WWHL With Erika Jayne

WWHL With Erika


Erika Jayne looks AMAZEBALLS in a black catsuit and a white fur with black stars.

The very first question is about how Tom talks to her. Erika says that lawyers think they are the most important people on earth and she just goes with it.  Andy drops the word subservient and Erika plays it off and says she is very respectful of her husband and his time is very valuable.

Erika says she doesn’t regret confiding in Kathryn. She says the more time that you spend with someone the more you get to know them.

When we come back from commercial Rachel Dretch didn’t make it back from the bathroom. But really she was putting on a pleather catsuit and a pink coat and a floor length blond wig. She is now Rachel Jayne who has a new video called Pat the Tush. Which they play and it’s a hysterical. Erika is thrilled.

She does love a cat suit.

She does love a cat suit.

Someone idiot calls in to ask if Erika is wearing a dead animal or if it is faux. She says, “I think it’s a dead animal.”  Good for you Erika. People have lost their damn minds about fur.

Erika denies being brought on the show to go after LVP and says she and Tom keep up with David and Yolanda and always will.

T.Kyle got a question asked to Erika Jayne! When is her next video coming out? In a couple of weeks. It’s called How Many? and

Erika said that the reunion was exactly what she expected. It also seems that she and LVP are not exactly besties.

Erika Jayne has a coffee table book with photos of her that looks amazing.

Erika Jayne won the poll by a huge margin. The question was which RHOBH would you like to be your cellmate in jail. LVP was a distant second.

Apologies to my foreign readers who I usually try to write a ton more details for since you can’t see the show. I can’t access my DVR at the moment and am recapping without pausing. xo

When they put the Rachel Jayne video up, I’ll add it in here.


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58 responses to “WWHL With Erika Jayne

  1. I love Erika!
    I thought Rachel Jayne was funny but her lack of even acknowledging Erika much pissed me off. The only person she talked to was Andy. I don’t think she gave Erika as much respect as she deserves.. Sort of like “she’s the star” and Erika is not worthy of her time. Maybe I imagined it. Yes, Rachel is a true star.. But I was taught to try to give all people respect — whether they are fast food workers or CEO’s. I thought Rachel was rude to Erika..

    Erika has stolen the crown of favorite RHOBH housewife. LVP has kinda been a snarky bitch this season. If you stir the pot of shit, you should need to lick the spoon. I never thought LVP would lose her favorite housewife status with me.

    Then again, Erika just said she likes Brandi Glanville and she lost a lot of points there with me.

    • therealdeb

      Funny I still do not know who the hell Rachel is in the first place….

    • Miguel

      Neither of the Erikas have stolen anything for me!!! Can DWTS please, please cast her, so she can move on with Kim Fields?

    • JanM

      How did she not acknowledge Erika Jayne? She left the stage and dressed up as her?

    • Do you think that since Erika fur was real that turned off Rachel? I don’t know many people who where real fur anymore. Well, Kim and Kanya

      • SashaV

        Maybe. It was funny when Rachel said she was wearing a dead Muppet, her pink sweater did look like one lol!

      • tamaratattles

        This is going to nest wrong, so Apologies of SashaV…

        But I know a lot of things about Erika. You guys have very limited observation skills and only seem to understand screaming and yelling. Sometimes you have to pay attention to how people behave. Especially when one of their qualities is not to trust any of these ladies right away. Yolanda is irrelevant to who Erika is.

    • redbluegreen

      I liked Erika in the beginning, but now I’m totally over her. The only thing good about her is EJ, her persona. I think she’s gorgeous though! That skin!

  2. Wallace

    Beast WWHL in a while. Love that Rachel is so into the Housewives. She is SNL royalty to me …. Because I am old as fck, I haven’t watched it much since her era.

  3. rachel dratch started out as a warm-up mc for the jenny jones show, then moved on to saturday night live. she is a regular riot.

  4. Thanks for the recap, TT.
    Rachel Dratch is so funny. She had a recurring part in 30 rock that was hilarious. I think she might be my favorite guest on WWHL.That Rachel Jayne outfit was perfect. I am dvring her new series.
    Erika looked gorgeous as always, but liking Brandi really makes me cringe. I did respect her perspective on Tom. She’s not bothered by the behavior, so that’s really all that matters. My bet is she will return next season. Will be interesting to see where or if her loyalties move. She did say if she was locked up, she’d want Vanderpump as a cell mate.

