FOLLOW THAT CAR! Was Peter Thomas Involved With Apollo Nida’s Crimes?

Dude, you fucked up.

Dude, you fucked up.

When Apollo Nida was indicted for all of his felony fraud charges back in, January of 2014, Peter Thomas’ name was bantered around as being involved in the criminal activity online.  So was Todd Tucker’s.  To me that seemed like just a bunch of blogs trying to make the story related to the show.  I mean Apollo was a known felon.  Phaedra had a suspicious past.  But Peter? Todd?  Not likely.

This week Cynthia made a really odd blog comment that basically said that she had nothing to do with the situation where it came to pass that the FEDs came TO IMPOUND A CAR THEY HAD FOR “years.”  I found that interesting and unimaginable considering where they lived.  They live (or at least Cynthia does) in a townhome which basically has parking for two cars. I doubt they are even allowed to have a third vehicle  not in the garage by the condo association.  None of this made sense to me.

I’m still trying to work it out.  So who wants to work it out with me, because Peter is looking guilty as sin to me.

Let me just list some random thoughts.


RHOA Apollo, Gregg, Peter


From my January 5th recap of RHOA Season 6 epiosode 10.

Cynthia is showing Mallory around Industry Studios. It’s beautiful  and in a part of town where she can probably afford the rent. She shows Mallory around and comes to a room with a white Mercedes and says this is Peter’s new car he just got. She mentions she did not know he was buying it. However, I could swear we already saw this car in a scene with Apollo and Peter where they both had white Mercedes. Am I making that up?

(Updated: I distinctly remember Peter and Apollo filming a scene were the pulled in to parking at the same time and or left at the same time and talked about having the exact same car. White Mercedes. I also recall talking about how I didn’t think it was that unusual at the time. Atlanta is very hot and white cars are very popular because they are cooler.)

Mallory informs Peter that she is moving in for a few months. Peter is not happy that he was not consulted. Cynthia says she didn’t know until just today. Mallory says she heard he bought a car without discussing it with Cynthia. He tells Mal that has nothing to do with her. He tells Cynthia, these type of things need to be discussed between the two of them.

Oddly, the next episode, where Cynthia has her trunk show at “Industry Studios” is entitled “Crunk in the Trunk.” Wonder if that was a hint from production that something was in the trunk?

The repo of the white Mercedes (I’m assuming) from Cynthia and Peter’s house, was likely the one Peter was driving.  Did Apollo get a bunch of money and buy a car for Peter and Phaedra? If so why Peter? And Phaedra never really drove the white Mercedes that long.

Phaedra's house is white now. Notice the THREE car garage.

Phaedra’s house is white now. Notice the THREE car garage. See the huge parking area there? Phaedra won’t let any of her myriad of nannies to park there, they have to block the cul de sac. WHY?

From a recap of Season Seven Episode Two where Phaedra and Apollo meet for Ayden’s dentist appointment on EW.Com

But the editors are working with what they’ve got and hitting us with that narrative arc, anyway. The dentists tells Ayden his back teeth might not be getting enough brushing, so he’ll need to do some “teamwork brushing” with his parents, and precious, crazy-smart Ayden responds, “teamwork brushing, working together.””Cue the sad music that doesn’t let up until everyone is leaving the parking lot and you hear Ayden’s voice say “Where are you going?” as his two parents’ identical white Mercedes diverge in opposite directions on the asphalt. There will be no teamwork brushing for this family, and don’t you forget it, Bravo viewer.

I have a feeling the white Mercedes (plural) will be the undoing of some people.

Oh and check out this post from 2014 where all the Housewives suddenly got cars.

Todd got a Corvette ( ALLEGEDLY from Kandi)

Which reminded me of Nene buying a Masarati and a Land Rover that year.  One was for Gregg.

Kenya and Porsha both started driving Bentleys.

There were so many new cars showing up in 2014, the year Apollo got arrested… that I started a post called YOU GET A CAR AND YOU GET A CAR AND YOU GET A CAR!

It’s all very interesting to me. I’m just saying.  I mean I guess they could have all gotten raises just as Apollo was headed to prison.

I am actually taking a few personal days at them moment. I’m still working, because I must. But I need some time to watch TV and nap and recharge and not have to recap every damn thing.  So I’ve called in a sub to handle the reunion tomorrow as I have dinner plans. :) I promise this is just a temporary recharge and I will be back soon.

In the meantime. Can we talk about this?


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59 responses to “FOLLOW THAT CAR! Was Peter Thomas Involved With Apollo Nida’s Crimes?

