Scandal Recap: Pencils Down


By Contributing Writer, Phil Andros

Oh SHONDA, just when I was getting ready to leave you, you reeled me back in with this brilliant episode of Scandal?  Before I get to the recap of the show that was last night’s episode, I need a second to address what’s gone horribly wrong with Scandal since season 1.  Remember when the show was built around the Scandal of the Week (and the finger-banging discussed in a previous post)?  Good times, right?  Even just last week Olivia, in her holier-than-thou way, was giving Abby the standard “white hat” “gladiators in suits” blah blah blah bullshit that she has spewed less and less convincingly since the show started.  That she does it with no trace of irony would actually be kind of funny if the show didn’t take itself so damn seriously.

This show was supposed to be about a DC fixer, not about murderous intrigue and shadow governments right out of a Tom Clancy novel.  The problem is that the characters on Scandal are so completely morally bankrupt that you really need outside problems and clients for OPA to make it even remotely watchable.  Otherwise, it’s just this group of crappy human beings just trying to fuck each other over.  I get enough of that at work and at Thanksgiving.  I don’t need it on the teevee.  SHONDA, if you’re reading, hun, bring it back to its roots before you lose us all.   If I had the Twitter Machine I’d tell her myself.

Let’s look briefly at each of the main characters so you can see what I mean, although I’m pretty sure based on your comments on last week’s recap that you do.  This is all off the top of my head, so feel free to chime in in the comments section to remind me of all the horribleness I’ve forgotten or blocked from memory.

Scandal FItz almost died Olivia

  • Fitzgerald Grant, president of the United States.  I mean, apart from personally shooting down a civilian airliner (operation Remington) and putting American troops in harm’s way to save his mistress, what’s not to like, right?  He’s a truly swell, stand up guy!  When his kid gets killed (because of him) and his wife is a grieving mess, he basically makes it all Mellie’s fault.  Husband of the year material for sure.  And, maybe worst of all, he actually believes he’s smart (LOL) and that he’s earned his Presidency.  Poor delusional fuckwit.  It’s really sort of sad when the most charming part about him is his adulterous affair with Olivia.
  • Mellie Grant.  I have a soft spot for Mellie because basically I think I would have taken an axe to Fitz by the second season if I were her.  Plus she is the best actor on the show.  But c’mon.  What a role model for women!  Getting raped by your husband’s father and not reporting it because of of your naked ambition is probably not something that all young women should aspire to. :eyeroll.  Plus of course she helped rig the election for Fitz and was directly responsible for the slaughter of 12 jury members by Huck/Poppa Pope.  Still, she remains among the most likable characters on the show…mostly.

  • Cyrus Beene.  I can’t even.  Has hired Charlie to kill multiple times over the years (I think Amanda Tanner, the supposedly pregnant girlfriend of Fitz was the first back in Season 1).  Cyrus even hired Charlie to kill his own husband, James at one point although that plan was aborted.  Why?  Because Cyrus bought James a baby to shut him up.  Oh, and let’s not forget Cyrus basically pushing James into an affair with Sally Langston’s husband just to win a couple of political points – that revenge fuck of James who knew he was being photographed was one of my favorite things that season.  Just a few episodes ago Cyrus arranged to have Tom (the secret service dude who killed the President’s son) shoot two security guards and orchestrate the fake assassination attempt on the hottie governor of PA.  Why?…ready for it…the hottie governor’s one weakness was that he had no national profile.  The only item in the plus column is that he bought himself (and us) Cyrus’ whore, who needs to spend more time without clothes on in future episodes.  Thank you in advance, SHONDA.

  • Jake, Huck, Quinn, Charlie.  Stone cold assassins who get off on torturing people.  I mean, truly get off on it.  Nothing seems to make Quinn and Charlie hornier than using a drill on someone to extract information.  I get why Tamara and others have a soft spot for Huck – he’s been so supremely fucked up that it is hard not to root for him to become sane.  But let’s not forget what insane looks like with Huck – mutilation, torture, a bus full of dead jurors, pulling out Quinn’s teeth  among many other scenes of torture and cruelty that make waterboarding seem like a quaint trip to the aquarium.  Every one of B-16 agents  is a true psychopath, although Jake can still call me even though he framed the NSA nice general lady and killed her boyfriend so he could be head of the NSA.  On second thought, I’ll just pay cash for Cyrus’ whore; it’s safer.  And they all do this at the behest of either Olivia or Poppa Pope. I’m not doing an entry for him…space constraints.