    • Lindsay

      Jenna Maroney was actually written for Rachel Dratch but NBC execs didn’t find her attractive enough, so the part went to Jane Krakowski. There’s a pilot floating around online of Rachel as Jenna, it’s kinda trippy!

      • k-slay

        I’m obsessed with 30 Rock and I never knew that!! wow! def going to look for that video:)

      • Oh I need to find that. Thanks!

      • Psylocke

        Yeah it’s bizarro world to see her as Jenna. I think the whole “not attractive enough” controversy was contrived click-bait by rag sites – Tina, Jane AND Rachel all publicly spoke on the issue to counter those rumors.

      • Lindsay

        I think the character had a different last name- I’m thinking it was DeCarlo (like Yvonne lol) and the character was a bit different than it ended up being BUT Tina really fought for her and couldn’t get the network behind someone “unattractive” (their words, not mine)!
        AVClub had a story on it a couple years back with a clip of the OG pilot.

      • Psylocke

        The network never said that. It’s not like Lorne scheduled a press release to inform the public they dropped Rachel because they found her unattractive. Some website published an article saying “Is Rachel D too ugly for Hollywood?” and everyone else ran with it.

        Realistically, it was probably a factor that she wasn’t a typical blonde bombshell. But the Jenna in the original pilot was drastically different then the Jenna we now know – she was self-aware, on par with Liz on an intellectual level, an actual character as opposed to an insane caricature of a diva actress that acts as a foil for Liz. I remember one of her lines being like “can you believe we’re here? Dreams really do come true!” Post-pilot Jenna would never say something like that in that way.

        It just ended up being a completely different character than what was originally drafted, and thus the recast was necessary. It happens all the time. The only reason this was such a big deal is because Tina and Rachel are such good friends irl – it’s just not the same as recasting some random actress.

      • Psylocke

        The network never said that. It’s not like Lorne scheduled a press release to inform the public they dropped Rachel because they found her too unattractive. Some website like Slate published an article saying “Is Rachel D too ugly for Hollywood?” and everyone else ran with it.

        Realistically, it was probably a factor that she’s not a typical bombshell. But the Jenna in the original pilot was drastically different then the Jenna we now know – she was self-aware, on par with Liz on an intellectual level, an actual character as opposed to an insane caricature of a diva actress that acts as a foil for Liz.

        The original creation of the character was just drastically different from where they ultimately took it, and a recast was necessary. It happens all the time. The only reason this got blown up is because Tina and Rachel are such good friends – it’s just not the same as recasting some random actor.

  5. More Tea Please!

    While I thouht Erika was a refreshing change when she first appeared, she now grates on me more every time I see her. I think she is a snake.

  6. She looks great but disappointed in her wearing fur. And disappointed TT saying people lost thier mind about fur. Im hoping you’ve never seen how fur is taken from animals just so some rich bitch can look fashionable wearing a dead tortured animal.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh do shut up, Nate. Seriously. If you don’t want to wear fur, that is your business. People love to pick and choose which animals are “tortured” for their meals, or shoes or sofas or Thanksgiving table, and that’s a personal choice. You do you. But you don’t get to harass and attack other people for their choices. Erika, much like every other person on the planet, doesn’t really care what you think of their choices. Have several seats.

      • Why don’t you shut up! Just like you and Erika I was giving you MY opinion. I don’t eat meat so I don’t go along with torturing animals for my benefit. Wearing fur is a whole different issue than killing animals to eat food. Wearing fur is strictly about fashion and showing us how rich she is. And if you think I’m harassing you for giving you a different opinion don’t have an open forum to give opinions. And your right she could give a fuck about me and my opinion but I don’t give a fuck and will continue to believe that fur is torture. You and Erika can fuck off. Ta ta TT.

