Kim Fields Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta!

RHOA reunion  marked Kim fields

Was it just me or did Kim Fields seem to be trying to earn her peach on the first part of the RHOA Reunion?  Well, she sure fooled me. She does something that is rarely done on the housewives franchises. She quit the show.  I would not believe it if I didn’t know that pickup letters have not yet gone out for the RHOA.  She really did quit.

Yesterday on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Kim said she was done with the show.

“I mean, and think about too, at the beginning of the season, what did my mama say? “Get in and Get out”… listen to your mama!  It was for the experience, it was to be able to do a genre that I’d been asked to do before and finding a way to do it that makes sense for my team and I and the family. Overall it was a really great experience.”


RHOA reunion marked Phaedra Kim
I think when Andy polled the women on camera about whether or not Kim was a good fit for the show, it was all downhill from there. I mean have you ever gone to work where a bunch of people didn’t want you there?  Even if just your boss doesn’t like you, it’s a miserable experience going in to the office every day.  You need to be comfortable around the people you work with and they just weren’t feeling Kim.

I’ve also heard from a source today that Kim really was a diva on the set. I had heard this rumor before, but I didn’t really believe it. She likes to brag about how professional she is. I suppose I should have known that if you have to brag about a certain characteristic, then it’s probably an area of weakness. Professionalism is like etiquette for the workplace. It’s kind of unprofessional to tout your own professionalism.

I also got more insight into why none of the women were not very fond of Kim.  We saw several times Kim leaving trips and baby showers and other events early. She would have to be home in time to tuck in her kids and help them with their homework. I thought that was kind of cute myself. But it seems the cast and crew took it as “leaving work early.”   She signed up to film a TV show and coming and going as you please seems to only be acceptable if you are Bethenny Frankel.

So I guess the ladies won’t have Tootie to kick around anymore, as she is taking her skates and going home.

Will you miss Kim?


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58 responses to “Kim Fields Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta!

  1. ClassyLady80

    So what you’re saying is, Kim Fields has been put out to pasture.

  2. MsSapphire9800

    Sorry…but I am glad..Kim only wanted to confront Kenya, never the other ladies even when they rewind the tape..Also you can not read a person if you do not know the lingo and what it mean..she can save that craziness..almost and acting like she lived in the dark era. I remember what hse said about the word “b*tch” on the yacht..but than used it freely at Cynthia shoot…Bye Bye Tootie…

  3. Spilledperfume

    This was the first season I watched so I can’t say that I’ll miss her. I agree with you about no one liking you at work – who wants to be that person?

    • Minky

      I would have been okay with her coming back, if she pulled her weight more. This isn’t really reality. It’s staged reality with a storyline. I also totally get what Tamara wrote about people taking the liberty to come and go as they please at work.

      I go in to work no matter what. No matter how bad I feel and no matter what my temperature is or what kind of crud I’m coughing up. I take some advil and deal with it. When I see coworkers who call in sick 50% of the time it makes me very angry. Mostly because they don’t get docked for pay. And no, it’s not even mothers who I’m taking about. Usually women who have little ones to look after are pretty good at scheduling stuff so it doesn’t interfere with work.

      And yes, I believe the diva rumor. She wasn’t being called judgmental for no reason.

      • loriflack

        Hopefully, you’re not a food server, tho ~

      • Sorry…you going to work sick is not a valiant act…it’s quite selfish actually, and probably the reason why your coworkers are calling out sick…

      • Minky

        Did I say it was “valiant”? What a dramatic word. I go to work because I fucking love my job. I can’t wait to get there. At the end of my work day I’m smiling ear-to-ear because I had so much fun. So I guess that does makes me selfish in a way.

        However, if you call in sick half the damn time, and you’re not really sick or in some kind of exceptional situation (like jury duty or an ailing relative/child), then you need to be scheduled to work less hours or find a place that offers a more flexible schedule. Especially if it’s the kind of job where a lot of other people depend on you. If you really are so sick that you can’t work that often, I feel for you, but you also have no business wasting your employer’s time and money while also inconveniencing your colleagues. You sign onto a job with the promise that you can do it and be there to do it.

        And no, I don’t work with food. Or in a job where people can get sick off of me.

      • tamaratattles

        So phone sex operator?

      • Erica

        I am sorry, Minky, I like you usually and you had me until you said you go to work sick. If you have co-workers who call in sick 50 percent of the time – then you have people around you. It is rude, inconsiderate, and potentially puts others at risk.

