Daily Tea: Spring Has Sprung! (An Open Forum)

Elegant spring table setting with flowers muscari

Happy first day of spring to all. I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me it seems like Christmas was just a couple weeks ago.  Time flies when you are getting old.

At Chez, TT, I’ve got some sort of seasonal cold and Banjo and I are holing up and taking it easy.  We have diagnosed each other with “celebrity exhaustion” and are challenging each other on who can take the longest, best naps. Banjo is currently in the lead but not by much.  We’ve had a cold snap so I am lounging about in my flannel PJs  and dozing off and on while a marathon of Mr. Selfridge plays on the TV. I have no idea what this series is about, so sleeping through intermittent episodes isn’t bothering me much.

Later I will put up a RHOA and RHOP preshow post for y’all to comment on. I have two people signed on to do actual recaps which I will put up when I get them. Likely, whenever I wake up tomorrow. I’m running a slight fever with my celebrity exhaustion so I’m taking a few “sorta sick” days where I will “sorta work”

Speaking of sorta working. My new power pack for the laptop is also suffering from celebrity exhaustion and continuously stop working. If I go radio silent it is because my power pack died.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

My daffodils finished up their blooming a few days ago. My irises have decided to bloom this year. I am anxious to see if all those hundreds of bulb I planted two years ago will finally do something this year. I also need to clean out my tomato beds.  But not in the next few days. Because, celebrity exhaustion.

So what is going on in your neck of the woods?


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46 responses to “Daily Tea: Spring Has Sprung! (An Open Forum)

  1. Spilledperfume

    I’m taking it easy here in NY. I’m watching repeats of RHOA and I’m laughing at Matt calling Gregg & Peter the ancient dudes. They totally deserved the comment after they tried to talk shit to him.

    I hope you and Banjo enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. Gapeachinsc

    It’s chilly here in Greenville, too. Got my taxes done and laundry…baked a chicken, and now I’m looking forward to eating and catch up on some RHOA like SpilledPerfume. I didn’t see all the episodes this season and need to get caught up for the reunion. Take it easy, T. I enjoy your sorta out sick, sorta not.

  3. Margarett

    Tamara, Honey as far as I’m concerned, just be gentle with yourself and post when you feel like doing so.

    It’s a lovely cool day here. However, it got pretty cold last night. That proves ( at least here) the “no matter how tempting, don’t put out plants until after Easter” according to the nice neighbor who had a lovely garden.

    This next week I’ll get a few perineal and (most importantly) tomato plants. I don’t think mine can ever compete with lisamia’s ‘mater in a jar.

    Gosh, what would I do without y’all??

  4. iloveearlgrey

    Dying my hair, cleaning my house, and waiting for RHOA to start! I planted some garlic and peonies and they’re blooming!

  5. Margarett

    Oh yeah, meant to tell you what my grandmother said when she was in her ’80s. When asked if time went faster, she said, “the.days are about the same but you turn around and a year has passed”! How astute she was!

  6. Cat

    I think Mother Nature is going through menopause. Or, she has Chronic Lyme, or both. All Winter, the temps were like Spring. Now, suddenly, Winter is upon us. Mother Nature doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.

    This past week, I did some Time Traveling. Back to the days when there was no internet or cell phones. I decided this was a happier time, and much less stressful. Also much less negative.

    I’ve decided that I do NOT need to know instantly when a celebrity dies, or a politician says something stupid. I know war and tragedy exist without having my face rubbed into it. I also learned that I can have an opinion without broadcasting it on Facebook. I do not need the petty arguments and hostility. (Today’s Stupid Argument of the Day was about the new Starbucks Cherry Blossom Frappucchino, which is made with strawberries.)

    So, I have cut my data plan in half. I will still come here, because, believe it or not, people here are “normal” (whatever that means). I also bought a case for my tablet, so if I run out of data time, I can just trot over to Starbucks or McDuck’s and use their free WiFi.

    Maybe, just maybe, I can finally start to rebuild my savings.

