Kenya Moore And Cynthia Bailey Both Land Roles on Sharknado 4


RHOA Kenya Sharknado


The SYFi channel’s blockbuster “mocumentary” Sharknado  will return for a fourth installment this year and not one but two real housewives of Atlanta will have cameo appearances.  We all know what happens when you get a cameo on this show! You get eaten by a shark!  Unless you are Jill Zarin, who had her face eaten off by her dogs!

In a twist this season,  star Tara Reid may also be killed off by a shark. Her fate will be up to viewers who were asked at the end of Sharknado 3 whether her character, April,  should live or die in installment four. If you have a preference you can vote here. However, since filming has been going on for a while, I have a feeling her fate is already sealed.

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Kenya will play, Monique, a feisty, high-powered PR executive for the Shark World Hotel. Cynthia will play wait for it……………………


a top rocket scientist and astrophysicist. I’m not kidding. I may have to tune in just for that. And to support #TeamPretty of course.  Click through the full press story on both RHOA ‘s appearances.


Team Pretty laughing their way to the bank.

Team Pretty laughing their way to the bank.


According to a PR release posted on Kenya’s Instagram, “Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star KENYA MOORE Has Been Added As One Of The Stars Of The Hit SyFi Hit Cult Franchise “Sharknado 4” Los Angeles, CA March 17, 2016 – Reality Personality, Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert, Actress & Producer, Kenya Moore best known for her role and Queen Diva of the hit Bravo series the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” will next be seen as one of the stars of Sharknado 4. In the film she will play ‘MONIQUE’ the feisty, high-powered PR executive for the new SHARK WORLD hotel built by arrogant billionaire Aston Reynolds. Sharknado 4 (WT) with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid back in their starring roles, takes place five years in the future. The film also stars Gary Busey, Imani Hakim (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Cody Linley (“Hannah Montana,” “Melissa & Joey”), Cheryl Tiegs (“The Apprentice”) and Tommy Davidson. The hands down breakout star of Bravo’s #1 rated juggernaut reality series, Kenya is best known for being the second black woman to be crowned Miss USA. As an actress her past credits include the smash independent feature, “Trois,” in which she starred in and produced, Waiting to Exhale, I Know Who Killed Me, Deliver Us From Eva and Senseless. Most recently, Kenya launched a hair care line called Kenya Moore Hair Care that is available in various beauty outlets and online. Kenya is represented by Pantheon and Luber Roklin Entertainment.”

According to The Wrap, “Bailey will play Tech Addison opposite fellow new addition Tommy Davidson. Davidson will play Elon Musk type “Aston Reynolds,” a playboy tech billionaire whose revolutionary energy system can stabilize the atmosphere and prevent the formation of tornadoes. Bailey will appear opposite Davidson as one of Astro-X’s top rocket scientists and astrophysicists. Before she joined Bravo’s “RHOA,” Bailey guest starred on several series including “The Cosby Show” and “New York Undercover” and in movies such as “Without You I’m Nothing” and “For Love or Money.” Bailey is represented by Pantheon, Luber Roklin Entertainment, Terri Apple Management and Integrated PR.”

Who is gonna watch?


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13 responses to “Kenya Moore And Cynthia Bailey Both Land Roles on Sharknado 4

  1. ClassyLady80

    Me!!! Just to see my girl Kenya slay her role. Feisty executive should be well within her range. Cynthia as a scientist…. well, I bet she be wearing some really cute, “See, I’m smart” glasses during her scenes.

  2. ClassyLady80

    Me!!! Just so I can see my girl Kenya slay her role! Feisty executive is well within her range. Cynthia… well, I’m sure she’ll be wearing some really cute “Don’t I look smart?” glasses in her scenes.

  3. Cat

    I miss Sharknado. I love stupid, campy movies and TV shows like this. But to enjoy them, you have to know going in that they are stupid ON PURPOSE. Just like Gilligan’s Island, The Munsters, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, to name a few. Too many viewers go in with the wrong mindset, and are disappointed.

    I’ll have to wait for it to hit Netflix.

  4. bria

    Cynthia a scientist? I can’t stop laughing. I will check it out, who knows it might be a good comic relief.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I missed Sharknado 3 but I’ll watch it if I happen to catch it when it airs. I remember when they were filming the second film and some of the guest stars were expecting it to be a fun, goofy time and Ian Zierig showed up and acted like they were filming Shakespeare. (I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.)

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, EYE-An attacking his role as if he is playing Hamlet is part of what makes it even funnier. I don’t think he is really in on the joke. I mean I’m sure he FINALLY gets it… but even so…..

  6. sarcasatire


    Sharknado 4.
    At this point, even Tara Reid was like, “No thanks.”

  7. DarkThoughts

    I effin love thesebSharkando movies. I’m sure Vivica Fox is steaming that Kenya is now part of this too.

  8. the shadiest grove

    Congrats to Kenya and Cynthia. #TeamPretty #TeamTwirl #TeamBailey

  9. Jim

    I’m ashamed that THIS is a thing. I’m not sure I want to live anymore. I seriously think that the human race has reached the end and we can now leave the earth to the cockroaches.

  10. sarcasatire

    Meanwhile, Nene gets the Broadway bookings.

    And Kenya’s pilot still hasn’t gotten picked up. lol She has the lamest career prospects on the ATL franchise.

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