  1. WonkyTonk

    I remember the episode where Peter got the car and it was a surprise to Cynthia, and Peter’s reaction to her sister talking about it. I remember thinking at the time how does a husband make a purchase as large as a car without talking about it with his wife especially when she’s been financing his business failures. I don’t know what to make of it really, but I wouldn’t it put it past Peter to have been involved in shady shit. He’s always struck me as shiesty.

    • Minky

      Yep. This whole cast is looking grimier and grimier. This should also beg a reexamination of the Cynthia/Nene friendship. And of the cast always having bullied up on Kenya in the past. Was she the only one who didn’t want any part of whatever the Leakes/Bailey/Burrus/Parks gang were up to. She’s been ostracized for a reason, and there might have been more to those texts than just Apollo flirting with Kenya. Porsha also keeps coming for Cynthia and Peter. Why?

      • nadege

        I heard Apollo was cheating on phaedra with someone else and months ago, some woman said how Apollo and her had sex in the kids bedroom. Plus Apollo went to L.A. with that lady who snitch on him to open fake bank account.

      • Margarett

        Good comment, Minky. Even though it would be a good thing to be ostracized by that clique, it would still hurt my feelings.

        I believe most everyone knew that Apollo was putting things in “storage” in anticipation of his trip. Judging by their on camera behavior, almost any of them would be willing to help. In my eyes they’re a pretty trashy group who would have no problem breaking the law if it were profitable.

        I am probably judging them more harshly than if I actually knew them in real life. Oh well…

      • lori

        Minky, your comment has me totally reexamning the whole Appolo and Kenya at the hotel debacle. Maybe she WAS there, but for a different purpose. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to be tied to having seen him there. I don’t think Kenya would want anything to do with this messy criminal activity, but maybe he was showing her a thing or two (and I don’t mean sex!), trying to convince her to get on board. IDK… it’s late and this shit is just bouncing around in my head while I’m trying to go to sleep. How rude! Shut up head and go to sleep already.

      • Lillie

        This is right up my ally. Mysteries, I love it.

      • Lillie

        This is right up my ally. Mysteries, I love it.

      • Minky

        I hear ya Lori! I’m an insomniac and like, Butters on South Park: “I hate my stupid psychotic brain!”

        Here’s another thing I just remembered that might keep you up for a while: At the reunion where Phaedra “read” Kenya about her lady parts Kenya also got her laptop stolen, I think by one of Apollo and Phaedra’s thug acquaintances if I’m not mistaken.

        I can’t remember whether or not that was the same reunion where Porsha assaulted Kenya. Because, brain.

      • lori

        Yep, it was the same reunion. At least this stuff is fun for us! Lol Their of camera show is so much more entertaining than their on air show! I love a good old who dun it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they all knew they could get a car on the cheap through Apollo.

  2. Rose

    I remember Peter getting that car! He got the car, the studio, the Charlotte bar all at once but I thought it came from the sale of bar one. So much shady stuff who knows what’s reality? Phaedra, Peter and Todd all know more than they let on, maybe even Kandi too. I think Cynthia is clueless.

    • Espi

      I think the whole cast usually knows all the background craziness in any show. Think about it: Nene keeps referring to this experience like a “sisterhood” circa 2014? Aka Everyone drinks the Abby kool aid. This is like a cult. Secrets upon piles of secrets to continue getting those bravo checks. Allegedly

    • nadege

      I do know that kandi knows that phaedra was stealing money and all that shit with Apollo and she even came to the rescue when Phaedra had a hard time telling Andy about Apollo’s job.

  3. Espi

    And that is why I come to TamaraTattles.
    TT drops the mic…..

  4. ZenJen55

    Phaedra was allegedly in on a car loan fraud when she met Lacey Voker and the Voker Twins. Also mortgage fraud, again allegedly. I’m going to guess that Apollo acquired these cars through some sort of loan frauds. Or told certain people how to apply for a “loan”. I don’t think these was obtained in the way Angela Stanton and Everett did by obtaining the Vehicles identification numbers. But I doubt any banking institution would give Apollo a legitimate auto loan.

  5. Zoemonster2

    1 word answer to this TT blog title. YES. Hoodrats. Both.

  6. Miguel

    Smh…can’t wait to see how this unfolds!!! Thanks TT, for another cup of perfectly steeped tea – enjoy your R & R:)

  7. Sam

    I wonder if the demise of Cynthia and Peter’s marriage had as much (or more) to do with her discovering he was involved in all of this, as it did with his philandering (alleged.) I have disliked him from pretty much day one and I also thought it was so telling that her mother and sister would go to such lengths to try to prevent their marriage. There was definitely more to that story than we were privy to.
    Thanks for the tea, TT :)

  8. bria

    ooh….. this is juicy, am excited already

  9. Sweet T

    This is very good. I always thought their car purchases were fake for tv. I like your theory better

  10. Home

    Yes…I remember them driving the same car! A car is a major not telling your wife is Crappy! This is getting interesting…LOL.

