Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: Andy Cohen is A Misogynistic Douchebag!

Happy RHOBH Reunion Day!


The Booze Cruise

We start right off with Porsha and Shamea acting a fool on the Booze Cruise and Porsha’s first violent episode of the season caught on camera.  Production opted not to show all of the long drawn out Porsha meltdown and how long it took her to calm down in the actual episode. Let’s hope that lost footage gets shown this time.

Oh but no. Shady Andy reads a nasty comment from a viewer asking CYNTHIA when she became such a thug. This explains a lot. I am hearing there is a lot of anger from both the crew that has to be present for all of Porsha’s violence and the cast over Andy and Bravo’s other executives nonchalant attitude regarding Porsha’s violence.  Andy allowed Porsha to make excuses for her behavior and blame Cynthia and then read nasty comments to Cynthia as if they are not dealing with a violent THOT.   Oh wait, we have made it EXACTLY three minutes into this episode without blaming KENYA MOORE. Some dumb cunt writes in that all three times there was violence on the show, Kenya was involved. The cunt satchel is talking about Pillow Talk, where Brandon was attacked by Apollo, Kandi went buck wild and everyone lost their shit, The reunion, when Kenya’s “involvement was getting attacked!” and Lake Lanier, where her involvement was asking an uninvited guest who was being ratchet to leave the event.  What the fuck is wrong with these people and why does Andy delight in making EVERY SINGLE ALTERCATION about Kenya????  I  can’t wait to see how Andy manages to blame KENYA for Porsha beating down some girl in the alley when my sources say it all went down before Kenya even arrived. I’m sure he will come up with something.  Then Andy brings up that SIX YEARS AGO Sheree grabbed Kim Zolicak’s hair.  He is desperate to defend the THOT in any way he possibly can. Now Andy gives Porsha plenty of time blame Cynthia again. This is just ridiculous.  Then they play Porsha attacking Kenya again. Porsha says she takes responsibility for her actions but it is Cynthia’s fault.

Porsha says something about Kenya and a one eyed African trying to deflect from the fact that Kenya said she beat down her assistant at the finale filming. WTF?

RHOA  Porsha and Duke 3


Finally, Andy reads someone who mentions that Porsha acted like she had been beaten down by gang members on the boat when all of her injuries were caused by her psychotic rage that caused her to have to be restrained for a good FIFTEEN MINUTES on the boat before they could get her dumb ass off of it.  Porsha is just too stupid to make sense first she says she never said Cynthia did all that to her, and then ten seconds later she blames Cynthia AGAIN. And dumbass Phaedra jumps in trying to defend herself for telling everyone that Cynthia did all the bruising.  Cynthia cunt punted her. That’s it. End of story. Porsha actually apologizes to Cynthia. Something she never did regarding Kenya. Why? Because she got sent to anger management and has been coached by Bravo to act contrite.


RHOA reunion marked Keny Texting

Kenya and Her Mother

After Andy treats Kenya like ten bags of shit, he is now going to try to pretend to be compassionate about her family situation. He starts by basically saying she should have done it without the cameras. Um, gee Andy. Who decided the cameras should be there in the first place?  NOT KENYA.  She got off the bus without the camera crew.  Kenya says even when her mother lived with her grandmother she would go to her room and say I don’t need to call you mother, I just want you to be my friend. Her mother would laugh and say I will never be your friend. Andy brings up Aunt Lori’s lack of support. Kandi said she was furious with Aunt Lori and the family not protecting Kenya. Andy asked Porsha about the horrible thing she has said about Kenya and her mother not loving her. Porsha is a cunt about it and doesn’t have any compassion at all. Phaedra has been wearing her “I smell a fart” face this entire segment.  Kim Fields looked like she felt badly for Kenya.

Andy, who has to disparage Kenya in any way possible brings up the People Magazine story from 1993 where her mother called to congratulate her on winning Miss USA and asks why she turned her away. Kenya says that her mother called to tell her not to speak to the press about her. Not to congratulate her. People magazine had contacted her mother and her mother was pissed about it. Andy says she has to be pissed about all the talking you have done about her on the show. Kenya says, I can say whatever I want about her, I don’t owe her anything. Cynthia steps in to defend Kenya and say at this point it is not even about Kenya’s mother. It’s about Kenya.  Thanks Andy Cohen for another rude and dark segment of Kenya bashing.

RHOA REunion Kenya to Porsha.

Cynthia and Peter’s Marriage

We move on from violent beatdowns, and childhood abandonment to talk about the latest Bravo divorce proceedings. That will make FOUR of the SEVEN women on the two couches who have divorced on this series. When Nene comes out later it will be five, but she basically did it just to fit in.