        I had a co-worker like you. She had over 300 hours of sick leave built up – plus was always maxed out on vacation leave. She came in sick all the damn time, with a temp, coughing up crud, and advil in hand. But touched handles of doors, breathed on us, and coughed on the files we all had to touch after her.

        Thing was – there were others of us not in the greatest of health on a day to day basis. I was struggling with my asthma at the time. Got sick from her a couple of times so bad that the doc threatened to hospitalize me. Put me out of commission (and others at the same time!) and inconvenienced my parents (who had to take care of me – condition of the doc that I was on bed rest, even though it was just a “chest cold” or a “mild fever from a minor infection”)

        Her coming to the office so she didn’t “inconvenience” us actually was a huge ass inconvenience and so rude!

      • Minky

        Lisa, I get what you’re saying. I really do. But you can have coworkers that you don’t see that often on the job. I know that my work environment is not like everybody else’s.

        But you can get sick going to the grocery store. Or the salon. Or the gym. And once you get sick you’re only contagious for about 48 hours or so. And sometimes people can feel wonderful in the morning only to discover they’re coming down with something in the afternoon or at night.

        Besides that, some bosses can be real hard asses about an employee calling in sick. I personally don’t want to risk my job because I’ve got a cold. For something more serious, yes.

        @Tamara You are too much lady! Phone sex operator. That does sound like a fun job. And I’ve been told many times that I’ve got the voice for it. A lot of times when I call customer service and a man answers he gets a little too too, if you know what I mean.

      • Minky

        Why the hell did I just call Erica Lisa? Oh, I know. Because, stoned.

        Sorry Lisa. I mean Erica. Good lawd this is some good shit!!!! ?

      • Cat

        I get where Minky is coming from.

        And, yes, maybe it IS selfish. But, some people can’t afford to miss work. And some really do abuse it.

        The last time I “called in sick”, I was sick from chemo, and just didn’t have the energy to pull freight. I found out that night (overnight shift) our manager read my name along with others who called in. Then, he said ” These are the people who are forcing you to work extra hard tonight. They were too lazy to come to work.”

        I was livid! When I got back the next night, I went to management, and said “I’m so sorry my cancer interfered with your precious freight.” I followed that with a call to the corporate ethics department. Then, I said, “Fuck this!”, and went on medical leave.

        Best decision ever! For once in my life, I WAS being selfish. And that manager? He was fired.

      • Cat

        And….before you post the argument that cancer is different from a head cold, save it. Not everyone is like you. Some people actually get better faster by keeping busy.

  4. pfffttt

    Kim was different. She seemed like a nice lady. I liked her on this season, but she is a one season wonder. We’ve seen many of the women change personas after several seasons on the show. I don’t want to see Kim Fields act ratchet. Just like Lydia from Orange County. Lydia was a sweet girl. I’d hate to see her get sucked into the crap. Go in and get out. Get the check and waive bye. Good strategy.

  5. Monique

    I can’t say I’ll miss Kim on RHOA. She’s not a good fit for this kind of show. If she’s going to be on a reality show I think it would have to be one that just follows her life. Putting her in with the other women just didn’t work. I’d love to see her acting again.

  6. GIA

    Yes, actually I will miss Kim Fields. She was the only reason why I watched this season. I think she adds a different flavor to mix but I also think with time…the RHOA would take a toll on her family and career. She doesn’t want or need that.

  7. Minky

    Willikers! Who else recently went on and on about how professional she was when confronted with the fact that her coworkers weren’t really into her or her professionalism? NENE! After that Fashion Police thing.

  8. Home

    Well, Well, Well..she took the HIGH road and got the hell out of there! I said from the beginning she wasn’t a good fit. She got her season checks and moving on to the next! I won’t miss her because she wasn’t around long enough to miss…but from what I see on the reunion she’s going out swinging at Kenya…LOL!!! She was under the radar but once you get involved with reality shows you’ll definitely be exposed! She’s a smart lady…she’ll used her one season on RHOA as a stepping stone to other opportunities. After DWTS she’ll go on to something else…I’m glad she’s out…I loved her as Tootie, I loved as as Regine, but I was cringing at the Kim on RHOA…Good Luck Kim…now on to the next!

