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Project runway all stars


I’ve had a lot going on here and then I went to a remote cabin in the woods for a bit where I had not DVR, so that is why a lot of shows I normally do a couple days later than they air have gotten behind. My apologies.  I have two episodes to zip through to get caught up, so I am going to do this down and dirty.

Episode Birthday Suits

The designers have to make winter wear for naturists who are presented completely nude on the runway and also in the work room. There are five male models and five female models. They are normal people of various sizes and that alone seems to always through the designers off, even without the whole naked and afraid situation going on.

Right out of the gate, Mitchell and Sam have problems. Mitchell has never experienced cold weather or something. I think he is from Florida. And Sam doesn’t know how to sew.  The show same won was not a real Project Runway show. It was that Tim Gunn season and I think they had apprentices who did the actual sewing. Everyone hates Sam.  So when Sam  needs someone to share fabric to make a coat with, no one wants to share. He is putting together random scraps to try to remake a coat. I didn’t hate the first one he made but everyone else did including the model, and Sam.  I think he should just reverse the fabric on the one he made. I also think the colors are great on his model who is a black female. I really don’t get how I am the only one who likes this. Reverse the fabric on the coat and leave the sleeves the same.

The Runway

Kini’s female model has a perfectly sewn and perfectly tailored pleated skirt top and coat. I am not a fan of the oversized buttons on the skirt, but pretty much everything Kini does is fabulous. I like the back of the coat. The name of that feature on the top of the back of the jacket escapes me but this was a lot of work.

Asha’s male model was hot but I did not like her look. Way to many fabrics  on top and the pants were some kind of banded clam diggers. She seems very happy with it. So what do I know?

Emily’s female model has a blue dress that has sort of lumberjack qualities going on. I don’t like it. There is nothing wrong with it, and maybe the judges will love it, but I’d just make it in the safe zone.

Alexander’s male model looks okay. I like the chevron detail. His pants have… well, the waistband and this sort of diamond shape going down his ass. It sort of looks like an untucked shirt in the back, but it’s part of the pants. I’d just throw this in the middle and be done with hit too.

Valerie’s female model  has pants with a coat. There are way too many fabrics, that don’t go together well. I hate the pants. This one is on the bottom for me.

Mitchell’s model has a sweater, coat and pants. I really like this and will put it in my top three. I did not get to really see the pants though. The models are only on stage for a split second.

Sam’s model ended up with no coat at all. His look was okay, but he basically did a circle skirt with pockets and a sweater. I don’t think the color palette was pleasing. The skirt fabric was not attractive. He’s in the bottom for me.

Ken dressed his male model in a sweater and skirt, all winter white. The one male judge looked aghast at the whole thing. Not sure what to do with this.

Layna’s female model has a red leather (pleather?) jacket that was awesome. I think she is in my top three.

Dom’s male model is retired military and her ensemble for his was awesome. I think she may be my winner.


Nekkid ChallengeMy Top Three: I have to pick four. Dom, Layla,  Mitchell and Kini

My Bottom Three: Again I am going to pick four.  Sam, Valerie, Asha , Ken

Judges Top Three:   Emily. Mitchell, Kini, Dom

Judges Bottom Three: Sam, Valerie,

So the judges and I mostly agreed.  I thought Layla should have been in the top over Emily.  Emily won. That shocked me.  Clearly Valerie is going home. Or not. They don’t send anyone home. Everyone is pissed that Sam’s crappy circle skirt didn’t send him home. They all really hate him and mention again that he is on there because he flirts with the judges.

Missing Episode! I don’t have the ball gown challenge on my DVR just another social edition of the nekkid challenge.  Ken got his first win ever. At least I got to see his gown, which was gorgeous.  And MITCHELL was sent home!  Damn. I will have to try to watch that episode at some point. Meanwhile, tell me what I missed!

Episode: Bait and Switch

The gang has to make evening resort wear. They are assigned a fabric type. Kini got brocade and Alexander got upholstery. Those both seem problematic.  After everyone picks their fabrics, there is a twist. They have to switch fabrics with someone else.  The best part is Sam got stuck with Kini’s brocade. But everyone is really pissed off. Emily has a breakdown over getting Alexander’s upholstery fabric. I love the sheer fabric he chose but there is only a yard and a half of base fabric. I say make a strappy bra top, and either a granny panty type shape at the bottom or short shorts and then make a fabulous sheer gown over the top. Emily just cries.

