Happy #FelonByBravo Self Surrender Day, Joe Giudice! Enjoy Fort Dix

RHONJ Joe baby girl

Frankly, I wasn’t sure he would actually go through with his self-surrender. But he did. Joe Giudice is officially a federal inmate who is probably still going through processing and the famed body cavity search. (No Big Deal, according to Joe.)

Joe’s offbeat attorney, James J. Leonard Jr.issued a press release saying, “Joe Giudice surrendered himself to the Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix today at 12 p.m. to begin serving his sentence. His brother, his sister and several other members of the Giudice family, as well as myself, were present when he turned himself in to the prison, including Teresa. It was obviously a very emotional day, but this is a very strong family with a tremendous support system and they will get through this, just as they did when Teresa was away.”

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This morning, shortly after Wendy Williams declared that Joe Giudice’s federal placement at Fort Dix today  is a “soft prison” the term immediately started being mentioned in comments here.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on the prison since he was assigned there.  I would not call this a “soft prison” at all, and frankly the camp doesn’t sound any better. So Joe was right when he said his Low Security placement, or simply “Low” as the inmates call it, isn’t much different because the both suck.


There are lots of stories out there but I find the more recent the better when it comes to prison stories. There are sites that discuss the prison conditions and where people discuss the situation of the particular facility that their LOs ( Loved Ones) are in.  Last winter was particularly harsh for the people at Fort Dix Low.

The problems included, constant last minute visitation cancellations (causing visitors to be turned away at the gate) , down Internet and phones,  frequent lockdowns for smuggled cell phones,  one race riot between black and Hispanic inmates over a corner locker that was taken by someone (perhaps new who did not know any better that got up to 100 inmates sent to the SHU (a high security unit that is the ultimate punishment at the facility) and about half of them transferred out to break up the gangs.  There was also a case of chicken pox that caused part of the camp side to be quarantined, and a kid from Jacksonville who died after ODing on contraband drugs.

Also, Joe will have to actually DO a job rather than getting the special treatment that Teresa got at Camp Cupcake.

When there are lockdowns are just restrictions placed during the cell phone type incidents, prisoners cannot use their phone time, (Only 300 minutes a month) or email. Everyone just goes radio silent.

Here’s one description from New York Magazine:

Fort Dix is a squat, sprawling Hades of red brick and asphalt. The first year of his incarceration, Davidson wouldn’t allow his two youngest kids, ages 5 and 7, to visit, because neither he nor his wife thought they’d be able to handle seeing the razor wire and surrendering their tiny knapsacks. (No gifts, even food, are allowed in.)

Davidson’s fellow inmates call him “English.” (There’s also a Carolina, a Texas, and a China.) Every day, he rises at 6 and studies Talmud and Jewish ethical works until 10:30, usually in the prison chapel. Then he has lunch if it’s kosher enough to meet his standards, which it usually isn’t. From 12:30 to 3:30, he does his official prison job, tutoring other inmates for the GED. Then he goes back to his unit for “the count” — a tedious procedure in which each inmate is accounted for — opens his mail, and eats dinner. Then he struggles to fill the time until he goes to bed at 1 a.m. “There are half a dozen television rooms,” he explains. “But what you find is a movie on one, and MTV, BET, and basketball on the others. If you want to watch the news, you’re a minority of one.”

Some nights, he goes to the gym. Others, he listens to the radio, which occasionally picks up the BBC. These days, he also works on his appeal, emboldened by recent government disclosures he believes are the exculpatory silver bullets he needs.

“There are men here who say that they can do four years standing on their heads,” he says. “I can’t do four minutes. So I certainly can’t make nine years. It’s stifling.”


I never thought that Joe Giudice would actually be deported, but I have had several conversations with a local attorney who specializes in deportation who informs me that it is highly likely that upon release he will got straight to a deportation facility that is much worse than the federal prison where it takes YEARS for the felon who is an illegal immigrant to be shipped back to their homeland. Only vary rarely does a person in this situation win their case and even when they do it is appealed by the government.  Even when they do win, they do years of extra time in the deportation holding facility.



