Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Gearing Up For Dubai!

RHOBH 2 Yolanda

Tonight is going to be a night of weirdness.


Did you know that Yolanda has a daughter named Gigi who is a model? Well, she called right at her call time so that Yolanda could remind us all on the air.  Yolanda then calls David to ask for help writing her speech for her Lyme Award.  He basically tells her to use the one she used two years ago. She insists that he help her because she used to have much better cognitive abilities but now she has to “think of things 100 times.” Again, Yolanda, welcome to menopause where you get up and walk into a room and have no recollection of why you got up or what you wanted. It’s happening to everyone during this brief stupid time in our lives. It’s not neurological Lyme. It’s THE CHANGE.  And it’s not for pussies. I also noted that she had to tell David she loved him twice to get a half hearted response.

I fast forwarded through Kathryn’s ear doctor scene. Because I don’t care.


Camille Grammer Goes in on Dimitri's Baby Momma

Camille’s Cancer Event

Camille is having a big ticket fundraiser for cancer at her house. She has yet another estate sale last weekend. She seems to really be selling down to the bare walls and unloading all of her properties. She also got a $121,000 settlement in court this week where Dimitri had to pay her legal expenses  because he took her to court claiming she slandered him to the media and lost. She is getting all of her eggs in a big basket for something. Maybe a move to Hawaii?

Yolanda arrives with some man, I assume he is there to give her an IV of  Lyme Snake Oil in the bathroom. She tells Camille she is inspired by her because “A lot of people don’t have the balls to share their journey.” I don’t remember seeing one sick selfie of Camille.  Yolanda has also whacked off all her hair. Every woman in the world knows what that means.  Next she will go full Britney and whack the fuck out of paparazzi with umbrellas.

Yolanda has become psychic while ill. It’s a new concurrent syndrome for her color coded chart. She randomly decides to hug Lisa Rinna. If I were Rinna I’d check her for knives before her hands got to my back.

Why is Rinna sad that Yolanda skipped out on Erica’s dinner after having lunch with Kim and Brandi that day. Well, first of all Rinna it was a filming for the show. Two filmings in one day with this crew would be too much for anyone. And more importantly, it’s none of your business? Who cares?  Why is Rinna making me take Yolanda’s side in an argument. Why is Rinna sad over who Yolanda hangs out with. Then Yolanda announces to the table that Kim and Brandi have been more supportive of her than all the rest of the women at the table combined. This includes her dear friend Erika by, the way.  This is a stupid argument. Yolanda announces that it is her bedtime and she leaves.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump inflatable swan

Lisa Vanderpump

The Lycgee and dog meat festival is celebrated annually in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in June, by eating dog meat and lychees. This activity is believed to counteract the heat of summer. About 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are consumed during the ten days of the festival. Why is Lisa Vanderpump so obsessed with 15,000 dogs being eaten for food half way around the world when 1.5 million dogs are killed every year in shelters here? To me this is so disrespectful to other cultures and mostly just a way to draw attention to herself. There is no torture, the dogs are killed and eaten just as other less cute animals like chickens and cows and pigs and goats are.  The Chinese Consulate cares less about this than the church building where you originally did all of your histrionics.  I also heard production was still hiring extras to be “protesters” up to the very last minute.

Random Unexplained Dinner of Manipulation

Oh my God. Lisa is so confused about Dubai. It’s a very progressive  Seriously? Has this woman ever been anywhere besides London and Beverly Hills?  You don’t have to cover your head in Dubai unless you are entering a mosque. And the dress is how normal people dressed in the world before at some point in this country people thought that it was important for women to walk around with their tits hanging out. Newsflash: In most civilized countries this is frown upon. So is being falling down drunk and throwing wine glasses..

Somehow we get on to a conversation about how manipulative Lisa Vandrpump is.  Best I can tell with all the cross talk is that the new allegation is that LVP tried to get Rinna worked up over Yolanda calling Rinna bipolar so that Rinna would engage Yolanda.

Rinna and Eileen Gear Up for Dubai

Eileen and Rinna meet at a luggage store to prepare for Dubai.  And I don’t mean for Eileen to buy luggage.  It seems like Eileen is trying to work Rinna up to tell everyone that LVP was the person that told her to bring up Munchausen. Rinna has learned the word “scapegoat” and decided that is what she has been all season. She also let’s the F-word fly.  Eileen rightly points out that you can’t do that in Dubai. And actually there are other words that are considered obscene that you may or may not have ever heard of.


Yolanda’s Lyme Gala

Only Erika, Kyle and Kathryn were available to go to NYC for Yolanda to get her gold star for Munchausen.  Why have I never heard of Lotte New York Palace and the Jewel Suite?   Yolanda and David play a piano duet of Frere Jacques  for the others to enjoy. Because sick people love being the center of attention.

Oh lord. I can hear you guys freaking out already because Erika said she isn’t allowed to buy jewelry for herself. That is Tom’s decision. She also explained if there was something she just had to have, she would take a photo and send it to his secretary and tell her to show it to Tom when he is in a good mood. Let the moral outrage begin. I can hear you now, “I am woman hear me roar! I can buy my own damn jewelry!”  While I mutter, “way to miss the point.”

David says he is so happy to see his wife out after “11 months in that robe.”  He wants to burn that robe. So do we, David. So do we.. There was an awkward exchange of toasts between David and Yolanda. It was very strange. Later we get the audio of conversation between David and Tom where David is clearly miserable. Tom asks if he is ready for the relationship to go back to how it was at first.  He has “How is that gonna work.”  David was already more than done with this marriage by this time.

Next Week: The ladies are off to Dubai. It looks like the stay at the Atlantis hotel. I would not be able to say in a room without windows. #Claustrophobic  Also,  Brandi puts on her best THOT ensemble to visit Yolanda who has returned to her death bed.


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182 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Gearing Up For Dubai!

  1. Xanadude

    Again Yo can’t keep her story straight: tonight in her toast it was that she was healthy and took I’ll after she and David married while on Dr Oz she was sick prior to the marriage and couldn’t think straight enough to organize her wedding.
    And, I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud that they were protesting the wrong place. That’s really funny, and telling.

  2. Matzah60

    Can you guess how many times the following phrases were said:
    1. Big fucking deal
    2. Deflection
    3. Own it
    4. I need to address it.
    5. My brain was swollen
    6. There was no resolution
    7. Weaving my web.

    I’ve gotta say. Tom looked pretty sexy on the plane. Sexy insofar as I liked him out of his suit, his great smile, warm welcome……He looks much younger than Ken and I don’t know their ages.

    When Yolanda made her toast to David and the camera took a shot of him, he looked mentally exhausted and totally done with the marriage. Not disgusted, but exhausted, done, and sad.

    • Miguel

      Your comment about David is astute, Matzah60!!!

    • Tom and Ken are about the same age almost 80 but I believe the bald look makes Tom look younger! This is what lots of men do when they start to grey! Look at will smith lol!

      The only time David perked up was when he played on the piano his true sole mate!

      • Matzah60

        Bingo! Your comment that Davis only seemed to perk up was when he played on the piano, his true soul mate” was spot on.

        I do think the bald head is appealing and more youthful. I think that Ken works hard, but maybe more behind the scenes. Ken had a more substantial role on their businesses even as far back as ten years, but the age difference has given Lisa a more ongoing, substantial role as the years go by. Ken has also had two hip operations, one which was played out on the show. Even with the hip replacements, it takes a toll on your body and it is never the same as it was preoperatively. My bro in law had two total hip replacements which eventually ended his surgical career prematurely. You are not permitted to sit during surgery and the pain of standing for 4 to six hours finally ended his ability to continue.

