Peter Thomas Wants to Hook Up Apollo Nida When He Gets Out of Prison


RHOA White Cars Peter and Apollo


Well, now, someone in comments about the “shocking” revelation that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are separated informed me that my friend over at SFTA interviewed Peter (via Facetime) at his request to clear up a few things.  So I just checked that out (my day is so not going as planned)  and he did claim that he was not going to tape for RHOA anymore. BUT, even ATLien didn’t buy what he was selling and reminded him he said the same thing last year. Peter has never been the compliant househusband Bravo expects. He reminds us that husbands don’t get paid and claims that he forced Bravo to start paying the husbands to show up for the reunion. He says he is happy  with how the season ended with scenes of a happy marriage to his wife playing across our screens as we saw them frolicking in Jamaica and Cynthia attempted to give him a handjob on national TV. He bemoans his life as a “celebrity” and how everyone is always filming his cheating him with phone cameras.  Poor thing. He just doesn’t want to be on RHOA anymore, y’all.

He is furious with Porsha for claiming he is screwing every 19 year old in Atlanta. He says he has never been unfaithful to his wife.  Perhaps he feels like if it happens in Charlotte it doesn’t really happen.  He professes his undying love for Cynthia.  Then he says, basically that his great love for her might allow him to film a scene or two next season. You know, if it will help her out. It’s clear this couple is done and it’s just a matter of time before Cynthia files if she has not already. But that was not what I found interesting about the interview at all.



Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle


While blasting Phaedra for seemingly no reason, Peter blurts out that he “talked to Apollo yesterday” and he feels sympathy for Apollo because, “he knows the reason why Apollo is where he is.” MMMMMHmmmmmm. What might that be Peter? IS there something you would like to share with the class? You seem really angry with Phaedra Parks.  Peter says that Apollo made some bad decisions and he is paying for them now.  He says when you come out of prison after doing six years for fraud no one will give you a job or trust you with money. So, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get to where you need to be.  That’s interesting. Don’t you find that interesting?

But it gets better. Peter says that Apollo is in prison “plotting” out his plans for when he gets out. I kept backing up to listen. It sounds like he said plotting but sometimes Peter mumbles. Plotting is an interesting word choice. And he used the word right after talking about Apollo getting divorce papers in jail. So what is Apollo plotting exactly?

Most of the interview was Peter talking out his brand and how his main focus is on “getting rich” and he discusses why he abandoned Bar One in Atlanta (building code issues) to open three bars in Charlotte. He referred to Kordell a bit when trashing Porsha. He mentioned him as an “investor” but it sounded to me like he’s not really an investor anymore.  Peter was all over the place.  But when it came to Apollo he said that when Apollo gets out of prison he wants to give him  $100,000 so that he can get back on track get his life set up.

Marinate on that.

Peter Thomas

He’s a 55 year old man, who appears to be going through a divorce,  has several children, and history of restaurants that somehow can’t keep their doors open, trying to open THREE bars in Charlotte, NC and when he gets rich the only thing he mentioned doing with his money is giving $100,000 (there’s a specific sum) to a felon newly released from prison. Please, can we take a moment to revisit Apollo’s indictment?

Personally, I think the final straw for Cynthia was the FEDS SHOWING UP AT HER HOUSE.  Oh and I have new information on the car.  The neighbors said at one point the was an old red thunderbird (they think) at the house that Apollo said belonged to a friend. It was there for about a week and they never saw it again. It would appear that was the car the FEDs came for.

Sounds like someone wants to divorce before any potential shit could hit the fan.

Also the photo above is of Peter’s apartment in Charlotte. I believe he Instagrammed it this week. Someone sent it to me with the question, “Does this look like someone coming back to Atlanta?”

P.S.  Kordell Stewart just released an autobiography yesterday. It’s called TRUTH. I wonder if there is any in there…


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27 responses to “Peter Thomas Wants to Hook Up Apollo Nida When He Gets Out of Prison

  1. microop

    Peter don’t get down about HATERS trying to frame you. We all know you are a GENIUS business man and FAITHFUL husband.
    Just kidding. But as long as Cynthia is happy who cares what their arrangement is.

