Tonight on The Mother Daughter Experiment Kim Wants to Quit

WWHL with Kim Richards


This show is just another in a long stream of poor choices that Kim Richards has made. I don’t know how else to explain this train wreck.  Let’s review. Kim is an alcoholic who is not currently working a program according to all the signs we have seen.  It appears she has not met her probation requirements and will be returning to court soon to give a judge an update on her progress.  At this time Monty was still alive but near death. She was estranged from various siblings and her children on and off. And so she decides to do a bottom of the barrel reality show with her daughter Kimberly who appears to be extremely codependent towards her mother.

On tonight’s episode they do that ridiculous stunt only actually carried out on reality TV therapy.  Someone is dead. Life is too short. Yes, the dreaded tombstone therapy.  In this case it’s Kim’s tombstone. These TV idiots who are in no way qualified to deal with all of the triggers they are going to push on Kim in order to get a “good TV show.”


This is so unsettling.  Andy Cohen would not even stoop this low. And why doesn’t Kimberly just get her mother out of there? In the show summary it says that “Kim turns on Kimberly.” I would think that Kimberly of all people would know this was a really bad idea.  This is why Kim needs a sponsor to tell her things like she is not in the right place to do reality TV.

I think I am going to pass on doing a blow by blow recap of this show tonight. I’ll just post comments as I watch. Or try to watch. Because what more can you say, really?  There just are no words for this.

The Mother Daughter Experiment Airs Tonight at 10 pm on Lifetime


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57 responses to “Tonight on The Mother Daughter Experiment Kim Wants to Quit

  1. Tracyeau

    I don’t know if we’ll get this program in Oz but based on that clip I won’t be watching. Just so, so wrong and very sad.

  2. loriflack

    Won’t be watching … but she looks super cute in that black and white shirt. The end.

  3. Miguel

    I totally understand, TT; and have actually stopped commenting on your Kim posts (though, I do read them). You keep saying for us to be kind which I can’t do – the Kim-show has been, is, and will continue to be in poor taste. This is incredulous!!! I can’t pretend to be supportive of someone doing themselves in before my eyes. If she isn’t helping herself to heal, I’m not interested! The people I truly feel for are those whom are sincerely invested in her sobriety – the rest are simply enablers, users and self-promoters… sigh!!!

  4. Heidi

    Hopefully, Kim will exit the world of reality TV, take responsibility for her actions, and focus on her sobriety.

  5. Sabrina

    Thanks much for saying this, TT. Your comments have been kind, but in a way that too encourages Kim to continue the charade. When she told Andy last week that she needed to deal with her anger/hurt before seeing Kyle, it became crystal clear- her “recovery program” includes no introspection, no attempt to view it from other’s point of view, no 12 steps, no apology. It is always, and only about Kim and what Kim wants. It also , clearly, includes no cessation of her psych meds, and therefore no time sober. She is utterly lost- to say she had been sober for 3 1/2 years until then was just offensive and profoundly sad to me. Her appearance, like much of reality TV, sets a terrible example to others in trouble.

    It is apparent that some are helping Kim avoid facing her challenges directly, that none of last year’s events were a “bottom”, and that she remains without treatment (taking it seriously) or remorse. Kim’s apologia tour is about getting back on TV and making money- and anyone who helps her do this as she continues to fail to face her issues is hurting- not helping.

    I could be sad for all involved- but truth be told, they have had so many opportunities to turn this around- I am more disappointed/disgusted. It appears they have all decided to let her do it her way- and self- destruct.

    • tamaratattles

      I have no idea why everyone insists on blaming everyone around Kim. Kim is a fifty something year old woman. What exactly would you like her family to do? They have put her in rehab MULTIPLE TIMES and she leaves. They’ve gotten her TV work where they can keep a close eye on her. They held multiple interventions, some even televised. They offered her more rehab. They’ve hired a sober coach on multiple occaisions. They’ve taken her to therapists. They’ve ignored her and let her lose her house. They driven her to doctors appointments and taken her to the hospital.


    • Sliceo'pie

      I’m very troubled by a comment you made that is incorrect –you think that in order to be truly sober one needs to cease taking their psych medication. That is a ridiculous and uninformed opinion. I’ve been sober for 23 years and the program encourages people to continue taking their psych medication, while under the supervision of a doctor. I know many men and women of good, long standing in the program who take medication for depression and or anxiety.

      I’m fairly certain you’ve written this comment before-I doubt very highly you’re in the program or in the medical profession so I don’t know where you got your information. I kept my mouth shut the last time but this time it really bothered me. I thought of someone new in AA , taking medication, reading your comment and becoming concerned they they should get off their meds.