  9. Rose

    Kim Fields was the only reason I stuck around to watch this season. I didn’t think it was fair of Andy to poll the cast. …but shade. I will miss her but I’m also glad she isn’t returning so she doesn’t start to crawl in the mud with the rest of them. I thought she was a breath of fresh air and she actually was a real Mom. I do wonder if things would have been different had she not been paired up with Phaedra when she first came on the show. Of course Kenya will continue to take credit for her coming on and now leaving. I wish Kim nothing but the best and thought she did well on DWTS.

  10. BKSweetheart

    Will not miss her one bit. Too self righteous and condescending. I didn’t find her to be particularly ‘classy’ either as so many people keep saying. Just boring with no sense of style.

  11. cavex2

    Hell no, I will not miss Kim Fields. I loved her from her from “Living Single” as Regine. But I disliked her almost immediately on RHOA. I expected to love her on the show. Bye Kim!

  12. Jaana

    Kim Fields needs to stop acting superior. You are on reality show after reality show. You are a z list reality star. Stop acting like you are better than these women.

  13. Billie_bee

    Not going to miss her, nope. But she did what other housewives should have done, get her 15 minutes of fame, and avoided the second season curse. Imagine if Yolanda, or even Brandi had bowed out the second season because admit it, we all loved their first season. They could have gotten their own spin offs, or levered their success in different ways, instead of going back with over-inflated egos. Kim will do dancing with the stars, and will be pitching her “My facts of life” reality show about juggling her family and work.

  14. Yes, I will miss her. She was the only one that was not shrill and obnoxious.

  15. Miguel

    Only read the title; but all I can say is YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! Still, I wish Kim all the success in any future endeavor – as lon as it doesn’t include any HW franchise! Now, I’m o to read TT’s post.
    Oh happy day… dare I hope Porsha & Phaedra can do the same – pls, pls DWTS send out a casting call!!!!

  16. Goods move to leave. She would have had to dig deeper into ratchet to stay and her husband’s sexuality would become the issue for the hens to peck at til she broke-

  17. Larry

    Seems like she studied it more than anything. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t show up on another network somewhere with a family-centered reality show.

  18. I really didn’t think she fit in at all. Most of the scenes she was in made cringe because it just didn’t feel right. I have no feelings one way or the other about her, she just wasn’t a good fit for this cast. In fact, I never thought she was before even one show aired. Kim Fields? Housewives? Nope!

    • Uncle Sigmund

      I really didn’t think she fit in at all either, instead of having breast implants she had a breast reduction procedure which left her with a pleasurably looking size breast anyway. As well as, the shifting of the breast fat to the derriere would have worked wonders for this area, but it was not done. Kim you are still beautiful. Wearing BRACES for a while gave you a beautiful smile.

  19. Not Andy Cohen

    I really liked Kim. She was just too normal for RHOA. Out of all of the franchises, I feel RHOA is the most manufactured. From day one, she just didn’t fit in because she’s just too normal. For these ladies to question her on leaving events early was insane. As a social worker, I praise her for putting family first.

    I think she said it best during the reunion, we were all expecting Regine from Living Single (a larger than life character, who was the most recognizable alongside side Max) and I’m gonna self report and say I was expecting that. I was shocked to see her so shy and not that but she is feisty and had those moments which brought a sense of realness.

    I hate to say it but if it wasn’t for her, Kenya would have had no major storyline. Kenya showed season 5 traits towards Kim and I feel like it backfired on her. During the reunion, the more she talked about Kim, the bigger that hole got. Just my opinion.

  20. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. BYE Kim.

  21. I wouldn’t have a problem with them criticizing her for leaving early if so many of them weren’t consistently arriving late themselves.

  22. Pat

    I won’t miss Kim at all. She’s a bad fit for RHOA. Overall, she’s likeable, but she seemed to be acting except when at home with her family. Regardless, she’s way more mature and grounded than most of the others, and I hope she finds a more suitable show to be on.

  23. I think doing only one season is a cop out…

    • ClassyLady80

      I agree. I think she was just too weak to take it. She probably believed she would come in as top dog because she’s arguably the most famous, but people didn’t bow down and kiss her ring as she expected. She thought the group would take it easy on her and never challenge her because of her status. However, she quickly learned that she would never be alpha in that group so she tucked tail and ran. And, no one curs that she’s gone, lol.

  24. Erica

    I think Kim had some great potential, but if your tea is true that she left events, etc. early (and I believe it is true tea!) then I don’t blame the others for being pissed. The “I have kids!” excuse is annoying and way over used by so many damn women. Personal pet peeve of mine, as a woman without kids who was expected to cover for others asses because their birth control failed.