    • Meri

      This used to be my favorite housewife show. Now I detest the show and the women on it. They are boring, nasty and full of crap, imo. I can’t stand to look at Yolanda anymore or hear her fake whining. I can’t take Kyle and her phoniness or Rinna and her big mouth. Even LVP has gotten boring and Ken has become an annoying little man who follows her like one of Pinkie’s dogs. Enough for me. It’s time for these shows to go away and be replaced with something that isn’t insulting to the intellect of most watchers.

      • Meri, I agree.

        Yolanda’s bs never adds up. I remember an episode pre-lyme and she was running around, working out like an absolute maniac. Her timeline is askew always.

        Lvp has gotten strange as well, Rinna’s big mouth, Kathryn just is annoying, loud and a rude drunk; Kyle is phony… There’s just very little to be enjoyed.

  3. loriflack

    The way she was prancing around in her black catsuit, blonde hair pulled back in a blonde ponytail, prepping for her wedding was like a scene from The Avengers (Norma Peal)…
    what a crock.

  4. Hawkmoon947

    Watching Eileen Davidson lead Lisa Rinna by the nose at the luggage store was illuminating. I like to imagine Yo sitting in her condo of broken dreams and remotely feeding Eileen lines via an earpiece. “Suggest the word ‘scapegoat’ — Lisa will Google it on camera for sure!”

    • Matzah60

      Davidson seems to be rallying for a takeout of LVP which I assume will take place in Dubai. She’s appointing Rinna as the leader.

      • Miguel

        Yeah, but what these women don’t realize is that unless EVERYONE is on board, it won’t work. Last time, Brandi was her pit bull when Kyle & Adrienne made that play; and now, it seems Kyle is championing LVP’s cause!

  5. Tokrsa

    Eileen is really vested into getting into Rinna’s ear to get Rinna to stir up the bipolar comment with Yolanda because of LVP encouraging the Munhausen. Huh? That is so convoluted, you need a graph to keep it all straight. Who is manipulating whom? Pot meet kettle, Davidson.

    You could get dizzy trying to keep up with this circle jerk. Everything that Yolanda, Eileen and Ericka have accused LVP of seems to have several franchises in Beverly Hills. Ericka yells at Kathryn’s but gobsmacked that Kathryn didn’t genuflect in the awesomeness of Tom at her house. Erika gossips about LVP but is livid when Kathryn does the same with LVP. I honestly haven’t seem a single thing that LVP is charged with the others aren’t just as guilty. Very little self reflection.

  6. therealdeb

    Thinking back on seasons past I can totally see how LVP manipulates others, Kyle does also. I think Eileen and Rinna are kind of under the radar shit stirrers. I think sometimes their intentions are pure and others not so much. Yolanda really is nuts, and poor David. That conversation they caught with Tom sure was telling and I am sure that had originally left in the cutting room floor and was added at the last moment for effect. I am sure David would have lived nothing more than to have his wife back but she has had other plans for a very long time. Didn’t she get a decent settlement from Mohammed? Katherine still annoys the shit out of me, it’s her lips, they don’t match her face or something and when she is on screen that is all I see, those damn lips. I really like Ericks sort of old fashioned marriage, her husband wants to be the one to spoil her and he lets her be herself with her club stuff. He just expects her to behave like a lady around the house and with his peers which I think isn’t such a bad thing.

    • janet

      Yo could have had a great life traveling with David, if she weren’t crazy. I dont get it. Her parenting days are over. Why go the sick route now? I think she could have recovered and been happy, but no she wants to wallow in fake sickness. Maybe she just cant accept the kids are growing up, and its time to have her own life. Of course the kids will allways be a part of her life, but it does evolve and you become more of a friend. I think some people cant accept that theyre not in charge of young children anymore. They miss not having that distraction from dealing with their own issues and become very neurotic.

      • Bmore

        Maybe Yo is sick! You can’t turn sick on and off with a switch. Ridiculous comment. Stupid should be an illness. Than you would know.

      • tamaratattles

        HEy BMore, welcome to TT. You should do a search on Yolanda in the search box. Of course she is “sick” it the debate is over what she actually has.

      • Sam

        This is my mother in law to a tee. So much so that she still tries to control her adult children. She also babysits for family and friends all the time, and I don’t mean occasionally, I mean like day care. Yet I don’t think she especially loves children. She loves control and she loves not having to deal with her other problems or responsibilities, exactly as you describe.

      • Lime Brain

        Yolanda was constantly bringing up her kids and filming scenes with them to help push their careers.

        With TT’s recent blind item post, I realized that David’s kids, who are also in the business and the show’s exposure wouldn’t hurt them, have never been filmed or even mentioned. I never even knew they really existed.

        I wonder if his kids have so much disdain for her, that they refused to even be around her, or if she refused to mention them at all because it would take away time for her kids.

      • Maybe that is why she refers to them as her babies.

    • Jim

      I like LVP so I choose to believe that maybe she was just helping Rinna with a storyline for this season rather than trying to manipulate her to get to Yolanda. If it wasn’t for the whole HauschenMausen thing, Rinna would have had absolutely no storyline this season.

      Oh wait, we did get to see her get her cooch waxed. So there was that. And didn’t she hawk some crap on QVC or something? Riveting television!!

      • Something Clever

        Yep, Rinna is boring as hell on her own, wants no real attention to her marriage, and has to prey on others’ story lines.

        I love how in one season she said Harry loves hairy bushes, then in this season she is getting waxed and says she has been seeing this esthetician for 20 years. I guess she doesn’t care so much about what Harry likes.

    • tamaratattles

      For the record, if I was on this show, I’d be manipulating other people to do the dirty work as well. I think LVP is sly as a fox. I find myself arguing with the LVP fans who are fans because they think she is so innocent and awesome. She’s not. She’s just very good at what she does, and therefore the queen of the show.

      • Wow, I am agreeing with you so much, today!! Except for Hanky. I needed to see Lisa V carrying that nauseous swan through Beverly Hills.

      • Of course she is! Only an idiot would fail to plot a course through these bitches – to remain on the show & remain Queen Bee you can’t remain open and natural – that Lisa is long gone. I love LVP & admire her skill in swimming with the sharks, I don’t know why people think its a bad thing. Lisa has already got burned once before and has no intention of letting a job that generates income for her businesses wound her again personally.

        Yolanda is too stupid & jealous to see she doesn’t have the brains to outwit LVP – my only question is why did Erika pick her side? Will that change now she’s split with David so the music contacts are gone? Erika, I think could play on Lisa’s level – I even think they may enjoy sparring!

        I have no idea why to be one of her fans you have to absolve her of all the spice that makes her fun.

        You’ve only got to observe the difference between Ken on RHOBH & VPR – he’s much less guarded & natural on their show, even when he’s showing boredom or disdain for the SUR antics! On the other he looks anxious, unhappy & blank. I actually think Ken may not be too well & I doubt they have any intention of discussing it.

        As for Rinner & Eileen – every conversation to me is scripted like a soap – just bad acting on Eileens part, LisaR is far more convincing.

        Let’s hope Yo gets the old heave-ho for next year!

      • Falina

        I’m a fucking idiot.

        I’m beyond the person who says HEY SMELL THIS RANCID MILK!

