alcoholics in the scene that Rinna is so angry that Yolanda filmed. Did you notice that Lymenopause has really affected Yolanda’s ability to speak English?  And the LVP lies and refusal to apologize continues to cause drama with all the ladies, even Kyle.


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157 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Dubai Daze

  1. Cat

    Amazing. They are how many miles from home? And still, all they talk about is Yolanda.

  2. Theresa

    I’m such a dork. I’ve been refreshing the page since about 15 minutes after the show ended. Now I have to wait for all the awesome comments.

  3. Chung

    I feel like Lisa Rinna is always trying to call people out (Kim, Brandi, Yolanda) but she backs off things when the heat comes down. Also, there was talk on camera that Lisa Rinna repeated the Munchausen gossip from her hair stylist but now she’s claiming that LVP encouraged her to bring it up. I think she knows that Yolanda and Lisa can’t stand each other and she’s putting LVP into it now to take the heat off her because she knows that Yolanda will jump at the opportunity to bring her down a few notches. Thats manipulation.

    • WonkyTonk

      The real manipulation happened when LVP and Kyle manipulated Lisa R into bringing up Munchhausen. I mentioned it at the time, but if you go back through the episodes the knowing glances LVP and Kyle exchanged with each other frequently made it painstakingly clear they were discussing it among themselves off camera frequently, and in a way that was critical of Yolanda. They wanted it brought up but didn’t want to be the ones to do it so they manipulated Lisa R into being the guinea pig. Funny thing is this situation reminds me of NeNe and Phaedra trying to teach Kim Fields how to read, not because they actually wanted to teach her a new skill, if you can even call that a skill, but rather they were trying to manipulate Kim into causing a scene with Kenya. Bravo to Kim for seeing through it, and avoiding the trap. It’s also a pretty good indication of how stupid NeNe and Pheadra were for doing that on camera where LVP and Kyle were smart enough to keep it off camera. Pinky is going to have a red butt over the spanking she’s going to take over this one. I doubt she’ll be able to escape this one unscathed. It’s kind of sad Kyle puts up with the shit from LVP because she’s desperate to maintain the friendship. Hey I like seeing the two together, but if LVP did what Kyle says she did, and I believe Kyle, then maybe it might be time to ghost her. I hope she doesn’t though, as I said I like seeing the two of them together on the show.

      • tamaratattles

        LVP is still reeling from the reunion. She seems most pissed off at Eileen for manipulating Rinna into confronting LVP on camera. Eileen did all of her manipulating right on camera. LVP does all of hers off camera.

  4. Lime Brain

    Loved the recap. Lisa Rinna already has her blog up and she let it all out. I was actually getting bored with the episode. This muechasean thing has been beaten to death.

    I so agreed with Erica about Brandi and Kim are in the past and leave them there. Get to know Erica and Kathyrn and enjoy the present.

  5. Minky

    Wow. Pinky does need to eat some humble pie. Preferably humpy-humble pie. I knew she was manipulative, but this is a bit much. It’s like, mondo hubris with her.

    Regarding the way these women behave in a foreign country with an unfamiliar culture: Typical hickery. This bunch totally proves that money can’t buy you class or manners.

    Not all Americans behave this way, but a lot. We’re supposed to be known for this internationally. Gagging at unfamiliar food, squealing like nutty schoolgirls during inappropriate situations, talking too loudly, dressing too provocatively, the whole enchilada.

    And yes Tamara, your husband Anthony is so right. The worst of it is when they expect to find “American” food, or “something normal to eat” abroad. Really? Then why didn’t you just stay home with your Wonder Bread and your processed cheese?

    • Jo

      Unfortunately, I’m guilty of contributing to the stereotype. When I went to France with some of my high school class, I openly recoiled at the first course of a decadent meal as my plate was set in front of me. I didn’t think twice about the servers who were working their butts off for us. I cringe thinking about it now, what a little rude American asshole I was!

      • Minky

        Jesus, I hope I didn’t sound too snooty with that one. I’m also a little guilty of this myself. Everybody acts like they’re on vacation when they’re on vacation.

  6. Calipatti

    Wow what a beautiful place. Those suites are amazing, the marble, high ceilings, chandeliers, all of the lighting, I don’t understand how these women are not making a bigger deal out of the place. Guess it is the “game” that they are accustomed to places like that.

    In Dubai the architecture is supposedly some of the best new builds in world. I would love to see it.
    Holy Crackers, I would need a guide in the suite.

    Hot Pink caftan seems tacky on anyone over age 12. That thought is just me.
    Sick of Lisa Rinna talking about Yolanda.
    Oh Jeeze that place is beautiful.

    • Matzah60

      Ditto Calipatti on the, “Sick of Lisa Rinna talking about Yolanda.” To me, Rinna’s responses and reactions to most situations are over the top. I recall when she was in the waiting room when her daughter was having her tonsils removed, she said, I’d rather have knives poked under my fingernails than have my daughter get her tonsils out.” She also said that she was scared her daughter would die while in surgery. Perhaps, not an atypical fear of a mother, but sometimes we don’t need to verbalize those fears out loud. When her daughter watches the show, there’s a good chance she’ll internalize that fear if and when she has further surgery in her life.

      Just a thought, but is there a chance that perhaps Mohammed made a request to LVP, off camera, to help him expose Yolanda. This is not a defense of LVP. I have always felt that she makes mean-spirited comments about others with that insipid smile on her face. The British accent also helps to diminish the malice intended towards her targets.

    • jen

      Yes, she has managed to mention she was in play boy pregnant at least 4 times. Annoying. I used to like her but she reminds me a little of a buzzing bee.

  7. QueenB

    So LVP supposedly asks Lisa R why she didn’t bring Kyle into the Munchausen discussion. So what? That’s the “Big Manipulation” Eileen and Lisa R have been hinting at all season?

    Forget the off camera gossip. We cant prove it. The only manipulation I’ve seen on camera all season is Eileen convincing Lisa R to confront LVP again so Eileen has yet another opportunity to confront LVP about the Hampton discussion.

    Eileen needs to stop being defensive and let go of her guilt about having an affair. All’s well that ends well. He married you and made “an honest woman of you.” Geez Lol

    • Calipatti

      I don’t see what LVP said as manipulation either. Rinna has a choice to keep talking about her opinions or be quiet. Who cares what her negative thoughts are?
      Lisa R. option about Erica’s video was uncalled for. Who appointed her to the moral high ground?

    • tamaratattles

      Did you watch the episode or read the recap??? I’m confused how you can not see that the “big manipulation” in as far as Yolanda’s health is concerned is LVP trying to get Kyle and Rinna to do her dirty work. KYLE ACTUALLY ADMITTED IT SEVERAL TIMES TONIGHT.

      The other manipulations discussed JUST TONIGHT have to do with Eileen, which people don’t seem to get because of the things not shown on TV, but explained here many times is about LVP poking into her marriage at a very bad time.

