Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lymes In The Sand


RHOBH Erika Table


Tonight, we have to suffer through Yolanda’s ridiculous Lifetime Achievement Award for Suffering In Silence On Her Journey To The Center Of The Lyme.  We start with Yolanda telling a makeup artist that she has not worn makeup in 11 months, no three years. Does she not know how ridiculous this sounds?  And Erika poses for random photos for her makeup artist on a table.

Later, Yolanda gets her award and Kyle cries and feels bad for doubting her.  It was a rather moving event.  But one has to member that there is a difference between Lyme Disease and CHRONIC Lyme Disease.  And have you noticed that Yolanda no longer refers to her illness as Chronic Lyme anymore, now it’s Neurological Lyme Disease.   I’d love to have compassion for Yolanda, but every day it’s something more illogical. Lately it has been “severe brain inflammation!”

Back in Beverly Hills, LVP explains that she had to bail on the Lyme Drama because she needed to fly to London to get her passport renewed. Which reminds me, I need to do the same. But not in London.  She also gives Max a brand new Jeep for all of his hard work at PUMP.

The ladies do their usual insane packing scenes with their husbands.  Or Gay Glam Squad. Much ado is being made about Dubai being in middle eastern country and they may all be locked up abroad. Ridiculous. Erika has a “look book” and is bringing her Gay Glam Squad without telling the other ladies. She is just going to fly them over separately. RHOBH Dubai
I totally forgot I was supposed to be recapping I was so mesmerized by what they were wearing, and how exactly they managed to be transported by cars on the jetway in Atlanta to avoid having to go in the airport. Eileen does love her a denim jumper circa 1973.

Yolanda and David are moving out of the house. But the big news is that the artichokes on the top shelf of the fridge are FAKE! What else in there is fake! My god. Is there no end to the lies?  Yolanda and David continue their lovey dovey act which is also FAKE.

Brandi comes to visit and asks how things are with David. She says that things have been a challenge. Yolanda says that Rinna is mad because she went to lunch with Kim and Brandi. Brandi said that Rinna’s wig glue is getting to her brain. Brandi insists that Rinna wears a wig.

In Dubai, Kyle and LVP get the biggest sweet in the house. It runs $40K per night. It looks like it is at least 7,000 sqft. I’ll try to pull the stats and plug them back in later.  Here you go , “The 924 square metre (about 10,000 sq feet!) Royal Bridge Suite is truly palatial. The private elevator, team of butlers and chefs, 3 sumptuous bedrooms with ensuites, a majalis, lounge and a 16 seat dining room make it the ultimate in exclusivity, privacy and pure luxury.”  The are staying at The Atlantis which is on “The Palm”  a group of manmade islands in the shape of a palm tree. It’s beyond gorgeous.  Every suite is better than the next. And Rinna is right, the fish tanks do seem more peaceful than scary. I was worried the underwater suite would not have windows.   The three story underwater suite is the smallest of the four suites at a mere 1,800 square feet. LVP has finally come to understand the allure of the muumuu. Lisa and Eileen both have bare shoulders.  See, THAT WAS THE ONE RULE. Gawd. Kyle gives all of the ladies kaftans.

In the suite the subject of Yolanda’s illness comes up. Nothing new is discussed. Same horse, fresh stick. Erika is not wearing a stitch of makeup for this scene. I have a feeling it is because her private glam squad was not available. LVP’s glam squad could not have done a more fabulous job. She looks amazing.

This was the best episode ever of RHOBH just because of the location. I was mesmerized. Next week they are going to yell at each other and make LVP cry.


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131 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Lymes In The Sand

  1. T D

    Popeye moment. That’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!

  2. Margarett

    Fake artichokes…oh dear. No wonder these women are thin.

  3. therealdeb

    I just love Erika!! When I grow up I want to be her, i want to travel with a glam squad. How wonderful would that be? Those suites are amazing, that whole resort is amazing. If you go TT i want to ride shotgun!

    • I feel the opposite. Getting tired of hearing Ericka talk about clothes and glam squad. What a bore. She has the personality of a houseplant.