        I’m the person who does so.

        Please wave at me in the WLS, I’m pretty.

  7. beth

    “It seems like Eileen is trying to work Rinna up to tell everyone that LVP was the person that told her to bring up Munchausen.” Remind me how it is that LVP is the one always accused of being manipulative? All of these women are manipulative.

  8. Wow, this sounded like a miserable episode. I think I’ll pass watching. Thanks TT for the recap. I can’t take any more Yolanda. I don’t want to dislike Eileen and Lisa R. The only way that Lisa V would have any credibility in this protest is if she, Ken, and their restaurants were vegetarian. Would she be protesting if they were eating cows or sheep? I think not.

    • Miguel

      Thank you, lisamia – I said the same thing to my wife!!!

      • Minky

        I know, right. We Murikans eat rabbits, squirrels, turtles, opossum, raccoon, lamb, duck, goose and many other adorable creatures. Pinky needs to chill. She’s being ridiculous.

      • I hope the producers have gotten is it or isn’t it a fake illness as a central theme out of their systems for all of the housewife series. .

    • Katherine 2.0

      I think the key word is “torture.”

      • Miguel

        Katherine 2.0, I researched the festival lots upon reading TT’s recap and seeing rhobh; and, not one source (including TT, above) said there’s ANY torture involved!!! They simply consume cooked dog meat and lychee, over the course of approximately two weeks, in the hope of a good summer.

        This is just ignorance, being repeated, due to Western ethnocentricsm. LVP clearly didn’t do her research – she didn’t even know where the Embassy was! Moreover, if they were going to protest China’s practices; how about the practice of killing human, female babies in the name of “preferential” population control? But, I guess those puppies are so damn cute, right?

      • Have you seen how pigs are raised for food in America? Don’t google it, it’s gruesome and it’s legal. Why aren’t Lisa V and Ken protesting pig farmers here? Do they sell delicious pork dishes at their restaurants? I am not saying the festival isn’t hideous. I am saying, if you are going into the topic of eating meat, it’s best to start clean.

      • Minky

        @lisamia Well, pigs are only cute when they’re little. And you can’t make a fashion statement with a pig. A dog on the other hand makes a great accessory as long as its alive.

        I’m against animal cruelty too. But the hypocrisy with Pinky here is just laughable.

      • Agreed, Minky. Of course, George Clooney made a fashion statement with his pet pig, but then it’s George Clooney.

      • Katherine 2.0

        No, I am not ignorant Miguel, nor am I perpetuating it.
        Guess my “google” works differently than yours, because torture is most definitely involved.

      • GildedLily

        I agree that it is torture. Boiling alive domesticated animals is cruel. I also agree that the factory farm system in the United States is also torture. That is why I am an ethical vegan.

    • swizzle

      My thoughts too, and what was with the signs at the protest with pictures of LVP and Ken? That was odd. TT is right. LVP can be the next Bob Barker and promote spay/neuter. Does she adopt her dogs from a shelter or buy from a breeder? There are so many things she could do to promote animal welfare. A dumb march on the Chinese embassy is not one of those things.

      • Minky

        Seriously. You’re right swizzle. Why doesn’t Lisa V. protest the Chinese factory workers who commit suicide because their working conditions and lives are just that awful? SMH.

  9. Tara

    What I would do to have a man that treated me like his -only his- princess and behind closed doors, his slut. That would spank me when I was not a good girl…er umm sorry I love Erika and Tom’s relationship!
    All kidding aside- there is a reason that it worked in the 50s. It is not about demeaning women at all. It is a power exhange that works for many people.

    • Minky

      And it is his money she wants to spend. So it’s only fair to get the okay from him.

    • KTina

      For smart women, it still works.

      The current crop of women are scary. I don’t know why any man would want to get married anymore. They want money, to be pampered, non-stop romance and undivided attention. Oh, and they don’t want to do housework, cook a meal or get up with the baby. Just what do men get out of marriage these days? Tom lets Ericka do her thing, which many if not all men would find that to be a problem. So what if she can’t spend $100K on earrings without saying something or just having him buy it for her.

      Ericka is playing it very smart and so would I.

      • jen

        Every marriage is different. Erika and Tom seem happy. Let them be. I am a wife and a mother. Marriage comes in ebbs and flows. It isn’t always great and it isn’t always bad. If people are happy let them be.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      It didn’t work, actually, hence the many feminist movements. To each their own, people do what they want behind closed doors but to declare that the 50’s era wasn’t about demeaning women is ludicrous.

      • Minky

        It’s my opinion that smart, strong women don’t need a philosophy to validate their existence or their rights. That being said, my opinion is that this jewelry thing with Erika is crazy.

        I assume she has an allowance. Which she apparently probably can’t spend any way she wants. That’s just like being someone’s child. You’re parents maybe give you some pocket money, but if they find out you spent it on something they don’t approve of, there’ll be hell to pay.

        Tom’s rules are about control. Erika doesn’t seem like she’s an equal partner in that marriage but more like a kept woman or a courtesan. If that’s her arrangement with Tom and she’s okay with it, then that’s her business. I suppose being a kept woman has it’s perks.

        What I don’t get is all the people who seem to be endorsing this. Especially since so many have been critical of Yolanda’s “my king” schtick. Erika is not being treated like a queen. She’s being treated a little better than LVP treats Giggy. Again, it’s her business, but I don’t think it’s okay.

      • tamaratattles

        Trust and believe, it is not about being treated like a child.

        “Tom’s rules are about control” DING DING DING! You got that right.
        “Erika doesn’t seem like she is an equal partner in that relationship” This is true.

        But she’s also not a “kept woman” in your sense of the term.

        “Erika is not being treated like a queen.” Not by Tom, no.

        “It’s her business” Yes! Yes it is!

        “I don’t think it is okay.” She doesn’t care about your judgments or your philosophy on relationship dynamics. She doesn’t care what sort of relationship you choose to have. There are many different relationship dynamics happening in the word. I never cared about Yolanda calling David “her king” as that was a similar dynamic at first to the one with Tom and Erika. Yolanda, doesn’t have the personality for that dynamic, and it didn’t work. It’s worked for 16 years with Erika. She appears quite happy flying around the country in a private plane and patting her puss. There’s another choice women have. Not one I would make. But it seems to be working for her.

        What I don’t get, is why EVERY FUCKING WEEK when people start to get the relationship dynamic that Erika negotiated for herself 16 years ago and seems to enjoy becomes apparent, PEOPLE CAN BE PROTEST AT THE WRONG LOCATION WITH A THRONG OF PAID EXTRAS and the topic will be. “Erika is not allowed to by jewelry for herself!!!!” As if she is being boiled in oil by Tom.

        This my friends is why Erika doesn’t talk about herself to these bitches, because they will react just this way. Well actually Yolanda won’t (which is why they are friendly) and LVP would have no moral high ground because he marriage is not exactly traditional either, allegedly.

        I wonder if people would say about a lesbian couple, a gay male couple, a transgender couple, and interaction couple, an interfaith couple, and Amish couple, and Indian couple….. “I don’t think that’s okay.” And yet, with very little comprehension of the relationship that Tom and Erika have had for 16 years lots of you are willing to say that. Every. Week. In case we have forgotten your assessment.

        It’s also amazing that your misperceptions of their dynamic are that she is a gold digger. Then in the next breath you are outraged that she can’t drop six figures on a piece of jewelry, because she has to wait for her husband to buy it for her. It boggles my mind.