      Then for the people WHO STILL HAVE LVP BLINDERS, they took us back to the time LVP swore that she didn’t tell Brandi to pack the magazine stories about Kyle (who she doesn’t love btw) letting us know once and for all she did. Because even I had my LVP blinders on then, because BRANDI.

      • QueenB

        I don’t have on blinders re: LVP. Whether LVP suggested off screen that Rinna bring up a topic or not, it still doesn’t amount to master manipulation in my opinion.

        Rinna is 50+ yrs old and ultimately responsible for what she says on camera. Based on Rinna and Eileen’s theatrics you would think LVP convinced them to rob a bank. Its not that serious.

      • There is none so blind as those who will not see.

      • tamaratattles

        Well, I see dumb people. Lots and lots of dumb people. I lost count of how many LVP groupies I muted on Twitter tonight.

      • When did Lisa admit she told Brandi to bring the magazines?

      • pocketbooklover

        If I remember correctly, Carlton and Yo both said that LVP never said to Brandi to bring the magazines. Both were there that morning and said it never happened. Yo admitted she didn’t speak up and tell Kyle that Brandi was wrong because she was mad at LVP and Ken.

      • QueenB

        I assume on every franchise all of these women make alliances and discuss each other and who’s going to say what. On RHOA for instance it’s obvious that Kim and Porsha are influenced by Phaedra.

        Eileen clearly “manipulated” Rinna on camera after several conversations to confront LVP. Does that make Eileen a master manipulator now?

      • Erica

        YES. My jaw kind of dropped when Eileen started in on the I am disappointed in you because you weren’t “honest” with them – you told me stuff, and then were nice to them! conversation. That was so pushing Lisa’s buttons.

        In real life – a real friend would have said “Look, you DIDN’T mention Kyle in that conversation – so her bringing up Kyle is on HER, and is between Kyle and her. If Kyle brings it up – you can certainly support her, but why stir up the pot and give LVP power? As long as you and Kyle are good, who cares? Or at least wait until we get home.”

        But no… had to imply that Lisa R was being a bad friend, or person, or inauthentic for not bringing it up and creating an argument.

      • I have no blinders, I just love that LVP plays the reality TV game better than her competitors – lets face it Housewives is just as much a competition as Survivor, Idol, Project Runway etc. Winner gets a fat paycheck & an audience/ client for their work/ business. Add promotional fee’s and bingo, your 15 minutes of fame and bingo, here’s the American/ Global Dream of the new Millennium. And Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Allan ball thought we had problems!!

        This isclearly a dirty business & no one on this show is going to leave with their integrity intact & an unstained soul. It’s what they sign up for – LVP was clearly following production cues or even more cleverly anticipating them in order to inflame the drama that misogynist Andy requires and keep her place on the show.

        Eileen is clearly incensed by the intrusion into her private life – I’m sure filming would put pressure on a shaky marriage – but is clearly unable to play with the subtly employed by Yolanda or LVP. Sorry love, but there is no absolute truth, its a matter of perspective based on values and experience – neither LVP or Yolanda says nothing without measure & I’m sure with many shades of nuance that can allow them to back out when the going gets tough. And if your’e Yolanda you can forget how to speak English because, you know, Lyme-Brain & a foreigner!!

        Lisa Rinner is manfully trying to play her strengths – this is my truth out of my big lipped mouth – I give her kudos but it’s meat axe against rapier thrust of the Brit and the lemon tree & I’m thinking subtlety is the winner here – watch Erica’s low key approach – with the occasional cobra strike!

        I believe Kyle really does aspire to LVP’s lifestyle & has learned from bitter experience it’s better to back the Queen than end up a pawn. Thus her alliance, but it’s cracking under pressure

        I agree with Erica – lets just shut up & enjoy the lovely dinner on the beach! Andy Cohen, what’s the obsession with female relational aggression? No mature adult woman would tolerate this crap – especially in the work place.

        Can’t we just see the fabulous life?

      • spunky2015

        Yolanda in her blog and Carlton said it didn’t happen from what I remember. Brandi was the one who initially brought up maurico cheating rumors (where there is smoke there is fire episode).

      • When did LVP admit to doing that? I must have missed it.

      • WonkyTonk

        I watched that interrogation scene a couple of times, and really I think it was completely innocent on LVP’s part. I think she was just curious and ran with her questions. I’ve done that myself frequently. Where Lisa V went wrong is she didn’t put it to rest by just freakin genuinely apologizing to Eileen. “Sorry luv I had no Idea you were feeling that way I feel awfully sorry now. What can I do to make it better?” Done, and done. Easy Peasy! Where Eileen went wrong is she didn’t say “Can we discuss this some other time, I’m feeling a little awkward here and now.” I think Eileen owns the lions share of blame here. If she didn’t want to discuss it she should have shut it down instead of feeding it by continuing to answer the questions. I think for Eileen it’s not so much what she says LVP did, it’s her internalized shame over the situation that’s causing her inability to let it go, but instead of recognizing that she keeps trying to blame LVP for her own lack of ease over her own personal situation.

    • Sweet T

      I thought this episode was amazing as it really showed how manipulative lvp is. All of the seasons we have watched Cedric ( who was a big liar), Adrienne, Taylor, Camille, Kyle, Brandi, Eileen, rinna, Erica say she is manipulative. This is a lot of people to say the same exact thing about a person. We all expect the ladies to be grown adults and say what they want to but manipulative people are masters at manipulating others. It is like readers don’t understand the actual meaning of manipulative. Most likely it’s because they are too busy being manipulated themselves. Lvp is a master at getting others to do her dirty work and Faye resnick of all people did the best at confronting her with it without backing down or softening up. Lvp was really exposed tonight in a spectacular way and I can’t wait for the reunion. Hopefully they will get I together on go full throttle on her ass.

  8. Addie2U

    I call BS with Erika getting pissed at Rinna for judging her. Erika has judged everyone of them – she just won’t admit it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      She certainly seems very judgmental at times but it may also just be as she said, she has trouble trusting people. She can be aloof and standoffish. I still keep flipping back and forth on whether I like Erika or not.

      • addie2u

        At the bare minimum – not trusting people is due to prejudging them to not be trustworthy (& I sympathize because I’m the same). Other than that, she’s definitely judged them all – but it seems her sparkliness (for lack of a better word) has distracted viewers from the facts. I also flip back & forth with her. I’d like her better if she just owned her shyt.

        Her bringing her “glam squad” on a girls trip – sure it was fabulous but what better way to separate yourself from the pack. She’s not much of a girl’s girl. If a friend had brought her “glam squad” on a vacation I was involved with – I’d tell her “get over yourself”. I have remind myself this is made for tv drama. 😉

  9. Ricky Lee Jones

    I don’t care if Queen Lisa lied. I’m sure she did. She’s a master chess player and she gets away with murder with her looks, her fabulousness and that accent. Many people have tried to take her down and they have failed. She’s the perfect modern day reality star — manufacturered, polished and always utterly six steps ahead of everyone else. It all boils down to just sheer jealousy on the part of the other howives. They couldn’t take her down before and they won’t this season either. I’m sure IRL she’s probably a bitch but for reality TV, she’s golden. Long live the Queen. LOL.