      • peachteachr

        So agree about Ericka. I haven’t liked her from the get-go. And, no, it’s not because I’m old, and am never exposed to performers of any kind. She just seems a bit off to me.

      • elisabetta

        You should check out her first husband’s twitter account . . . . which has not been updated, but is raunchy. . . ewwwwww. . . .

    • Jim

      Erika’s glam squad better keep their dicks in their pants during the trip to Dubai. Homosexuality is a crime worthy of the death penalty in the UAE.

      • Minky

        That sounds crazy. I don’t doubt that they have this law in Dubai. But how the fuck to they enforce it? Do they have the sex police? Do people tell on each other. It sounds nuts.

      • PaganChick

        I was thinking the same thing. All it takes is for one person to go to the police and lodge a complaint and you are jailed until the offense is looked at and you are most likely found guilty.

      • Matzah60

        I don’t doubt that one bit. As PaganCick stated, all you need is one person to go to the police, a whistleblower of sorts who reaps some financial gain from disclosing this information.

        I recall Alan Turing, who is touted as the creator of the first computer. The police were tipped off and Turing was subjected to chemical castration. He ultimately hung himself in his 40s. While that was around the time of WWII, it isn’t all that long long ago in historical years.

        It is a tragedy that now in 2016 that there are still states that won’t acknowledge or allow same sex marriage or the laws that uphold the civil rights of the LGBT community.

  4. JoJoFLL

    I am incensed Yolanda told Brandi that Lisa Rinna said she had Munchhausen disease. Brandi is also off her ass talking about Lisa wearing a wig.

    We can we just watch them being rich people in Dubai doing rich things?

    • Hawkmoon947

      I’d be happy watching a show about absurdly glamorous and wealthy women in their natural environment. Let’s see them shopping, driving, eating, traveling and just having fun and being fabulous. Enough of this ridiculous and manufactured drama pitting women against women.

    • swizzle

      For the love of everything in this universe…Rinna mentioned that she’d heard people saying Yo had Munchies. She mentioned it to LVP and Kyle, felt bad and went directly to Yo to apologize. Why on earth is this still a topic? The horse has been beaten to death on this one.

      Brandi saying Rinna wears a wig was hysterical to me. Rinna says nasty things about Brandi and Kim, so the wig thing seemed like a minor dig back and really made me laugh.

      The hotel is lovely, but was this an infomercial for the hotel or RHOBH?

      • tamaratattles

        For Atlantis who comped them FOUR SUITES plus rooms for production. The suite Kyle is in is 40K a night. They are there FIVE NIGHTS. You bet they are going to show every in of the hotel for that sort of comp.

        And I’m THRILLED they are. The hotel was the best part of the episode.

  5. Aerin

    This episode really highlighted for me the need for more tv focusing on Dubai. Real housewives of Dubai?

  6. A Little Birdie

    Brandi had more work done… Interesting. I thought Erika looked pretty without her makeup the flashbacks withe Yolanda did nothing but remind me that she has not not been sick for three years. For a while I said I didn’t want to go to Dubai because I’ve been to Kuwait and Qatar but that place looked amazing. It is on my bucket list

  7. I haven’t watched yet.

    I do not think Yolanda is faking. Have I said that before? Her doctors have told her it’s Chronic or Neurological Lyme because doctors don’t always know what’s wrong so they pull shit out of their asses. And I would think since a large majority of people that post here are chronically ill too, people would understand that. For seven years, I was diagnosed with lots of things (depression, endometriosis, PCOS, anxiety disorder, IBS, GERD, stomach ulcers, colon problems, hypothyroidism, kidney stones, osteopenia, CFS, dental issues, pinched nerve in my jaw, myalgia, hearing loss, brain fog, chronic pain, menopause and nearly fibromyalgia) before I found the root cause of my ALL of my problems (Hyperparathyroidism) which was curable with a 20 minute surgery… Lots of women mistake Hyperparathyroidism with menopause because their doctors write off their problems and do not listen! People get thyroid confused with their ️parathyroid and its two totally different things.