The Runway

Dom’s model is wearing a white top with green and yellow striped Skirt. To me the top and the skirt don’t match and the stripes are all whackadoodle instead of just being vertical. This is going in my bottom three, but it would not surprise me if the judges love it. Isn’t Dom the only former winner? I haven’t found her to be particularly strong this season. Though I thought she should have won the nekkid challenge.

Sam’s long dress was a great shape. I like the style but not the fabric that much, but he had to use what he was given. I’ll probably reluctantly put him in my top.

Valerie did an orange jumpsuit that I love. The judges haven’t really liked her all season for some reason though.

Layana did a red jumpsuit that I can’t decide if I like. The shiny fabric doesn’t seem resort wear appropriate. She has problems with her hems being uneven

Alexander did a full length dress with sort of a handkerchief hemline. I kind of like it. It seems a bit causal with the denim but still great for a beach party..

Emily’s model came out in a top that was not great, some shorts and the sheer skirt which was pleated. It was cute.

Asha’s dress is hard to describe. We barely get to see the finished product on the runway, but she will be in my top.

Kini ended up with really ugly lace and made something that looked like lingerie you would find on the clearance rack at Kmart. He is in serious danger of going home. Huge disappointment.

Ken’s dress was interesting. It was neon orange neoprene. It was a decent dress but not resort wear really.

Project Runway Allstars

My Top Three: Asha, Valerie, Sam

My Bottom Three are  Kini, Layana, Ken (and Dom)

I thought this was a really crappy runway. The judges are gushing over it.

Kini, (who should have gone home), Alexander and Asha (who should have won) are safe.

Judges Top: Ken?!, Dom?!. Sam

Judges Bottom: Valerie!?, Layana, Emily

The only thing we agree on is Sam on top and Layana on the bottom.  I can’t imagine why they love Ken’s neoprene dress. It’s way too hot for the beach.

Dom wins. And they send home Valerie. She was in my top three!


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16 responses to “Project Runway Two Show Catch Up

  1. My DVR doing the same thing, I just caught up yesterday. Grrrrrr

    Emily is my girl, but wow – suck it up buttercup!

    Every blog post, my dislikes and faves almost always exactly match TT. Especially the times I hate something and the it wins the competition, lol.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Emily missed a huge opportunity here. Loved that sheer polka dot fabric!

    Yes, Sam picked the worst, cheap ass, 1980s shiny prom dress material possible to cripple Kini with.

    • alp

      I would have liked to have seen the sketches the designers made before/after picking their initial fabric. I just found Sam and Alexander’s fabric choices and the yardage of base versus sheer material to be odd. I know Sam has done all lace before and has been successful, but his fabric choice practically screamed “I know something you don’t”. I thought Kini’s look resembled a beach cover-up, he did the best with what he was given. And as much as I dislike him, I loved Sam’s look. Much like his mentor (Mondo) on Under the Gunn, Sam seems to work best under pressure.

      As for the runway, I did love Dom’s look the most but I also thought Alexander should have been in the top and not just safe. I did not like Ken’s look (and normally I like his designs) but Ken made the most of a color and fabric he never would have chosen.

  3. Demeter

    I don’t understand why they are all in love with jumpsuits. They are so difficult to wear.

    On Valerie’s orange jumpsuit, even the judges thought that there was not enough coverage.

  4. cece

    The 1 week that I did not like Dom’s look is the week she won. I usually love her designs. The not sending any one home twice makes the show boring. It’s a competition some one should go. I understand saving someone when down to the top 5. I love Alyssa Milano and wish they would style her better. Kini needs to to get over the Sam issues .

    • Jim

      I agree with you about Dom. But the judges always seem to be in awe of someone’s design when they “make their own fabric” even when the fabric is ugly. I can appreciate that it’s more time consuming to stitch long narrow strips of fabric together in a striped pattern. But the resulting fabric was just plain ugly. This should have been another win for Sam.