Peter comes out and says he thinks they are in a good place. Peter says he spends his time in Charlotte.  Andy says it sounds like they are separated. Peter says they are not. If he was in the military no one would say anything about it.  Then Porsha is asked why she is always talking about Peter cheating.  Kenya jumps in after Porsha says that Cynthia needs to sweep her house because it is not clean.  Kenya brings up the African dictator terrorist dude who rented or bought that Bentley for Porsha to drive and all of the alleged johns she as that she escorts with for handbags. The infamous comment that Porsha needs to shut her mouth because if their ain’t a dick in it she can’t make sense comes out.  Porsha shoots back with “Why don’t you talk about the one you tuck everyday before you come to work, bitch.”

Porsha says to Cynthia, “I know how your waitresses are getting paid, and it’s full of penis.”  So wait they get a sack of dicks? What? Peter tells Porsha to publish the list of all of these women that he is sleeping with. Put it all out there. On this interview he said he offered Porsha $10,000 for the list of women he is sleeping with.

Andy for some reason brings up the guy that Phaedra was (allegedly) sleeping with, “Mr Chocolate.”  My sources say this was something she was absolutely doing and for whatever reason Bravo/production left that alone. Perhaps the two little props were pulled out as sympathy cards. Just a guess. But something happened and that storyline got dropped right quick. But that whole “a girl friend they call white chocolate” story has been rejected by the streets of Atlanta as a bunch of bullshit to cover up Phaedra’s misdeeds.  Somehow, it seems Phaedra is never held accountable for anything. Once again, Andy barely touches on the Chocolate story and doesn’t even say the word chocolate.  Cynthia said she regrets sharing the information about Mr. Chocolate with Phaedra.  Andy tries to get Peter and Cynthia to say it is not the show’s fault their marriage is ruined. But I think Andy must get some pleasure out it, because he never hesitates to air the dirty laundry.

RHAO 7 Reunion Andy kid


Oh you HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  Andy stops the damn recording to bring out one of the little props. What the fuck is wrong with this man? We were JUST TALKING ABOUT HIS MOTHER’S ALLEGED AFFAIR AND YOU ROLL THE KID OUT?  He has the kid ask questions.  Then he goes right into asking about her felonious husband.  Then we have all the fake children scenes.  While this is happening, I  should point out it is Easter Sunday and this woman of God is NOT BEING AT HOME BEING A MOTHER or bringing Easter baskets or dying Easter eggs. She’s off on her prayer cloth tour.  Meanwhile her mother stopped over to see the boys today who have been with a sitter for several days and will be all next week.

Phaedra talks about the prison visit and claims that someone was giving/getting a handjob in the visitation room. I find that hard to believe, but okay. She isn’t sure if she will be taking the boys back.  I guess it depends if she is back on next season (from the looks of things she will be) and whether or not Bravo keeps trying to push the mother role on to her.  Then Phaedra rants on Kandi for trying to have an opinion on what she should do as far as taking her kids when they don’t even check on her kids.  Bitch, Kandi doesn’t need to check on your kids, they are never with you any damn way. ALLEGEDLY. Phaedra says she is putting money on Apollo’s books, returning all his emails and speaking to him on the phone. She has been good to him even though he was not good to her.

Now Kandi is pissed. Kandi sad it was sad that when she saw the boys come out of prison Dylan didn’t even know who Apollo was.  That’s all she said. AND THEN ANDY ATTACKS KANDI saying, you don’t understand that she doesn’t want Dylan to know someone who is locked behind bars. Kandi says he is not going to be locked up forever. Basically Phaedra sits there like butter would not melt in her mouth while ANDY COHEN takes her side and argues with Kandi.  Phaedra seems to think that Peter and Apollo should stop by and fix her faucets or do…. I don’t know what for those two boys.  You know Phaedra who is NEVER FUCKING HOME.  Her version is that she is lawyering 12 hours a day and embalming 12 hours a night while baking cookies and driving the kids to school every day. They  neighbors version is there are usually two to four people there raising those boys while Phaedra is off talking about Phaedra or trying to get on TV when somebody else’s sons are getting shot by the police talking about “raising black boys” something she has never been seen attempting to do her own damn self by anyone I know who knows her.  Shut up Phaedra! Damn.

This photo tells you everything you need to know about this fucked up reunion.

This photo tells you everything you need to know about this fucked up reunion.

Phaedra claims she will not start dating until her divorce is final. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Sorry. I just remembered a funny joke.