    • Minky

      I love your CB handle Ricky Lee Jones! You’re right Pinky’s a terrific player here. Somehow she does all of this and remains likable. I’ll chalk it up to her lack of braying and histrionics like the rest of the cast.

      And the rest of the cast, rather than taking notes and upping their own game, simply get stuck in her web. So, no I can’t really feel sorry for them. Especially not Yolanda. I’m hoping that Pinky deals with her swiftly.

      For an indication as to what kind of a person Pinky is in real life no more is needed than to skim through the many times TT has mentioned Pinky’s legal troubles with her restaurants. She can manipulate these pink caftan wearing camel jockeys, but she can’t manipulate a robe wearing judge. I’d LOVE to see Judge Judy put her in her place, for example.

      Heck, I’d love to see Judge Judy deal with a lot of the Wives from various franchises. Teresa, Phaedra, Vicky, Tamra, Brandi, Yolanda…

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve never known a Queen whose MO was to cry, clam up and attempt to flee when confronted on her devious behavior. A Queen would just own it.

      • Laura

        Yes!!! Exactly a queen would own it and turn it around and make you think she was right all along. LVP doesn’t ever want to look like a shady person, but she’s done some really shady things.

      • More Tea Please!

        TT, Her Royal Highness has a deer-in-the-headlights look when confronted last night that I have never seen on her in all of the years she’s been on the show…she was perturbed.

  10. V

    This whole storyline is a mess, but kudos to Kyle because she definitely gets LVP. Kyle is able to call her out for being a liar and still maintain a good relationship with her.

    I like lvp, but she is clearly a liar ( why would kyle lie) and her manipulation has been a little sloppy. This should have been the season where she was taken down because of that; however, LR and Eileen have been so insufferable that she gets another pass.

    I agree that LVP is not going to apologize because she isn’t sorry, so at this point ED is just making a fool out of herself, Im sure she doesn’t want to be friends with LVP so why not let it go already.

    As far as LR goes, Lvp did all of her dirty work off camera, the way it should be done. LR only has her self to blame for bringing it up on camera. So what if she was encourage to bring it up , no one forced her to and its so funny that everyone is saying lvp is a manipulator, DUH! this has been going on for how many season now? Its nothing new, what is new is that ED is not even hiding her manipulation, she is practically feeding LR her lines.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m quite shocked by Eileen’s open manipulation. Is she being sloppy? Just completely and totally un-self-aware? How does she not see this will bite her in the ass?

  11. Spilledperfume

    Great recap. I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes so this helps a lot. I’m looking forward to the reunion.

  12. iloveearlgrey

    I love Kyle so hard this season.

    I get why Eileen is so flabbergasted at the whole situation, and I don’t blame her. I’d be seething too if someone pulled the shit LVP did and got away with it. As a viewer though, I respect it.

    Random: Erika and Rinna do this weird thing when they’re talking where they get dead serious and their voice gets all weird. It annoys the crap outta me for some reason.

    • FrostyTheOG

      I know EXACTLY what you are talking about regarding their voices! Ha! Guessing (only a guess), that LR goes all Soapie and Erika just matches it for fun!? It cracks me up when I see it that way… bad lighting, music and all ☺

    • Lindsay

      I know someone who does the same thing. Voice totally changes when they say “I would NEVER do that” etc. it’s a major tell

  13. Erica

    I really think that both Lisa Rinna and Kyle get my support and kudos – I do kind of wish that Kyle had given her “I don’t give a fuck if she said that” speech to LR when Lisa first told her in Nobu. Honestly? In all the manipulations – that is pretty damn minor. (Maybe LVP forgot in her old age)

    But they really should have admitted that they participated in the speculation. Kyle should hae said, yes, initially, I did speculate, didn’t mention Munchhausen’s but agreed the instagram posts are weird.

    And Eileen – get over yourself. YOU DID HAVE AN AFFAIR. Better that Lisa VP ask you directly than speculate or make nasty comments behind your back!

  14. belladonna

    That wasn’t a falcon, it was a kestral!

  15. microop

    I am slow clapping Kyle. I feel like I watched her grow up before my eyes. She’s playing super smart this season and landed the most effective shade to LVP ever with her declaration of forgiveness. Kyle wins the episode.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes. And not only that but her “Now,now,don’t run away like you always do” line was perfection. And her delivery was such that there was no way LVP could come up with some dumb retort… Especially because she had moments before goaded LVP into professing her love for Kyle. It was all quite masterful.

  16. belladonna

    I think I am suffering with many. My affliction? Lymopause. Thank you TT for the diagnosis.

  17. Karen

    You call it running, I call it escaping from a no win situation.

  18. belladonna

    Oh god, next week, muncheatingahousein.

  19. belladonna

    These bitches aren’t good at bargaining.

  20. Omg! These women are in this insanely luxurious setting and they are arguing about Yolanda. Yolanda wins.
    The only one I respect tonight is Kyle. To understand and forgive the limits and flaws in a person you love takes a wise and generous soul.
    The reunion will be very interesting.
    Great recap, TT, thanks!

    • Matzah60

      @Lisamia. I love that quote you forged in your post. “To understand and forgive the limits and flaws in a person you love takes a wise and generous soul.” I’ll take that one to the bank. It reminds me of another quote. “The stupid neither forgive or forget. The wise forgive, but do not forget.”

    • Calipatti

      It looks to me LVP and Kyle got thier friendship back and tighter than ever after the fiasco of Kim’s last season.

      They made up, talked it out and are acting as true friends do. They excuse bad behavior of each other (Kyle’s still clean) and will chose the friendship over any gossip from others on this reality show.
      There will be life after this is show over and that is what they banked.

  21. Cherry Bomb

    Remember the Youtube guy that was crying and saying “leave Brittany alone…. That’s going to be me…. “Leave Pinky Alooooone “

    • Hahahah I can’t wait to see that video! I’m actually tearing up!

    • Minky

      NO! Don’t leave her alone! That’s the last thing she wants. But, if she keeps it up with this that’s what might very well happen. I for one want to see how she’s gonna tap dance her way out of this during the reunion. She aways pulls the “you’re overreacting” bit and rolls her eyes. I also have a feeling Yolanda won’t let much slide. I dislike them both, but a verbal deathmatch between the two would be very entertaining.

      • Lawstangel

        Honestly, Yo does not deserve this blind loyalty she so self righteously demands from these women. At best she talks out of both sides of her mouth. On one hand she is poor me I am so sick and on the other hand she acts like she understands that people would speculate given her unique predicament. Which one is it Yo???? She isn’t the level of loyalty TO them that she demands from them! Rinna keeps saying “I am not going down for this…” going down where and by whiom? If Rinna listened to a Munchhausen convo at the hair dresser, she was stupid to bring it up on camera. There was so much off camera convo here, who really can tell what the actual truth was/is???? What a colossal waste of time in Dubai!

