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I’ve been staring at this Page Six story someone sent me for quite some time. I am literally speechless. The first thing I did was note the author, Jaclyn Hendricks  so I know to disregard anything with her name on it.  Clearly this writer must be a fan of Phaedra. She is scary proof that there are people out there that are buying what Phaedra is selling.   Then I looked her up on Twitter. I asked her if this piece was supposed to run on April 1st.  I wasn’t be sarcastic. I was dead serious. It’s unfathomable to me that someone could take this post seriously.  Phaedra Parks Practices Law by Day, Embalms Bodies At Night is the most hilarious tabloid headline ever.  It’s less plausible than a headline about a Yeti sighting with a grainy picture of someone in a white fur in the distance, (Oh Lord, I’ve triggered the fur judgment. Is it okay to wear fur if you are a Yeti?)

Anyway, not to be all dramatic but my heart is being wonky today (no big deal it just happens sometimes it just makes me not feeling like blogging much)  so I’m just going to post this whole thing in its entirety because every single word is…just astounding.

Phaedra Parks Takes Her Attempts at Humor to a Whole New Level

Phaedra Parks‘ 9-to-5 combines her two passions: the law and the dead.

“I practice law five days a week, and if I’m embalming a body, it’s usually overnight,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star told Page Six Thursday. “It’s the quietest time of the night that you’re doing the embalming work.”

The 44-year-old mom of two, who embalmed her own grandmother in 2012, also shared that she’s able to divide her time because the ventures are so different.

“The funeral business is really an overnight and weekend business,” Parks explained. “Saturday is the funeral day for people of color, usually. And of course, the courthouses and law firms are closed on Saturdays.”

Her desire to work in the funeral industry stemmed from back-to-back years of non-stop tragedy.

“I went through a very terrible time about two years straight. My sister passed, my law partner died and two of my friends committed suicide,” she said. “I became so depressed that it sparked something in me, to really research and start hanging out at the funeral home, just to figure out the process.”


I mean I just don’t know where to start. Pheadra is currently on her prayer cloth tour.  Neighbors say she left Tuesday afternoon with a ton of luggage.  The woman has not been to her office in years, allegedly. If she even still has one.  She left her two little priorities with two sitters, her mama wasn’t there so maybe she on the prayer cloth tour as well. Who embalms their own grandmother? She has not even been to embalming college or whatever the fuck she went to back then.

The author may as well have said she just interviewed a couple of Martians about interplanetary marriage and other ways of their people and just tossed it up there like it was a perfectly normal thing to say.

I’ll revisit this again, but right now this is not helping my blood pressure. But please someone explain this.  Is she trying to claim her “income” as an attorney?  And an undertaker?  Is this some sort of tax thing? WTF is her angle now?


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45 responses to “Phaedra Parks Strange Interview With Page Six

  1. Lime Brain

    And Bravo never caught any of this while filming these past two years?

    To bad they already filmed the reunion so Andy can ask her about this.

  2. claire

    Love how it’s all about her *cough* careers and not one single mention of what should be her number one job: BEING A MOM!

    And it’s not even #ShadySunday! ??

  3. Minky

    Oh, you’re right Tamara. I’m not at all surprised that this has got your blood pressure up.

    Something is very, very wrong with both this article and with Phaedra. She dealt with depression by becoming a mortician? She embalmed her own grandmother? She does her mortician work at “the quietest time” of the night?

    There’s something ghoulish about Phaedra. This thing makes her sound a lot like a body snatcher. Ew.

    • Kimoe

      She is ultra twisted to embalm a relative or anyone close. Embalming is more than just replacing blood with formaldehyde. There are plugs for orifices involved, sewing lips and eyes shut. Who does that to someone with an emotional attachment? Double Ew!

      They need to go back and investigate her burials. A guy up New York way got busted for taking bones for grafting purposes. He took bones from people who died of diseases and these were put into people who later developed the same disease. He made MEGA bucks off this racket. They replaced the bones with PVC and newspapers. Judging by the book on Shadera and Apollo’s fiasco which I’m sure she knew about, if there’s money to be made she’d find the scam.

      • Minky

        Okay, so see right there. That’s just one way you could be up to no-good as a mortician.

        I will not be surprised if one day Phaedra’s shenanigans become an episode of “Law & Order”. Their shows were “inspired” by real events, but they put their own twist on it. In the TV version of Undertaker Phaedra they’ll make it more believable by having Apollo confess that he’s just Phaedra’s pawn. And then they’ll have a dramatic, teary courtroom scene with Apollo shouting at Phaedra “You said you would take care of me!!! I trusted you!!!”

  4. susan

    This is all kinds of weird.

  5. She might as well go on and embrace death, because she’s gonna die too, and maybe she’s worried that HER God isn’t so impressed with her after all. Just a thought. She’s such a fucking weirdo, who knows what her angle is.

    • Minky

      I’m having all kinds of ideas about what her angle might be. When someone like her gets involved in the funeral business then all kinds of shit might be going on. If she (and Apollo) were stealing the deceased’s identity that would be the least disturbing kind of wrongness she could’ve been up to. When I said body snatcher I was only half kidding. I really hope she wasn’t selling kidneys and livers and other body parts on the black market.

      • Oh yeah, for sure Minky. I hear you. I sure hope no one is leaving their dead loved ones wearing any good jewelry either. It makes me feel half bad to even be thinking these things, but with Phaedra, I just wouldn’t put a whole lot past her. I realized she was a snake a long time ago, and my opinion hasn’t improved with time. Oh well.