    Meanwhile, I have one tiny mouse left. I did catch him once, but accidentally popped the trap door open as I was taking him outside. I screamed, like a little girl. I’m not proud of that. :)

    Now, he won’t go near the humane trap. Bummer.

    • Cat

      TT, please take care of yourself, and Banjo.

      And you know, I hope, that if I am not giving your site enough “clicks”, all you need to do is send me an email, and I’ll get to work. :)

    • Dee

      Hey there Cat, good for you! I quit FB recently, got tired of people telling me I was doing it wrong. I enjoy your comments and presence here. :)

  7. LLO

    Bought a ton of summer herbs to plant and some tomatoes, arugula (my new fave) romaine and spinach this year.. Pulled into garage, as yes, Tamara, from 81 degrees to 34 tonight! Will plant this week. Nothing like fresh herbs for summer dishes, especially with home grown tomatoes….

  8. Feel better, darling TT and Banjo!
    I am on the last day of my two week vacation. It’s been wonderful. I feel rested and ready for the next 21 months until I can retire. Of course, talk to me tomorrow at midnight, and I will probably have a much darker outlook. :)
    My big news for the week is I have a new phone! My old Samsung finally died, so I could get a new phone. I went with the Galaxy S7 and I am loving it. In fact, I married it. I am now Mrs. Galaxy S7, and I will happily ask it permission to buy my jewels, because Mr. Galaxy IS THE BOSS! I told my son he has a new step father and it’s my phone. He is okay with that.
    The two weeks was mostly staycation, but I did go to Portland for three days last week. My best friend moved there a year ago, so it was wonderful to see her IRL instead of face book and phone. They have an adorable house in the middle of a forest (everything in Portland is in the middle of a forest), and three gorgeous cats. It was a totally Portlandia three days. We went to charming little book stores and shops, a ramen restaurant that didn’t have a name but everyone knows about it anyway, so there’s always a line, and a coffee house that had a live Irish band. The air was so crystal clear. I don’t think I’ve breathed so much in decades.
    I still have to buy a tomato (hoping TT is too sick to yell at me), but I promise I will this week!!
    Russ, Joe and I went to the beach for lunch one day, too–was gorgeous.
    So, back to the insanity that is my hospital tomorrow.
    Hope everyone is doing well. <3 <3 <3

    • Erica

      I love Portland! (I laugh at the “middle of the forest” because it doesn’t feel that way to me – but I live near Olympia. Grew up going to Portland though. We do have more trees in the PNW than most for sure!)

      What was your old phone? I was perfectly happy sticking with my Samsung Galaxy 6 – which I got for $1 on day after Thanksgiving (the one time I broke my “No Black Friday” rule). But the 7 and 7 Edge are so pretty – and I found out I’m eligible for an upgrade! Usually I wait until the old one is dying (and I’m notoriously hard on smart phones… the $1 deal came in the nick of time)… but this one is lasting!)

      Did you hit Portland Saturday Market? I forget – where do you live???

      • Hi Erika :)
        My old phone was droid 4.1.2. I think that’s what it was called. I had the same model but three different phones for around 4 years. I went for the Galaxy S7, this time because I want the virtual goggles. I still have to send in for them. Love the new phone, though. It’s so fast!
        I live in Los Angeles. Quite different climate than the Pacific North West. Was only in Portland through Thursday, so I didn’t make it to the market. Next time!

      • Erica

        Decades ago, a family friend headed off to a Christian college in LA (I can’t remember the name of it). I still remember her talking about how on community outreach her roommates (from So. Cal.) would bundle up when she was breaking out the shorts!!! LOL.

        Definitely the next time you visit you should head for the market… even though it is more “commercial” now that it has an official site rather than just booths under the Burnside Bridge. I could recommend a LOT, but you should definitely have some Elephant Ears!!!! (I prefer the ones with raspberry jam, but the Cinnamon sugar ones are also delish…)

      • Yes, we are weather wimps in So Cal. :) Yum!! Will definitely try to get there on a Saturday.