    I probably sounded like a liar and/or a hypochondriac to my friends & family too. It’s not fun being sick. And.. I acted just like Yolanda does… I didn’t wear “full-fledged” makeup for over a year. And I would have tried ever cockamamie thing available to me to get better if I would have had the money. I could do one social thing once in awhile but I rarely did. Two parties in one day would not have been possible.

    Anyway.. I am throwing this out there for the people who read this too. It might save someone from their struggling. The struggle was real for me. Just as I think it is for Yolanda. And I’m not a fan of Yolanda. I have never liked her. I just think there is no reason for her to fake this shit – she had the ideal life. Just because her diagnosis might be wrong is no reason to doubt that her symptoms are very real.

    Off of my soapbox now.. Great recap, TT. I am excited to watch! I always have wanted to go to Dubai since it came into existence..

    • Brain fog? Is that an actual condition? I’m glad you got better.

    • Hawkmoon947

      I’m glad that you found a solution and have gotten better. I think many of us don’t necessarily doubt that Yo has an illness. Our reservations may be more about the way she uses her health to manipulate and guilt people. Her Lyme Disease narrative is erratic and riddled with so many exaggerations and discrepancies, that it’s hard to believe in its entirety. Unlike many profoundly ill people, Yo publicizes her health “journey” extensively, with a heavy emphasis on her martyrdom.

    • Minky

      You’re right. She probably does have some health issue. Perhaps menopause or some other REAL disease that’s difficult to locate and identify.

      In your experience, you kept searching. Yolanda isn’t searching. She’s very firmly decided, with the help of her international quack squad, that she has lyme disease. And on top of all of that, even if Yolanda did want to change her mind and say she has a different disease, she can’t anymore. She’s in too deep and she’s got so much invested in this already.

      Look at all the awards she’s accepting. Look at her advocating work. She can’t back away quietly from any of that now.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky I’ve thought for a while now that she MUST have realized after having her implants out she felt a heck of a lot better…it’s quite obvious as she’s been LOOKING a heck of a lot better since. She has to know it was that (and probably menopause) and not “neurological lyme” but she’s in SO deep at this point. To admit wrong would be incredibly embarrassing to her.

      • Minky

        Totally Yoya. Those implants probably had a lot to do with it. The problem with them is that she changed her story there too. First they’ve been in ever since she got them, like a long time ago. Then, no, no, she did change them out, but still somehow some rogue, wayward silicone blob managed to wedge itself all up on her collarbone. What, Yolanda?! She needs to pick a story and stick with it.

      • Yolanda is a liar. Even her artichokes are fake.

      • Bighead

        Yeah, and I don’t think they hold Galas for survivors of 2ft long tape worms

      • tamaratattles

        Perhaps, Yolanda will host another one with her as an honoree.

        Sidenote: Um about your nickname. My 80 lb dog Banjo is mean as a snake at times, as is his mama. When we walk around the block in the hood, we return through a narrow path behind the house that has fences on both sides. There is a rather large cat that the neighbors call Bighead. I’m pretty sure he is a stray and therefore may or may not be riddled with Ebola and the Laffa Virus. He refuses to budge as we approach barking and shouting. Sometimes I just turn around and walk all the way home the other way because of Bighead.

        I haven’t seen Bighead lately. And I am a bit nervous that you are now commenting on my blog. /eeeeek

      • Tp

        2 foot parasites in the bum ??? What ?? Did I miss that ? ?

    • SaraSally

      My golly gosh…best Yoillness commentary yet! Very thoughtful perspective.

    • A Little Birdie

      I went through a lot of the same things as you. It sucks and it so good when there is some type of relief. The depression of not knowing what is happening to you is what makes it bad. I have PCOS. I had to see a neurologist for non diabetic neuropathy and was given different message for symptoms. I had gout and GERD and IBS and so and so forth. The process of elimination sucks.