Oh GAWD DAMN ANDY. Are you really this dumb, or are you just this much of a slimeball.  He wants to talk about Ayden saying in the car that he will always be her baby.  Phaedra tries to cry for this scene.  I can’t. I got up for a snack. Did she manage a tear? Or just the Farrah Abraham whisper cry?

Oliver and the THOT

Before the THOT even tells her fairytale, let me just give you the spoiler. They filmed together twice. That is the extent of the situation. After Bravo flew him down to Jamaica, that was the end of that. Free trip, free blowjobs.

The Miami Trip

Phaedra said a bunch of racist shit. She basically said something about Kenya acting like a “white woman from suburbia.”  Then they discussed Phaedra comparing Glen to Mike Brown. I must have missed that part. Kenya points out that everyone who watched that thought it was inappropriate including the President of Black Lives Matter who tweeted Phaedra to tell her she was inappropriate.  Kenya said in her constant attempts to scapegoat Kenya when she brought Mike Brown’s name into it to further her political platform she mad a huge ass out of herself.

Suddenly, the only person who felt threatened by Glenn was Kandi. Despite the fact that Kim Fields was sitting right there acting all scared when it happened, she is completely denying it now. Sheree just wanted to fuck the kid, so she was fine with whatever, and Porsha was busy with her trick of the day…This is just INSANE to watch.

Finally it ends with Kandi cussing out Phaedra, Porsha and Kim Fields about not sticking up for Kenya over the Glen incident. The dude was a violent thug who was throwing up gang signs and calling everyone bitches and violently threw his aunt on the ground, and all she was doing was trying to keep everyone safe.

The three of them sit there looking stupid an and Kandi says, “Why y’all bitin’ your tongue, now?”


Next Week: Kim Fields screams, “Please Play the fucking tape back!”  And I am sort of on her side about the gay stuff, but she is such a flip flopping cunt that at this point I really could care less.



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93 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Recap: Andy Cohen is A Misogynistic Douchebag!

  1. Truthseekrt

    Andy hates women. I find that a lot of these reality shows are created by homosexual men who enjoy abusing women. Disgusting

  2. pdt090

    Kandi is speaking so much truth this reunion.

    • Jim

      Kandi was on FIRE during the las 5 minutes. She made the ladies on the right-hand couch look so stupid for trying to defend Glen Rice Jr. I almost stood up and cheered… except that would have looked silly, lol.

      • Miguel

        Wished the right couch & host could disappear, Jim! This is one of the few times in my life I feel the word c*#t & all its variations adequately describe Andy et al.

        Also, thanks a million times over, TT, for your liberal and relevant use of the word I dare not use!!!

      • Kandi standing up for Kenya, not because they were friends but because it was the right thing to do, brought some much-needed class to the reunion.

    • Dee

      I agree, she seems to tell the truth the most, I like her sticking up for Kenya. What is wrong with the rest of them?

  3. Rolly

    I really can’t stand Phaedra or Porsha. I just can’t. Im glad they pointed out the obvious blame Kenya for everything bs. Socisl media is worst. Whenever there’s a story about any of the other housewives, the comments are filled with blind rage fury hate for Kenya. It’s so weird. Kenya had nothing for Phaedra or Porshathis whole season but those 2 thots are obsessed with her.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I left a comment that Kim is a has-been and was bombarded with “well Kenya does x!” “Kenya does y!” I had to point out to several morons that my comment had absolutely NOTHING to do with Kenya. Who are these people and what the hell is wrong with them?

  4. Cjbomb

    I don’t get Andys love for Phaedra. I just don’t.

  5. Truthseekrt

    This reunion is disgusting. I’m done with this fraud.

  6. When Ayden (the prop) was leaving, and asked his mother when would she be home, I got the feeling he wasn’t asking about coming home after the reunion, but coming home EVER.

    Andy does hate Kenya, and he does love the two THOT’s. Why? Got me stumped. If it wasn’t the fact that he’s gay, I would think they were giving him blow jobs on demand.

    I appreciated that Kandi had the decency to stand up for Kenya.

    This reunion has kinda sucked so far.

    • Minky

      Those poor kids. Totally see what your saying about the blow job action Ginger. Is there any possibility that Andy dips into the lady pond? Lady puddle?

      Kenya’s definitely a character, but she certainly isn’t responsible for every single motherfucking thing on this show. It was definately not okay for her to say what she said about Chris. No question. But Porsha and Phaedra are REPEAT offenders when it comes to disparaging a person’s sexual orientation. Yet, Andy takes up for them at every opportunity that presents itself. It makes no sense!