    • Lindsay

      I am dying laughing, that kid was a riot, he said all that stuff about KFed using her, the reasons she wrote Gimme More…
      “Her restaurant is called PUMP for a reason, all you do is pump her for MORE MORE MORE”
      A thousand lols for the flashback

  22. Johnny

    I mean…. I get the LVP bashing and agree she’s a manipulative shrew, but I don’t dislike her for it.

    I think she’s doing what reality TV professionals are paid to do – manipulate and scheme and do everything they can to come off looking better than their co-stars. Isn’t that the game? There might not be a recording contract or cash prize at the end of this reality show, but it’s still a competition. The messy losers who don’t play the game as well as LVP get fewer endorsements, don’t get picked up next season etc. a la Brandi and Kim, so who can blame her for playing the game like an old pro at this point? She’s certainly had enough practice.

    A lot of people do seem to have LVP blinkers on and refuse to acknowledge that’s she treating all these women like puppets – I’m certainly not in that category. I agree she’s a merciless and Machiavellian manipulator. The difference is, I kinda love her for it.

    • sandra

      Yeah, she just isn’t good at it on her own. Pinky needs a “Brandi” to carry the heavy manipulation she doles out. Too many people have blinders on and can’t or don’t want to see the real LVP. I think we have seen the real Pinky and it doesn’t faze her to lie. My garden path is full of weeds!

      • Johnny

        She totally needs a Brandi-type mouthpiece/scapegoat, and obviously thought Rinna would be it. What a shock she must have had lol!

        I must admit I have a new respect for Kyle’s ability to manipulate a situation now, too. The idea that she can just shrug off LVP’s manipulations, and pretty much manipulate her right back (as we saw at the dinner table), shows how strong she really is. I won’t be fooled next time she turns on the tears.

      • sandra

        Well said, Johnny.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree with you Johnny. I kinda enjoy LVP too. I certainly would not like for her to be off the show.

      There is a big difference between you being amused by her talents as a master manipulator, and the idiots who excuse her behavior as if it some “British thing” or that she doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. And even if they just didn’t understand what she is doing and think she is some angelic misunderstood victim, the whole outrage at Rinna and Eileen and Kyle, and Erika for pointing it out is what is infuriating.

      This is a reoccurring theme on pretty much every season. Someone tries to point out what LVP is doing BEHIND THE SCENES.

      I just spent about half an hour looking for one of the very first RHOBH reunions I ever did. Remember when I was INFURIATED by the last RHOA reunion where Kenya was a punching bag ONCE AGAIN?

      I still remember posting about the episode where EVERYONE went in on LVP for the entire reunion and LVP and Andy even had a falling out because LVP was blindsided by his attacks. I WAS FURIOUS! IT WAS SO UNFAIR! HOW COULD ANYONE TREAT LVP THAT WAY! I AM NEVER WATCHING THIS SHOW AGAIN!

      My point is, I used to wear the LVP blinders myself. And now I am like a crazed reformed smoker grabbing the cigarette out of the mouths of folks you just want to relax and enjoy a nice smoke. I get that.


      • Yeah but if things are going on BEHIND THE SCENES, how does anyone know what the real truth is? Truth is subjective and I know for one thing that this blog is not where fans of LVP go pretty much at all. And people who dislike Kyle need to stay away. So TRUTH once again is a very subjective matter depending on who is reporting it.

        I do like LVP and I like Kyle. I’m not naïve to think that there is just a continuous gang up of LVP. Deserved? Well not by what I see on screen. So if I’m naïve for not knowing what is going on BEHIND THE SCENES because I have no clue as to validity of gossip about what goes on BEHIND THE SCENES, well then I guess I am.

      • Johnny

        I enjoy your behind-the-scenes insights a lot, TT. I’d find this show impossible to follow without them! Viewers who watch without your info must assume these women are heavily medicated. Or not sufficiently medicated….

        I’m definitely not infuriated with those who are going after LVP, in fact I rather enjoy watching her squirm. She reaps what she sows, though from a viewer’s perspective I don’t want them to go so far that she decides the show isn’t worth her effort (it’d be a lot duller without her). I guess deep down I just think they’re all pretty much as superficial and terrible as each other, so the mud-slinging seems well-deserved regardless of its direction.

      • Well said Tamara. I feel the same way. I actually like LVP, so it’s hard to grasp why she would be such a manipulator. I just don’t get it.
        Do you feel that Jeanna Kehough (sp) on OC was a little like LVP? I kind of thought she might be the one who stirs things up, then walks away saying, “What’s that smell?”

    • Calipatti

      LVP would not be a puppet master if others did not act like puppets.
      LVP says something in a conversation, it’s her words. If the words are repeated like they are now your words, how is that LVP’s fault?
      LVP asks you to say something all you need to say no or just don’t.

      LVP or the others can say whatever but if you are doing the speaking then it is on you.

  23. Laura

    I wonder how much Andy is going to protect LVP at the reunion??

  24. … so is LR just really dumb then? Liked her last season, been bugging me this season: “I’m a people pleaser” “I allow myself to be manipulated”. I gotta ask, is it an act and she wins Champion Manipulator 2016 or is she really not…. um, the full quid?

    • Hawkmoon947

      Champion Manipulator 2016 (and Hall of Famer) is Yolanda Foster. First Runner Up and the new Mrs. Lack of Congeniality is Eileen Davidson. Let’s give everyone a big hand!

      • Matzah60

        Yes, about Eileen Davidson. If Eileen wanted to quash any dialogue about her affair with Vince, she would STFU. Instead, she has revisited what could have been a short exchange in the Hamptons, and given new life to an affair from 15 years ago.

        Lisa Rinna was manipulated by LVP and is now being manipulated by Eileen Davidson. Lisa Rinna is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      • I am really disappointed in Eileen. This stupid interchange with LVP is the only story line she can come up with? Poor Lisa Rinna, she keeps trying to follow direction and gets into trouble with the other side.
        My take on LVP vs Eileen: LVP doesn’t like Eileen. Doesn’t approve of the whole affair thing and could care less if Eileen’s feelings are hurt. Every time Eileen starts whining, LVP gets the same look that my cats get when they see a bird. I can almost see LVP’s tail flicking back and forth as she gets ready to bounce. She might love dogs as pets, but she is totally cat.
        The reunion will be very interesting.
        My wish for next season: Yolanda gets canned for faking being ill and not letting Bravo know about the divorce. The rest of the women stay. I would love to see how LVP and Erika interact without Erika feeling like she needs to be 100% loyal to Yolanda. I won’t mind Eileen staying, just to watch LVP play with her some more.

      • Sweet T

        I don’t know if Eileen cares about the mention of the affair really. I think it is the first moment that she realized lvp was not a friend and did it on purpose.

  25. susan

    I’m with Erika Jane. I’m all dressed up, in a beautiful country and we’re talking about someone else’s disease? I don’t even talk about my own illness that much. Very tiring. Lvp is the queen bee and none ya bitches gonna take down her or her kissing seal.

