If Your Mama Was Yolanda Foster, WTF Would You Do?

Yolanda a few months after breaking her back and having spinal fusion, and spending the year in bed. This is a cute bed!

Yolanda a few months after breaking her back and having spinal fusion, and spending the year in bed. This is a cute bed!


Someone  sent me a blind item reveal from Crazy Days and Nights today:

January 27, 2016

Arguably the second most famous person in this celebrity/reality family told a couple of people at a gathering that no one in her family has a disease which had been claimed most of the family suffers from.

Gigi Hadid/Lyme Disease

So if we assume this is true, what the hell should the kids do?

How dare anyone mention my children's illness?

How dare anyone mention my children’s illness?

I mean really. Poor Gigi is on TV playing Celebrity Cooking Shows for Lyme research.  Then she has to give a speech for her mother’s Lifetime Achievement in Hypochondriasis Award while NotGigi1 and NotGigi2 are quietly crying at their table. I mean really what are they to do? If NotGigi1 and NotGigi2 really are being injected with those $8,000 vials of God Knows What  then they will actually become sick.

The kids seem to just be playing along.  The alternative I guess is to try to get their mother in therapy. Frankly, I don’t think she is lucid enough for therapy.  Munchausen is really hard to cure.

I guess if I was going to give them unsolicited advice, I’d tell them to tell their mother they don’t really have Lyme disease.  Maybe Gigi could casually mention you don’t get Lyme from horseflies.  I really don’t know.

I really think Mohammed needs to fix this mess. It’s clear that he told LVP that the kids don’t have Lyme, and he probably told her that Yolanda doesn’t either.  At the very least he needs to gently explain to the kids that their mother is batshit and not to let her inject them with medications.  And frankly, don’t eat or drink anything when you are with her unless you are a restaurant. Don’t leave your food or drink unattended.

I just found the blind reveal to be really sad.  How do you solve a problem like Yolanda? A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!


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  1. NanZee

    Wow!!!! ITA. This is up to Mohammed. He has to protect his kids if their mother is harming them. Those poor nonGigis!

  2. NeverBeenJaxed

    Sad state of affairs. What a friggin mess. That is all.

    • Meri

      I have no idea what the real truth is regarding Yolanda and her family but I do know that Bravo should put a stop to this by removing Yolanda from it’s cast of characters ASAP. If the woman is sick (mentally and/or physically) and she is lying about her illness (whatever it is or is not) then it is wrong to allow the lie to continue in such a public way via their show. They lose credibility and the public is exposed to misinformation and that’s wrong on lots of levels. Yolanda is definitely not playing with a full deck whether it is as a result of real illness or some mental disorder and she, like Kim Richards, does not benefit from having this type of forum to continue making fools of themselves and exposing their troubles via lies and denials. I can’t watch these shows (including the OC) because I am disgusted with Bravo exploiting the sad fact that some of their cast members are making up serious illnesses and misinforming the public. I don’t expect any REAL information to come from these shows but allowing people to lie about Cancer or Lyme disease or any other malady is going to far.I hope that Yolanda gets help for whatever is wrong with her and that her children are not tarnished by her inability to tell the truth. It does harm them to have their future employers think that they are ill. There is insurance to consider in every occupation and if they are deemed uninsurable they won’t work or secure jobs. Gigi could lose modeling work because the could be worried that she ill have some neurological disorder and be unable to perform. This is very unfair.

      • Johnny

        I’d like to see her leave too, God knows this mess has become quite tiresome to watch, but I’m mildly consoled by the fact that there’s a limit to how far she can go while the cameras are documenting her actions. I just wonder what “treatments” she’d inflict on these kids – and even herself – if her life wasn’t under any scrutiny.

      • It looks to me like Bravo handled the Brooks/Vicky and Yolanda disease fakery the same way. They know both are liars. In Yolanda’s case, though, she is using her fake illness to get out of shooting and she didn’t spill the beans about her divorce. I am guessing Bravo is not pleased. They had Meghan as the HW faking disease investigator on OC and Rinna on BH.
        My bet is, Yolanda is going to get away with her BS on the finale. Whether is asked back, not sure.

      • Allison

        I have a feeling that none of the hard questions will be asked at the reunion, no one dares say what most are thinking. That’s going to be frustrating.