Huck Scandal 2014

  • Abby Whelan.  Probably the least gross of the main characters.  It looked early on like they were going to make her sort of a badass but then, Quinn.  The only really crappy thing I can remember her doing was sleeping with David Rosen to steal the evidence of the voting machine tampering way back when.  With her new power-hungry self the moral fibers are being chipped away – she is my odds on favorite to murder someone next season – but it’ll probably be accidental and she’ll at least feel bad, which will be refreshing.  Help me out in the comments if she’s killed someone I’ve overlooked.
  • I’m not doing the three women in the lesbian love triangle – David Rosen, Liz whatever and Susan Ross, because honestly they bore me to tears.

  • Olivia Pope.  Or as I like to call her, “the lady with the magic vagina.”  I can’t remember Olivia actually killing anyone which is a nice rarity for the show.  I mean even Sally Langston offed her dead gay husband (bonus points if you get the Heathers reference).  Of course she’s turned Huck loose a few times here and there so her hands aren’t exactly clean, and she did rig the election for Fitz.  And when Fitz was incapacitated she committed treason with Mellie by faking his signature.  Oh, and she also got Poppa Pope out of jail so he could blackmail the Senators looking to take down Mellie.

  • But my biggest problem with Olivia isn’t really with Olivia – it’s that SHONDA HATES WOMEN.  She creates these strong characters who talk smart and act smart, but when push comes to shove Olivia turns into a compliant pile of mush every time some guy sticks a finger in her.  Role modeling.  Sigh.  The show is built around this strong black woman (trademark Oprah Winfrey) but in the end, who has the power?  Fitz, Jake, Poppa Pope and Cyrus.  End of story.  SHONDALAND is a man’s world and the men always win.

    Basically the only moral character left is the new black guy and I can’t even remember his name.  Come in, SHONDA, you have a problem.


    Scandal Lovers of Liberty

    Now on to this week’s show!

    Ok, this promises to be good, Lovers of Liberty.  Sally Langston gives Hollis a shout out and then says that she’s going to host the first Republican Debate, to which I say YEE HAW.  Ok, she said it, but don’t hate.  I said it in my head too.

    Then we cut to a scene of Olivia, Liz and Hollis discussing the terms of the debate.  Um, seriously, do you think Donald Trump shows up for his shit, Shonda?  But I have to give you props.  Finally, we have Olivia being a MOTHERFUCKING fixer and a badass.  Nice change.

    Cut to Susan practicing her debate, Abby on the phone with Olivia and then Edison is running for President!  I am actually starting to like this show again.  This is what I signed up for.  I’m having such a good time that David Rosen talking about his lesbian love triangle with Liz and Susan isn’t even bothering me!  And he even answered my burning question:  Liz uses the bigger strap-on.  That scene where she railroaded David into going up on stage after the debate and publicly outing him/herself as Susan’s lesbian lover was genius.

    Switch to the Dems!  Cyrus is giving a strategy talk and gets interrupted by some totally hot Latino.  I mean, you thought governor hottie was a hottie.  He is at best a 6 to this guy’s 10.  Turns out it’s Alex Vargas, hottie governor’s brother.  And there was a smallish suggestion that he may be a homo mary.

    This episode is everything so far.  We switch to Mellie’s focus group where everyone is describing her in Hillary Clinton terms – smug, unlikable, too smart, etc.  How did we miss this, gang?  Mellie = Hillary is so fucking perfect. “I am fighting their fight, Liv, I’m just fighting it as a Rhodes Scholar. They are benefiting from how smart I am.”  And I am still shaking my damn head wondering why this woman doesn’t have an Emmy.  Seriously.