        And with that. I will stop moderating this these comments and bow out to let you chat about boiling dogs and how Tom degrades Erika.

        Good Day.

      • Minky

        Tamara, thank you for telling me all of the reasons why I’m wrong. I appreciate it and I know that I don’t know everything. I’m very naive about a lot of stuff. You seem to know something about this matter. I’ll take that as a given. But whatever you know about Tom and Erika, you aren’t telling us plainly. You’re only alluding to it. Now please tell me why you’re right.

        Any couple, gay or straight or from whatever culture, where either spouse is treated like property is wrong. I’m not all that keen on traditional marriage in general. But that’s my thing.

        Most of us come here to comment about these people on the shows. We’re wrong a lot of the time because we don’t really know hardly anything about most of them, not just Erika.

      • tamaratattles

        I’m not trying to be right, dear. (BTW I picked you to argue with over everyone else because I knew you wouldn’t get you back up too high. :) )

        I’m trying to explain that Erika knew the arrangement (whatever it may be) when she married Tom. She has adhered to it for 16 years and seems content. So for me, it seems like YOU (who I feel I “know” fairly well) to condemn her marriage is somehow. “WRONG.”

        Perhaps it is the fact that you are not all that keen on traditional marriages that evokes this negative reaction. I can assure you that for many people traditional marriages (or relationships) where traditional gender roles are respected work quite well. Or at least as well as any other kind. In a day and age where we are coming to accept that people can identify their gender based on their thoughts and feelings regardless of their sex, it seems like the same courtesy could be given to those who value (perhaps antiquated) tradition gender roles and extend them the same compassion. For one to say that transgender relationships are accepted and welcome though perhaps not for everyone, and then to say that traditional gender roles as the basis for a relationship dynamic are “not okay” (your words) is insulting to those whose relationship was considered mainstream a generation or two ago.

        It’s not my place to speculate as to the specifics of Erika’s marriage. If she wanted to share them in detail she would. She has made several statements that make it clear that Tom sets the rules of the marriage. I can understand how YOU would not like that. I am merely trying to get you to understand that for many that is the exact sort of relationship they enjoy or are seeking.

        In addition, there are people who would disagree with your statement “Any couple, gay or straight or from whatever culture, where either spouse is treated like property is wrong.” I personally don’t see that Erika is being “treated like property” but there are indeed relationships where that is a consensual arrangement. There is a full spectrum of relationships where a traditional “male dominant relationship” is desired both by the dominant male and the “submissive female.” Again, I assure you that the traditional male dominant with female partner relationships are still the norm in many cultures across the globe. They are just as “okay” as any of the other matchups that are embraced in the US.

        I should also include the phrase of many women in these traditional relationships. “The man is the head of the family. But I’m the neck that turns the head when I need to.”

        I am now going to try once again to make a post. I would not have seen your comment if for some reason it had not gone to moderation. And I will not be reading comments in this post that I can avoid. I don’t have time to debate today.

        Your pal.


      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky I agree with ya. I don’t really care for Tom because I disliked the way he shut down all the women trying to talk, not just Erika, and he shut them down in a similar way that he did her. I feel like it’s not a special kinky arrangement that they have so much as this is just how Tom views women. Yet all the viewers were soooo mad when Kathryn shut Tom down in a similar way – “I’m not done talking” – my guess is that he’d been pulling that all night with the women and Kathryn had HAD it. We saw him do it to LVP and one other, I can’t recall who.

      • sandra

        Tamara, I agree with every single word.

    • Rubbishhousewife

      It didn’t work in the 50s. If it had, nothing would have changed. This stuff is fantasy, fine if that fantasy floats your boat, but it doesn’t look so smashing in the cold light of day. Erika gives me the chills, this “empowerment” gubbins is a serious case of the Emperors New Clothes.

      • Rubbishhousewife

        Dammit, a whole conversation appeared after I posted! Behind the times…

      • Swizzle

        It actually works for some people. My neighbors have a very 1950s marriage. It was crazy to me at first, but I’ve known them for almost 25 years and it works very well for them. Would never work for me although I do sometimes envy her ability to keep house and the family while I try to do that and work…even though I know I’d be bored crazy.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Nobody wants to have the choice taken away. In the 50’s women didn’t have much of a choice but to be in a relationship like this. It may seem romantic to wistfully look back (to some, certainly not to me) but nobody wants to be FORCED to live that way.

        I know a couple of women my age in “traditional” marriages and while they praise the virtues to anyone who’ll listen, I’m not sure either of them are really actually that happy. Maybe I’m viewing them through my own lens of what would make me happy. But they don’t seem very happy.

    • DJFL

      If it “worked in the 50s”, it would still be working today, so obviously, it did NOT work. You don’t fix something that ain’t broke.

  10. More Tea Please!

    How could Yolanda fly cross-country and have energy to host a cocktail paarty that same evening?

    On the plane, David said his hand was hurt and he could not shake handsss, but later that he could play the piano?

    Yolanda and David might as well have had a Real Housewives vow renewal (AKA Kiss of Death) at that New York cocktail party. I guess they DID make lemonade.

  11. BeetsWhy

    I really didn’t like this episode, between the eating dogs thing and the very forced attempt to get LVP to take accountability I just could not do it. I fast forwarded so much and I never do that.

    So while I was fast forwarding I started to think about Yolanda, like who the hell is she that she is on the show? And why has it taken me so long to think about this? Bravo calls her a former “supermodel” yet I’ve never heard of her. I googled her and found a couple shots but not much, so she was no Cindy Cawford or Christie Brinkley. I did notice that Gigi is the spitting image of Yo’s younger self and Bella is a dead ringer for her father, so sad.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      None of the “former supermodels” were anyone I’d heard of. Joanna Krupa, Cynthia Bailey or Yolanda. Who else? Oh, Kelly Bensimon. I’m sure they all had steady work and were successful, but they sure weren’t household names.

    • Gabriella

      Yolanda sure was beautiful in her heyday, I just had a look on google. Personally I don’t think either of the girls look like her at all.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      I think Bella is absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Calipatti

    Dubai, I want to go along and I won’t cause a problem. What a great place to visit, architecture seems amazing, indoor snow skiing and islands that have been built. Drooling.
    I had such high hopes for Lisa R., sigh.
    Lisa needs to stay out of other people’s business and choices. Lisa doesn’t need “to get” why other women do things.
    Dumb ass.
    I saw a fake tv doctors drama that brain swelling requires a drill thru your skull, where is Yolanda’s skull holes?
    Ok I’m joking.
    LVP and Kyle are good, the others are ding bats.

    • Matzah60

      I love your line how Lisa “needs to stay out of other people’s business and choices.” Amen!! She has really become super annoying. She analyzes everyone and everything to death. She and “Harry Hamlin” as she always refers to him are an interesting match. This is his fourth marriage. He had a long relationship with Ursula Andress with whom he had a daughter, I believe. Two very different women, indeed.

      • Erica

        It was a son, Dimitri and it wasn’t that long term. He’s been with Lisa a lot longer.

        Lisa needs to get it because she’s fucking right (and frankly, it is her job being on a reality show). I have mad respect for her actually – if any of us had a friend who was on her deathbed in the morning, having a fun lunch with two “friends” that we thought were users and had a shit ton of their own problems, then back to the deathbed to miss out on a simple dinner hosted by supposedly one of her closest friends – we would be gossiping our asses off. (Don’t tell me you don’t gossip – you are here, aren’t you?)

