Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 1: “Well alright, Kim Fields!”

RHOA reunion marked left couch

By Contributing Writer Ben C.

DISCLAIMER: before you begin, know that I am, will always be, forever have been, signed, sealed, delivered #TeamTwirl. In the words of my wise mentor, “Don’t come for me, unless I send for you.”

She’s back!!! By she, I mean me. Did you miss me? Okay, don’t answer that. But really though, everyone needs to send major props and huge e-hugs to T.T. This shit ain’t easy.

I’d have to say, round one of this reunion, without a doubt, goes to Kim Fields. I’m giving her a pass on that frock she’s wearing – made from cheap go-to bridesmaids dress materials, complete with built in capri pants. The woman literally has bermuda shorts on, peeking through the slit of her dress. Shoutout, however, to her hair and makeup team. This recently adopted Marilyn style is giving me life (so stay out of my way!) Save Kim’s shorts, I think everyone looks stunning. I always think Atlanta has the best looks of any franchise during reunions.

We go through the usual introductions and hellos from Andy to all the ladies. He starts with Kenya, and immediately asks about the pregnancy rumors. She plays coy and says she can’t really tell anyone anything right now. Porsha is a new aunt, and just met her niece the day before the reunion. Cynthia compares her look tonight look to a flower…ready to get picked apart. Andy asks Kandi to stand up and do a twirl. He comments she looks like ‘Xscape Kandi.’ Her newborn baby Ace is doing great. Phaedra called Jesus on the main line and Cynthia recommends she send a backup text. Something tells me Phaedra would get the “New Phone. Who Dis?” response.

RHOA reunion marked the shadey bunch
We get right into the shade, with a montage of the ladies – aptly called “The Shady Bunch”

We see lots of highlights of the best reads and shade of the season. Casual reads like, “Kim looks like a confused prostitute at disneyworld.” We relive the classiness that is ‘“oatmeal pie face” and Shamea (#fixherjesus) shamelessly drinking the product display at Kenya’s hair care launch. Andy asks who gave the best shade of the season, and singles out Shadrea Parks (his words!) and most of the ladies agree. He asks whose shade needed the most work, Phaedra singles out Kim, and all of the ladies agree. Andy asks Kenya what she thought of Phaedra imitating her at lunch with NeNe and Kim. Keyna comments she thought the reenactment was a bit all over the place, but sometimes so is she. Andy brings up the oatmeal pie face comment, and Phaedra calls it “par for the course.” OH Jesus, please fix it. Kenya reprimands Phaedra for ‘coming for her looks.’ Phaedra, the attorney, responds she wasn’t coming for Kenya’s looks, she was coming for her skin. Literally, my dude Jesus, can you fix it? Kenya has to remind Phaedra that her skin, technically is, a part of her looks – oh, and that on Phaedra’s best day/Kenya’s worst, Phaedra still wouldn’t place 3rd runner up on whatever stage Kenya is standing on. Andy asks if the ladies if the digs Phaedra makes are any different than the ones Kenya makes. Phaedra thinks they are exactly the same, but she eventually gets bored with the topic, and asks Kenya to forgive her. Kenya responds to Phaedra with “Yeah, you need forgiveness.” Better get Jesus on the main line!

Talk shifts to Kenya’s hair care launch. Andy wants to know if there was actually water in the bottles, and Porsha confirms there was. She “didn’t know” Shamea was going to show off for the cameras drink from the bottles. Kenya adds the display bottles were filled with water, but everyone at the party received gift bags with the actual products inside. Andy wants to know if any of the women have actually used the products – Phaedra says she used the shampoo, Porsha adds she let someone use it on her pet (I’m really hoping she means a dog or something, and not that kind of ‘pet’) – and apparently they really enjoyed it. Kenya is all like, whatever bitches, I’m going to be in CVS stores in a few months. Congratulate me. Keep twirling on them haters, boo! Y’all better buy up those Kenya Moore Hair Care stocks now!!

RHOA reunion marked Kandi Todd

Andy jumps to a montage of Kandi and Todd’s journey this season. Todd joins the ladies on the couch. We learn that newborn Baby Ace already has an instagram account (where Kandi has yet to post a photo of his face) with over 100,000 followers. Cut to me me running over my iPhone with my car. Conversation moves to Todd stepping out in the middle of Kandi’s doctor appointment to take a work call. Kenya (for no reason) jumps right in and adds her own two cents, disapproving of what Todd did. Kenya says Todd should’ve probably sent the call to voicemail, which prompts Kandi to stand up for Todd, saying you know she never likes to turn down a check. Todd moves on, and gives credit to Cynthia – she was correct when she said opening a restaurant is pretty much the same as having a second baby. They are currently working on all the logistics of the O.L.G. restaurant, and are aiming to have it open by Kandi’s birthday. Show of hands –  Vanderpump Rules style spin-off, anyone? Oh, and then we cut to a clip of Todd sampling Kandi’s breast milk from a bottle. Todd comments it’s sweet, and Andy adds that it’s better from the tap. Silly Andy, you’re confusing that ‘tap’ with your usual ‘tap’ – the one I’m sure you’re all too familiar with. #DrinkUp

Next up, Sheree joins the ladies on the couch. Yaaas! Snatch that peach back!! She’s seated on the very end of the stage left couch, right next to Kandi, Cynthia & Kenya. Sheree comments the experience of coming back on the show was a great one. She feels she was well-received by mostly everyone. Bitch is crazy, but I generally agree. I kinda hope she’s back full-time next season. Andy, of course, brings up Chateau Sheree – and says they’ll get to discussing the Chateau (and Moore Manor!) later in the reunion. Next up, we see a montage of highlights from Kim’s first season. Andy wastes no time bringing up the season-long debate of Kim being a good fit for the show vs. not. Andy asks the ladies to ONE BY ONE go around, and give their opinions on Kim fitting in. Props to whichever producer came up with this idea! They all obviously say Kim is not a good fit. Porsha hilariously calls Kim the ‘auntie’ of the group. All the women think Kim is just too judgemental at times, and refuses to get involved in situations. AKA they’re all frustrated because “getting involved” (I’m putting it lightly) in situations is what the show is all about/brings the ratings/secures another season. Cynthia attempts to stand up for Kim, reasoning that she really seemed more uncomfortable around the group, rather than judgemental.