    • Miguel

      Perhaps Kenya’s astute remark about Porsha applies equally to Phaedra & Andy, Gingersnap? Hence, none of them knows what they’re saying, while doing the Reunion, with empty mouths.

  7. Spilledperfume

    I missed the first airing of nights show so I’m waiting for the repeat to come on at 11:30pm.

    Will you be recapping WWHL with Phadrea, Porsha & Sheree?

  8. Behoro

    I just want to know who would agree to take a waitressing job where they got paid with sex from Peter?

  9. DJFL

    Yay for Kandi! I loved it when she said, “Why y’all bitin’ ya’ll tongues now?”. That sure shut them up – at least for the moment. I can’t wait to see how they respond to that next week.

  10. Channelingyonce

    Best damn recap! This reunion was simply disgusting. They blame kenya for everything. Literally the entire WWHL was about kenya! And youre right about andy…..i hadnt realized he was against her until i read ur recap….im almost looking forward to nene coming back….at least it can be nene kandi cynthua and kenya

  11. GirlMe

    I love Phaedra, Porsha, and Nene. But not why u think. When their scenes come on I get to run to the restroom, make a snack, return a phone call, or switch channels.

    Otherwise, Im glued to the tv for 3hrs straight. Love the breaks. Why they keep returning sucks. Soon Ill just stop watching once a better 8p show comes on.

    Wish Bethenny Frankel hated those 3 as much then Andy would fire them all.

    • Minky

      Andy’s a jerk, but one thing he knows is his audience. TT’s place is one of few that are Kenya-friendly. You might be surprised at how many rabid fans those three have. I have spoken to some in real life. Nice people in general, but just don’t mention Kenya. If you say that you’re Team Twirl it’s like a switch goes on and the pleasantries end abruptly.

  12. worldgirl

    I think I’m done with this one. I checked out of Jersey and this one has gone to the dogs. Too much woman-hating for me, from other women, no less. Too much ignorance. A dog has more dignity that some of these women. This show is insulting my intelligence. I’m out.

  13. My opinion is that Andy is lying in wait to expose Porsha and Phaedra down the road. This Kenya bashing is ridiculous. Great recap TT.

  14. Great recap TT. The treatment of Kenya is ridiculous.

  15. I just don’t see it for this show anymore. If it stays on with this current cast I predict it to eventually lose a lot of ratings or end up cancelled. It will be one or the other I’m sure. It has gotten way out of hand now. I basically check for the show now ONLY for Kenya’s scenes and maybe Kandi. It’s not even enjoyable anymore, it’s just stupid and petty and Andy Cohen is so lame and corny. Kenya entertains me but sometimes it’s hard for me to feel super sorry for her when it comes to this group because she continues to return. I get that she’s making good money, but she really is making money for Bravo AND Andy. If someone continued to disrespect me season after season, I’d be gone by now but that’s just me. I was never a fan of Peter but I get why he is over the show now. After awhile that constant pettiness and negativity has to get tiring. It’s also clear to me that Bravo doesn’t care what we all think. Some of us have been wanting Porsha, Phaedra, and Nene gone for years but they continue to return. A lot of people wanted Kenya gone but she continues to return. It’s all about money and ratings for Bravo and Andy. If I was Kenya, I’d be trying my best to find another means to make some money without having to put up with that crap every year.

    • Katherine 2.0

      “…It’s all about money and ratings for Bravo and Andy.” Why wouldn’t it be? Isn’t that the entire point of television shows?
      To think this is some morality play and the producers have an obligation to choose storylines or cast members who are inoffensive is naive.
      As long as people watch, which translates to profitability, this show will continue the trajectory of increasingly ratchet behavior. And now I feel I am stating the obvious.

      • Typical response. Something is seriously wrong with anyone who praises so much negativity. ALL television shows are not reality shows either but mainly SCRIPTED TV so drama and action is to be expected but I’m speaking on Housewives of Atlanta and yes there is a problem with this show. Give this mess some time and it will go out just like Basketball Wives Miami..CANCELLED.

      • tamaratattles

        So far EIGHT LONG YEARS has not been enough.

  16. beth

    Andy has disliked (hated really) Kenya from her first season. I’m so glad to have stopped watching RHOA (and WWHL), though I’m almost tempted to watch the reunion to see Kandi go for Phaedra.

  17. Does Kenya need to be defended? She dishes crap so she gets crap too, they all do but why would you allow yourself to go through that on a show or in life? I was glad to see Kandi speak up more. Why all the anger if the season is over? Some of them seem to be releasing pent up anger? They all look too niceand pretty to be cutting up. Just an observation. Thanks for the tea.