        The difference is – LR knows she’s on TV and that gossip is being recorded. Instead of some passive aggressive douche move of waiting until the person you are talking about sees it on the show -she actually is “by the way, I talked about you and this is what I said. EVERYONE talks about everyone else. It is FUCKING BIZARRE for Yo and any of these other bitches to make the demand “DON’T TALK ABOUT ME, EVER” especially when they are on a TV show (and have a producer with his own talk show that they appear on, who is going to ask them questions, even beyond the reunions!)

        Give me a foookin break!

      • As I’ve watched this season play out, I’ve come to the conclusion that Lisa R is the most honest of the whole bunch. She smells a rat, actually two, and their names are LVP and Yolanda, and her instincts are right on, imo. She questions Yo’s fake illness, and I think it’s driving her a bit batty wanting to call her out on it, and she knows the silver tongued LVP can lead, guide, and direct (manipulate?) without batting one of her very obvious fake eyelashes, and get off scot free. Personally, I’m tired of both of them getting a free pass. I do like LVP, because she is rather fabulous, but her ass is not lined with gold, contrary to what the masses want to believe about their Queen. Yolanda is just a nasty piece of work, with no redeeming qualities that I can see.

        Also, while I’m on this little rant, what drives me batty is LVP overtly saying Mo said only Yolanda was sick and he didn’t think the Anwar and Bella were, and I don’t believe they are either. Somehow, this fact gets swept under the carpet and LVP doesn’t have to take any responsibility for putting it out there in the atmosphere (YoYo has ruined the world ‘universe’ for me) to be begin with. I KNEW she would fucking get away with it. Sorry, but that just chaps my ass. I think that’s one of the things that has gotten Lisa R on her witch hunt with Yo.

        Team Rinna here.

    • DJFL

      I have a neighbor who fell in a parking lot and hit his head on the pavement a few years ago. He was in the hospital for a month in a coma due to brain swelling, and just when they planning to drill into his skull to relieve the pressure, he woke up.

  13. BKSweetheart

    Priceless was David at the cocktail party saying “My wife has been in a robe for the past 9…er, uh ..12..umm 11 months..” He can’t even keep the story anymore.

    He seems like a huge phony and a prick but I’m sure keeping up with Yo’s web of timelines and various afflictions had to be exhausting.

  14. janet

    Tom seems more vital than Ken because he still works. Hes still out there moving and shaking. My husband wouldnt let me buy any jewelry, so I dont feel sorry for Erika having to get permission. Im not a jewelry person though and if youre not the main money maker you dont get to spend it on anything without permission usually. My vices are my beauty appointments. Happiness is all relative to your expectations and what others have and being grateful.,

    • Jim

      Ken works too. He appears to be quite active with the restaurants. But he does appear to be slowing down mentally. During the preparations for the protest march, did anyone else hear Ken say something like “my mind is destroyed” or something like that?

      • tamaratattles

        Sounds like neurological Lyme to me.

      • As I said above, watching Ken, I think he’s unwell & I don’t think (being so English!) they would discuss it unless it absolutely needs to be addressed. he seems slower physically too. And I’ll add (Probably get sent to the window lickers section for speculation!) he reminds me of my Dad who had Parkinson’s – if I or my family was fighting a real invisible illness Yolanda would piss me off too!!

      • janet

        Lisa teases like Ken doesnt work and cuddles puppies all day. But maybe its just a joke. The main thing is probably that Ken is so quiet and in the back ground.

      • DJFL

        @rufustheragdoll – You’d be “slow physically” too if you’d had a hip replacement.

      • You are right! he has had two hasn’t he? I think he must be in a lot of pain – that can wear your patience for nonsense

  15. iloveearlgrey

    Yolanda was in about 75% of this episode, so no wonder it was tedious as fuck. She sucks the life out of everything. Kathryn needs to tone down the LVP ass licking. I love Eileen, but she’s starting to annoy the shit out of me. Kyle and Erika are my favorites this season, and no wonder LVP is the queen of this show. They all try to play her game, but she does it in such a slick way you can’t help but admire her.

  16. Spilledperfume

    I loved when David said that they were going to burn that robe.

  17. Lisaj

    Eileen IS the manipulation Queen.

  18. run_dmc

    The Yulin “festival” is quite horrifying to me and I’m glad LVP is bringing attention to it. First, I truly dislike when people criticize a person’s desire to raise awareness or support a particular cause by saying “well there are other things happening that are more terrible” which is usually followed by “right here at home.” People can only do what they can do with the light and energy they have. Everyone has to prioritize how to spend the time we have on earth, so I’d rather someone spend energy trying to address at least 1 out of a parade of horribles than on none. And, because they address one, they shouldn’t therefore have to address every.

    Second, LVP does spend quite a bit of time and energy on dogs in need of rescue in the U.S., including those at shelters.

    Third, people around the world criticize the US and the West constantly for everything we do, so I feel completely comfortable if anyone wants to cast judgment reasonably on others’ practices.

    And, finally, there is something very disturbing about eating an animal that was specifically bred to be a companion and protector to humans – including by the Chinese – and instinctively trusts and loves us. Much more so to me than eating other domesticated animals. Plus, the torture LVP referred to is how they pen, cage and kill the dogs in front of each other before eating them. I do believe this tortures the animals through instilling abject fear. Even with other animals commonly raised as food, it is why I only eat (to the extent I eat meat), animal meat when I know how it was raised and killed and that it was done as humanely as possible. (I know I have the luxury to do so and i count myself fortunate in that regard, but again – it’s how I prioritize my limited resources).

    • Calipatti

      Run_dmc, what we’ll thought out and written opinion. I agree with you.

      Thailand has a similar but very small celebration. It is being attacked and shamed by many of the Thai people now.
      Many countries have grown very rapidly in the past 20+ years but much of the group think is still third world. Time!

    • Jim

      I’d never heard of the Yulin dog eating festival until this episode. Of course I googled it and the images were horrific. After lingering for a shocked moment on the images, I immediately closed the browser window.

      I have no human children but my two dogs are absolutely my babies! Seeing live, helpless, frightened dogs smashed together in a net suspended above the ground is an image I’ll never get out of my head.

      • loriflack

        @Jim ~ Thank you for your intelligent empathy.

      • tamaratattles

        You can Google all sorts of horrible thing in the world. Try female mutilation for starters. If you need more things to google and be disturbed about let me know.

      • swizzle

        Different cultures have different perspectives on dogs and other animals. How would we like it if those in India who do not eat beef marched on the American Embassy there protesting our consumption of beef? It’s just not culturally aware to assume all parts of the world see things the way we do. Of course the thought of eating a dog here is crazy, but in many parts of the world it is not. I don’t think it’s the place of a bunch of wealthy Americans and their paid co protesters to be marching for this cause.

      • tamaratattles

        THIS! A MILLION TIMES THIS! I am going to let Swizzle be the final word on this because I have a busy day, and spending it listening to people argue over whether the death of 10K dogs at a festival (not to mention all the ones who are eaten in that giant country on a regular Tuesday) is something that requires storming the Chinese consulate (if you can find it) in Beverly Hills.

        Be so much American presumption is annoying as fuck to me. I’m going to have to stop reading these comments.

        Right after I go argue with Minky.

      • Swizzle for the win!

    • Katherine 2.0

      Exactly. Well said.

