Joe Giudice Has About 48 Hours of Freedom Left…

Jailbird Juicy
What do #FelonsByBravo do when they have only 48 hour left of freedom before being sent off of a four year degree?  They sell an interview to People magazine!

Joe Giudice who was initially charged with 39 counts of fraud and then the FEDs added two more counts, will begin serving his 41 month sentence, which ironically turned out to be a month for every felony, on Wednesday.

Joe tells People it’s “No big deal” and says that his fellow felonious friends say that the low security prison where he is going is “almost the same as the camp” that is housed on the same grounds.  Yeah, he will soon find out the differences between low security and the camp.  You know what happens to the people in the camp who fuck up?  They get to be bunkies with Joe. And I’ve always seen the charm in Joe that Teresa fell for, no really, I have. But he looks like a guy that sweats a lot and doesn’t place a premium on bathing.  Joe would not be an ideal bunkie.  He also seems a little soft. That will change.



Joe says, “It’s a military camp is what it is,” he says. “It’s not a high security, and anybody that’s in there is basically people that have already served a lot of time basically working their years to get out. So once you are there if you screw up there, then you go back to high security.”  Um  Joe,  do you even know what a military camp is? Have you ever been in the military? Passed a military inspection?  Seen those movies where the military officers look the other way while someone gets a well deserved beat down?  This ain’t Camp Cupcake.

“I’m looking at it like rehabilitation for me,” he tells People. “I am not going to be able to drink for a while which is good because I don’t even know when it’s been since I haven’t had a drink. It’s been a long time. Definitely the whole year I definitely drank every day a couple bottles at night just to go to bed.”  Detoxing while trying to deal with your first few days in prison. Sounds fun.

So, prison while detoxing, 41 months away from your family followed by likely deportation when your time is up. No big deal.  Say hey to Apollo for us!  #FelonsbyBravo


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44 responses to “Joe Giudice Has About 48 Hours of Freedom Left…

  1. jen

    They are unbelievable. No remorse. He drinks a couple if bottles a night for a long time. He can’t remember when he didn’t? He will be suffering in jail. He needs rehab.

  2. Minky

    Wow. Clueless Joe. Has he never seen the movie “Full Metal Jacket”? I wonder how much of those last 48-hours will be shared by Joe and Teresa with cameras in tow?

  3. Aunt Sis

    BIG DUMMY!!!

  4. Calipatti

    Waiting to read the comments from this group, going to good.
    If People magazine was willing to pay Joe, good for him since he doesn’t work.

    From TT’s past posts it seemed Joe was able to pay off a few debts and bring the mortgage up to date.
    Will Teresa be able to maintain mortgage and keep out of debt?

    • swizzle

      Teresa has more income potential than Joe, so I’m guessing yes.

      • Calipatti

        I agree and understand but will she pay her bills? Will the spending stay in control where she pays her bills first or shop herself into debt again. Teresa does enjoy buying for her girls.

    • jen

      Yes she will. She is doing Housewives, probably magazine and tv interviews on top of her new book. I guess crime does pay. She is a hussler. Joe just sits on his butt getting drunk aparently. I hope their children don’t grow up screwed up. Oy.

    • Toddy

      Maybe Bravo pays the mortgage, so they can still film in those ostentatious digs.

  5. blaine

    What is the likelihood of these fools paying the taxes on the money from these interviews? And are the big parties thrown by production for birthdays, etc, considered taxable benefits?

  6. Gosh he practically makes prison sound inviting. Where can I sign up? I could use a rest and some “me” time.

  7. More Tea Please!

    Well Joe, good luck with that. Just concentrate on not dropping the soap…

  8. Josie

    This is my favorite pic of Juicy Joe Guidice. Of course, Juicy is going to say it is a walk in the park.

    Does this mean we are getting the Felons By Bravo show? Juicy and Apollo would be an (unintentionally) hilarious team.

  9. As my Grandmother would say to describe these two……”Whistling past the graveyard”

  10. belladonna

    I’m going to move to jersey where I do maybe a year for $13 million. But seriously, I think Joe will get a clue very soon, that it isn’t camp. What Teresa went through is not what he will go through. He will be in a fight withing the first five minutes. Well, maybe not if he has relatives in there.

  11. @immelza

    I feel for the poor suckers stuck with his hungover butt the first couple of days. Just like camp Joe except for those cavity searches and all. So when does Bravo start the real felons husband’s of Ft Dix?

  12. Tulsateacher

    Joe has been stuck raising the girls for a year. I’d drink wine too especially Joe’s wine that he makes himself. I just imagine it to be really good. He might be looking at prison as a break. He can work out. Maybe he’ll look amazing when he’s released. Get rid of the wine bloat. We may see a new Joe Giudice. Too bad he might have to quickly board a plane to Italy.

  13. Toni Lee Gildea

    I got nothing…..what a schmuck

  14. Mrs. Strib

    “Sweats a lot and doesn’t place a premium on bathing…”
    Shot from the grassy knowl….DEAD

    • izmeagain

      I seriously doubt that he will be deported.
      He has 4 minor children that were all born in the USA & he didn’t kill anyone.
      God bless America!

      • He’s getting deported. Its the law. Hey they use it for my Mexican brothers and sisters, it’s only right if Joe goes back home to Italy after doing his time.

      • JoJoFLL

        It’s automatic. People have been deported for much less who also have US born kids.

  15. Lisaj

    Bwahhhhhhh LOL. So will he join the AB or the Mi Familiga? Oh poor poor Juicy. If he only knew what awaits him in “camp” for real.

  16. BeetsWhy

    I read that he was good enough to change all the light bulbs to get them ready for his absence, what a guy! Lord knows it’s difficult to remember which way to turn them. At least he left the easy stuff like dealing with lawn care, housekeeping, childcare, snow removal, plumbing, electric, A/C, and appliances for Teresa. Damn she has a good man, he took CARE of those pesky light bulbs.

  17. T D

    Thieves go to Loot Camp.

  18. Miguel

    Wow… I remain in awe of Teresa’s & Joe’s bravado… smh.

  19. susan

    Hunka hunka burning love

  20. Cat

    All bravado. I predict he will cry like a little girl, and squeal like a stuck pig.

  21. Natalie

    The bravado is for the children, three years is a long time. Sure the wine comment was to play along with the “I need to be rehabilitated ruse”. The question is will anyone still care about the guidices upon his release?

  22. JoJoFLL

    Joe has that classic, sweaty, bloated look from using steroids. He’ll detoxing off those also. Because of his age and losing testosterone, expect him to exit prison deflated looking even though he’ll be working out every day.

  23. Twilly

    At least these losers don’t have to worry about who to vote for in the election!

    • Tre already said she’s voting for Trump. Idiot doesn’t even know she can’t vote this election.

    • JoJoFLL

      In New Jersey, convicted felons regain their right to vote after serving their sentence and parole. She’ll be able to vote in November.

      • T D

        They both share a screw everybody kinda reasoning. It comes down to principles or lack thereof. Birds of a feathet, say shit on all the people you can.rMegalomaniac voting for another of their own kind. This is so rich.

      • tamaratattles

        No she won’t she has two years of supervised release. But do you really think Teresa has ever voted? She’ll never notice the difference.

  24. RebeccaBartholow

    Shud it yous. Yous all like never done no prizzon times. I’m gonna get some sober time now and be out before yous all know it. Badabing.

  25. RebeccaBartholow

    Sorry, turned 50 today and I’m quite a bit loaded.

  26. Spilledperfume

    Happy birthday Rebecca.

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