Teen Mom 2 Recap: “In The Dark”

Teen mom after show


I love Chelsea and Cole and Aubree.  They go to a pumpkin patch and I just want to be there.  Cole is cute as a button. This crew get along so well. Later, Chelsea and Cole read a bedtime story to Aubree. Chelsea meets with one of her girlfriends who is getting married. Adam got some weird nude pictures done that we unfortunately had to see. Later, Adam buys a house with his MTV money. He wants to have more time with Aubree. Adam wants Aubree at the same time he has Paisley, every other weekend and overnights during the week. No fucking way.  Adam pays $171 a month. Chelsea is going to try to get that modified.


Kailyn has no respect for Javi’s paternal rights. Kailyn feels like she can just do whatever she wants whether he likes it or not.

Javi tells Kailyn that he might be getting deployed. He says until then, he just wants to spend his free time with his family. Kailyn seems to take the news well.

The same night Jo’s new baby mama had the baby. The next day Kailyn takes Isaac to see the baby. Things seem really good between Leah and Jo and his girlfriend.  Javi really wants to have another baby. Leah wants to wait until she finishes her last year of school.



Teen Mom Janelle



Jenelle is overwhelmed with the little doughnut, who is absolutely adorable by the way. Look at all those blond curls!  I feel like he has grown up so much since the last time I saw him. Wasn’t he just born a couple months ago! Jenelle won’t let Nathan see is son because, cunt satchel. And she has one of her little minions over there basically trying to figure out how to care for a kid.  Jenelle is making the kid ho dogs. HOT DOGS!  Let’s set aside the fact that adult humans should not be eating hotdogs, these two bimbos just made a whole hotdog in a bun with condiments and cut it in half and put it on the tray and walked away.  Kids under four should not even be eating hotdogs unless they are minced because it is a HUGE chocking hazard. What is wrong with these people? They gave the screaming kid a whole hotdog and just walked away! I can’t stand to watch this. Jenelle just jerks him up and thwos him in his bed and runs out of the room.

Janelle says she can’t take this all day. She is going to call Nathan’s mom and have her take the kid from Wednesday until Sunday because she can’t take the screaming. She does NOTHING to stop the screaming and nothing to comfort the child she just throws him in his crib and closes him into his room and walks away. I can’t bear to watch this. I hope someone in production is going to go in there and wash him up and rock that baby and try to keep him alive for as long as they are there.

Jenelle is pissed that the kid she dumped off on Nathan  is in Boston with Nathan. She didn’t want the kid. He’s the father. If he is going to Boston, he’s going to Boston. Sure in a normal situation you would tell the kid’s mother, but this is Jenelle we are talking about.  Janelle tried to make a stink about it, but since she doesn’t have a custody agreement there was nothing she can do.

Janelle meets Barbara and Jace at a restaurant. Barbara says he has been violent with her. He is being fine at school.

When Janelle goes to pick up the kid, the new girlfriend has cut his hair. I can’t really tell it was cut.

Teen Mom Leah


Aleeah is starving again.  There is nothing to eat or drink  in the house and she is so frustrated with her mother. She runs out the front door and flops down in the front yard. Probably hoping someone will come by and give her a bottle of water. Ali is just wandering around with a book. Neither of them have had their hair brushed. Leah is on the couch curled up ignoring them both.  I’m really not sure I can recap this.  Leah’s cousin comes over and also ignores the unsupervised girls and sits down to ask about Ali’s doctor’s appointment. Leah starts talking about how emotionally drained she is and the cousin says, ” I mean what did they say about Ali…” Because Leah is just thinking about how much trouble it is to have to take her very sick child to the doctor. As these two nutbars talk about how Leah feels and she does her “why me ?” routine, Ali is off playing by herself.  Why don’t her teachers call child protective services?  They are mandated by law to report this shit.

Leah calls her lawyer to see what is going on with custody of the twins. The lawyer says there is nothing new to report.  Jeremy walks in with  his daughter who is asleep in his arms and lays her down on the couch and gently covers her with a blanket. Leah asks, “How did she do? Was she a brat?”  I am so wishing I could make Jeremy pick that little girl up and walk right back out with her.  Leah wakes her up as soon as Jeremy leaves and rocks her and tells her she missed her.

The next day, we see Aleeah feeding the cat.  She is giving it way too much food as she tries to pour from the bad into the bowl. Bless her heart. She takes way better care of the cat than her mother takes of her. Leah calls her sister to talk about her feelings. Meanwhile the girls are actually crafting and reading and working together quietly. It is amazing how self sufficient they are. Maybe production brought them coloring books or something.  Oh, nope. They are gluing little pom poms into spiral notebooks. I have to admire their artistic creativity.

The next day, Leah calls her sister to ask her to pick up the girls from school because she doesn’t feel like she should be driving, She says she is so tired and emotionally drained she can’t drive. I wonder if production told her she was too fucked up to drive. Leah lays down and goes to sleep.