  9. Hey TT sleep away…that’s what I do when I feel ..sickish…

    apparently spring means changing the clothes in our closets…still don’t get that connection to a “season”..anyways..

    Unfortunately, I still have Yolanda clog dancing in my head…she is ill..and needs medical help.

  10. Phil Andros

    Just a couple of crocuses so far. I’m sure the daffodils will be up in a week or two.

  11. Tara

    It is chilly in Raleigh.
    Thank you all who sent positive thoughts and prayers last week for my Dad. Last Sunday we were told he would not make it. Well, needless to say,he is home and my Mama has cooked all his favorites. He said he has not felt this good in years. Now for Duke to pull out another NCAA win!!
    TT ya know I am convinced you have been kidnapped when you go silent. Take care awesome lady.

  12. Frosty

    Happy spring TT and Banjo, hope you feel better soon :) It’s a cool day, snow is supposedly on the way. We’ll see. Cleaning out closets and tossing things away like crazy and listening to music (Millie Jackson “If loving you is wrong” at the mo). I’m in place where it feels really good to lighten up and clear out — woot!

  13. Jim

    Are you going to post a Top Chef finale recap? And how about Project Runway? Both were good episodes although it’s probably a bit too late now. Lol, I get anxious when you skip an episode.

    Keep up the good work and feel better soon!

  14. Snowing here in dirty jersey. Hoping for a delayed opening tomorrow. About to write a paper on the benefits of behavior modification. I may use porsha as my subject.

  15. Rose

    Happy Spring TT and enjoy your sort of sick rest break! It’s been a quiet weekend for me too. Errands yesterday, upgraded my cell to the Galaxy 7 which I love, housecleaning and watched some college ball and the last few episodes of American Idol I missed. Wanted to start watching Underground but will do that later this week. Today has been rainy and I’ve been super lazy but got up and cooked and been listening to smooth jazz and reading (why don’t I read books anymore?) which is something I’ve always enjoyed and need to make time to do more. Getting ready to watch The Passion on Fox.

  16. JustJenn

    I hope you and Banjo feel better, TT!

    I gave up dairy for Lent and had to learn a whole new way to eat…again. Already being vegetarian really limited my options, but I found lots of new creative recipes and lost some weight so it was a win win and something I’ll probably I’ll keep doing once Lent is over.

    Not much else is going on around here..I’ll try to plant a tomato this year..no guarantees, though.

  17. Dee

    Tamara, I hope you feel better, take care. Love the picture! I can’t wait to plant my tomato plants and perennials. Still binge watching Bravo.

  18. Chilly and damp here after a gorgeous week. Spring has arrived, tête-à-tête daffodils and oak pollen. Even Puddin’ the Giant German Shepherd is sneezing. Today’s rain will help a bit. Feel better, TT. I’m glad to see folks checking in with their plans and news. Yay, Spring!???

  19. Drove through white out conditions blizzard this morning in MO!

  20. Spring had edged into early summer here in coastal NW Florida here last week but then a wonderful rain front came through and we are down into the mid-60’s – low 70’s. The breeze is so fresh that I have windows open all over the house and deck door open. The cats love it – they come and go as they please without human assistance although just to be sure we remain trained they go to closed doors to request “out” every few trips.
    This is perfect napping weather. Husband brought me a couple of Lufthansa blankets to add to my Delta stash for napping so that has been nice.
    So, all of that to say this: crack your windows open for a little fresh coolness, be sure people give you nice nap binkies and sleep as much as you can. That’s about the only cure for the particular brand of crud that has been going around. Drink lots of water, eat bananas, have people bring you foodz. Much love, Tamara!

  21. daintyfeets

    We’ve had Spring like weather here in Central Mo for 4 weeks now. Daffodils are blooming and tulips are next. I can see buds on all the trees and my lilac bushes. I was going to cut my grass today. When I woke up and looked out the window this a.m it was a blizzard of snow. Lasted for about 2 hours and melted within 3 hours. I’m a Cali girl so I don’t understand this bizarre mid-west weather.

