How To Get Away With Murder: Another Season Ends With a Bang

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This post will include spoilers for this past season of How to Get Away With Murder. Stop reading now if you are not all caught up, and then check back later!

Last night was the season two finale of HTGAWM, even though it really seemed like four seasons due to the winter break. I don’t know about you, but over the winter break I forgot most of the storyline. I’d much rather they show the full season without interruption.  Or at least wrap some things up before the break.

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Also, season two took on a different format from the first season.  In season one, we had a procedural case that seemed to in some way provide clues or at least relate to all the murdering going on.  For season two, we had only the Hapstall case that didn’t seem to have much bearing on the killings that the lawyers and law students were doing. And we had the requisite time shifts, this time going back 10 years  We found out that ten years ago, Annalise lost a son in a car accident at the very end of her pregnancy.  We also find out that she is not in fact Wes’s mother, as we suspected for awhile.  And we find out that he has a father who is alive.  Well at least he was. What are the odds in getting bloody from both of your parents’ murders?

It looks like Frank, as usual is responsible for a lot of death this season. We found out that the favor Sam called in to get Frank to kill Lila was based on Sam not telling  Annalise that he tapped her phone for her client, Wallace Mahoney in exchange for a suitcase full of money. Why has he not spent any of that money? I guess he will do that now that he is on the lamb. I’m not sure if it was before or after Lauren spilled the beans about Frank to Annalise.  Will he come back?

I have a feeling we will see Frank again in season three. I predict the big case will be him being on trial for killing Wallace Mahoney. But did he do it? It’s possible. But why would he do it broad daylight in front of Wes? It’s not his style.  I mean splattering the guy’s brains all over his son seemed a bit much. Even for Frank.  And that has got to mess Wes’s head up even further, and he seemed to be headed for psychiatric problems already this season.

I tuned out so much of the Hapstall that I barely noticed that Caleb was the killer all along and killed himself when it was discovered. Let’s hope that case stays dead.

I thought Annalise’s trip to visit her mother did nothing for the momentum of the story. It was clearly just a way to have Cicely Tyson come back on the show. Which was nice, but seemed like pandering. I could have gone all day without the “mock baby funeral.” Again. Unnecessary.

What the hell happened with Rebecca? Did I miss that? Did Bonnie kill her? I can’t quite recall all of that.

Michaela and Asher? Why?  This makes even less sense than Bonnie and Asher.

Today, TVLine posted that Oliver will be promoted to a full cast regular next season.  That is great, but they have taken a favorite character and completely changed his personality.  He was the sweet, sincere boyfriend that Connor was treating like crap. Sure he was coaxed into a little harmless hacking,  but since he got a positive HIV test, he really seems to be sort of an adrenaline junkie. And now he has denied Connor’s acceptance to Stanford behind his back? That’s dirty.  We really need one good person on this show.

We still have some member of the Keating Five who might be redeemable. Maybe Lauren or Micheala?

What are your thoughts on this season?



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10 responses to “How To Get Away With Murder: Another Season Ends With a Bang

  1. A Little Birdie

    Yes Bommie killed Rebecca. I was not surprised Caleb turned out to be the killer but it seemed like Phillip had something to do with it. Strange how that turned out… I agree Asher and Michaela makes no sense. No one with Asher makes sense. I feel bad for Wes. It seems like the poor kid just can’t catch a break.

  2. JennLovesAndy

    Damn! Should have watched this today. I watched last weeks last night. I also watched finale of American Crime- good show.

  3. This show would benefit from a straight 16 week run with a 12 week hiatus. There are too many strings to keep straight.
    I agree with TT about the baby funeral.I almost felt like Cicely Tyson’s character was one step away from being off the boat and practicing old earth magic.
    I also wonder what the hell the point is in showing Annalise repeatedly in her most vulnerable aspect, makeup-less, wigless, runny-nosed. I got the point a season ago that her enhanced beauty is her armor and showing us the de-glamorized AK is meant to indicate her when her guard is down.

  4. DarkThoughts

    I still love the show cuz Viola Davis. I need Wes to stop growing a vagina in his pants. I couldn’t care less about Caleb. All 3 Hapsells were so annoying.

    I’m gonna predict Wallace is not Wes’s father but his son is. The ending blew me away…

    • tamaratattles

      For some reason this made me realize how odd it must be to be a male who could possibly have children they have no idea about. As a female, I just find it so odd that someone could show up in your life and say, “surprise! I’m your kid!’

    • JennLovesAndy

      Yes!! Hadn’t thought of it but definitely a possibility.

  5. Home

    I love this show but I find myself DVRing 3 episodes and then watching because it was getting hard to keep up with the storylines . I had a feeling Caleb was too good to be true, the whole Hapstell case had my head spinning at times with the different twists and turns. I did appreciate the time gave me more insight on Annalise, Frank and Wes.

    I do believe Frank killed Mahoney..although someone in his position could have had many enemies…I believe it was Frank’s doing after the truth came out. And yes, I agree that this isn’t the end of Frank. Wes is too fragile for me…smh. I like Oliver and glad his role is expanding. I think there is only hope for the women in the Keating 5.

  6. Rose

    Poor poor Wes…he can’t ever catch a break! I think it was Frank who made the shot. What I don’t get is Sam’s reaction to Frank causing the accident that lost his baby. I kind of liked the single storyline but didn’t think Caleb was the killer. Nice that Oliver will be a regular but I’m not sure I like how they’re changing his character. I expected more on his HIV status this season but don’t even remember it even being mentioned at all. Are these kids still in law school? Would like to see more of each character developed. The flashbacks and forwards are to much, occasional would be better.

  7. jb44

    I enjoy this show and agree the complete season should be aired all at once to avoid confusion. The characters are so unlikable, but compelling. I am glad to hear Oliver will be a full cast member and hope they don’t change his character too much. I need someone to actually route for, not just wonder how they are going to get out of a mess.

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