Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere: This is Just TRAGIC

Teen Mom 2 A

This is not really a recap. Teen Mom is one of those shows I just watch in a shroud of shame alone at 12:32 in the morning while drinking and thinking I should be in bed.  Okay, it became a recap. Because, TRAINWRECK.


Kailyn used to be my favorite. She seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders but I always end up liking her husbands better.  I think she has a problem letting her relationship partner take any control. She has abandonment issues and it tends to make her take over every situation and judge everyone.

Jo has gained a lot of weight and thinks a awful chin beard will help. It doesn’t.

I don’t understand the family photos with Jo and whatsher name. She is just trying to piss off Javi and it’s working. I’m so pissed with Kailyn and her crappy parenting. Kailyn, Jo, Jo’s baby mama, Isaac and Lincoln go out for Chinese. Because that is a great place for children. None of them understand why Javi is mad.  Um, perhaps because your husband is home alone while you hang out with your ex with his kid? Kaitlyn thinks that her children are just hers and if she feels like letting them hang out with her husband or her ex she will. It’s annoying.


I don’t remember this chick from her original season. She seems normal. But her ex,Adam, is a hot mess.  Um why is Aubree starting Kindergarten at age six???

My God she has a giant pig on the couch. Like the real live kind of pig.

Speaking of pigs, Adam is running out of skin to tattoo.

Teen mom janelle mugshotJanelle

But it just started with Janelle saying ” Ever since I signed custody of Jase over to my mother, we haven’t always agreed on how to parent him.”  THAT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE AN UNFIT PARENT AND SHE IS A FUCKING SAINT. If you knew how to be a parent your mother would be able to enjoy menopause without all this hassle, you fucking fucktard.

Oh.Oh. Wait. Three sentences later she said she thought she would do better with Doughnut, or Bagel or Kaiser Roll or whatever she named the next unfortunate child, but that baby daddy also dumped her and she was arrested for assaulting the replacement model.

This just keeps getting better. “Since then, I graduated from medical assisting school and moved back to North Carolina. ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF NORTH CAROLINA, IF YOU ARE IN A FACILITY THAT HIRES THIS WOMAN TO EMPTY YOUR BEDPANS,  PULL OUT ALL OF YOUR IVs AND RUN TO THE NEAREST EXIT WITH YOUR ASS HANGING OUT.  Even that ending up on Youtube is better than letting this chick anywhere near you.

I am four minutes in and shocked every ten seconds. Janelle has this huge phone in a huge case. It’s hysterical. It’s all very Austin Powers and turquoise and shit.  She is pretty. She looks very thin. Must be the Meth. Allegedly.  Fuck. I am going to recap this whole show.

Later, we talk to Janelle’s lawyer. This is like the 47th  lawyer Janelle has had.

Doughnut’s dad says doughnut would be better off with him. He already has a new mommy in place. She is exactly the kind of woman you would think would take Janelle’s sloppy seconds.

Every time Janelle makes her mother cry I just want to bitch slap her.

Teen Mom 2 Leah


Oh yeah, Leah is the one who went to rehab for anxiety and depression. Funny, no one ever mentioned that option to me. Generally flying off to rehab means drug problem.  Wait, you live 45 minutes away from the kids’ school that starts at 7:15?  You have never been able to get them there in the first place? And now… oh please. He is totally getting custody. The girls want Leah to buy them something for sack lunch from the gas station. This is like watching child abuse.  As Leah is probably drunk texting on her phone at 6 am the oldest kid is furious she won’t stop to get her something for lunch  The kid says , “Take me back home. I don’t trust you.  You are always worried about everything else but picking us up and giving us lunch. I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast.” This breaks my heart. I know hundreds of this kid.  These are the kids that teachers feed, braid their hair, wash their clothes and put them back on them and then get bitched at by the parents for braiding the kid’s hair poorly during parent teach conferences.

