James Kennedy’s Mother Allegedly Stole Kristen Doute’s Credit Card & Tons More #PumpRules Tea

Kristen Doute was on Heather McDonald’s podcast, Juicy Scoop, recently and a few people kept saying I should check it out. My thoughts are, look, I can’t even keep up with all of the TV shows I’m trying to watch and I’m a professional TV watcher. But today, I hear that on the show, Kristen talks about how James’ shady mother stole her credit card and used it for a Botox treatment!  And she gives all kinds of tea about working at SUR.

So I start to listen to the Podcast and Heather goes into this whole long story about her sister that she has been telling over the course of several podcasts. Normally if someone gives me a time on a podcast I just skip to whatever is blog worthy because …ain’t nobody got time for all these damn podcasts. But Heather had me from crazy sister and I listened mesmerized to the whole thing. It was about 20 minutes and by the time Kristen came on, I really didn’t even want her to because I wanted more crazy sister story!  It’s really good.

So Kristen talks about getting her first job at SUR right when she moved down to LA from Michigan to try her hand at acting. She says for the first year and a half, both Lisa and Ken would call her “girl” when ordering her around. I can so totally see this.

Pump Rules Kristen

Then asks about James’ mother and her crappy treatment of Kristen.

Kristen: “Oh don’t get me started on her! I mean, here’s some “juicy scoop!” should we talk about when she stole my credit card and brought herself Botox?”
Heather: “How did that happen!?”
Kristen: “That’s a great question. I would assume on one of her many drunken Xanax days.”
Heather: ” I mean, how did you find out?”
Kristen: I was going through my credit card statement, in order to see if I car payment had gone though, I have like auto debit and I see this like $400 charge for this med spa that I don’t go to. I mean I do get Botox, just not there. I thought maybe they changed the name of the spa or something. So I called the fraud department and I Googled the name of the spa in Beverly Hills and I’ve never been there. We got on a three way call, and they said they don’t have me in their system. So they look up my card number and they say, ‘Oh yeah! Do you have a sister named Jacqueline?’ And I’m like, No I don’t. And I’m trying to think who do I know named Jacqueline…and they said, ‘Yeah, Jacqueline Georgiou, your sister. You called in and paid for her Botox ahead of time.’  Nope that never happened and it was like ding, ding, ding!

Kristen said that she didn’t press charges because she was still dating James at the time, but she now wishes she would have. She said that James was super embarrassed at the time and she felt really bad for him. She said they paid her back in installments eventually, but his mother lied to her about it several times. Her mother made her cancel the credit card because the woman had all of her information.

Then the bitch has the nerve to be proud of her son for spitting on Kristen’s door. This explains why she is so vile to Kristen. Kind of. Because she is a horrible person.

Pump Rules Recap Kristen James

Kristen says that for a month she lived with James and his roommate and he would get drunk and out of control and she would not know how to deal with him. So she would call his mother. He was twenty something, she was thirty something and his mom was forty something so she was right in the middle of the age group. Sometimes she felt closer to his mom than to her.  I thought this conversation was going to explain how the mother got her credit card info but Heather takes the conversation to another direction.

Later tells a very interesting story about the time Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana in Miami. Remember “Miami Girl?” Jax told her Kristen the whole story before it came out in The Star.  Kristen said that the girl knew all sorts of details about the show and contracts and who signed on and who didn’t and why.  She knew she was telling the truth. Heather is all like, “Wait, how does all that just happen in the bathroom?”  Kristen says that the girl told her that Tom was “rolling on Molly” all night and just telling her everything.  The girl had to pay for her own trip to LA to film.  Tom has never admitted it.

Kristen thinks that Jax was totally with that older guy from Miami in a Sugar Daddy situation. But, she also says Jax is so straight and is really in love with Kentucky. She really thinks he is a new man with Kentucky.  She also indicated that Jax’s  hot sweatiness might be due to …um….er..supplements?

pump rules definately boning

Next, I was supposed to listen to this AfterBuzz show but I really can’t stand anyone’s voices. I will try to give the highlights. The following thoughts and opinions come from AfterBuzz sources.

  • Schwartz’ parents are mortified about him being on a reality show and that is why they didn’t come to his engagement party.
  • The word around SUR is that Scheana has some sort of a drug problem that is making her so skinny.
  • Also, apparently the  reason that Katie got so bizarrely pissed off about Lala swimming topless was because Lala was super into Schwartz.
  • Max and James really are good friends. That is the reason he is on the show. People are disappointed that LVP is not really protecting James from himself. The thought is that James is super fucked up and needs rehab and therapy and Lisa is not doing anything to facilitate that because she only cares about the show.

Dear God, I can’t listen to this AfterBuzz with the vocal fry and textspeak and loud shit and obnoxious guy with the British accent. I normally love a British accent but he sounds like he is on speed and helium at the same time.

And that’s the tea.


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40 responses to “James Kennedy’s Mother Allegedly Stole Kristen Doute’s Credit Card & Tons More #PumpRules Tea

  1. Sallah

    I have been living for Heathers Serial Sister series.. sometimes I just listen for that

  2. Spilledperfume

    Wow! That’s all I’ve got.

  3. Kristen

    Schwartz’s parents being mortified over his involvement in a reality show certainly adds credence to your theory of him being a trust fund baby, TT. Awesome tea, thanks for the recap!

  4. Librarygirl

    This is so refreshing, and I believe all of it. Many thanks TT, it makes sense of many things on this strange show.

  5. Amanda

    Heather McDonald’s sister is Shannon Beador.