Meanwhile, Kim is too busy mentally cashing her Dancing With the Stars paycheck to be bothered. They discuss Kim toting her kids everywhere, including how she handled them (er, didn’t handle them) on the Washington D.C. trip. While they’re on the subject of the D.C. trip, Andy uses the moment to ask Phaedra why she decided to not invite Kandi or Cynthia. Phaedra comes up with some bogus lie on the spot, claiming that Kandi was too pregnant to travel – to which Kandi swipes directly back at, reminding Phaedra she was just fine to travel, as long as it was within the country. Phaedra is left silent. Lolz. Andy moves on, and brings up Sheree’s grown-up (and good looking) son, Cairo. Sheree definitely, basically prostitutes her son out to Porsha. Sheree says OUT LOUD that he’s a struggling college student, so why doesn’t Porsha put some money into his account. What a storyline that would make.

Next up, it’s time to catch up on (and pick apart) Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship/non-friendship? We learn that Phaedra did reach out to Kandi after Baby Ace was born. She apparently picked up some chicken salad for Kandi, and sent some flowers. So basically they should be good, right? Andy asks Kandi if she’s okay with all the digs Phaedra made during the season. Kandi can barely contain the quivers in her voice when she brings up anyone discussing her man and his finances. Kandi really didn’t appreciate the comment Phaedra made in a talking head about Todd receiving a “weekly allowance” from Kandi. Kandi thinks the comments Phaedra makes  go ‘all the way in’ and way past the point of friendship.

RHOA reunion marked Phaedra Kim

Phaedra blames her behavior on going through a ‘tumultuous time’  – all while throwing her “dear friend” Kandi under the bus and announcing only Porsha and NeNe were there to support her through it. Andy asks about the belongings Apollo stored at both Kandi and Cynthia’s house. Kandi jumps right in and states she never thought it was a secret. Cynthia adds she figured Phaedra knew they were holding onto the items, as Peter was storing an entire CAR for Apollo. Cynthia comments they don’t have much storage as it is, so she wasn’t all too pleased with the room it took up. Girl, you know you have plenty of room in that two-car garage, right next to that single Land Rover you and Peter share. We also get some closure on Phaedra’s workout video venture. Phaedra apparently finished paying Todd the remainder of the money she owed him, THE WEEK BEFORE THE REUNION. Kenya doesn’t let the convenience of this go unnoticed. Phaedra attempts (and fails) to act shady, by acting like she paid all this money for a product that she can’t even release. She claims even though Todd is payed up, she’s now having to “pay” a different production company to edit, touch up and “fix” the video in order for it to be released. Since we all know this tape is never being released, you might as well check out Kenya’s Booty Bootcamp. I know for a FACT it’s a great workout, because I bought the DVD for my ex as a silly gift for Christmas, but because he was so stupid, inattentive, and an all-around bad boyfriend – he didn’t realize he re-gifted the DVD to me for my birthday. So I channeled that negative energy into a booty bootcamp workout, and grew a stallion booty. Okay, I’m still working on the stallion booty – but the DVD did make me break a crazy sweat.

There is talk of Kandi’s Koated Klique, mostly of Don Juan (sweaty and all!) and his ridiculous behavior throughout the season. I don’t really feel like recapping any part of this, seeing as Don Juan is not a housewife, nor a friend of, or even a house-husband. Kandi stands up for herself, and her clique, (and gives us a truly perfect .gif-able moment) with “DON’T GO IN AND LET HAVE IF IT’S NOT TRUE! IF I GO IN AND LET HAVE, IT’S GON’ BE TRUE!” Side Note: Do people really not know what ‘go in and let have’ means???

RHOA reunion marked Keny Texting
Kenya starts texting during the middle of the reunion. I’m sure she was “texting” the same way Ramona was “sleeping” during the most recent RHONY reunion. #BadActingByBravo. Kenya claims Matt needed to know where the dog food was. I’m pretty sure Matt is probably sitting somewhere a few feet away backstage, but okay Kenya.