      • Agreed. The rest of the ladies will be tearing each other apart while Yolanda sits there with that evil smirk on her face.

      • Sweet T

        Bravo has credibility?

  3. Katie

    CDAN is not really a reputable blind item site. Hasn’t been for at least five years.

    • JustJenn

      I go back and fourth with this as I know that the NY Post did an expose of sorts on CDAN, but wouldn’t they constantly be getting sued for posting such big lies? I don’t know.

      Sad if it’s true. Luckily the girls are far away from Yolanda most of the time and Anwar lives with his Dad.

      • Leelee

        The celebrities would have to prove that it harmed their reputation (and ability to procure work). This would be more trouble than it’s worth and most likely being more attention to the rumors. Also, since an Internet site the libel laws are extremely lax.

    • Sharon

      I agree Katie and just posted below why I think that this is an “accurate” or real source for the blind item and just made up.

  4. Lime Brain

    Well, Anwar is supposedly living with Mohammed now, so he can hire a deprogrammed for him. Gigli, already doesn’t believe her mother and she is living across the country in NY and Bella is there with her, so she can deprogram her.

    As to Yolanda, she is their mother and they cant expose her. Imagine the backlash they would receive from all of Yolandas fellow spoonies. They just have to go along for the ride right now.

  5. Jane

    When Gigi told her mother not to get surgery if she worried about dying, I thought she’s not playing ball and that’s why Yolanda says Gigi doesn’t have Lyme’s.

    • WonkyTonk

      Interesting observation. I just assumed that given the fact Gigi’s career was taking off and inferring, or outright stating Gigi has whatever Lyme related disease she says she and her other children have might damage Gigi’s career. I can see this one going either way because I can definitely see an angry daughter confronting her mother demanding she not name her as a carrier of a debilitating disease.

      • ITA but what about Bella. She has just been named Model of the Year Her career is also in jeopardy if Yolanda continues involving her children. The picture above of Bella getting an IV is so sad, the girl looks so sad Yolanda, you have got to disappear now, you have done so much damage, for real

      • Librarygirl

        I do not worry about the kids being physically abused in this situation. They are off leading their lives and for the most part away from Yo. What must be most difficult for them is the psychological torture that comes with having to support their mother in this highly publicized mess. I would like it if Yo did not return next season, but I can’t see Andy rejecting the nut job that has created this drama.

      • tamaratattles

        So you haven’t seen the part where she is injecting Anwar and Bella with vials of God knows what from a known Quack doctor?

    • theartistformerlyknownasyoya

      Yep you could see Gigi was well aware Yolanda was attempting to manipulate her emotionally with that will and all the talk of dying. She may not be fully aware how consciously Yo manipulates but she knew something was wrong with the situation. I would bet they all think she’s just nuts as opposed to thinking this is something she does on purpose.

  6. Anastasia_Beave

    They are all super young. In a few years, they’ll figure it out on their own and distance themselves. That is, if no one gets seriously hurt from her crazy beforehand.
    Right now it’s on their dad to help them.

  7. This falls on daddy-o. He knows the truth, it appears Yo is incapable of it, and so this daunting task falls squarely on his shoulders. It’s a shitty job, but somebody’s got to do it, and that’s what being a dad is all about. Mo and David both married a lemon.

  8. Miguel

    First, TT slayed me with the “Sound of Music” posit – LMAO!!! Secondly, this just reinforces everything TT, and many commenters (myself included), believe(s). Yo is mentally ill which manifests itself physically. At this point, her supporters are in too deep to admit this, without being labelled as liars or idiots, themselves; thus, they must continue the charade! Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we will have to endure this nonsense indefinitely. For Yo was far more clever than Brooks in choosing an “invisible disease” that isn’t easily disproved!

  9. peachteachr

    The thing is, Yolanda’s lie may hurt their careers. On top of that, all of her children not named GiGi, has to explain it over and over to every boyfriend or girlfriend. The lie only benefits Yolanda, And, I’m old and have never even believed in vitamins that much. What all has she put in her children’s systems?
    Menopause, Yo. M-E-N-O-P-A-U-S-E, deal with it like the rest of the big girls who aren’t trying to finagle a larger alimony from ‘their king.’