    • LG

      Exactly. Kenya has done her fair share of drama. They all should own up to their stuff. At least a couple of them apologizes.

  18. Home

    Thanks for the recap TT… This episode was ridiculous! I pulled out my laptop and started doing some work while watching..smh. Phaedra and Porsha looked liked FOOLS!!!! Their logic was the equivalent of a 6 year old!

    I believe Phaedra brought up the hand job in the prison visit as an excuse not to take the boys back to visit their father. I’m sure the kids weren’t paying attention to an undercover hand job…smh. And yes Apollo wants her to come back alone so he can say some things to her that can’t be discussed in front of the children…maybe a curse out about the divorce filing…LOL. And of course she’s putting HIS money on the books she better or else…

    I was VERY disappointed with Kim Fields when you flipped flopped on the Glen Rice issue! From the episode I saw she was VERY afraid and uncomfortable. Now she says she was fine with him?! but security should have handled it…all of a sudden she went into acting mode…smh

    Cynthia and Peter are DONE! Its just matter of time. They put up a good show for the reunion, but its clear they are living separate lives. Charlotte is where he wants to be and she running her businesses AWAY from Charlotte. I didn’t hear anything about we stay in contact all the time by Skype, email or phone calls. When he left the couch…the whole kiss and I love you appeared to be for the cameras only..

    Yeah Kandi for speaking the truth! she was the ONLY couch resident that laid the truth out there. She called everybody out.

    I believe everyone will be back except Kim Fields. I’ll be there next week to see the end of this train wreck. The husbands always bring a different dynamic..

  19. Cherry Bomb

    Andy is just vile perv. I hate that salavating wide eye look with total glee he gets whenever he gets aroused by the disgusting behavior, and by anything sexual that is discussed. He loves whenever someone goes for Kenya and his eyes get saucer big and he grins from ear to ear. He loves it when his guests discuss their sex lives and or experiences with lady pond diving (pun intended ) it’s just gross and juvenile. Rant over. As for this reunion… Kenya’s stank face was not a good look for her. She does better when she refuses to let the ratchedness of others get her down… this reunion she lost the air and aura of light – ness she had in past reunions. Her intense jealousy of Kim shows all over her face and rigid body. Love Kandi speaking the truth. Ugh… Next week Nene and her tablecloth jumpsuit…eeee can’t wait.

    • Minky

      I just don’t get the jealousy thing that so many people think is going on with Kim and Kenya. Could it possibly be the other way around? Even with her new and improved reunion dress and hair-do Kim still looks like she just fell off the turnip truck.

      AND she basically said that Kenya would have deserved a beat-down from Glen (aka Sir Lancelot as far as Sheree, Porsha, Pheadra and Kim are concerned). If you truly wish physical harm on someone, and you have no problem whatsoever saying that out loud where people can hear you, and you don’t mean it as a joke, then that says a lot about you.

      • Cherry Bomb

        There are women that can not be happy for other women who have success or beauty or money or anything that makes them feel inferior or threatened by what they perceive is something that makes them feel less than. I think Kenya is a beautiful and intelligent woman, but maybe even with beauty and brains she still has some insecurities. She can be giggly and silly and ratchet at times, however it seems that this entire season she lacked the joy and happiness we saw her display in past seasons. At times she found joy in provoking others, i.e., flirting with Apollo to get to Phaedra. I do think Kim has had more success with her acting career than Kenya so maybe Kenya is jealous of that. Kenya might need therapy. I can’t even imagine how painful it is for her to deal with her mother’s rejection.

      • Minky

        Okay. Kim is famous for playing Tootie and Regine. No argument there. But Kandi is arguably also a lot more successful in the entertainment world than Kenya will ever be. And Kandi has a husband, two adorable children, and a mother and extended family who obviously love her very much, in addition to her fame and lots of money. So why doesn’t Kenya seem to be so “jealous” of Kandi?

      • Cherry Bomb

        Minky you are right… Maybe it’s because Kandi was an established member of the show prior to Kenya. Kim was the newbie and maybe she needed or wanted Kim to respect that she was HBIC. She did say something to that effect in regards to that. The OG trying to make sure the newbie knows her place… Look at Vickie from RHOC who always treats the New Girl like crap… Sad isn’t it that grown ass woman can’t even have enough class and self awareness to go on with their lives and let others do the same with their lives. That to me is very childish. There will always be someone prettier, smarter, thinner and younger. It takes real maturity to be ok with that and to love yourself knowing and accepting that.