  11. More Tea Please!

    “Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean!”

  12. hannahkingrose

    I don’t know why but I always had a feeling that there was something shady going on with Apollo and Peter especially around the time that TT mentioned Peter and Kordell Stewart going into business together. Kordell just kind of disappeared but Peter was able to continue. Could Kordell have discovered that Apollo was involved and he decided he wanted no part of that foolishness? Did Apollo leave a ton of money in the car and Peter has been availing himself of it? Makes you think.

    I agree with all of TT’s points of interest. I’ve always believed where there’s smoke there’s got to be a little fire and Peter seems to be putting out fires on a constant basis. Nothing he’s ever done has seemed on the up and up. He has constantly hidden things from Cynthia throughout their marriage and even before it. He keeps her in the dark on many things financially and his cheating ways. I think TT is right in her assessment of Cynthia making an odd statement in her blog. It seems like she is trying to cover her behind with the Feds letting them know Peter is the one who has aided and abetted a felon allegedly not her. I think she’s had her fill of Peter at this point and has no plans of being another Felon by Bravo even for her husband. She has been trying to make us think they are in a better place in their marriage but this may have pushed it over the edge.

  13. LisaPat

    This is all very plausible.. seems like Cynthia is trying to distance herself from Peters businesses.. and I remember Apollo kept calling Peter collect from prison. I would bet the ranch that Peter was somehow involved, even in a small way. I think Peter, Cynthia AND Kandi and Todd knew what Apollo and Phaedra were doing . And Phaedra ABSOLUTELY had a big hand in Apollo’s scams.

    • nadege

      Yes, kandi knows because her and phaedra are very tight and remember when she came to the rescue and helped phaedra explain to Andy about Apollo’s job.

  14. Katherine 2.0

    Girl, you are on to something big. The behind the scenes machinations are always the most interesting and most arresting. Take your time off. You deserve it.

  15. @immelza

    So will Peter be eventually asundering at FT. Dix? Will Cynthia and Peter need to stay married for spousal privilege like Phadreas and Appolo? Why do people go on TV and break the law, are they stupid or just cocky enough to think they will get away with it?

  16. Kim

    Are these cars leased or outright purchased? I thought I may have read other HWs leased some of their cars (i.e. Melissa Gorga & Porsha). Could that explain any of the “disappearances”? Not sure if that’s the case here but just throwing it out there in the realm of possibility… I’m sure TT has more details than I do (obviously).

  17. Lisaj

    I’d believe they all got a piece of Apollos crimes for sure, without even blinking. I’d be MORE surprised if they hadn’t. Didn’t Porscha get a new car too? Please don’t yell at me if I’m wrong, long week.

    • nadege

      Around that time yes

      • tamaratattles


        have you ever CONSIDERED reading my commenting rules? Because you are not long for this site if you don’t.

        Did you ever notice there are few comments here? That’s because we are selective.

  18. lori

    I have for a long time had the feeling that Peter had become involved in Apollo’s schemes. Something specific on the show had given me that impression, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was now, but I know I commented on it back when. I have also thought that Gregg may have dipped a toe or two in at some point as well. Now I’m sitting here thinking more about it, I wonder if that could be part of the reason that Nene divorced Gregg? Maybe she found out and got scared that if he got in trouble it could affect her? “You did me wrong Gregg!”

    Anyway, I have been waiting for a long time for some other cast members of RHOA to be taken down having to do with this situation. I certainly wouldn’t put it past most of them.

  19. JentheAUBURNfan

    I’m just narrowing down which drunk housewife/husband is commenting as nadege. I’ve got it down to 4

  20. TT, yes, I totally remember the scene you are talking about, where Peter and Apollo pulled up in some parking lot about the same time, and they both were driving the same kind of car.

    I also remember Apollo trying to gift a car to Phaedra for some kind of occasion, and she wouldn’t accept it. Jeeze, I wonder why? She went out and bought her own car.

  21. anabfour

    at the same time we saw peter’s new car, cynthia said that she had just gotten a new car also. it may have been in her talking head.