      Re’ Family. The best thing my family did was pretty much dis-own me. My upper middle class family dumped me in a Salvation Army Rehab Facility in Philadelphia It was a fucking nightmare. 110 men, 20 women – 18 of the women hated me and regularly threatened to beat me up. I was lucky I reached, “Rock Bottom” at 28. Everyone refused to cushion my fall anymore.

      Her family has done TOO much for her. It’s time for them to turn their backs on her, watch her fail probation and land in jail for a few days. By doing that, it will save her. Kim’s got to reach her bottom. I can see her in eyes (yrs of experience) she STILL hasn’t taken the first step and admitted she’s powerless over alcohol. You can feel the psychic pain emanating from her body. I feel sad for her. There but for the grace of God…

      • Sabrina

        Thanks very much for catching that poor use of language and allowing me to make my point more correctly. And, in answer to your question, I , too, have been working with both medical and psychiatric docs in helping family members who have been ensnarled in both chemical dependency and psychological vulnerability issues in my family for years, as many on this site have. Many I love have also been embroiled in this ugly nightmare. So I am both close to it and can see it in her eyes as you do- she is not facing the truth , but her words last night made it clear she is running from it, hoping Kimberly would help her do that. .

        I completely agree that in many cases people with alcohol ( and other) addictions can be helped enormously when treated with psychiatric drugs, in care closely managed by physicians who are expert in this area. I do not believe that, in order to be sober, one must be void of psychiatric drugs at all, you’re right, of course. Well managed, they can help enormously. But we also know that this is a very difficult area, as patients become dependent/fragile/react very differently, and often not well, to the meds.
        I do believe that there have been a multitude of examples, including last night’s show, when Kim is clearly being over medicated somehow, and there has been broad press coverage of the fact that Kim has been openly seeking psych/pain meds outside of medical settings . Much of the discussion below acknowledges a broadly-held conclusion that Kim has been overusing psych meds for some time. And my comment does assume that, at some point in most treatment plans, patients ‘ drugs are removed/reduced, in order to determine what is helpful and what is not. The comment was aimed at the need for detox to better understand the situation.

        I too believe those who have been helping Kim have helped TOO MUCH. One example is that whoever paid her most recent attorneys to avoid any penalty from the Target incident, beyond those already imposed after the hotel one, did not help her one bit. I sincerely hoped at that point any Judge seeing such a pattern in a brief period, following her multiple disappearances from rehab facilities in the middle of the night without participating in the therapies, would order court- supervised evaluations and treatment- or make someone take it seriously. That did not happen- and attorneys somehow talked that judge into excusing the fact that she had switched facilities, in one case, during the middle of the previous night(before a court hearing) – without working with the docs there at all. I have watched family attorneys play all kinds of games and know in the end that doesn’t help the patient in need at all.

        I too ache for her family, and for Kim, as most of us do, and pray that she does take it seriously eventually and seeks recovery. Her comments at the end reinforce a perception that many have- that she is more concerned about how it looks, rather than getting well.

      • ktwallis

        Sliceo’pie – I didn’t see TT say this but I did see Sabrina. You are absolutely right, the majority of psych meds would not be contraindicated in someone working on their sobriety but I think many medical professionals would think twice before prescribing xanax or a psych med that was easily/often abused to someone in recovery. This definitely does not apply to all – or even most – psych meds. But I’d imagine that’s what they are getting at. I don’t think they would suggest she should go off her zoloft or paxil or something.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Please stop saying that in order to be clean one needs to cease taking their psych meds!! I recently read a post that said almost the same thing and I’m fairly certain you were the poster. It’s an extremely irresponsible thing to say. Under the supervision of a doctor, one should absolutely stay on their medication while in the program-in fact the program encourages this. Thank God the medication is available-many in AA are dual diagnosis.

      It drives me crazy when people talk about AA /Sobriety when they have no friggin idea what they’re talking about.

      As far as her family? What would you have them do? Commit her? Drag her into rehab by her ear? How long do you think she will stay sober when she gets out?

      Sobriety has to come from within. When Kim finally admits powerlessness and accepts that her life is totally unmanageable then she will be on the first step towards becoming sober. No one do the work but Kim – her friends, her family her sponsor (if she even has one).

      Again, you act like you know what you’re talking about but you have no idea…I’ve been going to AA meetings for 32 years-I may not know much about a lot of things but AA and Sobriety –this I know about. I wish you’d just listen and not offer an opinion on this subject. I hope no one knew to the program who that irresponsible dribble you wrote and thought they shouldn’t be taking their meds..