    Oh fucking no, Quinn is here and we are back to talking about Jake and Poppa Pope.  She and Olivia decide to go with Plan B.  Sounds so ominous!  Might be good!  It’s not!!  Quinn become “Jaqueline Horton” who went to Smith with Jake’s fiancee.  And somehow in 5 minutes they are besties.  Of course they didn’t talk about people in common they knew at Smith, courses or anything.  Sigh.  You’re starting to lose me again SHONDA, but at least Quinn is kind of cute and, really, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WHEN JAKE FINDS OUT QUINN IS COSYING UP TO HIS FIANCEE?

    And it gets good again…Susan goes into Abby’s office to thank her for clearing the President’s schedule.  Yes, it’s a little far-fetched, but as Scandal goes, it’s absolutely believable.  Abby tells Susan that David was just in there complaining about “his women.”  Rut roh.  Susan proceeds to completely fall apart at the debate prep.

    And SHONDA is kind of overdoing the Hollis thing.  They cut to him shooting an AK-47 at a driving range (is that even a thing?  I’m from the liberal Northeast, help me out gun state people) and he says that “Debate prep is for ninnies [the Donald would have said pussies.  Actually, the Donald did call Cruz a pussy.]  All I need is 8 hour sleep and a good breakfast.”  At which point he wraps up some bacon in tin foil and attaches it to his gun?!?!?  Hmmmm.  Cuts to Mellie who Olivia tells “less bitch face” [LOL] and even less hands.  Cracking up.  The Hillary sendup is priceless.  Then back to Hollis who is firing off his assault rifle and at the end it cooks the bacon he’s wrapped around the gun barrel in tinfoil.  Jigga what?  So I google ‘cooking bacon with a machine gun barrel’ and sure enough there are Ted Cruz references and instructional videos.  Sigh.  This whole Hollis thing may prove to be really tiresome, but I’m willing to stick with it for a while because he’s so damn good at being unctuous.

    Sally Langston interlude where she is delightfully menacing and gives us the origin of the ‘pencils down’ title of this epi.  She’s administering the test of their lives and it’s gonna be tough, Lover’s of Liberty!

    Scandal OliviaAlex Vargas (hottie Governor’s brother) shows up at OPA and offers to swap dirt on Susan Ross for dirt that Olivia might have on Edison.  Which of course she does, but she isn’t playing.  Kind of makes you wonder what dirt they have on Susan.  Did she once use a curse word?  Did she forget to say thank you?  Unless they know about the lesbian love triangle.  Then we find out that Alex is another detestable human being.  Quelle surprise, SHONDA!  Ruined my day, but I like a little rough trade so we’ll see….

    You don’t believe me that SHONDA hates women?  That scene with Mellie at Gettysburger was going so well.  Damn, SHONDA, can Mellie ever get a break from you? I know they promo-ed a major gaffe, but that was stone cold mean.  Plus, it was totally unbelievable again.  The woman who spent the time to memorize the locations of Gettysburgers isn’t going to stumble across the fact that they aren’t open on Sunday?  But ok, I’m sort of still enjoying this epi, but the lengths SHONDA will go to to torture Mellie are starting to get stupid frankly.  Although the scene where Mellie unloads on Olivia is yet again an example of the amazing range this actor has. Wow.

    Some scene with Susan and David.  Or an episode of the L Word.  Not sure.  I left to pee.

    Weird scene with Olivia and Poppa Pope.  She is basically testing him and he tells her to be true to herself.  We’ll see – probably not this episode – but I think Olivia did the whole “Daddy I need you” thing on purpose to reel in Poppa Pope a little.  Of course, I also think he knew exactly what she was doing and didn’t fall for the bait.  Thoughts? [edited to add:  nevermind, it was totally obvious that he was protecting Edison.  A little ham-fisted for SHONDA but whatever.]

    Vanessa and Quinn – girl talk.  Vanessa had to submit all of her bank records “And your laptop?” Quinn chimes in happily.  Cue portentous music.

