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By Contributing Writer Lady Cocotte


I’m a little nervous for tonight’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. I really like all of the queens left and I can’t imagine any of them getting eliminated. But it’s time to bite the bullet and face the music. The show must go on. As usual, we start out with the girls reacting to last week’s elimination. Seeing Naysha Lopez sashay away makes them realize that no one is safe. They read her message on the mirror: “Dear Ladies + Monsters. It was a pleasure meeting you all! Play the cards you are dealt + Turn DA PARTY! P.S. 1 <3 U Layla (sic) xoxo! The Beauty! Naysha Lopez <3” While everyone else is moved by the reality (and finality) of elimination, Cynthia Lee Fontaine genuinely mourns her friend Naysha’s departure. After lip-syncing against Naysha, Laila McQueen realizes that she needs to step it up and bring out her true personality. I mean, c’mon girl. I thought you might be the dark horse of the competition and you’re hiding your flame under a bushel. Set it free!

Naomi’s Smalls confronts Laila about throwing her under the bus on the runway. But Naomi isn’t bitter. As she points out, “I don’t blame Laila for being salty about being in the bottom two… Everyone wants to be the star not the entourage. And right now Laila’s just giving entourage.” The girls agree that Naysha was the prettiest in the competition. Bob stirs the pot by asking who’s the next prettiest. Thorgy Thor quips that Britney THINKS she is. When Derrick Barry asks why she can’t KNOW she is, Acid Betty snaps back, “…’cause Naomi’s in the room.” Gentleladies, we have a real race on our hands.



RuPaul’s “she done already done had herses” message is all about singing and music. Thorgy Thor gets excited. As a classically trained musician who supports her drag by playing cello and violin in orchestras, Thorgy is hoping for a music competition. RuPaul is wearing another ridiculous over-sized hat. I guess this is the look for the season. The mini-challenge is a latin style dance-off. Cynthia Lee Fontaine knows this is in her wheelhouse. I’m confused why they would focus on such a specific style but then the fog clears: RuPaul collaborated on a song called “Cha Cha Bitch.” Oh, Ru, you are the queen of self promotion. The pit crew brings out “latin” outfits and accessories and the girls have a few moments to get into “quick drag.” They each take a turn in the center of the circle. Acid Betty camps it up. Derrick Barry does drugged-up Britney doing cha cha (allegedly). In other words, she’s a mess. As expected, Cynthia is great. She shakes her cucu with gusto. Bob the Drag Queen does Rizzo from Grease. It’s not quite what they asked for but Bob cracks me up. Naomi Smalls falls out of her shoe as she’s doing a death drop. Luckily she didn’t break anything. Chi Chi Devayne does a pretty standard Cha Cha until she lifts her leg over her head, holds it and then goes straight into a death drop. Sickening! Kim Chi does some kind of rhythmic gymnastics performance minus the rhythmic and minus the gymnastics. Girl can’t dance. At all. As Bob explains, “Kim Chi has two left feet and vertigo.” Thorgy Thor is a possessed Frida Kahlo that makes RuPaul cackle. Not surprisingly, the winners are Cynthia and Chi Chi.



The maxi-challenge is to lip-sync and dance in the dragapella movie “Bitch Perfect” (a play on Pitch Perfect in case that wasn’t obvious enough). Kim Chi is scared of choreography. She should be. Luckily they’ll be supplied with music and a choreographer. Cynthia Lee Fontaine is the leader of Team Lady Bitches, the sweethearts of the Lacefront Institute of Technology. Chi Chi Devayne is in charge of Team Shady Bitches, the bad girls from the Lake Titicaca Academy of Braids, Weaves and Waffles. Cynthia gets to pick first and she chooses Bob the Drag Queen, followed by Derrick Barry, Laila McQueen and Robbie Turner. The team Chi Chi chooses is Acid Betty, Thorgy Thor and Dax Exclamationpoint. They get down to the final two girls. Chi Chi takes Naomi Smalls and sends Kim Chi to Cynthia. Kim knows she can’t dance but it probably still stings. “That’s okay,” she justifies. “I wouldn’t want me either.”

