Dance Moms: Once, Twice, Three Times a Recap…

Dance Moms

It’s time to catch up on Dance Moms,  I took a bit of a break last week and I got terribly behind on the shows that I normally catchup on the weekends. Sometimes even bloggers try to grab some R&R so I have three episodes to get through before the RHOA reunion begins.  I’m going to use a little template or something to hit the highlights.

Episode One:  Abby Lee Horror Story

The Mom Stuff:  Well the Mom stuff this week, is that the Moms did not show up. Except for Brynn and her mom, Ashlee. So Brynn gets right in rehearsing her solo.  There are three solos, all are of famous deaths.  Brynn has The Black Dahlia. The moms finally arrive quite late in their pajamas to give Abby a taste of her own medicine. Their plan backfired. Brynn had all day to work on her solo and the group rehearsal missed an entire day.  The moms somehow blame Ashlee for their girls missing a day of rehearsal.

Abby’s Mental State:  About as good as it gets with Abby. Almost pleasant at times.

The Dances:

The group dance is called “The Cult” replete with brainwashing and Kool-Aid drinking.  You know, kind of like here.  The dance was great and deserves a first place. However, Mackenzie was in the center a good bit and seemed to struggle in a few places to keep pace with the other girls. The judges loved it.

Brynn’s solo is The Black Dahlia. She was really, really good. Her best solo yet. The black costume with the black tutu and the lyrical choreography could all lead her to a win. The pressure is on for Maddie.  The judges didn’t get the blood. Clearly they know nothing about The Black Dahlia. They praised her dancing but totally missed the point of the dance.

Maddie’s solo is about Lizzie Borden.  I’m five seconds in and Maddie wins. With all her Sia experience she has bat shit crazy down to a science. Her interaction with the axe is perfection. I’m afraid of her. The choreography was miles above the others. The judges ate it up.

Kendall’s solo is Natalie Wood.  I didn’t like it. I didn’t like her costume which was a leotard three sizes too big for her, I was distracted by the completely empty side stage. I was bored. She was clunky. Just noe.

Brynn’s solo took second in her division with a score of 296. Kendall took second her division with a 292. (so technically, Brynn beat Kendall) and Maddie got first in teen. No idea of what her score was.  The group solo won. Maddie got overall high score.

Dance Moms Maddie

Episode Two: The Maddie Rumor

The Mom Stuff: We have a new mom, Jeanie,  with three daughters Coco, Rianna and Kaylee. She is there because the minis are back. but just a few of them and I really don’t know what Abby’s plan is because only the littlest one is a mini MAYBE,  she’s seven. The other two are nine and eleven. Abby puts them all on the mini team and the mom ends up having a hissy fit and leaving after the first rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Melissa is claiming that Mackenzie is back in Pittsburgh to compete, but it appears the real story is that Maddie (and probably Mackenzie) are bailing on ALDC before the FEDs arrive.  Hell, how many Secret Service Agents do we have in this country and do they ever have time to investigate anyone other than reality stars?  Melissa is outright lying. Maddie looks 23 years old in her makeup.

Maddie and Melissa gave Abby two tickets and she takes Brynn as her date. She wants to see how she behaves on the red carpet. The other moms go batshit. Abby ends up not taking any of them. Maddie won the award.

Abby’s Mental State: Erratic. She was a horrible person to the minis.

The Dances:

The minis group dance trio is The Monsters.  At the very last minute, Abby brings in a duo to dance against the trio. I’m confused. Are they doing it at the same time?  No, Abby has added and entry. The moms go nuts, Abby goes psycho. My poor sweet little uncoordinated Peyton is crying. It’s a mess.  Right before the dance one of the not Peytons turns into a mature 25 year old dance coach and tells Peyton they are going to go out there and prove Abby wrong. They will work so hard. They will give face. They will have attitude. They will win.

The duet goes first. They do a hip hop number. They are good. Why aren’t THEY on the mini team, they study at ALDC.

The trio was adorable albeit very age inappropriate. Even Peyton got her act together. I hope they beat the duet.