      • Tp

        I agree. It’s Kim who’s jealous of Kenya. Kim has been after Kenya from the jump. And she did make snide remarks to her and about her constantly. I’m so glad that people are finally starting to see that Kenya might start a little drama here and there but it’s usually bc she picks up on the shade and she’s defending herself. Kim clearly had been told by sneaky Phae Phae all the awful things she feels about Kenya. And if we’re honest, all these women have reason to be jealous of Kenya. Kenya is in her late 40’s right ? And like her or not , she is still beautiful. Which is more than I can say for ugly old Phaedra and Kim Fields. Kims look is terrible and so is her stank attitude. Andy throws Kenys under the bus so much that it’s ridiculous. He’s almost at bully status. Yet, he drools all over nasty Phaedra and Porsha. And why is Sheree there again ? Oh, that’s right! She was there this season for one reason .. To run back and throw Kenya under the bus every single time she opened her mouth. I can do without Sherre and her big ole , cross-eyed , goofy ex husband. Kudos to Kandi for standing up for Kenya. Cynthia is already starting to turn on Kenya. It started in Jamaica as soon as Nene came back and it’ll get worse. It really pissed me off to see Cynthia get on the bus and tell the others that Kenya was yelling at her and acting crazy when Kenya was only telling her that she hurt her feelings. I thought that Cynthia was the one being a bitch. Then, she couldn’t wait to get on the bus and have a go at Kenya behind her back just like the other bullies. They treat Kenya horribly. I’m sick of watching. I won’t watch if Kim comes back. Something about her just makes me want to change the channel. Can’t stand her.

  20. Miguel

    Perfect recap, TT – loved your hilarious side comments which reflected mine to a tee (pun intended) :)

  21. Cherry Bomb

    Just re – watched and seriously ….OMG !!! Porsha really is dumber than a box of rocks. What waitress of any age would go to work…to a real J – O – B and insist on getting paid with some Old man Uncle Ben lovin’ rather than some real hard earned cash ? Porsha doesn’t even make any sense about anything ever. Getting paid in penis…. Just stupid ! Now getting paid in Bentleys and Birkins she (allegedly ) knows a thing or two about that. Insert dick in mouth.

  22. LG

    Less use of the word cunt please, please, please…that word is so vulgar and demeaning of women. Thank you for the recap otherwise.

    • Minky

      I respect your distaste for that word. However!!! If we stop using the word “cunt” then we gotta cut off the “dick”, “prick”, “jerk-off”, and so on. #Pun-intended

      • Cherry Bomb

        I just saw this post… Your comment and #pun intended is so witty and so smart. Big grin on this end.

  23. Donna

    IMO Andy loves Porsha because she is will to tell a lie, state it as a rumor, then twist it into a fact.

  24. Puddy

    You are so right that the way that Andy beats up on Kenya is disgusting, especially grinding salt into the wound of how Kenya’s mother has rejected her and trying to make Kenya “the bad guy” when she is the victim. God Bless Kandi for “speaking truth to power”. Kandi is a brilliant song writer who does not need the show. It is time that more women speak out against how the housewives shows denigrate women and wreck lives with divorces, fights and even suicide. All kinds of ratchet behavior and doing anything for money is glorified — making women look like idiots and whores. Wow. And people such as Bill Maher (who I like in many respects) thinks Andy Cohen is great? What is wrong with everyone?

    • Minky

      Bill Maher can go take a flying leap. I thought his show was cute in the very beginning but he’s proved himself to be bitchmade many times over. He always goes for the weak ones and then sits there like a meek little eunuch when anybody with guts addresses some real shit or disagrees with his canned opinions with any semblance of courage or conviction. He and Andy have the misogyny in common as far as I’m concerned. I mean, Slash from Guns N’ Roses made more sense than Bill when he spoke on the women in the military issue. And Slash was wasted as all fuck!

      What Bill? You’re rich and famous and women still don’t want you for anything other than your money? What a shock!

  25. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Great recap TT! I totally agree it was a bash Kenya fest at least until Kandi and Cynthia made the observation that Kenya was justified in kicking Glen out and had it been anyone else nothing would have been said.
    Phaedra and the hand job story had me rolling my eyes…. She’s so nasty, and obsessed with all things sexual, it sounds like something she’d do. Her being offended is a joke! When the ink dries on those divorce papers, she’ll be a “Ho for Hossanah” and them boys just might get shipped off to “a prestigious boarding school”!
    All this show proved is that without Kenya, next season will be nothing but Porsha p*ssy popping, Nene pushing Gregg in a wheelchair, Cynthia hawking glasses at the swap meet, Kandi breastfeeding, and lying Phaedra playing the victimized divorcee. Basically a snooze fest.