Corey goes to meet with his attorney. Corey got full custody. Leah only has to get them to school on Fridays and return them to Corey on Sunday night. He cries tears of joy.


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34 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: “In The Dark”

  1. Spilledperfume

    I don’t know how you watch this. It breaks my heart just to read it.

  2. Christina

    I cried when Cory had his meeting with his lawyer.
    I love Chelsea, but it’s all too boring for me now. Their biggest drama scene so far is Aubree asking about the number 2 (it’s the music, they had to add it). But I’m happy she’s happy– after everything she’s gone through with that baby daddy. But he has a license, home & career, so he’s perfect now.
    Jenelle is never going to grow up, and my heart hurts for her little donut. He doesn’t deserve this.. He has two terrible parents. He was dealt a terrible hand. And Jace is in a better situation with Babs, but still. He’s obviously got some issues with the violence he needs to work on. Poor grandma. Verbally a used by her daughter, physically abused by her grandson. What a life.
    I wish Kailyn would smile. Even just a smirk. She seems so unhappy & annoyed all the time. God bless Javi, I don’t know how one can wake up to that every morning.
    And Leah. Oh, Leah. Those pupils. Jesus take the wheel.

  3. FrostyTheOG

    I will never un-see that picture of A-D-A-M ?

    Thanks for not using it as the Post’s Picture! ☺

  4. Micheal

    Production/camera crew etc should be ashamed that they sit back and film hungry kids.

    I really wanted to watch this season (as Leah finally gets a wakeup call), but I don’t think I can watch kids hungry, cold and neglected. Not entertaining at all.

    Sorry to be a party pooper.

  5. As much as I enjoy Chelsea now, I can NOT stand the voice she constantly uses……it is like nails on a chalkboard.

    Leah has gone on some tirade on twitter saying Mtv is editing this crap to make her look unfit…umm, I call bullshit. They work with what you give there, missy.

  6. Weirdiskate

    The only thing I have to say is if you watch the Leah scene back there is juice and soda in the fridge, I think she is a terrible mother but I do think her daughter was being dramatic in that scene. She was being serious that school morning with no food though and that broke my heart, I’m happy Corey gets them now, maybe they’ll grow up semi-normal.

  7. Roposhu

    They should do a season of this show the same way they did the last Teen Mom OG season, where we see them interacting with the producers. It’d be interesting to see if they step in and care for the kids, I’m sure it has to be so difficult to not say or do anything….at least, I hope…

    • Lindsay

      I always wonder that- I mean they must want to, right? I remember that RHOBH “moments” special they aired where the producer lady said she wanted to comfort Kim but couldn’t, so maybe they aren’t allowed…

  8. Amanda

    Jenelle is a horrible mother. She said she was going to keep Nathan from seeing Kaiser because he cut is hair. Too bad I don’t believe that for a second, she will call him begging to pick up that sweet baby as soon as he starts crying.

  9. jen

    Leah really needs help. Its sad. I recall Kim Richards saying she felt like she missed years of her kids’ lives. She was yelling it at Kyle (probably blaming her) but anyway take note Leah.

    I just don’t understand people being neglectful to their children at all but then on tv. Admit you have an addiction and get help!

    Janelle thinks she has all kinds of power stopping baby from seeing Daddy. She is being selfish and its going to bite her in the ass. Barbara is the only sane one and I bet she ends up raising baby donut also. Its sad.

    Kail is going to fuck up her marriage if she doesn’t just try to be happy. I don’t get why she is always so nasty to Javier.

  10. JustJenn

    I strongly dislike all of these Teen Mom’s except for Chelsea…she’s good to her daughter, her boyfriend, and her animals.

    I used to like Leah, but damn addiction is a bitch.

  11. Allison

    I cannot believe how high as a kite Leah STILL is-pinpoint pupils and the opiate nod. Her kids will grow up, watch this, and probably hate her more. That fridge was pretty damn sparse, I thought. Leah makes me so sick, someone, SOMEONE call her out on the lame-ass “ahm sooo tyy-rud.” Like TT said, hopefully production saw that she was just plain fucked up and didnt let her drive. So telling that they showed Corey getting the great news that he won, and she’s passed out on the couch.

    I couldnt tell baby donut’s hair was cut, and I had to explain to my husband (he has no kids) that baby’s first haircut is a big deal and if some stranger gave my kid their first haircut without my knowledge, permission, or presence, I would have lost my shit. But it didnt look cut to me at all. Nathan’s time with donut is Nathan’s time with donut-she has no say. But she wouldnt know that, never having a baby daddy that gave a shit.

  12. Myra

    Leah is a mess. She is a terrible mom.

  13. Lindsay

    Oh no. Jace is being violent to Barbara?! That’s the last thing she needs.