  26. Katherine 2.0

    TT, you are one hardworking blogger! Much appreciated.
    Count me as one of the dummies – so much of this angst is because of what is happening OFF screen, so I am confused and need some enlightenment.
    So, apparently LVP, Kyle and Rinna were all making comments about Yolanda’s inconsistencies and outright lies about her “journey.” Because Rinna knew that they had doubts, she brought the Munchausen comment she had heard from her hairdresser to this group ON CAMERA.
    Was Münchhausen supposedly brought up PRIOR to that discussion by LVP or Kyle, or were they just skeptical of Yo?
    After that discussion and when the cameras were not on, Rinna says LVP chased her down and asked her to bring Kyle into it? Into what? They were already in. Neither Kyle nor LVP had a problem voicing their doubts ON CAMERA, and even confronted Yo about her claims of not being able to get out of bed at Erika’s BBQ. They discussed it openly at Kyle’s “BBQ.”
    But when Munchausen was brought up, they didn’t want any part of that discussion. I don’t see the problem there. It is one thing to express doubts about the holes in her story, another to accuse her of a condition that indicates she is making it all up.
    I am sorry to be so dense, but I don’t understand the big deal, other than LVP lying about trying to pull some strings behind the scenes. It’s obvious to anyone who watches that she and Yo don’t like each other. It’s also obvious that LVP has a relationship with Yo’s kids and that puts her in a precarious position on the show. No one else has anything to lose other than Yolanda’s good graces.
    Sorry for the long post. Color me stupid on this one.

    • Thank you, Katherine 2.0, for explaining the timeline and confusing set of events so well. I agree with you. Ultimately, it’s much ado about nothing.

    • Katherine 2.0, I am on the same page as you are. Add poor Lisa Rinna trying to explain saying enraged without spilling that the women agreed not to film with Kim and Brandi.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Hawk moon and lisamia, I am glad I am not the only one. Was honestly feeling as though I had missed something big.
        If the women had agreed not to film with Kim and Brandi, Rinna surely knew that that tidbit wouldn’t be on camera, so why would she cop to being “enraged” on camera? She had to know she would at least look like she was overreacting, and at worst, a bit unhinged.
        I guess it does boil down to the fact that some are better players than others.

    • Something Clever

      The difference is that what they said to Yolanda’s face was to question whether she had the right diagnosis (before the Munchausen comment came to light). But the Munchausen comment was something to distance themselves from, because Munchausen is specifically *faking* an illness in order to gain sympathy. That is a huge difference, and very insulting to Yolanda’s character. No wonder Yoland was pissed, once she finally realized what that meant.

  27. Shae

    Dead caught. I love LVP, still do, but she was wrong here and caught dead to rights. But TT is right, she will never, ever, admit it. It’s all intentional, just as she 100% understands why Eileen is upset with her and hasn’t really accepted her “fake” apology. She just chooses not to acknowledge it or give Eileen the satisfaction of understanding her. I am sure Eileen is at peace with the fact she had an affair with her now husband, but when a friend states as much in a way that doesn’t exactly feel friendly, but rather, salacious or accusatory, that’s upsetting. It doesn’t mean Eileen has anything to “get over” about it, it means she was surprised and didn’t appreciate her “friend” making a big deal about it and saying it in such a way that it made her feel badly. It’s all in the tone and LVP’s tone that night was definitely not “gee, I’d like to get to know you better, let me ask you some friendly questions about your life and who you are…”. She was needling her then acted all aghast when Eileen got upset. I tell you, LVP is sharp, she doesn’t do anything without considering the reaction and consequences…and that’s exactly what she wanted from Eileen- she knew it would upset her and she could act all shocked when Eileen made a fuss later.

    I don’t blame Eileen for wanting Rinna to speak her fking truth already, she is right, she does back off because she is a people pleaser. It’s about time she put it all out there.

    Erika is coming back over to my good side, she’s at least keeping a level head while all these ladies cackle and quibble. I have to say, this is probably my favorite housewives trip ever….just so exotic and interesting. I managed to get kisses from two sea lions when vacationing at my grandparents’ home in the keys when I was a kid..they are the sweetest creatures. I loved that part. I also would’ve tried the camel…you can’t let people prepare a meal like that for you and then refuse to try the dishes. Just rude.

    • derby

      I totally get Eileen–or at least think I do, based on what we’ve been shown of her. I could totally be wrong, but it all immediately clicked with me at the Hamptons episode.
      I think her reaction has less to do with the affair and everything to do with her past abusive relationship. LVP’s reaction to Elieen trying to share her hurt feelings may have triggered emotions from that relationship–it certainly did for me!
      When Elieen shared about her abusive relationship, it may have appeared to come out of nowhere, but it made perfect sense to me.

      Abusive relationships tear you down in so many ways and even if you’re lucky enough to pull yourself back together, you never forget how that abuser dismissed your feelings–and how small it made you feel when you let them do this to you.

      Not only do they refuse to acknowledge that their words or actions hurt you, they play mind games to devalue you when you try to address it–they deny, reframe, blame you for why they said/did something hurtful, laugh it off, accuse you of being too sensitive/not letting it go (“dog with a bone”), and the worst–call you crazy.

      When you’re finally out of this type of relationship and putting yourself back together, you know when you see/feel it again. You become more aware of the kind of people who refuse to show compassion and regret when they hurt someone’s feelings. Even if I inadvertently cause someone pain through my words or actions, I want to know so I can try to make it right; I can’t deal with people who blame others for being offended at offensive words and behavior and I feel like this is where Eileen is coming from.

      She sees how LVP can be toxic and is foolishly compelled try to address it, thinking that she’ll eventually get through. I adore Elieen, but she must know by now that some people will never be sorry, much less say it. LVP isn’t sorry. She may have used the word, but “sorry you feel that way” is never an apology. I wonder how much LVP’s fans would still defend her after they were on the receiving end of her intentionally hurtful barbs…

      Tamara, love you’re site so much! I’m a 1st time commenter so I hope I didn’t break any rules!
      I hope “too damn long” isn’t a rule…

      • tamaratattles

        Hi Derby!

        I felt similar feeling when Eileen was trying to just get a genuine apology out of LVP. I agree that there are guys that will not acknowledge your point of view in a disagreement. It did remind me of certain relationships where it was very frustrating they would not just acknowledge they fucked up and apologize but instead would say, ” I don’t get what I did wrong, all I did was (insert bad thing here).”

        I completely get Eileen and Rinna in their frustrating situations.

    • Sweet T

      Exactly asking about the affair came from a malicious place not an inquisitive place

  28. Ktina

    Great recap! Love the “my husband Anthony Bourdain” comment. I too get angry when Americans present themselves as classless heathens who look on with disgust at what other cultures eat. On top of that, they go to Nobu? Really? World travelling is truly wasted on the wrong people.

  29. blooshter

    ah i get fed up with this Brit thing – we do apologise and if anything we OVER apologise – if you bump into me I will say sorry!