    God, when this show is good, it is really good.  The Olivia/Poppa Pope and the Vanessa/Quinn scenes were totally a yawn.  Now we’re back with Cyrus yelling at Tom the Body Guard (and stone cold kid killer) to find dirt on Alex Vargas!  Oh, and the dig on Florida was a nice touch. Lol

    David tries to dump Liz and says he’s in love with Susan.  Liz:  “She’s a muppet.  And not even one of the main ones.  She’d be way in the back playing tambourine in one of the muppet bands.”  Liz definitely has the bigger strap-on and I thought that was going to be the best line of the night, until….

    Quinn’s back.  Turns out Jake is using Vanessa’s bank accounts to funnel money to a Super PAC.  I mean seriously, SHONDA.  They need Vanessa to do this? Answer, no, they don’t, but I guess Olivia had to find out about the Super PAC somehow.  Ugh.  I hate that even when the show is good it is still ridiculously far fetched.  But of course it’s Edison so I was right about Poppa Pope’s ulterior motives above.  Every MAN as usual is ahead of Olivia. She confronts Edison, but he’s already in the bag for Poppa Pope.  She says “You’re getting into bed with a MONSTER” – lip tremble.  Edison’s reply and the best line of the night:  “No, I’m getting into bed with a MONSTER’S FATHER.”  LOL.  It’s nice to know though, that SHONDA’s streak is alive and the one guy who seemed truly decent is going to end up a pile of shit just like all of her other crappy characters.

    Boring scene with Susan and Fitz.

    Jake is out on a date with Vanessa and Olivia interrupts to basically drag Jake into the Woman’s room and rape him.  Or start to rape him.  It was nice to see a cock squeeze instead of a finger-bang for a change.  Who says SHONDA doesn’t have range.  lol  And, yeah, I’m a little jealous.  DON’T JUDGE.  Olivia delivers a little speech about how Jake is supposed to go tell Poppa Pope that whatever he’s up to, Olivia is going to win.  But she’s not.  We know that.  She hasn’t won in 5 seasons.

    Scandal david wine coolers

    It’s DEBATE NIGHT.  CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!?  Sally running around in curlers was awesome and I actually enjoyed Susan Ross smoking a cigarette and dumping David.  It was so ONJ at the end of Grease.

    And now the debate!  But first, Olivia swaps dirt on Edison (his rehab) for dirt on Susan (we don’t know yet).

    And the debate will be next week.

    Ok, I have to admit it, SHONDA you delivered and you got me interested again.  This was probably the best episode of the season so far and I’m actually looking forward to next week for a change!

    As usual, I’m dying to know what you think in the comments.


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    22 responses to “Scandal Recap: Pencils Down

    1. swizzle

      Mellie is the best character and has always been reminiscent of Hillary. The wife who stays with her husband after an affair because he promises to help her become president. Smarter than her husband. I used to be amused by Cyrus, but after that stunt of having people killed so he could get the governor some notoriety, I’m repulsed by him. Abby did have a glimmer of potential, but with her firing Cyrus and making the power play, that has to be on the outs too.

      I tried to start watching HTGAWM, but quickly saw those characters heading down the same path where I’d just hate them all. I need someone to like, to cheer for, or at least love to hate. More love, less hate.

    2. Home

      Thanks for the recap Phil…I’m still hanging with SCANDAL…I forgot all about Edison. I’m glad they’re bringing him back so I can find out more about his story. The Hot Vargas brother was one of my favorites from Law and Order SVU…I was glad to see him but I know there’s also a story there…but he’s damn sure easy on the eyes…(smile). Poor Susan…as soon as she found love she lost it..I think her and David will stay together…that will be another storyline that will get interesting when she finds out who the other woman was..smh. Why would you give your bank accounts up??? and how can the finance not being paying attention to her $$$ that she doesn’t know their being used to finance a PAC?…PLEASE!

      I like Mellie but she can get dramatic at times..(sigh)…I wonder what Cyrus has planned for the Vargas (hottie) brother, I wonder what and about who was in the envelope that Olivia traded for, I wonder how long the new black gladiator will stick around..(he’s boring…) and I wonder how long Pappa and Olivia will remain on good terms….can’t wait until next week….

    3. jen

      Loved this!! It was a great episode.