Later, Addie and Leah go to lunch with Leah’s cousin. Addie is exhausted after being hauled around since  5 am.  Leah complains about having to get up at 5 am and Gracie expecting breakfast when she can just eat it at school.  As she is trying to explain how Corey is going to use anything else against her, she opens a packet of Sugar in the Raw to hand to her toddler daughter to shut her up while she films.  I hate the woman.   Now the kid is eating Sweet and Low.  I don’t know why production did not step in and stop that. One packet of sugar would be really bad, but Sweet and Low would be worse and the kid is apparently having the entire container of sweeteners as her appetizer to her pizza entrée. I don’t know how old she is, but isn’t the one with muscular dystrophy?

Leah clearly looks like she is on drugs driving to a doctor’s appointment while the girls swill Mountain Dews in the back seat. I think this should be illegal to just film.  I guess their lawyer says because the camera is in the car, and no personnel are they are not liable.

If Leah’s second husband doesn’t file for custody of his kid, he’s an idiot.

Corey and Leah get bad news about the girl who as MD. It hits Corey hard but Leah doesn’t seem to get it. Also he talks about asking for a wheelchair through Make- A – Wish which was chilling.  And also ridiculous. She has plenty of money for a wheelchair.

Teen mom after show


The host says that Leah was very emotional in all of the scenes where she was driving a car. She says that it was because that was before she went to “treatment” and everyone thinks she was on drugs but she was just very tired a lot.  Um, okay. I can’t imagine why everyone looks at that and says you are on drugs. I have had serious bouts with anxiety and depression and that looks like someone on uppers to me not someone treating anxiety.

Kailyn can’t figure out why Javi would not want her hanging out with her ex and taking his kid with her on the weekends. She says she has never figured it out.Kailyn’s hair is …well there is a bun where a bumpit might be and all the rest of her hair is down. Um, noe. Javi is deployed now and makes a video appearance on the how. Helook adorable. #TeamJavi  Kailyn looks a bit irritated that he is Skyping into the show. Because? Not in her control.

Chelsea is adorable. Aubree is adorable.

Jenelle is rambling about her latest charges and/or her mugshot collection while wearing um…rose colored leggings and a see through blacktop?  That really doesn’t begin to describe what I am seeing here. Oh and we get a tweet about Janelle threatening not to come. Y’all I am not down with all the Teen Mom gossip. I used to love to read it at Reality Tea but I have not had time in months. I did see something on my Twitter feed about her refusing to show up and leaving in an ambulance. I think she has the Lyme or something but not the kind that stops her from getting into hair and makeup.

Keeping up with all of Janelle’s mugshots alone is time consuming. I would like to recap this show but since it airs on Monday, it would have to happen on a night where I am up late cleaning up my  DVR.

Unless….there was a lot of interest.


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76 responses to “Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere: This is Just TRAGIC

  1. Allison

    So happy you’re recapping this! Leah. Oh, Leah. She went on twitter yesterday to defend her parenting, claims that Addie got into the sugar when she wasnt looking and MTV got it on camera. Then explain why you were opening the packets, you tool. That one was Addie-not the one with Muscular Dystrophy. She still looks high as hell-yeah, you’re tired, abusing opiates makes you tired-nodding out, etc. Kills me that if the thinks she insists enough that she went to “therappee” for anxiety and depression, that will make it so. Last season she nodded out so often and was incoherent (“they put dye on the babys head”) that it was CLEAR she was abusing drugs. Hell, someone had to take a baby out of her arms as she nodded out holding it. Yet she still insists she wasnt on drugs. Thank. God. Corey. Got. Those. Girls.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t recap this because I really don’t know much about it. I used to watch it and then stopped and can’t keep the abused and neglected children straight. :(

      • Allison

        Totally understood. Between Leah, Jenelle, and Farrah, it can be stomach-turning. But this is arguably THE BEST forum for discussing reality shows, hands down-and my husband is sick of hearing me when Teen Mom is on, so its nice to be able to come here and see what you think, and others. So thank you :-)

      • jen

        An ex camera man allegedly posted on a blog that Leah was the worst of the teen moms leaving dirty diapers and used tampons lying around for months among other accusations. Who knows how true it is but seems true and so gross I can’t think about it.

        I don’t get it. I am a stay at home mother and yes it gets stressful and you get tired but she is young. I wish I still had youth on my side to get through the day with the energy I now lack. Throw your damn trash away and cook your kids food. Lazy!

