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By Contributing Writer, The Lady Cocotte

Easter Sunday seems like a fitting time for a new episode of The Walking Dead (what with all the resurrection and everything). Last week Carol left Tobin (and all of Alexandria, really) a Dear John letter as she fled town. Before her escape is noticed, it seems like just another day in Alexandria. Carl skulks around the armory as one-eyed boys are wont do. Glenn and Maggie share a couple’s shower that turns somber when Glenn discovers the bruises Maggie received from the Savior women. Daryl sits on his bike, blaming himself for Dr Denise’s death. Rosita is forced to witness a loving moment between Abraham and Sasha. And Rick and Michonne share a post-coital apple. Life is good-ish. And then it’s not so good-ish. Despite everyone’s advice (and all good reason) Daryl heads out alone to find Dwight and make him pay. Glenn and Michonne jump in a van to chase after him. Abraham wants to join but Rosita pushes him out of the way. They need her. She knows where Daryl is going. And as if that’s not bad enough, Tobin informs Rick about Carol’s departure. Rick does his angry stride as he searches for clues. Morgan decides to go find her. Rick is torn. He knows Alexandria needs protection but he’s not alright with Carol being out there on her own. As he jumps in the car he warns the guards, “No one else leaves. Everyone stays ready for a fight.”

Carol cruises along in a car covered in rebar spikes. She’s certainly not being subtle. In the distance she sees another vehicle approaching. It’s an unusual and dangerous sight. As the truck passes, they shoot out her tires. Carol knows she’s screwed. The men in the truck force her out. She’s playing scared little mouse again. She promises that she only has the car and one knife but they’re not buying it. They recognize her spiked car and want her to bring them into Alexandria. Ah ha! They’re Saviors. Carol starts her hyperventilating trick. “It doesn’t have to be this way. You can turn back and go home,” she pleads. “Nobody has to get hurt.” But they don’t want to play her game. As the men start towards her, they’re mowed down by machine gun fire. Carol came prepared with a gun sewn into her jacket sleeve. She tried to warn you… The driver who survived the gunfire gets a spear shoved thru his chest. She uses his gun on the other survivor. So far Carol’s plan to leave Alexandria to avoid killing isn’t working out so well. Uh oh. There is one survivor that plays dead until she leaves. I guess her kill tally will soon be mounting.


Rick and Morgan get into deep conversation as they search for Carol. “What I believe, I’m not right,” Morgan admits. “There is no right. Just a wrong that doesn’t pull you down.” Rick claims it hasn’t pulled him down but I think he doth protest too much. And then they come across the scene of Carol’s massacre. As they survey her work, Morgan reminds Rick that Carol left because she couldn’t kill anymore. “She could because she had to,” Rick protests. “Sometimes you have to.” They follow a trail of blood through a field, hoping it will lead to Carol. The surviving Savior picks up Carol’s dropped crucifix and heads out after them. As Rick and Morgan plod along they continue their eternal conversation. Morgan points out that after Rick banished Carol from the prison, she turned around and saved them all at Terminus. “People can come back, Rick.” After killing a walker that looked like Carol from a distance (whew!), they end up at a barn. They see a man fighting walkers and Rick immediately draws his gun. The man claims he’s just looking for his horse and warns them that more walkers are coming. As a small swarm descends on them, the man starts to run. Rick aims at him instead of the walkers but Morgan shoves him off target. Rick is pissed. “I don’t take chances anymore.” Morgan is all out of fucks so he tells Rick about taking the wolf hostage. Steam is practically pouring out of Rick’s ears but Morgan plows on. He tells Rick how the wolf initially took Dr Denise hostage but then saved her from the walkers. “And then Denise was there to save Carl. It’s all a circle.” Although he stands behind his decision about the wolf, Morgan treats searching for Carol as atonement. He sends Rick home to protect Alexandria with a promise to return. “But if I don’t, don’t come looking.” Rick gives him a gun and sends him on his way.

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After a cute moment bonding over pickles, Maggie asks Enid to cut all of her hair off. She no longer wants anything getting in her way, figuratively or literally. Suddenly she’s grabbing her stomach and screaming in pain. Not the baby! Not now!

Rosita brings Glenn and Michonne to the spot where Dr Denise died. They find Daryl’s bike hidden nearby so they know they’re on track. When they find him, Daryl is ranting and raving. He blames himself for Dr Denise’s death because he didn’t kill Dwight when he first met him. Glenn tries to talk him down. “It’s going to go wrong out here.” But it doesn’t work. Daryl needs revenge and he needs it now. Rosita decides he’s right and chases after him. Glenn and Michonne, worried about Alexandria’s safety, hurry home. Well, that’s the plan until Dwight and his men show up. And just like that Glenn and Michonne are prisoners. Daryl and Rosita creep up on them. Glenn and Michonne shake their heads “no.” Daryl gives them the sign to shush. Instead, they try to holler through their gags. But it’s too late. It’s a trap and they fell right into in. Dwight says, “Hi Daryl” and shoots. Blood covers the lens. As the screen fades to black, Dwight mutters, “You’ll be alright.”