It’s time for the meat and potatoes of this episode, Kenya vs. Kim. Andy introduces the segment while sucking on a mint, and Kenya calls him out on it. Andy sets up a perfect ‘that’s what she said’ moment by saying he’ll swallow it, to which Kenya wastes no time responding with “I know you’ve said that before, many times.” It’s funny cause it’s true. Andy attempts to shade Kenya back by asking Kim to rank Kenya as an actress on a scale from 1-10. His plan backfires, however, when Kim gives a classy response praising Kenya’s acting. Kim says you never really see the “pretty girl” play funny and really go for it, and she commends Kenya on doing so. Kenya wonders why she says all of this now, but when watching Life Twirls On with her husband, they only had negative comments to make. Kenya specifically brings up the comment Chris made about recasting Kenya. Kim claims the comment was actually made about another actress on the show. Kenya tells Kim you don’t bite the hand that feeds you (ugh, Kenya, stop while you’re ahead, girl!) and that she brought Kim into the group. Even Andy (the hand that actually feeds everyone on the stage) cocks his head at this statement. Even the most casual viewer can tell Kim was selected by Bravo, randomly mic-ed up one day and shoved in front of a camera with zero connection or storyline to anyone else. Kim takes the high road and actually continues to praise Kenya’s acting and Life Twirls On, but adds once the drama with Kenya became too much, she didn’t want to be involved anymore. Andy continues the shade train express by asking Kim to compare her career to Kenya’s. Kim throws the question to Kenya. Kenya responds she doesn’t feel Kim’s career is any better than her own, and vice versa. Kenya says she’s worked with Kim three different times, and now they are sharing the stage of a show Kenya is a star of. It’s a valid statement, but naturally all the ladies check Kenya, and make some sort of sour face, eye roll, or giggle. PS: Kenya TOTALLY said A star, not THE star. Scurry off to your DVRs and check if you don’t believe me. Kenya calls Kim the lowest man on the totem pole, and makes some awkward comment about Kim coming for her purse. Kim says she’ll let social media enjoy that soundbite. Oh Kim, we certainly did.

RHOA reunion marked Phaedra Kim
Andy moves on, and brings up Kenya skipping out on Cynthia’s ‘merical pitch meeting. He asks Cynthia if she thinks Kenya would cancel a pitch meeting with Spike Lee. Kenya speaks over Cynthia, and makes it known she wouldn’t be late, she’d be 30 minutes early – with bells on. Because Cynthia Bailey is no Spike Lee. Woof. Kenya says she didn’t show up for the meeting because of serious construction issues that day with Moore Manor. She adds she called Cynthia, and had two really great pitch ideas. Andy compares Kenya pulling Kim’s chair out/invading her personal space at the dinner in Jamaica, to invading Porsha’s space at the reunion two seasons ago. Kenya says you can’t compare the two situations, and of course Porsha jumps right in. She says Kenya pushed Kim to her breaking point, but didn’t get the reaction she deserved. Porsha says if Kenya had done what she did to Kim to any other woman on the couch, the results would have been physical. They promptly replay the footage of Porsha lunging at Cynthia on the boat at Lake Lanier. While Kenya was 100% in the wrong, Porsha is equally just as wrong for trying to be any sort of spokesperson on the topic. Porsha keeps coming for Kenya, asking why she constantly has to push people to their breaking points. Kenya is having none of it, continues to speak, and asks Porsha why she is the way she is. Porsha admits she has a problem, but unfortunately I’m not feeling the sincerity behind that. It felt empty, as if she was just trying to make Andy believe it, starting the beginning of her campaign to secure her peach for next season.

Andy reads a comment from a viewer, stating that Kenya seems like she’s jealous of Kim. Kenya responds she’s not taking anything away from Kim – she acknowledges she was a child star, prompting Andy to stick up for Kim, reminding Kenya she’s continued to work throughout her life. Kenya responds “Yeah, in the ‘90s” – which she sets her own self up for, because Andy has to remind Kenya that she was Miss USA in the ‘90s. Sheree has had a running commentary going under her breath this entire time. She is LIVING for being back on the couch, and I am LIVING for the commentary. There is some discussion of the “I am Kim Fields” comment, and Kim speaking in third person. Kenya thinks comments like that (and several others) are all ‘putting down the group.’ Technically, it’s never cute to talk in third person, but most of the ladies (sans Kenya) agree Kim has the resume to back it up. All hail the mighty Tootie! Kim starts defending herself (or bossing up – as Kandi calls it) and being the housewife she should’ve been all season. Kenya interrupts her (again) and Kim hits the breaking point all the women were discussing earlier. She starts a screaming match with Kenya, scolding her for interrupting her. She starts clapping in Kenya’s face, and Kenya just yells and claps back louder. Kenya wants Kim to get to the point, she’s bored. KIM. IS. MAKING. IT. (LIVING for Kim. She wants, and is coming for that paycheck peach next season.) Kim ‘bosses up’ again, points her finger in Kenya’s face, and snaps at her to SAY SOMETHING. All the ladies audibly gasp and jump back. I may have peed a little bit. Sheree quips, “what you ‘gon do, girl” and it feels so very “who ‘gon check me, boo” – and I’m taken back to my happy place. Kim compares constantly interrupting people to a form of bullying. Kenya, obviously, doesn’t take too kindly to that, and adds she’s been bullied more than anyone else on the stage. Here’s a list of words I’d love to see banned from every Housewives franchise ever: Bullying, Etiquette, and Munchausen.

Next Week: T.T. is back with PART 2 of the #RHOA Reunion. We’re getting into some major discussions (hopefully) about Cynthia and Peter. We find out who the one-eyed African is. Kenya makes her epic dick in the mouth comment. Looks like they’re saving NeNe for part three.

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93 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 1: “Well alright, Kim Fields!”

  1. Meri

    I have to admit that I stopped watching this show a long time ago. The women are all unlikable and I can’t take their antics. I don’t like Kenya because she is just a nasty piece of work and she did look either bloated, full of fillers or possibly pregnant. I have a very hard time believing that anything on this show is even remotely “real” and especially dislike Kandi and as I mentioned, Kenya. Phaedra is a total fake and Cynthia is sneaky and dumb at the same time. I’m a sucker for reunions and there was nothing else to watch so I sat through the usual B.S. Sheree sits around rolling her eyes under 100 layers of make-up which can’t hide her ugliness and her lies. Why is this show still popular? I don’t believe that people like this really exist and if they did…no one with half a brain would associate with any of them. There is a whole lot not being said regarding their association with Apollo and his criminal enterprise and I wonder if it will ever come out. I do not believe that Phaedra knew that the others were hiding stolen goods in their garages and I don’t blame her if she turned them all in to the Feds. If they helped Apollo then they deserve the same fate. After all, he cheated a bunch of people. Peter is a scum bag and Cynthia is incredibly stupid for sticking with him. Maybe he’s black mailing her? This was a very thorough recap and I appreciate the trouble it took to write it all even if I can’t stand the cast and the totally fake show.