    • Gemma

      I doubt the non-Gigis would let anyone outside of the family in on the charade – to do so would be risky … if the relationship/s turned sour at any point, those girl/boyfriends could go on and sell the story. They probably don’t say a thing.

  10. I hope Mohammed is stepping up, Those kids need someone to protect them.

    • Minky

      If Mohammed is any kind of man at all he’s fighting for his kids like mad behind the scenes. TT’s right: LVP knows that Mohammed knows that neither the kids nor Yolanda are ill. He probably has to pretend to hate LVP now in order to humor Yolanda.

      This whole thing is a dangerous conundrum for him and the children. They have to be careful to not set her off. She’s unstable. Confronting her about this for real would be like cornering a wild animal. It’s not a good idea.

      And I just don’t believe she has any Munchausen. This whole thing is calculated beyond belief. Yolanda’s a woman who has no moral qualms whatsoever about using her own flesh and blood as a pawn in her master plan to outmaneuver husband #2 for mucho dinero. Whatever small amount of pity I had for her, because I didn’t want to believe she was that diabolical, slowly erodes every time I see a story like this.

      • What are the chances that the Gigi and the other two are in on the whole plan to get extra money from King David? It would explain them going along and it would, in the long run, benefit them all to have the King taking care of Yoyo financially.

      • JoJoFLL

        This is where the entire thing has stumped me. Mohamed Hadid is worth tons more money than David Foster is worth. Mohamed’s net worth is in the hundreds of millions where David is only in the tens of millions. Why wouldn’t she try and get more from Mohamed?

      • tamaratattles

        This is how rumors get started. People believe those online “net Worth sites.” It’s amazing to me. Mohammed has been in serious financial danger for quite some time and it is only getting worse. He’s about to have to undo millions of dollars in illegal building on his monstrosity of a house at probably double the cost of building it, and pay significant fines. He has sunk a large percentage of $$ into a property he can’t sell. People confuse flashing money with having money. David Foster is much more financially solvent than Mohammed. Foster is a song writer. Each song he wrote is constant income stream He wrote half a dozen hits for Earth Wind and Fire, He wrote most of the big hits for Chicago, He wrote the sound track for St Elmos Fire! He’s written the scores for dozens of movies, He wrote the song I Have Nothing from The Body Guard. He’s written for Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion. It would take pages to list all of the songs he composed. Plus the Olympics stuff and the classical music he has composed.

        And that is just as a song writer. It doesn’t include his producer credits or his manager revenue stream. This is guaranteed income he has had coming in for YEARS. This doesn’t include profits from property sales.

        And Mohammed’s income is that house. If and when it ever sells. He has no regular income stream, and his financial stockpile of profits from previous endeavors is very quickly being poured right back into the one overbuilt (But gorgeous) property.

      • JoJoFLL – The Mohamed gravey train has left the station so Yoyo needs to keep herself and her kids flush with lots and lots of cash. That may take the cooperation of the not-Gigis and they seem to be doing nicely so far.

      • Gemma

        Too right, Tamara – plus, the net worth sites typically state Yolanda’s net worth as being $45 million which is obviously not true.

        There was a sports celeb in my country whose net worth was touted as being $10-$20m on those sites; he died recently in absolute poverty.

  11. Undine

    It is so maddening that Mohammad has allowed his kids to fall victim to their mother’s insane quest to be a revered victim and center of attention at all times. Unless there’s something going on behind the scenes we don’t see, he’s as much a neglectful and harmful a parent as Yolanda is. Just like Kyle and Kim, things can’t get better if you’re so busy sweeping things under the rug, “protecting privacy”, faking like what’s occurring is normal. I feel for those kids; money, fame and access can’t make up for the torture having Yolanda for a parent.

  12. Frosty

    Yolanda may have Munchausen but CDan’s blinds are still usually convenient bullshit. Hope Anwar Bella and Gigi (i prefer to call them by their right names) tell Yolanda they are fine and let their mother deal with reality.

    • Johnny

      Call them Jelena and Isabella then. Not their stage names.

      • Minky

        Gigi’s name is Jelena? Is she secretly a Slav? I ask because many of my people name their daughters Jelena. The “j” is pronounced as a “y”. Like Sonja with a sexy “j”.

        So now we call Bella and Anwar NotJelena1 and NotJelena2?