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57 responses to “Happy #FelonByBravo Self Surrender Day, Joe Giudice! Enjoy Fort Dix

  1. JoJoFLL

    I hate to sound so callous but the deportation issue is fascinating to me.

  2. Cat

    Wow. Soft or not, I can’t imagine being locked up. I would not make it past check in.

    • Meredo

      Same here Cat. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies!
      I can’t help but feel bad for Joe and his family if he ends up being deported. That process sounds horrible from what your attorney friend has said. I can’t imagine completing my sentence just to get locked up (and supposedly in even worse conditions!) for who knows how long and then deported. Wow, the Guidices’ definitely need to be strong to get through all of this. I’m glad they have a strong support system.

      • tamaratattles

        It’s so sweet how you believe Leonard. :)

      • Meredo

        @TT, Haha! It’s more like I believe everything YOU say. Sometimes I have to remind myself you can’t know everything and never be wrong, but I usually think you’re right. Or maybe you pulled a LVP and have manipulated me into thinking you’re always right! Lol. ?❤️

      • tamaratattles

        For fucksakes, don’t believe EVERYTHING I say. But I do spend a lot of time listening to people in the know and researching bullshit topics. I even met a fancypants deportation lawyer once or twice to discuss Joe’s situation. I know way too many lawyers in this town.

  3. Allison

    I’m sorry-it’s prison, and he isnt there for his outstanding community involvement or generous heart. So this guy didnt want his kids to see razor wire-ummm-that would probably be his fault that they are. No email?! Have to stay put for count?! Quelle horreur! Lucky for Juicy he got fed time and not state. Think Fort Dix sounds awful? Its a party compared to any state facility in the country. Cry me a river.

  4. My cousin is in Fort Dix. It is not soft by any means. It is PRISON.

  5. Pip

    I still can’t help but feel sorry for them. They’re just stupid. I guess I pity stupid.

  6. jen

    Thanks for the explanation on deportation. That is interesting. I almost feel sad for him but really those poor children. I feel sorry for their little hearts. I think Teresa will move on. Why wouldn’t she really at this point.

  7. Jen

    I’m actually also shocked that he showed up. I still doubt he will ever be deported, they got off lightly in every other area.

    • The only way he can avoid deportation, IMHO, is to hire a really really good lawyer. It seems it always comes down to that. Just a thought – with the elections ahead there is a very slight chance that there could be some immigration reform before Joes gets out.

      • Allison

        Even with a good lawyer, he will just prolong the inevitable. If the US wants him out, out he goes. He doesnt have much on his side.

  8. More Tea Please!

    Joe has a sister? How have we managed not to see or hear of her!

    • Minky

      Maybe she’s smart enough to stay the hell away from cameras? You can’t judge a person by their relatives. At least not all the time.

  9. WTH

    Wow I never knew that about the deportation facility. All this for fame and fortune.

  10. Christ, Wendy Williams is such a fucktard. I keep trying to like her, but then she again goes and says something stupid (although only on days that end in “day”) and I’m back to being disgusted.

    • tamaratattles

      I take it you didn’t read the link about what Andy and Bethenny did to her.

      • LOL at “did to her”…as if WW is some kind of victim. Didn’t see a link re: WW, but I recall a post you did on the talk show “wars” in NYC and that Bethenny hired away WW’s booker. I also recall commenting on that post to the effect of: so what? It’s a cutthroat business and that’s life in the big city. Happens every day; doesn’t make either party more or less sympathetic. It also doesn’t make WW less of a fucktard. She still reports blatantly inaccurate “news” in “Hot Topics” and has attitudes that can be archaic at best and bigoted at worst…such as referring to the British singer Marilyn as “it” and “this” because he plays with androgyny and is (gasp!) gay…,and therefore is “less than” a man and is to be addressed as a freak.