  26. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    And another thing… You are right, TT. As I recall the person who seemed like they were digging Glen the most was Sheree! And asking drunk ass Tammy to do anything at that time was hopeless. Too bad Tammy didn’t get a peach, she’d have been the Kim Richards of the group. Seems like she had a drink in her hand in every scene she was in. Tammys a bit of a lush.

  27. I have a feeling that Phaedra will divorce Apollo and then remarry just like Nene in order to get the publicity.

  28. I think Phaedra will divorce Apollo and then remarry just like NeNe. Just to get the publicity.

  29. as an adopted person i completely understand Kenya. As I also have the same issues with my birth mother I get her even more. It is one subject that truly is a ‘unless you have been in my shoes’ situation. Andy is simply a fuckwit.

    I will wait for Porsha to hurt someone again and treat the court case like a reunion and see how much extra time she gets – I’d be interested to see her be someone’s bitch and spread them for noodles.

    Andy is probably intimidated by Kenya and hence the hatred – he knows that she knows he is a fuckwit whereas shit for brains Porsha clearly thinks he is the dogs bollocks – she makes my teeth hurt.

    Phaedra is going straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    The boys are a credit to her but I put this down purely to Apollo: yes he is in college but whenever you saw him with the boys he always seemed to be the stable force and teaching them manners etc

    Kandi was brilliant and I am so glad someone finally spoke sense and the truth.

    Andy is a boss eyed twat who I have grown to loath, he is a mediocre host and hopefully his bubble will soon burst. I would love Wendy Williams to replace him and say suck on
    that bitch (and you too nene)

  30. Cat

    I used to think that Andy was cute and quirky. Now, he’s slimey and creepy.

    • Spilledperfume

      I have to admit that I think he’s cute. I don’t like the way he treats Kenya and favors Porsha and Phaedra but I do think he’s cute.

  31. Drew

    I love Tamara you stay tell the truth! Nobody reviews housewives like you! The voice of reason phadera and Porsha are embrassment of black women delusional cunts!

  32. Atl hater

    Thanks T for calling out Andy and his whorebag crew. I’m sick of these chicks blaming Kenya for everything and no one defending her so it was nice to see Kandi speak up!

  33. AprilTea

    The end of Kim and Kenya came when Kenya realized that Kim was not on her side. Kenya stated that she brought Kim on the show, and production told Kenya that Kim wasn’t feeling her and was talking about her in the confessionals. That was a backstab to Kenya and she wasn’t having it. Kenya needed a true ally like Claudia but Kim wasn’t on her team. As devious as Porsha and Phaedra are Kim would not acknowledge it. She wanted to be mad a Kenya or she realized being on Kenya’s team would not be in her best interest on the show. Basically, that is how it went down. There was no jealousy trip. Kim turned her back on Kenya. Kenya kept saying Kim was coming for her and she did. Kim figured out the team that would accept her.

  34. Tyesia

    Just so u know people get hand jobs all the time in the visitation room in jail been there seen it with my own eyes

    • tamaratattles

      So nice to know we have a jail expert. He’s in federal prison though and they are fairly strict about that sort of thing. I don’t believe a word Phaedra says.

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetened

        Here here TT, especially since Ft. Dix is a military prison and they tend to be a little stricter about such things. No doubt his wife pulled some strings to get him there. I have a friend who is currently doing 10 ears for vehicular homicide. His dad paid some hefty fees for representation, and the boy is doing details at several “work” prisons across the state, He has access to internet and even a cell phone–so I know some deals can be made if the price is right. I find it hard to believe that Phaedra isn’t trying to pull as many strings as she can to keep this man quiet. Especially since according to an article from Dec 2015, he actually stated he doesn’t talk to the kids or hear from them as much as he’d like. But according to her they email and write all the time. So who is telling the truth Apollo or Shady Pha? PK’s are the worst. Hate to generalize but most Pks I know keep up more dirt than a little bit and she certainly fits the bill.

      • Spilledperfume

        What’s a PK?

      • AEM

        Dear Spilledperfurme:

        A “PK” is a Preacher’s Kid. Unfortunately, they are often the worst-behaved children at church.

      • tamaratattles

        Also unfortunately, no one knew what the fuck you were talking about.

      • Spilledperfume

        Thank you. I had no idea.