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Chi Chi Devayne knows being a team leader is a lot of pressure but she feels confident she can handle it. Until Acid Betty starts acting up, that is. Chi Chi wants to focus on learning parts but Betty is adamant they need to create choreography. She won’t let it go and she’s being a real bitch about it. “I’ve known Betty for like ten years,” Thorgy Thor explains. “And sometimes, because Betty is so artistic, she gets away with being a fucking asshole.” Man, Chi Chi can’t get through anything without Betty causing problems or stirring the pot. Chi Chi is just barely holding it together and the rest of her team is feeling the tension. It’s going to be a long day. Finally Thorgy loses it in her talking head. “Acid Betty is an asshole and she knows it. And she loves it. And that’s why she doesn’t work in New York. She’s so demanding and mean to everyone that nobody wants to work with her. You’re going to be shamed, you’re going to be put down. So Chi Chi, good luck.” As if that isn’t bad enough, Dax Exclamationpoint is struggling with the choreography. Chi Chi is so worn out from Betty’s shenanigans that she doesn’t have patience for Dax. Then Thorgy tries to add some comedy but Chi Chi vetoes it. Thorgy says okay to her face but lets us know that she’s going to do it in the performance anyway. When Betty starts lecturing her team (again) Chi Chi can’t control her face any longer. “You’re looking at me like I’m Charlie Brown’s teacher,” Betty complains. “Wah wah wah wah wah.” Chi Chi is over it, officially. She even admits to RuPaul that she’s having a hard time with some of the “big personalities” in her group. She doesn’t mention Acid Betty specifically but you can tell Betty just added Chi Chi to her list. Drama!

RPDR lady
Team Lady Bitches work together much better than their cohorts. Bob the Drag Queen starts passing out roles: Kim Chi will be the geek, Derrick Barry will be the Regina George of the group. Robbie Turner adds that Laila McQueen should be Derrick’s adoring little sister. Derrick quips, “Oh, Laila’s my impersonator”which bums Laila out. She knows she has to stand out and fears copying Derrick will impede that. I think it’s all in how you play it. The copycat could be a hysterical role. Hopefully Laila will work it out. She has a lot of talent. She just needs to use it. RuPaul asks Kim Chi if she’s a lip-sync artist. She is concerned that when she lip-syncs her lisp comes out. “I’m not mad at a lisp,” RuPaul assures her. “In fact I’m partial to a lisp. My empire was built on a lisp.” Moving on to Laila, Ru asks if she knows why she was in the bottom two. Laila acknowledges that her photo was lackluster. She makes the same promise that Ru has heard every season: this time I’m going to bring it. Let’s hope she does.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s team meets with choreographer Jamal Sims. He’s not too impressed with what they created. Kim Chi is struggling from the beginning. She can’t even do a step, touch, step, touch. Laila is also having problems because she’s overwhelmed with trying to stand out. Kim Chi looks miserable. I just want to jump into my tv and hug her. And then she falls. Jamal asks if she still wants to do it in heels and she tells him, “100%.” She is fighting through this like a champion. If this dance gets her eliminated I’m going to lose it. Her team knows she can’t dance so they encourage her to create a comedic character that also can’t dance. As they sang in Singing in the Rain, make ‘em laugh. Jamal Sims is much more impressed with Team Shady Bitches’ choreography. Acid Betty takes total credit, of course. Dax Exclamationpoint continues to struggle. She is too much in her head and it shows. She’s already thinking about being eliminated. Thorgy Thor does her comedy bit and Jamal loves it. Chi Chi Devayne is a phenomenal dancer but she’s concerned that she’ll have to lip-sync if the team loses. “They’re going to say the team captain should have everyone at her level.” Thorgy reassures her that she’ll stand up for her on the runway. Acid Betty clearly won’t.

As the girls paint for their performance, Kim Chi talks about being the “weird, fat art kid who had a strong lisp and a strong accent.” She lost weight three and a half years ago but knows the fat kid is still inside her. “It never goes away.” Acid Betty pulls out childhood photos to show Kim she was fat too. Dax Exclamationpoint was heavy too. “And I was always aware of it too because other people made it very apparent… Not only are you super gay but you’re chubby.” Dax feels like drag finally gave her the power to feel confident and strong. #TheMoreYouKnow. Kim hasn’t gotten there yet. Bob the Drag Queen asks her if people started hitting on her when she lost the weight. “I’m still a virgin so no.” Acid Betty freaks. It’s awkward until she explains that she hit on Kim when she first met her. Bob hypothesizes that people are attracted to Kim but she just doesn’t realize. Kim isn’t sure but Betty is. “I was (hitting on her) hard,” she confirms to Bob. Bob explains, “I don’t think Kim Chi knows what she looks like. She’s still a virgin because she’s not aware that she’s like a good looking six foot four man. You gotta own that.”