    After all, Cynthia and Kandi have kids to go home to, and Phaedra has nannies that she needs to go home and pay….

    • Minky

      Erica you’re preaching and I love it. Even pregnant Kandi gave it her all by filming as much as she could and by putting herself in some situations that could have went wrong real quick. To the point where Don Juan was concerned for her safety.

  25. I wonder if Kim ‘Quit’ before she was ‘Fired’? I said it and knew from the beginning that it was not a good fit. That ‘get in and get out’ excuse doesn’t fly with me….You don’t play russian-roulette with your name (brand) for a season. It was about that check ! BRAVO pays well … That’s why NeNe begged to come back !

    • Home

      I think she quit because she has some other potential opportunities..she got out before her brand was ruined. There are so many ladies on RHOA that SHOULD be fired IMO, but they are allowed to keep coming back to make fools of I doubt she would have gotten fired..If she really needed the $$$ she would have come back…I anticipate seeing her and fam on their own reality or scripted show very soon…

      • Pat

        I don’t. Kim is just not reality show material. I’d like to see her move on to something bigger and better than reality TV/

    • Pat

      Good point, Kneesee23. And, Kim has the saying all wrong. It’s “get in, get mine, and get out. Kim got in and out, but if she was trying to become relevant again, she definitely left without ” getting hers.”

  26. I wouldn’t believe she quit unless I had the inside scoop from TT about the “pick up” papers stuff. I won’t miss her, but not cuz of any big emotion. I found her hypocrisy and selective judgementalism (is that a word? lol) annoying. Fields couldn’t “think on her feet” and only could deliver scripted zingers in TH’s. That’s boring.

    • “I found her hypocrisy and selective judgementalism (is that a word? lol) annoying”

      THIS is exactly what I so dislike about her! And I may have to take “judgementalism” and tuck it in my mental rolodex for future use. Thank you!

  27. Soul Sista

    Bye Kim! I felt she used the show for a quick buck & as a springboard to relaunch her career. She got paid & is on Dancing With The Stars. #ChallengeComplete

  28. Cheychey

    I had heard around the block that she wasn’t coming back. Was waiting on TT to confirm per commenting rules, so when she reported it I knew it was true! I am pleased at this. Kim used this job exactly as it should have been used for her as a jumpstart for her career again. She got some new opportunities. I really don’t think she ever intended to be the next permanent peach holder.

  29. ShyGuy

    I will say this about Kim, she was too good for this show and millions agree. Yes she had her stuck up moments but so does nene. I’m glad she’s moving onward and upward and isn’t staying and caving into Carlos and Andy’s bull****. Kenya was also at one point to good for this show but she stayed season after season and has nothing to show for it but a hair care line and an upcoming role in sharknado 4. Kenya could be a top actress but chooses to film an Atlanta reality show instead of putting her God given talent to use. Kudos to Kim, Demetria and Deshawn for not letting andy pimp them out for a check. Self dignity and respect for one’s self is way better.

  30. BigDaddyMike

    Hey TT,
    I made a Meme for you that i think you will love!
    How can i get it to you?

  31. getreal2014

    I am so glad she’s gone. Not only was she judgmental, condescending and irritating, but she was a hypocrite, Phaedra 2.0, and a big liar to boot. On the reunion show she lied and said that Chris wasn’t talking about Kenya, but about the actress who played her sister. Clearly, on that episode Chris said, “Kenya needs to be recast.” Why tell a lie like that? She also lied about never having heard the gay rumors. The blogs said that the gay thing was going to be her storyline from the beginning. Additionally, they met at a “Pray the Gay Away” convention, so who is she fooling?

    She made it her mission to hold Kenya’s feet to the fire and ignored everything that the other ladies did even when the scene was shown on tape, she still stuck to her lies.

    Additionally she said that she and Chris never had a conversation about Kenya, but that park scene was dedicated to her telling Chris that Kenya was being messy and Chris saying that Kenya was devious. Again, it’s on tape, so when you tell bold faced lies like that you lose credibility.

    And the “class” she’s supposed to have exhibited escapes me. I don’t know any women who go on national TV and announce that they don’t wear drawers, or come into an event talking about sex toys. That’s not very classy.

    No one in the industry even acknowledged Kim because of her diva behavior. Not one cast member vouched for her and they cut her out of pictures and omitted her name in many instances.

    So Kim didn’t fool me for a minute. She’s just like Phaedra with her fake Christianity, and profanity laced mouth when the mood suits her.

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