      • Sliceo'pie

        Please ignore my 2nd comment- God, I hope they aren’t more –When I posted my first comment it said my server was down – I tried a few times – same thing..sorry! Computers are not my forte!

  6. Gapeachinsc

    Maybe Kimberly was hoping that the two of them spending time with each other doing this show would help aid in her mom’s sobriety. Loved ones are often just as dysfunctional and will go to extremes trying anything and everything in the hopes that things will get better. I don’t think Kimberly has the age or wisdom that would have allowed her to realize the show wasn’t such a good idea. (I haven’t practiced Catholocism in years but suddenly I feel a good strong novena is in order???)

    • Toddy

      Kimberly seems like a sweet kid that wants to make her mom happy, help her get well. Maybe Kim got all dramatic about needing to be on a show (and needing the money), and the poor kid didn’t realize these were quacks instead of mental health professionals. Until you’ve had a chemically dependent/mentally fragile parent with all their manipulations – and God, no, I don’t wish it on anybody, it sucked hard – it’s hard to say what you’d do yourself. You judgy folks? Love y’all?

      • You hit the nail on the head, Gapeachinsc. Besides walking away with a paycheck, I think Kim really thought that this horrible show was her ticket to making viewers (and possibly the courts)believe that she is sober, that everything we have witnessed on RH has been some big misunderstanding and manipulation on the part of Bravo, the tabloids, her family, the Beverly Hills Police…etc. But as it has been in her past, this Mother/Daughter Experiment is just another one that has failed her. Only this time, Kim has dragged her own daughter down into the gutter with her. Did I mention, this show is the worst thing on TV? A new low for Kim and Lifetime. This show is not only garbage, it’s actually boring garbage.

    • Toddy

      Sorry, gapeachinsc, I wasn’t aiming at you. Comment nested wrong/user error!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Kimberly is fiercely co-dependent and Kim does everything she can to maintain and manipulate that relationship. I watched a bit of the new TV show and whatever sympathy I had left for Kim is pretty much gone. It kills me how these disease affects our children. I’ve just been in too many meetings – I’m a person who sits back, listens and watches- I’ve seen a lot people like Kim-been manipulated by quite a few myself- lol.
      I believe she knows she’s manipulating her daughter. She goes about it quite systematically.
      Her daughter clearly wants to stay in that house and work on the relationship but Kim just can’t handle dealing with her feelings and the resulting anxiety and so she is desperately manipulating her daughter, trying to make her feel terrible for wanting to stay.
      She’s sure a done a number on those kids. I understand that they’re adults now but having grown up in a co-dependent household myself, I can tell you it took years to be free-I was finally free of my mother when I was in my late 40’s. It was like a death – I mourned for years, depressed as hell but now I am free-as long as I stay in today and don’t think about what I’ve lost or never had.
      I hope Kimberly escapes her mother..

  7. VioletBlue

    Her body might be 50-ish but that brain was frozen at 16.

  8. I watched the first episode, where they blatantly ignored the elephant in the room of Kim’s alcoholism. Are they still continuing to ignore it/ treat it as if it isn’t the cause of all the issues? I find it sad and exploitative- hopefully Kim will find the help she really needs, because it definitely isn’t on this show!

  9. Betty

    I feel bad for Kim’s kids. They seem very nice and have been through so much. I can’t stand Kim when she puts on the cutesy smile and shrugs her shoulders. She’s not 5 years old. Ugh

  10. Lynn

    So many of you have opened up about this issue so I thought I throw my story in here just in case it rings true to anyone. My mom was a drunk……. not when we (2 brothers) were young but later. Hell when we were young she didn’t allow booze in the house…… stuff I learned later on. Then she married step-fuck who was drunk through and through. I’m not sure who to blame….’cause I guess she jumped in……but will always feel he took her there. Next thing ( actually years ) later she comes home from work and drinks until she passes out. Mean while step-fuck is doing thing to his step-daughter that are just no ok. I’m sure you get the picture.
    I told my mom but she just could not get it, it was beyond her understanding (as was mine!)
    From 10 to 16………not a good place for me at all. And she couldn’t deal so more drinking.

    I married at 16 just to get the fuck out of there and she let me. Had to sign the papers.
    I was a happy camper ………. I was outta there for good!!! YAY!

    Another jump ahead……… I had my first son. My mom loved kids……insanely loved them.
    Was so happy to be a grandma!
    She got on a plane to come visit……..she was terrified of flying. Really appreciated it, but as always she needed her bottle in the evenings. Once she stated being stupid I went to bed.

