The People v OJ Simpson Discussion Episode 7: Conspiracy Theories

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This week, The People v OJ Simpson took a bit of a shift out of the courtroom. Despite being the episode with the most famous moment of the trial, when OJ tried on the glove, most of the action was out of the courtroom. Which means most of it was largely fabricated, because no one knows what happened outside the courtroom unless someone who was there wrote a memoir. This show is based on a book by a journalist . Not to say it is not an accurate book. It is simply as accurate as it can be without actually witnessing anything outside the courtroom.

The Gloves

The arguments about what to do about introducing the glove, or not introducing it between Clark and Darden were presented with much creative license.  Afterall, this is not a documentary.   That said, I thought the shot of the defense attorney trying on the glove in court was ridiculous. Take your freedoms with the things that the entire country was not watching. Like the back and forth between the two legal teams over the issue.

This  whole bantering back and forth comes from a book  American Tragedy by James Willwerth and Lawrence Schiller. Both authors are known for writing “the uncensored story” of multiple big trials. I don’t find them credible. Particularly in relation to Darden and Clark’s memoirs. Edited to clarify,  the primary script, as we discussed before,  was based on Jeffery Toobin’s book,  THESE SCENES that didn’t seem genuine to me were based off of the Willwerth/Schiller book.  I hope this will stop the new arrival from screaming that the show is based on the Toobin book, 500 times from the window licking section. There is nothing more annoying than someone “correcting” you when they come in late on the conversation. The fact that the script is based on Toobin’s book, a fact I had to correct someone on last week has nothing to do with the scenes I am discussion HERE. Speaking of Toobin, I noticed he is still on CNN covering the presidential race.

This was another episode where Cuba Gooding Jr did not make sense to play OJ. He does not have big hands. And more importantly he refused to watch any of the trial. It appears no one properly directed him in the scene either. Because OJ smirking throughout his entire performance attempting to try on the gloves was chilling. Remember these are the actual gloves that were used to nearly decapitate the mother of his children.

Also, Cochran’s  Columbian Necktie conspiracy brought that term into the consciousness of a large percentage of the American population.


The Relationship with Darden and Clark

Darden’s book came out about the same time as the book this show was based on and he didn’t say one way or the other if his relationship with Clark was a romantic or physical one. I enjoyed the road trip scenes mostly because it gave Clark a chance to point out the ludicrous theory that all of the physical evidence was planted by a squad of super smart racist cops with access to OJ’s blood.

Robert Kardashian’s Struggle With Questions of OJ Guilt

Despite what seems like a direct attempt to disparage the Kardashian Klan.  I was impressed with the airing of Kardashian’s struggle about there being no other plausible explanation about who killed Ron and Nicole.  It humanized some of the defense. It seems obvious that Shapiro would have been wanting to suggest a plea deal for OJ as the evidence was overwhelming.  I do remember that pin he wore in court causing major headlines. Each member of the Dream Team was quite a character, including Dershowitz who would fact in his contributions from Harvard.

With just three shows left, they have a lot of ground to cover.  What were your thoughts on last night’s show?


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24 responses to “The People v OJ Simpson Discussion Episode 7: Conspiracy Theories

  1. Tulsateacher

    I wish that Marcia had made that same speech while using the shot glasses in reality. That would was breaking it down into something the jury could understand. The LAPD would have to be the most amazing police force in history to pull off a conspiracy of that magnitude and in that short of time. The defence’s argument that the LAPD is inept would have been proven invalid by their own arguments. The DNA evidence was such a new science and the jury didn’t get it. I read too much about this trial; I promise to not be annoying.

    • tamaratattles

      Marcia was a guest host on The View this morning. They tried to get her to say one way or the other whether she and Darden were screwing at the time. She said they were very close and that is all that she was going to say. Then she smirked the “we totally did it” smirk. I thought she was trying to make us believe they did when they didn’t. Then I thought about all the single lawyers I’ve ever know, and that leads me to believe they were as a twatty dishwasher would say, “They were totally bonin’.”

      What do you think?