        When I first saw Dear Spilledperfume my first reaction was “crap, what did I do?!” I thought I broke a rule or said something rude for a second. TT, mentioned her sleep schedule – I’ve had insomnia for years and lately my sleep schedule has been up all night while everyone else is asleep and sleep during the day and piss everyone off because I’m sleeping at 12pm when I should be awake and meeting them for lunch. It sucks.

      • aem

        Who didn’t know what they were talking about? Are you referring to Spilledperfume asking for the definition of “PK” or something else? Now I’m confused.

  35. Wow porsha’s attempt at witty comebacks are just pitiful! Let’s talk about the one you tuck back every morning?? Huh? I’m glad Kandi was there! If she really hadn’t said something lord knows Cynthia wouldn’t have! One more week of watching that awful color scheme!

    • Minky

      OMG! I know. Did she accuse Kenya of being a man? What else would be need to be tucked every morning?

      • I dunno I couldn’t figure out any of her comebacks at all! Even the one about the one eyed African? I hate to say this because I don’t want to waste energy on Porsha but I then started wondering if she was talking about Matt! Nothing she says really made sense! I wish she would produce those receipts on Peter though! And Phaedra was shaking her head in agreement to everything she said!

  36. Rose

    Andy is just vile. It amazes me who he sticks up for regardless of which RH city. I was disgusted.

  37. rainidaze

    I believe all kinds of “interesting” stuf goes on in prison visiting areas, but I question Phaedra’s story and think she embellished it to use as an excuse for not taking the boys back to visit Apollo. She said on WWHL that she saw a guy get up and his pants were undone (IDK if they were simply unzipped or completely unbottoned, too), but from that little detail I don’t believe she saw anything intimate take place between the two parties.

  38. iloveearlgrey

    I love Kandi. I’ve always questioned her friendship with Phaedra, so I am very happy they’re not really speaking.

  39. There is something about Phaedra’s boys that I couldn’t ever quite put my finger on – and I finally realised they are excited to have her undivided attention. There is no relaxed or tactile familiarity in their exchanges. Little Ayden seems to be trying to impress her by showing off and cracking jokes and Dylan gets silly (like when he was madly kissing Ayden and Phaedra). Phaedra and Appollo have fucked things up so quickly. Phaedra has the resources to work from home or during school hours yet she has nannies around the clock. She doesn’t deserve those lovely babies and it breaks my heart as a mother.

  40. Kandi was the “Kim Fields” after NeNe’s insane PJ party – pretending the attack on Kenya’s friend was no big deal, which I took as flip floppy and an attempt to deflect from her ratchet behavior at the same party. (They were all in a mall somewhere rehashing the party – details escape me, but I lost a lot of respect for Kandi at that time, missed the Kandi that checked NeNe right out the gate instead of minimizing, you know?) Loved that she was the feisty voice of reason!

    It’s obvious that Kenya has let all the bs get to her. It’s not a good thing. She does much better when she at least pretends to stay above it all and uses her humor. It’s got to be rough, I get it, but she’s doing herself no favors.

  41. Cheychey

    The Glenn situation was out of control. He was being disrespectful long before he was even asked to leave. Was Kenya being a bit of a pit stirrer maybe. She is known to do that. He had already been asked to leave and would have been escorted out should he have not done so. But regardless Kenya didn’t scream or yell only told him to go it was there house and I would have done the same if someone was acting a fool at my house. That gives him no right drunk or otherwise to hit a woman or speak to them the way he did. The fact the Kenya flirted with him and invited him to the house does not mean you blame her for the domestic violence against Tammy it’s not the victims fault.

  42. I agree one billion percent accurate, you are the truth you said it all and you are so absofreakinglutely correct. Thank you

  43. Travis E Mitchell

    I only trust Tamara to recap because I stopped watching 4 episodes ago and done with it yet admit I wanted closure for this miserable group of women..and men on Atlanta. Glad Kim gone..she not a fit for vultures but she needed the money.

    Not sure Tamara why you on Kenya’s bandwagon..she brought production to her Mom s house when she could have done this like what.. the other nine months or so they not filming? I still think Kenya and Kim concocted the whole gay line for show but regardless Kim done. Thank God. She better than this mess.

    And BTW.. What is wrong with Phaedra’s kid being on thr show? Phaedra is no more or no less a big of a crook as the rest of them so let her make a buck before she done. The kid is adorable. And let’s not forget Kandi’s last boyfriend was shot because he was a hoodlum so her shit stinks like the rest of them.

    If Andy wanted kenya gone. He would. She does not carry the show anymore than stupid Nene thought she did. It is all an act on this show a d kenya laughing all the way to the bank..

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