Porsha Williams Faints on Flight

RHOA Porsha

Well, that is pretty much the whole story. Porsha fainted on a flight from Atlanta to Miami. It’s less than two hours in the air.  Her sister says she has  issues with low blood sugar (which is common when you don’t eat regularly).  They gave her some sugar and she was fine. According to TMZ.

This is one of those days when I have a thousand things to do, and can’t seem to get them all prioritized beyond buy a new power cord for the laptop. So I have a favor to ask.

In light of the heavy nature of some of the comments today, could we have some fun with this subject? I’d love some jokes in the comments. I wish I could think of something.  My first thought was she wears those “waist trainers” and got a case of the vapors that Phaedra would be jealous of.

RHOA Porsha

I know it’s Porsha, but for me, in just these comments can we focus on funny rather than mean?  Snarky but not evil?

I have faith in y’all to lighten my mood because I am going to go up a tree like Cat if you don’t!


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27 responses to “Porsha Williams Faints on Flight

  1. Erica

    Kathy Griffin has this wonderful bit about how when you faint, people see your pussy. (It is how she knew Marie Osmond faked her faint on Dancing with the Stars – she didn’t show us her pussy).

    I wonder if Porcha flashed her pussy to anyone. Well, we know she has, but when she fainted???

    (Is it evil of me to wonder also if she peed her pants too, which sometimes happens)

    • tamaratattles

      You are now my favorite poster of all time, Erica.

      Key word “now” I am very sometimey in this area, ask anyone.

      That said, in Porsha’s case where she is always in danger of showing us her pussy, I’d think we would know she fainted if we were NOT looking at it.

      But I’ll be damned if your comment didn’t give me a HILARIOUS visual (that was much needed today) of Porsha slumped in an aisle seat with a rented Louboutin blocking the aisle as a flight attendant happens upon her with her cootchie hanging out and boob fallen out of her top, unable to be revived.

      It makes me wonder how it was determined that she fainted other than being passed out…

      • Carie

        I really have to stop reading this site while drinking; good vodka cost! 😀

      • Erica

        And THIS made my day! And the added detail of a RENTED Louboutin… cherry on top.

        I concur that with Porsha… the cookie not out and about is a sign of unconsciousness.

        (Note to self… when traveling cross country next month, wear pants and turtle neck just in case.)

      • BKSweetheart


    • Xanadude

      This is a perfect comment.

  2. Preggers?
    (smirk, smirk)

  3. ShyGuy

    I caught the tail end of dish nation before bed last night and porsha was great with the skit she did. While I don’t think she or Phaedra should return next season she is amazing on dish.

  4. Minky

    Oh Porsha! Doesn’t she know that when they say “drop it like it’s hot” that means just your ass, not your whole body?

  5. Judilu

    Semen can be considered a “superfood” as it only 1 percent sperm, the rest is vitamins and protein…So shouldn’t she be well “fed”

  6. JustJenn

    I don’t have the faintest idea why anyone is even covering this story.

  7. I heard that the reason Porsha fainted was because while she was on the plane she was watching the CW’s Underground and realized that not only was there not a working train, but all the people running were slaves! And all of them were black. The Shock!!!

  8. Lisaj

    For some reason at first glance I thought it said Porscha Williams farts on plane and all I could think was wow slow news day.

  9. Grandmalou

    She fainted when she realized the airplane really goes up up and away. Poor little tink tink thought it was a big ole tax that went really fast on the runway. Not to mention that no one told her that Miami was not in Georgia.

  10. TD

    The doctor probably said “I’m about to give you life”.

  11. A voice came over the loudspeaker saying “I would like Porsha to spell scepter.” “GO”

    • Latinasyn

      Omg this was funny!!! Kenya is so quick witted… Love it. The scepter jokes keep on giving more laughs!!! That’s why she got so angry n went all ghetto on Kenya bcs not only could she not spell it she knew she got her! Jaja

  12. @immelza

    Did the Doctors proclaim “I’m about to give you life?” before reviving her?

  13. Amy

    I think she faked it so that everyone would speculate if she was pregnant.

  14. T D

    Fakes on a plane?

  15. T D

    Leavin’ on a jet feint.

  16. McMindyTX

    I’ve read the recently posted RHOA blogs, and wow, you are beyond kind in not throwing arrows at some who are so deserving. Love it. They can keep digging their hole–“working on getting to know each other” “moved beyond xxx transgressions” “look forward to my future”. Maybe the liberry will get some books–or not! I know you said not to be mean–hoping I didn’t cross the line–but I believe if someone has a history of aggression (court), they are awarded a similar lack of compassion.

    • Calipatti

      The only enjoyment I see in RHOA are TT’s posts and the folks who comment in here.
      This group could have its own radio show, except we’ld be off the air due to language and content not suitable.

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