RHOA Reunion Part One Preshow Post

RHOA REunion Kenya to Porsha.

Grab your LVP Sangria, your Unfiltered Blonde, or your SkinnyGirl Margaritas or your sweet tea and find a comfy spot on the sofa with your favorite quilt and prepare yourself for part one of the Cage Match that is the RHOA Reunion.

Tonight’s Matchups include Kenya v Phaedra,  Kenya v. Kim and perhaps even Kenya v Porsha will air in the first episode.

But perhaps the most interesting will be Kandi v Phaedra. It seems that have some never before discussed beef to get out of their systems.

RHOA Cynthia KenyaICYMI: We’ve been talking about the FEDs raiding Cynthia and Peter’s house  HERE and also HERE.  Does this have anything to do with why Cynthia doesn’t just divorce Peter? He’s clearly moved to Charlotte where he is preparing to open TWO more clubs. A Bar One and a Club One to go with his already open Sports One.  Most people I know in Charlotte tell me that Sports One is not a very busy place.

Wonder where that money is coming from?

Enjoy the show. I should have a full recap for you tomorrow. I’m a tiny bit under the weather tonight so I’ve called in Ben to sub for me.


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60 responses to “RHOA Reunion Part One Preshow Post

  1. Would You Like Some Tea??

    Did anyone else notice that Comcast has this episode labeled as a repeat from 4/26/15? My DVR only records new episodes, so I missed the first 15 minutes and will record the rerun at 10 p.m.

    • Michele Wheeler

      I noticed, same here. My DVR showed it recorded RHOA last night at 1am. I played it back and it was Men in Black.

    • Home

      Yes!…Comcast did that last year too! Caught in time went to episodes listing and recorded all three parts….smh

    • Well, I hope you feel better soon. I have to say that I don’t like the way Andy is going in on Kenya. It looks like he is going to make her the villain of the reunion. Everybody is ragging on her, and she is my favorite. I like Kandi, too. But the rest of them, meh. Phaedra is a horrible person. Not only do I believe that he was aware of his crimes, but her sticking her nose in the air like she is some kind of better person than everybody else is making me barf.

  2. I am looking forward to this. Hopefully my pirate pals get it up fast. i hope Cynthia didn’t bank roll the bars with her Bravo cheque. She should be saving for the inevitable season long divorce saga as per her hero – Nene.

    • Minky

      Lawd! For a long time I thought these people just felt sorry for Apollo. Now I think they were probably laundering money for him. At least fucking Peter and Cynthia.

      With all of those failing businesses it always seemed weird that he’d just keep pressing forward and opening more and more bars and clubs that wouldn’t amount to anything. And to think, I believed that Cynthia would be stupid enough to let him mess with her money. No, I don’t think that anymore. Again, I’m looking at Mallory in a new light. She’s hated Peter with every fibre of her being since day one. It’s looking more and more like she was justified in that.

      The way I feel right now I’d be surprised if at least half of the cast weren’t racketeering like Al Capone. Speaking of which, the only way they caught him was through his tax returns. No?

      Kim’s husband was very correct about the mug shots, wasn’t he?

  3. tamaratattles

    I was utterly bored and dozing off and on throughout.

    Kenya was a real sourpuss right off the bat as if someone peed in her Cheerios right before taping started.

    Someone needed to shove a penis in Porsha’s mouth. Why was Sheree on the couch?

  4. My gosh Kenya was awful! Wow! She needs a hug!

    • Aunt Sis

      Her jealousy/envy of Kim is so messy.

      • Tp

        Kim made smart ass remarks and had an attitude with Kenya the entire season. Kenya at least apologized for pulling out her chair. Kim never apologized and she was a terrible fit for the show. And why didn’t Kim get upset with Phaedra for all the things she said? It was obvious that Pha Pha was in Kim’s ear the entire season. That is, when she was making those ridiculous and disgusting faces and sticking out her nasty tongue. She’s the one who’s so jealous! Ole Pha Pha is so jealous of Kenya.

      • Dee

        She seems very childish for a grown woman.