  2. Miguel

    Thanks for the sweet tea, TT – so yummy in my tummy!!!

    Seems like all roads continue to lead to the intersection of Peter (among other RHOA cast mates) and Apollo, somewhere around Hush Money Ave & Fraud St!

    Dare I hope that Apollo’s “plotting” involves some accountability for Ms. Phaedra (God seems quite pleased) Parks?!?

    • “Dare I hope that Apollo’s “plotting” involves some accountability for Ms. Phaedra (God seems quite pleased) Parks?!?”

      Oh honey, God’s not just “pleased”, He is IMPRESSED! I keep thinking she’s going to get struck by lightning someday, it hasn’t happened yet, but maybe Apollo will be the lightning rod to knock her off her arrogant pedestal. Well, Apollo and Angela Stanton, and whoever else that may come crawling out of the woodwork, and I’m sure there’s plenty that can come crawling out.

  3. So Peter’s desire is “getting rich” still. I’ve heard if getting rich is your goal it seldoms happens.
    Possibly Peter should try a different business. He is rather stupid to be talking about Appolo and Phaedra, he is asking the Feds to come into his life. These HW people lack all sense. #Idiots.

    • I believe Peter is hiding money, but using some after he talks to Apollo. Where would he get $100,000.00. Peter doesn’t work and he owes everybody, especially Cynthia. How does he pay his rent? His bar is not clearing that type of overhead.

  4. jen

    Wow. Peter is the shadiest. Apollo is a moron for not telling him to shut up about him and money. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  5. Jaana

    Peter isn’t trying to distance himself from the rumors that he may be involved in Apollo’s scams. Its almost like he is running towards it.

    Then Phaedra with that weird mortuary business of hers. I remember Kenya a few seasons back saying something to the effect of “These people are dirty and grimy and I want NOTHING to do with them.”

    • WonkyTonk

      I just commented about the whole mortician thing in another post. Wouldn’t surprise me to know she was working a scam with that.

      • Jaana

        Yup. Other blogs reported about her morgue business and a lot of people commented on how easy it is to launder money though it. People are catching on to just how shady this woman is, even though TT saw it first!

  6. All over the place indeed. My first thought is that he’s drunk, high and/or a little coke? My nefarious thought is he’s trying to send a message/threat to various people.


  7. Cat

    “Plotting”? Maybe they are ALL going into the mortuary business? Plug ‘Em ‘N’ Plant ‘Em.

  8. Does anybody really know any of them personally or what their life is like outside of the media and the show? Whew…I would not mention any arrangements or anything that might come back at some point. When Apollo gets out he will be find in due time most likely he will find his way again. Why do they allow so much to be filmed on the show, is it in the contract that so much of their personal life gets filmed. WOW Thanks for the tea Tamara, God bless all of them on the show and off in their own life. ijs

  9. Dee

    WOAH!! That was a lot of information being spewed by him. He is not very bright. I don’t see what Cynthia ever saw in him. The scene of her trying to give him a hand job was so gross, I changed the channel UGH! Thanks Tamara, great tea!! Marinate is right.

  10. Josie

    Ah, I see. How generous of Peter to “gift” Apollo $100,000. I guess since the bars are so successful and are ahem…a cash business…I guess the bars are flush with cash.

    Peter is so generous that who knows how many hundreds of thousands Peter is plotting um…planning… on giving Apollo. Apollo may even manage one of his bars!

    I want to echo Whoopi in Ghost. Cynthia, run baby girl. You in trouble!

  11. @immelza

    Oh now I’m wondering is Peter holding some money (like 100 Grand) for Apollo? Is Apollo planning to rat out Phadrea? I do know one thing it’s very very easy to launder money in a restaurant business. This will be interesting if Apollo starts talking!

