WWHL With Some RHOA THOTs Talking About Kenya Moore

This will be the Nida boys Easter Memory from 2016

This will be the Nida boys Easter Memory from 2016


I can’t with this. Game One is about… GUESS WHO? Kenya Moore. They play Hot Potitty with Tamra’s boob implant. Nothing pisses of Andy more than not being careful with Tamra’s boob implant.  Porsha throws it at Andy once. He tells her very sternly not to throw the titty. She  does it a second time. He screams at her. She does it a third time and I thought he might lose his mind.  The point of the game was to say something nice about Kenya. They all failed.

Game Two involves two CGIed versions of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor. They ask the THOTS who they would date. If they say they would date him he goes to Sheree’s house if they would not they send him to ….GUESS WHO? Kenya Moore.  Oh please like all these whores would turn down anyone, even Bobby Brown.  The game bombs because they don’t know who half the people are. Because they are idiots.

Sheree says that she and Bob are in a good place.  Phaedra says her divorce is in progress. I predict it will be in progress longer than Chateau Sheree. By the way, my sources tell me there is real fence around the Chateau these days and they are trying to figure out how to landscape with all the drainage issues. So some exterior progress has happened. No news on the mold situation.


Someone forgot to shave her pits.


Sheree says she is wearing She by Sheree.  I’m wearing T by Tamara via Target Men’s Pajama Department.

Phaedra gets pissed when someone asks if it is true she settled her debt so close to the reunion in an attempt to save face. She says it is not true, she blathers on about it, but doesn’t give a reason why she waited until just before the reunion. Andy says something happens next week where he thinks it is the end of Phaedra and Kandi. He asks if she has spoken to her since the reunion. She says not. Sounds like they are done. I think Kandi and Todd know a lot more about what Phaedra was up to during all the Apollo stuff and I hope it involves them calling her out on some specifics.

Porsha is asked who the one eyed African fellow is?  She says some guy that Kenya was in LA with. She won’t say his name. Porsha answers with the question of whether or not she has changed by saying yes, she has changed for the better. She is more powerful and self-aware. I think she needs to look up both of those words before attempting to use them in a sentence again.

Andy wants to know if Kim’s ratchet reunion behavior changed their opinion of Kim Fields being a fit for the show. Porsha said yes, the other two just sort of mumbled.

Phaedra and Teresa have not communicated just because both of their husbands are in the same prison. Phaedra says she has met Teresa and thinks she is lovely but they are not friends like that.

Lauren, Porsha’s sister named her baby Bailey.

Andy’s Mazel of the day is for Ayden. Dear God, please take me now. I’m ready to come home, Lord.


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29 responses to “WWHL With Some RHOA THOTs Talking About Kenya Moore

  1. Channelingyonce


  2. Minky

    This is ridiculous! Obsessed with Kenya much?

  3. Toni Lee Gildea

    What a shitfest.

    • It really was a shitfest. Why pick these three stooges to appear who are the most boring on RHOA. Porsha looked like a clown in that outfit. I wouldn’t want to touch that implant – yuck!

  4. So I am guessing that nobody liked WWHL. I found it entertaining and rather cute. I needed the entertainment today. So I wonder what will come out on the third Reunion show that will change anything? I hope Kim does return and that Sheree gets a peach. Bring Marlo on as a Friend of the Housewives too. Why not have a big happy family of ladies who are used to being together. I really think they reveal too much personal stuff and sometimes things that are said are not tasteful or respectful. I understand how Kim felt this season, but I think she can hold her own also. One side of the couch seems to have pent up issues the other side seems to be taking things in stride and coasting through the process. Where do Sheree and Nene fit into this reunion? Just an observation. Thanks for the tea Tamara.

  5. Jim

    Excuse me but that pic at the top of the page has given me the vapors! Oh Andy, I think I’m starting to like you again. Phwoar!

  6. Jaye

    I already KNEW as soon as I saw the guest lineup…It was going to be a let’s sit around and SHADE Kenya fest, led by Andy!

  7. Home

    Thanks for this recap…I didn’t even bother watching this WWHL episode because when the participates were announced i knew where this was going…smh. PORSHA THE THOT AND PHAEDRA THE CHURCH LADY’S FRIENDSHIP is a big puzzle to me.

  8. Jaana

    Phaedra and Porsha are just sad. Funeral service sad. #fixitJesus

  9. Miguel

    Powerful & self-aware? This from the underground choo choo lady! Porsha try spelling these words before you use them… although, once again, she’s speaking without an intelligence-thruster in her mouth!

  10. Larry

    Didn’t we already do a story about Kenya and a guy in LA?

    I’m ready for her to leave, though, just to see what they do without her. She’s a great way to deflect from other things and still have enough story to get a paycheck. Watching them turn on each other, or have nothing they want shown, would be fun.

  11. T by Tamara!! First lol of the day.

  12. FarFromPerfekt

    “T by Tamara via Target Men’s Pajama Department.” Bwahhahahaha!

  13. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    This should have been called Andy and the instigators!

  14. Cat

    Ugh. That photo. Maybe that is where Apollo and Phaedra hid “the goods”?

    Or maybe Andy is displaying his new line of socks?

  15. LC

    Andy and that one lazy eye of his…gets me every time.

    • Spilledperfume

      I can’t spot the lazy eye. He mentioned it one night on his show and said that he never knew about it until someone else pointed it out to him.

      I’m glad that Cat mentioned “the goods” in his pants. I thought I was the only one who noticed that.

  16. Rose

    I’m so sorry TT you had to watch this drivel to do a recap.

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