    • Behoro

      I posted pretty much the exact opposite of you before I saw your post. Funny how people see such different things in these shows!

      • Meri

        Perfectly fine with me that we differ in our opinions. That’s what makes the world go round. I do not see Kenya as a victim but a pot stirrer and a very insecure person. I can find something wrong with each and every one of the “ladies” (and I use that word loosely). They apparently have their roles to fill and I’m sure that Bravo encourages all of them to play their parts to the hilt. They just aren’t believable, imo. In real life, who would want to be friends with any of them?

  2. Behoro

    Great recap! Thank you! Also, I have always been team twirl myself. Sometimes Kenya makes me cringe in what she says and does, but she’s almost never unprovoked. JMHO And she seems to apologize when she finds out she misinterpreted something. Again, JMHO.
    I was dying at Sheree’s facial expressions and her side comments! She acted like she had the vapors over some of the things discussed, when you KNOW, she’s as low down as the rest of them! Hilarious!
    Porscha is so funny with her commentary on Kenya’s “violence”. She’s clearly parroting what she learned in that anti-anger class Bravo made her take and it looks ridiculous on her. Can’t wait for Nene to put her in her place.
    I don’t get all the hate for Kandi (not here, but I’ve read it elsewhere). She sticks up for her family and long time friends. Phaedra screwed her and Todd over and talked crap about them and Kandi hasn’t really done anything wrong. I think she’s shown a lot of restraint in dealing with some of the shit some of the women have given her on this show and not been very nasty back to them. But she’ll put you in your place once she’s had enough.
    I don’t really have anything to say about Kim… To me she’s a nonentity. What was she going to do if Kenya said something?!! Absolutely nothing. As usual.
    Sorry so long….. But I thought this was a good start to the reunion and am looking forward to the rest of it!

    • Would You Like Some Tea??

      When Porsha tried to minimize her violent history to Kenya by saying “I have a problem but we’re talking about you”…..deflect, deflect, deflect.

      • GIA

        How is Porsha deflecting anything? When someone says, I have a problem with it – that’s the opposite of deflecting. If anything Kenya deflects every time someone puts a mirror up to her face and she has to be accountable for anything. She stirs the pot and gets in peoples personal space and then walks away like she’s innocent.

    • Minky

      Porsha needs to shut up. She keeps trying to say that a) physical violence in general is okay, and b) that it would be more than okay for everybody to start beating up on Kenya. And to top it all off most of the people there, including fucking Andy, agree with her. Porsha should be in jail or off somewhere doing community service for all the times she’s hit people, at least for the times we know about.

    • Jim

      Sheree’s response to the “one-eyed African” comment was absolutely priceless! I had to rewind it several times.

  3. Would You Like Some Tea??

    Part 1 one of this reunion seemed odd and lopsided. Almost the entire episode seemed dedicated to humiliate Kenya. When Andy started out by holding hands and praying to Jesus with Phaedra and Porsha, I knew only foolishness would follow. All of the cards he read questions from were to get the ladies to say something negative about Kenya (Shady by Bravo). I also don’t understand Bravo’s fascination with Phaedra but it is beyond obvious that she is favored.

    I like Kim. She is a good person but horrible for this show.

  4. getreal2014

    I am so glad that Kim the Puppet is gone. She was horrible this season and on the reunion. Good bye and good riddance. Oh, and don’t come for the Queen.

    • Minky

      I have a feeling she’ll be back next season. Andy likes anybody that doesn’t like Kenya. I think that’s the only reason Porsha’s there too.

  5. AprilTea

    Kenya is my girl. I just wish she would leave the show because I am tired of the cast and Andy ganging up on her. After the years of verbally battling with the cast, it is clear that nothing will change. If she states a fact or opinion about a cast mate or situation, the whole group wants to burn her. But if another cast mate says it, it is worth a conversation. I am tired of watching them go hard on her. When she came on the show, Porsha called her old and from the 90’s. So everyone agreed she was washed up. Now that she said Kim was from the 90s, it’s no longer funny. That is the mess that I don’t like. It’s like they love to hate her. The whole Apollo situation was a lie, and Phaedra still won’t stop with the digs. Just hating for nothing. But as soon as Kenya has a problem with Kim, Kenya has to be jealous. Well, what is Phaedra doing when she comes for Kenya for no reason? It is just unfair. Andy allows everyone to go in on Kenya. If she does or does not make a mistake with comeback, he is all over her and pointing it out. When Porsha put her lips into Kenya’s moments, Andy did not get her together by pointing out how she provoked Cynthia. They are still talking about Walter from three years ago with the rent a man comments. They just won’t let the views forget it. Luckily, we have Don Juan to remind us of Porsha and the underground railroad. Only Todd and Kenya will get Phaedra together about her lies, but everyone else says “I thought you knew about Apollo’s stuff at my house.” If Kenya had a scandal like Phaedra’s the cast, Andy, and the crew would directly call her out.

    Porsha got all up on Cynthia and no one called her out about it when she was barging into Kenya’s conversation about provoking people. It’s just not fair to the viewers.