The Junior elite group dance is The Vultures. It was good. The costumes were great, the music was great. They were not as clean and precise as they could have been. Some of the stunts seemed out of place and, well clunky.

Maddie has the only solo called, The People’s Choice of Not?   Was great. I guess. I got bore watching.

Maddie won her solo. The trio got second. The duet took first.  Dammit, Man! The group dance won.

Dance Moms Maddie and brynn

Episode Three:  Brynn’s Big Moment

The Mom Stuff:  Kira is back for some unknown reason. Ashlee is still there and she is the reason Kira was refusing to film. Everyone hates Ashlee for pretty much no reason other than that Brynn is a threat to their kids.

Abby is doing two trios. Brynn versus Maddie. They pick their teams. Nia is left out when Maddie chooses JoJo over Nia. Jill is pissed that Brynn is a captain. Abby says if Brynn’s team when she will be an official member of the team. Jill suggests that Kira tell Kalani to sabatoge her team so Brynn will be gone. Holly points out that two trios, a group dance and a commercial is too much for one week.

Kira can’t take being back with the women. After they tell her that Melissa was stressed raising Kalani for her for 12 weeks, she throws a water bottle as hard as she can at Jess and cries. Ashlee must be thrilled they have stopped bullying her for ten minutes.

Toddrick is supposed to be directing the video but Abby is interfering. Abby wants the girls to literally dance in traffic. The concept of the video is awesome. But there is really not time to work on the group dance.

Abby’s Mental State: Erratic, Nutty, she did literally play in traffic, but not at Bat Shit Crazy Levels

The Dances:

Trio Two  Brynn, Kalani, Kenzie (Contemporary Acro) “The World is Ours” They were good. I didn’t see any problems. I did zone out though. That may just be me watching three straight hours of Dance Moms on a rainy Easter Sunday though.

Trio One Maddie, Kendall, JoJo.(Contemporary Jazz) “The Golden Girls  Maddie fell out of her turn!!! Is she throwing this to help out Brynn? Because when these three started I said there is no way for them to lose. Especially with the Maddie advantage. They might still win. They really were good. Jo Jo held her own with the other two. Plus Maddie brings extra points all on her own.

The group dance is based on a commercial they are going to shoot inspired by The Wiz. Everyone will sing as well.  “Ease on Down the Boulevard”  The dance was great. It was, in fact, the ALDCLA commercial, but it was cute. Maddie stood out as being way better than the other girls in this one. I’ve never really seen that before.

The group dance won.  Maddie Ziegler is standing on the stage holding SECOND PLACE SIGN Y’ALL! BRYNN WON! BRYNN WON! BRYNN WON!

Jessalynn says he said the scores backwards. Apparently Maddie’s team won.  Abby goes to check and regardless of whatever numbers were said the right team was in first.  This sucks. Brynn won, but now the moms are being cunts about it. Maddie fell out of her turn! Her trio lost. Get a grip!

Abby gives Brynn her official ALDC jacket. Which was meaningless really because she was already in the commercial.

Jill is still demanding the score sheets. She says there is no way her kid’s team was second Jill ruins the moment for everyone and is an extreme bitch to Ashlee right in front of her daughter and all the girls. I am so over Jill this season. Ashlee and Brynn  leave. Bynn is hysterical and tells her mom that Jill and Kendall say she is an awful person.

Next Week: Jill leaves with Kendall because I assume Ashlee confronted them about saying horrible things to Brynn.


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18 responses to “Dance Moms: Once, Twice, Three Times a Recap…

  1. Heidi

    It’s disgusting how Jill ruined Brynn’s moment when she got her jacket. What is wrong with her, making a child cry? She did the same thing when Abby asked Brynn to be her plus one at the People’s Choice awards. She made a big stink about it in front of the little girl. I really hope that was staged, and Brynn knew that ultimately she wouldn’t get to go to the ceremony. Those mothers are swiming in their own muddy pool of jealousy over Brynn.