  5. iloveearlgrey

    Man, I love Kandi.

    I thought it was weird when they were asking Kenya about missing the meeting with Cynthia and Sheree was going to say, “But that’s your girl” and stopped herself. I wonder why she stopped herself.

  6. JustJenn

    Kenya makes it hard to root for her. I know it’s hard when you are forever on the defense, but she sure doesn’t make it easy.

    Andy claiming her earned his peach and was shady to Kenya on Twitter tonight just goes to show that he needs a new job. Andy has a position of power over these women and should not so blatantly be picking sides.

    • Minky

      “Andy has a position of power over these women and should not so blatantly be picking sides.”
      But what would be the fun in that? Andy does everything but say to these women “I can buy you and sell you!!!”

      Yeah, it is hard to be a Kenya fan sometimes, but I think maybe she realizes that she says some off the wall stuff and she does it for affect or because she knows that it’ll be received badly.

      • JustJenn

        I thought the same thing regarding Kenya, Minky, but still..she can be a little too much sometimes.

      • Lisaj

        Every reunion and every clubhouse appearance I think my God if you spoke to your employees like this in the real world, the lawsuits would be piled a mile high. Real housewives and Andy Cohen, setting women’s rights back 50 years.

      • tamaratattles

        I cringed for similar reason when Kim Fields called Andy, “baby.”

  7. Kenya is a wretched human being.

  8. ingrid

    I thought the women looked mostly great, esp porsha and Kim. I love Kim on the show, she is like the Greek chorus. I didnt love Cynthia’s dress, but it works on her, and Kenya’s skin looked pretty poor in those lights. Sheree had that vampire thing going on, but I loved her side comments. She is funnier on the side than right out in front, and Kenya, just no

  9. Home

    Couldn’t believe Kenya was texting about dog food?! I believe it was a lie! I’m sure Matt knows how to feed the damn dogs…smh

  10. marywanna

    Why do I waste time to watch this ghetto ho show?

  11. Sari

    It seems like the majority of the cast has learned that letting Kenya talk is Kenya’s downfall. They just smiled or grimaced- made the faces, but said relatively little as she carried on and on.

    Apart from Kim. But, thats another story.

    I wanted to like Kenya, but she makes me cringe with the delusional vanity. I forgave a lot of it when it was presented next to that of Nene. But, without Nene’s delusional vanity, Kenya earns the crazy crown.

  12. Minky

    I gotta say, Sheree’s asides were the real comic relief of the show. Yes, I know she’s a bitch and a shit stirrer, but that “Phaedra’s crazy” jab under her breath was pretty good.

  13. More Tea Please!

    This show was a dud. I fell asleep half-way through.

    Kandi looked FABULOUS!

  14. Spilledperfume

    I’m so glad you explained what Kandi meant when she said “let have be true…” I had no idea what she meant and she used that expression tonight on the reunion.

  15. I truly don’t understand the Kenya hate. Totally mystified by it. That Porsha has the nerve to speak about physical violence is an all time low. I think she continues to hold her own against all odds admirably!

    • Minky

      Yeah, me too. She’s definitely flawed, but not any worse than the others on this show, including the slave-master Andy.

      I can’t believe that anybody is allowing Porsha to try to play Ghandi here. It’s ridiculous.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t see much Kenya hate here. I do see some Kenya disappointment. We get that Porsha is a thug in a cocktail dress. But Kenya we hold to a higher expectation. I really don’t get the Kim hate from ALL the HW. Not one person stood up for Kim, except for Kandi…sort of. My understanding is that she is universally disliked by the HW and loved by production. I think there is a lot there we don’t know about.

      • Minky

        Absolutely there’s a lot we don’t know about. Like I said: Kenya’s flawed, obviously and I am disappointed in her too. But I don’t see her as a homophobe. I see Porsha, Phaedra and Nene as that. They’re unapologetically disparaging towards gay people in general and they’ve done it way more than once. Did everybody forget Porsha’s tampon comment directed at Don Juan?