    It’s like they can’t wait to tear her up. She didn’t say she was “the” star of the show. She said A STAR. Even Kandi couldn’t wait to jump in on that and that was nothing to need clarity for. Sheree was over there going in under her breath. I mean good grief. Kenya is assertive because she knows they truly don’t like her. She doesn’t have to go deep down on the inside to figure that out. Porsha and Phaedra went in on Kenya all season and she wasn’t commenting on them in confessionals. Now at the reunion, those two are mad about something. I guess they thought Kenya was talking about them, but they were wrong. Now the Kim Fields situation… Kim just wanted to find a reason to be mad at Kenya too. I feel like this throw anyone that you want out of the party, just don’t mess with me for nothing. I’m not going to mad because you call security or the captain. If Kim is so classy, homely, and holy, she should have appreciated the trash being taken out.

    Call me crazy, but maybe some of the scenes were edited out.

    • SynLatina

      AprilTea, couldn’t have said it better, I totally agree!! Hate how they gang up on Kenya, but glad she is Smart n very Assertive, no one intimidates her, why? Bcs she is confident in herself! Team Twirl all the way :)

  6. minimogul

    Great recap.

  7. kym

    Sorry, but at first I thought Kim was out of her league, but now I think she added a “freshness” to the show. I can’t keep watching the same scenarios year after year. Kenya is always the victim even though she starts the “fights” she gets into, then she is a “victim” when anyone retaliates. “Poor Kenya” she should be allowed to keep calling people whores and such, but your can’t call her oatmeal face. FOH!

    • Ben C.

      Agreed! I wasn’t feeling Kim all season, but now she’s left me wanting so much more!!

      • Minky

        I feel the opposite way. Kim has left me wanting less. Which shouldn’t be hard, since she hasn’t been doing much to begin with, other than being uppity and making pathetic attempts to throw half-assed shade.

        I don’t feel that Kim did well on Reunion Part 1. It maybe looks like she did because she got a lot of help from Andy and Porsha and Phaedra (the Queen and Grand Vizier of Thotland, respectively).

        The cast for some reason treat Kim with kid gloves and seem to pitch her beachballs, like she needs help. Nene and Phaedra tried to give Kim a remedial reading lesson and it didn’t work. I think they maybe nobody goes full throttle on Kim because they pity her and have bought her feigned helplessness routine.

      • I agree with you Minky! Kim has left me wanting NONE. When she told Kenya to ‘say something’ that was it for me. The flash of bitch we saw in her eyes is the real Kim Fields, the rest is an acting job, and this shy, little guileless girl she becomes, is tiresome. Drive by Kim Fields…drive on by. You are a snoozefest.

        I think she’ll be back next season though :(

      • WonkyTonk

        Hi Minky. I think I must be one of the few people that have liked Kim on the show all season. I loved the way she kept calling out the ladies on their unladylike behavior, and their inability to resolve conflict, including in more than one case taking it physical. On the Nene and Phaedra teaching Kim how to throw shade that wasn’t coming from altruistic motives. I’m fairly sure they were trying to manipulate her into publicly challenging and causing a scene with Kenya. Which lets face it the way Kenya has been behaving towards Kim would have been well deserved. Kim avoided that trap nicely the way I see it. While I really liked Kim all season, and in the first part of the reunion, I’ve gone from liking Kenya in past seasons to really not carrying for the way she behaved on camera this season. Not at all. Kenya let her petty jealousy rule her interactions with Kim, and it wasn’t pretty to watch her constantly lose her cool around Kim like a little girl back in grade school.

  8. Mrs. Strib

    Kenya should be fired for continuing to get in people’s space. I guess being dragged across the floor by her hair wasn’t enough of a lesson. I do get what she’s saying about Kim Fields though. Fields and her husband are very condescending the way they speak to/about others. They bring a level of haughtiness that’s hypocritical since they are a part of this mess. Do they think no one sees them making stupid reaction faces when they’re in he group? How is that not mean? They’re just sneaky about their shade & think they’re somehow always on the high road. They’re just as bad as the people they turn their noses up at.

    Phaedra can never just say she’s wrong and deal. She’s always working to make people look bad, batting her lashes in that faux Southern Belle way. UGH! It’s so weird that every season someone tries to do business with ‘friends’. Did they not remember how Phaedra did Kenya & how she tried to do Cynthia? Phaedra wants everyone to work for her but doesn’t want to pay those ‘coins’. When they speak up about it she tries to make them look poor/unprofesh. At the same turn, she won’t make one move without being paid in full FIRST ala the time Sheree hired her and she did a miserable job to top it off. She should’ve given Sheree her money back. LOL

    Kandi & Todd should’ve never gotten in the middle of Phaedra & Apollo’s breakup. They had way too much to say about what Phaedra should do. I feel so dirty but I agree with Phaedra on not wanting to take her sons to prison to see their dad like that’s normal. He made his decisions & now he’s paying for them. Are they (Kandi, Todd, Peter, Cyn) so stupid that they don’t know that hiding property from the gov’t is ILLEGAL?

    Why does Porsha have so much to say about the business deal between Phaedra/Todd other than to be messy? Poor stupid girl. She should stick to slow twerking (eeeeewwwww), waist training, pill popping & passing out on planes.

    There are rumors about Kim being out & who will replace her. We’ll see soon enough. IMHO I think they’ll just bring NeNe back full time since she seems to mess up every other opportunity with her stank attitude.

  9. SashaV

    Can someone answer a wig question for me? I know some of these ladies wear wigs but I have only ever been able to tell on Nene and the original Kim (sorry can’t remember her last name). They have worn wigs that look like they were just set on their heads. How do all the other girls who wear them make them look so natural? I know they all tease each other about edges but not suse why because if they are wearing wigs they make it look so natural. I really love Cynthia and Kim Fields styles in particular.