      • Meri

        I have not enjoyed Scandal this season and that includes the recent episode. I just can’t like any of the characters or find any redeeming qualities in any of them. I do like Susan the best since she seems the most sincere but the rest are a mess. I am confused as to what’s going on and why. None of this makes any sense anymore (not that it ever did) and I am disgusted that Shonda is attempting to mock the current election cycle with characters that are just awful (sadly, she’s close to the truth, imo.). I hope that the gladiators with their white hats return and do what they do best and drop the nonsensical intrigue that goes nowhere. Olivia is annoying and I can’t figure out why she is such a magnet for men. She is nasty and not at all a hero. Please go back to the way the show began and continue entertaining us rather than confusing us. I am giving this show until the end of this season to decide whether or not I will continue watching it. I can say the same for Grey’s also as it has become a soap opera with unlikable characters as well. Shonda is losing it.and her prejudice and bitterness is shining thru.

    4. Rose

      Edison calling Liv a monster was great! So thrilled Danny Pino joined the cast as Alex Vargus! Cannot wait to see him and Cyrus continue to battle. I want Susan and David to stay together and enjoyed her scene with Fitz on cheating. Wonder if the secret in the envelope is about her daughter or her ex?

    5. Sammie

      I thought I was done with Scandal until reading the recap, damn now I need to watch this one!
      The super secret spy agency storyline was when I starting losing interest, realized last week I didn’t like the Oliva character at all anymore. Abby has always been one of my favorites but even her character is getting more power hungry and scheming and there is an excess of those on this show. I have a sentimental attachment to Huck and will root for him with unapologetic favoritism.
      I had high hopes that the new colorful clothed Olivia would be more independent and take back OPA and be the fixer that we loved in the beginning.

    6. G.

      This is an interesting take on some Shonda’s gender issues. While I agree with parts here, Shonda deserves credit for trying to create complicated, multidimensional women who are often missing from TV. That’s been said many times before but is remains true. I don’t think it’s true that these characters always fold (though, point taken), but that it’s important to show women being strong who also need to go home, put on a sweater and some music and then drink several bottles of wine.

      OT: Did anyone watch The Catch? I beyond-adore Mireille Enos — for Big Love, but especially The Killing where she is effing brilliant. It’s funny to see her swing from the stripped down, dark Killing (the show’s mood but also her character’s affect and appearance) to something extra-glam, even for Shondaland.

    7. Phil Andros

      I haven’t watched The Catch, but I love Mireille Enos in The Killing.

      What is interesting to me about the gender issues is that Olivia scored tons of wins as the head of OPA and really made for a strong and engaging character in the early seasons. She was, as you said, multidimensional and I really had high hopes for the show’s portrayal of gender issues. Mellie was also clearly the power behind the throne and an equal to Fitz. He, in fact, was the big dumb putz. I also loved that she made Cyrus’ character gay. We’re just one tranny short of the whole LGBTQ alphabet! (I’m assuming Liz is bi)

      Ever since the plot moved to spy vs spy, though, it’s been a man’s world. Shonda has not really given Olivia a single significant win against her father except the jail thing for a few months. (But even that was something of a consolation prize given the horror for which he’s responsible.) And her ‘worth’ to the kidnappers was as the President’s mistress – a complete and total objectification that was very poorly resolved in my view.

      Shonda has also been downright cruel to Mellie’s character, especially these last two seasons. And Susan Ross is portrayed as hopelessly naive about most things.

      But maybe things are about to change. This episode offered some hope.

      Here’s something I’ve been wondering about. This season will presumably end on Election Night. So is this it for Scandal? What would next season look like?

      If Mellie wins, there is probably the most continuity. Abby could probably go back to OPA. But what happens to Fitz and Cyrus?

      If Hottie Governor wins, Cyrus and hottie governor’s brother stay in the picture. Maybe that’s why they cast a real actor in that role. But Mellie serves basically no purpose as Senator from Virginia, Fitz is still out. Abby I guess could go back to OPA.

      If Edison wins, I don’t care what happens because I won’t be watching the next season. Another loss for Olivia and a win for Rowen. Enough.