      I believe that Yo is ill. I just think she latched on to something and ran with it and beats everyone over the head with it

    • Dee

      Every1, I’m sorry to hear. I had brain fog after chemo, along with hair loss, other fun stuff. I can sympathize.

  8. BeetsWhy

    I loved this episode (minus the rehashing of Yolanda’s illness) because it was what I tuned in to watch. Rich people doing rich people things! I would love to go to Dubai first class and stay in a fabulous suite on Bravos dime, but since that’s not going to happen I at least get to see them do it?

    Brandi has definitely had some eye work done and I think I might like it. I need a few more exposures to it to be sure.

    Yolanda gave me pause tonight, for some reason I had the idea that maybe she wanted to get out of the marriage and wanted to give David a reason to leave her, hence the illness and the Backstreet Boys haircut? Just something that briefly crossed my mind.

  9. If I could have picked any suite in the place, it would have been the underwater suite. It was so COOL, and the The Atlantis is complete unabashed opulence. Why, I do believe I experienced a twinge of envy :)

  10. Miguel

    I grow tired of Yo & the Erikas – NEXT!

    • peachteachr

      Co-sign, Miguel. I missed a lot last night because I just don’t want to be involved in Yolanda’s fantasy any longer. Besides, I made it to the other side of menopause and she will too if she stops trying to change her body’s internal make-up.

  11. More Tea Please!

    Lisa V was drop. Dead gorgeous in that caftan and the diamond jewelry!

  12. hannahkingrose

    Well I’ve just come home from a two day stay at a hospital and it was the worst experience I’ve had in a while. I had been dealing wth a UTI and it took a while to get in touch with my doctor to get an appointment or an antibiotic. When I finally did, the UTI was full blown. Having CRPS, my immune system is already compromised. Being sick, not sleeping and being exhausted, I decided to take a sleeping pill I had recently been prescribed. Long story short, my son tries to wake me up and I’m incoherent. Ambulance takes me to the ER and they determine I have extremely low oxygenation in my blood and high heart enzymes that indicate a possible heart attack. I am also completely dehydrated. When I finally start to come back to reality I know none of this is what is wrong and what has happened is a bad reaction to the sleeping aid combined with a horrible UTI, being sick to begin with and the dehydration. After 49 tests, heart ultrasound, X-rays, you name it, the doctors finally agree with me that I didn’t have a heart attack and my oxygen level returned to a respectable 94 for someone with COPD and sent me home.

    Yolanda has picked a diagnosis that she knows is ambiguous and hard to prove. I believe she definitely has something going on with her but just like with me it isn’t what the original diagnosis is. My symptoms presented as a heart attack and me having to go on oxygen the rest of my life because of my COPD and that wasn’t it at all. I’m still weak as a kitten and actually fell last night on my non-existent ass bruising my tailbone and my pride.

    I did enjoy the beautiful scenes in Dubai. I liked the presidential suite but would have loved the underwater room the most.

    • Minky

      I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard time. Anything that requires an ambulance ride is scary as hell. Very similar thing happened to my mother with Vicodin she was prescribed for a pinched nerve. The dope worked too well. And she ended up in an ambulance and the ER to get her heart rate back up to normal.

      Take it easy and don’t try to do too much too soon.

    • Glad you are feeling better, hannahkingrose. Gentle hugs.

    • Cat

      Glad you are feeling better!

    • Gosh hannah, I’m truly sorry you had to go through all that. It sounds terrible, but I’m really glad you’re better.


    • Dee

      Oh….HKR, I’m so sorry to hear. This sounds so frightening. I’m glad you’re back home, hopefully resting, getting your strength back. Dee

    • Matzah60

      Hannahkingrose, so sorry to hear about your health scare. I hope u r settled comfortably in bed resting. Take good care and feel better.

    • Dee

      HKR, I’m so sorry to hear.Glad your home, hope your resting.

  13. Deb in SF

    Oh please, Bravo, no more Brandi Glanville! Hearing her voice grated on my last nerve.