    • iloveearlgrey


    • I understand where you are coming from run_dmc, but have to disagree. I believe it’s pretty black and white. You either eat meat or you don’t, and meat is meat. Who can say what animals feel or don’t feel–whether they are domesticated or not?
      I am usually one of the happy slappy LVP lovers that drive TT crazy, but on this one I have to agree with TT. I applaud Lisa V taking in rescue dogs and all the work she does for animals, but until she goes vegetarian and stops selling meat at her restaurants, than she’s being a hypocrite on this protest.

      • run_dmc

        I disagree with you. It’s actually not black and white at all. Just because you eat meat, doesn’t mean you can’t do it humanely. I completely understand that animals besides dogs feel fear and pain, but everything dies too. Not eating meat is not going to keep chickens or turkeys or fish, etc. from dying. However, we as civilized people can choose to make sure that animals we eat live with dignity and die with dignity and painfree (yes – painfree killing of animals for meat does occur; you just have to find and choose it).

        After 18 years, I had to euthanize my beloved dog who otherwise would have lived a few months longer in severe pain. Because I “killed” her, does that mean I also have to condone torture and killing of dogs in Yulin? And, if I eat chicken or beef or fish that I make sure is raised well and killed mercifully, does that mean I also have to condone if people want to eat other humans?! Because, after all – according to you – meat is meat. And, I either have to allow all meat eating whatsoever – no matter where it’s from – or never eat any kind of animal protein again? Your logic makes no sense. (Or, more to the point – your argument is illogical).

      • tamaratattles

        Where exactly is the logic in “killed humanely.” What if someone said to you, “Hey, I’m about to kill you, but I’m going to do it humanely? Or applying the term “dignity” to animals? I’m not sure that word means what you think it does.

      • Kill mercifully? How does that work? They don’t see the knife coming for their throat? How do you know the animals you eat are killed mercifully? Did you read it on a label?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @lisamia Really? Are you *actually* unaware that there are painful, fearful, torturous ways to die and humane, relatively painless ways to die? How would you like to die – in your sleep, or by being drawn and quartered? Totes the same, right?

        Certified Organic products have rules about how animals are treated during their life and how they are killed. SPCA certified farms are another option where the farm has been inspected to ensure animals are treated and killed humanely. In case you’re interested.

      • TAFKAY, I don’t think you can call any killing of animals humane, even if the government calls the procedure legal.

      • Katherine 2.0

        run_dmc, according to some folks here, killing is killing. Why waste your money euthanizing your dog when you could have just beat it to death with a big rock?
        After all, what’s the difference? #sarcasm

      • DJFL

        I don’t like vegetarians telling me that “eating meat is murder”, so why would I tell the Chinese what they can or can’t eat?

    • Psylocke

      +1 for that post. Boiling dogs alive is the definition of torture.

      • Katherine 2.0


      • Watching A Trainwreak

        I totally agree with you, but playing Devil’s Advocate…lobsters are boiled alive in restaurants and diners rarely have to crawl over protesters to keep their reservations.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Watching a Trainwreck I personally HATE that this happens. I don’t really understand why it’s ok. I couldn’t even watch that Potomac episode with the crabs.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • lauraannb

      @run_dmc….thank you.

    • DJFL

      @run_dmc – “And, finally, there is something very disturbing about eating an animal that was specifically bred to be a companion and protector to humans – including by the Chinese.” I don’t think the Chinese breed dogs for pets. If they did, they wouldn’t be eating them.

      • Erica

        While I do question whether or not this protest is a bit ethnocentric…. the pug was specifically bred by the Chinese to be companion dogs.

  19. Erica

    T, was it you that speculated that Daisy was more than a friend? Daisy sure got more teary than David….

    and OK, I’m being cliched and maybe really wrong here – but when Yo talked about her short hair cut that she’s “never had” I thought OMG, one more step to being an out lesbian!

    Anyone else remember that horrific hairdo that Rosie O did when she finally came out?

    • Please go crawl in a hole somewhere and never, ever, ever come out.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Loved that cut in Yo. So if I copy that style, i will be labeled a lesbian??

      • gapeachinsc

        Yes, Katherine 2.0, you will be labeled a lesbian. Just kidding!!! (Couldn’t resist, and I agree, I loved the cut on her also. It really looks good.I hope you get it done. I’d love too, but I’d have to color my hair on a daily basis to keep out the gray!!)

      • tamaratattles

        Probably. My comment was about the urge in women to cut their hair during a life crisis a la Britney Spears. Usually the drastic hair cutting is a sign of the crazy.

        OTOH a lot of women cut their hair at a certain age (cough menopause cough) because that just seemed to be what women of a certain age have always done.

        That said, when my sister was a certain age, she took up golf and got the requisite haircut of a female golfer of a certain age. We gave her shit for it because it is the common haircut among women golfers. She has kept it very short.

        SO um, if you golf a lot, and get the haircut, yes, you can expect the lesbian comments. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I have um, “transitioned” into lesbian shoes and developed an affinity for flannel. I imagine the haircut is looming on my horizon. I hope I get a girlfriend who is handy around the house.

      • I just cut my hair short! Thank goodness I don’t golf!

      • Sam

        Some women look gorgeous with short hair. My own mother favored very short hair most of her life, and was most definitely not a lesbian.
        However, do a google image search of “lesbian haircuts.” As someone said in another post, there is perfect irony in Yolanda stating in an earlier episode that playing hockey might turn Gigi into a lesbian, and ending up with that haircut.

    • tamaratattles

      Nah, twasn’t me. It wouldn’t surprise me though. Meridith Baxter Birney is the new black.

    • Weirdiskate

      Can you go sit on a needle covered dildo you twat bag. Homophobia isn’t funny.

    • Erica

      Everyone can bite me. Speculating that Daisy and Yolanda s relationship has anot inappropriate element to it isn’t home phobic. .. Yolanda is married. I’d infer the same thing if Daisy was a Dan. There is something fucking weird about them.

      As for the hair, Rosie joked about it… and hell, my lesbian friends joke about it in terms of themselves (and two of them were married twice – to men – before finding that third time was a charm with a woman. They were around Yolandas age now that i think about it. Hey, TT, there is hope we’ll find wives!)

  20. Jeremy

    Hold on a second TT.

    Do you have a positive opinion of Tom and Erika’s relationship?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Seems TT and some others figure there’s a 50 shades of gray thing going on. What others do behind closed doors is fine by me but don’t make it my business, Erika.

  21. JustJenn

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with LVP protesting the torture of dogs…I do wish she’d expand that to all abused animals, tho. Take a look at slaughter house videos and you’ll see equally scared and tortured animals right here in America.

    Also Yolanda can fuck off with her snide comment in her blog of how wished LVP would expand the same compassion to human suffering..or whatever she said. Animals do not fake diseases for attention,nor do they do anything malicious to hurt others on purpose…this is probably why some people prefer animals over people.

    • Miguel

      I know, JustJenn, some people need to take the log out of their own eyes BEFORE they attempt to remove the splinter from others’ eyes!!!

    • Erica

      I always think of someone ridiculing another for having a different passion or charitable passion not as “worthy” as theirs akin to going to aneed event about breastfeeding cancer and slapping the orgsnizer across the face and saying “Bitch! How dare you! What about Alzheimers! ”

      Sufeeling or good causes for that matter are not exclusive. Lisa’s passions include animals. She has also worked with at risk kids on VPR.

      Frankly, rescuing a dog, or wor king for a charity involving kids might do Yolanda a world of good.