      I don’t see the show surviving a Susan Ross win. Ditto a Hollis win.

      On balance, I think the best shot the show has for another season is a Mellie win, but I’d be curious what you all think.

      • tamaratattles

        Shonda shows always start out GREAT and then she just sort of let’s it all fall apart somehow. As for next season, I feel like it will be a Mellie presidency if Hillary wins, a Hollis victory if Trump wins and maybe the hottie governor will be??? I dunno.

        I can’t stand Susan Ross. I think an Edison win would be interesting. That would put Pappa Pope in the oval. And Olivia could end up sleeping with the president again. The new one.

        Oh and Phil. You are chained to the radiator for as long as there is a new season. Did you not read the contract?

        • Phil Andros


          But if they end on election night it will either be Mellie, Hollis or Susan versus Hottie Governor or Edison.

    8. Carol

      I f*cking hate Mellie Grant. She is the definition of White feminist privilege. I hate how she always, always blames everyone else for her constant screw ups and never takes personal responsibility. Olivia should not be working for Mellie after being treated like a slave by Mellie and continuously called a whore. Who the hell would work for such an unpleasant person. She is the worst character on the show in my opinion after Rowan and Jake with no redeeming qualities.

      I see all these pseudo-feminist praising the Mellie character because they like to see the white attractive woman win over the black lead. All the other women on Scandal have achieved success by working hard even if it was doing shady stuff. But Mellie did nothing to earn being a Senator that was all Olivia (giving background advice), Lizzie and Fitz) or President. Mellie is an Ivy educated fool.

      Please do not insult Hillary Clinton by comparing Mellie to her. Hillary had a career while her husband was Governor, a substantive platform while First Lady, was an effective Senator and then Secretary of State. What the hell has Mellie done but tell us constantly that she is brilliant and spectacular. Hell even Cyrus knows Mellie would make a terrible President based on her stupid actions and bad advice to Fitz.

      BTW, Bellamy Young is not a great actress which is why she has not been nominated for major wards. She gets good lines from Shonda but cannot emote well only good at ranting. There was a particular scene when she was crying in front of Cyrus after she got the divorce papers where she was absolutely terrible. I was watching with friends and they asked if she was constipated and trying to pass a shit. Let’s not even mention her love scenes with Andrew which looked fake.

      And I love Susan Ross who is one of the most interesting characters on the show. That is the woman candidate that Olivia should be backing. As the Brandon Bill review session proved she is way smarter than Mellie who is could at memorizing information. But to quote ‘Information is not knowledge.’

      Also, Olivia’s journey is fascinating not boring ass Mellie who sat in the White House complaining and is still complaining after getting her political career. But I don’t see any empathy for the Black lead character for her suffering and screwed up life with monstrous parents.

    9. Carol

      Also, you forgot all the bad stuff Mellie has done – faked a miscarriage to get try to get Fitz elected, dangerously induced the birth of baby Teddy, used a pregnancy to stay in the White House (complete opposite of Olivia), ignored her kids unless using them as political props (boarding schools and nannies), forged Fitz’s signature for reinstatement on her own (Olivia had to save her stupid ass), she and Cyrus got James killed by using him for sex with Sally’s husband, commited perjury at the Senate hearing which was televised to the world (how is she not in jail or sanctioned by the ethics committee?), let her son’s murderers (Rowan and Tom) out of jail, already missed 127 Senate votes in her short career according to Susan Ross, and the list goes on and on.

    10. Phil Andros

      Awesome! A Mellie hater. We need more of those around here. As far as privilege goes, there’s more than enough of that to go around. And thanks for the reminder of all of the crappy stuff she’s done. It’s interesting that everything you mentioned is really about subverting the traditional norms of motherhood.

      • Carol

        Nonsense. Everything I mentioned is not about traditional norms of motherhood. I’m a 50 year old single woman with no kids and have never been interested in having kids. So I don’t give a sh*t about traditional norms. I do give a sh*t about being a decent parent once you have kids.

        Hillary did not adhere to the traditional norm of motherhood. She had a powerful career while raising her child. Even kept her maiden name until it was used as a political talking point.