      By the way, I was hoping for some lovely Kaftans after seeing how beautiful the ladies from BH looked in Dubai. Why don’t woman everywhere wear kaftans 100% of the time in summer?! They look so gorgeous and comfy! I’d wear them if it was socially acceptable and I’ve never once had the urge to cross dress. Lol.

  5. Jim

    Well I guess Sam has us all fooled! Week after week he appears to have a breakdown and can’t get his design together. Then he is somehow able to “make it work” at the last minute and miraculously ends up at the top.

    Kini also has us fooled. His confidence and awesome sewing skills make him appear to be a great designer but he almost always is just good enough to be in the middle. He really seems to be a great sewer and nothing more.

    I wanted to hate Ken this year because he was such an asshole in his season. He really has his shit together so far and he has completely won me over. I can’t wait to see what causes him to freak out later this season. And I hope he doesn’t really leave the show.

    I’m really enjoying this season! :)

    • The thing about Sam, though, is that he has to be blowing one of the producers or something. He’s gotten a “second chance” twice! Twice! Is there precedent for that in the history of the PR franchise? I don’t think so.

      Queen should have been sent home the first time he was on the chopping block. That he has received not one, but two mulligans is incredibly unfair to the other designers, and all he does is gloat about his successes. I think he deserves all of the resentment he’s getting from all of the others. He can’t even sew!

    • Lime Brain

      Kini seems to be making the same things he did when he was on the first time. I don’t think he’s grown as a designer.

  6. GirlMe

    I so dont get fashion. I loved Valeries design every time. She was way better than her first time around.

    Emily should have went home. She shouldve went home for not making it work. But producers must have wanted Dom to win for using Valerie’s material and Valerie to lose. Not cool.

    Alyssa never looks good but such a good personality

    • Jim

      Agreed! Alyssa always looks terrible on this show. And for a show about fashion, you would think they’d dress her better. She’s short and thick and they always dress her to make her look even shorter and thicker. I don’t get it. It almost seems like the wardrobe department is sabotaging her.

      I like her and she does a decent job of hosting. But I never understood why she was chosen to host All Stars and not somebody more well known for fashion. And since I’m having a mini-rant… why is Zanna the mentor? She doesn’t ever offer the valuable constructive criticism that Tim is known for. It seems like it’s alway just plain ol’ criticism… “This sucks, fix it somehow or you’re going home.”

  7. Jim

    I’m sad that a reality show that requires real talent and skill isn’t more popular on TT’s website. ?

    • Lime Brain

      I’m watching! My problem is that I can’t watch it when it comes on on Thursdays and for some reason, it doesn’t appear on demand til some time the next week. So I’ll most likely will always be late for the party.

      But I actually did get to see this weeks episode in real time, so now I just have to wait for the new recap.

      I loved Dom’s outfit and was glad she won. I thought Emily should have gone home. She could have made a much better skirt if she had used more of the polka dot fabric.

      I’m really liking Ken this season and I’m rooting for him for the win. I just hope he doesn’t blow it and get thrown off the show.

  8. Queen of the Nile

    Jim, I really agree with everything you’ve written! Alyssa is excellent but so poorly styled. I can’t understand this from a fashion show. I also think Zanna is an awful mentor — never anything positive to say and the designers are so beaten down after she leaves. But no one can compare to Tim Gunn.

    I hope there are more readers who watch the show but just don’t post! I really enjoy this so much more than the Bravo programs and look forward to TT’s recap and everyone’s comments. Thank you TT!

  9. KidsRkids

    Love this show but am baffled when they decide not to send someone home.

    I guess I’m out voted on the most recent episode because I just adored Dom’s look.

    I’m over Sam … I wish they would vote him out but have realized that the judges have already decided he will be in the finale. I hope they surprise me.

    I also think that Ken is doing an awesome job this season and have appreciated most of his looks so far, can’t wait for his melt down he is so famous for coming up.

    Thanks for the recap TT.

  10. Lime Brain

    Kids, a few weeks ago, when everyone was picking on Sam, in his interview, he said he was going to knock them off, one by one until he wins.

    I hope that wasn’t foreshadowing by the editors for the rest of the season.

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