  6. Gapeachinsc

    Thanks for the tea Tamara!! You are so very good to us!! ? Poor James – he is so obnoxious but it’s clear he really has no one. LVP should care if only as his employer. Even more, if he’s truly a friend of Max’s.

  7. karabago

    Omg thank you for turning me on to Heather Macdonald’s podcast! I can see what you meant by not being interested in Kristen after Serial Sister!

  8. Matzah60

    That is some juicy, juicy scoop, Tamara! It is often hard to get through these long podcasts, but I want to hear this Heather story about her sister. When it comes to family, you can’t make any of that crazy up and it sounds fascinating. Wow, I would love to hear more inside news from Kristen. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast. I appreciate it and thank for posting all the great tea! ??

  9. Minky

    In the first photo, those two in the back, it’s hard to tell which is which. It took me a minute. They all look the same basically, like they’re in the Manson Family.

  10. k-slay

    I just listened, it was super frustrating that Kristin was going to tell other stuff about the mom and apparently she stole more money but Heather kept interrupting her non stop!! I wanted to hear the rest, I don’t care about Ariana.

    • KIR

      Stassi said (on a different podcast) that the mom “robbed a bank” she worked for – I think she meant embezzled or simply stole but that was the rest of the story.

    • Suziezee

      As interested as I am about the Pump tea, and I’m def going to listen, it’s going to be hard bc Heather annoys the living crap outta me with her interrupting. She’s a lot for me, which is saying something. Meanwhile, yay, on this post!!

  11. FrostyTheOG

    Thanks for posting this one T ☺ I haven’t listened to Heather in forever… or “Heather Dubrow’s World” if that’s still even on? For sure going to check this one out. Maybe we will get a follow up or continuation, with the rest of the “Tea” on James’ Mum!

  12. More Tea Please!

    Now that’s not tea; it’s full-on dirt! Wow! Even Bravo’s script writers couldn’t make this shit up.

  13. Laureen Spina

    Schwartz’ mom WAS at the engagement party.

  14. Paula

    Scheana does look like she’s on some type of drug. My guess is adderal.

    • Jen

      Stassi made a comment explaining that she gained weight a while back because she quit Adderall-I would guess it’s pretty popular among the SUR crowd, too.

  15. Deb in SF

    Wow, interesting tea, TT! Story about James’s mother explains James. What a lowlife she is. Hmm, there’s never been a hint of Lala being into Schwartz on the show. Or if there was, I missed it. Thanks for this one; I’ma gonna check out Heather’s podcast!

  16. This is the best story I’ve heard in ages. Jacqueline should start a band called Felonious Mum!

  17. Jen

    I am still reeling from the revelation that Schwartz was planning to become a doctor before he stumbled into LA – and that one was very old news!

  18. Erica

    James’ mom must have run out of ideas of stories to sell about George Michael.

  19. microop

    I think Scheana looks great, but putting on 5 lbs would probably be where she is most beautiful. I wonder if stress is the issue, I don’t buy the whole drug problem thing.

    • KTina

      She used to look great before the “maintenance” botox bullshit. No 30 year old needs botox and she needs to gain weight to get rid of that bobblehead look. She’s looking more and more like a Tim Burton movie character.

    • I’ve always thought that Sheana is odd looking. Huge eyes and tiny chin. She almost looks like a bug to me.

  20. Great tea, TT, thanks!!! James’ mother is almost as scary as Yolanda.

  21. JoJoFLL

    Jax has that sweaty, bloated steroids look just like Juicy Joe has. Of course he cycles on and off steroids.

    You could tell there were much deeper issues with James mother when he accused her of drinking too much.

    James has serious issues. The least of which are his addiction issues.

  22. Jessica White

    Love Heather’s podcast! I just listened yesterday. At first, I was fast forwarding through the serial sister stories, I want celebrity juicy gossip! But now I am hooked and really enjoying her crazy stories of her family.

    • tamaratattles

      Jessica. I feel like I have given you access to crack. When people send me video interviews, or links to podcasts I’m generally quite dismissive because honestly, I just don’t have time for the TV shows I am trying to wade through every week.

      Lately, part of the reason I am up so late is that bloggers “day” ends at midnight when the page views for the day are done. At 12:01 am there is nothing left to do to improve that day’s views, (this is why you will sometimes see me tweeting links like a fiend at 11:55 Pm) so at 12:01 I start trying to clean out my emails (which doesn’t ever happen on Tuesdays, too much to get through) and sometimes I reward myself with doing something I actually WANT to do on the Internet.

      I am blabbering on (because I am just waking up) to warn you that I was up to five am with toothpicks in my eyes listening to Juicy Scoop. I saved the latest one, Kato Kaelin, because I do not want to run out. I’m addicted. I wish I could have these all burned to CD for road trips. I just want to hear Heather tell me stories.

      That said, when someone from the Housewives or PumpRules is on there babbling on about stuff, she needs to not do the Brandi Glanville interruption to make it all about her in an attempt to relate. I want those guest to wander to the topics they want to go to. Because you don’t always know what to ask. I mean I would have asked about the issues between Kristen and LVP, but who would have thought to ask about James mother?

      Anyway. I was just feeling some guilt about spreading this new addiction. :)

      • TBD

        Lady, you are right. I listened to the pod of Heather McDonald and (OMG) it is fascinating. The level of disfunction always trumps in real life.

        Also had to laugh at the one thing (of all the sorted stuff) prompted Kristen to exasperation and to so say people are a-holes: a fan query or declarative that Katie’s pregnant. Hugh?

  23. jen

    This is awesome tea!

  24. whymebaby

    What did you think of James and Lala’s video that just came out and whats up with the thug life thong she is wearing ? Sorry off topic . . Thanks for the tea.

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