  14. Wampascat

    One of the production crew wrote a blog post years ago ,before he/ she left the show. It was discussed that Farrah was a genuinely shitty person ( no surprise ), Kailyn had the potential to be the best mother, Corey was a great, stand up guy. But it was stated that Leah was the filthiest person they had ever seen. Dishes piled up, dirty diapers everywhere, bloody tampons thrown into the bathroom corners. Leah would pour cheese balls on the dirty floor and the twins would crawl along ,like dogs eating them up. The crew member said it made the crew cry at times.

    • bravocueen


    • 25

      Yup! When watching, you’ll notice that the shots in Leah’s house are always closeups–production can’t pan around the room because the house is filthy. Not surprising if you saw her van last seasons when driving the twins to cheer practice.

      • Bella

        It’s called conversation and speaking about what’s going on with what you’re recapping. I thought that’s what “forums” are for. You’re as much a cunt satchel as you bitch about others being

  15. Bella



    Especially the part about discussing stories on other sites here.

    I would not think I would have to mention discussing a child in a pornographic situation as a rule, but SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT.

    • Bella

      I didn’t discuss a specific websites story bitch. or list a website. It would be a courthouse. I didn’t show the picture or list what he said either. So honestly? Fuck off and get over yourself. Have a great day :)

      • tamaratattles

        I should have know when I had to tell you, “I would not think I would have to mention discussing a child in a pornographic situation as a rule, but SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT.
        ” you needed to be in the WLS. I often have to make a judgment about the intellectual level of commenters versus whether they intend to spread sick comments about children, or misconstrue topics. I spent the extra time to edit your post thinking maybe you would learn something about what you did. I see now that it is an issue of intellect and you defend that sort of behavior. You really should consider whether your life is worth living. I find the world a more dangerous place for children with you in it.

        You may now sit in the cramped WLS in the section reserved for people who propagate sexual exploitation of children. You are scum.

  16. Minky

    I’ve never read any of your Teen Mom recaps. I read this one. WHY, OH WHY are the authorities allowing this? And also, these women were on this show when it started many years ago. They’re not teens anymore, are they?

  17. Ruthie

    I’m so over Chelsea and Cole. They have little storyline and Chelsea is so very annoying with her baby talk, incessant praise over Cole, and pushing Aubree on him. I can’t stand her father either. Where would Chelsea be without her well-off, enabling father…and MTV?

    And this was filmed after Leah’s stint in rehab for supposedly depression? She’s no better than when she almost fell asleep holding her baby niece pre-rehab. If she was being treated for depression, she should be on medication. Her behavior shows me that rehab was supposed to be for something else. I think there was a story behind Aleeah whining about not having anything to drink that we don’t know. If this is how Leah acts while the MTV crew is in her house filming, what goes on when they’re not there? And where is her boy toy ‘o the month?

    • Allison

      @Ruthie from what I understand her newest boy toy (her personal trainer) makes himself super scarce when they’re filming. He supposedly lives there but is ghost when cameras are around. I remember when they had to take the baby from her arms, she was nodding out something awful-practically drooling. She had the SAME look about her on last nights episode. No matter how many times she SAYS went away for depression and anxiety, it doesnt make it so. Allegedly MTV production stepped in and gave her a rehab ultimatum-go or be kicked off, it got that bad. WHY they never drop a dime to DCFS is baffling to me. I would have much more respect for her if she admitted her problem, which we ALL see. And, shes looking pretty rough this season as well. She used to always have her hair and makeup somewhat done-maybe shes just at that point in her addiction where she DGAF.

      • Tulsateacher

        I think Leah went into a facility for help treating anxiety and depression and they sent her home with a stack of scripts. It happens a lot. It happened to me.

  18. 25

    Oh my goodness I just noticed you’re recapping this. Please continue

  19. French

    Love that you’re recapping Teen Moms! Can’t believe Mtv hasn’t ended this series, just on the fact that 2 of the girls need serious interventions. It’s so hard to watch Jenelle, I want to cry for those boys. Same for Leah’s girlies.

  20. jen

    So funny you picked up on the hot dog thing hahaha. I think its gross also when parents feed kids hit dogs. This made me laugh because I thinj the same thing!

  21. Laura

    I am so sympathetic for Leah I can only imagine what she is going thru, but at the end of the show when she called and had to have the girls picked up from school you could clearly see that Leah was on something her eyes looked like they were floating around in her eye sockets,she was wasted.I think she wants the best for her kids and I know she loves them but she needs help. My heart and prayers go out to her and her girls.

  22. jen

    Its so hard to watch Jenelle abuse her mother. She is so damn lucky she has Barbara a Mother that has stood by her through everything! Its awful how she treats her. That is probably why Jace is acting out. He is probably so confused how to treat Barbara watching mommy treat her awful. It makes me so sad when Jenelle makes her cry. Barbara is a freaking saint. Jenelle would be dead or in prision without her.

  23. m

    I started watching this show b/c of your recaps, blasting through seasons 1-2 and then watching the later season’s recaps to get up to speed to current season.

    I can’t believe how much drama these people have in their lives. Half the show I just keep thinking “wow, these poor kids.”

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