    However we are not good with the ‘feelings/therapy’ stuff so I understand why she can’t accept it as a big deal – the mere thought of self analysis and someone (repeatedly) saying ‘you really hurt me’ would just make us cringe with embarrassment (for the person not ourselves) and a typical Brit response would be ” OK doke – fancy a cuppa (tea)?” –

    Eileen is just a moaning whinge bag and needs ‘get a new hobby’

    I don’t particularly like Lisa, but she is a classic soap bitch and reminds me of Alexis Carrington

    • Johnny

      Maybe there’s something to this Brit thing, blooshter – I’m a Brit, and I agree with everything you just said! I cringe constantly at the therapyspeak from Eileen, YoLymeda, and Rinna.

      That’s exactly how I see LVP too (and exactly what I enjoy about watching her). You don’t necessarily have to like her, but she does have a talent for easy-to-watch TV and playing that traditional soap opera bitch role.

      • Lindsay

        The universe. My truth. My journey. My aching ass.

      • Minky

        Both of you are right Johnny and Bloosher. Therapy-speak makes me wretch. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a very good indication that the person using it isn’t being totally sincere or on the level.

    • I think you are both right about the Brit reaction when situations that are too touchy feely. “Never complain; never explain” comes to mind. Anything else and yes, it’s considered whinging.

  30. Great recap as always. I thought it was hysterical when they sat down at Nobu and ordered “black cod miso in lettuce cups, etc.”…didn’t even need a menu. I’ve stopped following the back and forth stuff about LVP, Yoli, the fighting is just a stupid story line to me. They should appreciate Andy and Bravo sending them to a drop dead gorgeous hotel and all the cool stuff they got to do rather than fighting about stuff. What a trip. I wish they would do a NJ (normal) Housewives and pick me. I’d gladly go to Dubai and would even try camel meat. And if a roach climbed up a caftan I was trying on, I’d just brush it off. N.

  31. m

    as a person actually from the near east and who has traveled a fair bit (there and other places), I did find a lot of their attitudes about the local foods and customs… well, rude. I mean, I would understand not eating camel if you were vegetarian/vegan/religious grounds, but the way they basically refused it and spit out the camel milk tea (after JUST having said it was delicious) struck me the wrong way. I mean, it’s one thing to not like something, but 1. at least TRY it in good faith and 2. be polite about it, even if it does not taste good to you. No need to insult your host country’s culinary traditions. .
    I will say, I’ve found that there are plenty of American tourists who ARE perfectly polite and open minded while travelling. Thing is, they generally just don’t stand out the way the, well, tackier, more stereotypical Americans do.
    That said, great episode, I enjoyed the opulence of the hotel (nothing at all like THAT in any of my travels!) and, frankly, the drama.

  32. ZenJen55

    I was just diagnosed with STARI, seems here in the South we got this lone star tick that mimics Lyme with the symptoms. I am on a 30 day cycle of tetracycline. SMH, Southern Lyme who knew…..
    TT, the lone star tick is very prevelant in your area so take precautions while your in the Tomato Garden this year!

  33. Tamara, I wouldn’t mind doing a Big Love thing with Anthony Bourdain and you. :)

  34. I think the word manipulate and any of its derivatives including meanings should be abolished due to abuse!

  35. Bridgett

    “They pass Burj Kalifa which is the largest skyscraper in the world. It took five years to build. I believe Chateau Sheree is on year six. ” pre gold, TT, pure gold!

    Erika is slaying with all her looks and commentary. I hope she doesn’t change for audience next season.

  36. Jane Grey

    Thanks for giving me the chance to read a recap and some comments from people who aren’t wearing rose colored glasses (Vanderpump blinders). The degree to which LVP has got people drinking her cool-aid is stunning, very impressive from a player perspective.

  37. LVP plays with words. It reminds me of when Bill Clinton got caught with his pants down with Monica Lewinski and trying to sell the public on what the word “is” is. Sometimes effective, sometimes not. After all was said and done, it was established that he was getting blow jobs in the White House, although I thought the whole thing was ridiculous and a witch hunt, but I digress…

    Rinna says LVP said “why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?” (my take: or suck her into the “M” conversation and maybe even get her to agree with it somehow.)

    LVP says she said to Kyle “whew, I thought Rinna was going to bring you into it.” (my take: very similar words, but with a whole different meaning intended to deceive.)

    It depends on who you believe. I believe Rinna AND Kyle.

    So, the issue as I see it, is LVP wanting to know why Rinna didn’t bring Kyle into the Munch conversation. Why would LVP do that? What was her motive? If Kyle hadn’t used the “M” word, why would LVP want her brought into it? To throw her under the bus maybe, if the shit got too thick, and set her up for the fall should there be one? Kyle knew this, that’s why she told LVP if she was going down for making fun of Yo, then she was going down in flames with her, for making fun of Yo and her illness, and doubting the realness of Yo’s Lyme Disease assertions, because they didn’t want THAT. OMG, it would be a fate worse than death to have the whole Lyme brained population pissed at them for making fun of a Lymie, and LVP has an image to maintain, and needs her halo (or should that be CROWN? ugh, how idiotic) to remain untarnished. Yeah, I think she lied with her word play, and I think she will continue to lie and be shady about it, she’s in way too deep to change her stance now. She even told Erika it was her word against Rinna’s Erika didn’t buy it, neither did Eileen, nor Kyle, and we know good and well Yo won’t, the only one that half assed did was Kathryn, but she doesn’t know shit. That’s why LVP is so willing to clutch her to her sagging bosom. She always needs a pawn. Some may find her tactics admirable, I think it shows how weak and insipid she truly is.

    The deeper issue for me is, what kind of “friend” is LVP to anyone except herself?

    • Something Clever

      LVP planted seeds with both Rinna and Kyle in order to play them against each other, so she could smirk on the sidelines out of the fray, while still having the benefit of Yolanda’s illness being publicly questioned.

      I think that Mohammed put LVP up to it. I also think that Kyle is aware of this, since she seems to be friends with Mohammad as well. and the only thing that kind of put Kyle off was the being played off of Rinna.

  38. Let’s play the “what if” game for the reunion. What if the cast said the following:

    LVP: Of course I didn’t lie. This is a reality show. If you say it off camera, you didn’t say it. Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    Kyle: Of course I knew LVP lied. I don’t care. We’re friends off camera, and we talk about how the story lines will play out. Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    Yolanda: Of course I don’t have Lyme Disease. I need lots and lots of attention, but don’t want anyone to know what is really going on in my life. My pretend chronic illness gives me both attention and money for very little effort.

    Eileen: Of course I don’t really care about the “affair” conversation because I did have an affair with Vinny many years ago. I keep bringing it up because it keeps the attention off what is really going on in my life. Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    Lisa R: Of course I overly dramatize and act inappropriately. I don’t have a story line otherwise. Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    Erika J: Of course Yolanda and I aren’t really friends. Tom and I got custody of David in the divorce. Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    Kathryn: Of course I don’t really care about these women. But getting paid to do this show sure is fun! Yolanda should be outed for her deception.