  22. Bmore

    It’s hilarious that all the planning LVP did to picket/boycott…she never bothered to get correct address. Too funny! Great job LVP.

  23. ELLENO

    Eileen is trying soooo hard to get something going against LVP. It sounds like she might succeed, based on LVP’s blog that was just posted. Sounds like sh*t goes down soon. My theory behind Eileen’s motive: This is all about one word: “affair.” In the Hamptons Lisa had asked her something like “and when did the affair start” and that is Eileen ‘s Achilles Heel. Her marriage, and its dubious origins. That one word was what got Eileen gunning for LVP.

    • Sam

      However Eileen might like to sugarcoat it, she and “Vinnie” had an affair. Both of their marriages may have been dead at that point, blah blah blah, but she herself has discussed, ON THE SHOW, the fact that they were married when they met and began their relationship. So why is she so infuriated with LVP? It’s so ridiculous, if she just let it go it wouldn’t even be a thing. But maybe that is the problem, she needs something in her life to be a thing – or she has absolutely no storyline.

      • I think Eileen had no story line and apparently no imagination, so she did the tried and true and went after Lisa V. It’s too bad, because Eileen had a great first season.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t think any of them have more storyline than the other than Erika and Yolanda. This whole storyline argument seems odd to me. The storyline is supposed to be the interaction between the women and arguing over fabulous dinners at fabulous locations. When we have to start buying ponies and taking swans to the doctor, we’ve jumped the shark.

    • Matzah60

      I have been searching all of TT’s post concerning Eileen’s distress with what LVP said to her about said affair. I remember Tamara saying (and I am paraphrasing because I can’t find said post) that it seemed from the first look video that Eileen and Vince were having marital problem. Purely an assumption, but it did seem to be out there. Think TT said Eileen probably squashed the story so it didn’t play out on RHBH. TT, you also made the comment that it’s true that you “lose them the way you got them.”

      I think LVP was playing into that storyline otherwise LVP’s comment came out of the blue, but as ELLENO stated, the word affair is her Achilles heel. Sam also commented that no matter how Eileen sugar coats it, it’s still an affair.

      Eileen made a point of saying last season that she and Vince were very happy before meeting, but when working together, they had an electric connection. Well, big whoop. Just because you have an itch, doesn’t mean you have to scratch it. Eileen broke her husband’s heart and Vince, well the man walked out on a long marriage with four young kids. Selfish would be a descriptive word for their behaviors.

      When Brandy called her a home wrecker, I thought that for once, Brandi called the situation correctly. That is why Eileen told her to shut the fuck up on the reunion about the affair. If Eileen was so worried about the effect it would have on the four boys, it would be a good time to tell her and Vince that that ship has sailed. Damage done and I am sure the pain those four boys endured came up a long time ago; long before RHBH and the final reunion.

  24. CoBe

    LVP makes for good TV. She knows what works and she knows how to work it.

    She was trying to help Rinna.

    All of these women know that if they don’t produce a good show with enough drama, Kim and Brandi are coming back. That is the reason for talking to Rinna about having a discussion about the bipolar. If Rinna had stood up to Yolanda, it would have been an interesting season. I would have loved someone brave enough to ask the tough questions and not back down.

    Likewise the reason for the anger at eating lunch with Kim and Brandi is that the women had agreed not to have anything to do with those two nuts. If you meet them on camera, it gives them an “in” for next season as well as makes everyone else have to deal with them. If you notice, Yolanda tried to invite them to New York as well. Yolanda wants them back on the show to attack the rest of the women as “payback” for the “lack of empa-tee”.

    The second reason is that Yolanda has agreed to film when she has the energy. Do you think any of the women wanted to go to Tom and Erika’s mausoleum? Of course not. But they were contractually obligated. How would you feel if you suffered through a miserable night with screeching women only to have a co-worker sitting at home drinking champagne in bed and earning the same money? I wouldn’t be too happy.

    So, it was Rinna’s business.

    Unfortunately, as she stated, there is no way to win when discussing someone else’s health.

    • tamaratattles

      IF by “trying to help Rinna” you mean she was smart enough not to be the Megan Edmonds of the show but really wanted someone else to do it then yes, she ws helping.

      What on earth make’s Erika’s house a mausoleum? It’s much “homeyer”

      That’s a good point about Yolanda breaking the “freeze out” of Brandi. That does explain why Rinna was mad. The problem is we are not supposed to know about all the backroom dealings with these women, so to those not in the know it makes Rinna look crazy.

    • Miguel

      This is perfect, CoBe!!!

    • CoBe

      Hey TT.

      Yes, agreed that LVP did not want to get caught in that morass. However, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t as it would affect her very real friendship with Mohamed and the children. But if Bravo intends to make Lyme a storyline, they should have gone all in and found someone willing to ask the very real questions without backing down. If Yo is above board (eye roll), she should welcome the chance to answer these questions.

      Oddly, I think it is Eileen who has used Rinna as her personal weapon of choice.

      I don’t find Erika’s home “homey” at all. But we all have our different tastes. It is not a home I would live in.

      When Yolanda tries to bring back Brandi and Kim, it means that two other housewives have to go, so she is messing with Rinna’s income stream, not just causing a dust up. That’s kind of evil.

      It will be a beautiful karma if Yo is gone next year. She is absolutely vicious.

      I am really torn on the Yulin thing. On the one hand, they absolutely torture these dogs. On the other, millions of cows, pigs, and chickens are tortured and slaughtered in the US. These are also souls with feelings and emotions.

      • Well said, CoBe. I am hoping the Andy and the producers are angry enough at Yo for playing them on the illness and the divorce that she’s not invited back. Hoping this season is her Hanky/Panky Song.

  25. “And the dress is how normal people dressed in the world before at some point in this country people thought that it was important for women to walk around with their tits hanging out.”

    Love it!

  26. Barbara

    Does anyone else think it would have turned out differently for Yoyo on social media had she opened up about the struggle in her marriage instead of her health journey? Im thinking of all the sympathy the viewers had for Shannon Beador. It made her the most popular housewife for a while and people didnt go in for her as hard when she acted bat shit crazy. Curious?

    • CoBe

      Worked for Camille, the most pretentious, arrogant housewife ever to step foot on reality TV, so it should work for just about anyone.

      Yo miscalculated her ability to sell a story. She figured if she claims an illness, nobody will question her. I wonder if people would have been more hesitant to question her claims if not for the Brooks situation.

    • margroc

      If Yo was serious about “sharing her journey” and “removing the stigma from Lyme” (LOL) why did/does she not share pertinent information instead of just vanity shots practically pleading for sympathy? She’d have more people on her side if she posted say just finished ______ treatment. this treatment should _________________. Keep you posted on how it goes. Instead just lying in bed with a needle in her arm, etc.

      • PaganChick

        This reminds me of that girl that was on the Real World who got slapped. Didn’t she also have Lyme disease? That was the reason for her eventually leaving the house if I remember. And I remember MTV bringing a specialist in to actually answer the housemates questions about Lyme Disease (weird thing about menopause is that I can’t remember whether or not I flushed the toilet before I leave the bathroom, but I can remember a reality show participant having Lyme Disease on a TV show 20 years ago). What I remember from that show was how willing both the girl (I want to say her name was Irene) and later on the counselor/specialist being very open to answering questions about the disease.

        Seems like Yolanda could have made more of a difference by simply being open to answering questions about the disease rather than making sweeping statements about how people weren’t supporting her by wondering if there was something other than Lyme happening.