        No, Mellie’s White pseudo-feminist privilege(me, my, mine) is constantly on display but she gets a pass because she is treated like a special white snow flake. Why? Because her husband fell in love and cheated on her (horrors with a black woman who is actually smarter and more savvy not a bimbo) after being in a dead marriage for decades. Then she fought for political gain to stay in that dead marriage when he wanted to end. Mellie is the most cowardly character on Scandal.

        Do any of the other characters on the show – male or female – like Mellie? No, because they all see through her. I find it interesting that the monster Rowan is not backing Mellie after she got him out of jail. But Rowan knows Mellie is an idiot and a screw up not someone he can invest in for the long haul. He even said as much to Olivia in this episode.

        • tamaratattles

          Hey Carol,

          You know what would be a good show for you to watch? The Real Housewives of Potomac. We don’t cover it here much. But it seems right up your alley. I hope you have a great Easter surrounded by nice black ladies sleeping with married men and their murderous fathers and free from any long suffering white wives who dedicated their entire lives to getting their husbands the jobs they always wanted!

          And please, avail yourself of the wine. You seem quite agitated.

          Yours in Christ,


        • Cat

          Um…we ARE talking about a FICTIONAL TV show, right?

          Wow, maybe I should start watching this, if it gets people THAT worked up.

        • Phil Andros

          Carol seems like a bit of an outlier. lol

      • tamaratattles

        Welcome to the angry menopausal commenters, Phil. It looks like a baptism by fire for you. :)

        In other news, Scandal is already renewed for another season. TGIT is the crown jewel at ABC, with little else going on. They just fired the Entertainment President who was responsible for a whole lot of “diversification” with things like Fresh Off the Boat and Blackish. His boss was and idiot and fired him, and hired the first black woman to the new President. She seems like she will be good too. However the problem is that she has the same idiot boss the last guy did. She probably won’t make too many drastic changes at all for quite some time.

        So that leaves me wondering what they are going to do with Fitz, I read an interview where he said that he has a contract for next season but it sounded like he didn’t know if he had a PART. It was weird. Also, he said Shonda always said this was a show that would not run for “8 or 10” seasons and that next season which will be six I believe, will possibly be the last.

        If it is the last season, that could influence your speculation on who the new president would be.

        What are you basing your theory of the finale being the election?

        I am starting to think that it might all end next season, where Fitz could still be in office serving out his final months, and then the swearing end of Donald Trump, I mean HOllis could be the end of the road and the world implodes or something. You know art imitating life kind of stuff. …

        • Phil Andros

          Ha. I’m actually really very familiar with crazy women being mean to me on the internet. In fact, she is kind of an amateur.

          You know, now that you mention it, the next season could easily coincide with the real US election, couldn’t it? Good point.

          Of course, if Mellie wins it will turn out that it is what Rowen wanted all along, right?

        • Cat

          I watched this for the first time last night. Largely because of this recap and comments. It took me awhile to figure out who everyone was, but I think I like this show.

          Finally, I have a show to watch that is recapped here. I look forward to reading more!

    11. Carol

      I don’t watch reality shows so no thanks to Real Housewives. I’m only watching Scandal and HTGAWM for Kerry Washington and Viola Davis since I watch just a handful of TV shows.

      It is interesting to see the insulting sexist responses to my comments – menopausal and angry middle age woman. Hmm

      I just find it interesting that that feminism only applies to Mellie on this show by some viewers but not to the other women on the show who have all suffered as much or more than Mellie but still don’t constantly blame everyone for their poor life choices.

      But carry on. I was hoping to have a civil discussion of the show on this site but I guess it is not to be since Mellie the evil married white woman who slept with her husband’s friend and traumatized her daughter with a viewing of her giving Uncle Andrew a blow job cannot be criticized here.

      LOL – keep dreaming about Rowan backing Mellie. He knows she is a idiotic loose cannon not someone to support for pulling power moves in the shadows.

      • tamaratattles

        The only thing I got from this comment was a visual of Pappa Pope in a purple zoot suit pulling his pud in the shadows. Any one else? No? Okay, carry on.

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