    • Meredo

      What kills me is Leah complaining that she has to get up at 5:00 to get the school at 7:15. The clock showed her getting up at 6:40 not 5:00! She has to then rush them to get ready without feeding them (I think the only reason they have to be at school so early is so they can eat breakfast there since she is too lazy to fix it for them) not brushing their hair or teeth! It was maddening t watch and heartbreaking to hear Gracie cry about being cold and hungry. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure Corey has the twins half the time so Leah only has to take them to school about 3 times a week at the most.
      Corey and Jeremy both need to have custody of these kids. Leah needs to admit she can’t handle the responsibility taking care of the kids and not fight the dads for custody. She is more concerned about how it makes her look as a mom not to have custody than she is about what’s’ best for the kids. She’s looking like an unfit mother anyway so she may as well relinquish custody at this point. It’s sad because she does love her kids and she really has a lot on her plate for such a young mom, but she just can’t handle it right now.

      • Allison

        She may be overwhelmed-but admitting she had a drug problem would def give her more credibility than the “tired” and “anxious” excuse. Maybe, just maybe, she’d get the proper help. Anyway, I was a single mother of 5 and managed to dress, feed, and get them all to school on time, I wasnt half as lazy as Leah. I most definitely didnt feed them sugar packets. I get she had kids young, but they didnt ask to be here, so she needs to get it together and stop blaming everyone and everything else.

      • Meredo

        I agree with you Allison. Also, kudos to you on raising 5 kids by yourself. I know that could not have been easy.❤️

      • Allison

        @Meredo Thank you :-) it was the most difficult but beautiful things in my entire life, raising my kids. Each one is a gift. They’re older now, but at one point I had 5 all under the age of 7. And fed them before school. Leah is just so in denial, she thinks she’s fooling everyone, but really fooling no one. The best thing that could happen is Corey getting those girls.

    • Sharon

      She got custody back just recently. This was filmed a while ago. I was surprised she got share custody of her twin girls with Cory. Addie is the youngest baby she had with what’s his name and they are now divorced. Leah is a very sad case and hoping she is clean and sober now that she has her older twin girls back.

      • Allison, I had 3 kids to get up brush teeth, get hair all nice with bows for the girl and a straight part for my boys, CLEAN CLOTHES maybe hand me downs but clean and taken care of most importantly a hot breakfast EVERY MORNING I was exhausted by the time I got them to school ON TIME. I can’t imagine how you do or did it. I give you all the credit in the world. All moms are tired, all moms have to put their kids before everything else, all moms wonder if they will make it another day or fall over from exhaustion but somehow we make it and if we are lucky our kids grow up to be wonderful adults. Leah has to get her priorities straight, go to bed at a decent time and put her kids first. If she needs help then she should say so and STOP WHINING. That is all I have to say.

      • Allison

        @fairhousingmilwaukee2011 AMEN! You said it perfectly. Not to mention, none of us had the benefit of MTV checks. So poor little pill popping Leah needs a reality check and to stop feeling sorry for herself, admit she has a problem, take are of it, and get off her lazy ass. When her daughter is crying in the back seat that she “doesnt trust” her, that says all I need to know.

  2. You know who tweets Chelsea all the time? Our favorite Conant tits (auto correct for con artist… should I leave it? Yeah why not, it’s 1am), Jonathan Jaxson. I can’t figure out if they really know each other or she’s just responded in the past cuz she’s a nice girl.

    • tamaratattles

      I she alive? Were you hear for all my posts about him when this blog first started? I think he was the first person who ever blocked me on Twitter over my blog. I really liked him for a bit. And then he went batshit.

    • Allison

      I wasnt here for that-must have been good though!

    • jen

      Whoa. Looking him up in TT’s archives really opens a can of worms. Interesting.

  3. Janelle looks really pretty tho…

  4. izmeagain

    Teen Mom is addicting. Sad but real.

  5. alex1986

    Yes!! There’s alot of interest!! Please recap!! Your recaps are hilarious and spot on!!