  22. Mimi

    tsk tsk tsk These women painted Kenya with the scarlet letter. Yet outside of her antics from RHOA and her relationship woes these “good christian women” are the ones with the history of crime and debauchery.
    Cynthia has a deceitful aura. She is a conflicting person, she wants to be seen as honest and peaceful yet everything about her is dishonest including her new face.
    Phaedra is a con artist. I’ve read Angela Stanton book (thank you TT for putting me on to this). There is too much verifiable details for it to be untrue. Phaedra sat with her the ladies and her husband and listen to him boast about spending $8000 on strippers and she didn’t even make one of her nasty faces to indicate she was surprised by the revelation. Apollo said to her in his last episode on the show that he paid for the house. Today she acts like a wounded wife who was deceived by her husband. She said she thought he was out working. Where would Apollo find a job with his fraudulent criminal past, that would provide him with income for a house, expensive cars, thousands of dollars for strippers and the fancy clothing he wore?
    The others may not be in to criminal activities, but they are too stupid/classless/tactless to be left out of my rant

  23. Dee

    Is it possible that many of them profited from Apollo’s money making schemes?

    • JoJoFLL

      I think Phaedra, Apollo, Peter, and Greg Leakes profited from this mess.

      Peter’s ego doesn’t match his bank account.

    • Calipatti

      I doubt it, except possibly Peter. Why would Appolo share with these women?
      Phaedra certainly would not allow it and it makes no sense he would give them anything.

      Greg and Todd probably knew Appolo was not legal but they are smart enough to not want to know more.
      Peter appears to know a lot more, no idea if he benefitted. Cynthia should just keep quiet even on her blog. Most of these people are stupid when it comes to being quiet.

      I don’t want to be told secrets and get furious when told after the fact it’s a secret.

  24. Bella

    I always found it strange when Phaedra became a “mortician”. I haven’t heard of her actually working a funeral since getting her liscenced. Hmmm I wonder if she and Apollo had a plan. Maybe she would use the names of the people she buried to get their claws on any “unclaimed” money from the government. Remember at one of the reunions, that’s what she said Apollo did for a living. “Help people retrieved unclaimed money from the government.” But once he went to “college” she abandoned the venture. Just a thought.

  25. Cheychey

    I always thought Peter was as shady as Cynthia’s sunglass line. As we know from Teresa and Joe that I’m totally oblivious to what my husband is doing doesn’t fly. If Peter was involved with some sketchy business with Apollo which I most certainly think he was Cynthia not only knew about it but profited from it. She was aware that Peter was opening and closing different businesses all over town. Who does that. Maybe someone who trying to help keep money from being tracable.

    • Dee

      Cheychey, exactly what I’m thinking. Claiming ignorance while at the same time profiting from the crime is as bad as doing the crime.

  26. Laura

    Of course Apollo would no way be able to get a job making that much money. But I haveto say that Kandi is the richest of all those girls and she can DEFINITELY afford a new corvette!

  27. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    When I watched the best brunch episode and everyone was pulling up or getting into their cars, I was wondering what happened to all those fabulous vehicles. I recall that Porsha’s Bentley was a gift from her African boyfriend and I do remember Peter buying a car without consulting with his wife… But you make a good point TT, somethings fishy. This also makes me wonder about NeNe getting so worked up about how good a friend she’s been to Cynthia. Remember she kept insinuating that Cynthia knows what she had done for her. I always got the feeling she was referring to something having to do with money. Maybe it has something to do with keeping secrets.

  28. loriflack

    ? oh what a tangled web we weave…?

  29. JoJoFLL

    I just want to address the issue of buying a car and not telling your spouse. I’ve done it before but we have separate checking accounts for our own bills.

  30. Cat

    I wonder if this doesn’t cross over into RHONJ territory. TT, didn’t you have a post once about Teresa giving someone (I think it was Nene) advice? Or was it Nene giving Teresa advice? I don’t remember.

    I do remember commenting that maybe Teresa was stashing things at Nene’s place. I can believe that Peter is involved, and maybe even Nene and Greg. But somehow, I don’t believe Todd and Kandi would get involved.

    Hmmmmm…too bad you can’t get the VIN number to trace the ownership.

  31. tamaratattles

    Did ya’ll hear Cynthia say on the reunion last night that the car the FEDs came for was “like a red car, a vintage car.”

    If you had a car on your property for years would you not know exactly what kind of car it was? Red? Have we ever seen Apollo in a red car? His neighbors sure haven’t. Whose car was that? Maybe the woman who went to prison first? Or was Cynthia making that part up?

  32. Lime Brain

    I’m annoyed and now remember why I don’t really watch this show. My cable company doesn’t have this show on demand and Hulu doesn’t carry the current season. I don’t understand why Bravo doesn’t have this on demand. It has just about every other show they carry on it.

    It pissed me off that it didn’t have the fashion show with Bev, Derrick and Laurance on it either. I loved that show.

    I wanted to watch some episodes to try to figure out this car mystery.

  33. GIA

    Peter is shady as all get out. Just what is hs business? Living off his wife’s investments?

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