    • Wanda

      Hi Sasha V; A great weave job should look natural. Plus on camera, you cannot see the edges or the unrealness as clearly as if you were standing close to the person.

    • BKSweetheart

      That’s because they’re probably not wigs but sew-in extensions. The natural hair is left out around the perimeter of the head and the middle part is braided tightly against the scalp. Then the extensions are woven into the braid in horizontal rows across. Then the hair that’s left out is usually flat ironed or curled into the extensions so it blends in. There are also clip in extensions as well.

      They also could be wearing lace front wigs. Which are essentially clear in the front to show an appearance of scalp and hairline.

      As you can see I know a lot about this. I love a good sew in. Been rocking them for years as a protective style. Just took mine out the other day and even after getting all the split ends trimmed and everything evened out I still had 4-5 inches of new growth.

      • More Tea Please!

        What do you mean by protective style?

      • BKSweetheart

        I work out 4-5 times a week so I’m constantly blow drying and straightening my hair. With the sew in extensions most of my hair is braided up underneath. So it protects it from the heat damage of constant straightening etc. because the heat is being applied to the extensions, save for the hair around the edges which i try to take good care of.

        I could also avoid the heat all together by wearing my natural kinky curls but weaves are more fun :)

      • SashaV

        Thanks for the info Wanda and BKSweetheart! The Atlanta ladies always have the best hair of all the RH shows. I want a weave!!!

  10. DarkThoughts

    Thank you for the recap, Ben C.

    I agree that it feels like Kim Fields finally got her sea legs on the floating poop show. I found it disturbing that all the others faulted Kim for not “engaging”. What??? Not engaging??? Of course she is not going to engage with them. She is god damn Tootie! Screw them, who the f*** are they? Whores, Bores, and Moore is what pollutes those two couches. And Kenya missed a great dig. Kim was a child star of the 80s not 90s. With Andy’s shade it appeared that Kenya was older than Kim.

    Poor Kenya. She appeared in need of a straitjacket with her delusions of grandeur. Oh my, what a bad look on her. And please, Matt doesn’t know where the dog food is? Why? Is he never at her place that he wouldn’t know? She makes Matt look like Walter 2.0.

    And hell yeah, I will be tuning in to part 2 of the reunion. And part 3. And the poop they didn’t show. And the deleted scenes and…

    • Minky

      I don’t like Phaedra but I agree with the not engaging thing. Imagine playing professional ball and one of the team members just stands there, doing nothing. And that person is getting a paycheck and all the other perks that come with being a pro athlete. The rest of the team needs to pick up the slack. Not fair.

    • The whole thing with Kenya texting was some sort of set up to make it look like she and Matt are existing in complete domestic bliss. Shouldn’t Matt have already been at the place where the reunion is being held? Isn’t he hanging with the other guys during all this until they are called to be with their women?

      • Jim

        Exactly! He’s backstage hangin’ with Papa Smurf and the gang. I wish Andy had called a stagehand out to take her phone away. Why would they let them have phones on set during the reunion in the first place?

      • SashaV

        Do you think she is pregnant? I think she looks like she may be.

    • Jim

      Kenya didn’t say that Kim was a child star in the 90’s. She implied that the last time Kim could considered to be a star was back in the 90’s when she was on Living Single which was a show about single women in their 20’s. And I’m sure every woman on that stage (including Andy, lol) watched that show religiously.

      • DarkThoughts

        I loved that show.

        And you’re right I misunderstood . Too much wine and all that…

      • And Kim was a star of each of her successful series with ensemble cast. Kenya made some forgettable D movies that unless you’re a fan of that genre you would not know who she was and few people remember pagent queensd unless they go on to be stars in their industry. Kandi and Kim are the only people who were known BEFORE Atlanta HW.Kenya is and always has been a wannabe. She was smart enough to save her money from her little acting jobs and enterprises so she could buyt a house in LA and perhaps use the profits from the well build Moore Manor better than château Sheree? She is maybe not as messy as some of the others but she is a mess!

  11. i still don’t get kenya. i tried to like her, but she always does something to make me change my mind. also, why is porsha still there? shouldn’t she be in jail for assault?

  12. Crazy in NC

    I know Sheree is an awful person but her little commentary was killing me.
    Cynthia and Kandi just assumed that Phaedra knew all of Apollo’s toys were at their houses, and just didn’t mention it to her? Shenanigans.

  13. Home

    Well I believe that Phaedra KNEW folks were hiding/storing or whatever they want to call it things in their homes. You can’t be married to someone and NOT know shit like a vintage car and motorcycle is missing?! However when it hit the fan she had to give them up. I personally would have NEVER gotten involved with anything having to do with Apollo especially once he was exposed! When you lay down with dogs you wake up with flees…

    Kenya needs to stop! Its so obvious she has jealousy towards Kim! Bravo to Kim for FINALLY getting a backbone! If she’s going to continue to be on the show she going to have to BOSS UP in my Kandi voice. All of these women can be a piece of work so she’s going to have to play or go away. I thought it was totally unnecessary for Kenya to bring up anyone’s financial business…she better be careful what she says…

    Sheree is just happy to be back on the couch! Kandi and Phaedra should just give it a rest…too much has happened and been said.

    IMO Cynthia is holding on to her marriage for dear life! When she tired she’ll let go! Peter is creating a separate life for himself in another state…I believe the marriage was doomed from the beginning but we live and learn…smh

    Can’t wait until next week…me and my bottle of wine will be watching…LOL

  14. Can someone please explain why these women are always messing with their faces? Sheree, while never pretty, has so much filler (or whatever) in her face she looks like the joker. Did she meet Brandi somewhere and it wasn’t caught on camera? It will be very interesting to see these women in 10 years when we find out that botox and fillers cause all kinds of issues that can’t be fixed. The price of vanity may turn out to be much more than any of these women ever dreamed.