      • Johnny

        It is a Slavic name, I’m not sure how Yo and Mo came up with it. I guess they just liked it (even if the child in question doesn’t, and has chosen to go by Gigi instead).

      • Minky

        Oh yeah. Very, very, very Slavic. In a lot of the Slavic world it’s a very common name for a woman. I’m talking Russia and many of the former satellite states of the USSR (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) The Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Bulgarians, The states of the former Yugoslavia (which in means “the southern slavs” with “jugo” meaning “south”)

        The word “jelen” means “deer” and the word “jelka”, which is also a common female name, means a fir tree, like the one for Christmas. At least in Serbo-Croatian.

      • Minky

        And that’s why I thought Gigi’s real name was Gilberte, like the Gigi from the movie with Leslie Caron that’s based on Colette’s novel.

      • I love Colette’s writing.

    • Frosty

      Good, glad you got my point. What’s with the selective empathy? Kim Richards and her kin or Danielle Staub’s daughter somehow deserve more respect than Yolanda’s kids, whose mother probably is mentally ill?

      • Minky

        Actually I think a lot of people who comment on the Yolanda situation here have a lot of empathy for her children. These kids just trying to do well at the jobs they’ve chosen to do. They don’t seem to be bothering anyone. And the two older girls aren’t children. They’re both over 18. Yolanda’s actions don’t necessarily say anything about them.

        The gossip sites aren’t going to exempt Yolanda and her kin from their articles. TT’s place is actually the most sensitive celebrity/reality TV/entertainment site out there. She’s very careful about making any statements or comments and very considerate about the fact that we’re actually talking about real people with real lives and emotions here.

  13. Larry

    I don’t think this is all that sad.

    Far as I know, the only evidence they’ve had treatments comes from Yolanda, who can’t be trusted. True she had a stack of records to wave around, but so did Brooks on OC. They could likely not be dealing with any weird procedures, posed photos aside.

    All participating in the lie does is help them survive the juggernaut that is Gigi. They have an excuse (um, reason) for any failures, and they have a way to connect with their mother.

    Which is all sad. So I was wrong there. Yet it’s got its positives, I suppose.

    • Minky

      These people view success and failure in very odd ways. Why not just let your kids do what they want and provide them an education if you can afford to and if you feel like it. Bella seems to be quite successful too, in spite of her alleged illness. She’s modeled for the same companies as Gigi, she’s been to NYFW, and she’s dating the hip, new, it-boy pop star. How is Bella failing again? And Anwar is still only in high school.

      What I’m wondering is, if push comes to shove, will any of Yolanda’s expert quacks be willing to stick their necks out for her in a legal situation? How many of them are willing to testify under oath that Yolanda or her kids really are as terribly ill as she claims? How many of them are willing to risk their dubious professional reputations for someone like Yolanda?

      • Meredo

        @Minky, you are so right about Bella. No need to call her “not Gigi1” anymore. She is on fire right now as far as her career goes. I’m sure dating The Weeknd who is also huge right now, is only adding to her success. Factor in she is Gigi’s sister ( who did make it big first seemingly overnight) and now Bella is “it” in the pop culture world. I dont doubt Anwar will be next.
        While I feel bad for them that they have to suffer through all of Yolanda’s craziness, at this point it hasn’t negatively affected their careers at all.

      • tamaratattles

        When I call Bella and Anwar NotGigi1 and NotGigi2 it’s not meant to slight the. Bella was just given a model of the year award by some place or another and Anwar is awesome. The term originated from a commenter here which I also would not normally allow. HOWEVER, the terms are used to show the perception of how YOLANDA acts concerning her 3 kids.

        One would think that if you had two kids with the same terrible illness you had, you would see the mother talking with the sick kids to see how they are doing, but not only does that not happen, but when Yolanda was sitting next to the “sick kids” she actually had them MOVE by announcing ” I WANT TO SIT NEXT TO GIGI WHEN I DO THIS SCENE ABOUT MY WILL.”

        For me, that was the end of my belief of anything Yolanda says. I mean, the end of my guilt for not believing her.

      • Minky

        Seriously. Yolanda calls Gigi her “mini-me” for god’s sakes. I mean, really!!!

        And Anwar was too cute in that Will scene. When Bella asks him if he knows how to butter bread he says something like: “I don’t know, but I think I could manage it.” I wonder if that means something? Like Yolanda pretends to coddle them way too much?