  11. ninjapanda1

    Worked in the prison system long enough to know Joe is a “soft” target and he will be involved in plenty of altercations. He isn’t smart enough to know who to trust and who not to trust. Plus he’s got that snappy little mouth that will get him lots of solitary. Its not the other inmates he needs to worry about. Its the guards. If you piss them off they can and will make every day a nightmare.

    • tamaratattles

      I totally forgot about all the stuff I read about the Fort Dix guards. Some of them appear to be complicit in bringing in drugs and cell phones. Other are assholes of the arrogant asshole variety.

      I couldn’t be more pleased.

  12. …it takes YEARS for the felon who is an illegal immigrant to be shipped back to their homeland.

    Wait, Joe is an illegal immigrant? I know he’s not a US citizen, but has it been established that he is in the country illegally? I’d think that even if he had been as a child, his marriage to Teresa (a citizen) would qualify him for Resident Alien status.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL. Um, noe. That is not how the immigration system works. You don’t just marry someone and become a legal citizen at the altar.

      • Allison

        Exactly-not one bit. Maybe a bunch of years ago, but not any more. And it doesnt matter if hes a legal resident or not-if he isnt a citizen, hes subject to removal. ( I know you know this, TT) And I tend to think he’ll be removed. I checked the BOP site-he isnt listed in their custody yet-I was just looking to see if they’ll list his detainers once he gets them. And he will get them.

      • That’s not what I said.

        You’d stated that Joe was an illegal immigrant and I was questioning that, as not being a citizen =/= illegal. Even if, hypothetically, he’d been “illegal” as a child, it is plausible that after many years of marriage to Teresa, he’d be legal now. True, one does not magically gain legal Resident Alien status at the marriage altar. But it is the first step in a process to getting it. You’ve never heard of a “Green Card marriage”?

        Whatever. It’s all academic anyway. It’s not like I give a fuck about what happens to Joe Giudice.

      • tamaratattles

        You can’t be an illegal immigrant, which since age one, and never apply for residency and then get married for a green card. Your comments on this subject are nonsensical.

        Read this really slowly. “Joe Giudice is an illegal immigrant who was brought into the country illegally and never made any attempt to become a US citizen whatsoever. He claims he never knew he was not a citizen. This was also a lie, because he went to Italy on the show presumably on an Italian passport.

        You don’t seem to understand the process of a Green Card marriage either. You should watch the movie with Gerard Depardieu. You’d like it.

      • Jewelz

        @ericzku Joe is not an illegal immigrant. He is a permanent resident who never applied for citizenship. His marriage to Teresa or his connection to his kids, all of whom are citizens, has no bearings on his own status.

    • Jen

      If you are here illegally and marry a citizen, you are still here illegally. You can’t apply to become legal while you are in the country illegally. You can apply for a waiver in very specific circumstances, Joe does not fall into that category. If you are caught being here illegally, you get an automatic 10 year ban, from applying for any kind of visa or status, even to visit. Marriage to a US citizen does not erase the ban.

      As for Joe’s knowledge of his status – when they went to Italy he would have needed documentation to re-enter the country – either proof of his permanent resident status (green cards expire every 10 years) or some kind of current visa. He knew he was not a US citizen and had been making the choice to stay a non-citizen for quite some time.

      • Allison

        And wouldnt ya know, an expired green card isnt enough to get ICE’s attention? My ex had an expired one, and after he used my face as a punching bag I called ICE to let them know he was expired, they said its similar to an expired drivers license. Just needs to renew it but wont get deported if he doesnt. I tried. He ended up getting deported for other reasons, and I gladly helped ICE with everything I could. Bye bye, bad guy.