Next week: It’s the 90 minute season finale. Once again, Alexandrians outside the gates and at home are in danger. And we finally meet Negan and his barbed wire covered baseball bat Lucille. Hopefully everyone survives…


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28 responses to “The Walking Dead Recap: East

  1. Katherine 2.0

    This episode felt like a stalling tactic to get to the showdown next week. So, they know they are soon to be under attack from the Saviors and all the premium warriors head off on their own little quests for revenge, for redemption, for, as you say, atonement?
    Poor Maggie. It would almost be a blessing to lose that baby, given what’s coming for them. This season started out with such promise and is now sputtering to conclusion, out of gas, given up. Just like Carol.

  2. ClassyLady80

    Almost all of the fan faves are in danger at this point. As I said in an other post, Maggie told Rick that by helping the Jesus people with the saviors, there would be a price. I think that price is about to be paid in this finale. I’m stocked up on my Kleenex, just in case.

  3. Espi

    Completely disagree with the ‘out of gas’ comment above by Katherine.

    Thoughts from the episode:
    Was that Ezequiel in the barn from the comics?

    Loved Enid getting more camera time. I wish they’d give her a warrior arc so that she can develope with Carl as the next generation type of thing…

    Rick really needed that time with Morgan. Someone has to balance and check Rick’s no taking chances approach.

    How many saviors are there?
    How many alexandrians are there?

    Shower scene from Glen and Maggie’s house was sweet until the bruises were shown. Devastating

    Carol… It was never shown that she was actually shot. Yet Rick and Morgan are following a trail. I hate details like this. She didn’t have to leave her car either. And then the creepy rapist smile guy who played dead, just follows…. Maybe it’s his blood. Disgusting.

    That’s all for now.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Haha. That’s cool. You’re entitled to disagree, but you don’t exactly say WHY.

      • Espi

        Sorry for then late response Katherine. Thanks for they dialogue. Any who…

        The out of gas comment, to me, implies that the action and story development becomes lazy and serves minimal purpose.
        Commenting on the past couple of episodes:
        The Same Boat episode was a great nod and social commentary to the week of international woman day with how tough a woman can be. The motherhood internalization that Maggie and Chel exchanged was phenomenal. Subtle but strong. Carols reflection with the other savior, Paula, was also a huge turn for a core character of our beloved group becuase Carol starts to feel remorse for the necessary kills she’s had to make and doesn’t want to become like this savior. It’s here, when as an audience, we begin to worry if Carol is putting on an act or being really anxious.

        Twice as Far really showcased the personal relationships in our larger group dynamic. Eugene’s growth of the bullet manufacturing idea shows promise for Alexandria while showing growth for Eugene. Then the reapearance of Dwight is crazy. We loose Denise and I almost lose it. Perfectly performed and shockingly devastating. Back to Dwight: he will be a driving force for our beloved Daryl. Killing Denise with Daryls crossbow will be all sorts of wrong for the future.

        And finally the East Side showed the force the original group has when one of them is in trouble. Push come to shove, nothing matters, not even an angelic and peaceful town, if one of them is in trouble. Carol and Daryl will be sought after no matter what. This episode is the one that convinces me that Glen might be saved. All three episodes didn’t feature him as much as I expected if they were really going to follow the comic book final story.

        Those were my whys. Confession, I actually enjoy the slower episodes more than the action packed ones. I feel like the action ones try too hard sometimes.
        The attack of Negans camp with Hilltops ‘head offering’ was forced to me. The gun shoot out sequence seemed like it was trying to hard. I actually admire the character development by the actors and writers more than the action packed stunts and choreographed fighting. It feels more real to me.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Thanks, Espi. I do love talking about this show. I agree with your assessment of the previous shows, but this one felt random and out of character for me.
        I understand Lady Cocotte’s comment about setting up the chess board. Obviously, they are setting the scene for a bigger showdown, but I felt it was clumsy and not as coherent as past similar episodes.
        If you read below, you see I have no problem with the quiet episodes, as long as we see them moving the story forward. This one felt stagnant, and quite frankly, I was shocked to see characters respond to a threat by running around outside the safe zone instead of preparing for what is to come. But of course, people are people and don’t always act in character, especially under extreme stress, but some of it just made no sense to me. Daryl is a major disappointment; Carol leaving because she doesn’t want to kill and she’s barely out of sight of Alexandria when she has to gun down several guys. What is the point? Other than to move her out of Alexandria for another Terminus-like save? Or something more sinister?
        Many of the actors elevate this show’s writing to an extent that I am often more accepting of developments until I think about it later and say, WTF was THAT? ha ha.
        Not sure if I am actually looking forward to the finale. Anyone watching Fear the Walking Dead??

    • Espi

      I loved your line of talking about overlooking bad writing developments becuase of an actors performance and then later asking WtF was that!!! Lmao! I can see why this episode could be so true to that statement. A lot of commentary for the walking dead in general agrees with you that this episodes was bonkers for everyone running around outside the safe zone.