    • redbluegreen

      Bella was interviewed for a magazine. The journalist said that Bella took 3 baggies out of her purse with about 30 pills and took a handful of them. She said her mom prepares them for her. That’s the same article where Bella blamed her DUI on lyme.

  14. You learn something new everyday e.g. I didn’t know there was another use for a phone cord, who would think a staged IV line.

    • Allison

      @Ellie you noticed that too? That IV line looked pretty suspect to me as well.

      • Heidi

        The way it drapes across Bella’s body, it appears that the IV bag would be on the floor as opposed to a pole. Also, it looks the needle is in her upper arm, which is odd.

    • Reading Beads

      Having just come home from the hospital for treatment of pneumonia and an IV line in each arm, looks as if the photo IV is nowhere near a vein. Odd, too, that there is one line taped down with two visible ‘ends’. Doesn’t an IV usually end IN the arm? Mine certainly did, lots of tape and bandages to hold them in place. Mine, of course, were real. Bella looks horrified in this photo, Anwar couldn’t look at his sister GiGi while she spoke at the Lyme gala, he sat staring at the floor during the Bravo shots. Yolanda has gone way off the deep end, I feel sorry for her children.

      • Actually, it looks like the exact placement of my last IV. My hands were no longer viable support since the veins around them had collapsed from too many IVs so where Bella’s is located, mine was too. From there they went to my ankles – no fun. However, the other end was hooked up to plastic bags suspended from a pole, not to my cell phone.

  15. Sharon

    Mohammed -unfortunately- was very clear in his one instagram post that he fully supports his children and their mother. He pays all their medical bills and Anwar and Bella are reported to be actively being in treatment with Dr. Klinghardt in addition to the low dose therapy by the crazy Alaskan doctor. Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter also was treated by Dr. Klingheart after long term antibiotics. It’s like a weird cult andxonly the wealthy can afford these wake doodle doctors. I personally think Mohammed is well aware and that Anwar and Bella are convinced they have it too. They did not look as all surprised and we’re front and center supporting Yolanda and Gigi is only one who looks a bit weary of it all but she still supports her Mom. Seems like a made up blind item. People wanna to believe Mohamad doesn’t approve but that is ridiculous to me. Especially if Anwar lives with him now.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh Mohammed doesn’t believe any of this. I’m sure that’s why he brought Anwar home.

      • Katie

        Mohammad brought anwar home bc he was out of control and had zero supervision. He crashed his dad’s car in December 2015 while high on molly and coke. He’s been staying at Mohammad’s ever since.

      • Lime Brain

        Curious where you heard that. I googled Anwar’s name with car accident and nothing popped up about it. Just pages and pages of him having Lymes and being a model.

      • Katie

        @lime brain- he wasn’t arrested or anything, it wasn’t like Bella’s DUI. Mohammad “took care of it” immediately. It was only discussed on regional message boards and never made any sort of mainstream news.

      • Lime Brain

        Thanks, for explaining it. :)

    • swizzle

      Healthcare marketers call this segment the worried well. They are the cash cows because they will pay for treatments not covered by insurance, they will see every doctor imaginable, and most likely come into an appointment having self diagnosed themselves on the Internet. Doctor shop enough and you’ll find some doc who is willing to agree with your self diagnosis. Anyone being treated by the quack in Alaska deserves what they are getting. His record is clear.

      • Minky

        Thank goodness ordinary doctors don’t buy that nonsense. We’ve all worried ourselves to death by googling various symptoms. But when you finally have a chance to ask a doctor it usually amounts to nothing. My skin was/in a mess. And I don’t mean my face, but from the neck down. In the middle of all this bad skin I got a rash on my elbows and knees that I thought might be coeliac. Well, I had my doctor run a test that, thankfully, came back negative. So I can continue to eat gluten and now I’m on an antibiotic prescription that’s lasting for a long time.

        Even doctor’s tell you NOT to google shit and try to diagnose yourself. You’ll just make yourself crazy, usually for no reason. If I were to doctor shop it would be for a doctor who has no moral objection to prescribing good, strong diet pills, narcotics or to get a medical weed prescription. Just saying’. And that’s if I could afford it. HMO docs don’t go in for writing careless prescriptions, usually.