  2. BeetsWhy

    I am so over Jill this season she has become a horrible human being. I am surprised that even Dr. Holly has jumped in on the Bash Ashlee fun, it’s so beneath her. They are all flipping out because Maddie is done after this season and Brynn is probably going to take her place. Brynn is an amazing dancer and imagine how much better she could be without all the drama. Jojo has had by little talking screen time this season other than appearing in group dances, same with Mackenzie. Even Kalani and Kendall are down on the voice time. This season ha been almost 100% fighting between Abby and the moms.

  3. KidsRkids

    Someone PLEASE take Jill’s ALDC dance mom jacket away. YOU ARE DIMISSED!

  4. Miguel

    Jill has become even witchier since Brynn’s arrival! I also find Kendall exceedingly passive-aggressive. Suck it up & get real Team Kendall!!!!!!!!!! Given that Kilani & Kenzie are ALDC members, Kendall is NEVER going to be the #2 with/without add-ons!!!

  5. I have to say I always feel rather dirty after watching this show……..

  6. Cheychey

    Jill and Jojo’s mom acting like this is just stupid dint he moms treated them then terribly when they first came. They should have been the first ones to welcome someone new. Jill is so jealous of Brynn and it’s easy to see why because she is a better dancer that Kendal in my opinion. She feels threatened. But they should probably be ready for a few new members cause I wouldn’t think it would be long before both Kalani and Nia age out of this group and have to be replaced with younger members. There is always gonna be a dancer hungry for your spot that’s what keeps you on your toes and working hard.

  7. Rita

    I must say that in the picture above Kolani looks stunning. Did ya notice Maddie’s knee is bent?

  8. tamaratattles

    Did anyone else think that Maddie threw that comp so that Brynn’s trio would win? They hinted at a throw (albeit from Kalani on Brynn’s team) before the dance. I know that Maddie has fallen out of a turn before and she made a HUGE deal out of it. But that was a much harder dance.

    This week, Maddie fell out of a very simple turn sequence she has done a hundred times and had no reaction.

    Also, am I the only one that thinks that Kendall has danced horribly all season (since Brynn came especially) and has become a total whiney victim? If that is storyline, I don’t think Jill should have agreed to be the bitch or let her daughter look like one either. I used to like them both.

    • swizzle

      I don’t think Maddie would fall out of a turn on purpose. It happens to even the best dancers. I’m guessing that we didn’t see her freak out about it because either they just didn’t show it or Maddie could give two craps about these dumb, fake competitions now that her career has blossomed.

      Kendall is not progressing as a dancer. Her crazy ass mom isn’t helping any. The girl, along with Nia, just needs hours and hours of ballet and technique classes. Brynn and Kalani are far superior dancers than Nia and Kendall. The reality is that Maddie is spectacular. Chloe was too, but she’s gone. Studios don’t develop that many superstars from the ground up. You need a combination of skill, natural talent, teaching, and hard work to be that good, and that doesn’t walk in the door every day.

    • Heidi

      Kendall has always bored me when she dances. I find myself picking up my phone to check my emails whenever she has a solo. I think Maddie is too competitive to purposely lose a competition, even if it’s a fake competition. However, I could seethat situation being staged by producers, so that Brynn gets her jacket, thus creating all that horrible drama with Jill and Ashley.

    • Miguel

      Yes to everything TT added! Though, I must admit, Jill and Kendall grew on me over the years; that was until last season. No matter how far they put their heads up Melissa’s & Maddie’s posteriors, Kendall won’t achieve Maddie’s level of success simply because she lacks Maddie’s talent. That’s life – there will ALWAYS be someone whose better & worse than you!!!

  9. Xanadude

    Once Maddie/Melissa have tasted the sweet sweet freedom of working with directors other than Abby, there has been no turning back. They realize they don’t need Abby anymore. Abby desperately needs them.

  10. Cat

    I saw the dances on YouTube. I wonder why the Natalie Wood routine was so blah and generic, compared to the Lizzie Borden and Black Dahlia routines? I understand there was no blood involved, but why do such a generic dance when the others were so striking? Did Abby runout of ideas?

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