      I must admit it’s cray…

      The more I think about it, the more I disagree with Glen and Michone plus Rosita all leaving after Daryl.

      But I was still ok with Rick and Morgan going after Carol. I feel like Rick really does need more time with Morgan.

      Anywho… I’ll be watching Fear too! I hope they recap it here on Tamara Tattles. This is the only blog site I ever comment on. There are nice people here.

  4. I don’t believe Carol’s hyperventilating and begging was an act I think she really is tired of killing… the act was the innocent, rosary holding woman. I’m done with this show if any of my faves die…Id like to think people can still die of old age in the apocalypse

  5. Cat

    I can only go by the recaps, because I no longer get the new episodes. But I also disagree about the show being “out of gas”.

    HERE’S WHY: This show is often very intense. Sometimes, they write “boring” episodes to not only show character development, or to introduce a new story arch. Sometimes, they just do it to give the viewers a break.

    The last episode I was able to watch was the one with the revolving door. That SCENE was so intense, I was actually GLAD I couldn’t watch the following week. It was too much, for me.

    That being said, I look forward to these recaps. Thanks for taking the time and trouble!

    I wonder about the symbolism with Rick, Michonne, and the apple. I know they often slip in some subtle religious references. Could this be a sign that our heroes are leaving Alexandria… Their “Eden”?

    • Cat

      Oops. Attention, Grammar Police. I see my own error. Move along. :)

      • Katherine 2.0

        Thanks, Cat. I appreciate your POV, and I also like many of the “quiet” episodes. I am not necessarily looking for a gore fest or a bloody battle, but simply something that moves the story forward that is consistent with the characters we have come to know over the past several seasons.
        What we were dealt last night was a series of inane actions by a group of people who should know better. To me, it seemed like a delay tactic. This show can be quite manipulative sometimes.

      • Cat

        Yeah, I think that is deliberate. It keeps the ratings up, because people get on the internet and post their opinions about who will die next, and blah, blah, blah.

        The writers and producers let the fans work themselves into a frenzy. They have done that several times. And now with Negan, fans are going nuts. Most know the plotline from the comics, even though the writers of the TV show often divert from the comic.

        It’s actually quite brilliant. Free marketing.

  6. Jessica White

    Did anyone watch Talking Dead? they had an interview with Maggie, she talked about her scenes with Enid and how they are developing a sisterly bond, but then she says it turns to something dark and sinister. This made me think maybe Enid poisoned Maggie? with the pickles? she doesn’t want Maggie to have the baby? ALso, one thing that annoyed me with Morgan’s logic with everything coming full circle with saving the wolf, That Denise wouldn’t have been in harms way in the first place for the wolf to be there to save her because she was kidnapped by the wolf and he made her leave the jail area. If the wolf had been killed by Morgan initially, she would never have been in that situation

    • Espi

      Woah!!!!!!!!? Out of left field!!!!!!!!! Poison!?!?!?!

    • Shae

      Exactly. I thought that logic was stupid. If the wolf hadn’t been there none of them would’ve been in that particular situation for Denise to be in harm’s way. I get it, Morgan would like to believe people can be redeemed rather than assume they can’t, but the danger of taking that risk is, they can come back and kill you or others if you’re wrong. If you kill them, you might feed badly, but they won’t be coming back to nail you or your community.

      Rick has the right idea, they don’t have the luxury of taking big chances on people, not with what they’ve been through. I would be blowing people away with my machine gun lol

      Interesting point about the pickles! I didn’t watch talking dead, but now that you mention it, it did seem odd they placed such emphasis on Enid giving Maggie the pickles.

    • SashaV

      I think Enid has a crush on Glenn. Maggie with his baby on board is in the way. There has always been something off with that girl…..more than just losing her family in the zombie apocalypse.

      As for next week I don’t even want to watch. It is making me anxious!!!!

      Thanks for another great recap Lady?

  7. Kika

    I am going to have to watch this episode a couple more times before the Finale. TOO much happened. Just reading the recap made me realize this.

  8. Chiisaimiss

    I seriously hated this episode. That is all.

  9. Deco

    Great recap. I’m proud of myself for waiting to traditional until I watched the show. The last two weeks I read it first. Your worked appreciated.
    I’ve been wondering if anyone watching thought of the scene in Alien when that creature burst out of Sigournys abdomen?
    Is it possible that Maggie’s sudden horrific pains are caused not by premature labor or miscarriage but by her live/dead ‘walker ‘baby trying to eat its way out of Maggie’s womb. Disturbing thought Hope I’m not alone.

    • Jessica White

      Oh wow! Good theory! That would be crazy if a baby is stillborn and it automatically becomes a zombie inside the womb. The future implications of that is just too much, who would want to get pregnant? The end of the human species? I would rather like to think these babies born in the apocalypse, like Judith would be immune to whatever disease causes zombification upon death

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