    • Allison

      There is SO much interest-I realize you are a busy, busy lady, TT, and recap many shows-but I admit, I watch Teen Mom and actually think, “what would TT say??” Your followers have spoken! 😉

  6. Lindsay

    I love Barbara. “You out heah smokin’ the pot with KEIFFAH”. Someone should give her a show, I’d watch it ovah and ovah.

    • Toddy

      Barbara’s awesome. I ordinarily feel some sympathy for addicts, but I can’t with Jenelle. She’s a selfish little brat and really needs to get serious with birth control, since she has little regard for those babies. Stepping off my soapbox now.

      • Allison

        I cant with her either-her affect is so FLAT, I cant figure out whats wrong with her. She screams at her mother in front of Jace every damn show, and it makes me cringe. She shouldnt even have doughnut, never mind the first one. She’s catching up to Farrah in the plastic surgery dept. Terrible choice in men (Nathan-what a dreamboat-vomit) and I guess her new one isnt much better. Someone should spay her. Quickly.

      • Lindsay

        I also have zero fucks to give for jenelle. Barbara’s the only chance her kids have for a normal life. I hope whoever is in charge of Jace’s custody is not naive enough to ever believe that girl is capable of stability. And yes she should absolutely be spayed!

      • Sharon

        Allison, I agree that she has a flat affect. I was a psych RN, nurse for almost 30 years and she really looks like she has schizoaffective disorder. Not schizophrenic but some of same qualities like flat affect, monotone speech, mild paranoia, and then add the affective component: switch from depressed to hypo manic with highly sexualized behavior, tangential thoughts, combative and aggressive. I have thought that since she was on ,”16 and Pregnant” and she has been self medicating with drugs for years. Dr. Drew alluded to it one year during the reunion show and discussed her need to comply with psychiatric medications.

      • Sharon

        I meant to add that is doesn’t excuse how she treats her Mom though. I worked with many young adults with psych disorders and rarely saw the level of anger and mistreatment of a parent. Barbara is a frigging saint!,

      • Allison

        @Sharon I’m so glad that you picked up on her affect. When she talks about possibly going to prison, or custody of her kids, anything that should make someone show emotion-nothing. Dead eyes, monotone voice. I love me some Babs. They’re both dysfunctional, but at least Babs has her shit together. Any judge that gives Janelle Jace back…..Dr Drew pissed me OFF on the last reunion, he was pandering to Leah, played along with her “therappee” for anxiety, refused to call her out on whats really going on-I guess I shouldnt expect anything less from Dr Drew, but I had hoped.

      • Lindsay

        Haha the only time I ever saw her show emotion was when her jail time(?) was going to interfere with her going to a Ke$ha concert.
        “That’s why I put all these feathers in my hair, for Ke$ha”.

    • Myra

      I heard that they are doing a special on Barbara ?

  7. I am in my late 30s, and the teen mom series are my ride or die shows.

    You are spot on about Leah, Chelsea, Janelle. I really thought everyone was going to die when Leah was texting and nodding off while driving to kids to school. Horrifying. And no one calls this out but the blogosphere.

    Did you ever read that article from a former teen mom producer? It was confessional style, and it said that Leah was the worst of all – filth on the floor, no food in the house. This is real Appalachia, and yet: she has money.

    Janelle is…I don’t know. She needs a damn hug and a good therapist. And an surgery intervention.

    Kail is trying. I’m rooting for her. But she’s a terrible wife so far.

    • Allison

      yessss-they said there were dirty diapers and tampons all over the floor and the kids were eating cheese balls off the floor without their hands. Also that it is up to an MYV producer on whether or not to involve CPS-so forget that ever happening. With Leah driving and texting/nodding and no one intervenes, not to mention everything else and no calls were made, they’ll never be. Also showed a picture of her hoarded out garage. She has a boyfriend who was her trainer and also lives with her but he reportedly makes himself scarce when filming. Another one that cain’t be alone. So true about only the blogosphere calling her out-I figured there would be more outrage at Leah’s “parenting” and that SHE IS ON DRUGS. Pinpoint pupils, nodding out-that isnt “tired”. It can be argued she “passed” her drug test-her prescribed meds showed up-that shes clearly abusing, hello. Even she looked shocked that she “passed”.