  13. If there was a real chance he would be deported, why not just go back to Italy now and NOT serve the prison sentence? Wonder what the chances of Italy sending him back are to serve out his time here? Probably pretty low. This sounds fishy to me . . . didn’t Joe go to Italy on some big trip on RHONJ a few years back? If so, how did he get a valid passport if he wasn’t a legal US citizen?

  14. Minky

    I agree that people who commit crimes should be punished. But I don’t know if our justice system is totally right about who gets what kind of punishment. Yes, stealing is a very wrong thing to do. But it’s not as bad as murder. I don’t think murderers and thieves should be treated the same. You can pay back your debt to society in a more productive way that doesn’t waste as many resources or as much time. Am I making any sense?

    • Lisaj

      So different jails for different crimes? Prison is a horrible place to be, id say the people that commit the heinous crimes really don’t fear retribution or don’t think they’ll be caught perhaps, but they do segregated at risk perpetrators. Sometimes murder isn’t the worst crime in the world.

    • tamaratattles

      No. Murderers and thieves are not treated the same. And people who rip of the federal government go UNDER the jailhouse.

    • Allison

      oh, Minky, you’re making perfect sense. Don’t even get me started on prison reform. :-)

    • TripleOGPearl

      I have worked in prison since 1999. I am a “guard” or as I prefer, Correctional officer. My experience within the walls is that the thieves are often our biggest trouble makers and MUCH more dangerous than most of the killers and rapists for that matter.

      People making these sweeping declarations about subject matter they are unfamiliar with make me seethe.

  15. Lisaj

    Sorry not sorry. Bye Joe.

  16. T D

    I wish his crimes were not forgotten, in Ft. Dix he will be rotten, book away, book away…

  17. NeverBeenJaxed

    What are the chances he will be in “protective custody” because of his so-called “status”? His mouth will be his downfall and I don’t think it’s going to take very long.

    No sympathy here for JJ. Adios #FelonByBravo ~

  18. This deportation stuff is really disturbing. How on earth do we hold people for YEARS while we decide what their status is? That’s just messed up. Not that I have much sympathy for Juicy, but this just seems like a huge waste of time and resources. No wonder our country is going down the crapper.

  19. Cheychey

    A lot of people are very quick to respond that certain groups of people should be shipped back where they came from regardless of their marital status to an American citizen that have not committed any types of wrong doing. My cousin recently married a man she met while on vacation in the Virgin Islands and got him here within a year. But one of my best friends husband of 17yrs who was Mexican was deported because he was not a citizen. Not a criminal, lived here his whole life but his parent were not legal citizens and he got pulled over for a tail light out. Joe on the other hand is wealthy and will probably never see deportation. I think he should he is a felon. That’s the type of illegal people I don’t want here the criminals. I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorrow for the people he cheated and his family who had to live with this embarrassing behavior.

    • Minky

      I don’t get the deportation holding place either. That would be like when you find some cottage cheese that’s gone bad in your refrigerator. It’s rotten and you can’t do anything with it. But for some reason you keep it in there and let it get even more rotten. That might not be the best analogy, but it’s just crazy! Especially if the person being deported isn’t a criminal.

      • Most people being deported are criminals even if it’s entering the USA illegally or over staying on a visa is still a crime.

        TT is absolutely correct, the prisons/jails used by ICE are rough and ICE has control of you.

        TT is also correct in saying Joes deportation is a strong likelihood unless there has been something already worked out that has not been made public.
        It happens everyday for lesser crimes. Joe could get released to a sanctuary city, that would save his ass, maybe. Ha ha, true!

      • Allison

        The BOP website doesnt say if he has a detainer-someone would probably have to call Fort Dix and ask. I’m sure someone will call at some point-but they have until his release date to slap a detainer on him. Ha-they should do that, let him think hes home free then BLOOP- nope.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah that is not how sanctuary cities work. They just harbor the criminals who can manage to get back to them and don’t report them to ICE like they are supposed to when they recidivate. Lovely liberal places.