        If I’m gonna root for someone on this show it’s not gonna be Nene, Porsha, Phaedra or Cynthia. Kandi I like, but she’s very dodgy. I started out liking Kim a lot, but the Miami trip soured me to her. Sheree’s a non-factor.

      • There is a lot of Kenya hate out in the world, though, and while Kenya does do her fair share of acting out, that the cast act like she has not experienced bullying is crazy. The names they call her! If they think that her words justify a beating, then certainly each of them is worthy of a beat down for the disparaging things they’ve said to Kenya (though I don’t think anyone should be putting hands on anyone else). And I’m not even a Kenya fan, but I am also not a fan of how she is treated.

        Kim is boring and condescending. I laugh at her trying to say that she was not judgmental – that’s all she did all season, judge and condescend. I was very, very excited about her appearance on this show and equally disappointed at the reality of her.

      • Spilledperfume

        A thug in a cocktail dress has to be the best line ever.

    • Miguel

      THANK YOU, tess – I agree with every syllable!!!

  16. BeetsWhy

    Go Kim Fields! I loved seeing her outclass and outwit Kenya and I really hope she will come back for next season just to piss Kenya off some more! Sheree and Kandis side comments were also hilarious. Overall one of the best reunion shows ever IMO.

    • Kimoe

      Loved it when Kenya was ranting about being the queen bee etc and Kim coming for her purse and Kim’s retort was fabulous…….”I’ll let social media handle that sound bite.” ??

  17. Xanadude

    When Kim told Kenya to “Say Something,” you know Kenya peed a little. I know I did and I was just watching from home.

    • For a moment she got quiet and looked like a child that had been told not to ask for anything in the store. hehe Then she had to be defiant and say something. hehe Kim was so on point and it looked like she got a lot of support for standing up for a change. I remember each one of them who joined the show and what they had to go through in their own first season and first reunion, Kim got broke in and she’s hanging pretty good. Good for you Kim now come on back for next season. I think you fit in just fine. If somebody don’t like it let them suck it up or take a hike. Nobody is the queen of RHOA or the star of that show. REALLY

      • Miguel

        Please, please be merciful Bravo & brooks86!!!!! I cannot endure Kim Fields on RHOA a second past the third part of the reunion!

      • peachteachr

        Right after Kim said that, She by Sheree said, “What you gonna do?” It made me laugh. I’m sorry, TT, each time I have liked something Sheree says, I feel like I am betraying you. I know she put you through hell for no other reason than she could. Still, she looked good and said a few funny things last night.

  18. I loved this Reunion show because it was sane and humane despite Kenya’s picking on everybody who dared to say anything even Andy. She is pressing folks buttons for what reason and the only person who checked her like a champ was Kim. I sure hope Kim comes back next season and really holds that peach like she can hold her own. She is doing very well even though she does not play the dozens or go tit for tat, she is mature so why play silly games with grown women. Confrontation will happen but being grown and mature makes it where you can agree to disagree sometimes and it not be a nasty situation. Ok so NeNe wasn’t on the couch tonight how will the dynamics be when she’s on the couch and the men come to play. Guess we’ll see soon. Kenya relax and be pretty no need to be petty and sticking it to everybody, the season is over, enjoy the antics from a different view by not being in the mix for a change. Good reunion Part 1. Thanks for the tasty tea Tamara.

  19. Kenya deserved every bit of backlash she got on this reunion part 1. I almost felt bad for her when Andy asked her how she felt about Phaedra calling he oatmeal pie face, but then I realized, Hey wait his woman has treated alot of people unfairly and I believe what she did to Kim fields (pulling her chair out) was totally uncalled for and at that point I wished Porsha was there to bop her upside her head.Kenya is a trouble maker she can dish it but she cant take it. Sheree has been a Non factor all season and thats the one they need to reconsider bringing back another season. Kim wasn’t the best for the show in the beginning but now that she has found her voice I believe she will do just fine on another season. Anyway I will tune in the for the next installments but to be honest I cant waitfor the spring line up on bravo. Ive had enough of these tired ass shows. Especially Beverly Hills.. what a snooze fest !!

