Million Dollar Listing New York Set to Return For Season Five!

Instagram Fredrik Eklund

Instagram Fredrik Eklund

Bravo seems to be starting advertising  for upcoming seasons a good five weeks before they air these days.  Their latest new season trailer is for season five of Million Dollar Listing. Luis, Fredrik and Ryan are all back. The new listings look amazing, I can’t wait to see all of the drool worthy real estate.

According to the NYPost. “Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” filmed last night’s launch party for 1 Great Jones Alley, a boutique 16-unit NoHo condo with a gated alley entrance.  The bash was co-hosted by the Eric Firestone Gallery, which displayed photographs from Tseng Kwong Chi’s “The Downtown Artists Series, 1980’s in NoHo,” including rarely seen photos of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, who all lived or worked on Great Jones Street. Elliman’s Fredrik Eklund, star of “MDLNY,” and John Gomes are the building’s listing brokers.”


Sidenote: If the video won’t play for you, it seems Bravo’s trailers no longer support Internet Explorer. :(

The PR with this trailer said, “This season, superstar real estate agents Fredrik, Luis, and Ryan tackle their toughest clients and most dramatic personal challenges yet. Fredrik struggles to regain his focus in the wake of devastating fatherhood news and hopes that securing the biggest developments of his career can put him back on track. Meanwhile, Luis says “adios” to his quarter-life crisis as he takes on more responsibility than ever, but realizes that finding his identity may be his toughest deal yet. Always expanding, Ryan’s business sees record growth, but he soon finds that maintaining massive sales and juggling his engagement may be too much to negotiate. In a city where it’s survival of the fittest, this season will determine once and for all if there’s room enough at the top for all three agents.”

Fredrik got devastating news when his surrogate had a miscarriage last September. Fredrik said, “I’m sad to share we’ve had a failed pregnancy. I have cried so much that I can’t cry anymore. We were pregnant with twins but we’re not anymore.” In a public statement. You can read all about that by clicking here.

I’m upset that Luis will be very emotional again this season. I wish he could get himself into a relationship that would make him happy. He has so much success and no one to share it with.

Ryan will continue to be Ryan and we will have to hear all of the drama of the wedding planning, or lack their of. And sadly he is an asshole to Luis again this season. I like Ryan much more when he is nicer to  Luis. I wish they would stop with all the producer driven fights on

I love all the real estate shows. I really enjoyed getting to see all the San Francisco real estate. But #MDLNY is my favorite franchise. What’s yours?


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15 responses to “Million Dollar Listing New York Set to Return For Season Five!

  1. gluedtothepc

    Can’t WAIT!! Love these three, and LOVE seeing all of the high-end NYC real estate. I, too, wish Luis could find someone to share his life with. I like the good-natured ribbing, but don’t care for the fighting between these three.

  2. YAY! I always think the one I am watching is my favorite. I love these shows. But I do think probably
    N.Y. Though I do love the Josh’s and the Brits. I don’t know. Too close to call. While N.Y. is on I will watch it and love it.. Live in the moment LOL. Better than any H.W. show!!!!

  3. Miguel

    I like NY best 2, TT!

  4. I just slightly prefer this over LA. Had no interest in SF. Can’t wait for this to be on again. I follow Fredrik on Facebook so I knew the news last fall, sad none the less. I also prefer Ryan to be nice to Luis. He seems out of character when he’s being a dick.

  5. Kika

    Thank God! Was about to give up on Bravo what with the horrible messes that Atlanta, Potomic, New Jersey, OC, and Beverly Hills have become. Wish they would start some new Million Dollar Listings in other cities.

  6. A Little Birdie

    LA is my favorite. I am going to start watching New York again. I didnt quite click with SF. Maybe I will try it again. I think I was over Ryan and that’s why I stopped watching

    • Ryan has calmed down a lot since Emilia came into the picture. They gave him a good edit last season (and the season prior). Sounds like that is changing with the upcoming season.

  7. Thanks for the heads up, TT. First, I am typing this on my new galaxy 7 phone! So happy we are getting back to million dollars NY! Happy Fredrik is back.

    • Erica

      Next open tea thread, Im asking you what you think of that phone!

      I’m also pleased it is back. NYC is my favorite. I LOVE Fredrik (he and his hubby are some serious eye candy). Ryan and Luis frustrate the shit out of me at times, but I find them interesting. (But if I had won that massive Powerball a few months back – I was going to get a pied a terre in NY, and I was going to try and get Fredrik as my agent! LOL.

      I am torn between San Francisco and LA. I loved Roh for a multitude of reasons – but wasn’t really crazy about the other two. LA – I love Josh Flagg. I still miss his grandmother. (What an amazing woman). The British twins are interesting I guess – but even though I know they aren’t brothers, I can’t keep them straight in my mind.

  8. More Tea Please!

    Yay for MDLNY, I love this show! What a great change it will be from the Jumped the Shark Real Housewives.

  9. ZenJen55

    Close call, too close so I think we should have a brokered convention!

  10. Jim

    “I’m upset that Luis will be very emotional again this season. I wish he could get himself into a relationship that would make him happy. He has so much success and no one to share it with.”

    Ugh! I wish this obvious closet-case could forget his Puerto Rican catholic upbringing and embrace his homosexuality. It’s so painful to watch him pretend to be straight.

    But yes, I’m very excited for the new season. Ryan and Fredrik are fricking awesome RE agents and great reality TV personalities.

  11. Demeter

    I used to watch this show. I had to stop. I find Ryan so repulsive. He is so smarmy and conceited. I wish they would replace him so I could watch again. I really like Fredrik and Luis.

    • tamaratattles


      I’m you missed Ryan’s redemption arc. It made the show better. He went from repulsive to comical. So there was that. That said, I don’t think this is the season you should attempt to come back. It seems he is back to scumbucket for season five.

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