    • tamaratattles

      A) Joe is not rich.
      2) your’r BBF’s husband was a criminal. He was in the country illegally.
      z) all illegal aliens should be deported once identified as such.

      I know someone who lived in California and her girlfriend was British and trying to get a job here. They were talking marriage. She tried to come back to the US without any time left on her visa and was promptly shipped back to jolly old England. Not a criminal. Just someone who wanted to shack up with her girlfriend. She had the same sort of issues trying to live in England. They ended up both having to move to Australia to live together.

      The reason Mexicans are treated differently in your mind is that there are millions of them living here illegally who cross he border on foot, with or without proper paperwork because we share a border that we do not secure. We are the only country on the planet with borders that are not secured. Every other country on the planet secures their borders. It is especially important to secure your borders when drugs are pouring in from a neighboring country.

      It is ridiculously dangerous to have thousands of miles of open border both to our north and south with ISIS and dozens of other terrorist groups trying to blow us up. The number one priority of our government, particularly now should be to keep us as safe as possible. With open or porous borders we are all in grave danger.

      • Minky

        You’re making a good amount of sense there, T. But if we actually have secure borders and no illegal people from way down south, where will we get all of the people to staff our nannies, maids, gardeners, and other assorted slave-labor jobs who are willing to work for next to nothing?

        I used to work in a library in a very ritzy part of L.A. I remember perusing the foreign language stacks and finding a Spanish learning book titled: “How to Communicate with the Help”. In it you’d find useful little phrases like “Mop the floor!” and “Two eggs over-easy!” in Spanish.

      • Erica

        TT – I agree with you on a lot. Some of what you write above. But we aren’t the most open border. Head to Europe. You literally do not know when you cross the border there, if traveling by car or train. With my family, we drove from Belgium to France, and while doing so, I joked about the border crossing ala that old I Love Lucy episode. The driver, my cousin in law, just said – I hate to break it to you, but we entered France about 5 miles ago. Went from the US to the UK (London) to Belgium to France to Belgium to Italy to the UK again. Even on a flight from Italy to London, the “crossing” was much easier than the many border crossings I’ve done between the US and Canada (I live in Washington state – and probably go to Canada at least on average once a year). Actually, now that I think about it – the US Customs from Japan back in 1997 was tougher than some of the border crossings on my post 9/11 trip to Europe.

        Posted with love, sincerely. And CheyChey’s friends were idiots. The Virgin Island vacation marriage will probably go south, and in 17 years there have been “no harm, no foul” opportunities for that friend’s husband to get a green card.

        Also, I always thought that Joe was here legally. I would imagine that Bravo would have had to check his status for the specials at the very least (assuming that Joe was paid, not Teresa). He also was applying for loans that he lied on – and I didn’t read that he falsified immigration papers.

        But if you are here LEGALLY and get convicted – your ass is going back “home”.

        My question is if you don’t contest this, do you still have to linger in the detention center????

        (I certainly wouldn’t protest ITALY!!!)

      • tamaratattles

        Husbands are not paid on RH.

      • Allison

        My experience with ICE was, the ex was released from prison in early sep, had his removal hearing in Oct, and was outta here and back in his country by early Dec. He did not fight his removal which I am sure expedited things, but he knew it was a lost cause to fight, I’m sure.

      • I respectfully disagree with you here Minky. I don’t think referring to these jobs is slave labor is at all accurate. That’s an entitlement issue we Americans sometimes suffer from. And I think there are far worse things to be concerned about than a maid shortage in this country where borders are concerned.

      • Nannies make great money too. My friend nannied herself through college because the money was way better than what she would have made as a CNA, although she had her license. I also pay someone to clean my house because lazy, and they make twice what I make an hour working in health care.

  20. Miguel

    I don’t think Jo will be mouthy in prison. Based on “60 Days In,” he’ll be scared shitless navigating a system he has no clue about. It’s going to be difficult to go from the country Club House to the Big House! Good luck, Joe…

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