    If they did say these things, that would take all the fun out of the show. Love her or hate her, LVP plays the reality TV show game very, very, well. And Kyle is learning. The others are just along for the ride.

  39. Bonton32

    Eileen should ask Lisa Vanderpump when Ken started his affair with her. If she says he was divorced when they met, her intentions toward Eileen become clear. Surely Lisa’s knew her question to Eileen about the timing of her affair was tantamount to asking her to confirm that she and Vince started screwing around whilst still married to others. Moral issues aside, it was a mannerless question at best. At worst, it was intended to embarrass and provoke Eileen. She should have apologised straight away when Eileen said she was offended. (Dear Eileen, that was mean and bitchy, albeit suggested by producers. Please forgive me. Love, Lisa) But too late. Eileen’s irreversible anger has turned her into a crazy person. Lisa Rinna should be CAT scanned. She makes no sense.

  40. From the previews Eileen is only going to get madder at LVP! I can’t blame her, LVP obviously was trying to spark a reaction from her with the conversation and when she realized she had, she laughed during her “apology”.

  41. run_dmc

    Wow, just wow. First, my only thought through this whole episode was “who gives a flying —- about any of this.” Second, “these b—-es really are too rich for their own good if they are in Dubai and want to spend their time bringing up meaningless c–p trying to prove who is a better manipulator.” Really? I could give 2 hoots about LVP, but it’s all relative as I give even less about the others. I watch this show for the lifestyles and suffer through the catfights – take the good with the bad I always say. But, this was just so petty it was beyond words. Frankly, LVP wasn’t the only one sitting in a daze at the delusion and wanting to flee watching this nonsense.

    First, not one of them seems to have the listening skills god gave a rodent (except for Ericka). Second, most of them (exception – Kathryn), don’t seem to understand that you can hear something and interpret it in a way that may not at all be the way it was actually said or meant. Just because Lisa R hears X, doesn’t make it “truth.” And, Kyle’s “calling out LVP” may or may not be that at all. Who knows what she heard and what LVP actually said? Kyle has some of the worst listening skills of them all so I don’t put any store in what she or any of them say they heard (LVP included) off camera. And, production knows this about all of them – they misinterpret basically everything – so they deliberately set up these conversations about off camera comments to try to manipulate us into picking sides. Too old for that.

    Third, how exactly does one grown-ass adult “manipulate” another? I have experienced sociopaths (in college) who planted evidence (drugs) against their rivals to get them kicked out of school or slept with other’s boyfriends to break people up. Now THAT’S manipulation. Asking a grown woman to repeat something (if that indeed happened) and then having said woman – her own darn self – repeat it willingly out of her own mouth is NOT manipulation. That is said woman making her own decision whether to say something but then trying to escape responsibility if it is taken as offense by saying she was “manipulated.” (And, the only attempt at “manipulation” we see on camera in a ham-handed way is Eileen. Even then, she shouldn’t be blamed for Lisa R making up her own mind to bring up the same tired argument again and again.)

    Finally, do none of so-called “manipulees” (I’m looking at you Lisa R) realize they are calling themselves all kinds of dumb by saying that they can be led around like puppets to say whatever some other woman tells them to say.

    Sheesh – so tired.

    • Josie

      I love your comment dmc! Lol

    • Calipatti

      ⬆️ THIS ⬆️

    • Addie2U

      run_dmc ?? Applause.

    • hannahkingrose

      run_dmc, Amen. This seems like the “And if THEY told you to jump off the roof, would you do that too?”. Unless you are my parents, husband, pay my bills and feed me, I’m going to make up my own mind about what I am going to do or say. Even if you are my parents, husband, or pay my bills I will take into consideration what you say but since I am a grown woman, I’m still going to make the final decision lol.

  42. SaraSally

    When Eileen self disclosed how her current marriage came to be, she probably figured she would address it early on in filming, so the subject could be one & done. What I found truly revealing was how Eileen shared that she was subject to the abuse of men in relationships. She mentioned this shortly after LVP prodded her with nosey questions. I haven’t noticed further info with regard to her being a victim, but her comment was telling of something more. Maybe, she escaped an abusive relationship for her current hub/man/child.

    • Tp

      Eileen did disclose her affair with her current husband last season. She said that they had an affair and eventually got married. They showed the kids and car rides to school, all while explaining it all. So, what is the big deal with LVP mentioning it ? I don’t get it ?

      • Shae

        It wasn’t the mere fact that she mentioned it, as we both know it wasn’t news, it was how and in what context to what end. Which, I think if you watch it back, LVP was saying it in a salacious way, not in an offhanded “oh is that when you and Vince started together? or got involved” without tone. It was “was that when the affair started??” in a pressing tone.

        We all understand how a statement can be benign and totally innocent said one way, but intrusive and with negative implications if said another. Eileen feels LVP was saying it in a probing/aggressive way, not in a manner of someone who just happened to know the situation and was referencing it.

      • Minky

        I can understand why Eileen doesn’t like the way Pinky asked her about it. But Eileen looks dumb for repeatedly bringing it up. She’s making herself look very guilty and conscience ridden. If I were Eileen I’d have shut her up right away and said, very nonchalantly “Oh, I thought you knew.”

        And Pinky is totally a huge hypocrite when it comes to that sort of thing. She’s the first to make a remark about an age difference in a relationship, meanwhile Ken’s probably old enough to be her father. Plus, I do not know how/when or in what circumstances Lisa and Ken got together, but I so wouldn’t be surprised if their marriage was also the culmination of an affair. Again, I don’t know their story, but I get the feeling that Lisa in her youth was no better than the “ladies” on Vanderpump rules.

    • cc101

      Or maybe she thought shit…a) here we go with this crap again that viewers who have been cheated on won’t like so let me distract with something from my life that puts me in a sympathetic light and b)I really gave zero storyline so better just randomly insert this into a conversation even if it is wholly unrelated to everything else we are talking about.