    I got as call in the middle of the night a few months later. My younger brother had died in a car accident. All our worlds fell apart. He was only 17…….and the best of us.
    I thought………….OMG she is going to literally drink herself to death……….but nothing I could do!
    Mean while I got preggers with second son. While pregnant and out of state got a phone call that my grandmother had passed. I mean come ON! Really!! It had only been a year since losing my bro. Just knew the next call would be that mom had passed also.

    Hubby got out of the Navy………his home town was just a couple of hours from mom. Went to visit (preggers with second son) and out of the blue she tells me she’s been sober for months.
    I was SO happy for her and me. How the loss of my brother hadn’t killed her I will never know. I guess the desire to be a grandmother over road all else.

    My boys spent 2 weeks every summer with her and my grandpa at his ranch from then on and never did a drink pass her lips.

    My point? You never know what will and will not be the reason to get sober! My mom never did the meetings. (whole nother Oprah) She had the book and it was her guide.
    I lost her Dec. 1999…………..way too soon. She was only 63 (in 5 years I’ll be that old).
    She was “clean”……..blood clots. My older brother died a few years later from the same thing. Again the point is you just never know………….what will or will not be the catylist to begin or end addiction.

    Um…….. this is prolly the wrong blog for this as it’s a book.. Sorry!

    • Gosh Lynn, I appreciated your raw honesty, and the moral of your story too. Thank you.

    • Miguel

      Thanks for being brave enough to share, Lynn – wish you and yours only great things for the rest of your lives!!!!!!!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Thanks so much for sharing your story Lynn. So glad to hear that your mom was able to choose sobriety and you were able to mend your relationship.
      It’s hard to open up about these painful memories but I bet you helped some-one today. : )

    • Dee

      Lynn, thank you so much for sharing your story. It really touched me, gave me hope that it’s never too late to turn ones life around.

  11. tamaratattles

    So Kim watches Kimberly grieve her at a grave site and is pissed. WHY? Because she said to the therapist that she has worried about her mother dying since she was a little kid. Kim scolds her all the car ride back, Kim does a talking head saying that Kimberly had no reason to be concerned when she was a kid because everything was great. The fight continues all the way back to the room where Kimberly says It’s always “hide! hide! Hide! And never tell anyone anything and she can’t do that anymore!”

    Kim says “maybe we should get our own therapist.” YOU THINK? Kim is screaming that she wants to leave and Kimberly says she is not leaving she had her finals pushed up so she could do this and she is staying.

    As Kimberly was at the grave I thought, you know? This could actually be good for Kim. Oh, Kim tried to refuse the activity all together but Kimberly convinced her that she was just the observer. I thought it would be good for Kim to envision the scene and maybe it would get through, but it just made her pissed of a her kid.

    During the car scene where we just heard audio Kim was screaming at Kimberly that she just wanted to be able to walk through this town with her head held high for a change. And strongly implied that she can’t do that be Kimberly just made her look like a bad mother, which of course she is.

    I’m afraid nothing will reach Kim.

    • JustJenn

      I felt horrible for Kimberly. I remember when she was afraid of leaving Kim to go to college because she’s always been the caretaker.

      She seems like a good kid with a good head on her shoulders..I mean she didn’t even blow off finals in favor of a reality show, so obviously she didn’t inherit the famewhore gene. Kim should be proud instead berating her daughter for sharing how she felt.

    • janet

      That was the dynamic that I saw with Kim and her kids on the Dr. Phil show. They were brow beaten and bullied to go along with the facade that mommy wants then to portray. Kim wont humble herself to admit her problems and the damage its done. My heart goes out to her kids. They really really need the Betty Ford treatment program for the loved ones of an alcoholic. Im sorry but its abusive to raise kids to think up is down and down is up, your reality is what I say it is no matter how fucked up I am. And to tell them to stuff their feelings down becausr it will hurt my feelings. Its sad because Kim could have their love and turn this around, if she would get real and put everything into getting well.

  12. Betty

    Kim still thinks smiling all cutesy pie’ish will get her off the hook. Sad

  13. tamaratattles

    Kim, the Queen of catastrophizing everything (it’s one of my better talents too) declares to her crying daughter that their relationship has been destroyed and she’s leaving. Well, isn’t that sweet. Kimberly asks her to stop being mean to her and finally end with tell Kim, “She’s the worst!”

    Kimberly seems to really be enjoying living in a house with all of the crazies. She does not want to leave. At first I thought it was about being on TV but I think it is the camaraderie with the other girls who also have crazy mothers. Although she protects Kim and doesn’t join in with the other girls when they complain about their moms.