    My Dad is sick and experiencing extreme confusion. I’ve been spending the days and nights with him this past week and a half. He has no appetite (he claims) but scarfs down every homemade meal I make for him. I’m terrified if losing him also (my mom died on Jan 2). Being here for him now, 8 minutes from where he lives, is a blessing. I gladly gave up all year sunshine to be with him now.

  22. Miguel

    Hope you feel better soon, T & B! I spent a lazy day with the wife and went to Palm Sunday service. Otherwise, counting down to rhoa…

  23. I hope you and Banjo feel better. We are just starting up with a snowstorm. Our lab Molly is in heaven. She loves the snow. After it starts to melt and she looks at us like bring it back lol. Did anyone see The Passion? Not quite sure what to make of it.

  24. Snowing here in jersey and i never did get any days off from work this year was kinda hoping this would be a heavy storm but i guess not. My weekend has been filled with investigation discovery and Bravo and to be honest i cant wait til all the new shows come on bravo because im tired of these ones. i just found out i have a hernia and a pulled groin and im guessing i will be laying around in my pajamas alot more with my brown boston terrier bullet Good Night Everyone!

  25. Erica

    TT – thanks for posting this, while you take your well deserved break!

    Here – spring has been sprunging for a while, according to my allergies!

    All you fur parents would get this – a week and a half ago, I had to take my cat to the vet. Just not acting right. I thought perhaps it was another UTI. (He was still peeing but a lot all at once, like he was holding it.) Got all the tests done except urine and fecal – he at least has arthritis in his spine and is hyperthyroid.

    Well, tonight I had to attempt to collect pee and poo samples – and if he poo’d first, contaminating the sample collection box, I would have had to wait to get the pee tomorrow. I put down the box, and he PEED first!!! Then, after I collected it and put in regular litter, he POOPED!

    It is kind of sad that I was so excited that I got the icky tasks over in just over a half hour, I almost took a picture for Instagram.

    He was also wondering what the fuck I was doing with surgical gloves, digging for his poop.

    Fingers crossed that I got it right, and the doc can figure out if he has a UTI, and that he doesn’t have kidney disease. (It is a possibility – my last worry. He’s been cleared for diabetes, thank God)

    • You are a brave mother, Erica. I hope the little sweetie comes out all right.

      • Erica

        Thank you, Lisamia – my guy Simon is a bit of a bad ass (has a caution sticker on his file at the vet). I think he’s feeling better with at least the supplements because he attacked me in a little displaced aggression when there was a cat on the front porch ta the could see!!!) I love him for it. Although just in case, Im trimming at least one nail each evening.

  26. Erica

    TWo more things!

    Anyone watching I Am Cait this season? I could take or leave Cait but I want to go on a road trip with the rest of the women, especially Jenny Boylan, Kate Bornstein, and Chandi.

    Also… anyone else watching Hollywood Medium? I am a total believer in his abilities. I have felt signs from loved ones, the type that he has confirmed for some on the show.

    But I’m not posting to debate that – but based on the previews of tonight’s show, I ahve to ask, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FAIRUZA BALK????

  27. kendrawm

    Got the call lat night that school was cancelled because of the predicted snow, we were supposed to get 6-8″ but ended up way less and roads are completely clear. So I went from thinking I would have a snow day or at least a snow delay to scrambling to find someone to take my 6 year old.

    But I was excited for the snow and cold as we just redid our middle room in our house, custom built in and added a new gas fireplace. It was so nice this morning having my cup of tea sitting by the fire. Wish I was home all day enjoying the fire, but here I sit at work.

    Poor kids will now be in school until June 30th.

    I am so behind on all my shows, bravo, walking dead, better call saul, it is a miracle that I have avoided all spoliers. Since some shows I am 2-3 weeks behind.

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