  8. Dobabyr

    “Not the type of Lyme disease that stops you from getting your make up done”

  9. Jane

    Haven’t watched for a couple of years, it was just too depressing. Glad you stood up for Jenelle’s mother. She’s gotten a lot of flack elsewhere for not being perfect.

    I’d hoped to see a show of redemption. OK, I admit that. Instead it’s a show about teenagers who made bad decisions, got a lot of money and make more bad decisions.

  10. Dee

    Somehow I was up, saw this. Watching the baby eating those packs of sugar, then sweet n low had me screaming at the TV. It doesn’t take a lot to at least get them some gogurt for the ride to school. A banana? Awful Mom’s

  11. AshK

    Do it, do it!!!

  12. Teen Mom OG AND TM2 are my ride or die shows. You nailed this recap.

    Chelsea is adorable; but I also thought: 6?!? What’s the deal with that? But then again, it took Chelsea so, so many years to drag through finishing high school and cosmetology school. She is the kind of woman who does work well, but needs ALOT of ramp up time.

    Janelle is…sad. She has so much rage and anger; she can’t cope. Dude, Jace is 5 years old. Spilling juice is a thing on the daily. I was sorry to see she freaked out on him like that. But also, crying baby Bagel is super grating. I’ve been there. I’ve freaked out over spilled drink when my sensors were on overload. So, I get it. But she really needs to stop looking for partners to validate her.

    Kail, I also feel for, and have similar abandonment/control issues. But she is an unkind wife. I hope her self awareness grows and she can let go and share with her partner a little bit.

    Leah is…terrifying. I had to shut my eyes while watching her text and drive on the highway. Not okay. Nope, never, not okay. I can’t even. Did you ever read that expose from a former teen mom producer who said that Leah was the worst, that her house was filthy and her kids sorely neglected? It was very sad. But also, Appalachia. But also, she has money?

    • Lalaland

      When is Aubrey’s bday? My daughter’s was in summer and started school a month after turning 5. If I had to do again. I would wait until she was 6. There were kids in her class 10 months older than her.

      • tamaratattles

        Just because other people held their kids back doesn’t mean you should too. Some parents in the south hold their boys back a year to give them an advantage in FOOTBALL. Others homeschool their kids for pre-k and then put them in K thinking this will give them an advantage. It doesn’t. Everyone should just follow the guidelines of their state.

      • My two children are adults now, early twenties, and when they were younger, very few people sent their kids to pre k, preschool, etc… Kindergarten was the earliest for most children to attend school. It was just starting, all these preschools popping up. I worked part time and I also taught my two the basics of their early education. I never understood why people would send 3 year olds to school. That’s basically day care/baby sitting. My tw)o were fully ready, very smart kids. They could read some by kindergarten, played well with others, knew their abc’s, colors, etc…Not judging anyone who sends their three year olds to school, just don’t understand the need. I feel like they are still babies, so young, and their is nothing those early childhood schools can do that I can’t in my home. I had a schedule, every day, we played, taught while we played, and was just a family. When I see young kids on t.v. crying when being left at day care (preschool)I feel like they are too young to be dropped off. Our state only requires Kindergarten.

      • jen

        Due to the date my birthday fell and the cutoff date I had to wait until 6 to start.

      • jen

        Jules my three year old goes to pre school not a day care. It is school. He learns a lot. The things he learns and being social with other children every day is great for him. It is not a day care but actual school.

  13. noellemybelle

    I watch, and have watched faithfully since the 1st season. My teen daughter (now 19) cant believe I still watch this show….but its like a guilty pleasure, like the housewives, except they aren’t fighting with one another (Except Farrah on Teen Mom OG). Please recap….late is better than never.
    Chelsea is my fave….it’s good to have some “normal” minus the pig in the midst of crazy, abusive, and abandonment issues!
    my prediction: Kail is going to cheat on Javi during his deployment; not with Jo, but with someone else, and then will blame it on Javi and make it his fault, because he is “insecure and doesn’t trust her”
    Janelle will never get Jace back, and will end up losing custody donut/bagel/kaiser before next season (i hope that’s not against the rules – just following your lead :-) )
    Leah – Someones going to call CPS – hell it may be me! When your 5 year old says “I don’t trust you” that is sooooo telling. WOW!
    Chelsea – she has a good support system, yes, it may have taken her 4 years to get her GED, and yes she has a rich daddy to help, but she tries really hard to be a good mommy. Her baby talking and annoying voices used to annoy me, but still my fave. But when Aub’s learns to read, they are going to have to stop spelling A-D-A-M in front of her, but I’m sure the child already knows they are talking crap about her deadbeat dad.