      • I find it pretty fuckin’ hilarious how some people are like ” I’m vegan”, ” I’m vegetarian”. Should I start defending my points of view by stating I’m a carnivore? Look I’m really really sorry you haven’t had bacon in so long that explains why you’re so uptight about fur. By all means, feel free to wear a yarn or shag carpet on your back, it’ll keep you nice and cozy.

    • JustJenn

      I agree, Nate. Fur is gross and unnecessary.

      I love you, TT, but our views of animals are much different.

      • tamaratattles

        And yet I manage not to dump paint on your puffy Michelin man coat when you walk down the street because I find them to be an abomination. :)

      • JustJenn

        Lol! It was -40 with the wind chill last winter..I had to stay warm some how! :)

    • JustJenn

      Umm..I agreed with your first comment, Nate. You can give your opinion without being rude.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Some people DO pick and choose which animals are ok to torture and which are not. I’m against that. I’m vegan and try not to use any animal products. Some people don’t share my values and that’s ok – but I think expecting people not to criticize EJ for wearing fur is too much. Not all of those who criticize are picking and choosing which animals are cute enough to stand up for.

    • Mountain Momma

      I personally LOVED that coat and would wear it on a daily basis if I had it.

  7. Matzah60

    Although I have felt conflicted about Erika on the show, I thought she was great last night. I loved her comment that all lawyers think they are the most important people in the world. She gets it yet doesn’t let it undermine her relationship with Tom.

    I don’t find her hateful and mean-spirited like some of the other ladies on the show. In regards to Kathryn, she doesn’t seem to hold a grudge. I like that quality and find it to be an admirable trait.

    I got the feeling that the fur was a cover u for her revealing outfit. After standing up to show it to Andy, she covered up again. No fan of furs, but equally put off by groups that picket in front of furrier stores throwing paint on women’s’ furs. Reminds me of anti-abortion groups and individuals who oppose abortion, yet find it justifiable to bomb abortion clinics or kill doctors who perform abortions.

    Pat the tush was hysterical. Absolutely found it brilliant and Erika was so pleased with the homage.

    • I’m not even one of those crazy people who do that. Not at all. But these rich chicks showing off how much money they have by wearing dead animal is not cool. I’m sorry for getting upset with you TT. You’re still my favorite blogger ?

      • tamaratattles

        It’s interesting that your comments all seem based in classism more that concern for the cute little Disney characters. It may shock you to know that in many cold countries it is not necessary to be rich to purchase a warm coat made of fur.

      • Yes and that just proes my point. People who live in the cld wear this to keep warm! This bitch lives here in southern Cali where the coldest it gets here in the winter is the 60’s. So what’s her point of wearing a big fur coat? Attention and stays. Call it what it is. She’s not trying to keep warm. These animals die in vain so a vain woman in BH can look important and fashionable.

      • tamaratattles

        You seem very angry over the personal wardrobe choices of a woman you don’t know. In this country at least, women have to choice to wear whatever they want. We can eat and drink whatever we want (unless Mayor Bloomberg is your mayor). You have the right to make choices in line with what makes you happy. You do not have the right to assault other people for the choices they make. You can dislike people for whatever you want. They are not obligated to care what you think about their choices.

      • Grandmalou

        Oh Joy, I never realized I was rich because I owned a fur coat. It was my choice to have one, actually two, and no one will ever make me feel bad because I do. I also have leather furniture, shoes, and purses as do millions of people. I eat meat and enjoy it immensely. I respect your opinions and your decision to live your life like you choose. Receprocity makes for a more peaceful existence.

      • Mark

        Everyone should wear fur at least once. I love animals, particularly puppies, and cuddles from puppies. It’s like cuddling a big fluffy animal ALL THE TIME! YAAAY,

      • T D

        An old farmer once explained to me that God gave animals to us for two reasons, to love and to use but not necessarily in that order.

  8. Well you made your point. I made mine. Have a good rest of your day.

    • lauraannb

      @Nate…..some people will just never understand…

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t think “understand” means what you think it means. I think the word you are looking for is “agree” and no, many of us will not agree with ranting lunatics throwing paint and refusing to acknowledge that throughout the animal kingdom there are predators and prey. Have you ever seen a lion eat a zebra? You guys remind me of the wonder and disbelief and outright denial when I told my first graders that people are animals. If you took a minute to observe nature, you might get an “understanding” of the world around you. While Buddhism is a great and wondrous thing, I suppose, I don’t think that any members of PETA would be welcome in that religion. They are a LOT smarter.