      • Sharon

        I think you are going n to something here Minky!

  6. So at night tight she surrounds herself with stiffs – ahem

  7. ShyGuy

    Well this sh$& this doesn’t have nothing on Nene making $2.5 million for season 9 lol.

    • tamaratattles

      Please read the commenting rules. Nene is not make $2.5 million for anything. Pickup letters have not even gone out yet, let alone contract negotiations. She will get no where near that. She tried to hold out for a million last year and Bravo said no way. She tried to call their bluff and ended up crawling back at the end of the season for a per episode gig.

  8. Gapeachinsc

    It’s beyond weird, like it’s a joke. I’m sure there’s an angle…there’s got to be an angle because it’s all so bizarre. And I believe she wanted in the funeral business for criminal purposes. Can I say something like that? (Even though I just did.)

  9. Tasha

    I thought about reading the page six item to my dogs, but didn’t want the to think mommy was crazy.

    • Margarett

      I’m right there with you, Tasha. I try not to lower my dog’s opinion of me.

      This story is so bizarre that it’s hard to know how to comment. I will say that it gave me the best laugh of the day.

    • Christina

      This made me laugh! My dog already questions my sanity!

  10. Miguel

    To quote Kenya, Phaedra also “needs to shut [her] mouth, because if there isn’t a d**k in it, [she] doesn’t even know what she’s saying!!!!!!!!!!”

  11. Lime Brain

    Maybe her angle is that when the Feds finally come after her, she can claim an insanity defense. Because I sure do believe she is crazy. Crazy as a fox.

  12. MomofAJ

    So, was she even licensed 4 years ago? Is that story line that old? This article creates more questions than answers about shady Phaedra, some that makes you wonder if there were even more nefarious dealings going on.

  13. Josie

    OMG, I cant stop laughing! I laughed so hard it lowered my blood pressure. This writer is an idiot.

    She is embalming “overnight”? Like at 3 or 4 am in the morning? After, a full day of practicing law? When does she sleep? When does she see her kids?

    Pure fiction! Maybe the writer should have released this on Halloween.

  14. Spilledperfume

    Her depression sparked her interest in hanging out at the funeral home to figure out the process?!

    Who embalms their own grandmother?

    She’s out of her mind.

  15. DarkThoughts

    I’m pretty sure you and I are having joint hallucinations triggered by subliminal messages Andy Cohen planted in the RHOA reunion part one. Once you read that delusional headline from page six the hallucinations went into full blown mode.

    It’s always that trick Andy’s fault!!!

  16. Bella

    Hey Minky, I said the same thing in the “follow that car” comments. I think they planned to get as much info on the deceased clients as possible, then collect “unclaimed government money” on their behalf, essentially stealing the cash. Once Apollo got pinched, she abandoned the idea and has been in limbo ever since. Hence the reason she said he collected unclaimed monies from the government for people as a career during one of the reunions. This thing is way bigger than Bravo is making it out to be. Phaedras days on the outside are numbered.

    • Minky

      Very good observation Bella. What I don’t understand is why she makes these ridiculous statements in print or on camera. Is she that confident about not getting caught? Isn’t she afraid that the families of her alleged mortuary jobs will get suspicious and start digging? I say alleged because we don’t know that she’s ever actually done any undertaking work. Her nickname should be “Teflon Parks”. If she ever gets caught Bravo’s gonna have to do a new show called “Real Housewives of Lockup Raw”.

    • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

      @Bella I think that’s the most obvious thing they could have been up to with this whole mortician thing. Funny how she seemed to abandon it all once Apollo got caught. Maybe the intent of the article is for her to make it seem like she’s still totally into being a mortician? I’m not buying it, nor is anyone else obviously.

  17. I have always been of the opinion that the funeral business was intended to wash Apollo’s dirty money – hence her basically dropping the funeral schtick when he left for college

  18. Toddy

    Would she lie about embalming her grandma? But if she did it herself, how morbid.

  19. Allison

    There should be a law about not being able to embalm family members, like physicians cant treat family members. Like, what URGE would that be to get closer to Gramma by taking out her bodily fluids? Weird. Glad the good folks of the ATL area know not to die/need embalming during the day, or else that would really cramp her lawyering. her kids are super adorable-too bad they’re just props. And her mother is weird as hell.

  20. The journalist is a writer, fiction. Guessing her grammar and sentence structure was ok. TT will correct me if I am wrong.

    The journalist did not do any research prior to the interview. She copied what Phaedra said. I’ve noticed that is how most articles are written

    Phaedra has been shady from her first episode when she did not know her due date, did not know how far along her pregnancy was, so on.
    She did not want anyone to know she was prgnant before she got married.

    Phaedra is a fake created from years of wanting to be “seen” as a type without doing the work to be the woman she wants to be. She comes across as tacky and nasty, always has to me.
    Really nasty!
    I’ve always liked her least.

  21. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    So she tucks the boys in and goes off embalming? GTFOH!!!!??????

    • Uncle Sigmund

      Maybe, or it could be that since she wants a divorce, and wants to get married again, perhaps she is slipping away in the MIDNIGHT HOUR to see a secret boyfriend/soon to be husband. Phaedra is SLICK!

  22. jen

    So many of these housewives are #sofullofshit

  23. captivagrl

    I wonder if you can launder money by claiming (bogus) consultant fees? Um, such as law “advice” and funeral “advice”? I would love to have a glance at her tax forms.

  24. Cat

    I never realized the dead were so noisy during the day.

    Maybe she’s hiding “goods” and cash in the bodies? Buried treasure?

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