    • Dobabyr

      Her ex husband Corey was already granted full custody

    • Allison

      Chelsea is definitely the best mom out of the bunch-her fiancee seems like a great guy, good with Aubrey and good to her. She had a lot of help but a lot of support too-she has matured and grown and made much better choices.

  14. Cat

    Just because you CAN have children, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I wish more women would understand that.

  15. jen

    I love Teen Mom and love this recap! It is a guilty pleasure of mine. You are hilarious TT. How Leah cares for those children is awful. I love Barbra. I wish she and Jenelle could do some hard core therapy together to learn how to even speak to each other.

  16. Thank you very much TT for the recap and your very spot-on commentary. I must admit that I have watched this show from day 1 too. I feel proud of Chelsea, she set her own course and kept to it. She has a beautiful relationship with that precious little Aubrie. Those other two, oey vey, which one is worse? Having the MTV money is kind of a curse on them. They can afford to buy drugs and live the high life. We are probably seeing their good side – I am sure they act much worse when the cameras are not rolling. It makes me feel so bad for those sweet little kids. I am glad that Corey got full custody of the twins.

  17. Julia

    They awarded Leah’s ex custody… and about three months later gave it back to her. From what I remember. What a shame, someone made the right decision and then somewhere along the line the system failed them. Apparently Corey isn’t allowed to use footage from the show in court because technically MTV owns/can manipulate and edit however they want. To me, there are some things you just can’t edit. I don’t think it breaks the rules to say that but i’m always terrified to get kicked out of here.. Anyways, yes there is interest!

    • Sharon

      Julia, I read the same thing too that Cory got full custody andxtgen decision was reversed and back to share custody. Really weird how her lawyer was able to get the MTV footage excluded. I don’t get but then again, I am not a lawyer or good with legal analysis. I think TT could ferret this one out!

  18. Ruthie

    So glad you’re recapping this show! It is a trainwreck but I can’t look away!

  19. Twilly

    I shame watch this mess and feel bad for all of those kids except Aubree.

  20. Xanadude

    Each season I swear off this show and yet I get sucked in.
    Barbara is a saint. I love Barbara. I would love to hear a Barbara advice show. Seriously, MTV, chop chop.
    …and Corey – ever since the first season when he had to be constantly subtitled due to chronic mumbling (his elocution has improved) I’ve been in his corner, cute lil bear cub that he is. He’s always seemed more realistic concerning every aspect of his daughters lives than the baby mama.
    I GET that Kailyn has had a really horrible life, but, wow. She combines self pity and narcissism in ways we’ve not quite seen before and loses any empathy we had for her in the process.

  21. T D

    Mathusian belts?

  22. m

    I have never seen this show and somehow missed your previous posts about it… but this was an interesting read and now I kinda want to watch it although much of what you said about these children’s care (or lack thereof) has made me pretty sad/angry.

  23. Twilly

    I can see Leah being completely exhausted taking care of 3 girls those ages but it’s clear she also has some sort of chemical dependency going on. And other than Chelsea, they are all perpetual victims in their own minds. It’s beyond frustrating to watch yet I can’t look away.

  24. Msnick

    I am waaay too old to watch teen mom…but I don’t let that stop me! My question is to TT & other moms about Kindergarten at age 6…my understanding is that if the 5th b’day falls after September the child can’t start Kindergarten until the next year. Is there some way around this? I’m older & my mom simply lied. I started school at age 5…but I with started 1st grade.

    • tamaratattles

      The laws in the US vary by state. In GA you must be 5 by Sept 1 to attend K and Six by Sept 1 to attend !st grade. They are trying to roll it back a month to August 1 for both for next year. However, kindergarten is not mandatory. You can skip it all together if you want.