        To summarize PETA PEOPLE are like Jehovah Witnesses always trying to force their whackdoodle nonsense on the rest of us.

      • T D

        Ah, unnatural order. Do you heat your home with fossil fuel? Don’t kid yourself we all use animals everyday. Fact of life.

      • lauraannb

        Just because someone doesn’t like fur doesn’t mean they’re a ranting lunatic throwing paint on people’s furs. I don’t agree with that either. What I meant is that some people will never understand, or agree with, our point of view, & Nate should probably stop trying to get them to understand. People sure do get mean. (On both sides of the argument).

  9. Psylocke

    I love this pairing! I don’t watch WWHL because I openly despise Andy but I’m definitely on demanding this. My love for two people on the stage can temper my hatred for the third wheel.

  10. RosesandGin

    See but Nate, you didn’t make your point. TT made hers, and you just nonsensically blubbered. She’s absolutely correct, you seem to be more focused on speaking about her status financially than the animals you are so phonily purport to care about. Get over yourself.

  11. PaganChick

    Ericka just leaves me cold. She seems like an empty vessel. She has no humor, she rarely says anything that really expresses anything that she is feeling. On the show, she saves her comments for her one on one interviews. She only really seems engaged when she is being fawned over and while I totally get loving being fawned over, it doesn’t really allow us to see her as having any type of personality. I guess her tag line says it all “an enigma wrapped in cash.” Meaning, the only thing we know about her is she has money to pay for an entourage fawn all over her.

    Even on WWHL all of her answers to the questions were very bland and non committal. No offense to anyone who truly enjoys her (obviously), but she has been on this show the entire season and i have yet to find anything of value that she has brought other than reporting back to Yolanda what has been said about her.

    • You totally expressed how I am feeling about Erika. I would say instead of enigma, she is a vacuum wrapped in money. She is beautiful and I love her clothes and style, but her? Meh.

      • PaganChick

        A vacuum wrapped in money is a perfect description. When do we get to see or hear what she is actually about? She wears the uniform of an interesting Housewife, but there isn’t any real person in that uniform, or at least I haven’t seen her. Maybe she will get a second season and will finally show us who she is.She doesn’t have to fly her bitch flag, but at least have a definitive opinion on something other than how wonderful Yolanda is.

      • T D

        She’s a classically trained, no auto tune required, brick house who can rock a fur coat. What’s not to love?

    • Katherine 2.0

      I hear that, PaganChick, and agree with much of it, but I am adopting a wait and see approach to Erika.

      I think she is playing it cool until she figures this shit out. She doesn’t trust any of these women or the viewing public with her real life. I would probably do the same. A problem with this franchise being around for so long is that women know what to expect and have to strategize a game plan to survive each season with some dignity intact – or a renewed contract. Getting both is the golden ticket. I think Erika is looking for that golden ticket.

      • T D

        Habanera contest. Ericka Girardi, Melissa Gorga ( saved wench ), Mariah, Beyoncé ?
        Live without a safety net. Just sayin’. My hearing may be slipping away but ‘taint deef yet.

  12. Lime Brain

    I’m actually liking Erick more and more as the season goes on. I don’t find her boring. I see her as someone who wants to have fun and not get dragged into the pettiness between all the other women.

    She’s willing to let go of the issue she has with Katheryn and room with her. LVP is letting drop the spider web comment ordeal. They are doing this because they are in Dubai! A once in a lifetime opportunity. I even like Katheryn.

    I find Lisa R. and Eileen the boring ones. They, along with Yolanda keep bringing up the munchkins thing. They are such pills. Get rid of them.

  13. T D

    Isn’t true friendship about supporting a friend with a grain or a pillar of salt as needed?

  14. Lmao!!! I’m so crushing on some of these commenters right now!!! Fur fur fur!! Tamara thanks for making me laugh!

  15. T D

    Andy’ choice of tie is far more upsetting. Grinch green only works when you embrace your inner grinch.

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