  12. Amy

    Does he have on silver nail polish?

  13. Hey yall

    A fool and his money… $100,000 wont go far with Apollo. If he spent $8000 at a strip club before prison, he would probably blow the whole 100 grand in the strip club on the day he is released. Peter needs to quit acting like he got paper like that. The only RHOA that ‘got it like that” is Kandi. They are alll phoney frauds.

  14. Jaana

    Cynthia needs a divorce, even pull a Nene and divorce for monetary reasons. Peter is shady and the last thing she needs is for the feds to freeze her bank accounts.

  15. Home

    Thanks for the TEA! Yes…Peter was all over the place..He appeared to be on some kind of mind altering substance because he was running he mouth TOO much! So is he funneling money from Apollo through his bar? who just hands someone $100k when they walk out of prison unless they were owed or the person was HOLDING the money! I’m beginning to think the car that Peter was keeping for Apollo had a trunk full of goodies…smh. What a nice PLOT to have someone hold your car for you while they remove all the goodies from it..then all of a sudden new bars are opening up like christmas gifts on Christmas Day…Maybe I’ve been watching too much Scandal but something in the milk definitely isn’t clean here.

    I’e been in long distance relationship before and you find yourself trying to fly in as many times a month as you can…heck long weekends, a day journey, calls, emails,,,so why is it that Cynthia complains that she never sees or hear from Peter in days? Even the 1800 people a week that he claimed comes through the restaurant isn’t enough for him not to be able to come in late Saturday and go back Sunday…Isn’t Charlotte in America? Peter is full of shit and Cynthia sees it now.

    Apollo is always plotting something..thats his problem! You best believe he will be watched when he gets out this time..he is now a TWO time fraud swindler! And anyone that will do any kind of business with him is a FOOL and definitely not a WISE business person! At first I felt a little bad for Cynthia but with all of this drama taking place she needs to get out NOW before she’s tarnish. She couldn’t possibly be this stupid….

    • Home ~ Great comment, and interesting thoughts. Gave me even more things to consider concerning the Peter/Apollo brothership, and why they may NEED to be such tight bro’s. dun dun DUN!

      Note to Peter: Loose lips sink ships, you big ole dummy.

  16. TT, this may be another stupid question from me (so be gentle :) ) but isn’t that the white car Peter is standing up against, in the above picture, the car he bought (or got somehow) from Apollo? Allegedly. (Sometimes I’m not even sure if I need to use the word allegedly, but I just do for good measure, and it is kind of fun.)

  17. susan

    Those feet though . . .

  18. Mimi

    So I was bored and found myself on Apollo Nida’s Instagram and there are photos of Peter with Apollo with the caption “fake friend”… I wonder what this is about? “Something in the butter milk ain’t right”. Apparently Apollo spent a lot of time with Todd (Kandi’s husband) and Peter. And after reviewing the photos on there, how can Phaedra or any of these people including Cynthia (it seems they collaborated with on a few things) say they did not know or participate in Apollos shenanigans. Maybe this is where the Feds got some of their information. The photos are telling a lot.
    TT, these stories turn your readers into Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys!

    p.s. is it against the site rules to mention this (I apologize in advance)

  19. JoJoFLL

    Does anyone think that Phaedra had Apollo’s kids to keep him from ratting her out?

  20. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Omg the tea!!! And it seems miss Cynthia is all in the press talking about them not being on shops place!!! Could Peacher just be trying to save face, TT? Maybe running interference before his nefarious ways are actually specifically revealed? My oh my, this post has something for everyone. And Kordell wrote a book? Lord, if there is a season 9, it’s gonna be salacious!!! Went back and looked at those posts you recommended we read…. I think Pha Pha may be headed for trouble soon. Can’t wait for the reunion tonight. ( sorry if I’m violating a rule but I hear the beat down Porsha gave her assistant will be televised!) This show just took on a whole nother level of ratchedness! Thanks for the Easter tea!

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