  14. Thanks for the recap, TT. So happy Yolanda didn’t have enough spoons for Dubai. Happily fast forwarded all her bull shit. Brandi…ugh. Fake artichokes. Fake illness. Fake husband.
    Dubai was amazing! Those hotel rooms, omg. The sharks! The caftans. Lisa V looked so pretty with her hair up like that. She should wear it like that more often.
    I hope we spend most of next week on camels and in amazing tents in the desert and the fighting is kept to a minimum.
    Erika looked beautiful with no make up. I wonder where her posse was? Is there a Motel 6 in Dubai?

    • Minky

      “I wonder where her posse was?” Ha! She’s so rich that she probably had some special Louis Vuitton or Hermes luggage with some naughty words on it designed to carry them. How she got them through customs is still a mystery.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I totally agree about Lisa’s hair — she looked lovely with it pulled up and away from her face! Who do you think styled it? I can’t imagine she did that herself.

      • Hawkmoon947

        LVP also looked lovely and younger when she was on WWHL recently, because she wasn’t wearing her usual heavy makeup and overdone eyelashes. I wish she let her natural beauty shine through more often.

  15. Cherry Bomb

    Ugh Brandi…. And why give her a talking head ? There was no reason for that. She’s not a housewife or foh so no one really cares for her comments or thoughts on anything pertaining to well… Anything. Just STFU and go away for good this time. Other than that I enjoyed the episode …. Amazing scenery and lovely flowing caftans. Pinky looked absolutely gorgeous in hers.

  16. LittleG

    Maybe Yo had/has Lyme disease…but didn’t her health seem to improve significantly after she had those leaky implants removed? I agree with another poster, I think she is too deep in the Lyme pool community to admit to anything else.

  17. Allison

    Gigi looked lovely-except for her hair. A little OT-but Yolanda was at a red carpet event a few days ago with a completely see through shirt. Not sure if it was intentional or if the flash photography did it-but yuck. The only journey I want to see her take is off my television.

    • Miguel

      Hahaha, loving the “journey off [your] television,” Allison!!!!!!!

      • Allison

        @Miguel 😉

        I didnt know Rinna wore wigs? I mean, I never thought about it really-but her hair DOES look the same, ALWAYS, and it is a bit Raquel Welch-y, the ‘do. But I love Rinna. Am I misunderstanding? But Rinna just repeated the Munchausen story, didnt say it herself, I thought, so when Yolanda is telling Brandi (gack) that Rinna said she had Munchausen’s, that isnt exactly correct, right?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Allison yeah Yo is a liar.

      • Allison

        @TAFKAYoya but but but the JOURNEY! 😉

      • Allison ~ No, Rinna never right out said that YoYo had Munchausen. That was just Yo twisting the truth, because that’s what she does. It’s convenient too, because if confronted, she could always blame her unreliable Lyme brain. Rinna was right, you can’t win with a ‘sick’ person.

  18. Karen

    My mother had a chronic illness for the last 20 years of her life and looked great for all but the last year so I don’t really care about the looking sick aspect of Yolanda’s BS. But when someone is stating they’ve been in bed for several months and suffer from brain inflammation amoung her other symptoms, one would think they’re would be outward signs of physical distress. Theres no difficulty with her thought processes even as she insists she’s exhausted, we know we’ve seen her up, dressed and mobile as often as the other ladies in previous seasons, years in which she has insisted she couldn’t think, or get out of bed, no naturally people doubt her. When you couple that with the fact that she has admitted to receiving her diagnosis internationally snd received dubious treatments that clearly haven’t cured or even lessoned her symptoms according to her own narrative, there is ample reason for people to doubt her. There are lots of people with chronic illnesses of varying degrees who still find ways to go on living. That’s not Yolanda. She has set up a narrative that isn’t sustainable, and that is entirely her fault.

  19. ash

    Does anyone know what the pink dress erika was wearing in dubai? In the scene were kyle gives them the kaftans?

  20. Thanks for the recap…as always…TT! It helped me hit the highlights and FF where needed.

    I was on the fence about Yolanda but feeling more convinced lately menopause has got the best of her – along with divorce strategy. (Which I really don’t have a problem with, lol) The haircut cinched it…did the same thing one hormonal (or lack thereof) menopausal day. Whatever the case, it’s become tiresome.