    • Sharon

      Exactly Katie! Anwar”s car accident was just a few months ago and he has been at Mohammed”s for last few months.

  16. Jaana

    When did Yolanda start complaining about Lyme disease? It was when Gigi left home right? She couldn’t micro manage and live through her anymore.

    Yolanda needs therapy. Something about her has drastically changed since her first season on.

    • Minky

      Probably empty nest syndrome. The two girls are over 18 and are living their own lives as fabulous models and the boy has almost reached the age of majority and he’s now living with his dad. Yolanda can’t live vicariously through her children as much anymore. The lyme thing is her way of filling a void.

      I remember her first season when she accompanied Gigi to a photo shoot. She couldn’t just quietly observe from the sidelines. No! She had to stick her nose into every aspect of the production. From Gigi’s hair, makeup, her poses, etc. I remember her telling the makeup artist that she was making Gigi’s eyes look too “Asian”. And saying to Gigi “Work hard so you can make a lot of money and buy your first apartment in New York!” It was disturbing stage/pageant mom behavior.

      • VioletBlue

        I can’t remember her exact words but when she thanked Gigi she was saying stuff like “You have exceeded all MY dreams & MY expectations of YOU blah-blah-blah.” Ugh.

    • Menopause!!! I have a lot of the same symptoms, included brain fog at times. It is menopause.

  17. Lisaj

    I guess they’re too old for CPS but agree, Mohammed needs to step in real quick like. Yolusional can self inject or have Daisy do it til the cows come home but kids are off limits. Perhaps her mother can be called in? Sad

  18. “A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!”


  19. Bri

    Oh I can’t wait For the reunion!! Lisa R is vindicated!

  20. Johnny

    I think the claim on Yolanda’s blog that she’s worked her away through 104 doctors is all the proof anyone needs that she doesn’t have Lyme. That’s pretty damning evidence of someone “doctor shopping”, looking for someone to back up their self-diagnosis and give her whatever pills she craves, rather than get to the root of the problem.

  21. Erica

    Anwar looked so uncomfortable at that gala. Watch again, and focus on his face. I think Bella may be the kid that buys into Mommy’s bullshit. (there is usually one)

    Bella, sweetie…. pop a multivitamin and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on some white bread – feel the calories hit you, and you will realize that you just need to eat!

    • swizzle

      Bella is a daughter, but not Gigi, so that must be hard on her. At least Anwar is the only son. I’m guessing Bella will go along with anything to get the attention from her mother that she’s always seen focused on Gigi.

  22. I think the ‘ I have a lot in the vault’ comment has been frequently and not just to Kyle.

  23. vivi

    I think it’s interesting that Mohammed follows Lisa Vanderpump on Instagram but doesn’t follow Yolanda. Yes he doesn’t want to look at sick selfies either

  24. I See Clearly

    These poor kids are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Just like Kim Richards children this is a tragic situation. Hopefully Mohammed steps in for the kids and Bravo steps in and removes Yolanda from our homes.

  25. jen

    She is a con artist and mentally ill. She needs help. People keep calling them “kids” they are adults. Well, the notgigi boy is a teen but they can make decisions to go along with mom or distance themselves.

    • ERica

      The daughters may be “adults” and the son a teenager – but I am sorry, the “they are old enough to defend themselves” argument is really insensitive to the position they are in. I say this as someone who has had to call CPS because I suspected a teenage student was in an abusive household. I was told he was “old enough and big enough to defend himself”. Well, the point was he WOULDN’T. His mother was mentally ill (we suspected) and he loved her deeply… and I suspect her caretaker in many ways. You don’t think that these three don’t love their mother just as much? They won’t defend themselves (at least publicly) because doing so would harm her – emotionally, at the very least, if not also financially. She raised them and loves them – you would believe your mother. She probably has at least Bella brainwashed to believe that she has it.

      • kendrawm

        Exactly and add to that that they hear their mother say over and over if it wasn’t for my children I would be dead or I would kill myself. That is a huge responsibility to put on an adult let alone a child. Now they feel they have the added responsibility of keeping her alive. It is just a really fucked up situation.

      • jen

        Very true. Good points. I stand corrected. Very sad for them. Tough situation to be in.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Erica, you are so right and you’ve explained why all of this is just sad for those kids.