  43. Sweet T

    I do love how much behind the scenes stuff was outed today. Lisa outed the boycotting of kim and Brandi (though no one could blame Kyle for filming with her sister) and Erika confirmed it by telling rinna to forget them and concentrate on filming with the new girls

    Then all the planning to expose Yolanda. Did she film with Kim and Brandi just to get back at them and say hey even though these women suck as people they are the nicest of the bunch as they are still my friends. I also love the preview where Yolanda says everyone just gets up and leaves you behind I think she means her kids as well

  44. Tp

    I don’t see what the big deal is with what Lisa said either! Last season, Eileen’s first season, she explained that she and her current husband had an affair before they eventually married. I didn’t dream that. I certainly didn’t read about it bc I couldn’t care less about how they got together. So.. Why is this a huge deal ? Eileen told us all about herself last season! So why is LVP bringing it up such a HUGE offense? Eileen has gotten a little irritating with this lately. I’m sick of hearing about it. And it seemed to me that Rinna has a big mouth and SHE chose to say munchausens and immediately regretted it bc the other two women didn’t go along. Rinna chose to say it , they didn’t. She shouldn’t throw them under the bus bc she got herself in a mess. And isn’t it highly possible that while these women plan and talk behind the scenes about who’s gonna bring the drama in this scene or that one , that LVP could’ve been planning the scene with Rinna and disgusting who’s say what when? People always accuse them of causing trouble or drama to get in a good scene and stay on the show, so surely they plan the shit out , right ? Maybe that’s why Kyle doesn’t care about what LVP said. Rinna is always digging too much and she usually says a little too much. It’s her choice. She shouldn’t have said Munchausens and she did. She’s the only one who did and she shouldn’t try to force the others to go down with her bc she knows ppl will hate her for it. Rinna is a manipulator too, her problem is that she can’t keep her mouth shut. And Rinna’s hatred for Kim is over the top. I love how she says she was soooo upset by kims crazy behavior at that dinner when she was the one throwing a damn wine glass and lunging at Kim. Also, it’s bs that she constantly calls Kim crazy and unstable ect in front of Kyle. If that was my sister, no mater if she was right or wrong , I’d be pissed at Rinna for constantly calling her crazy and talking shit about her when she’s not there to defend herself. Rinna doesn’t know when to just let something go.. Uhg

  45. Josie

    I just re-read Carlton’s recap and remember the talking heads from Joyce and Carlton about magazine gate.

    They said Lisa arrived by car to take them to the airport and they were with her the whole time when she walked in Brandis home. They were in and out in two minutes. Both were NEXT TO LVP the whole time. She was never alone with Brandi. When did Lisa get the chance to say bring the magazines? Carlton was very sympathetic to Brandi but even she said Brandi lied.

    LVP may be manipulative but that does not mean Brandi isnt a lying liar who lies.

    • Minky

      Speaking of Brandi… I just saw a picture of her talking head from this episode. Holy shit on a cracker! She looks SOOOO SURPRISED! It’s like she’s been doing kegel exercises with her face.

  46. Josie

    Rinna is now outing PRIVATE texts and conversations off camera. Kyle, Rinna and LVP were trash talking Yo and her selfies OFF camera. They thought it was fibromyalgia etc. Neither thought munch so what is Rinna talking about??

    Rinna brings up munchausen and brings it up on camera. Ms. Owning Her Shit is now using private off camera texts to drag everyone down for what she brought up on camera. She has even outed her hairdresser on her blog. She is nuts!

    Low blow Rinna. If you cant talk trash with your girlfriends…who can you talk to?

    • tamaratattles

      I can’t wait to see your reaction to the reunion when PINKY drags out the personal texts, first. I’m sure you will be ENRAGED by that “low blow.”

  47. Shae

    Rinna said that Kyle and LVP were questioning Yo’s illness long before she ever brought up the term “munchausen” that her hairdresser mentioned. I think that was her point, the issue had already been raised, as to Yolanda faking or being ill with something else, and that Kyle and LVP were joking about it in a nasty manner.

    Then they all pretended to be so shocked when Lisa mentioned Munchausen’s and suggested someone might think Yo was faking it. They shouldn’t have been shocked because they were debating the very same idea.

  48. Wampascat

    All of these women bust their asses to spread the next little tidbit of gossip. I’m still Team Pinky.

  49. addie2u

    Re Eileen’s “affair” – wasn’t it Brandi that called it an affair, (& Eileen a “homewrecker”) when in fact it wasn’t? If I remember correctly Eileen said there was chemistry between her & Vince on the set BUT they told their spouses & ended their marriages before they moved forward. Anyone else remember this, & if I’m remembering correctly – why are people continuing to call it an affair?

    • Don't Drink the Water

      Addie…affection or chemistry with a person outside of a marriage is an affair. Ending a marriage to be with another person is an affair. People are calling it what it is by definition. If you tell a spouse that you want to leave the marriage because of a third party, that is an affair.

      • addie2u

        I hadn’t planned on it when writing that comment, but I ended up looking further into the “affair”. Appears Eileen got divorced before moving forward, but Vince did not. If I had found this info earlier, I wouldn’t have left the comment. 😉

        IMO an affair is an ongoing clandestine relationship with another party outside the marriage. Giving me a head’s up before proceeding is not an affair. It’s giving me a heads up. My ex-husband & I had a pact that we would never cheat & if either of us ever became attracted to someone else we’d 1st get out of the marriage. In retrospect the pact was immature & foolish. He’s an ex because he couldn’t keep “it” in his pants, with various women on 1 night stands. He was a cheat & a dog but I wouldn’t call them “affairs”. An affair would’ve been an ongoing relationship w/1 woman behind my back.

        Nevertheless, I can also understand your point.

    • Shae

      I do remember Eileen saying that, that they didn’t pursue the relationship until telling their spouses they wanted out.

      In my opinion, when I think of the term “affair”, physical intimacy is involved. I do agree that having an intimate/emotional connection of a romantic nature with someone other than your spouse, isn’t ok, but I wouldn’t say I had an “affair” with someone if we hadn’t slept together and it was non-physical up until the point where we were separated from spouses.

      But that’s my personal take on the term, I know others see it differently and I get that.

  50. michelle

    Maybe it’s because I too am British, but I genuinely don’t see the big deal about LVP asking about Eileen and Vinnie’s affair. It is what it is! it was a long time ago and they have been together for a long time now. The best response Eileen could’ve given would’ve been a classic eyeroll ‘darling it was so long ago, and not a big deal, there’s really no point going over it..’. Rather than contnuously dragging it up like a whingey little schoolgirl. LVP is a manipulator, and to the degree they all wish they could be, but they don’t quite have the charm or braincells to pull it off. Sometimes I do wish she’d front them out a little more, but that’s not her charcter in the show, and I think LVP is very aware of the fact it is a show and it isn’t her real life. She has done very well out of this franchise what with Vanderpump rules etc, and often seems bored by RHOBH. Makes me wonder if contractually there would be an impact on VR if she quit RHOBH?

  51. Rose

    Yolanda’s not even there yet these ladies ruin every single beautiful meal in Dubai by screaming at each other talking about her. I agree with Erica…can’t they just get on a camel or anything but fight on the f’ing beach?

  52. Josie

    Rinna’s talking about an off camera conversation in her accusation. Now Lisa and Kyle will have to go to off camera incidents too to defend themselves. The reunion should be juicy!

    I have to admit that I am a little dissapointed though. I was thrilled that Rinna was questioning Yo’s illness and her inconsistencies. Then she backtracked and once again Yo is off the hook while everyone else is fighting.

    Now Rinna wants to take “everybody down”. Her hairdresser, Lisa, Kyle, the cable guy and the guy at the Dunkin Donuts. Just not the plotline I’d ultimately hoped for….

    Special thanks to LVP for trying to manipulate a plotline on camera that many of us have been talking about for years on the blogs. Oh well, maybe next year! ?

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