  21. Sweet T

    The whole time Kyle and lvp were getting a tour of their suite I thought they were getting a tour of the hotel. I can’t believe that whole thing was theirs. I would love the underwater suite and can’t wait to see the rest of Dubai. I was invited to Dubai once but said no because it thought it might me a whole taken thing and I didn’t have Liam Nesson to save me

  22. Cat

    Suffering in silence? Then why do we hear about it every damned minute?

  23. Now I want to know if Rinna really does wear wigs?

    • tamaratattles

      Seriously, G-Snap?

      • lol…I guess I did take a sip of the Brandi Glanville kool-aid. I’m just a little surprised Rinna didn’t denounce it in her Bravo blog, but then again, I don’t think she even mentioned Brandi’s name. Maybe Rinna is wising up.

      • Minky

        I figure that a woman who has no problem saying she wears Depends is not gonna be bothered by any wig talk.

      • yvonne

        She showed a pic of Caroline Stanbury pulling her hair on twitter. That was her “get back” at brandi.

      • tamaratattles

        I can’t believe this is even something anyone believed. Brandi thinks she is being funny when she says these things. The wig glue line was something that Nene used to say about Kim, or someone said about someone on RHOA. That anyone takes Brandi seriously amazes me.

    • Shae

      I thought she addressed it on WWHL last year when they were talking about how long she’s had the same hairstyle, but I could be wrong.

      • Tp

        I’m a hairstylist of 16 years and now Brandi has me wondering. . If she does wear a wig then the highlights would be exactly the same in all her pics (assuming she only has one). She does have some chunky pieces , so it should be easy to spot. I’ll admit it, now I’m gonna be looking now . Uhg!

  24. Lime Brain

    Is Bravo paying for this trip? I can’t believe they’d shell out this much money, even if they did get a discount.

    • Jim

      The rooms (and services) are probably comped by the hotel and/or the Dubai tourism industry. The exposure the hotel and Dubai are getting from the show is priceless. Just about everyone who sees this will want to visit now! It’s a brilliant strategy.

      • WhyOWhy

        Yes, but everyone who is watching and now wants to visit, likely can’t afford a $40,000 a night room. That’s almost more than I make in a year!

      • Minky

        Think of it this way: I can’t afford a Chanel gown or handbag, but I can afford some Chanel No. 5 cologne. If anybody who watched this episode goes, they probably won’t stay at this gorgeous place, but they might stay somewhere else that’s decent and that won’t break the bank.

  25. Jane

    Totally believe she has neurolymobraino disease.
    Why else would she be sitting in bed talking to Brandi instead of living it up in Dubai? Omg, Eileen’s overalls were straight from HeeHaw. Even for a plane trip, that was not a good look.

    • Jim

      Kaftan or caftan

    • All I could think with those overalls was how in the hell are you going to maneuver that in an airplane bathroom?!

      • Hawkmoon947

        That’s exactly what I thought. Can you imagine the nightmare of having to negotiate overall straps in a tiny airplane bathroom? Erika and LisaR dressed sensibly for a long flight. As always, LVP was dressed as if she could be called upon at a moment’s notice to have tea with the Queen.

    • Tp

      Poor Eileen need a new wardrobe and a new colorist. I cringe every week looking at that awful hair color and cut and her awful clothes.

  26. vonalsburg

    Vanderpump looked beautiful in that gold afgan, (is that how you spell it?, not sure), anyway, with her hair up and all, she was so pretty…I’ve been to Dubai…you can dress however you want…the prince welcomes everyone there, however a lot of the women are covered up, the sexy parts, and it will make you want to cover up a bit…love it there, wealthy place to be.

    • More Tea Please!


    • Jim

      I was blown away by how beautiful the ladies looked in those Kaftans. I did a search and I think they’re made by Shahida Parides. And they’re less than $500. Doesn’t that seem rather inexpensive by Beverly Hills standards? I would have thought they were much, much more expensive.