As always, Michelle Visage is sitting on the judging panel but both Ross Matthews and Carson Kressley are missing. Their spots are filled by guest judges Lucian Piane (who wrote and arranged Bitch Perfect), choreographer Jamal Sims and Ester Dean (who, in addition to being a singer/songwriter, appeared in Pitch Perfect).

First we get to see Bitch Please: the story of two rival dragapella groups competing in an underground sing-off. The Lady Bitches wear blonde wigs, matching cardigans and bobby socks while the Shady Bitches are in leather and shorty shorts. Derrick Barry looks like Britney in Baby One More Time (sigh). Kim Chi totally geeked out. And Thorgy Thor is sporting her dreadlocks (no wig). It’s hard to tell who is who on the Lady Bitches because of their similar wigs. Kim Chi is pulling off her character and her bad dancing isn’t distracting. Cynthia Lee Fontaine, on the other hand, is having a hard time. I didn’t expect that. Laila McQueen is playing a basic bitch but she’s just coming across as basic. And then they do a shout out to Mary Katherine Gallagher while singing Superstar! They get points for that one. The Shady Bitches have better choreography and more energy. Acid Betty is really good. Dax Exclamationpoint is just okay and on a stellar team that is dangerous. I’m living for Thorgy.  We’re finally seeing the personality of boy Thorgy come out in her drag. And then Chi Chi does a handstand and continues to do the bad girl neck roll. Amazing! Finally both teams realize it’s silly to battle each other. “Aren’t we all just mens in wigs?” Betty asks. They sing and dance a RuPaul mash-up together. Cynthia does a high kick and her shoe goes flying through the air. The consummate professional, she finishes continues to dance in one heel. RuPaul is impressed.

The runway theme is Movie Premiere Realness. Cynthia Lee Fontaine thinks she looks like “Roselyn Sanchez and Sofia Vergara have a baby” but the judges think she looks like Valerie Harper. Bob the Drag Queen wears a stunning black dress. Now, that’s how you do a sheer skirt! Derrick Barry looks like Britney with red hair (sorry but it’s true). Laila McQueen is in green sequins that makes her look heavier than she is. Robbie Turner is very proud of her Vera Wang wedding gown dyed bright red. She pulls off classic Hollywood starlet for sure. Kim Chi wears a pale pink gown covered in cherry blossoms. RuPaul calls her “Anime West.” Chi Chi Devayne does her pageant walk in a red sequin gown. Most people would probably call it plain but I love it. Naomi Smalls is living her 90’s model fantasy in a dress slit to her stomach so all we see are those legs. Acid Betty is in a flesh colored gown that is nude illusion in the thighs but then has a big bottom tier of fabric. She’s also wearing a “Philip Treacy wannabe hat” that is basically a fan of spikes worn on one side of her head. It’s an unusual yet stunning piece. Dax Exclamationpoint calls her look “Lady sings the green and gold blues” because of the big white gardenia in her hair but I think she looks more like Bettie Page in a homemade dress. Thorgy Thor breaks all the rules by wearing a sequined jumpsuit and big hair. She looks like she’s going to Studio 54 after the premiere. RuPaul calls her “the drag daughter of a Solid Gold dancer.”

Top queens: Kim Chi, Chi Chi Devayne, Acid Betty and Thorgy Thor.

Bottom queens: Kim Chi, Laila McQueen and Dax Exclamationpoint.



The queens up for elimination are Laila McQueen and Dax Exclamationpoint. They perform I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Rupaul explains, “If you’re ever going to lip-sync a song, this is the song to do.”

Laila McQueen starts out a bit theatrical while Dax Exclamationpoint is treating it like a Billie Holiday song. Laila goes angry but Dax is tapping into the emotions better. Neither of them have much energy. It takes a while before they start moving around the stage. Jamal Sims is grooving harder at the judging table more than the performers are. It’s not Vivienne Pinay vs Honey Mahogany flat but no one is knocking my socks off either. Finally Laila rips her dress off. Luckily she’s wearing appropriate undergarments (ie: female) but Ru doesn’t look happy. Dax pulls off her underskirt and starts swinging it around. Michelle Visage looks pissed. RuPaul tells both Laila McQueen and Dax Exclamationpoint to sashay away! It’s only the second time in the history of RuPaul’s Drag Race that both girls have been eliminated. They are crushed.

RuPaul isn’t done, though. She asks Michelle Visage for her phone. She calls someone and says, “Hi. It’s RuPaul. Listen, I had to eliminate two queens today. How soon can you get here?” Shocker! RuPaul, you shady bitch. You certainly know how to craft a story.