  15. Xanadude

    I rarely comment on RHOA here because I am most definitely not “Team Twirl.”

    Provocateurs are a necessary part of drama in reality shows, but Kenya has, in my opinion, taken it too far in her seasons on the show. I dont know whether its scripted or real, but the person I see on the screen is not someone I particularly want to spend an hour with each week.

    Are the others any better? No. And that’s the problem – there’s really no one to root for. I am totally diggin’ Kim Fields and would love to see her life without her have to interact with these particular women.
    What was once an interesting show has devolved into Bad Girls Club or Basketball Wives with a higher marketing budget.

  16. Gapeachinsc

    I wondered why Matt didn’t know where the dog food was, too, but honestly, I don’t believe they are really together. I’d be surprised to know she ever had a real boyfriend. She seems very immature when it comes to guys. She reminds me of a 13 year old with how she acts around them…certainly not like a typical woman over 35 would act. It’s just my opinion though. Maybe they leave her as quickly as she gets them…maybe her issues prohibit her from having a decent relationship.

  17. Cheychey

    I’m sorry I’m a very peaceful person but if I’m in a very heated argument with a person that is not a close person friend or family member and said person starts putting there finger in my face or waving an object in my face or touches my chair you have then violated my person space. I my very well then drag a bitch. I consider that protecting myself cause you entered my safe area. If it comes totally unprovoked that’s a different ballgame.

  18. Wanda

    Hmmm. Kenya’s face is bloated, and darker than normal, especially on the cheeks and forehead. It looks like she is either on steroids (like for a thyroid problem) or she is pregnant (beyond 3 months).

  19. bria

    Great recap. Reunion part 1 made me cringed moments. Even though am always team twirl but Kenya needs to gain wisdom, talk less and listen more. Am exhausted trying to figure out why she jumps to the trap set my Andy.

    • Deb in SF

      Exactly! I would like to be Team Twirl, but that woman cannot shut her mouth and let other people talk. Her screaming and clapping and over-talking on part 1 of the reunion made me wanna scream. I know Kim started the clapping, but as usual Kenya over-reacted. I really look forward to the reunions, but all the screaming at once gets old very quickly. I like Kim Fields. I hope the Kim that was at the reunion shows up next season.

      BTW, Ben…how did Kim point in Kenya’s face and clap in her face from across the room? It’s not like they were on the same couch. People on Team Twirl have an altered view of reality IMO.

      • Ben C.

        I consider anyone wagging a finger at me, or clapping and yelling/barking orders directly at me “getting in my face” – it’s confrontational and a way of challenging and starting an argument.

        Next time I’ll be sure to specify the exact amount of inches/feet involved.

        PS: Why you gotta be so rude? It’s just a reality show, dude. (IMO)

      • ClassyLady80

        Deb, I think Ben meant “in Kenya’s face” as a colloquial expression. For instance, if a person were to say you jumped down Ben’s throat, we wouldn’t actually find you in his esophagus.

  20. worldgirl

    Kim Fields is no nice person. She’s a sneaky,passive-aggressive piece of crap.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Agreed. I can’t stand mealy mouthed passive aggressive behavior! What I appreciate about Kenya is that she’s not afraid to address an issue head on. Whether she’s wrong or right. Unlike a Cynthia who starts dancing around an issue immediately.

  21. TBD

    The new Nene is apparently unable to stop her overtly angry displays; her face was frozen puffy dark cloud and she looked terrible. (Sorry). It’s hard for me to reckon…Is she that f’d up? Or is she just that good?

    The entire sofa left and right (of K) were amusingly unified in their sober resign. Except Phaedra who seemed to be working her brain matter more that usual. She is in a huge pickle. I was totally uneducated re: property violations being met until reading it here last week. Wow.

    They’ve made a big point of letting the audience know (or believe) Andy’s in charge of everything. However he’s not the head of the network nor is he in charge of his own paycheck. Not by a long shot. It will be interesting. Will Andy in true Bravo form overlook some of the obvious legal glaring possibilities? Never underestimate the power of corp. influence and their willingness to profit off whatever they can find… Or create. Love the blog and all the comments here.

    • Jim

      Re: Andy… I don’t think he’s even a producer of the Real Housewives franchise anymore. I think he’s just hired Bravo ‘talent’ like the rest of those ladies on the couches. People seem to think he’s still the boss but didn’t he step away from that to pursue his other ventures?

  22. Gapeachinsc

    OK – I just finished watching the reunion. Kenya is a lucky woman in the fact that she hasn’t had her teeth knocked out in life by now. And that comment about what Porsha’s had in her mouth? I can only imagine Kenya just wishes she had a few in her mouth as well. She is a nasty, nasty person. “Reality” or not, I think this is exactly who she really is.

    • tamaratattles

      Please, Porsha is a known whore. She wears that badge proudly on the show and calls herself the Princess of THOTlania. If I were going to proclaim myself a whore, I’d at least proclaim myself the QUEEN of THOTLANDIA. She can’t even be first whore.

      • Gapeachinsc

        There’s no denying Porsha is a whore…but Kenya is a nasty human being. Porsha is nasty in a whorish way, Kenya (to me) is a bitter and nasty woman. She may “carry” herself well, but that shit she learned while on her way to becoming a beauty queen…kinda like when magician’s use smoke and mirrors. I have tried hard with her, too.

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        Now we see why Kordell put her on lock down!