  26. Kimoe

    Ok (I’m going to put on my tin foil hat here) I think there is more going on here. I’ve found articles citing up to 28 celebrities with Lyme Disease. Is it possible these high profile people are being diagnosed with something else but don’t want people to know? Maybe scary or embarrassing? Even here it’s been stated Lyme isn’t that prevalent so why is there a statistically large portion diagnosed in this group of people? Interestingly Yo’s kids weren’t listed but she was.

    • Billie_bee

      Kimoe,I think they are all going to the same doctor. They are probably shopping around a list of symptoms, and someone refers them to a doctor who diagnosed so-and-so, and that’s where the multiple diagnosis comes from, at least that’s my own tin-hat explanation :)

  27. Cat

    How old are these “kids”? Are they completely helpless, and unable to speak up for themselves? Or is it a money issue? Will mommy cut off generous allowances if they don’t play along?

    Final question…Why do I care? That one, I can answer. I don’t care. It’s not like these kids are too young to know better…or fight back.

    • kendrawm

      I think it is more she has manipulated them. Look at what just the women are going through and us watching this it is exhausting, now imagine it being your mother who has also said multiple times on TV that if it wasn’t for them she would be dead. You know have a mother controlling her children through the threat of death. They are barely out f their teens, I know people in their 50s who couldn’t handle this.

      • Rubbishhousewife

        I think you are spot on, kendrawm. People like Yolanda can’t be reasoned with, and no one knows it better than her children. I see indications that they don’t buy into it, but know there is no point confronting it. And as her children, they shouldn’t have to shoulder that, they are “parenting” her as best they can. They have nothing but my sympathy, this situation was not of their making.

      • Dee

        You’re right Gigi just turned 19, they are young

      • Cat

        Then the adult male (father) should step in and protect the children. To do nothing is wrong.

  28. iloveearlgrey

    This is one f*cked up situation.

  29. CoBe

    There is nothing these children can do. Yolanda has twice ON CAMERA threatened suicide and said she only lives for her children. Imagine the pressure of that statement.

    They just need to go about their lives pretending to believe mommy and hope that she gets psychiatric treatment at some point. She likely won’t, so the more separation the better.

    In some of these mental illnesses, it really is best to just distance and say you believe the delusional person while trying to get them to a psychiatrist who is better equipped to question the veracity of some of the statements.

    Even worse, though, Yolanda seems to have a personality disorder more than a mental illness. Personality disorders are not “cured” as they are just an ingrained part of the personality. It also explains why she tells obvious lies and just expects everyone around her to believe them.

    When she was the wife of a prominent developer and the wife of a prominent producer, people would, of course, just believe her. Power holds a lot of sway. Now she is just an ex wife, people will not be afraid to lose access to Mohamed or David if they question her or don’t flock to her events. If she does indeed have a personality disorder, this will be a time of extreme emotions and acting out.

    She is in for an interesting future. Her pretensions will not do her many favors as a single woman. Being a reality star just doesn’t hold the same thrall that being the wife of an almost billionaire did.

    I just hope the kids will be okay.

  30. Starbie

    She has a conversion disorder, not Munchausen’s.

  31. Barbara R

    TT, do you see any evidence about the relationship between Mohammad and Lisa VP, either good or bad?

    • tamaratattles

      They have been friends forever. It is obvious that Mo told her the deal and pretty much everyone knows there is some sort of problem with Yolanda.

  32. Rose

    No one has to mention her children’s illnesses because her big mouth constantly does it. I’ve noticed more people on RHOBH FB page are calling her a liar!

  33. PaganChick

    I often wonder about how much guilt these kids have to deal with. Having their mother say things like the only thing keeping her from killing herself is her kids. Or, poor Anwar having to hear the story of how his mother broke her back giving birth to him in order to save his life and was bedridden for a year because of it (even though the photos show otherwise). Those things tend to fuck with a person. It makes sense to me that they would tow the party line.

  34. Amanda

    The Lyme gala that Yolanda got the award from was sponsored/thrown (co-chaired) by Hilfiger and Foster. Meaning David Foster and Tommy Hilfiger. Both of their wives received “awards”.

  35. Gemma

    What is in those tubes (being given to the kids) though? It could ‘just’ be vitamins which won’t be too damaging (although that said, anything given in excess is bad).