  27. natalie

    When Yo first started appearing on the show every scene was related to what it took to keep her man. Exercise for the perfect body, perfect hostess, perfect meals, showing up on dates naked underneath a coat, ect. Then she gets sick with whatever (menopause, lyme, allergies, who knows) and just is not able to keep up. At this point David loses interest because he wants a lively companion. THEN Yo starts with the exaggerations in order to keep her man. Then something else I am not sure of, revenge maybe.

  28. TD

    If Erika isn’t allowed to buy her own jewellery then where did she get that “cunt” necklace ? Oh never mind.

  29. jen

    The recap was hilarious. These comments the cherry on top. The things people get so fired up about is entertaining. TT’s sarcasm just makes me laugh and smile. Where was Vicki with a whinny speach when Erika made the comment about buying jewelry? Thank goodness no where around.

  30. beth

    I don’t agree that protesting the way dogs are treated in China obligates LVP to take up the gauntlet for all other human/animal rights violations across the planet – no one could possibly have the time or energy to do that. If we all remain mute when we see acts we believe are wrong because we can’t fix them all, the human race will never rise above where it is now, and where we are now is nothing to be proud of, IMO.

  31. PaganChick

    Oh man! I missed all of the good back and forth! Stupid work! I do want to say a few things though.

    LisaV: I am not a vegetarian, but I do not think that makes me a hypocrite for supporting an animal rights cause. That said, I know nothing about this Chinese event and am too squeamish to research it. In other words if you are passionate about your cause, do your research and make sure that you are putting out factual information. For instance, I make a mean fried chicken, doesn’t mean I am going to be enjoying a cock fight anytime soon. Unless one of the cocks belongs to my husband and the other belongs to Idris Elba – you know, cause that would be awesome.

    Ericka: I am a proud feminist. And as such, I know that being a feminist is about a woman being able to choose the path that is right for her in much the same way men have had the privilege to do for centuries. And that means, if a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom, or have a job, or cater to her husband, or do all of those things, I am down with it. It’s her choice, she should do her. My issue with Ericka has to do with the fact that she is coward when it comes to the other women. She and Eileen will both give these witty one on ones but never just say what they think in the moment. I hate that shit because it gives Bravo the ability to build a storyline out of nothing after filming has ended. If Ericka had said to LVP and Kyle – I am not comfortable with you discussing Yo while she isn’t here – I would not have minded her playing runteldat with Yolanda (same is true of Kathrine).

    Eileen: I don’t know if the Bravo editors are willfully making her look like an idiot or if she honestly believes she is being righteous. But, you can’t bag on LVP for being manipulative when you are doing your best to manipulate everyone into calling LVP manipulative. And that goes back to the cowardice thing that Ericka has. If Eileen wants a sincere apology from LVP and she doesn’t feel that she has gotten one, she should not be telling LVP that they are “good” only to try to stir shit up against her for the same fucking thing over and over again – I thought she was the one who said she loved therapy last season? Why is she beating this dead horse instead of moving on? Either you are good with LVP or not, either way just tell her that and go on with your business.

    I feel like this has gone on too long, so I will end it, but I will probably chime in later, and with my luck, everyone will have moved on to another topic.

  32. Frosty

    Is Ken on painkillers? He seems slightly out of it. Or maybe he’s just bored.

    • Swizzle

      I’ve been thinking this season that he might be developing dementia. He seems a bit off and slightly confused at times. He’s about that age when that can start to surface.

    • PaganChick

      I think he is bored and over the show. He is obviously doing this to support Lisa. In earlier seasons he had Paula and Mauricio to interact with. Mauricio is rarely around anymore. He has nothing in common with Donnie. The last time he engaged too much with the women, Yolanda accused him of assaulting her. So, he probably just doesn’t give a shit any more.

  33. Rose

    Will Bravo film the robe burning ceremony?

  34. annie moore

    Yo keeps going on about how trust is earned, yet what has she done to earn the trust of any of the other women? She complains that they aren’t true friends because they haven’t done enough for her (visiting, bringing coffee, not questioning her ridiculous actions), and how Brandi & Kim are more loyal to her than any of the other women. (BTW what else do Brandi & Kim have to do?). SO, what has YO done to earn their trust? What has she done to earn their friendship? What has she done at all. If you count taking Erika to her daily IV, or Kyle & LVP to get frozen, but when has she ever gone out of her way to “be there” for anybody????

    • Lime Brain

      I love how Lisa R.’s new mantra is something along the lines of “if you are sick, you can get away with anything”.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        It’s true, and many personality disordered people try and get away with all kinds of things by claiming “sick”. See: Brooks, my stepmother. As much as LR can be annoying, she is speaking the truth.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh, didn’t you get the memo? Everyone is to clamor for Yolanda’s approval, which she can bestow and take away at will, depending on whether you support her narrative or not. You must really really desire Yolanda’s approval, or else you will be categorized as a “Hollywood friend” until you start clamoring to her satisfaction.

  35. Josie

    Yolanda was only married to Mohammed for 6 years. She had 3 kids one after another during that time. She divorced right after giving birth to Anwar. Supposedly “broke her back giving birth” and stayed in bed for a year, broke the prenup and got millions and millions out of Mohammed. Infidelity or not, she sure dumped him fast.

    Fast forward and she marries David. She says the next day she had symptoms of lyme. That marriage was on the rocks the first year but she managed to drag it out 3 to 4 yrs due to her sickness. Now trying to break this prenup. I think Yolanda is a helluva of a manipulator. The Black Widow of Lyme and Prenups.

  36. Eileen and Rinna are so obsessed with staying on the show it’s palpable. Anyone with any basic working knowledge of society and social norms would not continue to poke, prod and inflame existing issues. RHOBH needs a cast overhaul like RHONY. I think the wife of a real A list movie star or a female Hollywood power player would be cool. LVP should shift her focus to puppy mills. She could take cameras on a PETA raid so people stop slaughtering the puppies sacrificed as ansrupulous breeders try to create tiny, deformed Pomeranians etc

  37. LisaPat

    I think im coming down with the Lymes a.k.a. peri-menopause.

  38. LisaPat

    Im really not ready to go through menopause in my early 40s. If dis Lyme is mine, Im going to be very upset. Im buying a white robe and sulking.

  39. Lime Brain

    This season, everytime some one talks about Yolanda, they qualify it by saying, “She’s sick, we believe she is sick.” It cracks me up because it reminds of the Seinfeld episode where a reporter thought Jerry and George were gay. Every time they would say they weren’t gay, they would add, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  40. Dandy Lion

    Love how Gigi is showcased with her call to mommy while the other two non-Gigis are like they don’t exist. I saw Anwar for a brief second on Tom’s plane and Bella was briefly mentioned only after someone asked about her. Sad.

  41. Vickie

    I have to say I love coming here, you guys have it spot on, and I usually just read your comments with a glass of wine and nod along in agreement…. but….. the whole Erika jewellery thing…… I don’t buy my own jewellery, and not because my OH is controlling or holds the purse strings or whatever, it’s because he likes to buy for me. Receiving jewellery, to me, is special, and it always feels more sparkly when it’s be bought for me. Maybe that’s how Tom feels….? That it’s the “man’s” role to buy jewellery…? I dunno, I just don’t think it that’s big a deal, and if it was I’m pretty sure Erika wouldn’t have said it on camera. X

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