Kim Fields on Dancing With The Stars!


Kim Fields and her partner Sasha kicked of the new season of DWTS last night with a  Cha Cha.  Part of me thinks that she was Teresa Giudice’s replacement. If DWTS would have started just one week later, I think we would be watching Teresa instead of Kim. You know, if we were watching? Are any of y’all watching?  I don’t know who pretty much anyone is on the show.

I thought Kim gave a decent performance on her first night. This is probably the toughest reality show to do. It’s live, and the training is extremely grueling. Former contestants from Lisa Vanderpump to Wendy Williams have said they were glad to go home when they did. Dancing or doing any physical activity for six hours every day is an exhausting undertaking.

Click through for video of her dance!


Kim scored a respectable 20 out of 30. Three people tied for first with a 23. Those are some pretty high scores for the first night. Kim can probably breathe easy because  Doug Flutie, Geraldo Rivera (who has never seen a TV camera he didn’t like) and  Mischa Barton had disappointing scores last night.

Kim really seemed to be giving it her all. She smiled from ear to ear the entire dance. She seems much happier than she was on RHOA. No word on if she dragged her kids with her. I’m guessing Chris and the boys are waiting in the parking lot throughout her entire rehearsal.

At this point, GMA meteorologist, Ginger Zee is the front runner for the ladies.


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18 responses to “Kim Fields on Dancing With The Stars!

  1. susan

    She’s looking good. She’s pointing her foot and extending her legs which most amateurs struggle with. Fields has rhythmn. And shapely legs

  2. Rose

    Kim did really well and got a respectable score with favorable comments. This show will be a good fit for her. I hope Chris and their boys are in the audience every week cheering her own. Wouldn’t it be funny if Chris gets an offer to dance in a segment on the show? Geraldo was a total dud. Wanya was a blast!

    Switching gears. ..prayers for Brussels.

    • Spilledperfume

      In regards to Geraldo, I loved when Bruno said that Geraldo could try moving next week as in he was so bad he barely moved. He’ll probably be the first to go.

  3. Miguel

    Absolutely won’t be watching; however, will be reading your posts for the laughs (e.g. Chris & the kids waiting in the prkg lot… tee hee)!

  4. Dee

    I loved her performance! She looked so happy. Christopher and her eldest son were shown in the audience.

  5. Cheychey

    Kim did pretty good. I expect she will work really hard. I remember the Stephanie Tanner girl from Full House. On a seperate show I haven’t heard anything about American Idol lately. Is anyone watching?

  6. T D

    Isn’t this better than dancing with she- wolves?

  7. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    This is the show she should have been on from the beginning. She did great. Notice her facial expressions. She’s an actress. Confirmed for me she was acting on RHOA. She’s very protective of her image.

    • Matzah60

      Very true! I do think she is protective of her image. She was really very good. High energy and she seemed immersed in this venue. I actually think that her one year appearance on RHOA was a good platform for her as it put her name and face back out there in the public. Perhaps that’s the true reason as to her appearance on the housewife franchise.

      TT, loved your comment about Geraldo. Gave me a good laugh!

  8. beth

    Doug Flutie !? wonder why he is doing this show …

  9. FGF

    She and Wanya were awesome!!! I hope she goes far on this show!!

  10. I watched last night to see Kim Fields; I won’t continue watching. Kim was much better than I expected. It’s rough when the only people I can recall what they’re sort of famous for are a former football player, a former “journalist,” and Kim. And I wouldn’t know Kim’s claim to stardom if it weren’t for TT. Who ARE these people?

  11. Spilledperfume

    I love DWTS so I was watching. Kim did well and as someone else mentioned they showed Chris and her oldest son in the audience.

  12. lauraannb

    I absolutely still enjoy watching DWTS, even after all these years!

  13. More Tea Please!

    I thought she danced well and looked better (style-wise) than she did on any RHOA episodes. I was frankly surprised.

  14. Kim looked amazing and danced beautifully. I wasn’t surprised because she performs well and portrays well in front of the camera, also represents well off camera. Go Kim Fields. I hope she stays a while on DWTS and hope she decides to stay on RHOA too. She can handle whatever comes her way. Keep doing what you do Kim Fields.

  15. TD

    I’m just so glad that Sasha is an official pro dancer this season. I’m gonna hope that Kim stays as long as possible but just because I like Sasha.

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