    I personally think all of Yolanda’s problems stemmed from her dodgy implants – and can’t believe that she didn’t have them replaced sooner.

  36. Josie

    Mo’s tweet when he posted the statement says it all: “Not everybody’s reality is the true reality.” That is his out to say he did not lie when it eventually comes out. Yo’s reality is not the true reality.

    She needs a mental intervention by her family AND medical professionals. I think the kids would need to band together to get through to her. Yo is cunning and manipulative. They cant do it alone.

    Mo needs to stop paying all the snake oil salesmen. She would be forced to admit she doesnt feel any better or worse without the fake treatments. How do you get better if everyone is pretending along with you?

  37. Josie

    I have to admit that I do go back and forth as to whether she is just cunning and manipulative or is really mentally ill with Munchausen.

    Muchausen wants attention. Yo’s illnesses tend to suit a financial purpose such as breaking prenups.

  38. microop

    What? I thought Bella had spoken publicly about her illness (which I assumed she was suffering from something maybe depression but was misdiagnosed). maybe they are helping their mom get a good settlement from David?

  39. Jane

    That photo you posted with her smiling, upright and holding about a 10 month old anwar says it all, doesn’t it?

    • tamaratattles

      If you are looking at the one I think I posted, she is sitting on a buoy in the middle of the water, which means she rode a boat out there, someone let her and the kids off and too the picture from a boat.

      One would think that boat rides on the ocean with all the waves might be frowned upon for someone who has a broken back. :)

      • Hawkmoon947

        Good catch, TT. Someone who had recently broken their back in several places wouldn’t be able to sit down on the ground. Do we believe Yo or our lying eyes?

  40. Chae

    Cdan isn’t reliable… They’ve been outed before on completely making up blinds and then solving them.

    • Chae

      I’ve read it and I believe it. I meant that CDAN is known for making up blind items that seem legit; whether it actually happened or not is another thing.

  41. Tinalee971

    I don’t think you approve my messages/comments but I’ll keep trying ( thank God for talk to type so at least I’m only wasting about a minute of my life talking to myself! HaHa) I’m not sure where ‘we’ went wrong LOL aside from comment made a very long time ago about your constant use of the word c*** but even you don’t often use that word anymore so really what was the problem? Anyway…..
    Just wanted to say haha Gigi1 & Gigi2…. that’s funny! I guess it should be Gigi2 &Gigi3 but still funny.

  42. Christina

    I bet Rinna’s girls are so pissed about their mom totally ruining their chances with notGigi2.

    • Don't Drink the Water

      WTF does Yolanda and her kids REALLY have? All this lying is only concealing the truth. I see right through the crap and feel very sorry for the kids.

    • Don't Drink the Water

      Too many lies. WTF does Yolanda and her kids REALLY have. Their is some concealment of truth here. I see right through the crap. Yolanda is lying. Poor kids, as they grow into adulthood there will ne resentment.

  43. VioletBlue

    Hmmmmm…. Perhaps it is not Munchausen’s but Malingering? Very interesting!!!

  44. pinkiesweet

    It seems as though, Mohammad has been very generous in paying for Yo’s medical expenses and round the clock private care, since David checked out, of the marriage.Could this, be a way for him (as payee) to keep an eye on Yolanda’s physical and mental state, as well as, the safety of his children? With all the confusion of what’s really going on with Yolanda health wise, it makes sense to have someone, on his payroll keeping him, in the loop. Let’s not forget David was friends with Mohammad, before he married Yo and may still keep in touch, especially now. I feel the main concern, may not just be in Yolanda’s physical health and her various stories, but, rather her mental state, which could be more fragile, than she lets on. If my ex, displayed similar behaviors, as Yolanda has, I would be very concerned for my children’s safety and well being, regardless of their ages. Also, what appears to be, Yo’s misplaced, hidden anger, many inconsistencies and manipulative behavior, of Yo, that make her seem, incredibly unpredictable and unstable.
    The why’s of all this craziness, make no difference, to me, is the “what is” that’s so disturbing to us viewers and to those,enlightened fellow cast members, who’ve seen some, of how she operates.

  45. Josie

    Why would she hire Daisy of all people? Why wouldnt she hire a regular nurse? That doesnt make any sense either.

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