  23. SpaceyLacy

    I waited 24 hours to read your review and no mention on Kenya and her parting words to Porsha about the d in the mouth!!! Why tamara whyyyyyyy :))))

  24. Bridgett

    “Phaedra called Jesus on the main line and Cynthia recommends she send a backup text. Something tells me Phaedra would get the “New Phone. Who Dis?” response.”

    Ben C., you slayed it out the gate with this gem. Great recap…as always!

  25. Rose

    Kim held her own and the look on Kenya”s face when Kim talked favorably about her pilot was priceless. I like Kim but hope she is done after this season and leaves this mess behind for bigger and better things. Kenya is a big bully and always talks over everyone. I just want to slap Phaedra. Sheree’s commentary was hilarious.

  26. More Tea Please!

    Kim’s dress was truly ghastly. I missed the “capris”…I’m guessing they were probably Spanx.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Yeah, wth did she have on? She’s built like a sausage. Tubular. Or at least her clothes make her look like it. IMO, she didn’t look that great on DWTS last night either.

      • More Tea Please!

        Sausage? More like a meatball! ????

      • More Tea Please!

        I disagree on how she looked on Dancing with the Stars. I thought she looked quite good overall, her costume better than anything she wore on RHOA all season and her dancing was not too bad.

  27. BKSweetheart

    I didn’t understand the “let have” thing either.

  28. Spilledperfume

    The let have expression was new to me as well. I only know what it means since Tamara explained it. I’m guessing it’s a southern expression?

  29. 100% Agreed ! It was almost like Kenya was EVERYONE’s storyline. They attacked her from start to finish ! Why don’t they just rename the show “Everbody hates Kenya” …


  30. So what is the meaning of let have? Have never heard that before.

  31. Matzah60

    I feel for Kenya. As Kneesee23 said above, the reunion should be renamed, “Everybody hates Kenya.” We all vividly remember the viscious attack on Kenya by Porscha. Initially, Andy held Porsche accountable, but later made an about face when social media showed allegiance to Porsche who said that Kenya came on to provoke her and that Kenya got what was coming to her.

    Andy sets the tone on the way the ladies are treated on the show. His disdain for Kenya oozes whenever she is on the reunion or on WWHL. Phaedra is a mean, hostile, phony woman who has rigorously bullied Kenya and it feels that Andy allows and welcomes the attacks. Look back two reunions ago when Phaedra gave this well-rehearsed tirade how Kenya’s, “Honey, you don’t know if your baby daddy gonna be an axe murderer or a child molester, but what you will know is that he needed $10 to buy a pizza so he ejaculated in a cup so you could have a kid, now check that.” I had to look it up to quote it. That was followed by a brief appearance of a drunk/high Apollo who stated on national TV as well that Kenya needed a pedicure because she had “dirty feet” that looked “ugly.” Wow, Kenya used an amazing amount of restraint not to respond to either of those comments. I would have been in tears at the very least or gotten up and walked off the stage. You have to be tough to take that kind of public abuse.

    Kenya has taken similar insults from Porsche not to mention, dragged across the stage by her hair.
    Cynthia has completely detached herself from Kenya as not only a BFF but as a friend at all. The only truth Phaedra spouted all season was something to the effect that Cynthia kicked her BFF to the curb when her first BFF returned to the show.

    Prediction of future behavior is based on past behavior. That being the case, Kenya came on ready to fight because the reunion always is or becomes not only an attack on what Kenya said and did, but a personal attack on her personal life, skin, invisible boy friends.

    Kim can leave. She is a self-righteous, condescending woman who treats her friends in a similar manner to the way she treats her kids. She is not the moral barometer for these women. Kim, Chris, and her two kids function as one unit. Wherever one goes, the other follows. They don’t like being apart and Kim doesn’t like being away from her kids. It is genuine, but can be off putting. My older son, DIL and granddaughter function as one unit as well. I think it’s great that they are a cohesive unit and love and support each other, but they are all individuals and I feel that both my son and DIL have lost their individual identity and to some degree, some of their friends. When I was married, my husband didn’t help out at all, but on the other hand, I didn’t ask for or really felt that I required his help. I grew up having to be self sufficient and felt comfortable in that mode.

    Sorry for the long rant. Ben, terrific recap. I like your writing style and found it really enjoyable to read!! Thanks.

    • ClassyLady80

      Yes! It’s so obvious that Andy dislikes Kenya. And the girls jump on the “Mmmmhhmmm, you shole right Andy!” train whenever he calls her out or shades her. She has no true allies on the show and is holding her own. Can you imagine how strong you have to be to take that type of group abuse? That woman does not break! It’s amazing. If you can’t respect her for anything else, you have to respect her for that.

      • Matzah60

        LOL….loved the “Mmmmhmmm, you shole right Andy!” So very true. So well stated that Kenya “does not break!” and you do have to respect her for her amazing restraint just for her ability to sit at the reunion for hour after hour while she is treated like a pariah. Not one of those ladies at the reunion spoke in Kenya’s defense.

    • worldgirl

      Mazel Matzah!

  32. susan

    Ban the word cancer and champs too.

  33. JustJenn

    Ben, you gave life to that reunion..thank you ❤️

  34. First time commenter, long time lurker. I love the sight even though I don’t always agree. I have tried to like Kenya but she makes it simply impossible. Most times she’s inappropriate, i.e. when she told Phaedra she wouldn’t stop talking to Apollo, that he’d have to tell her (Kenya) himself. Then she plays victim and expects apologies after Apollo admits to lying about her.

    Anywho, glad to be a part of the commenting community. As my initiation, I planted tomatoes today.

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