      • tamaratattles

        Jim, You can wear Kaftans! You just have to call it a Dish Dash or a Thobe and stick to plain white or black! The white Thobes are great in the summer!

      • Jim

        Oh cool, thanks for the tip! I didn’t know thobes were worn by men outside of the Middle East. I didn’t even know they were called “thobes”. I just don’t know if I’m brave enough to work that look in public, lol.

  27. LVP looked like she had walked out of a 80s mini series like ‘Lace’ – (which one of you bitches is my mother❤️)

    Loved how cute she was twirling, reminded me of my girls when they were little playing dress up

  28. Pip

    Yolanda and David are moving out of the house. But the big news is that the artichokes on the top shelf of the fridge are FAKE! What else in there is fake! My god. Is there no end to the lies?

    Bahahaha! You’re funny!
    I agree about the setting. Dubai is beautiful to look at. Those hotel rooms were unbelievable!

  29. Sharon

    It was very sad to see both Anwar and Bella crying at the Lyme Gala during their mothers speech.

  30. Pitypat

    I loved seeing the ladies enjoying the beautiful rooms, except for Erika crawling on the table, but, then, I can’t stand her (thought she looked like a Yeti on WWHL).

  31. Rose

    Yo sure did have energy to do the packing. Wonder if she took the fake artichokes to her new home. Dubai had me mesmerized! They could have just toured the hotel the entire episode and I would have been happy. Eager to see the Lisa’s fight.

  32. Josie

    Why is Eileen dressed in overalls like a farmer? Eileen Darling, this is The Beverly Hills Housewives not the Beverly Hills Hillbillies.

    What happened to Brandi’s face and why is she dressed like a solid gold dancer?? Then again, who cares.

    Why did Bella and Anwar look surprised when Yo said they had Lyme too? Did Yolanda forget to tell them beforehand??

    Does this Lyme farce ever end? Why cant we get lifestyles of the rich instead of days of our Lymes?

    So many questions. So few answers.

    • Hawkmoon947

      Besides the usual shiver of repulsion I feel whenever I see B, my first thought was “Good heavens, she’s looking more like Adrienne these days!” The skin on her face must be stretched all the way to the back of her head by now. You could bounce a quarter off of her face.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      days of our lymes………snort snort!

    • Minky

      Bella and Anwar probably looked surprised because not only was that the first time she told them, but also because she told them on camera. That was a low-down, dirty trick. She didn’t even give them a chance to decide whether or not they want to be a part of her “journey”. She just put the yoke around their necks and said “this is how it’s gonna be.”

      • Well, all I know for sure is, according to LVP, their FATHER didn’t think they had it. After reading The Chronicles on Yolandia, that TT linked a while back, I don’t believe they have Lyme. It was very thorough, and the odds of them having it, defy the statistics. In my not so humble opinion, she has done her children a grave disservice.

        Still, I hope I’m wrong.

  33. Rubbishhousewife

    I want Yolanda to feck off now. I’ve been living with a real chronic illness for a while now, and you know what? You get out of your effing dressing gown (bath robe!) and get on with your life because you have to. A week and a half ago my brother tried to kill himself and make it look like an accident, and it is only by chance and kind strangers he is still here. And this attention-seeking narcissist wants everyone to dance around her to her tune…..aargh, I could happily punch her face all day, which probably means I need to go offline. Hate her selfish shit, I really do, her treatment of others is the most manipulative of all.

    • Hawkmoon947

      A heartfelt ditto to you. When you have no choice or no one to indulge you, you just get on with your life, grateful for every moment you scrape by. You certainly don’t have the energy, time or inclination to publicize your sickness with a series of selfies. Most people around me know I have a chronic illness, but they honestly don’t remember most of the time. For that I’m glad, because it gives me a semblance of normalcy. I don’t want the same “journey” as Yo.

      • Rubbishhousewife

        So true. I love it when people say “I hadn’t realised” because it means my life isn’t ruled by it. “Journey”:I think I’m starting to develop an allergic reaction to that word! ?