  14. BeetsWhy

    Kim is nowhere near the progress level she claimed on WWHL. I realize this show was taped a couple months before but yikes, she is a total disaster on this show, no self awareness at all. I feel horrible for Kimberley.

    I was looking at the pic you used from the WWHL appearance and it really disturbs me. She looks like she wants to viewed as cute 7 year old and not the fifty something train wreck that she is.

    • Stephanie

      My thoughts exactly! She poses in the same way as my 6 yr old niece when I take her picture. Also… Is Kim wearing the same shirt in that photo as Kimberly in clip below?

  15. Rochelle Pierce

    When they had Kim talking (doing her narrative) she appeared as though she was high or drunk on tonights episode. Her eyes were glazed and sluggish looking. She was also slurring her words some. It seems to me that her sobriety isn’t going very well. I hope she can get a handle on it. For her own sake!

    First she needs to admit that she has problem.

  16. Much to her detriment, I think Kim was programmed to keep taking jobs, any job, from very early on. The show must go on…be a trooper… type mentality. Obviously, years of impaired thinking combined how tough it is for women in show business as they age have led to these roles. Real Housewives was about the best she was going to do as far as television roles go, I think. It would really be for the best if Kim could get sober and decide to “retire” gracefully.

  17. JoJoFLL

    Clearly the roles have reversed and Kimberly is now the parent and Kim is the child. The book Codependent No More would help Kimberly immensely.

  18. daintyfeets

    Watched the latest episode today. I’m disgusted with Kim and her abusive behavior toward Kimberly. It’s obvious Kim emotionally abuses Kimberly with deflection and absolutes. It doesn’t appear to be new behavior to Kimberly so it’s safe to assume she has always lived under this umbrella of abuse and emotional blackmail. Best thing for Kimberly would be to “detach with love” and get as far away as possible from Kim.

    In the confessionals, it’s obvious Kim is fucked up. On what … i don’t know. Doesn’t matter. She is not clean and sober so I have no regard for her.

    My motto with drunks and addicts is “if they are breathing, there is hope.” That still stands. However, I don’t engage on any level with them until they are walking the talk.

    • janet

      I agree. All Kim’s kids are petrified to be truthful with her. Yes detach with love, and save yourself and set yourself free, would be a good strategy. Ive allways thought Kim controls everyone with her addictions. Kimberly needs that therapist more than her mom, to undo the conditioning and brain washing of living with a manipulative unstable abusive lying mother. One should never silence and betray your loved ones truth.

      • addie2u

        Talk about being untruthful:
        Kim ranting in the room (while refusing to go to dinner) – “Everything is such a scene . . . because of me. It’s always because of me.”
        Kimberly frightened to tell the truth: “Not because of you”!

  19. I’ve seen far too many addicts in 12 step Meetings, who claim to be in recovery and are working their own program, instead of doing it, the way it is intended. Instead, they cherry pick, or only do what they want to, instead of what is necessary. The first thing is not using, go to 90 meetings in 90 days, find a sponsor and utilize them, do step work, and find a Higher Power( anything that is more powerful, than your drink or drug) It is also strongly suggested to avoid any people,places and things, that could jeopardize your recovery. This is what is needed, to work a thorough program, of recovery. All of this is a process, which means, it takes time and some work. It pains me to see so many come into the rooms, and not put in the required work, only to relapse over and over.
    I would like to see Kim, take a huge step back from, the public eye and scrutiny and focus on her recovery. To have to watch someone, on a TV show, attempt to be an example of sobriety, is disheartening. Many people are able to stay clean and sober and find a new healthier way to live and people, like Kim, make it seem impossible or hopeless. Especially, now when addiction has become, such an epidemic. Hope,,,, is a very powerful motivator, for someone with these kinds of issues and recovery IS possible. Addicts with various mental health issues, have an even harder time, in recovery and may, require longer term treatment. Such as, living in a sober living situation.
    It seems, Kim takes one step forward, two steps back and from what I’ve seen, something has to change or it will only, get worse for her. Jails, institutions or death, kind of things and I don’t want to see it, especially, on what is to be, an entertaining TV show. I wish Kim and her daughter, could stop focusing on being on TV or earning incomes and make recovery a priority. Thanks for letting me share.

  20. iloveearlgrey

    I wish I could hug Kimberly and tell her she’s a great kid.

    • VioletBlue

      I agree. Kimberly is a great kid. I really thought the funeral scene would get to Kim. But I don’t think that’s what made her get pissed at Kimberly. It was Kimberly saying she worried about Kim for most of her life. I think Kim saw that as the ultimate betrayal because now there was a time stamp on just how long Kim has had an issue. Kimberly basically outed her and I think that’s why Kim snapped.

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