      SO here unless she has Sept- December birthday she would have been in first grade. If she was six on the first day of school, she would have been placed in first grade unless the parent requested kindergarten. I believe that is up to the discretion of the school. They would probably test her prior to making that decision.

      • Jen

        I live in Texas. We have a ton of 6 year olds starting kinder here, it’s very common to hold a kid with a birthday after May 1 back a year unfortunately. My own son has a May birthday, he is in class with kids who will be 7 before he turns 6.

    • Allison

      In South Dakota, a child has to be 5 on or before Sep1-Aubree’s birthday is Sep 7 which is why she is 6 and starting kindergarten.

      • Allison.
        The fact that you know (and posted) Aubree’s Birthday, scares the shit out of me ?

      • Allison

        @frosty- I looked it up online, as anyone could do. I didnt put it on the internet, and it was RELEVANT to the discussion. I didnt post her GD ssn and address for Gods sake. Its public record, sweetie. No need to be an asshole.

  25. Xanadude

    …and yet, still, with all of this, none of them have reached the level of Awful that is Farrah

    • Allison

      @Xanadude no, Farrah is a whole level of nasty that is super hard to achieve. Making the crew use porta-pottys, blaming the fact she was denied entry to LVP’s party on that show she was on- “trashy” teen mom-whaaa?? I’m leaning towards the fake vaginas and porn she does, but I’m silly like that. Farrah is a girl who has totally forgotten where she came from. And she speaks to her daughter like she is a puppy. It’s gross. Sophia already has issues-the baby talk and baby behavior? But with your mother being Farrah and grandmother being Debra, its unavoidable, I guess. A few months ago she came out and said she was in the process of adopting a child….hopefully whatever agency was involved with THAT poor decision rethought that.

  26. TT, thank you for recapping this! I stopped watching for a while but got sucked back in after watching the first of this current season. You have my vote to continuing to recap these trainwrecks! ?

  27. Miguel

    Thanks so much for recapping this, TT! Like you, I’ve always been a closet-watcher of this series. Leah has become as bad as Janelle, and I’m assuming due to the same reason. At least Janelle has admitted to her drug use, Leah needs to do the same; as nobody’s buying it!

    Javi needs to grow up – just pee or get off the pot, already!!! He chose to be part of a blended family; and I’m tired of him bitching about coparenting & child support (we endured that all last season).

    It is strange that Aubree is only just starting kindergarten; however, Chelsea is such a good mom that I’m assuming this is the rule in her State.

    Thanks again for the recap, TT! :)

  28. Jenelle and Leah both need to be court ordered to have their tubes tied. There is no excuse for their bad mothering when neither of them have a job, and make $250,000 per season for this show.

  29. Jelley

    Did you catch on the aftershow when someone tweeted for parenting advice and Janelle said “Don’t yell.’ ALL SHE DOES IS YELL AND CUSD AND GET ARRESTED!!!

    Chelsea is my favorite. I feel so bad for Leah and her children. Poor Janelle’s children, too. Kailyn is off but I believe she makes sure her kids are taken care of properly.

    Love you TT (I can live strangers). Thanks for recapping. <3

    • Allison

      Well, Ms Tamara, I do believe the masses have spoken, and a TT recap of Teen Mom 2 is very much desired by your loyal readers :-)

  30. Just a quick note about starting school, In my state you have to be 5 before August 1st to start Kindergarten. My son’s birthday is August 5th, so he couldn’t start Kindergarten until he was 6. Even though school didn’t start until August 15th and he would’ve been 5 by then they wouldn’t allow me to register him.

    I used to watch this show religiously but it just mad me sad and mad all the time so I had to quit. Chelsea is really the only one I could tolerate but then she would talk to Aubree in that baby voice and drive me nuts. Does she still talk to her like that?

  31. Bunniecarrot

    What rock have I been under to miss the fact you are posting on teen mom now??? Omg!!!! A show I’m sure we will finally agree with each others views on!!! We can snicker, giggle, roll our eyes. We can’t chicken Philly subs, point at the screen and bond together. Yay! Lol now I’m off to read your post.

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