  34. Dee

    When I saw Tonny Hilfiger talking about his daughter being misdiagnosed for many many years, I felt so sad for her

  35. Maria D

    I know Anwar is like 12.5 but daaaaaamnnnn, he is HOTTTT!!! Hope he is not sick for real and it’s just the psycho-mum talking out of her ass!

    LVP’s son should really shave all that facial hair off – he looks so WT and would be much better if it was clean shaven…still on the cusp about rich bus boys getting brand new cars (and everything else) handed to them….

    It finally hit me during this episode…. I think Eileen (as nice as I think she is) is just DUMB… and there is no fixing that…. Just look how she dresses, how she won’t let go with LVP, how she said to Rinna I still don’t know what you meant on the beach…

    I am confused why Yolanda sold the house if Mohammed gave it to her?

    I think the only reason she got that award is because they made a huge donation to some stupid foundation…and that dress was horrible… She must go! Just leave Anwar to bus tables at SUR so we can get more of him!

  36. T D

    Too see the world in a grain of sand…Everynight and evry morn some to misery are born. Every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.

  37. Tee Tee

    I too was mesmerized and had to explain to my husband “this is why I watch the real Housewives franchise”. Each season someone gets to plan a trip that Bravo pays for! I’m living vicariously through these women lol. Makes me smile when I watch episodes such as this one:)

  38. Lisaj

    I’m sure someone else mentioned this but Harry carrying that guitar around while Rinna packed cracked me up. What an awkward prop!

  39. Team of butlers AND chefs? Wow, that is some hotel service. If what is said about workers rights in Dubai is true, then that staff is probably making little to no wages. Very sad and all of a sudden I feel icky for enjoying the opulence that is the life of these Beverly Hills ladies.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, let’s all feel very said for the poor people of Dubai. Jesus Christ. What is that saying about a little knowledge? Just shut up. We are watching a reality show.

      For the record the no one makes NO WAGES. However, people from Bangeldesh and Pakistan flock to Dubai to work in construction where days are long and they all live in compounds. They make tiny wages comparatively, live in tiny quarters and send their money back to their… You know what. THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF SITE. THIS POST IS ABOUT A REALITY SHOW.

      Just sit down and watch. Or find a site about this.

    • Shae

      Actually, native emiratis enjoy quite a lot of generous gov’t benefits. It’s a welfare state. Income is tax free, healthcare is free, education free in UAE and abroad, fuel subsidies, interest free loans for building and buying homes, gov’t funded retirement plans, one time debt relief/bailouts for entrepreneurs, even marriage hand outs. I wouldn’t feel too badly for them lol

  40. I actually wish all the ladies would unload some of their make-up, especially the false eyelashes. LVP’s have driven me crazy for a long time. She doesn’t apply them to the inside corners or her eyes, and that makes them look even faker. JMO. Anyway, my point is as you age, less is more and you look younger, not older, with less make-up. I love it when Erika wears minimal eye make-up, she looks almost girlish, which a great look for someone in their forties. Of course, she appears to have flawless skin, which is a huge plus too. I almost hate her for that flawless skin…not really, but if their was anything I would want as far as beauty, it would be flawless skin. She is a fortunate, very, very fortunate. I like her her style and most of the time, her personality.

    Over and out 😉

  41. Dandy Lion

    Love your recaps, TT! my favorite line in the show? “What means wig?” LOL!

  42. Josie

    Yo is such a terrible actress. She laughs at Brandi’s joke about Rinna and then says “whut iz wig?”. If you didnt know why did you laugh?

    I pray The Lyme Martyr is off our screens next year.

  43. Tp

    I checked out pics of Rinna’s hair and Brandi isn’t telling a complete lie. Rinna definately wears a hairpiece at least sometimes. It’s obvious in many pictures. It looks like a topper. Her hair is fine and much flatter in some pictures , while in others her hair is much fuller and more coarse through the crown. It’s kind of obvious once you’re looking for it.

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