  20. Karen

    Whether it’s due to pregnancy or another reason, Kenya has put on a significant amount of weight. I’m just surprised.

  21. Kari

    Who would’ve ever thought sheree would come back to be fan favorite? I honestlt think i like her the most . She seems to be in a much better place than she was when she first started the show

  22. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Best read of the night: when Kenya commented on Andy chewing gum and he said I’m going to swallow, and Kenya shot back with “I bet you have said that many times before!” Hilarious. And Andys snarky a** deserved it. He’s a snake.
    I understand Kenya’s beef with Kim now. Apparently kenya is the reason Kim is on the show, so for Kim to come on and play grand diva…I get it now. The situation is no different than when NeNe checked folk by saying she’s the reason they are there. The thing is, Kenya and NeNe know their roles and play them well. As long as they stick to “the script” they have viewers and ratings and the checks keep coming in. The reason everyone says Kim isn’t a good fit is because they know no one wants to tune in to watch someone making waffles for their kids and doing homework. Snooze fest! And in a way, Kenya is right. If you are so accomplished and have it going on in the industry then why are you collecting a Bravo check? There’s only two reasons to lower yourself to that level (isn’t that how Kim referred to the group?) –
    One- she needs the money or
    Two- she needs the exposure

  23. peachteachr

    Kandi won the reunion last night. She looked gorgeous and she didn’t let Phaedra wiggle out of it on anything. What’s not to love about Kandi? And all those women who behave in whorish ways repeatedly, thought they were funny calling Kandi and her group “the clit”. Doesn’t that just help Kandi with her sex store and her Kandi Colored Nights program to have them use this play on words which is a sexual innuendo?
    I have never had Kenya in my favorites column but I didn’t feel that she was bad, bad, bad either. That all ended last night. She was unkind to almost everyone on stage, including a really nasty dig at Andy. I keep thinking of her first season and her rent a boyfriend when they were on vacation. He calmly asked Kenya, “Did you take your medicine?” I think Kenya has big ole snakes in her brain and some of them she earned the hard way by having a mother deny her.
    Oh, and is there any other Miss USA who is claiming a 30 year career?

    • Behoro

      I agree about Kandi. She gets a lot of hate (elsewhere) but I don’t get where it comes from. She’s loyal to her friends until they screw her over and talk shit about her (like Phaedra does). Then she’ll let you have it with facts and truth. And, she looked incredibly great doing it!

  24. getreal2014

    Great post, TP. That is exactly what happened. Why would Kenya be jealous of Kim’s boring, whacked body? Her husband? The one who bats for the other team? That’s ridiculous. Kim is a damn puppet that followed Phaedra’s every command and now she’s out. Thank goodness. She was too damn full of herself and she looked a mess every week with her lack of style and f’ed up hairdos. She can’t leave soon enough for me.

    Whew! I needed to get that off my chest.

    Why can they girls go after Kenya, all of them, and most people don’t say a word? But when Kenya says something, she’s foul? Crazy.

  25. Cheychey

    I love Kim’s style on the show this year. It was every day woman. She didn’t have on a pound of make up and 4 inch lashes. She’s a mom with a baby. As for her hair I love that too it’s the same texture as my daughters and beautiful. I thought Kim brought something different to this season some called it boring. I don’t care to see some grown women fighting and pulling hair every week. I see all the time on here people saying they are not going to watch because of the ratchet behavior on the show but as soon as they get someone on there who is not cursing and acting a fool they call her boring and want her off. I liked seeing a housewife who wa an actual real life woman who did stuff like I do and how that played out with these fancy pants divas but that’s just me.

  26. It Is What It Is

    Clearly this page has been hijacked. Kenya has treated Phaedra horribly? Kenya is the terrible one on that couch? Kenya is tired of being ganged up on and came out swinging. It was sooo obvious that Sheree wants her peach and plans on making a storyline using Kenya to get it. Phaedra has the audacity to talk v about anyone’s looks when she is starting to look like cat woman and Porsha, who cares. I do agree I didn’t like Kenya using so much profanity, she’s too smart. But hell she probably got tired of using standard English and having only a few understand.

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