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Next week: Someone is coming. Or someone is coming back. Who could it be? And the girls are asked to overact in RuCo’s Empire. Bring on the Cookie!


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20 responses to “RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Bitch Perfect

  1. Spilledperfume

    Great recap. I didn’t get to watch it yet so I’m waiting for the repeat.

  2. Xanadude

    That was literally the worst lip sync for your life in the history of the show. The song is a classic and something that even I could get up and do a better job of than these two. It was terribly bad and shame on them for not even trying…they both did indeed deserve to go home.

    • It seemed like they wanted it but… it was pretty sad.

      • Xanadude

        I hate to use the cliche, but its Drag 101. EVERY drag queen should 1)know the lyrics and 2) already have it in their rotation. I mean, dear lord, in Priscilla Queen of the Desert they actually went through and taught you how basic movements. There were moments when both of them forgot the lyrics!

  3. Cheychey

    KimChi’s story is breaking my heart. I feel like she has been sheltered from a lot of people like her and she is getting much more experience from being I this competition. I’m not sure she will make it as far as I’d like because she is not confident or polished enough. If she can get that walk down in some heals, and some attitude she will be a real threat.

  4. Sweet T

    Chi chi was amazing and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Overall the bad girl team was better. But I did always like the misfits more than Jem.

    This season is filled with talent. It is a season of all stars but none of them have been on the show before.

    Acid Betty really is asshole Betty. I like the looks, the talent and the skills but the personality is sad to me. I would just be extra kind to Betty to wear her down.

    Who do you think the mystery person will be? Maybe someone who was voted off first in a previous season?

  5. SaraK

    Greta Garbo was in Spice Girls…..OMG I love a witty Queen!

  6. hannahkingrose

    Lady Cocotte as usual thanks for your great recap. You don’t miss a thing and I love and appreciate it. Also appreciate you providing Untucked so I don’t have to search for it to watch. I almost enjoy Untuckedf as much or more than the show. I feel like we get to know the queens so much better that way.

    I agree with Xanadude. I Will Survive could have been the song to have given them both the chance to survive instead of going home if they had given it their all. Instead they half assed it and both had to sashay away. I wasn’t sure I liked Bob the Drag Queen until Untucked when she said Cynthia was really nice and it wasn’t a fake nice and she thought it was cool. This is going to be an interesting season. Acid Betty has everybody a little squirrelly around her with her shall I say strong personality. I’m glad Chi Chi didn’t just roll over like a dog to the dominate bitch with Acid Betty. Acid Betty’s good mind you but she has her flaws and shortcomings even if she refuses to acknowledge them.

    Who did Ru call? They could have given us a little hint. That was just Ru-tarded the way it was handled. Guess we’ll have to wait to C-U-N-T to find out. Till then will be looking forward to your next recap Lady. You are awesome.

    • People are going crazy trying to figure out who is coming back. The big joke is it’s Shangela for a third time (it’s not). I’ve also seen people on social media who are pissed RuPaul is doing this to the current girls. Sure, it’s a little cruel but they knew what they were signing up for. RPDR is highly produced. Supposedly RuPaul even admitted that he kept Pearl because he was such a good looking boy & people tuned in to gaze upon him. I personally think it will be a returning cast member since they made such a big deal about 100 queens but I don’t put anything past that minx RuPaul!

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      After watching untucked, I love Bob even more!

  7. Xanadude

    Just watched Untucked. Random observations:
    Are the drinks sitting atop a laundry cart? World of Wonder is really producing this on a budget. Damn.
    It was really jarring to see the ladies in full drag in the alley behind the production stage. Seeing them out of their natural environment was just odd.
    They made them go to the workroom twice – once in drag to pick up their Rupaul action figure and write their mirror message, then made them get out of drag and come back and clean out their workroom.
    And then they sent them off in a scary white van.
    and Lady C, excellent recap as always!

  8. GirlMe

    Lady Cocoette! Need your reviews now more than ever! You cant watch free episodes on logotv no more without imputting your cable details.

    My cable is included with the rent. So not cable bills details to put in. No logo channel. No we channel. No channel that was invented after 1993. Good times. So thx gonna read now! Cant fight it ant longer.

  9. tamaratattles

    I forgot to mention that 3/16 is the lady’s birthday. So giver her a shout out!

  10. Spilledperfume

    Happy birthday Lady C.

  11. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I think ChiChi is the one to watch. I think the other girls are thinking she’s an underdog. Not at all. She was killing it!!!

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