  2. I hated that they had Shapiro try the gloves on during the recess. That was so ridiculously inaccurate…you’re just going to leave the grandest piece of evidence unguarded for anyone to come and touch….bullocks!!!

  3. Dee

    Ugh, that scene with the gloves was awful! They were covered in dried blood, then he tried them on with rubber gloves while flexing his hands. Of course they weren’t going to fit.

  4. BeetsWhy

    The gloves being tried on was horrible to me at the time (and still now), I remember screaming at the television that LEATHER SHRINKS when not used and stored improperly for a period of time!!! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. That was a bad day for me, no soap operas and all OJ all the time and now they blew it.

    It’s kind of beyond stretching in the liberties the writer is taking with the story line, I mean did Darden and Clark invite him along on their weekend trip to Oakland? It would be comical if it didn’t involve two innocent people being murdered.

  5. BeetsWhy

    I also have a problem with the acting and casting, Cuba is great but he knows nothing of OJs facial expressions and his demeanor during this trial. TT you are so right about his terrible acting when the gloves were tried on, it’s burned in the brains of everyone who was watching at the time. He was acting!

    I still can’t stand Schwimmer as Kardashian, was he really that wimpy in his speech and body language?

    Travolta as Shapiro is ridiculous, he has lost any acting ability…if he ever had it. Must have relinquished that when he got to Xeno Level Six in Scientolgy.

    The guy that plays Carl Douglas is a nice looking guy, not anywhere near the real Carl Douglas whose teeth and mouth are repulsive…could they not afford fake teeth for the poor actor?

    Only three episodes left, it seems they won’t be covering his kidnapping/robbery charges and him finally being put away.

  6. DarkThoughts

    Just my opinion but…

    I had always wondered how the O.J. Had been found not guilty. I saw the Bronco chase on TV and knew of the evidence. Now, I understand. Clark never had a chance. The theories, the jury, the presentation.

    Pitiful. No justice for 2 horrific murders.

  7. Liz Whitney

    Geeze, such a giant cluster fornication. It is so upsetting to see how easily a jury, or a people, can be played. Such a load of crap, and they swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Cochran was a conman with a law degree. There is no way that he believed Simpson to be innocent. No possible way. He dumped that whole truck load of crap on the jury and the American people knowing full well what it was. He should be sitting in that cell next to the murdering OJ right now. Just my opinion.

  8. The acting is very good on this but Cuba Gooding Jr. Courtney Vance and Sarah Paulson are excellant.

  9. I am going to miss getting to watch Sarah Paulson every week when this ends. I hope she wins an Emmy. Apparently Cuba is going crazy with his new popularity and young people recognising him and is losing his shit at clubs in LA. He is topless and sweaty in the photos and he is getting beat up for assaulting women.

  10. Rose

    Kardashian really comes across as a big wimp but I think he always had doubts about his guilt. I still remember the look of surprised disbelief on his face at the verdict. Totally agree the glove scene wasn’t as chilling as the real OJ. Shapiro trying on the unguarded gloves was utter nonsense.

  11. JoJoFLL

    This is every bit as good as I was hoping it would be. Except for Cuba, all the acting is good. Even Ross Kardashian redeemed himself.

  12. Twilly

    Thanks for the heads up about the gloves scene. I had to turn it off. Such a cringe worthy moment, I couldn’t stomach it. How could Cuba refuse to watch the trial yet think he could accurately portray OJ? He’s so miscast.

  13. Home

    I watch this series every week…it brings back so many memories! Kardashian thought OJ was guilty all along. I too remember the look of bewilderment when the verdict NOT GUILTY was announced. He just stood there id disbelief. I also remember the Cochran wife scandal…that was GREAT tea back then….never knew he was a complete asshole until the scandal came out.

    I love the acting..especially John Travolta. Shapiro was a sneaky son of a gun…

  14. Glow

    I always believed OJ was guilty but neither the prosecution’s case or the trial convinced me of that. Having followed this case closely at the time and reading the books later release, I am enjoying the show…for entertainment purposes.

  15. Toi

    Courtney B Vance is playing the sh$t out of Johnny Cochran.

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